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SAFETY DATA SHEET In accordance with Commision Regulation (EU) No. 453/2010
Version no 001-November 2016

Section 1- Identification


REACH Registration: Exempted as mixture
Uses: Raw material for cosmetic applications
Supplier: BIONORM Natural Product Production & Marketing Co.
ITOB Org. San. Bolg. 10025 sok. No:1 35477
Tekeli, Menderes / Izmir - Turkey
T: +90232-799 0044
F: +90232-799 0144
e-mail: info@bio-norm.com
Emergency tel.:

Information about the Product: The product is a liquid extract has been produced from the
standardized (%9 saponin) Ruscus aculeatus root extract.
This material has been prepared with glycerin.

INCI approved in: Registered in EU, USA

Section 2- Hazards Identification

Classification of the substance or mixture

Classification according to Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 Not classified to Annex V.
Label elements
Label not required according to Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 Not classified.
Other hazards
Information on whether the substance or mixture meets the criteria for PBT or vPvB in accordance
with Annex XIII shall be provided.

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Section 3- Composition/Information on Ingredients

Chemical characterization:


Glycerin 98-99 56-81-5 200-289-5
Ruscus aculeatus root 1.0-2.0 84012-38-4 281-682-9
Sodium benzoate 0.1-0.3 532-32-1 208-534-8
Potassium sorbate 0.1-0.3 24634-61-5 246-376-1
Citric acid <1 77-92-9 201-069-1

Hazardous Ingredients: None (0%)

Section 4- First aid measures

After inhalation: Leave area and breathe fresh air

After contact with skin: Wash with water
After contact with eyes: Rinse your eyes with plenty of water
After ingestion: Not considered dangerous. In high dosage, seek medical

Section 5- Fire-fighting measures

“Not flammable”

Section 6- Accidental release measures

Individual precautions: Use personal protective equipment to avoid inhalation and

contact with skin and eyes.

Environmental precautions: Do not discharge into drains, surface water, grounded water.
Recuperate the spilled product. Wash with water and

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detergent. Recuperate all material in suitable labelled

container for disposal.

Methods and material for

containment and cleaning up: Sweep up and collect. Store in closed containers suitable for

Reference to other sections: For information on personal protective equipment see

section 8. For information on disposal see section 13.

Section 7- Handling and storage

Handling: Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety

practices. These practices include avoiding unnecessary
exposure of material from eyes, skin and clothing.
Storage: This material is not hazardous under normal storage
conditions; however, material should be stored in a cool dry
and ventilated place.

Section 8- Exposure controls/personal protection

Control parameters: Substances with occupational exposure limit value not


Exposure controls: Design for appropriate times work processes and technical
control. Use adequate materials. Apply collective protection
measures at source, such as adequate ventilation and
appropriate organization measures. When exposure can not
be avoided use individual protection equipment.

Respiration protection: For use in adequate work processes, respiratory protection

is not necessary.

Hand protection: Handle with gloves.

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Eye protection: Use eye protection equipment.

Body protection: Regular work clothings.

Section 9- Physical and chemical properties

Appearance: Liquid
Color: Yellow to pale amber
Odor: Characteristic
Flash point: >200oC
Solubility in water/ solvents/ fats: Soluble in water, glycerin and glycols
pH value: 3.5 - 5
Density: 1.23-1.26
Oxidizing properties: Not oxidizing
Explosive properties: Not explosive

Section 10- Stability and reactivity

Reactivity: Not available

Chemical stability: Stable under recommended storage conditions.

Conditions to avoid: Simultaneous presence of finely divided powder in the air and
ignition sources. Heat, flames and sparks. Avoid storage in
poorly ventilated areas. Do not store the substance under
direct sunlight. Avoid extreme humidity conditions.
Incompatible materials: Avoid to strong with acid bases and oxidasing agent.

Hazardous decomposition products: In case of fire, oxides of carbon may be produced.

Section 11- Toxicological information

From information available, this substance is non toxic under normal conditions and is not classified in
EEC listing.

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Acute toxicity: Not classified.

Skin irritation/corrosion: Not irritating.
Eye irritation/corrosion: Not irritating.
Respiratory tract irritation: Not irritating.
Skin or respiratory tract sensitisation: Not classified.
Mutagenicity: Not classified.
Carcinogenicity: Not classified.
Toxicity for reproduction: Not classified.

Section 12- Ecological Information

Toxicity: Not toxic. However, use according to good working

practice and do not release it to the environment.
Persistence and degradability: Biodegredable product. During natural decomposition
no dangerous products are developed. However, do
not release it to environment.
Bioaccumulative potential: Not bioaccumulative.
Mobility in soil: No available.
Results of PBT and vPvB assessments: This substance is not PBT, nor vPvB.

Section 13- Disposal considerations

Product disposal: The disposal should be in accordance with all

applicable regulations. Do not discharge into drains,
surface and ground water. Do not reject waters of wash
in the natural environment or the sewers.
Disposal of uncleaned packages: Dispose of as unused product.

Section 14- Transport information

UN number
ADR/RID: Not classified. IMDG: Not classified. IATA: Not classified.

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UN proper shipping name

ADR/RID: Not dangerous goods IMDG: Not dangerous goods IATA: Not dangerous goods

Transport hazard class(es)

ADR/RID: Not classified. IMDG: Not classified. IATA: Not classified.

Packing group
ADR/RID: Not classified. IMDG: Not classified. IATA: Not classified.

Environmental hazards
ADR/RID: Not classified IMDG: Not classified IATA: Not classified

Special precautions for user

Not identified.

Section 15- Regulatory information

Safety, health and environmental regulations/legislation specific for the substance or mixture.
This SDS complies with the requirements of Regulation 1907/2006/EC, Regulation 1272/2008/EC and
Regulation 453/2010/EU. Please remember, however, the user need to check and comply with specific
all applicable regulations about hazardous activities and environmental protection.

Chemical safety assessment

A chemical safety assessment was not carried out.

Section 16- Other information

No classification or hazards labelling under Regulation 67/548/EEC.

This document completes the product technical data sheet but does not replace it. The information contained in this notice is based on current
knowledge and relates to the product in the state in which it is delivered. It is intended to describe the product from the point of view of safety
requirements and does not guarantee any particular property or use. The user takes full responsibility for the use of the product and it is his
further responsibility to ensure that the product is employed in complete conformity with all relevant regulations.