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24 Directions of

Feng Shui
‘’24 Mountains’’
Directions are important

Directions are essential in Feng Shui practice.

Good sleeping directions, for example, can not only aid your sleep, but also your health
and vitality. In the same way, bad sleeping directions can mess with your rest and
mood, decreasing your overall energy and zest for life.
Facing a good direction while studying or working is also important because this can
benefit your studies, research, career, and business. In a similar way, bad directions can
bring about more obstacles and hardships.

Eight directions of the Western compass
The four cardinal directions of the Western compass are north, south, east, and west.
The four sub-cardinal directions of the Western compass are northwest, northeast,
southwest, and southeast.

Twenty-four directions of Feng Shui

In Feng Shui practice, there are 24 directions!
Actually, each of the eight compass directions we know in the West are further divided into
three sub directions. When assessing the property, it’s important to know the exact degree of
the facing, expressed in sub directions. It’s not sufficient to just say that a property faces
south, but we have to know which south it is: south 1, south 2, or south 3?

Eight directions and twenty-
four sub-directions

South, Li Southeast, Xun

157.6 – 202.5 112.6 – 157.5

South 1: 157.6 - 172.5 Southeast 1: 112.6 - 127.5

South 2: 172.6 - 187.5 Southeast 2: 127.6 - 142.5
South 3: 187.6 - 202.5 Southeast 3: 142.6 - 157.5

East, Zhen Northeast, Gen

112.6 – 157.5 22.6 - 82.5

East 1: 67.6 - 82.5 Northeast 1: 22.6 - 37.5

East 2: 82.6 - 97.5 Northeast 2: 37.6 - 52.5
East 3: 97.6 - 112.5 Northeast 3: 52.6 – 67.5

North, Kan Northwest, Qian

337.6 - 22.5 292.6 - 337.5

North 1: 337.6 - 352.5 Northwest 1: 292.6 - 307.5

North 2: 352.6 - 7.5 Northwest 2: 307.6 - 322.5
North 3: 7.6 - 22.5 Northwest 3: 322.6 - 337.5

West, Dui Southwest, Kun
247.6 - 292.5 202.6 - 247.5

West 1: 247.6 - 262.5 Southwest 1: 202.6 - 217.5

West 2: 262.6 - 277.5 Southwest 2: 1217.6 - 232.5
West 3: 277.6 - 292.5 Southwest 3: 232.6 - 247.5


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