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C 161 E/30 Official Journal of the European Union EN 10.7.


3. In the Commission’s opinion, can parliamentary democracy still function properly in the Basque
country (Euskadi, País Vasco) and Navarre regions if in May 2003 a party which at present holds a
majority of the seats on some municipal councils is excluded from participating in the elections and if in
June 2004 it does not have the opportunity to put forward candidates for election in order to remain
represented in the European Parliament?

4. Will the next European Parliamentary elections be legally valid if parties with genuine support among
the electorate are excluded by Member States from participating in them?

5. What can the Commission do to contribute to the complete preservation of the parliamentary
democracy which exists in Spain, including in the regions of Euskadi and Navarre, and to help guarantee
the right to participate of left-wing Basque nationalists in the next elections to the European Parliament?

Joint answer
to Written Questions E-2619/02
and E-2620/02 given by Mr Vitorino on behalf of the Commission

(21 November 2002)

The Commission would point out that the issues raised by the Honourable Member relating to political
movements in general and participation in general elections in a specific Member State are matters for the
Member States.

On the other hand, regarding the elections to the Parliament, both the existing Act of 1976 (1) and the
proposed Decision amending the Act (2) provide that the electoral procedure in the elections to the
Parliament shall be governed in each Member State by its national provisions. This concerns also rules and
conditions for political parties to put candidates and to participate in the elections.

It is therefore not for the Commission to answer the specific questions put by the Honourable Member.

(1) Act concerning the election of representatives of the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage, annexed to
Council Decision 76/787/ECSC, EEC, Euratom of 20 September 1976, OJ L 278, 8.10.1976.
(2) Draft Council decision (8964/2002) amending the Act concerning the election of representatives of the Parliament
by direct universal suffrage, annexed to Council Decision 76/787/ECSC, EEC, Euratom of 20 September 1976.

(2003/C 161 E/032) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2628/02

by Alexandros Alavanos (GUE/NGL) to the Commission

(18 September 2002)

Subject: Soaring prices of goods in Greece

Since the introduction of the euro in Greece and other Member States, there has been a steep and
consistent rise in the prices of all basic goods and public and private services, which has led workers and
the public at large to protest against their diminishing incomes by boycotting the market.

In his reply to my previous question (E-2639/01 (1)), the Commissioner responsible, Mr Solbes Mira, said
that, in the short term, the introduction of the euro will have ‘only a marginal effect on inflation’ while
‘in the medium term it will help make for better control of prices’.

1. Has the Commission investigated the causes of the major price rises seen in Greece? Has there been a
similar level of speculative price increases in the other Member States?

2. Has it checked whether these price rises are reflected in the consumer price index announced by the
Member States?