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Assignment # 7 – Essay on some of the Expeditions (Ghazawat) of Our Beloved Prophet(Saw)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. All praise and thanks be to
Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Prophet
Muhammad, the unlettered prophet, his family and his Companions.

Below are some of the expeditions (ghazwat) lead by our beloved prophet (saw)

1. Battle of Badr: (2nd year of Hijrah)

Prophet(saw) came to know that Abu Sufiyan is leading a large

maccan trading carvan towards ash sham(today Syria, lebnon, Palestine & jordon) therefore
prophet(saw) decided to take back at lease part of what the quraish had stolen the muslims.

Prophet(saw) left Madinah with almost 313 men from muharijeen & ansaar, fortunately the
carvan of quraish was escaped and abu Sufiyan has informed the leaders of mushriks of
macca(i.e abu jahal and his company) that they are safely escaped but abu jahal insisted
and lead the people of almost 1000 men under the leadership of abu jahl to the place of badr
and subsequently this ended up with a war which is known as expedition of badr.

Allah(swt) blessed the muslims with victory

2. Battle of Uhud: 3rd year of hijrah)

In order to take a revenge for the defeat of Badr the mushriks of Makkah decided to
lead a military of 3000 men towards Madinah under the leadership of Abu Sufiyan.

Prophet (saw) consulted with his companions regarding fighting by being in madinah
or to fight outside the madina after divergence of opinions ultimately our beloved
prophet(saw) decided to opt the opinion of fighting outside the madina and he(saw) himself
lead a military of almost a 1000 on the way Abdullah ibn Ubai(head of hypocrites) departed
by taking almost 1/3 rd of his followers i.e. almost 300 men saying that prophet(saw) didn’t
chose his opinion of fighting inside the madina, this was pre-planned by this hypocrite to
lower the morale of the muslims.

Muslims meet with the mushriks at the mountain of uhud and muslims were on upper
hand in the beginning of the battel but due the mistake of 50 archers who were ordered by

MOBILE# 0531612591

Assignment # 7 – Essay on some of the Expeditions (Ghazawat) of Our Beloved Prophet(Saw)

prophet(saw) not to leave the mountain of archer(small mountain at uhud mountain) the
battle turned it the favour of mushriks as khalid bin waleed noticed the dispersing of the
archers from the mountain of archers and he ultimately attacked the muslim army from the
end of archers mountain(i.e. backside) which resulted in the defeat of muslims.

Muslims lost the battel but learned lot of lessons & morals.

3. Battle of al ahzab(confederates): (5th year of Hijrah)

There were 3 jewish tribes(banu nadhir, banu qainuqa & banu quraiza) in Madinah when our
beloved prophet(saw) entered the Madinah and prophet(saw) made a peace pact(contract)
with all of these tribes ultimatel 2 of the i.e. banu nadhir and banu qainuqa broke the contract
and were expelled from madina to khaibar, these two tribes showed there support to the
mushriks of Makkah and forced them to lead battle of confederates by telling them that they
will get the support for banu quriza(left over tribe in madina).

Muslims were only around 3000 whereas mushriks were almost 10000, salman al farsi(ra)
gave an idea of digging the trenches, this battle is also known as battle of trench.

Prophet (saw) gave the glad tidings to the muslims that soon they will conquer the roman,
yemen & Persian empire by the grace of Allah.

Nuaim ibn masood(ra) entering in islam and he(ra) plotted a discord between mushriks and
banu quraiza ultimately the mushriks left the battle field after the chilled and windy night.

4. Battle of Banu Quraiza: (5th year of hijrah)

Prophet order the sahaba(ra) to march towards the castle of banu quraiza as they bleach the
contract by plotted against the muslims in the battle of ahzaab.

Prophet (saw) gave the authority to saad bin muaaz(ra) to decide the fate of the banu
quraiza, he told that all of the male who reached the puberty should be killed and remaining
should be expelled from Madinah

MOBILE# 0531612591

Assignment # 7 – Essay on some of the Expeditions (Ghazawat) of Our Beloved Prophet(Saw)

5. Sulha Hudaibiya(Treaty of Hudaibiyah): (6th year of Hijrah)

Our Beloved Prophet(saw) saw a dream of performing the pilgrimage (umrah), therefore he
(saw) left the Madinah with almost 1400 of his companions to Makkah but mushriks did not
allow them to make the umrah ultimately the journey ended up with a peace treaty which is
known as treaty of Hudiabiya.

6. Conquest of Makkah (Fateh Makkah): (8th year of Hijrah)

The tribe of Banu Bakr were allies of mushriks of Makkah(quraish) whereas the tribe of banu
khuza were allies of muslims, banu bakr attacked banu khuza treacherously therefore this is
a bleach of agreement between the muslims and the quraish therefore prophet(saw) left the
madina with almost 12000 men and conquest the Makkah without any major fight.

Prophet (saw) has order the general forgiven for all of the makkans with small exception.

Many people entered in islam.

7. Battle of Tabuk: (9th year of Hijrah)

Prophet (saw) heard that the Romans (byzantine) where gather a large army to invade
muslim land therefore prophet(saw) decided to confront these people by leaving Madinah
with almost 30000 men.

Romans didn’t show up in at tabuk therefore prophet (saw) ended up with small skirmishes
with some of the mushriks on the way back to Madinah

These where some of the important battles lead by our beloved prophet(saw) there were
some other also such as battle of hunain(lead by prophet(saw), khayber(lead by ali(ra),
mutah (lead by zaid ibn harith(ra), ……

References: 1. The noble life of the Prophet(saw) By Dr. Ali Muhammad As Sallabi (hf)
and 2. The sealed Nectar( Ar Raheequl Maktoom) By Safi ur rehman Mubarak