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Dear interested applicant,

Thank you for asking about Asian Nursing Scholarship cum Diploma in Nursing course in

2.. All Malaysians especially the following people from Sarawak and Sabah are warmly welcome to
apply to us for Asian Nursing Scholarship cum Diploma in Nursing Course in Singapore for the
year 2020 Intake:

2.1. Male and female who are less than 25 years of age and who are holders of SPM
Certificate or SPM Results Slip and their SPM Exam results meet the specified academic
qualification requirements as stated in the attached file/document - Details of Asian Nursing
Scholarship (For ANS 2020 Intake).

2.2. If you are SPM students of current year (2019) and interested to apply for this
scholarship and course, you should apply now. And once your 2019 SPM Trial Exam PRA2 results
are available, you must submit the results to us immediately. (If, at the time of receiving this letter,
your 2019 SPM Trial Exam PRA2 results are already available, you must submit the results
together with your completed Registration Form.)

(Important Reminder: SPM students of current year (2019) must apply now because you are
eligible to attend the selection interview in January 2020 by using your 2019 SPM Trial
Exam PRA2 results (if the grades qualify) which you will obtain at the later part of 2019. You
must not wait to apply only after you have your actual 2019 SPM Exam results which will
only be available in March 2020, because by then the selection interview in January 2020 is
already over and there won’t be any more selection interview in 2020 after the January 2020
selection interview, and this means you will miss the April 2020 intake. There is only one
intake a year. Therefore, if you miss the selection interview in January 2020, you will have to
wait for one long year to attend the next selection interview which will be in January 2021!

3. Once we have received your application as mentioned above, you will automatically become a
provisional candidate. You will become a confirmed candidate after you have completed all the
official forms from Singapore which we will send to you later and also after you have carried out all
other instructions that you will receive from us from time to time from now until the day of interview.

4. You must get the consent and support of your parent(s) or guardian(s) first, before you submit
the completed Registration Form and the other required documents mentioned above.

5. For your information, we are the most senior and experienced agent in Sarawak that specializes
in looking after East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah) applicants/candidates and helping them to
apply for the award of Asian nursing Scholarship. We have been doing this every year for 11 years
since 2009, and we are continually giving assistance, coaching and guidance for the benefits of
our candidates. Every year, we carry out the following activities to help our candidates to increase
their chances of passing the selection interview:

5.1 At the later part of this year, we will send out short but important lessons or learning
material to all our candidates for them to study and prepare for the selection interview.

5.2 We will also send out tips and guidelines on important topics such as “What to say”
and “How to act” in the right ways during the selection interview.
5.3 On the days or nights just before the actual day of selection interview, I myself or my
experienced officer will be present at the venues of interview (Kuching and Sibu) to conduct
briefing and training for all our candidates (free of charge) to make sure that they are fully
ready to face the selection interview.

6. Therefore, once you have applied for Asian Nursing Scholarship to us, please do not
apply to any other agent/people for the same scholarship because we are very sure that no
other local agents/people can provide you more assistance than what we will be giving you.
Furthermore, you are in fact not allowed to apply to another agent/person again, because
once you do that, you will create double entry and confusion, and that will cause your
application to be rejected at the last moment. On the other hand, we also will not accept
your application if you had applied to any other agent/person before us. So, please make
sure that you had never applied to any one before us.

(Clarification: If your friends or someone else or any other agent has given you or given
your parents or family members an application form for Asian Nursing Scholarship, but you
have not completed it or you have not passed the application form back to them, YOU ARE
STILL FREE to apply to us. But once you have submitted your application form to us, you
must throw away whatever application forms that other people had given you and please
tell them that you have already applied to us. And to avoid causing unnecessary trouble for
your application, please also remind your parents or family members or friends not to get
Asian Nursing Scholarship Application Form from any other sources and not to apply on
your behalf.)

(The Above Friendly Reminder in Chinese : 温馨但严重的提醒: 在你已经向我们申请之后, 请

千万不要再向其他代理申请. 如果您已经向其他代理申请,也请不要再向我们申请. 如果您不遵守

If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact me for clarification.

Thanks and regards.

Kon Chiang Fatt PPB
Agensi Pekerjaan Kua Services Sdn Bhd
Lot 211 (2nd Floor) Ban Hock Road
93100 Kuching, Sarawak
Mobile: 016-8876188