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Perkins Technical Marketing Information

User Guide / Help Document

2007/08 Edition


1. Signing in to access PTMI from the Perkins.com website Pg 2

2. The secure area of the Perkins website Pg 3

3. New Search Pg 4
3.1 Full Engine ID - Search Results Pg 5
3.2 The 4 – 7 Digit Serial Number - Search Results Pg 6
3.3 Flash File Part Number – Search Results Pg 7
3.4 Build Card Number – Search Results Pg 8
3.5 Governor File – Search Results Pg 9
3.6 Injector E – Trim File – Search Results Pg10

4. Engine Summary information Pg11

4.1 The Customer details Pg11
4.2 Manufacturing Details Pg12
4.3 Flash File Data Pg13
4.4 ECM Config Details Pg15
4.5 Service Reports Pg16
4.6 Technical Data Pg17
4.7 Engine History Dates Pg18
4.8 Warranty Details Pg18
4.9 Change Notification Pg19
4.10 Offline Viewing Pg20
4.11 Governor File Pg20

1. Signing in to access PTMI from the Perkins.com website:


You must select the ‘Login’ link that can be found in the top right hand corner of the

Logging in with your user name and password.

Now you can sign into the secure area of
the Perkins website. You must use your
CWS ID and your password, then select
the ‘Submit’ button below.

At this point, you can also select if you

wish to change your password or

2. The secure area of the Perkins website
Once logged in, you will now be directed to the secure area of the Perkins Website, where
you can move on to the PTMI section of the site very simply.

Select the PTMI

link from the drop
down menu; this
will open a new
window with the
PTMI home page
for you to view.

• PTMI Homepage

The home page gives you some detailed information regarding the use of PTMI and its

3. New Search
To begin using the tool, you can select the ‘New Search’ link on the top menu.

You are now at the main search page for PTMI. You have the ability to search the database
for information from the following fields:

• Full Engine Identification Number (Typical example = VK 12345 U 123456 A)

• 4 – 7 Digit Serial Number (Typical example = VK ##### U 123456 A)

• Flash File Part Number

• Governor File

• Injector E-Trim File

3.1 Full Engine ID - Search Results

You can search with the full engine ID to take you to the pages that are specific to that
engine; this will range from customer details, flash files, technical data and the governor files.

Once you have searched with the full engine ID, look at the returned engine serial number,
there should only be one engine as this is a unique identification number.

This page will give you a summary of what information is stored against this engine ID

You can select the menus down the left hand side of the page to open up more information on
that topic.

3.2 The 4 – 7 Digit Serial Number - Search Results

On this search parameter you are likely to have several engines to choose from, select the
one you require by clicking on the link to the left of the page. This will take you to all the
information about the engine, including the Serial Number, Build List, Model, List Number and
Rating / Curve details.

The screen you are taken to after selecting the engine will be exactly the same as if you were
searching from the full engine ID number.

3.3 Flash File Part Number – Search Results

This search is slightly different to the previous two, which are done by using the Engine ID /
Serial details.

To run this search, you must either:

• Already know the file number you are looking for (E.g. been told by the service team),

• You have searched through the engine ID / serial details to find the flash file details.

Once you have entered the Flash File Number, you will be taken to the file by selecting the
‘Search’ option.

Here, you will be given the latest information about the flash file and you will be able to select
the ‘Download’ icon to download it to your machine.

3.4 Build Card Number – Search Results

The Build Card Number can be found on the PTMI system within the Engine History Data tab
on a selected engine. It is not considered a common search parameter but it is available to
search by this.

Select the ‘Build Card Number’ from the drop down menu, then enter the number and select
the ‘Search’ icon to identify any engines with that specific Build Card Number.

Now you can select the Engine ID numbers from the left of the screen to take you to that
specific engine detail.

3.5 Governor File – Search Results

The Governor File search function allows you to search for the file you need by selecting
engine information from a list of options.

First, you must select the engine series from the drop down list.

Now you are able to view the various engine models, you can
select the required engine from the list. Once you have chosen the
engine you wish, click the search button to find all governor files

Once the search has finished, you will be displayed the results, you
can now select the governor file you wish to download by clicking
on the link in the ‘File’ column.

3.6 Injector E – Trim File – Search Results

The Injector E – Trim file can be accessed and downloaded for you to program the injectors of
an 1100 series or a 2500 series Perkins engine. These Injector ID numbers are completely
unique to every single injector, the ID number can be found on the side strip of the injectors.

Enter the injector number into the search field, and then select the ‘Search’ button to view the
available files.

Now you can view the details of the injector e-Trim file, you can download the file by selecting
the download option.

These are the search parameters that can be used to access all engine data in PTMI. This
guide will now move onto discuss how you can use the information once you have searched
for it.

4.0 Engine Summary information

Once you have searched for, and selected the engine you wish to view, you will be brought to
this page. There is a list of technical details about the engine down the left hand side of the
page. You can select the link to view that information.

4.1 The Customer details

Displays - Invoice details, Dispatch date, Customer, Invoice date, Customer PO Number and
SICA number

4.2 Manufacturing Details

1) Build List - Contains Pack numbers, Description and Sales order code

2) Grading Data - Shows Graded Component, Actual Grade per Cylinder, Piston Protrusion
and Part Number

3) Component Serial Numbers - Refers to major or expensive components part numbers,

description and unique serial numbers

4) Emissions Details - Contains the emissions legislation certification type that the engine
complies with

4.3 Flash File Data

Holds the flash file part number, rating group and voltage. It also has the rating code, power
curve, torque in Nm at a certain engine speed in Rev/Min and the Max rating in Kw at the
Rated Speed in Rev/Min.

PTMI allows you to download the flash file, this may be necessary due to your ECM being
replaced or if there has been a software change or upgrade.

Simply select the flash file you need (usually the latest release) and you will be taken to a
page that confirms its information and gives you the option to download the file.

This is done by clicking on the icon labelled ‘Download’

Please note: - it is very important that you check that the voltage of the flash file part number
is compatible with the ECM and the Fuel pump.

When you click on the ‘Download’ button you will see a file download window appear on your
screen. This gives you the chance to open the file from its current location, or save the file to
DO NOT select ‘Open’ the file from its current location

Select the ‘Save’ button and this will give you a ‘Save As’ dialogue box, select an easily
remembered folder (such as “My Documents”) and then press the save button


The flash file will be saved as its part number for flashing to the ECM. Please refer to the EST
manual for the flashing process.

Note: If the Flash file is being replaced or Upgraded a Password is require, this can be
obtained from the Irlam Help Desk

4.4 ECM Config Details
A number of Config files may be shown. They are displayed in descending date order with the
oldest being the configuration on the engine pre dispatch, the subsequent ones are
amendments to the file settings that have been carried out post dispatch. When one is
selected various information is shown including ECM item description with value and unique
ID for the following, ECM serial number, ECM software part number, engine serial number,
ECM part number and device ID.

In cases where an ECM has been replaced or amended it may be necessary to replace the
configuration details

To download select the relevant Config file date from the ones available in the menu bar.

Then Click on the Download Button and then ‘Save’

DO NOT select ‘Open’ the file from its current location

Select ‘Save’ and then select an easily remembered folder (such as “My Documents”),

DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME and then press the save button.

4.5 Service Reports

Service reports that have been completed and saved are automatically placed into PTMI; they
are then available to view and print.

Just select the service report for the time frame you require and open it. It is broken down into
four parts,

• The main Service report header,

• Repair background,
• Part causing failure (if any)
• The Activity summary

4.6 Technical Data

The Technical data link goes into great detail about the selected engine. It shows information
relating to the Power Curves and the particular engine components used in manufacture.

You can select various Power Curves or engine components and you will be taken to that
area to view the technical details.

4.7 Engine History Dates

This link gives you a very specific overview of the entire engine history, from manufacture
dates to build numbers.

4.8 Warranty Details

This link will identify all information relating to the Warranty on the product:

• Standard Warranty Period

• Date of Dispatch
• Max Shelf Life
• Warranty Expiry date

4.9 Change Notification

Engine change notification forms are submitted by individual distributors or OEM’s, therefore
they are not official documents produced by Perkins Engines Co Ltd. They are not opinions
given by Perkins Engines Co Ltd and neither Perkins Engines Co Ltd nor its affiliates are
accountable for the accuracy or content of information contained in such comments.

Users are advised not to rely on the accuracy of any information without taking appropriate
steps to verify and check its accuracy and any reliance shall be at user's own risk.

Once you have selected the link, you will see that this section holds a copy of Feedback
Reports that have been submitted and saved via PTMI.

It displays all the saved reports, outlining the maintenance and repair carried out on the

This section has no formal link to the Warranty submission process; it is purely a record of
events to assist in the service and effective repair of the engine

4.10 Offline Viewing

Offline Viewing allows you to download specific parts of the engine

information to your PC to view in your own time, with no need to
be connected to the Internet.

Simply select the area(s) that you would like to download by

clicking the tick box and then submitting by selecting the
‘Download’ Button.

Select the ‘Save’ button, and the content will be downloaded to your chosen location, e.g.
‘Desktop’ or ‘My Documents’

4.11 Governor File

The Governor File link allows you to perform a

search for the file that you are looking for. It is
performed just as if you were using the ‘New
Search’ Governor File search method, but it has
been incorporated into every engine summary
for ease of use.

Simply select the engine series and the engine model, and search the database for the
available downloads.