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● After an item is added to cart

Give them two or three gifts to choose from TOTALLY FREE in a pop-up
[We Notice that its your first Time You Buy From Us, We Love You <3
As A Thank You Here Is A Gift From Us TOTALLY FREE ;) Only Choose One Though]

● On the cart page One down-sell then one up-sell (cross selling)

● When up 0r down-selling Try to display the next item with a Pic that includes that last
one so they can see themselves in it.
[this item with this will make a good whole outfit]
● find a plugin that display the BROUGHT TOGETHER change the title to THE REST OF
with the same pics to combined them together in their mind

● Play techno Music In the background

● Get 20% on your next Order coupon by taking a picture with the product then post it in
our facebook or instagram page and say your honest Opinion about it

● Custom designs for shirts (oday)

● Gifs in the product description

● A Hit List with different styles (Hipster, Vantage, Grunge and minimal etc..)
● Your designs can be art frames as well

● Trending Section
● An Offer To Die For!

● Give me you email for an exclusive TOTALLY Free product.

● TOTALLY FREE StyleKit For being a loyal customer

● 22% OFF On our complete Outfit to die for

● Shopify Plugins


● Royal animal tshirt

● Cartoons couples
● marmalead.com/app/
● Couples faces hat

● Build the HYPE

(tease the offer 12% then 30%)
● Email launching campain
● More people in photos