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Brand Generic Therapeutic Side effects Adverse effects Dose Route Route of Precaution availabilit Overdose /toxic

name name uses of eliminati y effect

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panad Parace Panadol is  Side effects Paraceta 5000 s Predomin Taken from Suspensio Drowsiness,
ol tamol used to treat from mol only to antly n , tablet , coma, seizures,
mild to paracetamol rarely 1000 above dose abdominal pain,
moderate are rare but causes mg , 6 dermal. can cause nausea and
pain (from can include: gastroint hourly liver vomiting. Another
headaches, an allergic re estinal PO .. name for
menstrual action, which problems damage. paracetamol is
periods, can cause or acetaminophen
toothaches, a rash and allergic (often known by
backaches, swelling. flus skin its brand
osteoarthritis, hing, low reactions name, Panadol®)
or cold/flu blood
aches and pressure and
pains) and to a fast
reduce fever. heartbeat –
this can
happen when
is given in
hospital into
a vein in your