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Part 1

My name is yoga saputra, I was born in Tembilahan Riau on June 3, 1997.

I studied in Stikes Awal Bros Pekanbaru, majoring in radiology.
maybe there are still many, who don't know about radiology, because when I said radiology,
many people asked, "what is radiology?"
Radiology is a branch of medicine, used to diagnose disease by using electromagnetic waves
called x ray. result is a picture inside of the body.
The first time conventional radiology was carried out with manual processes, then technology
developed, radiology was carried out with automated processes, developed again until now using
computers. Teknologi is increasingly developing and sophisticated tools, like ct scan, pet scan,
and mri
Here I will share about conventional radiology with manual processes, are you wonder? Come
on follow me.
Part 2
This is the dark room , This is a film, this is a cassette
In conventional, Before examination, we first insert film to the cassete in the dark room... why in
the dark room? Because the film is sensitive to light, so when the insert film to the cassete, lamp
should turn off, but we helped by safelight lamp, because safeligh has a low energi and has a
little effect to the film.
After inserted, the cassette is taken to the examination room, lets go
Part 3
This is a conventional radiology room, a place for x-ray radiation
This is the examination table, where the patient is lying, here is a place of cassette
This is the housing tube, where the x-ray is released, there is a button to adjust the position of the
housing tube to the table or to the Srand Bukcy
This is bucky stand, place of examination like a table examination, we can set high.and here a
place of cassete. so patients can lie on the table or stand at bucky stand.
so the patient is photographed using x-rays, then x-rays penetrate the patient, and will be
received by a film on the cassete, then the film will be processed in the dark room, lets go to the
dark room
part 4
we go back to the dark room,
here there are hanger, safe light, and 4 liquid, developer, water, fixer, water.
the exposed film will be processed by inserting it into the liquid in the dark without lights, but
we are helped by the safelight lamp,

First we lock the film on the hanger, after that we put film to the developer, here we can adjust
the image clarity with safe light, usually in seconds, then rinsing in the water, for a few seconds,
then fixing in the fixer, then washing in water. All in seconds, so it only takes a few minutes.
Then the film is dried
Part 5
This is an example of a film that has been processed
Part 6
My hope
My hope is to be a professional radiographer and can help the many people and hope God