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Your turnkey China tempered glass/laminated glass/insulated glass supplier

New Products-Laminated glass cutting line

Laminated Glass cutting line:

High precision double-cutter semi-auto laminated glass cutting machine is widely used for cutting
thick glass and laminated glass. The cutting equipment operation is convenient, reliable stability, cutting
efficiency and high precision.

B. Function

National standard square pipe welding frame. Synchronous belt transmission system. PLC and imported
electrical components, stepper motor, LCD display, man-machine interface, more convenient operation, stable
performance. Cutting speed can be set directly. The cutting positions of the upper and lower cutter heads are
consistent, the matching degree is high, and the breaking piece is easy.

 Cutting precision:≤±1mm
 Diagonal accuracy: ≤±2mm/m
 Max. Cutting size: 2500×3660mm(special size can be customized)
 Min. Cutting size: 300mm
 Cutting thickness: 4-16mm
 Cutting efficiency: 1sheet/2—4min
 Cutter life: 30,000m–50,000m
 Operator: 1-2 people
Working process:


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Your turnkey China tempered glass/laminated glass/insulated glass supplier
Glass loading machine are available if required,welcome contact us if you need China laminated glass
cutting machine.

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Add:Room A304,Shengxifu Road,NO.209 Weihai Road,Shibei District,Qingdao,China,266024