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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 242 E/109

In co-ordination with the Spanish authorities, the Commission promptly set up a mission of observers
from the majority of the Member States who visited Galicia from 24-27 November 2002. The Community’s
mission enabled 24 experts, appointed by the national governments, to acquire specific experience in
dealing with this type of emergency.

The possibility of sending a Community task force, consisting of experts made available by the Member
States, was offered to the Spanish authorities.

Moreover, the Commission has proposed the participation of European experts in the Scientific Committee
established by the Spanish authorities in order to assess issues relating to the wreck of the Prestige.

An environmental impact assessment survey will probably be carried out, pending confirmation from the
Spanish authorities. The Commission will contribute up to EUR 300 000 to such a survey.

The Commission adopted on 5th of March a report (2) concerning past, present and future actions
undertaken at the Union level in order to remedy the consequences of the Prestige disaster and to prevent
similar accidents from occurring in the future. This report will be submitted to the European Council of
21 March.

(1) Council Decision 2001/792/EC, Euratom of 23 October 2001 establishing a Community mechanism to facilitate
reinforced cooperation in civil protection assistance interventions  OJ L 297, 15.11.2001.
(2) COM(2003) 105 final.

(2003/C 242 E/110) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0227/03

by Roberto Bigliardo (UEN) to the Commission

(3 February 2003)

Subject: Management of European Funds by the region of Basilicata

Can the Commission explain why the regional council of Basilicata, which comes under Objective 1, has
used all the funding of ITL 41 billion allocated for the six-year period (1994-1999) for the measures
required up to September 1997 in its Regional Operational Programme  POR 1994-1999, and has used
a further ITL 13 869 370 279 billion granted under the Ministry of Labour Decree of 5 June 2001 to
promote the declaration of the black economy for the period 2000-2003, to cover the employment
creation measures for the period October 1997  31 December 1997? Why, moreover, is Basilicata
indebted, now and for 1998 and 1999, in respect of employment and self-employment schemes, for which
those eligible have been given approval, for a further amount of ITL 113 298 590 000 and, to meet these
payment commitments for the years 1998 and 1999 which were entered into without financial cover,
seems intent on using funds that the EU will be granting it to finance the Regional Operational Programme
for the period 2000-2006?

Does the Commission intend to verify and clarify how the region of Basilicata is managing and using funds
provided by the European Union, how and with what resources it intends to meet payment commitments
so irresponsibly entered into without available funds or avoid a situation in which, in order to meet
commitments entered into for the years 1997-1999, it has to draw on the financial resources granted by
the European Union for other purposes and for measures of a different kind?

What steps does the Commission intend to take to prevent the cronyism and irresponsible management of
funds by the region of Basilicata in recent years from disappointing legitimate expectations arising from
support measures officially approved for the period 2000-2006?