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The Principal,
Maharashtra Education Society MES Garware College of Commerce

Dear Sir / Madam,

(Business proposal for developing and managing Competitive Exam Centre in your premises)

We want to introduce our organization, Kiran Prakashan Pvt Ltd, branch office, Pune and
Pradeep Classes, Pune as organisations completely dedicated for competitive examinations.
Here, the mentioned company Kiran Prakashan Pvt Ltd is helping institutions and students with
its more than 400 competitive exam books for more than 50 years. And Pradeep Career Institute
with its dynamic head Prof. Subhash shahane is helping students through articles in the marathi
newspapers as well as through its Coaching Classes located at Somwar Peth, Pune. The team
has a long history of Career Guidance as well. Both of us have come together to serve for a very
noble cause of preparing students for Competitive Exams taken by Government and semi
government organisations to hire candidates in their respective organisations. Henceforth we will
refer us as the proposer.
Kiran Prakashan Pvt Ltd along with its competitive exam books also runs Coaching
Classes at multiple locations in the Name of Kiran Institute of Career Achievement (KICA). In
Delhi it is running under supervision of Delhi Government for its very promising scheme of Jai
Bheem Yojna where the government is providing free competitive exam training to SC/ST and
OBC students. And in Kolkata KICA has joined with Rama Krishna Mission at Belur Math for
competitive exam training to students. KICA is running its own coaching classes at Patna,
Varanasi and Ahmedabad.
We wanted to start Centers at Pune with some Esteemed Institution and for that we come
across your intention of opening a Competitive Exam Center at your premises. It was really great
meeting and talking to you. As the intention and purpose is very clear, so we propose the best
format to start and run a competitive exam center.

The Proposal :
● The premises of your esteemed institution will be used within the agreed time slot
and agreed space.
● The premises will be only used for Competitive Exams related activity. This will
include advertising through banners, distributing handbills, conducting seminars in
halls, conducting classes in classrooms and related activities.
● The institution will provide wi-fi to the students in the Campus.
● The institution will allow other outside students as well for taking classes and will
provide arrangements related to that.
● The institution will provide Projectors and halls whenever required.
● All the expenses related to these will be borne by the institution.
● Teachers and the teaching activities will be fully managed by the proposer.
● Proposer will develop a Mobile App in the name of Garware college. This app will
provide all the digital supports like Job Notification, Current Affairs, eBooks, Test
Series, Solved Papers, organising Audio tutorials, Video Tutorials, Syllabus, Exam
Pattern etc.
● Proposer will develop a QR code based ID card to keep all the records and
activities of Students and Teachers.
● All the Study Materials will be prepared and circulated to the students by the
proposer. The proposer will keep the copyright for those contents, study modules,
presentations and other study materials.
● Proposer will develop and pay to the Faculty for all educational activities.
● Proposer will collect all the fees, keep proper records and maintain transparency in
accounting activities.

It is hereby agreed between the institution and the proposer that

1. The Sharing of profit & loss will be in the ratio of 60:40. Where, 40% share will be with the
institution and 60% share will be with the proposer.
2. The profit will be distributed only after the completion of the tenure of the Batch.
3. The proposer will target a minimum of 100 students for the first Batch. Classes may be
taken jointly. In emergency cases this may split into 2 groups.
4. The tenure for classroom session will be a maximum of 6 months including all the
5. The institution will provide a minimum of 5 years permission for conducting such
educational activities as it is always a very tough task to stay economical while delivering
the best. And students always prefer the already established trend. It needs lots of
conversation and track records to convince students even though you are providing the

For For For

Kiran Prakashan Pvt Ltd Pradeep Career Institute Maharashtra Education Society MES
Garware College of Commerce
Website Address:
Pradeep Classes: http://pradeepclasses.in/
Kiran Prakashan: http://kiranbookstore.com/
KICA: Delhi: http://www.kicadelhi.com/
Kolkata: http://onlinekiran.com/
Varanasi: http://www.kica-varanasi.com/
Patna: http://kica-shahganj-patna-bihar.com/

eMial IDs:
Shamiratan G Sah: samirtanng@gmail.com
Prof. Subhash shahane: prof.subhash.shahane@gmail.com

Contact Details:
Shamiratan G Sah: 9762005574 / 9422525180
Prof. Subhash shahane: 9561345129