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1st Quarterly Exam in 21st Century Literature

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I. Supply the given information to the story it belongs
Guy de Maupasssant Ed Loyce Philip Dick
Roald Dahl keg Mathilde Loisel
Brown mud river August 5, 1850 Jack London
Sptember 11, 1892 Della Dillingham Young The boys
Kate Chopin November 1, 1978 Paris, France
Peter Vanderdonk February 8, 1850 Richard
December 16, 1928 O. Henry Dog
Josephine Yukon New York
Madame Soforonie Madame Forestier Dame Van winkle
Humpu-Rumpy Trunky Jack Potter
Oak Grove Mallard’s Residence

1. Hanging Stranger : 2. To Build A Fire

Author : Authors:

Characters: Characters:

Settings: Settings:

3. The Enormous Crocodile 4. Rip Van Winkle

Author : Author:

Characters: Characters:

Settings: Settings:
5. The Necklace 6. The Story of an Hour

Author : Author :

Characters: Characters:

Settings: Settings:

7. The Gift of Magi

Author :



Test II. Identify the following

__________1. A fictitious narrative compressed into one unit of time, place and action.
__________2. A short literary composition which is expository in nature.
__________3. This is the quality associated with the emotional power of literature, such that it
should move us deeply.
__________4. A prose form that ridicules the vices and follies of men.
__________5. A story of certain person’s life written by another who knows him well.
__________6. A short tale that illustrates principle, usually by setting forth the application of the
principle to something familiar.
__________7. A speech by a clergy man intended to give religious or moral instruction and
usually based on Scriptural text.
__________8. Implies a formal, carefully prepared speech and usually attributes importance to
the speaker or to speech.
__________9. A brief narrative concerning a particular individual or incident.
_________10. The analysis, interpretation and evaluation or literary works; it does not mean
“finding fault with”
__________11. A prose form that deals with the subject science.
__________12. An article dealing with the contents, literary worth, of a book especially a
recently published book.
__________13. Suggests an eloquent, rhetorical sometimes merely bombastic speech, especially
one delivered on some special occasion.
__________14. It deals with ideas, thoughts and emotion of man.
__________15. Literature comes from the French phrase “belles-letters” which means
Test III. Enumeration
1. Reasons why people read literature

2. Seven Arts

Test IV. Enumerate and shortly discuss

1. Quality of a great literature

Test V. Essay (10pts each)

1. What is Literature?

2. Do you agree with the idea that it is important to study literature? Explain your answer.

3. Differentiate Prose from Poetry