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Jayan Daava

Dagger Isles

Superstitious/traditional spiritualist

Obligation: family/tribe/community

Family criminals, smugglers, move product for Djera Maha (distant cousin)

Proclivity to arcane and natural Whisper talents mark him as weak-minded, unfit for
scoundrel life, bad reputation, met with disdain

Wants: Acceptance, connection to heritage (a place in a community)

How to get it: proving criminal competence to family

Rough, abusive background fosters heightened awareness of emotions of others and

surroundings (on top of existing sensitivity to the ghost field)

Interest in spectrology and arcane handicraft stemming from ghost sensitivity and
desire to connect to ancestral spirits

Lives in a Dagger/Hive community in Coalridge, spends time in Nightmarket, esp

The Veil (arcane social club)

Inexperienced in
The clan Daava hails from a tribe in the Dagger Isles. Many from the islands get
involved with illicit trade through the Hive, led by island native (and tribemate to
Jayan) Djera Maha. and the Daava family has been no exception. They are part of a
community of islanders working for Djera and laying low in Coalridge. This is where
Jayan was born. Jayan is a black sheep among his Dagger/Hive clan because of his
predisposition to spirituality and interest in the arcane, ghosts/spectrology, and the
religion of Dagger Isles, all of which are things looked down upon by the Hive, who
avoid doing business with occult and arcane groups and reject superstition and
weirdness of the past. But where the Hive scoffs at spirituality in favor of harsh
practicality, Jayan sees the ghost field as a way to find a connection to his heritage
through ancestral spirits. Jayan has a natural sensitivity to the ghost field, though
the depth of his capability in connecting to the spirit world is still unknown to him.
As of now, he is only vaguely aware of the ghost field pressing at the edge of his
consciousness. Occasionally he will have a dream that seems all too real in which he
is approached by visions of his ancestors, and he has noticed that in the days
following these dreams his sensitivity to ghost energy is heightened, but for the
most part his sensitivity manifests as little more than

Downtime Activities:
Acquire Asset: Healer?
Long-Term Project: Spectrology research, recon on The Hive
Reduce Heat
Indulge Vice: investigation into ancestry, try to make friends