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Subject: English

Year: Year 4 Cekap

Date/Day: 18th July 2019 (Tuesday)

Time: 11.30am-12.30am

Theme: World of knowledge

Topic: Poem “Woodpecker”

Focused Skill: Language Arts

Proficiency level: Intermediate proficiency

Previous Knowledge:
1. Pupils already know the meaning of most words in the poem.
2. Pupils already know what is a woodpecker.

Content Standards:
4.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to enjoy and appreciate
rhymes, poems and songs.

Learning Standards:
4.1.2 Able to sing songs and recite jazz chants and poems with correct stress
pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.
4.3.2 Able to plan, prepare and participate in a performance with guidance based on literary

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

1. Recite the poem in their own tune or style.

2. Create a shape poem of a woodpecker.

Language Content: verbs

Educational Emphases: Multiple intelligences (verbal-linguistic, visual-spatial),

constructivism, thinking skills (Creating)

Resources/Teaching aids: poem clap your hands, worksheet

Moral value: cooperation

Stage/Time Content Activity Remarks
Hangman game 1. Teacher plays hangman
Set game. Preparation Phase
Induction (Setting the tone of lesson)
(Pre) 2. Pupils need to guess until
3 min they complete the word Rationale
“woodpecker”. 1. To generate pupils’ interests
towards the lesson
3. Teacher introduces poem of 2. To give ideas and direct
the day. pupils to the topic

Teaching aids: -

Title of poem: 1. Teacher pastes the poem on Imagination Phase

Presentation Clap your hands the whiteboard and tell the title (Exploring, generating, probing
(Pre) Instruction: of the poem. and synthesising ideas)
- This is a poem.
15 min How do you spell 2. Teacher recites the poem and Rationale
poem? pupils follow after teacher. 1. To prepare pupils for
- Ok I am going to practice stage.
recite this poem 3. Teacher recites the poem with
and I want you to actions and pupils follow after
repeat after me. teacher. Teaching aids: mah-jong
- For this time paper, poem
around, we are 4. Teacher also teach pupils to
going to add recite the poem using different
movement while tunes.
reciting this
poem. 5. Pupils recite the poem
together with actions.
*teacher can also
use other 6. Teacher asks for volunteers
tune/style (dikir to rap the poem in front of the
barat, rap, jazz class.
Expected word: 7. Teacher asks pupils if there
-tapping are any words that they do not

Activity: Development Phase

Practice performance 1. Teacher gives pupils 10 (Guided practice)
(While) minutes to discuss in their group
20 min Instruction about the performance they are
-In your group, I going to do. Rationale
want you to 1. Test pupils’ high order
discuss how you 2. Each group need to recites thinking skill (HOTS).
are going to the poem with actions. 2. Promote cooperative
perform with learning.
movements. 3. Pupils present their poem in Assessment for learning
-You can use their own tune and style. objective (no. 1)
different tunes
and melody. Teaching aids: poem,
-You have 10 microphone
minutes to
discuss about the Moral Value: cooperation
performance with
your friends.

Production Instruction 1. Teacher distributes a Action Phase

(Post) coloured paper to each pupil. (Independent practice)
Follow-up -Now, you are
activity going to work 2. Individually, pupils create a Rationale:
(optional individually. shape poem of a woodpecker. 1. To assess pupils’ individual
20 min -Everyone will get creativity.
a piece of 3. Teacher explains how to 2. Promote fun and engaging
coloured paper. make a shape poem. acitivity.
-Draw a
woodpecker 4. Pupils draw a woodpecker Assessment for learning
using your own and write the poem around it. objective no.2
-Write the poem 5. Pupils paste their shape Teaching aids: coloured
around the poem inside their exercise book. paper.
Instruction: 1. Teacher asks pupils to Closure phase
Closure - Everyone, choose the best team. (Summary and reinforcement)
(Post) please close your 1. Ensure pupils’ learning
eyes. 2. Teacher counts the number of objectives achieved.
- Who thinks hands and announces the
2 min group 1/2/3/4/5/6 winner team. 2. Ensure pupils reflect on
did well? Please their performance.
put your hands 3. Teacher reminds pupils to
up. always work together in order to
produce a better work.