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(An Autonomous Institution, Affiliated to JNTUA, Anantapur)
II B.Tech I Semester (SVEC10) Regular/Supplementary Examinations January - 2014
[ Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering ]
Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 70
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks
1. a) With the help of the first law of thermodynamics prove that the internal energy is a property.
b) A cylinder contains 168 litres of gas at a pressure 1 bar and temperature 470C. If this
gas is compressed to 1/12th of its volume and the pressure is then 21 bar, find
(i) the mass of the gas (ii) the temperature at the end of compression (iii) the index of
compression (iv) the change in internal energy and (v) the heat rejected during
compression. Take Cp=1.089 and Cv = 0.837 KJ/Kg K.

2. a) Compare Otto cycle, Diesel cycle and Duel cycle for given maximum temperature
and pressure and for given maximum compression ratio on p-v and T-s diagrams.
b) Deduce an expression for air standard efficiency of an Otto cycle.

3. a) Derive an expression for efficiency and heat rate of a Rankine Cycle with neat sketches.
b) Draw Pressure Vs Volume, Enthalpy Vs Entropy and Temperature Vs Entropy diagrams for
Rankine cycle.

4. a) Enumerate different ways of producing refrigeration with neat sketches.

b) Define Thermal Conductivity and Convective Heat transfer coefficient.

5. 4σ Cosθ
a) Derive an expression for capillary raise or fall h = .
ρ gd
b) Deduce an expression for variation of pressure in a fluid at rest.

6. a) Prove that the stream function and potential function lead to orthogonality of stream lines and
equipotential flow lines.
b) A venturimeter as shown in the figure below is used measure flow of petrol with a specific gravity
of 0.8. The manometer reads 10cm of mercury of specific gravity 13.6. Determine the flow rate.

7. To study the pressure drop in flow of water through a pipe, a model of scale 1/10 is used. Determine the
ratio of pressure drops between model and prototype if water is used in the model. In case air is used
determine the ratio of pressure drops.

8. a) Explain the working principle of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps.

b) What is hydraulic turbine? Explain its classification.