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Ovyo Launches Into the Market, Re-Imagining the Tech Service Landscape in


London, United Kingdom, January 08, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Today sees the launch of Ovyo; a start-up
re-imagining tech services and improving availability for customers. Founded by veterans of the video,
satellite and communications industries, Ovyo is looking to shake up how companies within those sectors
utilise technical and professional services.

Having spotted a gap in the market, Ovyo understands that many types of services are not cost-effectively
available at flexible scale, and that many services projects are not shepherded by services companies.
Offering both tailored manpower and fully managed projects, blending on-site presence with near- and
off-shore capabilities as needed, Ovyo is looking to make waves this year with a new approach.

With Ovyo, companies will see the benefit of leveraging near-shore and off-shore services for smaller
pieces of work, and can combine this with the on-site presence of experts from within their high-tech
industries. Managing Director Pav Kudlac said, “Ovyo will move the needle in terms of what customers
expect from professional services partners. As well as offering more standard models of consulting,
project delivery, integration, development and test services, we want to help customers try out different
mixed-shore models that can really make a difference for them.”

Ovyo will also be in the market to help cloud software and SaaS software businesses launch Professional
Services divisions. There is increased pressure on this sector to offer services - Ovyo can leverage deep
experience to kick off and incubate services divisions on behalf of these companies, opening up new
revenue streams. Sales Director Adam Tilbury-Eld explained, “Within the Ovyo team we have several
people who have set up services businesses and divisions from scratch at product companies and
elsewhere. We have the know-how to turn what looks daunting into successful revenue-generating
initiatives, allowing our customers to continue focusing on what they do best.”

About Ovyo
Ovyo creatively solves the toughest problems in tech, providing the rocket ship that accelerates our
customers' businesses and delivers new capabilities to users of data, connectivity and video globally.
Ovyo provides strategic delivery, technical and consulting services to the satellite, communications, and
video industries - as well as technology vendors - providing knowledge rooted in years of first-hand
industry experience. Ovyo offers services including consultancy, project delivery, platform and systems
integration, bespoke development and testing. These services can be offered standalone or combined
together as a managed project delivery, blended between on-site, near-shore and/or off-shore. Ovyo is
headquartered in London, UK, serving customers globally through teams in the UK, India, Poland and

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