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DEY, The next day: Down by she ake. Can sent Nina a ote (Dev tomeha has copy oft He ead i w,)"Neet me, Noon 30. The Place, Con 10. Hope Dance Nina wang by he lab. I jut tbo 1230, She wai ‘There could bra tong or some mai bere. Then, abr by ua cel 8, NINA, So, these’ this story of his aed "The Tiny Scred”— Is Jn his fr cllection, from when he ws even younger than Conrad ion | dink and cher his ie orphan gi ini. Her ames Annabelle, bat they cll et Te Thimble Ist cha grea? Ad she has... consumption, or something. so she ves most in her ing ide room, mney bed, rd she teats these imaginary ‘worlds within world inthe swirls om hee hepread and hing ike har [Bat when ching at particularly bled. she des the Hope Dance. Os herbed ll aloae, At night. The Hope Dance. Dont yo love hae So when [ar maybe, oh, reve or thinsen © 90 after ome pa scully cerble day——you kaow, evil step-Ather, drunken cage, oor me, blah blah blak —one nigh [just go up om any bein che Fiddle of he night and. Tid [did the Hope Dance, And T {Bata fl bere, Ae give dat so me, He pave te hae gif ‘And now he rght hee, And. and ces orm, Me! While hhewas aking to me ls night and I got weak in the knee. Thats 2 ching cae actualy happend. My knees go wea. he touched ny arm ight het fo, ke vo scons, ana I swear i ure. ‘mean. Whar am Tsupposel todo wich tha (She Beas omething tat might well be aunt. aff omeplace.. gi ngs cof ig. mt ing hy) Tove Conrad Ido, he great. And elves meso much sem, 2 (yb confeing quel something he has mer sid ont lod be- fore) Wells kind of rade. oe eokaerd noo love him ck. ‘Aad do think he’ totaly amazing snd ely ened bs. but (Bash eps...) 11, Can I Help You MASH. Oh. INA. Oh bi. Were you~ MASH, Wha NINA. Looking for Connie? MASH, Why? NINA. You weren® MASH, No, Iwhatver NINA. You were MASH. Yer What about i2 NINA. Noshing just. Ihave ser him. He shouldbe here soon though. He asked mero mee him here MASH. Ofcourse, Okay... (She goto ete.) NINA, Mash? MASH, How can Ihlp yout NINA. How can you? Umm. MASH. Denese wit being mia NINA. [now Im nor api (MASH, I never sid you wer, NINA. Tig sa you Ici MASH. TEnowyoute not spi NINA. And Tkaow yute not MASH. Olay. Wee nsither af us stupid. So... how can Lh you? NINA. Tjust wanved.. [jose wanted ay Tm omy MASH. For NINA. You know... “AllThe Things” MASH. You're oe? NINA, Yer (MASH, For “All The Things? NINA, Tam. (Best) 3