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LAHS Instrumental Music Boosters

General Meeting
December 3, 2018

Attendees: The following people attended the meeting:

Alice Sage Julie Watson Lisa Parekh Sandy Chang

Griff Derryberry Kate Disney Lisa Whitfield Suzanne Woolfolk
Joan Yee Kathleen Feigelman Maria Bautista Ted Ferrucci
Julie Altinger Kathy Stiles Mollie Morgan Tila Enser

Welcome: Booster Co-President Lisa Whitfield called the meeting to order at 7:06pm.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the November 5, 2018 meeting were approved as published.

Treasurer's Report: Lisa Parekh reviewed activity for the month of November, 2018. The majority of
income came from the August and September contributions for Direct Appeal that were funneled
through ASB. We also raised nearly $4000 at the Fall Finale between the silent auction and bake sale.
Gift card payments were a large expense but that will be reimbursed. Actual expenses included MBCG
music and drill arrangement and staff. The net income for November was $627.

Fall Finale Fundraiser Report: As mentioned earlier, the event raised nearly $4000. Kathleen
Feigelman was pleased with the setup that routed everyone by the auction tables on the way to the
MBCG performance. It helped to have all of the donors in the program. Many people came back and
bid on items after the performance. Looking ahead to next year, Kathleen will need a partner to take
Sandy Chang's place, preferably a MBCG parent who attends the events. They'll need to start early to
get more donations from hotels..

Benefit Show for Fire Victims: MBCG performed their field show on Sunday, November 25 as a
fundraiser for victims of the Camp Fire. This was in response to their championships getting canceled
due to poor air quality from the fire earlier in the month. $4615 was donated at the event to purchase
gift cards. We will give the gift cards to the Palo Alto Elks Club who will be sending them directly to
the Chico Elks Club on December 5 to distribute to victims. The Talon is doing an article on the
benefit. Maria Bautista will contact the Los Altos Town Crier to see if they will cover it as well.

Gift Cards: Tila Enser has the gift cards that were ordered before Thanksgiving so see her to get

Stadium Lights: Lisa Whitfield attended the November community meeting for the stadium lights.
The school board decided to move forward with developing use guidelines as well as a 38-week
environmental study session. There are still outstanding issues before the task force so presumably
they will need to meet at some point to discuss, but no specific plans were announced.

Administrator's Update: Suzanne Woolfolk explained that November and December are difficult
months for kids between anticipating the holidays and finals. LAHS has nine academic counselors,
three full-time school therapists, two school psychologists, and CHAC interns. All of their schedules
are full right now with a wait list. Planning is in the works for Wellness Week that will happen the week
before finals. Activities will include the Holiday Faire, therapy farm animals, yoga, and speakers.
Finals will be December 19-21 in the same order as always. January 7 will be the make up day for
missed finals. Smoke Day, when school was canceled on November 16 for poor air quality, does not
have to be made up. In response to a question about why the district wants to install stadium lights,
multiple reasons were given: LAHS does not have enough field space to accommodate the current
student body, scheduling non-league games that involve a significant drive is difficult given time
constraints around daylight, evenings are cooler for playing games on hot days, neighboring high
schools have already installed them.

Music Director Report: Ted Ferrucci thought the MBCG students handled the cancellation of
championships with maturity. Several students and staff had family or friends who lost homes so they
understood the severity of it. However, Mr. Ferrucci was frustrated with how WBA handled the
cancellation, waiting until 6am on the day of to make the call. One redeeming aspect of the
championship weekend was the banquet on Friday night. It was a special evening for everyone. Ten
students are auditioning for All-State. Jazz band is a little smaller this year after many seniors
graduated last year. They are in particular need of a couple more trombones to make it really sound
great. Morning Jazz will be starting on January 23. It is open to all students grades 9-12. There will
not be an Instrumental Music trip next summer. Winter concerts coming up:
Holiday Jazz Concert: Friday, December 7 (students attend for free!)
Concert Band and String Orchestra: Wednesday, December 12
Symphonic Band, Chamber Orchestra and Wind Ensemble: Thursday, December 13

MBCG Year-End Party: Saturday, December 8, 3pm at the Watsons' home. Bring a dessert or
appetizer to share.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at exactly 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Alice Sage, Music Boosters Board Secretary