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1. Both of the countries have supported each other financially, economically, militarily and politically.
Iran was the first country to accord international recognition to Pakistan when it was established in
1947. They are bound together in culture, religion, ethnicity and traditions since times immemorial.
Pakistan and Iran are close neighbors, sharing 909 km border in the western side.

2. IRAN PAKISTAN Population 77,356,669 180,440,005 Area 1,648,195 km² (636,372 sq. mi)
796,095 km² (307,374 sq. mi) Population Density 48/km² (117.4/sq. mi) 226.6/km² (555/sq. mi)
Capital Tehran Islamabad Largest City Tehran Karachi Government Islamic republic, Theocratic,
and Unitary state Islamic republic, Federal, parliamentary democratic republic National language
Persian Urdu, English Main Religions 98% Islam (90% Shi'a 10% Sunni), 2% religious minorities,
including Baha’is, Main deans, Zoroastrians, Jews, and Christians 95% Islam (85% Sunni, 10%
Shi'a), 1.6% Christianity, 1.6% Hinduism, 2.0% other

3. In May 1950, a treaty of friendship was signed by the Prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan and Shah of
Iran and then a Baghdad pact known as CENTO was signed between Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq
and United Kingdom for mutual co-operation and protection, as well as non-intervention in each
other's affairs PAK Iran relations started when the Prime minister of Pakistan visited Iran in 1949
and as a return shah of Iran visited Pakistan with some cabinet members.

4. During the 1971 war with India, Pakistan received full military and diplomatic support from Iran
against India. In 1965, In INDO-PAK war, Iran played an important role in Indo-Pakistani war in
1965 and its qualified nurses, medical supplies, and a gift of 5,000 tons of petroleum for the duration
of the fighting. Iran was also reported to have purchased 90 Sabre Jet Fighters from West Germany
and to have sent them to Pakistan. After the joining in *\R.C.D (Regional Co-operation for
development) in 1964, there was a period of wars for Pakistan.

5. ECONOMIC ties with IRAN Extension of Economic Co- operation for Development (E.C.O) in
1985 led to growth of Iran-Pakistan strategic partnership. Pakistan joint economic commission was
establish in 1986. Khatami visited Islamabad in 2002 and signed several agreements including
bilateral trade on co-operation in plant protection and Quarantine. Trade between Pakistan and Iran
was merely $500 million but that was much better that time. Pakistan and Iran signed Preferential
Trade Agreement in 2004

6. India has IPI deal but Iran and Pakistan signed their first gas pipeline deal in February 2010. Iran-
Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline-talks begins in 1994. International Freight Rail line worth $20 billion
from Islamabad to Istanbul via Tehran agreement signed in2009. In 2008, Iran agreed to finance an
energy project in Pakistan worth 60 million $ with 1000 MW Electricity.
7. GAS PIPELINE ISSUE In 1988, the gas reservoirs were discovered in Iran. In 1995, Pakistan and
Iran signed a preliminary agreement for construction of a natural gas pipeline linking the Iranian
South Pars natural gas field in the Persian Gulf with Karachi, in 2000, Indian, Iranian, and Pakistani
government officials continue to negotiate the possible routes, modes of transport, and geopolitics of
the Iran to India natural gas pipeline. HISTORY

8. It might be a strong economic block in the south Asia. Economic ties between the countries will be
toughen. Less expenditure on the transportation. It will meet the demand of fuel in indo-pak
region. The pipeline will contain $3.2 billion of gas. The pipeline has a diameter of 48 inches.
The pipeline would be 2,670 km long.

9. As America is involved on both sides of Iran, due to this pipeline Iran's economy will be strong and
its nuclear program seem to be completed. Americans are against the Iran's government. They never
want Iran to be economically strong.

10. India was asked to vote for the resolution on the cost of nuclear reactor offered by America. India
had no choice but to vote for the resolution. This Indian action annoyed Iranians, and at the first
instant they rebuffed to construct the pipeline. Pressure on the Iran's nuclear program is also due to
this pipeline during the recent general assembly session, a resolution that the Iranian nuclear issue be
sent to Security Council presented by America.

11. There was also the Baghdad pact known as CENTO signed between Pak-Iran and others. Iran
involved in joint production of Al-Khalid tanks. Pakistan-Iran Defense Agreement was signed in
July 1989.Defence Cooperation is one of the most important component in Iran-Pakistan relations.

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