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School CALINAN NATIONAL Grade Level Grade 12- HUMSS 3

Teacher RONALD A. AÑONG Learning Discipline and Ideas in the
Area Applied Social Sciences
Teaching Dates and October 10, 2018 Quarter Second Quarter
Time 10:15-11:15 AM

I-Learning Competency:
The learner analyzes the effects of applied social sciences processes on individuals, groups, and society.
(HUMSS_DIASS 12-II-e-f-44)

At the end of the period, the students will be able to:

a. identify the four aspects of one’s self through the Johari Window.

b. participate in filling up the Johari Window and share insights through group sharing.

c. appreciate how self-understanding contributes in having harmonious relationship communication with the group.

II-Subject Matter:

Topic: Effects of Applied Social Sciences Processes

Learning Resources:

A. References: Discipline and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences CG, page 6

B. Materials: TV, Laptop, Speaker, Handouts

C. Johari Window: Using Self Discovery and Communication to Build Trust from www.mindtools.com

D. Johari Window, www.cls.utk.edu.pdf


A. Preliminary Activity: MOL

B. Motivation: Johari Window

1. Teacher presents the Johari Window activity as a tool for Self Understanding.

2. Teacher Distributes the Johari Window photocopies…

Students will move around to allow 4 to 6 classmates write on the “Blind” window.
4. DIAD – For the “Hidden” Window, students will approach 1 classmate whom he or she is
comfortable with. Note that students will only have to disclose what they want to. (3

C. Analysis: Class will be asked :

1. What did you feel before, during, and after the Johari Window Activity?.
2. What level/levels of communication used during the process of Activity?
3. What do you think is the best form of Applied Social Sciences that employs methods such as
this? Why?

Teacher Explains the Contents of the Johari Window:

a. Arena - Things that we know about ourselves and others as well.

b. Blindspot - Things that we do not know but others do.

c. Façade - Hidden-Things that we know about ourselves but others don’t.

d. Unknown - Things that we do not know and others as well.

(Teacher can share part of himself/herself that he/she wants to disclose.)

D. Abstraction: Creative Reporting

Each group will be assigned to answer the following questions:

VISUAL SPATIAL GROUP: How does the Johari Window contribute to the awareness and
knowledge of one’s self?
BODILY KINESTHETIC GROUP: Why does self-understanding important in relating within a
particular group?
MUSICAL: How does counseling then contribute to the society?

Content 10
Creativity 10
Unity 5
Timeliness 5
Total: 30 points

“Applied Social Sciences, particularly, counseling, contribute to Awareness and Knowledge of


E. Application/Assignment:

Make an analysis of the effect of a particular counseling method in self-understanding and come
up with a generalization of its importance in relating within a group and society.

IV- Evaluation: Quiz (True or False)


1. Read about risk reduction management.

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Teacher III HUMSS Subject Group Head
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Principal IV/PSDS