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Connector functions Examples

and, too, or, nor

To add assertions in coordinate relationships
Similarly, Likewise, Besides, In addition, Also, Moreover, Furthermore

To show assertions together in contrast, but, yet, though, although

opposition, or contradiction On the contrary, On the other hand, In contrast, Instead, Otherwise, However

To sum up the consequences or the results of Therefore, Thus, Hence, Consequently, In short, In brief, As a result, In summary, To sum up, To conclude, In
a series of assertions conclusion

To give an example or introduce an illustration
For example, For instance, Illustratively, To illustrate, In other words

because, since, as
To introduce a reason
Due to, Owing to, Thanks to, Because of

frequently, occasionally, usually, sometimes, often, rarely

To indicate frequency or elaborate
specifically, especially, In fact, particularly

To show generalisation after making an

Despite, Still, Nevertheless, In spite of
exception to it

To indicate forward and backward movements

Then, after, Next, After that, Finally, At last, Eventually, previously, earlier, Before that, Prior to
in time

To indicate simultaneity Meanwhile, In the meantime, Simultaneously, At the same time

To show the sequence of ideas Firstly, Secondly, First of all, Above all, To begin with, Finally, Last but not least
Examples of the use of common connectors
Connectors Examples

Also, Furthermore, Smoking is expensive. Also, it can threaten other people's health.
Moreover, Besides, In
Similarly, Likewise Animals can sense upcoming danger. Likewise, humans have instinct to detect risks.

though, although The number of cars is increasing although the government imposes heavy taxes on car owners.
On the contrary, In Some people are in favour of the idea. In contrast, others are against it.
On the other hand These are the reasons why physical punishment should be banned. On the other hand, some people claim physical punishment
brings benefits for children.
However The government tried to provide better medical care for the underprivileged. However, the efforts were not good enough.
Therefore, Thus, Hence Music gives pleasure. Therefore, music can be used to help relieve stress.

Consequently, As a Michael used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Consequently, he had bad breath and regular pain on his stomach.
In other words Recycling is one of the best ways to save the earth. In other words, the earth will suffer from a huge amount of rubbish if people
do not recycle.
In conclusion (At the beginning of the last paragraph of an essay) In conclusion, advantages of living in a city outweigh the disadvantages.
namely The government provides generous financial aids for two groups of people, namely the elderly and the disabled.
For example, For Many countries are becoming multicultural. For example, Country A and B have more than 40 per cent of their population
instance consisting of migrants.
because, since, as Some people find it hard to believe it as there is not enough evidence.
Due to, Owing to, Due to the air pollution, more people tend to develop respiratory diseases.
Thanks to, Because of
frequently, occasionally It rains frequently in winter in Western Australia.
Specifically, Particularly Work efficiency can be achieved in many ways. Particularly, having a regular break every two or three hours would help greatly.
Despite Despite the controversy, it has been decided to prohibit euthanasia in northern states.
Finally, At last, The citizen and the government worked together to save the swamp for two decades. At last, the swamp became a natural wildlife
Eventually habitat.
Meanwhile, In the The mining industry is seriously on the decline. Meanwhile, agriculture is experiencing a period of prosperity.
Firstly (At the beginning of the first paragraph of an essay) Firstly, advertising provides important information for consumers.