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Kelly Educational Staffing has formed an innovative and exclusive partnership with TeacherMatch™, a
leading provider of groundbreaking integrated talent management tools for K-12 educational systems.
Powered by TeacherMatch, Smart Practices™ is our official provider of educator-specific, ongoing
professional development/training courses. As part of preparation for potential employment as a
substitute educator, Kelly Educational Staffing (KES) offers free online professional development from
Smart Practices. This training is:
 Open to those who simply want to learn more about what is required of substitute teachers
and/or develop their teaching skills
 Recommended for those interested in applying for employment as a substitute educator with
Kelly Services
 Free—simply log onto the Web site, register, and complete the steps that follow

Your Kelly Services® Branch

For questions, please contact the local Kelly Services Branch location that services your school district.
 The training and assessment must be completed solely by the individual being considered for
 Your registration constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions

Kelly Branch ID # (Division): 361N

City/State or Branch Name: 361N: KES KANSAS CITY UNITS MO

As part of Kelly’s commitment to placing dedicated and qualified individuals in the classroom, KES uses
this introductory vocational content to help substitutes learn about the profession. This training is also
designed to impart knowledge that will help you become a successful substitute educator in any
substitute teaching setting, and is not specific to assignments available through Kelly. As such, it is open
to any person interested in developing their substitute teaching skills.

 Completion of this training is a prerequisite for employment with Kelly Educational Staffing.
 Completion of this training does not guarantee employment.
 You will not be paid for your time to complete the training.

In addition to the instructions that follow, you can click here for short video tutorials that provide an
overview of the process and explain how to register and access the training.

Training Requirements

If after you’ve completed the training and are interested in substitute teaching or
paraprofessional/teacher aid roles available through Kelly, you must also successfully complete/pass the
assessment that accompanies the training. Once the pre-hire Smart Practices final assessment is
complete, please contact your branch for next steps in the hiring process. This includes the completion of
pre-hire paperwork via Kelly’s eRegistration process, which will be accessible through the training portal
for your convenience.

 2016 Kelly Services, Inc. An Equal Opportunity Employer e198 R4/16

Smart Practices™ Training Instructions


The Internet Explorer browser is not fully supported on this training platform. Please use Chrome,
Firefox, or Safari (Mac OS) Web browsers.

Note: Click here for quick and easy “how-to” videos regarding training completion.

1. Go to http://smartpractices.teachermatch.org.
2. Fill out the fields on the “Sign Up” side of the screen to create your account using a valid,
accessible e-mail account.
a. In the Branch Name field, select the branch indicated on page 1 of these instructions.
b. Check the “I’m not a robot” box and follow any directions displayed.
3. Click Sign Up.
4. Go to your e-mail account, locate the Welcome e-mail, and click the link to verify your e-mail
address. If you do not see the welcome e-mail, check your junk or spam folder.
5. Enter your e-mail and password into the “Sign In” side of the screen shown in step 1, and click
6. Click Yes I agree to the Acknowledgement and begin Unit 1.
7. Click the orange Intro button to launch the first video module. Once the intro module is finished
playing, click the orange Next button to continue.
8. View each video by clicking Next and/or clicking Submit and Continue to complete the
associated activity that is presented.
a. You do not have to complete the entire module in one sitting. Simply close your browser
at any time to exit the training. Repeat step 5 to log back in and pick up the training
where you last left off.
9. Upon the completion of Unit 1, click the orange Continue button to advance to Unit 2 and follow
steps 7 and 8 above.
10. Upon completion of Unit 2, follow the directions onscreen to complete any state-specific training
requirements (i.e., for Georgia or Connecticut).
11. Complete the Final Assessment which appears upon completion of Unit 2 by clicking the
Continue button.
12. Once you pass the assessment, follow the onscreen instructions to print your certificate of
completion and contact your Kelly branch for next steps, which will include signing additional
hiring forms via our eRegistration process.
a. You can view or print your certificate, access the training, and complete eRegistration by
logging in and clicking Dashboard and clicking the icon beneath the desired Actions
13. Your Kelly contact person will engage you in the eRegistration process when the time comes by
sending you an e-mail with the subject line “(Kelly Educational Staffing (KES) eRegistration
Process – ACTION REQUIRED”. Simply follow the instructions in the e-mail to complete
eRegistration where you will be able to review and digitally sign necessary hiring paperwork.

 2016 Kelly Services, Inc. An Equal Opportunity Employer e198 R4/16