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» MAKING SMALL WORKSHOP PRACTICE SERIES ‘or 4731s books fading moni and 9 See ek. tr erm tate ic foe gS Wikinn 7 Meare ne 7 14, Making Small Workshop Tools ‘The accumulation ofodés and ends ofbarand od isinevitable with any athewal but athe than throw them into an ever-growing scrap-box, why no tum them sel ile tools to simply and speed up future work? In this book Stan Bray describes a variety of small implements none of ‘demands muchmaterlortakes more than anevering to make, You may NOL Immediate need for some of tem but once made tissu how often thay be used. There is also the satisfaction of turing what might be wasted Something useful and the knowledge that money has been saved, I) ease | 26 95net UK, L MAKING SMALL WORKSHOP TOOLS Stan Bray ARGUS BOOKS Fnatens (© Argus Boots 1a 1967 Alans reorved, No pro his pueaton may be ‘amraducea in any fry pent oto onyoer means won win penon Ram the Is0N 0852426063 Proteypeseing by Ptoeomp ti, Birmingham ‘nad abound in Gea ran by Contents PART ONE — Manne our ros = Ngan Sqvore PART TWO. BENCHWORK Fling Paes = Ait Hana Clam [PART THREE ~ LATHEWORK rt = rises SE sine ieee a eeeazeee Introduction {ovmthe ojorpa oft model nai Senet or tomar ae ‘manatees ofmdls bong he pine ‘Seca eau owe ere Butchoged or perhaps are needa 9 Sime when ebtring them 9 Se ‘onsntin thes instances maung ro eves tools or hater becomes ‘he only possibe soon taasors or avcanceounder {re il be very time-consuming oF ‘at spacial mara vl bo nose Neter i too a th toot uci Inewatoot ean bemadn ins very chore ‘tine, soren ntti arate tees tate rues anming oer tan tnatype of mater ily to found in ny home workshop, let ov fom ‘tor reece. They wr designed to uso move ie shor end tat go put bay stn cose thy wl come In eo. Bite never so peter comer ‘hrm no urea ngs for my wore hop rhe han se eave oa eo ‘at'n's box under te bench Yo 30 "he projet are dived into sections for eonvanienn. Thay eines ‘enarly for macang out bench rina or bu nae eso same uae stbie fr use om any type ot ‘machinery, We ressonabe cir st ‘quod ther mansactre they 6 athe constructors wish. ahigh trish sng ie sxecars wih fet ‘etn or ms ame he pictresutabaor ees ‘SSicee wert aos ee orn see {Sno ting fo yous hry been corns as se lye Sirona “ros ech” onder I fave ese ty hae iit une proved to be iy Dorp samen age ‘Meyer an my PART ONE - MARKING-OUT TOOLS A Scriber Aseiveries dimple tol ued for mark inline seu, na ho Due Yor wong. raring ud fesorto seen order tat fa oi the moll usd Yor mount ‘Sie tlie faded anton pointed and which we can harden tnd Sper, dd te ulate sar Ghtetacory” not cove “have Gtvartagee Fay, sont sel end {o sige suoutn Sore hands, mating Gening rohan 9 probe ahd eroticy we cannot en orlns seta Another es auth 2 scxber Sie fo old. renrniay ony pp serch For many yar ra rmantives under my Benen an uve Soe tapn sero Hess tS ‘twelaaiting ona fac ah up fooe admovadovs snus presente ho must have sipped on te Ierovl ana hele sl ate tip sre the ener uch rts iets Not niet hay fo oy imate Rn ut the tak SiS Soin endian ne deat ive tne recured tuk Tiamat oialever sino iy ea en wl at es serie he Cock cone at Shove ef mellem tbe oer en ce ceea commas So iibaraeaes “ne point ic » piece of siver sto! gory fapered smoct t= pot ond ‘hon hte very end a sghly sharper eal of bee deges shi be ‘St poat Tetna sy Sages an be ‘esa a God's fh you can “Thon heat up the non pointed part ur elo ing gos the clo of 2 ‘quencrim aia water With» i toe te washing utd wil Pave reverted so mush Scone tk ‘oe Broupebaceby hear ot omory pore, When ts treraughly eon pot Some tinesand pony robthe bel Jna'on ard pat he tin on ome som ot Sen ete a nie coer Inmedtatly gunn in cold wer The sen thang a Eerie Secs fot ‘ike a serwerdever. ad {All at eaing iso put he pots pain tha Fanaa arse phe [Ealing suru Te srt ready 1° ‘ia When using 8 remember tat ‘ead wit oe fm sou nes shuld ‘ovarbs rma wih wo ote eon. cutive soies a thse oa Centre Punches ‘hes Waly eal ¢ dot punch ae burch he pot ninety degrees ‘ie‘Gonot ‘fen find ‘vary age {poowes loathe handle ort ‘ee Nextgona! maar when “ace thor m0 neo ttn oF amy Simply chuckthematerialandsurne uh You to dined ran eee t Bunch = Deer cent pure Ether turn series of grooves or Kenuf using roune materia _. Odd-leg Calipers sig alors ae used to dates Daralelto an odpe Frequent knows Ee Gacidag Jonna or ustpamlenngs oy const of on oper’ Sm wth an sdustabesctbo poe {he cniper am hora smal sep st he 1 Song ihe ody the treating scribe mort wine erie! ‘for ecge ratte th wath Saud ing inthe can boset fom fveend of ‘he ‘ta by mating ‘ut the ars, You snl eens ai 2m erro X . twth Sra hoes st Ue top, but ny tne ear" acat gage en ovina the Sot that positon owe ‘mand srrety of nat vry easy to get arte res wrong witout some hewn athe botom be 9 tho ode Sri nator as Seal dente iM ir ft the no Round of he wages wan ho shape Fight a sharp egos are uncomfortable iContact ioe enced ten ye Paral ‘szee hive bash gen. onthe rowing rm wil do forthe wenn finm fr th lower Ove wil ot {oe small stp and tended Aha ie Put tough hemi at the sxe ‘eps bate oie 32a ngh impose Nowever most importa atthe hole i Sct chat oo cee ree Geamesarnenermrs SSusree: scar tance mae ee Saree oS en ' Ruler Holder A Small Scribing Block Braga ins book on mang smot wots less'san up" aat own ogee oe ‘A sestng black or sure ta seb slog shout, Sil he ol mayb, bu you wit purpose, For Set re eo hess sa: Ace Meaubaur we conwton ony THE CENTRE PILLAR, rath i ht tars mor contol Sota rect, Boot an theplior Aarowing in givon of hse Ancor dea ea oe nate Shewendea rasta comers wing ut secure ton ts rmning ome ound. thesa wing rs fing aves Brera when gharing up and easy ot Wey ab ur ‘fost and Sr vary enemy by wren mating out titraquerty nes ory'to sr no at ah angles tes rcteetr sigh fic in orth Ihe expanae for 8 nb, one “hot requ theve am tnt form of the bevel “Thie'ton Be! seo any angie ted Pavacor ofthe ype sad by asnoal Boron Such soo can be puchused atthe deccpeon gwen meade tha on moive many Hand od dace wth hh 5 & verical lide forthe lathe can tthe consrason ever wae The chapter az mace etcy By and compe el 2 nao Engineer's Bevel ‘nly an aternoon ta complete from Soh crea e vars par sow wl sae ret piece to bo consfucted the pg ‘Sot of ent mse on or its standard stp The pace mond ‘obesrn or arn ongateryou ave mr, cies seve Squaod the ends, though obviously Soro harm telwoys ese te ands ‘ele hing et cc rare de ana ‘mata aa ithe Th tha wiger ae but ahi age eines ameter = Warne oo nes oh slat on the nae tsnd i ne mite fs ‘ge of wher tw be mabe cere fate mare Del ghthvougy thei Snore alts aul give ote tha eles he ines ois for ESC Wey rfl hackaow Sou iy tunnel nay te mark resin th he ‘roo tis wt age o the set bog ater the Srdae. purhate ony. ays Sip avytogeitngh Toho he sot tae the pec of Van or drm in ‘Emm steal tat wil be hand fo" th uate be nemo onthe ange fantom hse suppor. Oeil though and then avant can be tard “aun sing with Tor alsa mate 9 onl ne sng Ue lenght rats ota or Soe ‘mote carve paren tats slong rivaline a di through eh eet ‘rer Sen dni oponng the hola out ahonwaras to iin’ on orm. I your ‘rearing ts been nat thee ‘ling do not go ahead but leave thet partslor one ae can bo Goat th Steer Te ‘hw ra be forthe nal brea oer Gomplte the fob. "You may Sind Agen oven. nthe rowing ele “nd aome eoders wd tat Bauer SFSIGRe lc arcane {0 love thom ‘round, in wich e956 ‘This sto mote ite eae forthe render Correciy opeskng there shouid bas foro dopos angle oc one end fra ight angle heather. Casing these ones cca Ie vay det fra tey canna bo se te et ahr a {Tin and aod the omar pata ‘Teena largest dame ows, tnd Ieee tw fo ave round ‘Moulder aiicaveall none andtowp Sxtare Fray the Wit Samet Shaper Mating te nutri {eptin. urine stop and on at ep i be "Goa sna tem remain, ie bass buat te rnin sacl Brd'o ust go no the Rowe in toe ltt Mt ndeds Urvtere to the ene carat’ ade st ne ait Bl bar wide, hva'8 hole ‘ar the oad tthe stew, a so Sin‘ im tanger tar ewe ot ‘he's inthe ugh Th wit allow Se Stein and howe he ier and at me soe Une ope he $Shotment bang sepoy “Tune tha tot spl sot to the ‘eaulod angle ana than seh a one ula ntmalegiscrs sua We A Centre Square A Trammel se tt men Saye cme mie nee eres Sa cee teense eerie Seabees Ea vane Beeoy made up some of these some {ino ting groove na Seer ‘Whine piece m the lathe scribe a safes tats Sragiienetten ‘hark othe ail to enter he wor and Dip testa omit ce ‘exactly on the line, If nat, revolve the Aman ih, make Yeahs Stop the machine, held the il bit aoeetergis seperusimeen nan the driieobeoutly it yas usa 3 Berra mb eee Becerra Speer testing spin, ere a se he seine gees oa Rericiorafaergriece wiht to sejee lose needa ‘ranted that because the Ws one is Drobeblyiess aerators. ISS ater for you Persona e's Soca teers ke work anyny camaniyhate weed hor “in thes square hole ae the nstto sean eg ro ao ana eae, Job whch ot oo ie {ensuing oryoyean mace up a ar iced forte i» ace sve meneuamontsarocs te ft thobortnatso be cad Rhow soi th orooves fed in wth tha edge ‘ative to mae cuting foam, Go not “he plarahe were made to show Stoo deap one wor dane tt roy 20 rat would show opin the etograp, Str the groove of wth Email Bake eu a tole thom tito ster Harden ond By ive Feed wi beat Sosy. Touch the ‘ses up th senal otstone blo ‘ein oe trmaceyamrie ofan tape Sd thon witherawing he rant ing ores throne Ie aie pot ree oe 2 [Seutipion shouldbe required ‘Stews tat sau the poms recone ‘orga ones, bo the gree 9 e top “dt on fr adrtng wil hove be tae Imade op ong of ting {ere ej’ ond tc be ao Frtotne "hve mse fm oe Eni bearing snd should be about in Sie tae ramet Sisinent rade with eo PART TWO - BENCH WORK Drill Clamps ; Filing Plates A Small Hand Clamp =e ) = sfounne woes wo Tres meses. Of anout SMALL HAND CLAMP sluckeathotonsendoftnebody come means the ont euble adhesive but And anty 0 aetna ows tine {olson the par belo bts, Ona {Resse han teen showed tet wh eile ssc no is ‘that is 8 personal preference and amy Imig donc y oa the ure of 98 ogntipere wl SiG You Syn Sonat have "ptf re oes or 0 {a ear the ot end wi aametines Imiietgning ta won you se Sang {he bore. This so that you wil krow ‘thi ‘way up iy safe hon you a heating ern apy but ono atv hiding he body tthe ce and od ad ps | Iver Beck and bet nat ving the base & sharp hard ow "Tha base con now be apped to ina of any srpio adheave ‘he oxy ean ‘be pin th foura Stor ering el ed Schr fayanh fot mae he Gearaes foo ight 6 thee» danger ofthe samp bang, formate pst a eb Blppy ‘yp exami aod be #30 ‘oarancs sie: 960, Yuin ths and Yuwie aboutnge you rama “Ih handle can again bo sy sutble bench toe ama be sie Rauplor geecompramsn at ‘unde tal can gota acera desth on emaothgrosee Yokes Ie the hand n the ehusk snd only bru ing rom numb grove fe on [Suggest thi boca | have fond Tengen ten tbe rote rough or the prevents this han th kusing hos {oan don tr the rk round puting Sach chuck Jew te prover moving {our ree tates ploce of karting ‘ren nthe sect tonne atom of he trating woud bat hag See Tomince ee fc hing to mata ee pat hat wl fo SIndot ente ho pam of maha Ris ivoliae me by bang sous no tml orm tol’ Sven a too! wa "fo tr sud can other be made by strosanglengine treater a She's by dang lengths commer Sina sig whch rar Beez ely anyptein areateg Bape eh wb covered oy Sei net rane ones ond ‘When both oe don nna gly {rough to mato sur the teed ‘atinng comoound a ‘ond Tabor Lact 698 or Ciovslyeneap fora they ‘ry tectva” alosing ane 19 get ‘roo deat of purchase when vantenng ‘be aan an fe. you hve a ing ‘main than th ata wel a aon aning unis you ve asatne fontscrbe nar ure te ody enda on te buon ne be aut strobe ee Corayoninle meen foie. Thon aw at an ania ome fron ker marting eit war the aw cir ee et Be erp Shes here ude oa up he coe rcure the han the by uth Sur 5 Fiend "Remabond 168 Indy aire ippedand eau eed equendy alow ite ing opera, bettas for working on the surlace of Pin Chucks Toolmaker’s Clamps ome 3 Ae rae "ai cumpng son Aes of when ote arn comme Si plereng saw main boay wi come ha wasting anole of mata bao he sare ena Tsar ce ‘e te OF ete anata eval in your sap ten itera the work treed Sut ot Nw do Kl obey nese bo [My ‘lk enough no o bend andr, rr sl Ati stage a with Saving of aes na messuremente re il need athe hole die tt take eer'bat he engin sine eal ars fate to hold cp whch powers BNolid te snyeine between taven theadjsting srew ram moving osu So aroing fan: ann squie bar the adjming stews and should be [|B pnoton ws bon mace om bn up me Ueathe angie shouldbe betwean 3% aout haltay along the metal be "nanos or "in now need we ashsting sows, when placed ina vice and ohtoned up be toed ot. This operation is ust suppose ‘thom Con winer e tunad down snd [ol tte up ihe reques rape. An rater ran eesantel gives # er the Toger ons cn somethesfenied ona coer sud con iin tose tem ofeach ab ‘Montour te fst bar reody to ditch retaining compound, The tracts putin the-grooe af the knob belore chien, ole shoud be aout waedlortnsprpazshoulbe mous J Sning stan at warped ounda« Wheserond typeof clay iSrarom‘ba ger a ar ke fad Bran ‘Sn orto sil Paasche send fad oft ta on one by them an eral cilich wil ct 92 die, topped and Krad, Ona nena Blt tae topeter Wih's"good nkrtheectng Goon rth Si ef he way nyo then atta oyba a eo ‘Rind ofthe borthianess ing purposes. J ‘Open at the loss that he two. he it ep for securing the front lean ab aes poe, Thewe ie Tu cre dla at he thread soo ot ead fer of amp of co “Tomake he thie ype we come back to the to tpped an Sars hae sing onthe Same bar ane ante ft ae. Ti me ens oar enc en and ae mt ‘tame ding ohonng operons. Tap and Die Holders Scrat ie re ‘uot te IMadeofsay 1286 0 tices oP ogee ns ase re Itbione macasor “fa Grane Vt wie” ee i a Le “THE TAP WRENCH ier nab eon be held by the the Bonanno ide eee —= 1 pede to iat nip he aman ule shat sugnone dono png \uthoutiaving any tread prorooing. Gudea A number are mage th Noles aineee Ok lok co bu Mot tet for beginner Tam peses fe! Gstourewarveedtofundotieend. the hte snd supp TAPPING GUIDES ae | have kanay ce tha job's Prac ites we oe ta abo, ‘THE DIE HOLDER chat Regen Hoe PART THREE - LATHEWORK Flycutters A Rose Bit Box Tool Knurling Tools A Filing Rest ee ee dad ze Imaaa ofa shown onthe rowing and Punched Suck tha two plate togeter Indl ough ave holes wha in‘orsmm ah Sapaate snd romans ‘ho burs Next carat ck ce ie Bow eons the ng near ‘ole a they ar ined up propery. Foetal sero trod 0s: se es fo engin Tere ‘ering! Persoaliy Yen tet they ‘aly prevent wea These pn vl heres saghnod by moans of mut Thing plate. should be dried and Lipa same tne re four fsing the ck Jame yu do ot ‘nove withovetoSutyourate tea boltto your eross-tlice Before finishing within Base aed we gue ens boing adjusted These ean be held Paxton inthe Uae wih Prato ‘3s laa ce sfting ‘he tasnpine wth the ets ‘gy te ey an ‘hat go urough ne side ples. the sie de stmpiaeed vations acne T-Bolts, Dogs and Jacks {aubethe nat damage tothe machine, {hy should be rea 30 tor he A Prt is goed ante Boron one fo, ‘and'te raised sation eso ® ‘200d nthe ona prof he sk bemitodts shape st then cid sna {ppd aot can Os done the tina This easy enough you are Indhing nce panes uet cane ‘turing pace of square ba oe. sige Inthe och an tring the hits witness to ba ver thin an te Bere mal han needed Pu tro. ‘You'll probably now to mate longer Bor Ye he 3 uc od Seni tesaror pina 2s ohio aos, ‘CLAMPING DoGs. Sonatide on tone work Orsaneng "tn cane.) ihe Ia, icon Aalst ircugh i wi fae of Brag to poet the acne, Spee ene ‘Boot cn ssa be made that gue Sica si soy si tik FOU OF an espa wih on one SSS SCREW JACKS Boring Bars : NI BORING BAR HOLDERS ‘Sele bar ost your inte. Moun Sree ssetoedhetes ie Rae She Bieri ates meats urge heel a ae Seomredien ars Sire reese ‘BORING BETWEEN CENTRES DARE RE {etek the tol tol ands hol riod Seppe gb screw scat the boris checked witn a verter sido Sethe ar int on wha ee agit’ by being onto base st ‘Should be used You than own wher Sew fling et whan he Bar beng ‘oto he barf vi the eachpte on ienetiaairataar contact with th catcplats, HIGH SPEED STEELS “The tls made rom high sped ste 2s mod ov ao sau te forte Ee ie vee grade coi taming sigh sede ‘fivegIkamotve west ana afar esisitaeks, eteat ie ae Recetat seen cia natives ie camcbe tg A Simple Indicator ‘design to save be whan sting um ‘lock gauge then tivng fo eet work the amount of scarey that they gee ont nae Suan es iGeaigs c epee dar 2 ES reset mp tate you hevo's Unet you al ‘aL logat Sin, thee, Clamp tho two iat nd wowace, Open out and countersink iene ante he oa ite cus on a's from the font and 2m size from the Sieatasrngicmate the am wor fwsen in mantan”” MP Stne™ be iy goes thou seyng eat he Gon te of ote shad we the pressure’s on “" MODEL ENGINEER | | meme tee uu down