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“Procurement of Logistics Services for Outbound Transportation of Cold

Rolled Sheets, Colour Coated Sheets, Pipes, Wire Rods & Bars and Coils
from Jharsuguda (Odisha) to Various PAN India Location.”

Bhushan Power & Steel Limited (BPSL)
Date: 23RD 24TH 25TH December 2019

Auction Conducted By:

Due Date & Time of Submission of RFQ in Scan & Hard Copy

On or before 22.12.19

Date & Time of Online Auctions

Date: 23.12.19, 24.12.19 & 25.12.19
Time: 10.00 AM TO 11.00 AM

To participate in the auctions of Bhushan Power; Plz give your acceptance that if you are L2 or L3 in any of
the route then BPSL may allots the same to you and you have to accept the ratio of quantity whether it’s
divided or full qty.

Vehicle placement time for the lots (routes) awarded will 48 Hours if the vendors is not able to
place vehicle the Bpsl will procure vehicles from open market & the same will be debited to the
concerned bidder.

Plz give your acceptance by replying on this mail to get authorized for the ebidding. nidhi@steelez.com or

Highly Confidential:
E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
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The enclosed document is meant for limited circulation. Individuals in receipt of this document
without specific authorization from Steelez.net, are requested to return the same without
accessing/ duplicating its contents.

Procurement of Logistics Services for Outbound Transportation of Cold Rolled Sheets, Colour Coated Sheets,
Pipes, Wire Rods & Bars and Coils from Jharsuguda (Odisha) to Various PAN India Location

Steelez.net e-Trans - your platform on the web for all kinds of logistics solutions for your
About Steelez.net business. Functioning on the reverse auction model, Steelez.com e-Trans ensures your
business gets the advantage of operational performance from professional service provider’s
at the most competitive prices possible.

Bhushan Power & Steel Limited (BPSL), is a fully integrated 3.5 Million TPA Steel Making
Company having turnover of INR 11,288 Crores (USD 1,858 Million) FY14. The Company is
certified to ISO 9001:2008 & TS-16949 Quality Standards and ISO 14001:2004 Environment
About Bhushan Management Standards. BPSL is a leading manufacturer of flat and long products and have
1.02 Power & Steel state-of-the-art plants at Chandigarh, Derabassi, Kolkata and Orissa in India. These plants
Limited manufacture value added products covering entire steel value chain right from Coal Mining
to manufacturing Pig Iron, DRI, Billets, HR Coils, CR Coils, GP/GC Sheets, Precision Tubes,
Black Pipe/GI Pipe, Cable Tapes, Tor Steel, Carbon and Special Alloy Steel Wire Rods and
Rounds conforming to IS and international standards.
Mr. Arvind Singh (AGM – Purchase)
Thelkoloi, Lapanga, Rengali,
Project Contact:
Sambalpur – 768232 (Odisha)
1.03 Bhushan Power &
E - Mail: arvindsingh@bpsl.net
Steel Limited
Mobile: 7735741030
T e l : 0663-2535000, 2562026-32 ; Extn : 5136
Mr. Dilip Patidar
Phone: 9752492133
Email ID: dilip@steelez.com

Project Auction
1.04 Contact: Address -
Steelez.net eBusiness Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.

E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
Indore (MP) 452001

1. Request for Bids from interested Service provider subject to acceptance of the terms and
conditions of this RFQ, to be offered during the online negotiation, as per schedule
mentioned in the auction notice.

2. BPSL reserves the right to allow the Service provider to participate in selected Lots, on
online negotiation without assigning any reason whatsoever.

3. List of sectors (Source/destination/Transit time) and the indicative volumes, period

within which the indicative quantity is to be transported, packing condition will be given
in the Destination Matrix / Auction Notice on 4 months basis.

4. Award of Contract: Bids will be invited from interested service provider under Online
Negotiation Process. The lowest offered Bid through the online negotiation process (as
described in details below), will become the accepted rate, for the particular
destination/state. However, being L1 does not guarantee you the Work Order. The final
decision of placing the Order on the service provider lies solely with BPSL. BPSL
Important Division’s decision will be final and binding. All rates quoted during the online
negotiation shall remain valid throughout the validity period of each of the market. This
1.05 Information for
shall be applicable in case of Non L1 bids also.
online event
5. Once the online bidding is over, all participating LSPs must abide by the terms and
conditions and respect the bid price quoted by them irrespective of their ranking (L1, L2,
L3, etc.) during the online Auction after the online Auction is conducted. Failing to do so
or in case of any other back out of any other terms and conditions or any other reason
(Inordinate delay in starting the service, etc.) may lead to forfeiting of EMD of such
participants at the discretion of BPSL and shall be blacklisted in future. Other penalty
conditions, if any shall be discussed at the time of nomination by BPSL.

6. Placement of Lot Confirmation: BPSL shall place the LC within 2-3 days from the date
of online Auction to the nominated service provider. Initial 4 months service provider
need to accept any intimation coming over mail or other sources from BPSL for smooth
execution of the work without any interruption.

7. Validity of online price: Online quoted price shall be valid for a period 3 months ( Jan
20, Feb 20, March 20) from the date of online Auction before placing the LC. Once LC
issued/intimation send to nominated service provider rate will be valid for entire
contract period.
E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
Indore (MP) 452001

1. To participate in the online Auctions, interested Service provider are requested to

submit this RFQ (duly stamped and signed in all pages) along with refundable /
adjustable Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 1,00,000 (Rs. One lakh only) payable
by Demand Draft in favor of “eBusiness Dot Com Pvt Ltd” payable at Indore and
submit the physical instrument at Steelez as per the Address & Contact persons
mentioned in Clause No. –1.04, latest by 22.12.2019, failing which the participation in
the bidding will not be allowed or deposit the same in:

NAME: e-Business Dotcom Pvt. Ltd.

HDFC BANK A/C No.- 00362560011912


1.06 Earnest Money
Deposit and Bank
Guarantee 2. Existing service provider of BPSL need to submit a declaration in their Company Letter
Head mentioning the equivalent EMD amount to be considered from their outstanding

3. The successful service provider shall have to submit a Bank Guarantee as Security
Deposit of Rs. 25,00,000 (Rupees Twenty Five Lakhs only) in the name of “Bhushan
Power & Steel Limited (BPSL)”. In case, the service provider cannot submit the Bank
Guarantee, they have to give the underwriting that their bills of the equivalent amount
shall stay pending with BPSL(Only for Existing). Only payments above the Bank
Guarantee amount shall be paid to the Service Provider. The Service Provider cannot
claim any payment or late payment charges for these pending Bills. New Vendors will
have to submit BG within 7 Days (this is mandatory) of acceptance of Destination
allocation from Bpsl

4. BPSL will share the Bank Guarantee format to the successful service provider.

5. There will be no interest on EMD.

Activity Responsibility

Circulation of RFQ Steelez

Submission of Hard copy of RFQ and
EMD Service Provider
1.07 Activities
Release of Auction Notice Steelez
Final Online Event/Participation Steelez
Submission of Last Bid Confirmation Service Provider
Award of contract Bhushan Power & Steel Limited
E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
Indore (MP) 452001


1. Outbound Transportation of Cold Rolled Sheets, Colour Coated Sheets, Pipes, Wire Rods
& Bars and Coils from Jharsuguda (Odisha) Plant to destinations specified in Purchase
Order. In addition to the destinations listed in Purchase Order, other destinations may be
added as and when required by BPSL.
2. The transportation may be direct to Customers / Stockyards / Consignment Agents /
Distributors as & when required, BPSL may add or close any stock points in future.
3. Vehicle Type & Weighment guarantee -
Scope of Work & Trucks:
2.01 Vehicle details a. For 9 MT - 9.00 MT
b. For 16 MT - 15.80 MT
c. For 20 MT - 19.50 MT
d. For 21 MT - 20.50 MT
a. For 22 MT - 21.50 MT
b. For 27 MT - 26.50 MT
c. For 28 MT - 27.50 MT
d. For 32 MT - 31.50 MT
Validity of the The RFQ’s Terms & Conditions will be valid for Jan 20, Feb 20, March 20 and Freight Rates will
Terms and be valid for 3 month as per the Destination Details Sheet / Auction Notice released for 4
Conditions months auction. However, the RFQ’s Terms & Conditions may be extended for a further
period on mutual agreement with BPSL.
1. Quantities that are expected to be dispatched to various destinations will be given in
destination Details Sheet.
Quantity & Share of 2. Quantities may also vary due to domestic conditions, availability of needed permission
Business from the Government, etc.
3. BPSL also reserves the right to distribute the share of business among the participating
service providers. Expected LC will be issued by BPSL within 2-3 days after completion
of online event
1. Rate quoted will be Rs./MT exclusive of Service Tax, Loading & Unloading charges. All
2.04 Basis of Freight other expenses will be borne by the Service provider.
2. Loading & Unloading Charges (if any) will be reimbursed against proper documents.

Weight Variation of 0.35% will be allowed. In case of Coil, Sheet & Wire Rods, if the numbers
2.05 Weigh Scale
of packets are Ok, then shortage will not be applicable. For regular weight variation at
unloading point, vehicle will be allowed to use another weighment for cross checking.
E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
Indore (MP) 452001

1. Payment term is 45 days after bill submission.

2. The Service Provider will submit bills with receipt copy of GR dully signed & stamped by
consignee every week to enable BPSL to process the payments on time. Any delay in
Payment & Bill
2.06 submitting bills will be considered for payment in next week.
3. BPSL reserves the right to delay payments in case of discrepant documents or materials
4. The bills should be submitted on weekly basis.
1. Service providers need to place the vehicle as per the intimation received from BPSL.
2. In case the successful service provider fails to place the required number of trucks in
time, BPSL shall be at liberty to engage trucks of any other carrier(s) at higher rates and
2.07 Risk Purchase the difference will be recovered from their bills/security deposit. BPSL shall also have
the liberty to black-list the successful service provider.
3. In case of Risk Purchase, 3 quotations will be invited & the rate difference between the
existing rate & the L1 rate of the fresh offers will be debited to the service provider.
1. Transit time for each route will be as fixed by BPSL in the destination Details Sheet.
2.08 Transit time
2. The Service Provider(s) shall comply with all local norms/Procedures. Any deviation
form such norm will be the sole responsibility of the service provider.
1. Detention charges are applicable both at loading point & unloading point after free time
of 48 hours.
2. Detention charges will be paid by BPSL after clearance and certification from Sales/
2.09 Detention Charges Logistics department @ Rs. 500/- for Truck & Rs. 750/- for Trailers respectively on per
day basis. After 3 days, the detention will be at Rs. 750/- for Truck & Rs. 1000/- for
Trailers respectively on per day basis.

The Service Provider will be responsible for safety and security of the material when the
Security of same are in their custody and transit. Any loss, breakage and/or damage to material during
material transit will be recovered from the Service Provider’s pending bills /security deposit and /or
E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
Indore (MP) 452001

1. Service Providers shall ensure that they carry all necessary documents with the truck
and correctly fill relevant forms to ensure that the goods are not help –up at the
boundaries of various states.
2. Vehicles loaded with BPSL’s material shall not carry any other material.
3. All materials require proper tarpaulin covering throughout the year covering should be
such that the materials should not be visible from outside in case of non-compliance
and /or in grace of water /dust/moisture this will attract a penalty.
4. Normal circumstances transshipment of any material in route would not be allowed.
Transshipment is allowed with prior intimation to BPSL by email. Material has to be
delivered at the destination within 7 days after the accident/breakdown.
Service Level 5. Service Providers have to ensure that material is being loaded carefully and any
deviation in product packing / number of pieces during loading points at Jharsuguda
Plant shall be brought to the notice of the consignor.
6. Service Providers should ensure that the entire tonnage allotted to them in the DO is
liquidated and that there is no residual quantity left.
7. Indicative plan for road transportation will be given to each Service Provider in one day
in advance. This is to help the Service Provider in planning their fleet requirement in
advance in order to adhere to the lifting / expected transit time.
8. All transit risks shall be in the account of Service Provider.
9. Service Provider shall inform BPSL’s Manager / Planner as well the consignee
immediately in the event of enroutes breakdown and likely number of hours of delay for
further delivery of the consignment.
1. Transit Insurance shall be in BPSL scope but the premium will be recovered from the
service provider but this does not absolve the Service Provider of the responsibility to
take all reasonable care to ensure that goods are transported and delivered in safe
condition without any damage or loss.
2.12 Insurance
2. Any damages resulting from negligence on the part of the Service Provider would be
recovered as liquidated damages from the Service Provider.
3. In case any accident occurs during the transit and there is any loss / damage of goods,
the same will be intimated to BPSL immediately for insurance survey on the same place.
BPSL shall assess performance of all Service Provider on quarterly basis, be an important
Performance criterion for re- allocation of share of business. BPSL reserves the decision of the removing a
Rating and Review Service Provider who consistently performs poorly. The rating shall be based on compliances
related to Vehicle placement, transit time and Transit damages.
E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
Indore (MP) 452001

1. Service provider shall place the vehicle at plant within 24 Hrs from the time of indent.
2. If the material size exceeds the vehicle body RTO, Border & other transit expenses will be
reimbursed at actual by BPSL against proper documents.
3. Loading, Packing & Lashing shall be in BPSL Scope.
4. Unloading is the responsibility of BPSL’s client normally unloading will be at single point
only. In exceptional cases, for multiple points of unloading, extra charges will be paid as
per discussion with the service provider.
5. Service Provider should transport and deliver the material intact and in time.
Handling of goods
2.14 and Material 6. Delivery of material will be as per the Transit Time mentioned in the Destination matrix.
delivery Vehicle has to deliver the material as per the instruction of BPSL.
7. Service Provider shall take due care to protect the goods against rain, fire, damage, theft
and pilferage and shall be responsible for damages/shortages arising there from and
shall indemnify BPSL for such losses. The amount of loss or damage to the goods, as
assessed by BPSL would be deductible from any of the Bills of the Service Provider
and/or from the security deposit.
8. In case of any damage/shortage is found in the goods by BPSL at the time of delivery of
goods, it shall be obligatory on the part of the Service Provider to give a certificate of
9. Quality of service expected is such that the material delivered to our Stockyard /
Customer should be in the same condition as it was loaded at Jharsuguda Plant
1. Service Provider must comply with the BPSL’s safety & environmental standards and
shall obtain a copy of manual of BPSL & abide by the same.

2. Service provider shall comply with all Central and State laws including Labor Laws or
Rules and Regulations of State or Central Government, as applicable, to all personnel
SHE & Statutory employed by them in the performance of the Contract.
3. Service Provider shall also ensure that any sub-contractor engaged by them shall also
comply with the aforesaid requirements.

4. Service Provider shall be solely responsible to settle all disputes with the employees
engaged by them or by any authorized sub-contractor.
E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
Indore (MP) 452001

1. The vehicles made available must be roadworthy, of required capacity as per Motor
Vehicle Act, in good running conditions and the drivers and other staff should possess all
requisite licenses.
2. Vehicles are to be placed within 24 Hrs for Jharsuguda Plant from the time of indent..
BPSL shall be at liberty to impose a suitable penalty for non-compliance.
3. For delivery after the maximum transit time , there shall be a Deduction from the bill of
the Service Provider as given below:

Delay beyond transit time (days) Penalty (Rs. / day)

 Up to 3 days 2000
 4 to 5 days 4000
 Beyond 5 days 6000
4. Inadequate covering or tarpaulin will attract a penalty of Rs. 1000/- per incident or 5%
of the freight bill whichever is higher.
5. Any damage in transit will be debited at actual.
Other Statutory
6. Shortage Deduction will be as per the value mentioned in the invoice
2.16 compliances and
Penalty 7. It is expected that adequate care shall be taken by the Service Providers to ensure
cautious carriage of documents in transit since these would be ownership documents
along with excise documents which are very important for subsequent transactions. Any
situation of a lost excise documents shall be immediately inform to BPSL’s Manager in
8. Service Providers are supposed to follow Safety & Environmental Norms of the
company , failing which they shall be penalized as per the company rules.
9. While performing the transportation service the driver of the vehicle, khalasi, helper,
loading supervisor shall not be under the influence of alcohol and/or any drug which
will adversely influence the performance of these personnel.
10. In the event of any untoward incidence of any accident / mishap enroute, the Service
Provider shall ensure compliance to all statutory and legal requirements and also
immediately inform BPSL’s Manager about the accident / mishap over telephone to be
followed with a written communication within 3 days of happening. Service Provider
should also immediately ensure transshipment of material from the damaged vehicle to
an alternate vehicle for onward carriage and inform the same in writing. This transfer of
material will not, in these circumstances, be viewed as transshipment
11. Unauthorized transshipment of material will attract penalty.
Any delay or failure to perform the contract by either party due to reasons beyond
reasonable control of such party i.e. force majeure events, such as, but not limited to, acts of
God i.e. flood, inundation, typhoon, cyclone, earthquakes, landslides, fire, etc., act of
Government i.e. war, hostility, embargo, etc., contingencies like strike, lockout, go slow,
2.17 Force Majeure
sabotage, riot, etc. order of any competent court/Government Authority shall not be
considered as default for the performance of the contract and for claim/damage or
cancellation of the contract. However, occurrence of force majeure events shall be informed
by the affected to the other party within 48 hours of occurrence.

Any disputes/differences arising out of the contract shall be settled by arbitration as per the
2.18 Arbitration Arbitration and Reconciliation Act, 1966 and rules made there under by a sole arbitrator to
be appointed by BPSL. The venue of Arbitration proceeding shall be at Bhubaneswar and the
E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
Indore (MP) 452001

proceedings shall be conducted in English language. The award of the said Arbitrator shall be
final, conclusive and binding.

All disputes under the contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of appropriate court in
2.19 Civil Jurisdiction

Termination for Cause: BPSL shall terminate order upon 15 days prior written notice to the
Service Provider, if the Service Provider fails to perform any of its material / fundamental
obligations or for any breach of terms and conditions under this request for quotation (RFQ)
Termination of as well as the order and BPSL shall be entitled to actual loss / damage suffered by it due to
2.20 such premature termination
Termination for Convenience: Either party may terminate the agreement for their own
convenience upon serving 30 days prior written notice to other party for any reason
whatsoever. In case of such termination, neither party shall claim any compensation /
damage from the other party towards loss of business / profile on premature termination.
2.21 Code of Conduct The successful Service Providers shall follow the “Code of Conduct” formulated by BPSL.


Dear Sir,

 We have understood the auction process to be conducted on the platform of Steelez.net. We have been prov
a valid log-in name and password by Steelez for the On-line Reverse Auction to be conducted for Bhus
Power & Steel Limited (BPSL)
 We have also been informed that the demo auction for the same is presently running on the site and we
3. make bids in this auction for practice.
 We have been informed about the Schedule, Methodology for the Market for the online bidding vide the Auc
 We shall abide by all the Terms and Conditions as per the above mentioned RFQ.
 We confirm to provide the last bid confirmation letter after the online reverse auction event.
 We shall give due cognizance to the above during the online bidding.
 We are aware that in case an auction continues beyond 18:30 Hours, then the same will be paused on that
and will be reopened on the next working day.

These are the terms and conditions. The additional terms and conditions shall be as per the work order/ Auction Notice. We her
certify that we have gone through all of the above clauses and confirm BPSL complete acceptance.

Authorized signatory & stamped in acceptance of the above

Name :

Designation of Signatory :

Organization name :

Contact Names :
E-Business Dot Com Pvt.Ltd.
Block No 7 & 8, Sarda House,
14/2 ,South Tukoganj,
Indore (MP) 452001

Phone Nos. during auction :

E-mail Id :