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Letter of Transmittal

Respected Sir,

Here is a report, our respected Professors asked to make on Forward Gear. First
of all we collected data about this report from the management and the employees
of the company. I got detail information about that Working of the company by
observing all the activities during my internship span in the Company.

In this report we mentioned history, products, policies and management of the

Forward Gear... We are very thankful to Allah Almighty, Who helped us a lot to
accomplish the required task.


Ayesha Munir Hussain.


This report is about my internship at Forward Gear. In order to be able to cope with
the changing environment it is necessary to have some practical experience. The
students are deputed to different well-established organizations. There, they not
only have a close look at the working of their respective institutions but they also
take an active part in their daily proceedings.

During this internship span I have come to know the work criteria of accounts and
planning department of Forward Gear. I spent about six weeks of my internship in
Forward Gear.

In this I have made analysis on the working and performance just as experiencing
as an employee. I have seen many daily transactions and working criteria of the
company. This Internship report contains overall growth, working system,
organizational structure, operations and other information about the institution. My
overall experience of the internship is good.

Ayesha Munir Hussain



1. Introduction 01

1.1 Background of the study 01

1.2 Purpose of Study 01

1.3 Scope of Study 01

1.4 Objectives of Study 02

2. Overview of the Forward Group (Pvt) Ltd. 02

2.1 Historical Background 02

2.2 Vision Statement 04

2.3 Mission Statement 04

2.4 Strategic Business Units 05

2.5 Forward Gear Profile 07

2.6 Introduction of Forward Gear 08

2.7 Business Volume and Number of Employees 08

2.8 CLIENTS 09

2.9 PESTL Analysis 12

2.10 Facilities 12

3. Organizational Hierarchy Chart 14

3.1 Policies and Achievements 16

3.2 Careers 24

3.3 Departments 26

4. Internee Work 31

4.1 Brief Introduction 31

4.2 Internship Period: 15 June 2017 to 30 July 2017 31

4.3 Detail of Supervisors 31

4.4 Weekly Timetable 33

4.5 1st & 2nd Week: 19-06-2017 to 01-07-2017 33

4.6 3rd & 4th Week From 03-07-2017 to 15-07-2017 40

4.7 5th Week From 17-07-2017 to 22-07-2017 48

4.8 Last Week From 24-07-2017 to 29-07-2017 52

5. Summary of My Learning 56

5.1 Skills and Qualifications 57

5.2 Responsibilities Undertaken 59

5.3 Influence on Future Plans 59

6. Conclusion 60

7. SWOT Analysis 61

8. Recommendations 62

9. References 63
During my internship period, my supervisors were very much cooperative and
answered my queries very calmly and also gave me manuals about organization.
Besides their ever going activities, they never got irritated by my questioning. Due
to their help and cooperation, now I can confidently say that I am fully aware of the
functions and activities performed in the accounts department of the Forward Gear.

In starting days of my internship period I observed and helped in the activities and
tasks going on in the Accounts office. I was held responsible for entering bills in
journal, ledger reconciliation, vouchers printing, maintaining records, preparing
import payment documents, maintaining employee payroll records, preparing
export documents, maintaining record of TT’s and credit advices sent by bank,
Salary slips printing, cash from banks, salary distribution, denomination of cash,
preparation of Day book etc. and I really tried to work hard and with determination
to fulfill my duties and given tasks with honesty and timely.

During my internship period I used to visit different banks which enhance my

confidence level and communication skills during my visit to bank I was given
responsibility of holding huge amount of cash to analyze abilities of honesty.

Mr. Muzammil Rana (HR Manager) taught me how to report your work to your
officials efficiently.

After my internship, I analyzed that my bookish knowledge become more productive

after having practical experience of my knowledge; I memorize the journal entries
but didn’t know about its significance in business sector, being a business student
it was very much beneficial for me to enter in journal because I already have idea
about these entries. After internship in account office I am very much confident that
I can pursue my future career in this field and I can work independently in HR office.
Punctuality is the basic requirement of working in Forward Gear, Its Managing
director himself visit to production halls daily and inquired about empty seats, and
if any employee is doing what he or she not ought to do in working hours he or she
may be terminated at the spot, From this I learned to be punctual, disciplined and
more responsible to the work.

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