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Question Option A

1 Which of these is a purpose of shared organisational values? Build Team Support

2 Business ethics deals primarily with __________ Social responsibility

Suppliers prefer to deal with ethical
3 Ethics are important because ___________________
According to the concept of moral intensity, a worker is most A manager observes his or her
likely to behave ethically and legally when _______ behavior closely.
5 Benefits derived from social responsibility include_______ Enhanced organizational efficiency

According to concept of moral laxity, workers will often

6 behave unethically They have planned to be unethical
The three major types of ethical issues include
7 Communication Issues
8 Ethics is the same as ___________ Legality

9 The main purpose of business ethics is to? understanding ethical uncertainities

Which one of the following is not a basic type of moral
10 Utilitarianism
Which one of the following is not a feature of moral
11 Prohibit
12 Equality of income and equality of opportunity is refers to: Inequality
_________is a code of conduct that an individual or a group
13 Morality
has about right and wrong
Which of the following does the term Corporate Social
14 Ethical conduct
Responsibility relate to?
15 Who are organisational stakeholders? Customers
Which of the following is an example of an area where
16 Everywhere in business
business ethics apply?
17 Self regulation of ethics is _______ the best system available
18 In which system slavery would be entirely legal? Free market system
Which of the following is Not a statement which presents the
19 Value statement
firm s view on ethics?
What are the levels on which ethical decision making
20 Individual
Which one is the justice concern of blaming or punishing
21 Distributive justice
persons for doing wrong?
lies in its capacity to increase
22 The commercial value of ethics

Which one of the following ethic sees concrete communities

23 The care of ethic
and communal relationships as having a fundamental value?

I don't steal because my friends

Which statement reflects the "punishment and obedience
24 don't steal
orientation" stage(stage one) of moral development?

We wish to be good citizens of every community in which we

25 Ethical Code
operate. This is _____
If you believe in making decisions for the good of most
people, you can be described as following
26 utilitarianism
which school of thought?

Ethics is not synonymous to

27 Which statement is/are true?
religious morality or moral theology

Corporate social responsibility that extends beyond legal

28 mandates can help meet societal expectations in the Statutory devices
absence of ____
29 What is meant by the phrase CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility
legal, philanthropic, economic, and
30 The four types of social responsibility include:
The ________ dimension of social responsibility refers to a
31 business's societal contribution of time, money, and other ethical
Stakeholders are considered more important to an they can make use of their power on
organization when the organization

An ________ is a problem, situation, or opportunity requiring

an individual, group, or organization to choose among
33 crisis
several actions that must be evaluated as right or wrong.

Which moral philosophy seeks the greatest good for the

34 Consequentialism
greatest number of people?
Carroll's model of social responsibility includes the social
responsibilities categories of
consumerism; discrimination;
35 _____________, ____________, and _____________ plus
those at the discretion of the firm.

choosing between the lesser of two

36 The ethical dilemma of choosing between two rights refers to
Which of the following does not contribute to the
37 society's norms and values
development of a manager's standard of ethics?
38 Which one of the following is not principle business ethics? Principle of universality

39 Professional ethics is Monopolistic

pressure from higher management
40 Unethical behaviour is often triggered by
to achieve goals
41 Ethics deals with the right actions of individuals. Who said? Peter F. Drucker

Managers today are usually quite sensitive to issues of social

42 interest groups
responsibility and ethical behaviour because of __________

43 Periodic ethics audits are required by the Indian Stock

pressure from higher management
44 Unethical behaviour is often triggered by
to achieve goals
45 Building a sustainable environment includes ____________ Developing a green supply chain

46 Fairness in employment practices centers on ________ Hiring no family members or friends

The stakeholder view of social responsibility states that
47 Employees and customers
organizations must respond to the needs of _____________

A firm is said to have good corporate social performance Stockholders invest in socially
when ____________ responsible causes

A socially responsible mutual fund will only purchase stocks

49 Have a no-smoking policy in place
in companies that ____________
50 A whistle blower is an employee who ______________ Exposes organizational wrongdoing

Which one of the following approaches to creating an ethical

Passing out buttons with the
51 and socially responsible workplace is likely to be the most
statement Just Say No to bad Ethics

A recommended way of minimizing unethical behavior is for Write anonymous notes to ethical
employees to _____________ violators

The application of ethical principles rather than actual

53 Ethical standards
specified actions would refer to
In the United States professionals such as counselors or
54 psychologists are directed and bound by ethical standards The clients they serve
putting monetary value on
55 Quantification in ethics may be done by
prospective actions
To all individuals within the
56 Professional codes of ethics are binding ___________
57 Business ethics deals primarily with Social responsibility
Suppliers prefer to deal with ethical
58 Ethics are important because
Benefits derived from social responsibility include
59 Enhanced organizational efficiency
An employee for Acme, Inc. has been asked to carry out an
60 assignment that she believes is wrong. This situation can be Ethical
classified as
A person uncomfortable with his employers hiring only white
61 A conflict of interest
men is experiencing __________
The principal cause of ethical compromises within business
62 Helping the company survive
is ______________

Opportunities for and encouragement of unethical behaviour It is easy to engage in unethical

result when __________ behaviour

It is most likely, during a takeover attempt, for a firms Their duties to the firms owners may
managers to face an ethical issue because __________ conflict with their personal interests

It is approved of by most individuals

65 An activity is probably ethical if __________ in the organization and is customary
in the industry
In general when people discover unethical behaviour in their
66 Try to right the ethical wrong
own company they usually______
Businesses seem most concerned with ethical issues that
67 Offend their union employees
could ____
An employees response to a moral or ethical issue depends
68 What competitors are doing
in part on ____
Laws and regulations that guide
69 Business ethics comprises ________
behaviour in the world of business

A person who is punished or not rewarded for unethical

70 Will be a model employee
Honesty and fairness relate to the general ______ of
71 Unethicalness
decision makers
The most important reason for having a code is that It provides a formal frame of
____________ reference for values
Despite cultural diversity it is important that we consider
73 Various principles of value
One culture is quite as good as any
74 Cultural relativism means _________
other nominated culture
75 It is the function of an ethics code to ______ Set standards
76 Ethics is about ____ Improvement in standards
77 Ethics is about ____ Tangible and intangible benefits
78 Ethics is the same as ___________ Legality
79 Where does ethical loyalty primarily lie? Towards family
80 Ethics is concerned about ____________ The means of achieving something
81 Time frames are ____________ Crucial part of ethics

82 The basic justification for ethics is _____________ To maximum profitability

Where a disparity of wealth upsets
83 A conflict of interest may be defined as ___________
84 Bankruptcy is _____________ Where the organisation is insolvent

The late payment of accounts necessarily involves

85 __________The late payment of accounts necessarily Incomplete accounts clerks
involves __________

86 Bribery and secret commissions are Culturally acceptable

87 Tipping is __________ A form of tithing

The donation of cash to worthy
88 Corporate philanthropy is __________
89 Self regulation of ethics is The best system available

90 Ethical investment Is an investment of time

91 Stakeholders Are the same as shareholders

Lies in its capacity to increase
92 The commercial value of ethics
93 Time frames for ethics involve Short time frames
Is a principle about equal
94 Equity
Means that users must be
95 Product liability
responsible for bad products
96 Professional ethics is monopolistic
Are requiredy the Indian stock
97 Periodic ethics audits
Maye desirable in some
98 Political intrusion into business
Restricted to those obliged to
99 The reach of codes is
conformy virtue of membership
100 Compliance Is an aspect of an aspirational code
Option B Option C Option D
Guide managers' decisions and
Influence marketing efforts All of the above
The pricing of products and services Moral obligation Being unfair to the competition.
Customers prefer to deal with ethical Employees prefer to deal with ethical
All of the above
companies companies.
The consequences of the act are The consequences of the act are
The worker has intense morals
minor substantial
Producing better products Attracting people who want to work both a & c
for the firm

They come from dysfunctional Other issues seem more important at Management pressures them into
families. the time unethical behavior

Systematic Issues Corporate Issues Individual Issues

Strict compliance conformance to agreed values following black letter law

Principles and Conception Application of practices All of the above

Rights Justice Relevant

Value Condemn All of the above

Economic Equality Political Equality Human Equality

Business Ethics
Ethics Personal Ethics

Environmental practice Human rights and employee relations All of the above

Community Employees All of the above

Conduct of international operations In the personal life of staff none of the above

one that requires legal backing a good way to start the worst possible way to start
Command economy system Voluntary exchange system Pure free market system

Morality Ethical philosophy none of the above

Organizational Business system All of the above

Redistributive justice Compensatory justice none of the above

has a consequence of improving the
lies purely in reputational advantage increases market share
bottom line

Demands of caring Communitarian ethic Socialism

I don't steal because I don't want to I don't steal because it wouldn't be I don't steal because it would harm
be spanked fair to everyone else if I did society as a whole

Political and Social Code Legal Rule Legal Act

teleology deontology egoism

The terms 'ethics' and 'morality' are

Ethics is the principle that guide the
not synonymous terms All of the above
human behaviour

Social tool Cost tool and Techniques Scientific tool

Company Social Responsibility Corporate Society Responsibility Company Society Responsibility

philanthropic, justice, economic, and
ethical, moral, social, and economic legal, moral, ethical, and economic

philanthropic volunteerism strategic

they do not emphasize the urgency their issues are not legitimate they can express themselves
of their issues articulately

ethical issue indictment fraud

Utilitarianism Ethical formalism

ethical responsibilities; legal occupational safety; legal

ethical responsibilities;
responsibilities; economic responsibilities; economic
discrimination; legal responsibilities
responsibilities responsibilities

deciding which of two employee deciding to offer a bribe or lose out choosing between the two types of
rights is the most important on an important opportunity sexual harassment
individual life experiences competitor behaviours environmental situations

Principle of humanity Principle of autonomy Principle of dissatisfaction

designing to protect a profession a necessary attribute of a profession not directly relevant to practice
an organizational atmosphere that
both (a) & (b) a system of checks and balances
condones such behaviour C
C. S. Rao J. R. Betty D. C. Zahe

legal and governmental concerns media coverage D all of the above

a method of fostering ethics a method of quantitative assessment always use external consultants
an organizational atmosphere that
both (a) & (b) a system of checks and balances
condones such behaviour C
Omitting hazardous emissions Both a & b Writing a code of ethics
Giving people equal rewards for Obeying equal employment
Avoiding conflicts of interest
accomplishing the same tasks opportunity legislation
All those who might sue the
Shareholders and owners All interested parties

Charitable deductions are The company has not been

Stakeholders are satisfied with its
automatically deducted from pay convicted of ethical violations for five
level of social responsibility
without the consent of employees consecutive years
Have a culturally diverse Hire some job candidates who are
Have good social performance
management team HIV positive
Complains a lot to company Referees disputes with other
Engages in unethical behavior
management employees
Including a statement about ethics
Placing posters about ethics Top management acting as models
and social responsibility in the
throughout the organization of the right behavior
employee handbook
Spend part of their vacation
Immediately report all suspicious Confront fellow employees about
preparing a personal philosophy of
behavior to top management ethical deviations

Ethical dilemmas Morality Virtue ethics

Professional organizations to which

Conscience None
they belon

comparing the value of one action

both A and B neither A nor B
with another
To individuals who hold that Only to only individuals who hold a
To all professionals except students
particular credential or membership specialty certification
The pricing of products and services Moral obligation Being unfair to the competition
Customers prefer to deal with ethical Employees prefer to deal with
All of the choices
companies ethical companies
Attracting people who want to work
Producing better products Both a & c
for the firm

Unethical An ethical issue A dilemma

An ethical issue A feeling of guilt Intraorganizational conflict

Meeting overly aggressive financial
Meeting schedule pressures Saving jobs
or business objectives

Others engage in unethical There is a lack of rules or a lack of

There are too many rules
behaviour enforcement of the rules that do exist

Their duties to the firms owners may

The takeover might not be in the Their duties to the firms owners may
conflict with the best interests of
shareholders best interests be illegal

It is approved of by most individuals

It is customary in the industry It is legal
in the organization

Report it to the authorities outside Report it to authorities in the

Mind their own business
the company company
Eliminate competition Affect employees Damage the firm
The structure and culture of the
How dumb consumers are What shift he or she is working
The obligations businesses assume
Moral principles and standards that
Mores, values, and customs that to maximize their positive impact and
guide behaviour in the world of
guide behaviour in general minimize their negative impact on

Will quit the firm Will be angry Is less likely to repeat the behaviour

Trustworthines Ethicalness Employability

It is required by the board It helps establish a good reputation It gives employment to HR staff
Give salience to the dominant
Always follow the UN principles Follow only your own religious laws
national culture
Culture is the only reference point Activities should be interpreted in One culture should be compared to
for a values system terms of ones own culture another
Apply sanctions neither both
Rewards and sanctions Reputation All of the above
Only tangible benefits Only intangible benefits Something other than the above
Strict compliance Conformance to agreed values Following black letter law
Towards agreed principles Towards the company Towards professional Standards
The ends to be achieved Neither of those Both of those
Irrelevant to ethics Of marginal interest to ethics An explanation of spatiality

To behave according to agreed rules To build a commercial reputation To satisfy malcontents at AGMs
Where there is a breach of the The doctrine of the separation of
Where one party is a bit vulnerable
equity of relationships rule powers does apply
Where the organisation is delisted Where the organisation has a cash
Where the organisation is corrupt
on the stock exchange flow problem

A cash flow problem for the business A policy of withholding payments Incompetent banking practices

Are OK if they are called something

Unaccepted as business practice Alright under certain circumstances
Something to be fostered for
An Arbitrary custom A means of Profiteering by business
The donation of time to worthy Some other donation to worthy
All of the above
causes causes
One that requires legal backing A good way to Start The worst possible way to start
An investment according to value An investment that avoids shares in
An investment of money
principles tobacco
May be the same as shareholders Are not employees Are members of the Stock exchange
Has a consequence of improving the Lies purely in reputational
Increases market share
bottom line advantage
Long time frames No time frames Fluctuations in time frames
is a principle that emphasises
Is the same as honesty Is the same as prudence
Means that manufacturers are
implies product recall Giving a misuse defence
responsible for bad products
Designed to protect a profession A necessary attribute of a profession Not directly relevant to practice
A method of quantitative
A method of fostering ethics Always use external consultants
Politics should have no say in how state legislation over-rides Federal
Is anathema
business is conducted Legislation
Applicable to all Applicable to the public only the same as the reach of the law
Requires conformance to a formal
Gives us the option of compliance Imposes no formal obligations