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Anshuman Sahoo

Q1. 6 Dimensions of Gujarat International Finance Tec City (GIFT)- SMART CITY
Introduction: -

1. GIFT’s aim is to be a Global Financial Service hub

2. It is the only approved IFSC (International Financial Services Centre) of India.
3. It is being Developed by GIFTCL – Gujrat International Finance Tec-City Company Limited.
4. GIFT stands for a 6-point Value Proposition – Globally Benchmarked International Financial Centre,
Strategically located, Generating 5 to 10 lac direct and 5 to 10 lac in-direct jobs, Targeting Financial
Services and IT/ITES sectors, 1st of its kind development in scale, scope and quality, and , state of the art
5. GIFT has the following Success Potentials: -
a. Very Good Location Advantage (well connected by roads and air. Close to commercial hub of
India, Mumbai)
b. Robust Urban Planning by Global Benchmarks, with high quality infrastructure – more than 65%
reserved for open spaces and green cover
c. Good availability of Talent pool who are well trained as well – CAs, Commerce Graduates
d. Business Friendly regulations and Policies – Already approved as Special Economic Zone
6. Project is being implemented on a Public-Private Partnership Format

6 dimensions of GIFT smart City is explained in the Diagram below: -

Smart Economy
Gujrat is traditionally a busines community state. GIFT is very close
to the Economic and Financial Hub of India, MUMBAI. The project
aims to a state of a art Financial Centre of the world which
welcomes Global Financial along with IT/ITES giants resulting in
upto 10 million direct and indirect jobs. Boost in inward migration
of people

Smart Environment
GIFT project has 65% area reserved for Green Cover/Open spaces, thus
addressing environment issues. GIFT has been designed on Walk to
Work cocept thus reducing Vehicle use and in turn reduces pollution.
Adoption of Transit Oriented Development Model. Adoption of E-Waste
Managemnet system. Adoption of SMART water infrastructure and
District Cooling Systems. Solid waste Managment - Automatic
collection, Transporation and Segregation. Green Power.
Smart City

Smart Governance
Business Friendly regulations and Policies – Already approved as
Special Economic Zone. E-Governance. Adoption of City E-portal to
address all major issues directly.

Smart Living
Safe Living by adoption of smart Security and Survillance systems
monitored by City Command and Control Centre. Quality Water
supply - is drinkable from any tap. Renowned Hospitals (Private and
Govt run) - 214 bed hospital already approved. State of art Fire
detection systems.Adoption of Streetscapings, Green Plazas as
Activity Nodes, Planned space for street Vendors, food streets and
street Bazaars. AC elevated walkways. Active street frontage.
Gathering spaces for concerts and events, Jogging Tracks, View
points. water sports activities. Adoption of Smart Desks and
Facilitation centres.

Smart Mobility
GIFT Adopts Mixed Modal Transportation. Adopts smart parking
and MPL (Multi-level part options). Smart speed control systems.
Adopts Real Time Travel response Systems. Smart Streets. Adopts a
model of Walk to Work thus minimizing motorzed options.
Seemless wireless connectivity. Integrated ICT.

Smart People
Gujrat currently has close to 50% urban population. GIFT aims to
creat SMARt people with modern and safe Living condition,
adopting Green technologies and in turn boosting economy. As of
now GIFT has provisions for 2 schools of international and domestic
boards, for good quality education. Has inclusive society models
with provisions for Social interactions, Provisons/Spaces for social
and cultural events.
Q2. Deploying IoT Technologies in GIFT smart city
GIFT adopts modern IOT technologies in its infrastructures.

1. Smart Housings have been designed with Home Automation devices like HVACs, Interactive TV connections
→ IPTV Internet Gateways and smart home lightings. GIFT would comprise of High Speed All Fibre networks.
This would help in deploying Major IOT technologies.
2. Deployment of IOT in GIFT smart City Lighting Applications – these solutions include introduction of sensors,
connectivity, built-in power and other digital features which can be managed and monitored by the city
control room via a graphical user interface.
3. Deployment of Surveillance Cameras throughout.
4. Deploying IOT in water supply. Use of SMART water infrastructure → for Utility monitoring, metering and
leak detection; all of which can be monitored and controlled via a GUI.
5. Deploying of IOT in District cooling systems (DCS). This reduces/ negates the use of conventional AC systems,
improves air quality, reduces maintenance cost as well as energy costs. Real time simulation of cooling and
energy requirements, emergency response and safety requirements etc, can all be done by the DCS control
centre via a software interface system.
6. Introduction of IOT in Solid Waste Management program → Automatic collection, transportation and
segregation. Minimizes human intervention, impact on environment. Computer controlled Access is given.
Realtime monitoring of waste handling can be done.
7. Deploying IOT in Real Time Travel Response and Traffic Management. Also in Vehicle Parking Management