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Diet and Life style guidance for Hair loss:

This chart is just for information one should not treat this as a medical advice
or treatment protocol. One has to consult their family physician or concerned
Doctor before following anything explained in the video or in this chart.
Lifestyle guidance:

1. 6 – 8 hours of proper scheduled sleep

2. Avoiding smoking and drinking habits
3. To avoid excess stress or to manage stress, have regular yoga practise
4. Proper and regular timely food habits
5. In case of obesity, proper weight reduction is necessary
6. Proper physical activities like walking, jogging, cycling and simple
exercise is essential.

Dietary advise:

1. Sea food:
Consume small fish varieties like Anchovies, Sardine, Indian Mackrel
and sea weeds
2. Fresh dates
3. Iron rich food:
 Animal sources: Goat liver, Chicken, Mutton, Prawn.
 Plant sources: Rice flakes, Spinach varieties, Palm candies, Jaggery,
Using iron made utensils for cooking, Pulse varieties like
chennadhal and moong dhal, Soya and all varieties of millets.
4. Vitamin A rich food:
 Animal sources: Cod liver oil, Sea food, Egg, Milk and milk
products, goat liver.
 Plant sources: Carrot, Papaya, Sweet potato, Spinach, Mangoes,
Curry leaf, Coriander leaves.
5. Vitamin D source:
Adequate exposure to the sunlight especially early morning sunlight is
very good.
6. Silica rich food:
All varieties of berries
 Gooseberry
 Cranberry
 Blueberry
 Strawberry
7. Vitamin Biotin:
 Animal sources: Liver, Meat, Egg, Milk and milk products and fish
 Plant sources: Almond, butter fruit, Cauliflower, broccoli, Sweet
potato, Hand pound rice.
8. Antioxidant rich food:
 Vitamin – C rich food like orange, lemon, goose berry etc
 Vitamin – A rich foods refer above
 Vitamin – E rich food like sea foods and unrefined cooking oil
9. Trace minerals rich food:
Found in whole cereals and Whole grains
How to handle dandruff:

1. Dandruff is one of the main reasons for hairfall. It is mainly due to excessive
oil secretion from the scalp. It can be either handled by regular hair wash with
good quality of shampoo or Acacia concinna (shikakai) or Albizia amara powder

2. One has to do regular head or scalp massage with coconut oil to remove
excess oil secretion from the scalp which prevent dandruff and removes