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 The pain that we feel is an indication that something needs to be treated.

 Often, we choose to distract ourselves from pain, we take the painkiller, not antibiotic
 We feel pain because we are afraid to change and to fix what is wrong with our heart
 When the need for Allah is not fulfilled, anxiety or depression happens
 You should have the courage to change yourself, have tawakkal and be positive
 Don't do decision by yourself. Put Allah first in everything. Always do istikharah for every matter
you find difficult, not only for finding spouse.
 Pray that Allah puts the good for you, make it easy, bless our decision, help us do good - Ask
Allah to be our steering wheel
 Equip yourself with zikr, salah, dua, sabr, mathurat, istighfar, taubah, download MyDuaa app to
be strong in facing tests
 Know that heart killer is hubb dunya, leads to depression too. And too much sins will sicken your
heart. So don't make this life your primary goal.
 Change the mindset. With every blessing complains a test. They come together. Focus on your
blessing, not what you've lost. Know that everything on socmed is filtered. So be thankful, Allah
will increase you.
 Have faith and hope. Allah loves you more than the love of a mother to her children.
 To avoid 'ain illness, protect yourself with zikr, salah, dua, Quran, don't publicise your life too



 Shaytaan aims to focus on our weaknesses, so that we will feel hopeless and fall into despair
 Allah will never burden you with more than you can bear
 Accept that we are human, we make mistake, so repent and move on, don't get stuck there
 Mindful that hope and despair must be balanced, not too much hope and confidence or too
much despair and regret
 Despair happens when our life is not focused on Allah
 Remember that Allah's mercy is greater than your sins
 To do taubah, must feel remorse/regret, stop committing sins, make intention to not return to do
it, rectify the situation with the people you wronged, move on and have hope that Allah will
forgive you. Whether the people you've wronged forgive you or not, that's not your business.
You've done what is necessary, so just move on. Allow yourself to take a break
 Focus on Allah's mercy, that He pardons and erases sins
 Allah tests you for your own good, not to punish you. Husnuzzhon billah/have good thoughts of
Allah. Allah will prepare you for something better. Change your thoughts on Allah.
 To cope with tests, heart must do zikr, husnuzzhon. The body must take necessary action, to ask
forgiveness, make amends, be with good people and not argue with Allah's commandments
 Do not get stuck in despair, don't think that everything around you and about you is wrong,
focus on your blessing, don't pretend you're okay
 Have faith that everything's temporary, don't allow negative thinking to go into your mind, you
have the control for that
 The more we feed our hopelessness, the more we feel despair
 Undergo your tests by make dua on what you're afraid of happening, ask Allah to protect you
 Take action to solve the problems, but when it won't work, let it go. You can't take control on
 Remember that fear is from shaytaan. Leads to anxiety, scarcity and depression
 Keep a journal of gratitude
 Appreciate the people around you to motivate them
 Believe that you're not going or able to solve the problem, but Allah will
 Our cause of suffering is rooted from our salah, lack of zikr, Quran, istighfar
 Do salah on time, treat it the same way when you want to pee or poop, you don't delay them
 The difference between a kaffir and us is salah
 Remember the shaytaan beautifies the bad and makes ugly the good
 Do the wajib things first, then the sunnah
 LGBT people, remember the fundamental rule, Allah is our creator and He knows best for us. It's
not wrong to have such desire, but to follow the desire just like animals do, that is real wrong.
Ask Allah to make you firm on doing good and to protect you from committing sins
 Never think that your iman is unshakeable. Ask Allah to protect your iman always.
 Remember that even though Allah's commandments have hikmah, but we Muslims do it
because Allah asks so. You can't eat frog not because it's unhealthy and toxic, but because Allah
says so. You fast not because it is recommended by medical practitioners, but because Allah says
so. You wear hijab not because for modesty, but because Allah says so. You do salah not for your
physical health, but because Allah says so.
 Pray that you'll be closer to Allah. Make time for tahajjud and pour your problems then.



 It's always okay to cry. Abu Bakr cries more than you.
 Remind yourself it's okay to fall but remember to get up
 When we are wounded, quickly fix the wound, don't simply put band-aid on it. The same thing
goes when we are in pain internally.
 The saying time heals all pains is wrong, you are the one who can heal it. You can't consistently
pull out the scabs of your wound, it's hurting you
 When you avoid crying/expressing your sadness, you're making your emotion bigger/supersizing
bad emotion
 Sabr like Yaaqub as. He cries but had good thoughts of Allah (husnuzzhon) and utter the words
that please Allah, didn't complain
 Sabr is not holding on to your emotion without expressing it. It will be poisonous. Being quiet
leads to resentment towards God
 The quickest way to undergo pain is to feel it
 Make dua and ask Allah to not leave you even in a blink of an eye and dua of Adam as Rabbana
 Be mindful that tests don't last long
 Stop idolising the long lost object
 Avoid excessive self blaming
 Stop cyber stalking your ex
 To heal yourself, turn to Allah, fall in love with real things, change old habits, talk to
someone/counselling, avoid loving the creatures too much, make dua, zikr, tahajjud, Quran and
be consistent doing them
 Avoid chitchatting with different gender in order to know each other. If they want you, they'll
seek your wali, not wasting your time
 Allah will reward what you've lost with something better - good deeds, heaven, maghfirah, good
children, rizq
 Always hope for Allah to steer away from despair, remember that Allah is closer than your
jugular vein, perform qiyamullail
 Don't cling to social support too much. Find Allah first
 How to forgive and forget? Put armour by doing salah, zikr, Quran, don't simply ignore the
problem, change your environment, dua, do istikharah, it isn't the end of life, learn from it but
don't stay in the past
 Allah tests to elevate your level, and purify you from sins
 To tackle problems, be direct, voice out what you feel in a good manner, don't suppress your
feeling, seek Allah's guidance and sabr