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In pairs. discuss the following questions about the text in TASK 5.

Share your answers with the class.

1. What is the purpose/aim of the text? 2. What tenses are used in the text?
3. What is the first paragraph about? Why does the text use the tense(s)?
4. How are the events described in the text? 5. What does the last paragraph talk about?
6. What are other topics which are similar to the text?
List each event described in the text in TASK 5 chronologically
No. events JIIIIUI
1. Brigadier Mallaby and the Governor of East Java made n agreement stating that the British
army would not ask lnd<nesian troops and militia to surrender their weapons,
Fill in the blanks with the suitable auxiliaries (am, is, are, was, were).
1. My family and I ________ going to hold a barbecue party tomorrow.
2. I _________ sorry about the hole in the floor. Make sure you don’t step on it.
3. On my way home, I noticed there ________ many people standing in a queue in front of a
new bakery.
4. There ________ a playground for kids at the bottom of the hill with a skateboard park next
to it.
5. A few years ago I really loved my place because it ________ a very peaceful place right in
the center of a lively and noisy city, but it _________ not anymore.
6. When Sadako ________ only two years old, an atomic bomb ________ dropped on
Hiroshima and destroyed the city.
7. Thousands of people ________ evacuated due to the heavy storm and the local government
declared a state of emergency.
8. Different from another chick with soft feathers on its wings, the chick’s wings _________
similar to a mature bird’s, so it can fly.
9. My recent vacation to Labuan Bajo ________ a dramatic life changing experience that
made me thankful, humble myself and change my perception of life.
10. There ________ various choices of cell phones on the market, so you should decide on
one that meets your needs and whether you can afford it or not.
Identify whether the following sentences are grammatically correct, then correct the incorrect
1. Taking a monorail for the first time is an unforgettable experience for me.
2. Suddenly, we heard the bell ring which means that break time is over.
3. Recently the new coffee shop provided coffee harvested and produced from their own
4. Donna returned from vacation in Lombok yesterday and she really has a great time there.
5. The competition’s goal is to introduce and develop softball, a new game for many students.

Fill in the blanks with the suitable forms of the verbs in brackets.
Today [1. be] my first day at school after a long holiday. My father usually [2. drive] me to
school on a first school day like this. However, this morning I [3. go] _________ to school by
Unexpectedly,the bus [4. be] very crowded. I [5. not get] ________ a seat. In this situation, I
[6. remember] my mom’s words. She always [7. remind] me to be careful of pickpockets
everytime I [8. travel] by bus. After five minutes on the bus, I [9. see] _________ a
pickpocket trying to pick a woman’s purse. The woman [10. not realize] ________ it, so I
[11. think] ________ of a way to prevent the crime. Then, I [12. rush] ________ to the front
of the bus and [13. bump] ________ into the pickpocket. I [14. act] ________ as if I [15. do]
________ it unintentionally and [16. apologize]
Overall, I [17. be] happy, I [18. can] prevent the pickpocket from committing a crime.
Listen and complete the following text based on what you have heard.
One of the most important historical events taking place
in West Java is Bandung Lautan Api or Bandung Sea of Fire.
This event occurred on March 23, 1946. Within (1) _________________, about 200,000
houses in the southern part of Bandung burned down and residents left the city. It happened
in order to prevent the Allied soldiers and NICA (Netherlands) troops to be able to make
Bandung as
(2) __________________ in Indonesia.
On October 12, 1945 the British army, led by Brigadier MacDonald, arrived in Bandung.
Since the beginning, the relationship between the British army and Indonesian government
was strained. The British army demanded that all Source: http://wwwwisafabdg.com,
downloaded August18, 2016
Indonesian people, except soldiers and police, had to (3) _________________ to them.
Meanwhile, Dutch people newly released from prison began to create insecurity among
residents. As a result, armed clashes between the British army and Indonesian soldiers were
On November 21, 1945 night, Indonesian soldiers launched an attack on the British
occupations in the north of Bandung, including in Homann Hotel and Preanger Hotel which
they used as headquarters. (5) _________________, Brigadier MacDonald delivered an
ultimatum to the Governor of West Java that all people, both residents and soldiers, had to (6)
In response to the ultimatum, the Indonesian soldiers agreed to burn the city of Bandung.
They could never accept the Allied and NICA (Netherland) troops using Bandung for (7)
__________________. On March 23, 1946, the Indonesian soldiers began the evacuation of
Bandung residents. A large and long group of residents left Bandung and in the evening the
city was burned down.
That night, black smoke (8) _________________ above Bandung city and there was a total
blackout. The British army found out what had happened and attacked the Indonesian
soldiers. The biggest fight took place in Dayeuh Kolot Village, south of Bandung, where
there was the Allied’s (9) During
the fight, Muhammad Toha, one of the Indonesian soldiers, succeeded /
in blowing the storage house using dynamite though he was killed.
Before 00:00 a.m. South Bandung was empty, but the fire hadn’t been
To burn down Bandung was considered to be an (10) _______________ 1
Great nation is a nation that respect
since the Indonesian soldiers and peoples strength at that time was the heroes/heroines’
struggles incomparable to that of the Allied and NICA.
Adapted from: http://countrynationalhistory.blogspot.co.id/2O1 5/04/bandung-sea-of-
Reread the text in TASK 11 and then complete the following table.
r Paragraph J batails
Ta introduce what the event
introductory was, who were involved in
paragraph the event, when and where
the event took 1ace.
paragi’aph 2
paragraph 3
paragraph 4
paragraph 5
Complete the following text using the words from the box, correctly.
tumultuous struggle representatives
consensus predecessors mandated
parliament sovereignty constitution
independence introduced colonialism

The Republic of Indonesia was born on August 17, 1945, signed by Soekarno-Hatta on behalf
of Indonesia’s people. The following day, the 1945 Constitution was (1) ________. It
consists of 37 short and vague articles.
Indonesians’ struggle against (2) _________ did not end with the declaration of independence
in 1945. In the subsequent years of 1945 to 1949 revolution continued against the Dutch
colonial power’s efforts to restore power in Indonesia. On December 27, 1949, the Dutch
formally transferred (3) ________ over Indonesia.
Then, a new constitution was introduced, called the 1950 Constitution that (4) a
parliamentary system with a largely ceremonial president. With the new constitution, a
unicameral (5) _________ of 232 members was formed, known as DPR or Dewan
Perwakilan Rakyat, People’s Representative House. The parliament consisted of members
from political parties and the number of (6) from each party was based on their presumed
strength at that time. A cabinet that was responsible to the parliament was formed and
Soekarno was the president that only had a symbolic power as the Head of the State.
The period of 1950 to 1957 was (7) ________ with administrative and social-economic
problems, outbreak of dissents and violence in several parts of Indonesia. The cabinet
changed six times during this period. Nevertheless, there was a general (8) ________ that
democracy was desirable and that Indonesia is str ving toward a creation of a democratic
state. The date for the first parliamentary election was set for Sepzember 1955 and another
election to select a Constituent Assembly (a body to draft a permanent (9) ________) was
fixed for December 1955.
It is clear that since the beginning, our (10) thought that democracy suited our country’s
ideology. Until now, we keep striving to be a better democratic country.
Adopted from: htp://www.seasite.niu.du/indonesian/lndonesian_Elections/Electiontext.htm
(July 20, 2016)

Identify the structure of the text in TASK 14.

urn IL JI’
Events ‘‘“‘
, flI

In pairs, arrange the following sentences to form a sequential dialog. Then, practice the
The ship was 9n its way from Bali to Sømarang, ia Surabaya. On Tuesday night, October 20
1936, the ship was rolling in a rough sea. The oil cargo began to roll in the ship, Which was
making little headwayin the heavy sea. Then, the vessel lurched. railed ‘over and sank upside
down in Six minutes. It happened off the coast of Java, around 40 miles,of Surabaya.
Well, Van der Wijok was the Royal Dutch Packet Coy. steamer. it was a vessel of 2,33
tons,vith three decks, ahd was fitted for oil fuel. it was built at Retterdam in 1921, and was
3pft. long, 44ft. beam and 2lift, deep.
Sural thers was. Soon after the news was received,, nine military seaplanes were rushed to the
ecene and arrived ten minutes after. Besides, five warships and one Rpyal Packet liner dashed
to the rescue. On their arrival, the rescuers found people floating in the water clinging to
tables, chairs and ‘other articles, The bodies of th dead could be seen floating Sround.
According 10 one resoiler, observing from the Royal Dutdi naval plane nothing could be seen
of 1h ship, but a large body of oil on the water, He also ‘said there were already a number of
local fishing boats busily dragging victims into their boats while live warchipS were nushig
to the scene at full speed. The scene was a heartrending one with the floating dead bodies
Did you watch a movie entitled Tengge!amnya Kapal Van cler Wick?
The rescuers got down on the rough sea and fetched the people who were then carried in
boats to the warships, where they were gIven warm food and dry clothes. All the i’escuers did
their best to save the victims.
Well, the movie was based on the novel with the same title. For your information, Van der
Wijok is a real name of a ship and the fact that the ship sank is also true
The ship carried a large cargo of oil and there were around 300 natIves and 30 Europeans on
I don’t know, There’s no exact number of casualties or those who were missing, t,ut it was
reported that all the crew were savød.

Quite big. Then, what did the ship load at that moment?
Oh God. Did many people die?
I can Imagine how the situation at ,the moment was. Cnie of distress rent 1he air, I guess.
It must have been hard work, to resbue ‘victims at ngt Two thumbsior the rescuersi
Were there any rescue teams?
Nb, but I ever heard that movi title. Why?
d bet, it was. Then, how did the rescuers rescue the living passengers and crew?
‘How did the ship sink?
Really? Tell me more about it.

Compose a historical recount about the sink of the shio Van der Wllck. based on the dialog in
TASK 16. Read your work aloud.

Write a draft of a historical recount based on the topic you choose.

Develop your draft into a good text.
Don’t forget to edit and revise it.

Write a historical recount about important events.
Share your work with the class.

(Write about your experience learning this chapter.
Write about your feelings, how you learned, what you liked and didn’t like, etc.

Write new words and their meanings which you have learned in this chapter.