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Bring Me The Horizon

Music to listen to~dance to~blaze to~pray to~feed to~sleep to~talk to~grind to~trip to~breathe to~help to~hurt to~scroll to~roll to~love to~hate
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Track Listing

!. Steal Something.
#. Candy Truck / You expected: LAB Your result: Green
$. A Devastating Liberation
%. ¿ Feat. Halsey
&. Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA} Feat. Bexey Swan / Lotus Eater
'. “like seeing spiders running riot on your loverʼs grave” Feat. HappyAlone.
(. Dead Dolphin Sounds 'aid brain growth in unborn childʼ Virtual Therapy / Nature Healing 2 Hours Feat. Toriel
). ±ªþ³§ Feat. Yonaka


Steal Something.
(Lyrics by Oliver Sykes)

I wanna steal something.

Two ticks Iʼm six feet under.
We pillage so you plunder.
Donʼt storm off and steal my thunder...
Too late theyʼve got my number.
I wanna steal something.
I want a big TV, I want that house in Miami.

Candy Truck / You expected: LAB Your result: Green

(Lyrics by Oliver Sykes)

She said “Oh baby wonʼt you change the tune?”

“Why you got to talk about it?”
“Iʼm feeling like I donʼt know you”
So far away.
¿ Feat Halsey
(Lyrics by Halsey)

Breathe cold
Another bad dream
Got mud on my face that I canʼt get clean.
Feel whole, but I rip at the seams
If I canʼt get you away from me.
Taking showers every hour
And I choke on steam.
Writing on the mirrors
And the space between.
All so tall,
It broke the fourth wall
Guess my fairy tale had a few plot holes.

Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA} feat. Bexey Swan, Lotus Eater

(Lyrics by Bexey Swan, Oliver Sykes, Lotus Eater)

I got my granddaddyʼs muthafuckin pistol,

I let it sleep on the antique cabinet.
I got a fist full of acid when I smack you in your face lsd up in your brain now you travelling.
Send me a postcard.
Gang of wolves like Mozart.
Take a quick sip of the potion just get the flow started up.
Heʼs a renegade, feather weight.
Call the demons let them play.
Kick the door off like Iʼm leatherface.
Somebody bring me the horizon cause this view is boring me.
Kicked out of my own funeral for being drunk and disorderly.
Talk to an angel with a tilted halo when I fall asleep,
Arguing in the mirror.. like Deniro.. you talking to me?
Iʼm the only one here,
I cannot hear what you saying
Iʼm Van Gogh with one ear.
Van Go, Van Hoff.
Whatever floats your paper boat.
We all float down here baby just let it go.
Yeah I Set the flow.

I may never get no sleep cosʼ

My headʼs full of hyenas.
And my demons they got demons,
And Iʼve no more tears to feed them.
Guess Iʼm better off alone.

K-holing in your eyes, goodbye.

Normandy, yourʼe high, goodbye.
Who we? braid your eyes, goodbye.
Who will brave your hive? goodbye.

Vibration, a shock to the system.

Contradiction, death by virus.
Embrace, erase.

“like seeing spiders running riot on your loverʼs grave” Feat. HappyAlone.
(Lyrics by Oliver Sykes, Baxter Robot.)

I got a feeling that I canʼt seem to shake

Stuck on repeat itʼs all I play
Itʼs like thereʼs always rain clouds waiting for me.
And I got this itch I wanna scratch
Itʼs like a flu I canʼt un-catch
A phantom pain hurts so bad that itʼs unreal.
Iʼm afraid Iʼve got bad news.

I got a feeling I can't shake.

It's like a bone i'm trying to break.
It's like seeing spiders running riot on your loverʼs grave.
Oh it's hard to know what's real.
Lack of iron and or sleeping.
I've seen your face before,
But now i feel so used.

Dead Dolphin Sounds 'aid brain growth in unborn childʼ Virtual Therapy / Nature Healing 2 Hours Feat. Toriel
(Lyrics by Toriel, Oliver Sykes)

Iʼm so lonely, I canʼt take it, itʼs too much to bare. Thereʼs dead dolphins in the ocean and no one seems to care.

±ªþ³§ Feat. YONAKA

(Lyrics by Theresa Jarvis, Oliver Sykes, Jordan Fish)

Hold on a minute
My anxiety just about to kick in.
Where did it go wrong?
You taste different,
Itʼs nothing like before, yeah whatʼs missing?
I liked it when it hurt.
And I try my best to stick around,
But when your broken like me you just gotta get out.
Do you feel me now?
I played with fire and I got burnt.

Death defying decisions

Are the only ones that make my temple glisten,
So play me like a xylophone.
Iʼm sorry but you got it twisted
I donʼt mind the heat, itʼs the kitchen.
Iʼm out my comfort zone.
So I try my best to sing along
But when Iʼm put up on the spot I get it wrong.

Moments, we shared
I only ever see them in my nightmares
Donʼt wanna wake up.
We existed,
You gave me reason for living.
You set me on fire.

Oh Iʼm somewhere else, Iʼm somewhere else, oh Iʼm suffering again.

Iʼm somewhere else, oh Iʼm, suffering again.

And itʼs nights like this when iʼm on my own

And I realise that youʼll never feel like home
No I cant feel you now.