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Three Kiwi-Indians Bollywood and

make into New Year Hollywood movies
Honours List to look forward
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2 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

2020 - What to expect ahead?

The year 2020 was anyway going to be crucial for New Zealanders for being the election
year when voters will get the chance to either continue with or displace the current
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – the toast of the global media. However, there are
more reasons for the importance of 2020.
¡ SANDEEP SINGH with the evolution of modern communication and space” has surely been altered in this first

he beginning of the year 2020 was not technologies that has not only shortened two decades of the twenty-first century.
a regular turnover of another calendar distances and enhanced our mutual inter- A quick review of the preceding decade of
year; instead, it was the mark of the end connectedness but have also permanently the 2010s for New Zealand would suggest
of two decades of the twenty-first century and altered our collective consciousness about our repetitive trysts with disasters – both
the beginning of a new decade. “time and space.” natural and manmade. The decade that began
Analysts often see decades, like centuries, It is to say now a majority of mankind with successive Canterbury earthquakes and
representing some trends and movements that visualises, perceives, and anticipates things in followed by the unfortunate Pike River mine
can potentially change the world or at least extreme ends of “time” – either too soon in the explosion in 2010-11, ended with the gravest
change the direction where the world is headed immediate future or too remote in a distant or human inflicted casualty at Christchurch
in the near future. even remote future – to a level making all of us mosque terror attack and the White island
For example, the decade of 1980s is collectively overly anxious and uncertain about volcanic eruption in 2019.
often considered by many as decadent and the future. Hopefully, the next decade will be gentler –
tumultuous as opposed to the decade of 1990s, For the proponents of artificial intelligence at least in that respect.
which is often remembered as a decade of and its disruptive impact on human society, However, an overview of the first few days
relative peace and prosperity, with the end of especially in the overtaking of the levels of the of 2020, locally and globally, nearer home, and
the decades-long Cold War and the rise of new human intellect, the future is gloomy, and the places far and away, does give some glimpse
era of communication, business, entertainment, end is imminent. Sooner rather than later! of what Kiwi-Indians and the New Zealanders
and globalisation. Similarly, for those who are concerned about in general can expect in the New Year and the
It can be safely argued that every decade has climate change, the deterioration of the climate new decade.
an undercurrent of some subtle forces active and the environment is an unmanageable
irreversible process that is set to bring doom,
Australian Bushfire:
within, and shaping the collective societal
thinking and actions, driving technology and if not intervened with urgent, radical and often Ramping up concerns
business, innovations and influencing the drastic changes in the modern lifestyle. Those about climate change
political and strategic decision making of both who tend to disagree with the speed of change
he last Sunday of the official New
state and non-state actors that form broader often find themselves clubbed in the category
Year holiday period had exposed New
trends for that decade. of “deniers,” and hence against any meaningful
Zealanders across the country to a vivid orange
In that regard the first two decades of this societal actions to prepare mankind for the
sky that experts wholeheartedly agreed was a
twenty-first century, which according to some future.
direct consequence of the ongoing Australian
estimates has passed at a remarkable speed Indeed, our collective cognition about “time

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The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 3
The massive bushfires sweeping Australia in exacerbating the fire season in Australia Indeed, New Zealand has direct tangible In fact, the changes that first appeared in early
have shocked locals in their size and according to the best available scientific interest in the prospects of long-lasting peace 1990s, and consolidated in the first two decades
ferociousness and have now attracted immense consensus. in the oil-rich West Asia region that can of the twenty-first century have catapulted India
global interest. To what extent this catastrophic Australian potentially affect our Kiwi way of life in one to an enviable position of becoming one of the
New Zealanders are always fully sensitive bush fire season will impact New Zealanders way or the other. fastest-growing major economies of the world
and aware of the impacts and the fallout of will depend on the narrative (largely on social Fortuitously, in this instance, both sides have – making it a toast of the world, with individual
our fellow trans-Tasman neighbour. However, quickly de-escalated the conflict and backed countries, great powers, global multilateral
media) they prefer to consume.
not many would have expected that Australian down from further escalation. institutions, each racing to establish a mutually
However, the Sunday orange sky experience, However, that does not mean the end of the
bushfires could have directly impacted our will definitely stirrup our collective win-win partnership with India.
own climate system across a few thousands of hostilities between President Trump and Iran,
consciousness about climate change in one way One such transformation was the tectonic
kilometres of Tasman Sea. which is continuing since the United States
or the other in 2020. unilateral withdrawal from 2015 nuclear deal shift in the nature of the Indian polity, where
In addition to our mutually felt sense of grief, the longstanding “left-of-centre political elites”
Escalation of US-Iran that Iran had signed with world powers.
care, and willingness to support our Trans- was decisively defeated and replaced by a new
The peace is at best ephemeral and short-
Tasman neighbours, many New Zealanders conflict and the prospects set of “centre-right political elites.”
lived, especially with “mercurial leadership”
would have been compelled to sit back and
think about the reality
of long term peace being at helms of affairs on both sides. The process had begun in 2014 and affirmed
It would be interesting to observe how in 2019 when the new set of political elites
of climate change.
the new decade unfolding in 2020 will affect (centre-right BJP or Bharatiya Janata Party) had
Australians, along
geopolitical hotbed and one of the most decisively uprooted the last remaining relics of
with standing in
conflict-prone regions of the world. the long-ruling political elites of Lutyen’s Delhi
solidarity with their
and firmly established themselves at the saddle,
fire-fighting efforts, The transformational to lead the country in the near future, at least
are also debating about changes in the ‘idea of India’ for a conceivable future, unless there is any
the possible role of
climate change and
the perceived role of
“Green politics” in
aggravation of the

That debate, largely visible on social media ot many New Zealanders would have
platforms, with the support of unsubstantiated anticipated returning back to work after
claims and reports and even fake news, is much the official New Year holiday period with
reflective of debate around climate change and the news of a dramatic escalation of conflict
green-politics in many other societies around between the United States and Iran in the
the world, including in New Zealand. Middle East.
However, conventional wisdom is pointing The news of first President Trump ordering
towards the fact that green-politics is not a drone attack that killed a high profile Iranian

preventing the much-needed hazard-reduction- General Soleimani followed by Iran’s retaliatory
here is no escaping from the fact that India major disruption to halt the march of the rise of
burns and therefore responsible for the massive attack with a barrage of missiles targeted on
has been witnessing a transformational centre-right political forces.
infernos in any manner. On the other hand, multiple military bases in Iraq, initially send The recently enacted Citizenship Amendment
change in recent times that is rightly attracting
climate change is also not directly responsible chills down the spine all around the world, for much attention of the world and the global Act is yet another incremental change, among
for the start of bushfires. At best, and the fears of an escalation of conflict in the wider Indian diaspora, including that of the Kiwi- a long list of few radical, and several not so
importantly, climate change has contributed West Asia region. Indian community.


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4 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Three Kiwi Indians make into

the New Year Honours list
The New Year Honours List that was announced by the government on
December 31, 2019, has three Kiwi Indians included in the list for their
achievements and services to the country.
¡ RIZWAN MOHAMMAD behind her success and recognitions in her papers on community development, family

he New Year Honours List that teacher’s journey. violence and youth development at conferences
was announced by the government “A highlight of my teaching career is summed in New Zealand and internationally. She works
on December 31, 2019, has three up by a 14- year old student who said, ‘Miss I as a Senior Advisor for the Ministry of Social
Kiwi Indians included in the list for their have never not wanted to come to your class,’ Development’s E Tu Whanau programme,
achievements and services to the country. The Dr Moeed told The Indian Weekender. where she holds responsibilities in the Asian,
three Kiwi Indians named in the list are: Dr Moeed has been involved in the Migrant and Refugee Communities portfolio,
Jennifer Sabina Khan-Janif, Member of the organisation of national conferences, has been focusing on projects addressing the elimination
New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM), for a member of the Wellington region Science Fair of all forms of violence. 
services to refugee and migrant communities judging panel and contributes to the educational
“I am humbled and honoured to have received
Associate Professor Dr Humaira Moeed, programmes at the Wellington Zoo and the
the Member of New Zealand Order of Merit.
(MNZM) for services to science education and Allan Wilson Centre of Molecular Evolution.
It is a privilege to be categorized amongst
the community, and, She has organised a Festival of Science,
fellow New Zealanders who are doing fantastic
Harjit Singh, Queens Service Medal (QSM) Science Challenges for Year 10 students,
working across Aotearoa New Zealand. 
for services to the Indian community and supported BP Technology challenge and
established an environmental group for “This award would not have been possible
seniors without the support and encouragement of
forest restoration. Dr Moeed was awarded an
Dr Humaira (Azra) Moeed, MNZM Excellence in Teaching award in 1996 and the many people. My award is a collective success,
Royal Society Science Teacher Fellowship and I share this with them all,” Mrs Khan-Janif
in 1999., the Victoria University Excellence said.
in Teaching Award in 2014, Ako Aotearoa communities, particularly economically
Harjit Singh, QSM
National Tertiary Sustained Excellence in and socially disadvantaged Muslim women,
Teaching Award in 2016 and she was one of children and families in the Auckland region.
the judges at the inaugural insTED conference Mrs Khan-Janif, a fourth-generation Fiji
in 2017. born Indian migrated to New Zealand in
“As a university lecturer, I do research that 1989 and joined the public sector in 1990
matters because it deals with current issues in and since has worked in various roles with a
science education. My research is embedded focus on supporting community development,
in the classroom and provides a link between identity, ethnic affairs and early intervention
teacher education and science teaching in programmes on positive parenting and family
schools. One of the inspirations for my research violence. Mrs Khan-Janif is also a poet and
has been the students I teach and the classrooms creative arts writer who finds her inspirations
where I conduct my research.
from migration stories and experiences of her
“I have had the privilege to work with some
ancestors from Afghanistan, British-India,
of the best science teachers in New Zealand and
Guyana and the Solomon Islands. 
one of the important aspects of my job is that
Mrs Khan-Janif regards her parents as her
my research informs my teaching and it is good

role model as humanitarians who are committed
enior Lecturer for School of Education to see my ideas and research findings being
implemented in the classrooms by the student to social justice and race relations. 
at Victoria University of Wellington, Dr
teachers I have had the opportunity to educate,” “My parents are from humble sugarcane
Humaira, better known as Azra Moeed, is a
renowned and multiple award-winning teacher Dr Moeed added. farming background, and I grew in a household
which was culturally and religiously diverse.

who has been involved in science education for Dr Moeed regards her success as a teacher
My father is of Pathan ancestry, and my mother arjit Singh has contributed to the Sikh
most of her life. because she cares about the learner and their
mixed ethnic Indian and Melanesian heritage- and broader communities in Auckland
Dr Moeed is a proud Indian, born in Uttar learning.
Pradesh, India, and has lived in New Zealand “Caring about the learner means having so the values of service, volunteering and since 2007. Mr Singh has volunteered with a
for 44 years. Her husband Dr Abdul Moeed has strong, respectful and professional relationships giving back to the community was inculcated range of community organisations. He became
lived in the country for 50 years, is a scientist with the students, which includes caring about in me right from my childhood. involved with Age Concern Counties Manukau
working for Ministry for the Environment and their physical, social, emotional and mental Mrs Khan-Janif is a Justice of Peace in 2008 as a member of the accredited visiting
Ministry of Research Science and Technology wellbeing. Caring about their learning means appointed in 1998 and has served on the services team and was appointed to the Board
(MORST) as a senior policy analyst. The we plan well, teach well, assess well, and Boards of Umma Trust, Shakti Community in 2013.
couple’s daughter is a medical specialist in New challenge the students to think,” Dr Moeed Council, Fiji Women’s Group, and is currently He is currently Deputy Chair of the Manakau
Zealand. added. on the Advisory Group for the University of East Council of Social Services under the Age
Dr Moeed started her Kiwi journey as a Speaking about the honour by NZ
Auckland’s Centre for Research for Asian and Concern Counties Manukau. He is an English
primary school teacher in Lower Hutt and Play government, MNZM, Dr Moeed says this
Ethnic Minorities. She was elected to the Board home tutor with English Language Partners
Centre Supervisor given her experience as a recognition makes her feel humble.
of the Africa New Zealand Business Council, South Auckland, through which he teaches
teacher educator back from India. After a few “This one makes me feel very humble as it
to help promote African business opportunities migrants with limited English language skills
years, she became a full-time teacher of science is a recognition that I have made a contribution
with New Zealand companies and vice versa.  voluntarily.
and biology at Upper Hutt College later serving to education in this very lovely country that
“By working alongside former refugee He has been involved with New Zealand
as Head of Department of science and then has been my home for twice as long as India
communities for the past three decades, I have Guru Ravidas Sabha for the past 11 years. He
senior lecturer position at Wellington College where I was born. I feel the country has given
watched intergenerational advancement in the is also involved with the Global Organization
of Education in 2000. me opportunities to learn and grow and very
areas of leadership development, participation
She gained her PhD in science education rewarding to think I have given something of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), the
in civic life, academic achievement and
in 2010, and during the same period, she back,” Dr Moeed said. Auckland Sikh Society, the Punjabi Cultural
excelling in their professional careers,” Mrs
was transferred over as a Senior Lecturer in Jennifer Sabina Khan-Janif, MNZM Society, the Manakau Indian Association, and
Khan-Janif said. 
Faculty of Education at Victoria University of the New Zealand Indian Central Association.
In this 45-year career as a teacher, she received J ennifer Khan-Janif co-founded the
Umma Trust in 2003, which initially
undertook development work in Iraq, and
“This has enabled in particular for the youth to
give back to their communities and participate
in the wider community which highlights the
He has been an ethnic consultant with the
Howick local board, served as the Chair of the
numerous accolades both from her students, Indian Kiwi Positive Ageing Group. He is also
which diversified in 2008 to provide social values seen in collective cultures,” she added. a White Ribbon Ambassador and fundraises for
their parents and her peers. She considers her
passion to also be a constant learner the key services and support for refugee and migrant Mrs Khan-Janif has presented academic the Cancer Society and the Heart Foundation.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 5

2020:What to expect ahead?

Responsible business with lasting

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6 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Fiji Indian couple found dead in

Papatoetoe house cremated
¡ RIZWAN MOHAMMAD lawns,” the neighbour

esidents of South Auckland told media on condition
woke to up to horrific news of anonymity.
of a couple’s sudden death Papatoetoe businesses
and one child with critical injuries came forward to offer
just two days before the new year. support to the child
Police were called in around while locals held a
9:50 a.m. on Monday, December minute’s silence on
30 after a body was located inside Tuesday, December
a property. 31, afternoon showing
Police identified the deceased solidarity to those
found in a rental property on affected in the tragedy.
Sunnyside Crescent in Papatoetoe Family friends raised
as 32-year-old Sherine Nath who funds to repatriate
was found in a bedroom and her Ricky Nath body to Fiji
husband Ricki Rohan Nath, 34, Police identified the deceased found in a “I prayed for my son’s marriage where his last rites were conducted on Monday,
who was inside the garage. life for the past nine months, but I
The couple’s four-year-old son
rental property on Sunnyside Crescent in January 6 at the Nukuloa Cemetery in Ba.
could not save him,” she said. Sherine’s funeral was conducted at Ann’s
was found in the room injured with Papatoetoe as 32-year-old Sherine Nath The neighbour of the deceased
a gash across his forehead and was Funeral Homes in Wiri, Auckland on Sunday,
who was found in a bedroom and her said they did not suspect anything
January 5 which was attended by more than 300
taken to Starship Hospital in a wrong as they saw the couple and
critical condition. husband Ricki Rohan Nath who was their son in the garden just a day people. The funeral was live-streamed online
Sherine Nath worked at Fisher inside the garage. before and they had a wonderful for people who could not travel.
& Paykel and studied at Waitakere Christmas. Sherine Nath was remembered as a caring
College in West Auckland. “He was playing with all his mother, daughter, sibling and friend by her
Ricky’s mother said she spoke with her son toys, he got a new bike, he was family during her last rites at the funeral home.
last on Christmas Day. She added that Ricky The couple were married for more than a playing with his toys and things. They were The deaths have been referred to the coroner.
moved to New Zealand in 2006, where he met decade and were having marital issues, Ricky putting the trampoline together yesterday – The couple’s son is now in a stable condition in
the woman who would become his wife. Nath’s mother told the media. they didn’t quite finish it. Dad mowed the Starship Hospital.

After two-year cooling off Auckland

house prices on rise again
The new data from
property listings website
Realestate.co.nz has also

T shown that Auckland’s

he Auckland housing
market is on the
rise again after two
property market is
consecutive years of cooling effectively a seller’s
off, according to CoreLogic
QV December House Price
market again.
Index report released on
Wednesday, January 8.
According to the However, not everything is gloomy for the
CoreLogic QV December prospective first home buyers in this rising
2019 House Price Index, market in early 2020 as they do not see
property prices going down anytime soon and
property values rose by 0.9
continue to remain on the hunt for getting on
per cent over the month,
the property ladder.
with the annual rate of
CoreLogic Head of Research, Nick Goodall
growth increasing to four
said, “First home buyers remain active, and
per cent. That’s up from
there has been a re-emergence of property
the two per cent lull in
investors, as their confidence in the market
June 2019 and the strongest
annual growth figure since
Mortgage Adviser Vins Grover of Finance
September 2017 (five per
Matters told The Indian Weekender “We
expect the market to support both of the buying
This increase in house
In a seller’s market, demand exceeds supply, both remained cautious thereby giving some categories (investors and first home buyers) as
price is naturally set to bring sellers back into
or there are more buyers seeking to purchase advantage to the prospective first home buyers good numbers of new built homesare fitting
the market who have either been shying away
homes than there are available homes on the to get into the property ladder. into the pocket size of the first home buyers
or were being reluctant sellers only for quite
while the investors will jump in because they
some time in a market that was largely a buyer’s market. However, it seems that this recent upward
will have a greater amount of equity with them.
market. The new data from property listings “Given the limited choice of homes available, swing in the property market might put some
So, we see this as favourable to all.
website Realestate.co.nz has also shown that people are often reluctant to sell without having prospective first home buyers in a slight
“With the recent drop in the interest rates,
Auckland’s property market is effectively a somewhere to go – especially if the rental disadvantage despite the current levels of
there will surely be more first home buyers
seller’s market now. market in their area is cramped. relatively low-interest regime and as some
jumping in to the market and soon this will
Vanessa Taylor, spokesperson for realestate. “This then has a flow-on effect with homes targeted properties might slip out of their hands
invite the investors also who were in the ‘wait
co.nz said, “The total number of homes coming off the market before new ones go up in a rising market.
and watch’ mode as they would have more
available for sale reached never before seen for sale,” Ms Taylor said. Notably, in 2019, many prospective first
equity in hand due to the property prices going
lows around New Zealand, while the national Many experts had earlier opined, and the home buyers who were earlier locked out of
upwards. These movements could trigger the
average asking price sat over $700,000 for the Indian Weekender had also reported that Auckland’s property market due to skyrocketing
market further towards higher price but at the
first time since records began 13 years ago. We in 2019 Auckland’s housing market was a house prices had finally managed to get their
same time, we do expect a bit of slow down
saw a record low for new listings nationwide.” buyer’s market where investors and sellers foot on the property ladder.
during the election this year,” Vins said.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 7

Tauranga Sikh community hosts

seventh annual Nagar Kirtan

he Sikh community in
Tauranga came out on the
streets in thousands on
Sunday, January 5, to participate in
the seventh annual Nagar Kirtan (city
parade) which is held on the occasion
of tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Govind
Singh’s birthday.
The event was attended by
children, men, women and senior
citizens who clad in ethnic Indian
and Sikh dresses doing different
activities through the parade in
the city. Gatka on the way and spoke to the Garry Webber also attended the event
Nagar Kirtan in Tauranga has inquisitive crowd about Sikhism and and draped the Sikh turban during
become one of the most popular its teachings. the event.
events in the calendar of the city “We had extraordinary “We were really impressed by the
that is well received by the Sikh participation from the community participation from women in our
community. in Tauranga, and we had people community and the youth (girls and
The parade is not just an activity boys) who volunteered for different
who had come from outside the
but a celebration of the Sikh religion
city to attend and make the parade activities during the parade, such as
and a means to spread the teachings
successful,” Pooran Singh said. looking after the traffic, road safety,
of Guru Govind Singh to the
community. Nagar Approximately 3000 people from providing water and refreshments
The parade started from Kirtan in Tauranga and the outskirts of Bay to the participants, arrange langar,
Gurudwara Sikh Sangat Tauranga, Tauranga has cleaning and making sure everything
become one of the most of Plenty attended Nagar Kirtan
walking through the CBD and went smooth,” Mr Singh added.
popular events in the event. Parliamentarians attending
circling back to the temple. Children Mr Singh said the key message
calendar of the city that played live harmonium, tabla singing the event were Minister of Ethnic
and adults dressed in their ethnic behind this annual exercise is to
is well received by the walking kirtan throughout the parade. Communities Jenny Salesa, and
bright yellow and indigo blue gatka spread the values of Sikhism and
Sikh community in the
uniform and presented gatka in the The parade was led by the National Party MPs Dr Parmjeet teachings of Sikh Gurus to the
p a ra d e
background of soaring kirtan music president of the Sikh Sangat in Parmar and Kanwaljit Bakshi who community such as helping the ones
carried the
to the public gathered on the streets. Tauranga Pooran Singh followed said he makes sure to participate in in trouble, providing shelter to the
saffron flag representing the Sikh
Gatka is a form of Sikh martial by the drenched floral trailer, men, this event in Tauranga every year. homeless, feed the hungry and treat
arts learned and practised by the women and children who cleaned Mayor of Tauranga, Tenby Powell everyone with love, respect and
A trailer decorated in flowers
Sikh community. Some of the men the road using a broom, performed and the Mayor of Bay of Plenty dignity.
carried seniors and musicians who
8 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Pay attention to what New Zealand

belongs in the recycling bin
¡ IWK BUREAU your recycling bin as they pose a significant
Defence Force
sends support
W to Australia
fire safety risk.  These items should be taken to
hen you’re taking steps to clean out
a specialist e-waste recycler instead. 
your home or garage, please pay
Take a step towards zero waste

attention to what belongs in the inister of Defence Ron Mark today
While enjoying the summer and celebrating
recycling bin. Currently, about 12 per cent of announced New Zealand is sending
holiday festivities last January, Aucklanders
what we pick up from our kerbside recycling three Royal New Zealand Air Force
generated 3240 tonnes more waste. That’s the
collection is either non-recyclable items that
equivalent of 114 double-decker buses. If each NH90 helicopters and crew, and two NZ
people incorrectly put in the bin or items that
Auckland household reduced their waste by just Army Combat Engineer Sections as well as a
are too contaminated to recycle.
1 kilogram over the summer season, this would command element to support the Australian
Unfortunately, Auckland Council has to send
reduce Auckland’s summer waste by around 18
this waste to local landfills. On the ‘hit list’ of Defence Force efforts in tackling the Australian
double-decker buses’ worth every year.
worst common items that end up in kerbside Parul Sood reminds us, fires.
recycling bins are shoes, batteries, medical “The best way to de-clutter is to avoid The New Zealand Defence Force support
waste, nappies, and clothing. They will also take your green waste or rubbish, waste in the first place. We ask all residents to will deploy by Australian Defence Force C-17
There are many great options for keeping saving you a trip elsewhere consider the full life cycle of everything they and New Zealand Defence Force C-130 from
your unwanted items out of the landfill. Book an Auckland Council inorganic use or purchase.” Ohakea Airforce Base on a number of flights
Parul Sood, Auckland Council’s General collection online, by phone at 09 301 0101, “A circular economy is one in which we keep from Monday to Wednesday.
Manager for Waste Solutions, offers these tips or visit one of our service centres. Use it for resources in use for as long as possible, extract “This latest NZDF support is being provided
to make it easy for you to do the right thing some items not appropriate for your kerbside the maximum value from them while in use, and
in addition to the latest rotation of five NZDF
when you are done de-cluttering: bins, such as appliances, furniture, electronics then recover, regenerate, recycle or upcycle.
and lawnmowers. There is no charge for your For example, when people use Auckland Firefighters deployed to bolster numbers of
If you are donating to an Op Shop, make sure
it is an item that someone else wants to buy. on-property collection; it is included in your Council’s inorganic collection service, we emergency responders on the ground,” says
Take a minute to check clothing for stains or property’s rates. recover anything we can repair, repurpose, or Ron Mark.
holes, and call ahead to confirm they need what Wherever you choose to donate your items, recycle to prevent items from going to landfill. “We need to mention and thank those
you are offering. Smaller places lack storage please only drop off during open hours. “More than 6000 tonnes of material have Defence Force spouses, partners and children
and can be inundated at this time of year. Otherwise, it is illegal dumping and you may been diverted from landfill since the service whose holiday plans are being interrupted as
Turn your worn-out clothes into rags instead. be fined. was rolled out in 2015. Bookings are open now,
their family members are being called back to
You can drop off fabrics to Kiwi Cleaning Got an item you’re not sure what to do with? and you can cancel if you no longer need it
assist our Australian cousins in their time of
Rags in Mangere anytime during their opening Use this online tool, and we will tell you the closer to your date.”
best way to dispose of it responsibly. Whichever option you choose for your need,” says Mr Mark.
hours. Last year, they repurposed an estimated “I am truly grateful, and I thank them for their
360 tonnes of clothing fabric Last year, we also found dead animals, golf cleanout, please remember that leaving
clubs, barbed wire, prosthetic body parts, flares, unwanted items to languish on the kerbside is understanding and support.“
Visit a Community Recycling Centre for a
one-stop drop-off for most items. Community firearms and ammunition in kerbside recycling a form of illegal dumping. The NZDF contingent will deploy to Royal
recycling centres aim to reduce waste to landfill bins. If you see dumped rubbish on public property, Australian Air Force Base Edinburgh, in
by reusing, re-purposing and upcycling as Make sure items containing lithium-based call Auckland Council at 0800 NO DUMP Adelaide, South Australia, and will remain in
much as possible. The centres have shops on- batteries such as phones, gaming consoles, (0800 66 3867), and we will help take care of
Australia at least until the end of January. The
site to sell household and building materials. laptops, power tools, and vapers never go in it and investigate to find out who’s responsible.
NH90s will undertake transport tasks.

New Zealand Police Police remind people

releases public app
to lock it or lose it

olice have olice are reminding
released a free people to keep their
mobile app for vehicles and property
Apple and Android safe after recent thefts at
devices, providing local attractions.
another channel for A 29-year-old Napier
the public to access woman has been arrested
policing services, following a Hawke’s
information, news Bay Tactical Crime Unit
and alerts while on investigation into recent
the go and when it thefts from vehicles parked If
suits them. in the Maraetotora Falls and you’re
The NZ Police Tangoio Walkway carparks. heading out for the
app is available She will appear in day, think about leaving
for download from the Google Play Hastings District Court on Friday 10 January valuables at home or at
Store  and Apple App Store. charged with two counts of theft and one count ¡ If you your accommodation where
Commissioner of Police, Mike Bush, says the have to
in relation to using a stolen Eftpos card. they are safe. Thieves will
app gives users an easy way to receive national leave
Police want to remind the public that vehicles break in for something
and local Police news, alerts and safety advice; valuables
parked in rural or secluded spots, like carparks as small as loose
report incidents and issues to Police via the in your
at our local attractions, can be targeted by change
new 105 online form; and access other policing thieves. car, make
services. You can minimise their opportunities by: sure they are out of
With customisable notifications, app users ¡ Always taking keys with you when you leave sight, but remember hiding them is not as
can opt-in and choose what Police news and your vehicle safe as removing them.
alerts they want to receive. ¡ Always locking your vehicle when you leave ¡ Don’t leave documents with personal
“Our staff will always be at the centre of it. information or keys to your house/business/
keeping people safe and making them feel safe.  ¡ Closing all windows, including sunroofs. boat etc in your vehicle.
“However, as Commissioner, I’ve also ¡ Parking in well-lit areas if possible. ¡ Consider installing an alarm
ensured we are able to maximise technology ¡ Not leaving valuables in your car. to provide extra security.
developments to provide for new and improved to modernise its service delivery to ensure Please take the opportunity to protect
everyone in New Zealand, including If you’re heading out for the day, think
ways to access and receive policing services, as about leaving valuables at home or at your yourself, your personal property, and your
part of our mission ‘to be the safest country,” international visitors, can access policing community.
services anywhere, anytime. accommodation where they are safe. Thieves
Police Commissioner Mike Bush said. will break in for something as small as loose Information can be provided by calling
Commissioner Bush says the app is part of “I look forward to announcing further digital Police on 105, or 111 if a crime is occurring.
technology developments in early 2020.” change.
a wider suite of work Police is undertaking
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 9

Tobacco tax hike prompts fear among

dairy owners
¡ RADIO NEW ZEALAND the next plans. We have over 3000 dairies and

we desperately need those funds.
airy owners want the government to
“Dairy owners are not rich people, they are
step in and help fund increased security
hardly making minimum wage. They cannot
as another tobacco price rise comes
spend money protecting their shops and putting
into effect.
in expensive equipment. The government needs
An automatic 11.46 per cent increase will go
to come in because they are collecting the GST aggravated robberies was another unintended because of the tax increase - cigarettes are now
ahead on New Year’s Day 2020, the last of four
consecutive excise hikes put in place by the and the tax and so it’s also the government’s consequence of the policy - which she had like gold.”
former National Party government. responsibility to make sure our businesses and initially supported. Glover said it would be better to encourage
Crime Prevention Group president Sunny communities are safer.” “It’s been like the wild wild west here in people to make the move to alternatives like
Kaushal said aggravated robberies were on the New Zealand with aggravated robberies and vaping, instead of any more prices hikes.
Price hikes affecting serious harm being done to some shopkeepers. This news piece was originally published
rise because tobacco was so expensive.
“This has been a continuing issue as the
the vulnerable You know, one man lost an eye and another on Radio New Zealand and is being re-

I ndependent researcher Marewa Glover said was slashed down their arm with a machete. published by The Indian Weekender in the
government increases the tax year after year
the price hikes were disproportionately So these are very, very serious crimes and it’s agreement of content partnership.
and it’s not the solution to deter people from
smoking, in fact, it’s doing more damage. affecting vulnerable members of society and
“Some of the consumers who cannot afford they needed to stop.
tobacco are indulging in the black market and “What we need to be looking at is the very
the black market is driven by criminals and that high smoking rates among vulnerable groups.
includes violence on dairies and shops.” The lower socio-economic, the poorest people
The group represents most dairy owners have disproportionately high smoking rates,
throughout the country. Kaushal said shop mental health consumers and Maori still have
owners needed government help to protect this huge inequity in smoking rates compared
themselves. to non-Maori, non-Pacific people.
“The government is collecting over $2
“So, these particular groups, the most
billion in tobacco taxes but is not even spending
vulnerable with the highest smoking rates are
a fraction of it [on safety].”
paying way more than they can now afford.”
The former National Party government
set aside $1.8 million in June 2017 that shop She said high prices had proven a lot of
owners could apply for if they wanted to install people wouldn’t quit even if they could not
safety systems like alarms, fog cannons and afford it.
safes. “If anything, I believe, it’s driving financial
Kaushal said that fund was a good start but it stress, causing extra strain and that becomes a
needed to be topped up. driver to smoke. So the policy that was supposed
“About 400 or 500 dairies or shops got to get people to stop smoking is actually driving Level 1, 2 Princes Street, Auckland Central 1010
assistance but then the fund finished and I’ve people to smoke.” P. 09 950 4856 F. 09 366 0302 | www.jclegal.co.nz
been asking the current government, what are She said attacks on dairy owners in

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Mortgage services Insurance

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10 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Indian-American tourist named 17th

fatality of White Island eruption

ew Zealand Police earlier
on Monday, December
23, confirmed that another
person had died admitted at the
Middlemore Hospital following
the White Island eruption.
Police said the victim died
before 11 p.m. on Sunday,
December 22.
The New York Post revealed the
name of the deceased as Atlanta
woman Mayuari ‘Mary’ Singh
who was with her husband on
the tour of the White Island on
December 9.
Mayuari Singh received 70 per cent burns The search for two missing victims of the
of the Whakaari / White Island eruption was eruption was suspended on 24 December. The New York Post
on her body and died at the hospital due to
conducted by Coastguard and Police between However, police have staff available and ready
complications in her treatment which included revealed the name of
the island and the mainland. to respond if any new information becomes
skin grafts on burned areas of the body, NY Post
“No further items of significance were available. the deceased as Atlanta
& 11Alive reported.
located,” Police media reported. “We remain in close liaison with Mana
Mayuari Singh’s husband Pratap, ‘Paul’ woman Mayuari ‘Mary’
There are currently 13 patients being cared
Singh, received 40 per cent burns on his body Whenua, namely Ngati Awa and another coastal
for at four hospitals around New Zealand Singh who was with her
and remained hospitalised. iwi from the Matatatua waka, and are also
– Middlemore, Hutt Valley, Waikato, and
Mayuari Singh’s death brings the total death working closely with the key agencies involved husband on the tour of
Christchurch. 4 of these patients are critical.
toll from the White Island’s fatal eruption to 17, since the disaster with the aim of keeping all
13 patients have been transferred to Australia.
safe as the response to the disaster continues,”
the White Island
16 of whom died in New Zealand and one in
Australia. WHAKAARI/WHITE ISLAND- Police media said.
The last update as per New Zealand Police SUPPORT CONTINUES FOR The Police investigation on behalf of the
says that two people, Hayden Marshall-Inman, Coroner is continuing, in parallel with the Authorities have not returned to the island
40, and 17-year-old Winona Langford are still
ERUPTION VICTIMS WorkSafe New Zealand investigation since the recovery mission was completed.
missing and the search for their body was
suspended on December 24, 2019. P olice are continuing to support the victims
of the Whakaari/White Island eruption
along with the whanau of those who died or not
“Many of our staff involved worked long
hours during the operation and we are ensuring
they are receiving the appropriate wellbeing,
A rahui placed on the island was lifted on
29 December, and MPI has issued a warning
notice advising people not to eat kai moana
An extensive aerial search for further victims
yet returned support and rest.” taken within a 1km zone of the island’s coast.

Migrant family’s misfortune as visiting father

hospitalised just after travel insurance lapses
The medical emergency

young Kiwi-Indian migrant
family is reeling under
that precipitated in the
stress, uncertainty and next few days resulting
misfortune as their visiting father in multiple organ
have been hospitalised after suffering
from brain haemorrhage and multiple
failures, including brain
organ failure just after the parent’s haemorrhage and cardiac
travel insurance lapsed. arrest has turned the
Rameshkumar Venibhai Patel,
who was visiting his daughter fortunes of the family
Bhumikaben Patel and son-in-law upside down at a time
Yogesh Patel has suffered from brain when they were already
haemorrhage and multiple organ
failure and is currently hospitalised recovering after the
in Auckland’s Middlemore hospital birth of a new baby
for almost 30 days.
The parents were visiting New – when the father was disembarked family shared their plight with The
Zealand to provide initial post-natal from the flight and was referred to Indian Weekender before making an resulting in multiple organ failures, A fundraiser has been created by a
the doctor (GP). emotional plea to the community to including brain haemorrhage and family friend on Facebook requesting
care and support to their daughter
After visiting a GP on the same support them in footing the mounting cardiac arrest has turned the fortunes help from generous donors and the
after the couple recently had their
day and getting medicines, father medical bills. of the family upside down at a time wider community to support the
first baby in September 2019 and had
suffered a brain haemorrhage and “Our parents had come to support when they were already recovering young family at this distressful hour.
almost their feet out of New Zealand
multiple organ failure in the next us at the time of birth of our first after the birth of a new baby. The family is also in the process of
when the medical emergency struck creating a Givealittle page to reach
the family. couple of days, requiring urgent child, and we have done everything Yogesh had first arrived in New
emergency hospitalisation. to cover all potential risks including Zealand on a student visa for Level 7 out to New Zealanders for support.
The parents had boarded their Meanwhile, donors keen to
return-flight when they were Unsurprisingly, since then the medical costs during their stay in business diploma course in 2015 and
migrant couple, along with dealing New Zealand,” a visibly stressed assist the distressed family can
disembarked and referred to a doctor is currently on a three-year essential
send their contributions directly on
(GP) owing to the father’s unstable with an emotional crisis, is also Yogesh told the Indian Weekender. skills work visa, while his wife is
reeling with the crippling fear of the following details (the Indian
blood pressure that was deemed However, the misfortune had also not working after delivering
footing a mounting medical bill that struck them on the very last day of baby late last year. Weekender has not independently
unsafe for the air-travel. verified bank details):
The medical crisis started on is expected to rise to around hundred the validity of their insurance cover, “While we pray to God and do
thousand dollars, if not more. and their stay has to be extended everything in our control for our Bhumikaben Rameshbhai Patel
December 11, 2019 – the last day
Yogesh Patel, 30, who has been involuntarily. father’s treatment and recovery, the ASB A/c num: 12-3100-0414239-00
that covered their parents medical
on forced leave from work ever The medical emergency that rising medical bill will definitely be Mobile-0272727990
and travel insurance in New Zealand
since this misfortune struck their precipitated in the next few days beyond our means,” Yogesh said. ••
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 11

Dr Mashoor Gulati
aka Sunil Grover to
perform in Auckland

oing by his iconic stage characters such
as Guthi, Rinku Bhabhi and Dr Mashoor
Gulati, actor and stage comedian Sunil
Grover is once again coming to Auckland to
entertain his fans.
After giving several big hits such as Pataakha,
Bharat alongside Salman Khan and Coffee with
D- Sunil Grover has created his name as one
of the most entertaining actor/comedian of
this age.
Dominating the small screen on The Kapil
Sharma Show, Comedy Circus, Comedy
Nights with Kapil and most recently Big Boss something that he is born with,” Mr Iyer added.
Season 13- Sunil Grover promises to get the The hosts guarantee that ‘Sunil Grover- Live
audience off their seats with his rib-tickling in Auckland’ will bring loads of laughter and
comedy show coming up on February 28, at smiles to the audience and every person in the
Victory Convention Centre, Freemans Bay auditorium will go home with a happy memory.
in Auckland. “We promise to give you a night full of
CFI Events is the Events Manager of show entertainment- watch out for Guthi, Rinku
co-ordinated by RS Promotions, presented by Bhabhi, Dr Mashoor Gulati and Amitabh
Travel Corner & Bindu’s Brow+Beauty. Bachchan, all one stage and one night!” Mr
“We all know that Sunil is a versatile actor Iyer added.
and has portrayed so many different roles in The supporters of this event are Finance
his career, surely you will get to see a lot of Matters as Special Partner, Eggs and More
variety on the stage as well,” Event Manager catering partner, the Indian Weekender as the
of the show, Ram Iyer from CFI Events told the media partner, Radio Tarana as radio partner
and online ticketing on iTicket.
Indian Weekender.
“The initial response has been great, so we
“We think he will never run out of his
are expecting the venue to get filled up given
unique performance as he can even copy a
that tickets are at affordable prices.
normal person walking beside him and mimic
“It’s a full paisa vasool show with fun,
him immediately within his first meet and,
laughter and loads of masti,” Mr Iyer said.
also create new characters in a jiffy- this is

An exciting new opportunity has arisen to provide high-quality communications,
research and policy support to Priyanca Radhakrishnan, MP in the Onehunga
office. We are looking for a candidate who is self-motivated, has strong media
skills and an understanding within ethnic affairs. This position offers real
variety and plays a vital behind-the-scenes part in the parliamentary process.
You will be trusted to communicate complex issues in everyday language via
a range of media and communication channels. Additionally, you will provide
robust advice to develop and implement the communications strategy. This
role is a varied and multifaceted one where on any given day you will be tasked
with anything from drafting speeches and press releases, to engaging with
the community, to assisting in the development of Priyanca Radhakrishnan’s
ethnic affairs communications policy and researching her particular areas of
interest. You will have demonstrated experience in analysing and interpreting
data and a good knowledge of research methodology.
Our ideal candidate will have an in-depth understanding of the ethnic affairs
community landscape in Auckland as well as a firm grasp on the current
political landscape.
This role is for up to 40 hours per week. Some flexibility in hours will be
required, particularly when the House is sitting. This is an events-based, fixed-
term role linked to the term of the Member of Parliament.

Applications close Sunday, 19 January 2020

If you have any questions regarding this role please contact
12 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Trust Saffron Finance for

expert Mortgage/ Insurance Takanini Gurudwara cruises
advice backed by years
of experience
into the New Year with prayers

Mortgages: Risk Insurances:
akanini Gurudwara under
• Home loans • Life & Trauma Supreme Sikh Society
• Commercial Property loans • Key Person Cover
took a unique route to
• Business Loans • Medical / Health
• Top up & Debt consolidation • TPD and Income Protection cruise into the new year by
• Re-Finance and Refixing • Mortgage Repayment cover getting the community to pray
• Investment Property loans • New to Business & from New Year’s eve for the next
• Restructuring of loan • Business Continuity Cover three days until Guru Purab on
• Construction & Renovation • Redundancy Cover Friday, January 2, 2020.
Every year Takanini
Gurudwara presents an array
of performances by bringing
the community together for
prayers, langar, children’s event and an
iconic firework but this year the temple
Contact for organised just a prayer service and
Nagar Kirtan parade for the new year
free assessment activity.
Nimish Parikh “The World is burning so pray to
18B Kirby Street, Glendene,
Registered Financial Adviser Auckland 0602 God bring peace and love for everyone,
M. 021 236 7070 P O Box - 69263 , Glendene, irrespective of their culture, caste,
nimish@saffronfinance.co.nz Auckland 0645 religion, ethnicity and nationality,”
Daljit Singh, President of Supreme Sikh
www.saffronfinance.co.nz Society of New Zealand told the Indian
INDIAN REPUBLIC DAY The Gurudwara invited community
members on the New Year’s Eve, and
SPECIAL EDITION the kirtan started at 6 p.m. until 12:30
On Friday, January 2, approximately
birth anniversary of 10th Sikh Guru,
3000 people gathered at the temple
a.m. on Wednesday, January, 1 praying Guru Govind Singh. 2020 marks the
to participate in the Nagar Kirtan
for peace, humanity and wellbeing of 345th birth anniversary of Guru Govind
parade, including senior citizens, men, Singh observed globally on January 2
the world. After a few hours break, the
kirtan started again at 4:30 a.m. until approximately 400 women and children. with prayers and Nagar Kirtan.
10 p.m. where thousands of community The procession went through the Supreme Sikh Society currently
members attended the Gurbani sessions Great South Road in South Auckland carrying renovations of the Takanini
at different intervals of the day. reciting kirtan on the way, and spreading Gurudwara which is expected to be
“Our children took an important part the message of Sikhism. shining new given its multi-million
in all the ceremonies and led the parade dollar and world’s first mega sports
Guru Purab is an important festival
24th January early in the morning with our flags,” Mr
Singh added.
for the Sikh community celebrating the
complex in a gurudwara (Outside India)
will be inaugurated on March 22, 2020.

South Asian Community Leaders Group

meets with senior Immigration officials to
discuss visa issues
¡ SANDEEP SINGH Zealand, and we had some positive

he South Asian Community outcomes.”
Leaders Group representing The agenda included briefing
South Asian countries and educating the INZ management
including India, Pakistan, Nepal, about the background, contribution
Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and and crucial role the South Asian
Bangladesh, had met with senior communities have been playing in
management of Immigration the nation-building for over 100
New Zealand just before the years in NZ.
Christmas break. The Group leaders had expressed The Group leaders had
their concerns in details on
The meeting was part of ongoing
unprecedented situation caused
expressed their concerns in
engagement with the government to The National being moved to Beijing and Hamilton
discuss the proposed changes made
by the delays in the processing details on unprecedented Manager of offices to make the Mumbai office
of various category visas and the
in the immigration policy affecting
financial, social and cultural costs
situation caused by the Education and workload more manageable.
migrant communities and finding an delays in the processing of Tourism advised At the end the interactive session,
suffered by the migrant community
amicable solution. due to its actions. that the Mumbai Mr Kaushal submitted a memorandum
The Immigration New Zealand was various category visas and the office is being to the Immigration New Zealand
Prior to this meeting, members
led by Stephen Dunstan - General of the public in large numbers financial, social and cultural overhauled and signed by all the community
Manager, Matt Hoskin - National had contacted the South Asian numbers of staff leaders and emphasized the on the
Manager Immigration Engagement,
costs suffered by the migrant are now increased need of continued engagement and
Community Leaders Group sending
Jeannie Melville - National Manager overwhelming written questions community due to its actions. from 35 to 77. A setting up of a consultation group
Education and Tourism, Jason Chand online for INZ, were also presented new operational representing South-East Asian
- Relationship Manager and the to the INZ management. manual and training countries. The key submissions
support staff. A presentation was also given Among the major operational model has been introduced to bring included formal structuring of INZ
Speaking with the Indian by the INZ officials on draft new announcement, the demand to efficiencies and reduce the delays, a officers’ discretionary powers and
Weekender, Sunny Kaushal, the policies and operational changes overhaul the Mumbai branch that major concern earlier raised by the transparency in their decision-
spokesperson of the Group, said, based on previous submissions and was pressed by the South Asian community leaders. The National making process and the need for
“It was a good meeting with senior feedback submitted by the South Community Leaders from the very Manager also advised that some cultural reports in the culturally
management of Immigration New Asian communities. beginning has been actioned. non-Indian visa applications are now arranged marriage visa applications.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 13

Kite Festival is back Smoke a timely reminder

this Sunday, Jan 12 to check inhalers
moke from Australian bush fires could expire, and so you should ensure that your
¡ RIZWAN have effects on asthma, COPD, and inhalers are up to date in case you need them."
MOHAMMAD other respiratory conditions if it reaches Smoke can irritate the airways and trigger
low air levels, says Asthma and Respiratory worsening of respiratory illnesses such as

he great Indian Foundation NZ. asthma, bronchitis, or COPD, with children
Kite festival This smoke has been drifting across the and the elderly being among those most at risk
organised by Tasman for several days, with noticeable effects of unexpected flare-ups. Reducing the chance
Vaishnav Parivar (NZ) on weather across the North Island. of exposure or outdoor exertion can help to
Inc. is back on Sunday, ARFNZ Chief Executive Letitia Harding prevent any complications.
January 13 at Eastdale says that, while there haven’t yet been official "The best advice we can give is to keep
reports of increased respiratory problems taking your preventer medications, and keep
Reserve in Avondale.
for New Zealanders, people with respiratory your reliever medication on hand," says Letitia.
The festival that is
conditions should be mindful of potential risks. "If you are experiencing worsening of your
hosted celebrating the "If you have a respiratory condition, you
occasion of Makar respiratory condition, or believe you may be
should ensure that you keep your medication
Sankranti attracts more developing symptoms, contact your GP as soon
with you at all times," says Letitia. "It’s also
as possible to discuss your options."
than 8000 people every a good time to remember that medication does
year and is poised to get even bigger this year. people. There will be a number of performances
The organisers have arranged 5000 kites, on the stage by local artists and dance groups
strings from India that the public can buy from who will entertain the crowd.
the venue at a nominal price. “During the event, we get seniors and women
“In the last few years, we have seen the of our Gujarati community who start doing the
community coming to the event not just to fly garba near the stage that eventually is joined by
kites but to have a complete family outing or over 60 people, all-dancing at once which looks
picnic, and this is what has made Kite Festival magnificent,” Mr Patel said.
bigger every year,” Manhar Patel, president of There will be a number of stalls, and
Vaishnav Parivar (NZ) Inc. said. sponsored gifts, raffles and lucky draw with
The event is very popular amongst young different prizes and travel coupons for the
Kiwi Indians, Kiwis, Fiji Indians, Islanders winners. There will also be a gazebo at the
and also residents in the region who come with venue where senior citizens can sit, and relax
different designs of kites to fly at the event. away from the sun and different drawing, henna
“We start the event around 11 a.m., and the and face painting activities will be held for the
ground gets almost full with families running children. The organisers have also arranged
with their kites by afternoon, especially children bouncy castles and merry-go-round for the
who buy and fly multiple kites and camp their children to play at the venue.
tents at with the families,” Mr Patel added. “I invite all my community members, get
Besides the kite flying activity, the event will your families, neighbours and friends to be a
have several food stalls that will sell delicious part of their great kite festival and make it a
Indian snacks, kulfi, drinks, tea and lassi for the grand success once again,” Mr Patel added.


in association with
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
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Presents in Manukau East
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& Food Stalls THREADS
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& Many More
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Rahul Chopra on 09 278 9302
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Event Supported by
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14 NEW ZEALAND Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Auckland residential housing market at

most buoyant in four years in December
he Auckland residential housing market were strong towards year end, improving
ended 2019 strongly with December available choice, which had been restricted
sales numbers being their highest in four earlier in the year.
years and prices holding onto most of the gains 2019 in comparison to 2018
made in November.
“Based on year end trading, the Auckland “When reviewing 2019 on a 12-month
housing market is set for an active late v 12-month basis with 2018, the Auckland
summer and autumn selling season,” said Peter property market has been stable.
Thompson, Managing Director of Barfoot & “In 2019, the average number for new listings
Thompson. on a monthly basis (at 1226 v 1413 for 2018),
“In November, prices increased significantly listings at month end (4086 v 4486) and sales
with sales numbers remaining modest. In (777 v 805) were lower than for 2018. It shows
December it was the reverse, with sales fewer homes came to market, choice was more
numbers moving significantly and with prices restricted and fewer sales were made.
holding onto most of November’s gains. “At the same time the average price on a
“The market is the most buoyant it has been at month end we had only 3191 properties on monthly basis in 2019 at $933,259 was up 0.4
month at $865,000 is the third highest for the our books, the lowest number in any month for percent, and the median price at $839,250 was
at this time of the year for three to four years.
past 24 months. more than four years. Properties for sale were up 0.3 percent on those for 2018.
“We sold 777 properties in December, in
“Buyers have reached the point where they 13.8 percent lower than in the previous month “However, when the average and median
excess of 50 percent more than we sold in the
realise the market is potentially ready to move and limited stock is holding back sales activity. prices for the last two months of the year are
same month last year. You would have to go
forward and are acting decisively. “The rural and lifestyle market ended the compared, the average monthly price in that
back to 2014 for December sales numbers to be
“New listings for the month at 682 were year relatively quietly. While sales numbers for period is 1.3 percent higher and the average
significantly higher. excellent for a December, the highest for this monthly median price is 1.7 percent higher.
“The average selling price for the month at the month were up compared to the same month
month for three years. last year prices did not follow the trend being “It is this late surge in prices that has changed
$949,092 is the third highest monthly sales “The strong December performance has the public’s perceptions as to where the property
experienced in the urban areas at year end.
price on record, and the median price for the left the market extremely short of stock and market is now heading.”
“New listings in the rural and lifestyle market

Boxing Day tops busy How has

season for merchants your income
was had by
time was highest outside
the major centres, changed?
shoppers and including Marlborough new interactive web tool lets people see how incomes have
merchants this year, (+13.3%), Wanganui changed where they live, Stats NZ said today.
across the Paymark (+11.5%) and “Our tool demonstrates what we can do solely from tax data
network. A new peak and is part of ongoing work to develop new statistics using existing
Wairarapa (+11.2%).
spend was reached on data,” analytics manager Alan Bentley said.
Spending growth was
Friday 20 December “For example, we can see that median annual income for women in
moderate in Northland/
and spending over the their early 40s in the Gore district increased from $27,800 in 2009 to
Auckland (+1.5%)
six weeks leading into $37,400 in 2017.”
but down in Otago
Christmas Day was up Stats NZ’s new experimental web tool lets you see how your income
(-0.8%) and West Coast compares with the rest of New Zealand for your age group and sex, by
an underlying 4.6%
(-3.2%). region or district, from Gore to Whangarei. You can also see how median
on last year to $8,887
Spending at incomes have changed across New Zealand.
Supermarkets (+5.1%)
The pre-Christmas
and Liquor retailers Image of new web tool showing regional annual median income of
spend got away to a 25–29-year-old men
(+14.2%) was up on
strong start with the Boxing Day last year,
Black Friday sales late as too was spending at
November, with the Cafes and restaurants
Boxing Day sales again (+6.1%) but the key
extending the spending interest is amongst the
season. As usual, for shops were the bargains
most merchants, the were aplenty.
busiest days remain the For the core retailers
days immediately before (excluding food and
Christmas Day. Black hospitality retailers)
Friday proved to be a including many of the
busier day than Boxing discounters, Boxing
Day in total this year Day was mixed
but that relativity varies depending on which
considerably between market segment they
merchant groupings. operate in. Underlying
spending for this key Tax data allows more detailed estimates, including breakdowns by
Boxing Day proved age, sex, region, and district. Previously we could only produce such
group of merchants was
to be another bonus for detailed estimates every five years from census data.
0.4% below Boxing
the bargain hunters. About the data
Day last year. Spending
Spending through These annual median income estimates only include income from
was up for the likes
Paymark totalled $149.8 wages, salaries, and self-employed income sources, and do not include
of Sport equipment
million on Thursday 26 any income from government benefits, investments, or other similar
retailers (+5.6%)
December, up 3.9% on income sources.
and Hardware stores Including self-employed income in these estimates means we can only
an underlying basis on (+6.6%) but down for
Boxing Day last year. produce estimates from 2009 to 2017. (The latest data is from two years
Clothing and footwear ago, since tax forms from self-employed income can be submitted up to
Spending growth stores (-7.6%). two years after their reference period.)
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 FIJI 15

Australian PM thanks Fiji for assistance offer

ustralian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and properties.
has thanked Prime Minister Voreqe He expressed his sympathy for terrible loss
Bainimarama for his support. of livestock and wildlife, and threats to native
Bainimarama in his letter of Bainimarama and endemic flora and fauna.
condolence to Morrison yesterday says our prayers The Prime Minister says the scenes
offered Fiji’s assistance are with the families of destruction are heartbreaking and
and support to Australians he saluted the extraordinary bravery
who have suffered from
struggling with bushfires which of the thousands of men and
the loss of their loves
have taken lives and destroyed women, especially the volunteers
ones and their homes,
homes. of the Rural Fire Service who are
businesses and
In a letter to Morrison, placing their lives on the line to
Bainimarama assured that Fiji properties. protect their fellow Australians.
is ready to assist in any way we can The fires in Australia started in September
to deal with the present crisis as we count the last year and continues to burn across the state
Australian people among our closest friends. of New South Wales.
Bainimarama says our prayers are with the Meanwhile, officials warn huge fires in
families who have suffered from the loss of Victoria and New South Wales could meet and
their loves ones and their homes, businesses create a larger “mega blaze”.

International trafficking
to Fiji extends to Thailand
ictims of international
trafficking to Fiji who
were previously only from
China and the Philippines have
now extended to Thailand and other
This was revealed by the
International Organization for
Migration during their presentation
on trafficking issues in Fiji at the
National Workshop on Human

Fiji’s extensive porous border Trafficking and Child Exploitation

underway in Sigatoka.
Presenting at the Workshop,
the International Organization for
Migration report, around 25 known

makes it vulnerable for trafficking Project Officer Lee Yacoumis says cases of human trafficking to Fiji
Fiji is the first transit and destination have been captured of which some

country for men, women, and are being prosecuted.
inister for Women & Children Mereseini “For the pacific with the limited data on trafficking
children trafficked for the purpose “Overexploitation in Fiji is
Vuniwaqa while opening the National in persons it is difficult to ascertain the real impact of
of sexual and labor exploitation connected with local extractive
Workshop on Human Trafficking and Child human trafficking in the region.
including domestic servitude. industries such as fishing and mining
Exploitation stressed that Fiji provides the only air-link "As such it is only prudent that we must establish a
“There is international trafficking and that Fiji is developing a stronger
connectivity across the region. robust system now that counteracts the trafficking
“Countering Human Trafficking through the "For of persons before it escalates to a scale that as well as domestic trafficking inspection program looking to
strengthening of our internal controls will the pacific we cannot respond effectively to, if at all.” in Fiji and we know there are ensure employers are doing the right
effectively reduce the illegal movement of with the limited data She says while men are also sourced countries for victims into thing by migrant workers.”
people to other States within the region that on trafficking in persons susceptible to trafficking for forced Fiji are broadening. It appears that Meanwhile, the workshop also
transit through Fiji.” it is difficult to ascertain labour, statistics reveal that children trafficking is increasing in Fiji but includes a proposed National
Vuniwaqa highlighted that trafficking is the real impact of human and women are more vulnerable. Framework on human trafficking
that is not shared effectively and we
one of the worst forms of violence against trafficking in the According to the United Nations women which will be presented by the
do know that the numbers are still
women and girls who are used for sexual region" and girls make up 72 percent of all known Ministry of Defence and National
exploitation and forced labour. human trafficking victims worldwide. Yacoumis said according to Security.

Urgency of Australian firefighters should inspire the

world to act on climate change: PM Bainimarama
rime Minister Voreqe latitudes. gas emissions.
Bainimarama says the sense The Prime Minister says that He says that people should not
of adrenaline-fuelled urgency unlike international negotiations, take the privileges they have enjoyed
of the Australian firefighters who are firefighters and rescue workers do for decades for granted.
forced to risk their lives to contain not have the luxury of sitting at He adds that children and
the bushfires should inspire the world conference tables when they are grandchildren deserve the chance to
to act on climate change. forced to risk their lives to contain dive reefs to see their great beauty
He says our prayers are with these kinds of disasters. rather than the bleached remains of
Australia but prayers alone will not He says that in the climate change an acidic ocean.
turn back the tides of the climate arena when delegations from around The Prime Minister says that
crisis facing the world and for that the world gather in conference they deserve to see koalas roam in
meaningful action is needed. rooms to negotiate the best path their natural habitats, rather than
In a letter to The Guardian, forward to ensure a habitable planet drive through a charred landscape
Bainimarama says that with every for future generations, leaders need and ash and they also deserve
additional degree of average global to be delicate when referencing clean drinking water, to live in the
warming, the scale and frequency of any attribution between individual know in their hearts that something is foreshadowed by the disappointing communities where they have lived
wildfires will increase exponentially, disasters and global temperature rise. very, very wrong here. outcomes of COP25, high emitters for generations, and to live not in fear
as will the intensity of heat-driven He adds that this is because, while He says we know that things are dug in their heels and lacked real of nature’s wrath, but in harmony
tropical cyclones. climate science is crystal clear, global getting worse and as the world gets ambition; however, people must not with its beauty.
Bainimarama says that people are climate politics remain murky, mired hotter and drier, fires will continue be left feeling defeated. He also adds that if inaction
now understanding more acutely than in fear of disrupting the status quo. to burn, landscapes and critical Bainimarama says COP26 in is chosen, this crisis for future
ever before, the maximum threshold Bainimarama says he is exhausted ecosystems will continue to be turned Glasgow later this year will give generations will be fanned, but
for global average temperature rise by the lack of accountability that to ash, lives will continue to be lost. them a critical opportunity to instead, a different path is chosen and
must not exceed 1.5C – a limit that comes from this type of tip-toeing. He says that while 2020 began make meaningful commitments a commitment is made to achieving
serves to interests of all countries, The COP23 President says that bleak in the fight against climate that are needed to radically and net-zero emissions, people can still
especially those at our southern people do not need to be scientists to change and was ominously systematically reduce greenhouse win this fight for their lives.
Thought of the week
"Strength does not come from physical
capacity. It comes from an indomitable will
–Mahatma Gandhi

Editorial 10 January – 16 January

Will Iran-US issue Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu
act as a dampener or
much more than that On-and-off Partly Parlty Clouds and A touch o Sunshine A few

rain and sunny sunny sun dafr and pactcy morning
arkets had begun to roll on expected lines and the breadth was improving drizzle clouds showers
as well, till Thursday/Friday when US President Donald Trump had a top
commander of Iran and others killed through a drone attack. Markets fell 21° 23° 24° 23° 23° 24° 24°
globally and suddenly a positive and feel good atmosphere has been vitiated. 14° 13° 16° 15° 16° 16° 17°
BSE Sensex lost 110.53 points or 0.27 per cent to close at 41,464.61 points. It had
earlier made a lifetime high of 41,649.29 points on Thursday. NIFTY lost 19.15 points or This week in New Zealand’s history
0.16 per cent to close at 12,226.65 points.
Like BSE Sensex, NIFTY too made a new lifetime high of 12,289.90 points before 10 January 1928
losing ground. Pioneer aviators vanish over the Tasman
The broader markets saw BSE100 lose 0.06 per cent, while the BSE200 and BSE500
gained 0.08 per cent and 0.32 per cent, respectively. BSEMIDCAP gained 1.24 per cent,
N ew Zealanders George Hood and John Moncrieff disappeared during a ‘gallant if somewhat
ill-organised attempt’ to complete the first flight across the Tasman Sea. They took off
from Richmond, Sydney, in a single-engined Ryan monoplane, the Aotearoa, in the early hours
while BSESMALLCAP was up 3.26 per cent. of 10 January. 
Dow Jones lost 10.38 points or 0.04 per cent to close at 28,634.88 points. Incidentally
even the Dow made a new lifetime high of 28,872.80 points. 10 January 1902
The Indian Rupee lost ground on Friday post the attack and lost 44 paisa or 0.62 per The world's first state-registered nurse
cent to close at Rs 71.80 to the US dollar.
In 2011, Trump had said that former President Bill Clinton would start a war with Iran O n 10 January 1902, the world’s first state-registered nurses had their names entered in the
register. Topping the list was Ellen Dougherty of Palmerston North.
to help him win the upcoming elections. Whether Trump has done the same or something 10 January 1838
different one wonders.
Catholic missionaries arrive at Hokianga
The trade war issue with China which lasted over a year is probably and hopefully rench Bishop Jean Baptiste François Pompallier arrived at Hokianga. His party celebrated
coming to an end and now this new escalation? their first mass three days later.
The US would be electing their new President in the later half of this calendar year.
Whether this is a diversionary tactic for the upcoming impeachment hearing or election 12 January 1954
gimmick or both, only time will tell. Queen Elizabeth II opens Parliament
However, it would impact global markets adversely.
Oil prices have begun to rise post the event and they would hit all oil importing countries
A crowd of 50,000 greeted Queen Elizabeth II, resplendent in her coronation gown, when she
opened a special session of the New Zealand Parliament in its centennial year. This was the
first time a reigning monarch had opened New Zealand’s Parliament.
including India.
The irony is that it would benefit the oil producing states which include Iran and others 14 January 1948
in the Gulf region. Further there is a small portion of sea known as Gulf of Hormuz which 14-year-old finds New Zealand’s oldest fossils
is controlled by Iran and from where over a fourth of world’s crude passes on a daily
basis. I n 1948, a 14-year-old Nelson schoolboy discovered the oldest fossils ever found in New
Zealand. Malcolm Simpson was a member of the party that accompanied University of Otago
geologist Noel Benson on an expedition to Cobb Valley, near Motueka.
The situation between Iran and US has become very fluid and would be tracked on a
daily basis as escalation is likely to rise. 16 January 1941
India is closely aligned to Iran and does have friendly relations with them but if the gulf Women's Auxiliary Air Force founded
becomes messy, one is not sure how things would pan out.
Tata Sons and Ratan Tata have filed petitions in the Supreme Court requesting urgent
hearing against NCLAT order of restoring Cyrus Mistry.
T he Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) was formed to enable the Royal New Zealand Air
Force (RNZAF) to release more men for overseas service during the Second World War.
Within 18 months, authorities also created a Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps and a Women’s
The order of NCLAT has been challenged on the ground that it has gone beyond relief Royal Naval Service.
asked for by Cyrus Mistry. Indian Weekender : Volume 11 Issue 41
It is expected that Supreme Court would take up the matter when they resume this week Publisher: Kiwi Media Publishing Limited
after their vacation. Content Editor: Sandeep Singh | sandeep@indianweekender.co.nz
FII’s or FPI’s as they are now known were big buyers in 2019. Chief Reporter: Rizwan Mohammad | rizwan@indianweekender.co.nz
They invested over Rs 1.01 lakh crore in calendar year 2019. Taking a rough dollar Chief Technical Officer: Rohan deSouza | rohan@indianweekender.co.nz
equivalent of Rs 71, it means a net investment of over 14 billion dollars. This figure is the Sr Graphics and Layout Designer: Mahesh Kumar | mahesh@indianweekender.co.nz
highest over the last five years if not more. Graphic Designer: Yashmin Chand | design@indianweekender.co.nz
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This is despite the fact that India has not been a better performing market in global
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markets. The week ahead would closely follow developments on the Iran-US front. With Sales and Distribution: 021 952218 | sales@indianweekender.co.nz
Iran issuing very strong condemnation of the attack and threatening stern retaliation, one Editor at Large: Dev Nadkarni | dev@indianweekender.co.nz
wonders in what form it would be.
Views expressed in the publication are not necessarily of the publisher and the publisher
The world response would also be crucial to the ongoing dispute which seemed to be
is not responsible for advertisers’ claims as appearing in the publication
resolving with US diluting sanctions on Iran in the previous fortnight.
While markets would be nervous and cautious it does not mean that they would lose Views expressed in the articles are solely of the authors and do not in any way represent
the views of the team at the Indian Weekender
ground significantly. They would consolidate and take cues from the news flow from the
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two countries.
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strong rallies to sell. Copyright 2017. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Markets are in a buoyant mood and probably this issue could help to cool
them of.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 OPINION/EDITORIAL 17


Is the ‘Indian elephant dancing’ well?

n few weeks time when India hosts
its flagship multilateral foreign policy
conference – Raisina Dialogue 2020 –
global experts, including those from New
Zealand, will get a chance for a better insight of
the Indian elephant’s ‘dancing’ abilities, in its
pursuit of the multi-generational goal of being
a leading world power. 
The Raisina Dialogue is a multilateral
conference hosted by a premier India think
tank the Observer Research Foundation in
collaboration with the Government of India’s,
Ministry of External Affairs that seeks to
address the most challenging issues facing the
global community. Every year, global leaders
in policy, business, media and civil society are
hosted in New Delhi to discuss cooperation on 17
a wide range of pertinent international policy
Among other things, this conference will
give a remarkable opportunity to get an
insight of Indian foreign policy and strategic
thinking and to assess what David M.
Malone – the Canadian author and a former intense debate in both houses of the parliament
High-Commissioner to India – has famously with a numerically marginalised opposition. As
enquired in 2014 through his book - Does the amendment of the Citizenship Act, several
the Elephant Dance? Contemporary Indian regions and constituencies of India are already
Foreign Policy, where he had presented a boiling with resentment leading to many
hitherto unexplored perspective into whether demonstrations that have turned violent. 
or not India is ready to become one of the five Given the Indian State’s track record of
superpowers in the world.  managing internal dissent of its people based
Notably, the Indian political and foreign on their respective regional, ethnic, linguistic
strategic elites have always been pursuant of and cultural aspirations, it might be too
the claim of the status of a leading substantial early to suggest if the Indian State could be
world power, right since its independence from distressed to a level where the state had to
British colonial rule about seven decades ago either choose to back down from its legislative
– a truly exciting, but an equally ambitious – and administrative enactments, or could be
project that continues to attract attention from discomforted by any level of negative global
its friends and detractors, alike.  PR. 
Ever since David Malone’s apt comparison The Indian State is not only resolute enough
of the contemporary Indian foreign policy to shrug off such minor irritations, but also have
with performing art of dancing, it will not be on many previous occasions withstood intense
absolutely imprudent to assess India’s pursuit global pressures, to continue on a path that it
of the much elusive leading power-status in the believed was in pursuant to its core national
international system – as symptomatic of its interests.  
ability to ‘dance.’  However, from a foreign policy perspective,
Dance is a form of performing art that two related observations that beg attention
consists of purposefully selected sequences and are the cancellation of Modi-Shinzo Abe
rhythmic human movement of different body summit meeting in Guwahati amid Citizenship
parts with aesthetic and symbolic value for the Amendment Act unrest, and the utterances of
purpose of expressing an idea or emotion.  Indian Home Minister during a parliamentary
And by ability of ‘dancing,’ of the Indian debate that castigated the political culture of
elephant, the suggestion is towards carrying three of its neighbouring states – Afghanistan,
out India’s foreign strategic policies in a Bangladesh and Pakistan. 
seamlessly coordinated, rhythmic and aesthetic Japan and India has been strengthening their
manner that not only amplifies support for bilateral relationship in recent years, especially
India’s sustained economic growth but also a under the leadership of the two Prime Ministers
favourable international order that minimises some minor irritations to India’s relations For long Indian leaders have argued that India
– Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi. The two
conflict with existing adversaries and prevents with three neighbours, and is likely to enhance has been gifted with a difficult-neighbourhood,
leaders had been meeting in annual summit
from creation of new adversaries for the Indian some immediate workloads of their respective which often complicates its foreign-strategic
level talks alternatively in each other’s country.
state.  foreign policy mandarins, who would have policy choices. 
In 2019 Modi was keen to host Abe in
What is also inherent in the ‘Indian already swung into a damage control mode However, from what it appears the manner
Guwahati and hold the annual summit on the
elephant’s dancing’ here, would be, how the to prevent any long-term impact on the wider in which the Indian elephant is dancing at
banks of Brahmaputra and take him to Manipur
Indian state carries its complex domestic socio- bilateral relations.   the moment, if it is dancing at all, it appears
to pay homage to soldiers of the Imperial
economic policies without increasing too many In the realm of foreign policy, generally, is stepping on its sub-continental neighbour’s
Japanese Army and Netaji Subhas Chandra
social anxieties of its own multi-cultural, multi- states and their statesmen, refrain from pride. 
Bose’s Indian National Army, who were
sectoral, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and unnecessarily stepping-on the sense of pride of It’s also another matter that the current
defeated by the British Army in the Battle of
multi-linguistic population that can potentially the fellow nation-states, despite any measure of government which has been swept to power
Imphal in 1944.
delay, if not impede, India’s rise as a responsible asymmetric power-difference between them.  for a second term earlier this year with a record
The cancellation of the summit will not
leading power within the international system.  In India’s case, it’s not that there could be electoral mandate, is choosing to address the
have any discerning impact at all on either the
In that regard, for now, it seems that the Indian any immediate significant implications from social issues that has potential to exacerbate
bonhomie of the two Leaders, or the overall
elephant’s ability to ‘dance’ is under some the events unfolding in New Delhi, except that the complex social- religious fault lines of the
bilateral relations between the two countries
strain, if not seriously undermined, especially it compels the world to take notice if the ‘Indian complex Indian society, instead of focussing
as the two governments are already exploring
after the recent passing of the Citizenship elephant is dancing well’ – and by dancing well on structural economic reforms to boost an
opportunities of hosting the summit in either
Amendment Act in the Indian parliament.   it means – where are Indian state’s immediate otherwise slowing economy.
January or April in 2020.
Recently the Indian parliament has enacted priorities and how well is the Indian polity Raisina dialogue 2020 will offer better insight
On the other hand, the Indian Home
the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 after an pulling all strings of its complex domestic and how the Indian elephant has been dancing.
Minister’s comments may or may not cause
foreign policy goals. 
18 INDIA Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Indians under 20 must renew OCI

cards after each passport renewal: Govt
he Indian government is advising of 21 and 50 years don't need to get the cards statement said. Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Scheme
Indians under 20 years of age who hold re-issued each time after passport renewal. The OCI card works as a multiple entry, was introduced by amending the Citizenship
Overseas Citizen of India or OCI cards The Indian government is allowing multi-purpose life-long visa to India, and Act, 1955, in August 2005.
to get them re-issued each time they get their "temporary relaxation" till June 30 this year exempts card holders from the need to register
passport re-issued. for selected cases where any OCI card holder with local police authorities even for long
For OCI card holders above 50 years, the less than 20 years old travels with a copy of India stays and can be used as identity proof
card needs to be re-issued only once after the new passport, the OCI card and the old for application of PAN card and driving license
passport renewal, according to details in a passport which is linked to the OCI card. and for opening a bank account if the OCI card
press release issued by the Indian Consulate in For OCI card holders over 50 years old too, holder is residing in India.
New York.OCI card holders between the age the same relaxation applies until June 30, the The OCI card came into being after the

It's 'muscular' Modi versus Top Army

'accountable' Kejriwal in Delhi in China
T to discuss
he BJP has gone through from ever since large scale protests
many flip flops on whether erupted in the country.

peace on
to choose a Chief Ministerial But Modi has never said
candidate for the 2020 Delhi election nationwide NRC will never be
or not and finally settled on going brought in, something the BJP
ahead with Prime Minister Narendra
Modi's face. It leaves the election
bipolar, to be fought in a Presidential
stresses during its door to door
campaign among its supporters and
fence sitters, in Delhi. The BJP, has
style. Both AAP and BJP will shy already identified scores in each of
away from accepting it, but both 70 constituencies of Delhi who are
knows it's a face off between Modi still undecided on who to vote.
and AAP leader and CM Arvind At the end, its all about the
Kejriwal. persona of two people and not about
While the Delhi unit of the BJP Delhi Chief Minister-designate Arvind Kejriwal calls on the Prime Minister Narendra two parties. "Acche beete paanch
Modi, in New Delhi
is going big on regularisation of saal", the slogan of AAP is all about
1,731 unauthorised colonies, many any acceptable face, leave aside "commitment towards people". thanking Kejriwal. Many autos are
in the party think this is not enough. popular one, this is BJP's counter to If AAP supporters flaunt that already carrying adverstisements
So while state leaders like Manoj Kejriwal. electricity bills have gone down to in its rear announcing "I love
Tiwari, Vijay Goel, and Vijendra Kejriwal, on the other hand, is zero, BJP supporters take pride in Kejriwal". BJP, from its Ram Lila
Gupta will continue to project it as going to polls, banking on the works the fact Kashmir is being united with rally, "thanked" PM Modi for "giving
the BJP's achievement, the focus he has done. The townhall meetings the mainland India after decades. a life of dignity of people residing in
of central leadership will continue where he presents his accounts of And in both cases, its Kejriwal and unauthorised colonies" or "saving the
to be Modi's "decisive actions". work done is a deliberate move to Modi who are credited for it by their dignity of Hindu, Sikh wives, sisters
Abrogation of Article 370, axing of present a foil. Accountability is being respective supporters. living in Pakistan, by bringing in

Article 35A, legislations like Triple marketed by the Aam Aadmi Party In terms of future goals, if AAP CAA". o foster friendly relations
Talaq and Citizenship Amendment as if it is a part of the party's basic is banking on Kejriwal's promise to It's not a fight of ideologies. between India and China,
Act will be dominating the BJP's ethos. In spite of the BJP running clean up the toxic Yamuna River in Neither it's a clash of two parties. Its Northern Army Commander
discourse projecting Narendra Modi it down as a "failure", the AAP has next five years, the BJP is banking on a direct face off between two faces Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh
as muscular leader with decision- projected Mohalla clinics, a localised BJP's promise of nationwide NRC, that are bigger than their parties or led a military delegation to China
making capabilities. In absence of version of treatment centres as its something which Modi has retreated the ideologies they represent. and held talks with generals of the
People's Liberation Army (PLA), the

India’s first Indian Army said on Wednesday.

Lt Gen Singh, who is on a five-day

manned mission
visit to China, will visit vital military
and civil establishments in Beijing,
Chengdu, Urumqi and Shanghai to

Gaganyaan exchange views on measures for

furthering peace and tranquillity.

may take one

The visit comes close on the heels
of Joint Military Exercise 'Hand-in
Hand 2019' recently held between

astronaut the two nations in the eastern theatre

in Meghalaya.
M  Modi announced the space mission There has been a marked increase
from the ramparts of the Red Fort on in mutual coordination between
August 15, 2018, saying that “an Indian armies of both the countries and a
son or daughter” will carry the national flag on the will to foster friendly relations.
trip when the country celebrates its 75th year of In a meeting Lt Gen Singh called
Independence in 2022. on Gen Han Weiguo, Commander of
Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) the PLA Ground Forces.
chief K Sivan detailed the country’s "The The two generals discussed
first manned mission to space on astronauts issues having strategic ramifications
Tuesday, saying the four men will undergo Fort on August 15, 2018, saying that travelling in space. to include regional security
shortlisted for the programme will the physical fitness “an Indian son or daughter” will “The astronauts will undergo the physical fitness environment, joint training and
receive physical fitness training training in Russia for 11 carry the national flag on the trip training in Russia for 11 months, after which they measures to enhance peace and
in Russia for 11 months, but the months, after which they when the country celebrates its 75th will receive module specific training in India. In tranquillity along the borders.
first spaceflight in December will receive module year of Independence in 2022. Sivan, that, they will train in the crew and service module Lt Gen Singh's visit is the second
2021 may carry just one person. specific training in
however, confirmed that all astronauts designed by us, learn to operate it, work around it, ever such visit by a Northern Army
Under the mission, named India"
shortlisted for the trip were men. “I do simulations,” Sivan said. Commander to China, the last one
Gaganyaan and expected to cost cannot reveal the identities of the four The Isro chief said Mysuru-based Defence being in 2015. The visit will serve as
$10,000 crore, India is expected to send individuals shortlisted for the Gaganyaan mission, Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) was preparing a milestone by cementing the mutual
astronauts, all Indian Air Force pilots, to the low but all of them are men,” the Isro chief said. a food menu for the mission. “The food for the ties between the two countries.
earth orbit, an earth-centred orbit with an altitude The astronauts will likely begin their training in astronauts is being developed by DFRL. Apart "This will achieve the twin aims of
of 2,000km where most of the manmade objects Russia from the third week of January, the Indian from that, a number of DRDO labs are helping high level military cooperation and
in outer space are placed. space agency has said. In Russia, the astronauts with various aspects of the mission. The space suit stabilising the sensitive borders of
Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced will receive physical fitness training in different is also being designed; Russian help is being taken both the countries," the Indian Army
the space mission from the ramparts of the Red types of environments to help them acclimatise to for that,” Sivan said. said.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 INDIA 19

Independent India to see
Cabinet nod to India-Mongolia
agreement on space cooperation
T he Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on

first multiple execution

Wednesday gave its approval for an agreement between India and
Mongolia on cooperation in the exploration and uses of outer space for
peaceful and civilian purposes.

he horrendous December 16, 2012 Nirbhaya The agreement, which was signed at New Delhi on September 20, 2019
gang-rape and murder case will lead to free India during the state visit of the President of Mongolia to India, will enable
seeing its first multiple execution with the four pursuing potential interest areas of cooperation such as, space science and
convicts due to be hanged in the gallows site in Jail No. 3 technology, a Cabinet statement said.
It would also enable in pursuing applications including remote sensing
of the capital's Tihar Jail complex on January 22.
of the earth, satellite communication and satellite based navigation, space
As a Delhi court issued death warrants for the four
science and planetary exploration, use of spacecraft and space systems and
convicts on Tuesday, the question arises whether India,
ground system, and application of space technology.
after Independence, saw death penalty being executed on
The Agreement would lead to setting up a Joint Working Group, drawing
so many people together. Experts say no.
members from the Department of Space (DOS) and Indian Space Research
Talking to IANS, former IPS officer R.K. Chaturvedi,
Organisation (ISRO) and Communications and Information Technology
who retired in 2018 as Uttar Pradesh's Inspector General Authority of Mongolia, to further work out the plan of action including the
of Police (Intelligence), said that in his over 60 years of time-frame and the means of implementing this pact.
life in which more than 35 years were spent in the police,
including postings in prisons, he had never come across Cabinet okays India-Sweden
a case in which four people went to the gallows at one MoU on cooperation in polar science
"If this is done, it will be a new entry in the annals of
criminal punishment in India," he said.
T he Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved
the agreement on cooperation in polar science between India's Ministry
of Earth Sciences, and Sweden's Ministry of Education and Research.
Chaturvedi, who was Additional Jail Superintendent recounts his service in the capital's jail, particularly his The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on December 2,
in Allahabad's Naini Jail between 1984 and 1987, said witnessing the executions of 2001 Parliament attack 2019 during the visit of the Swedish monarch to India, a Cabinet statement
that during his time there, he had seen the execution of convict Afzal Guru, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's said. "The collaboration between India and Sweden in polar science will
two convicts at a time but never thought that four would assassination conspirator Kehar Singh, and Kashmiri enable sharing of the expertise available with both countries," it added.
climb up the gallows at one go. militant Maqbool Bhatt, is also of similar opinion. India and Sweden are both signatories to the Antarctic Treaty and the
In his time, army deserter and dacoit Vikram Singh and Both Chaturvedi and Gupta said that a mass execution Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty on Environmental Protection. Sweden, as
a school teacher convicted of murdering five people were may have been carried out during the British rule, but no one of the eight "Arctic States", is a member state in the Arctic Council
sent to the gallows. one can be sure of it. whereas India has observer status in the grouping.
Sweden has a vigorous scientific programme in the polar regions, both
Tihar Jail's retired Law Officer Sunil Gupta, whose However, both agreed that the death sentence to the
in the Arctic and Antarctic. India likewise, has sustained scientific research
book "Black Warrant: Confessions of a Tihar Jailer" four counvicts is justified.
programs in both the Polar Regions as well as in the oceanic realm.

New gallows come up at Tihar for BJP will have to pay for
stubbornness on CAA: Amarinder
hanging convicts T aking former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan
head on over the threat of the Centre implementing the Citizenship

new gallows platform and pit have been readied Amendment Act at any cost, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said
at the Tihar Jail's execution chamber, in addition the BJP would have to pay a heavy price for such stubbornness.
to the existing gallows in preparation for the An elected government which refuses to heed the voice of its people
hanging of the four Nirbhaya case convicts on January or respond to their anger is bound to lose their confidence and collapse,
22. A senior official of the Tihar Jail Directorate said said the Chief Minister, adding the BJP's stance on the issue "smacked of
that the court order had directed execution of the four a dangerously fascist approach that would lead to their eventual downfall".
convicts at one time. As far as his government was concerned, "there was no way it would
"The decades-old execution chamber at Tihar has allow the brazenly divisive Act to be implemented in Punjab", Amarinder
facility for hanging two convicts at one time. This is the Singh said.
first time that four people, convicted of one crime, will
be executed at the same time," he said.
Tweeple thumbs-up to Finland
"So in addition to the current gallows, a new structure PM's 4-day working week
has been erected by the Delhi Public Works Department
with the assistance of the jail authorities."
According to the official, the hanging will be carried
A s Finland's new Prime Minister Sanna Marin called for the introduction
of a flexible working schedule in the country, Twitterati from India
were quick to welcome the move.
out in consonance with the provisions of the Delhi time could be executed on the older gallows structure, After the 34-year-old politician said that it would allow workers to spend
Jail Manual. and that is why a same new structure has come up. "The more time with their families, Twitter users seconded her.
"The preparations have started," he said, adding that execution chamber is also being cleaned up and the One user wrote: "Congrats, ma'am (from India) for doing a great job. We
the reports in a section of media that four gallows have security there has been beefed up," he said, adding that know the value of spending time with family. #SannaMarin #Finland."
come up are baseless. personnel of the Tamil Nadu Special Police which guard Another tweeted: "@MarinSanna has introduced a six-hour day, four-day
Another Tihar Jail official said that two people at a the jail have been deployed at the spot. work week. Look forward to seeing how it impacts productivity, output &
overall quality of life."
Tihar admin prefers Pawan for execution A Tweet read: "#Finland PM #SannaMarin proposes a four-day working

week with 6-hr working per day!!! More efficient, productive and more
ith only a few days left for of any mistakes. Secondly, he is
happy. #India: work more, less efficient, less productive, less happy."
the execution of the four physically fit and his eyesight is also
convicts in the Nirbhaya fine as per the requirement. India to be guest country at Paris Book Fair 2020
gang rape and murder case, Tihar jail
directorate has once again written
to the Uttar Pradesh jail directorate
The security arrangements for
Pawan will also be secret.
In case the UP jail administration
I ndia is slated to be the guest country at the Paris book fair – Livre Paris
– in March, third time after 2002 and 2007.
As part of a reciprocal invitation, France will be the guest of honour at the
expressing its preference for Pawan is not able to provide him security New Delhi World Book Fair in 2022.
Jallad for execution. "There then it can be taken care by the "We don't hear the voices of India enough. The French don't know Indian
are many
In a secret letter written, the Tihar Tihar jail administration. Apart literature enough. This effort will try to represent the vastness and depth
jail directorate has asked the UP the Tihar jail reasons why Tihar
jail administration from this, Meerut is not too far of Indian literature in France," said Bertrand de Hartingh, Counsellor for
jail directorate to find out a trained directorate.
wants Pawan to from Delhi so it would not take Education, Science and Culture, Embassy of France, and Director of the
hangman for the execution of the Sources from conduct the much time for Pawan to reach French Institute in India. Around 15 Indian publishers and 30 leading and
convicts in the Nirbhaya case. It has the Tihar jail said: execution" Tihar jail. budding Indian authors from most Indian languages, will be invited to Paris
"There are many
also asked about the availability of Tihar jail DG Sandeep Goyal on to meet French readers and participate in events, talk and debates.
reasons why Tihar jail
Pawan Jallad. said: "The order of the Delhi court "Livre Paris will aim at creating a special 'Indian moment' in France, with
administration wants Pawan to
This is for the second time in last 20 has been given to the convicts cultural and lecture side programmes in libraries, bookshops and cultural
conduct the execution."
days when the Tihar jail directorate whereas the death warrant will landmarks in Paris and other cities in France."
The main reason is that he comes
has contacted the UP jail directorate. remain with the administration. The The Paris Book Fair, dubbed Europe's most important literary and
from the family of executioners so
The letter also has the mention of order copy given to the convicts has publishing appointment, will be a showcase of the country's new authors,
there will be minimum chances
the death warrant available with mention of the death warrant." works and the large publishing industry.
20 WORLD Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Prince Harry,
Airlines avoid
flying through Iran

Meghan to
and Iraq airspace
growing number of airlines
said Wednesday they were

step back as
avoiding Iranian and Iraqi
airspace or flights to the region after
Tehran fired ballistic missiles against

senior royals
bases housing US troops in Iraq.
“As a precautionary measure
and following news of air strikes

underway, Air France has decided to
he Duke and Duchess of "This geographic balance will suspend until further notice all flights
Sussex have announced enable us to raise our son with an through Iranian and Iraqi airspace,”
they will step back as appreciation for the royal tradition an Air France spokesman told AFP.
"senior" royals and work to become into which he was born, while also Iran launched a series of missiles
financially independent. providing our family with the at the bases housing US troops in the
In a statement, Prince Harry and space to focus on the next early hours, officials in Washington
Meghan also said they plan to split chapter," the pair said in and Tehran said.
their time between the UK and North their joint communique. Iran’s supreme leader later called
America, BBC reported. They went on to say in it a “slap in the face” after a US
In their unexpected statement on their statement on their drone strike killed Iranian military
Wednesday, also posted on their Instagram account, that they commander Qasem Soleimani near
Instagram page, the couple said intend to "launch ... our new Baghdad international airport last
they made the decision "after many charitable entity," about which week.
months of reflection and internal they will provide more details in Shortly after the missile attacks, the
discussions". the future. US Federal Aviation Administration
For the year-and-a-half since their "After many months of said it was banning US-registered
wedding at Windsor Castle - which reflection and internal carriers from flying over Iraq, Iran
was a gigantic media event - the discussions, we have and the Gulf.
35-year-old Harry and former US chosen to make a transition The regions is an important
actress Meghan Markle, 38, have this year in starting to carve corridor for flights travelling between
been embroiled in controversy out a progressive new role Europe and Asia, although planes
regarding their relationship with the within this institution," the can be rerouted.
rest of the royal family and subjected royal pair said, referring to the A KLM spokesman told AFP:
to intense media pressure, Efe news monarchy. the time were highlighted in a interviewing her, leading the British
“Until further notice, KLM has no
reported. Harry and Meghan communicated documentary aired on Britain's ITV press to compare that moment with
flights over Iranian or Iraqi airspace.
Now the parents of an eight- their plans shortly after returning television channel. Diana's famous 1995 interview in
All flights to different Southeast
month-old boy, Archie, the couple from a lengthy trip to Canada, In that documentary, Prince Harry which she spoke openly for the first
Asian destinations and other
announced Wednesday that they where Meghan lived for seven years said that he refused to be forced into time about her relationship with
destinations in the Middle East will
will continue to fulfill their royal while she was filming the TV series playing the game that "killed my Crown Prince Charles.
be flown through alternative routes.”
obligations vis-a-vis Queen "Suits," their stay there forcing mother," referring to Princess Diana, Harry's remarks in the
In Germany, Lufthansa said it had
Elizabeth, Harry's grandmother, them to distance themselves from who died in August 1997 in Paris in documentary, however, reportedly
cancelled its daily flight to Tehran in
the British Commonwealth and their royal commitments for about an automobile accident as she was made his older brother William
addition to halting overflights of Iran
the foundations in which they two months. A few weeks before being pursued by paparazzi. "furious," according to sources
and Iraq until further notice.
are involved, but they will not be Christmas, the couple's problems In that same documentary, within Buckingham Palace, reviving
It added that Saturday’s twice-
spending all their time in the British dealing with the pressure of being Meghan was almost moved to tears speculation about friction between
weekly service to northern Iraqi city
Isles. in the bright media spotlight all while talking with the journalist the brothers.
Erbil would also not depart.

Ukrainian plane crashes after take-off ‘Iran standing down, US ready to

in Iran, all 176 on board killed: Report embrace peace:Donald Trump
ran struck back at the United
Ukrainian airliner crashed States for killing its most
soon after taking off from powerful military commander,
Tehran’s Imam Khomeini firing a barrage of ballistic missiles
airport on Wednesday, killing all 176 at two Iraqi military bases that
people aboard, Iran’s state television house American troops in what
and Ukraine’s leaders said. was initially feared to become an
The Boeing 737 belonging to escalation of the conflict. But the two
Ukraine International Airlines sides stepped back with US President
crashed near the airport and burst Donald Trump indicating his country
into flames. would not launch a further military
Iranian TV said the crash was response. strength, both military and economic,
due to technical problems but did Speaking from the White House, is the best deterrent,” Trump said in
not elaborate. Trump said no American troops were a televised address from the White
Ukraine’s embassy in Iran said harmed and damages were minimal House, flanked by top officials of his
the plane had suffered engine One of the engines of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752, a Boeing 737-800
after the Iranian strikes, which administration.
failure and the crash was not caused plane that crashed after taking off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport on January
8, 2020, is seen in this still image taken from Iran Press footage leaders in Tehran said was a “tight “Iran appears to be standing down
by “terrorism”. slap” for the United States amid which is a good thing for all parties
Ukraine President Volodymyr emergency. There was no official bodies of the victims. rising domestic anger. concerned and a very good thing
Zelenskiy said there were word from Ukraine International According to air tracking service Trump also announced new for the world,” he said. Trump said
no survivors. Airlines. It was the first fatal crash FlightRadar24, the plane that crashed economic sanctions against Iran he would ask NATO (North Atlantic
“My sincere condolences to the for Kiev-based UIA. was Flight PS 752 and was flying to and vowed, once again, to prevent Treaty Organization) to play a larger
relatives and friends of all passengers “The fire is so heavy that we Kiev. The plane was three years old it from acquiring nuclear weapons. role in West Asia, and urge the
and crew,” Zelenskiy said, adding cannot (do) any rescue... we have 22 and was a Boeing 737-800NG, it He did not offer any specifics of remaining signatories of the 2015
that Ukraine was seeking to establish ambulances, four bus ambulances said. the “additional punishing economic Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
the circumstances of the crash and and a helicopter at the site,” The model’s twin engines are sanctions on the Iranian regime”. (JCPOA, or the Iran nuclear deal) to
the death toll. Pirhossein Koulivand, head of Iran’s made by CFM International, a U.S.- But the President signalled that he withdraw, following the American
Iranian state TV and Ukraine’s emergency services, told Iranian French venture co-owned by General did not intend to use military power pullout in 2018, to force Iran to sign
prime minister said 167 passengers state television. Electric and France’s Safran. in response to the missiles Tehran a new agreement. The agreement
and 9 crew were on board. "The Television footage Modern aircraft are designed and
fire is so rained on US forces in Iraq’s Erbil is already unraveling, with Tehran
Iranian TV said 32 of those showed debris and certified to cope with an engine and al-Asad air bases. announcing on Sunday that it would
on board were foreigners. heavy that we cannot smouldering engine failure shortly after take-off and to fly
(do) any rescue... we “The fact that we have this great roll back the limit on the number
Iranian media quoted an parts strewn across for extended periods on one engine. military and equipment, however, of centrifuges used in uranium
Iranian aviation official have 22 ambulances, four a field, and rescue However, an uncontained engine does not mean we have to use it. enrichment, one of its commitments
as saying the pilot of the bus ambulances and a workers with face failure releasing shrapnel can cause We do not want to use it. American under the agreement.
airliner did not declare an helicopter at the site" masks retrieving damage to other aircraft systems.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 WORLD 21

Australian Bushfire crisis

Victoria’s fire danger increases as temperatures rise
before wind change is expected to sweep through state
Corryong residents bury stock and prepare
for more fire
In the north-east Victorian town of Corryong, which was hit
by a raging bushfire on New Year’s Eve, people are being forced
to show photo ID and prove they are residents before they are
allowed through roadblocks into the town.
The Murray Valley Highway is only open from 7:00am to
8:00pm each day, as authorities deem it is still too dangerous to
drive at night, and all other roads into the town are closed.
But the VicEmergency warning states it is possible those
returning to their homes in Corryong “could become isolated fuel for generators, ice and fresh water.
and unable to leave the area for extended periods of time due to Power outages are still affecting many towns within the
Authorities are concerned new blazes could start as the weather changing conditions or fire behaviour that may impact the road”. fire zone and the blazes have obliterated telecommunications
changes. infrastructure. Almost 3,000 homes had no power as of Thursday

night. Ausnet is working to set up a generator in Walwa to
ictorian authorities are urging people to leave the Alpine
power 70 customers who are currently off-supply and arrived in
Region and all areas east of Bairnsdale as the fire danger
Cudgewa yesterday to assess damage to main lines.
once again ramps up.
The fire danger will rise on Friday to extreme in the Northern East Gippsland fires remain out of control
Country, severe in the Mallee and North East districts and very
high in much of the rest of the state.
Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said as
of Wednesday afternoon, 21 fires were burning throughout the
state. Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville said another
expected round of dry lighting, combined with a forecast wind
change, could potentially cause fast-moving fires across Victoria
from Friday.
Ms Neville also announced yesterday the death toll from Communities in Corryong have begun burying dead stock with the
help of the Defence Force after fire swept through the area on New
the fires had risen to three after authorities confirmed the  car Year’s Eve and last weekend
accident that killed “well-loved” Mat Kavanagh on Friday was
fire related.
F irefighters were able to slow the spread of fire near Corryong
with the help of cooler weather and light rainfall on
But a temperature rise on this afternoon could force the Out-of-control bushfires currently burning could grow tomorrow
Corryong fire to merge with others, including a large fire near when a wind change is expected

the NSW border. avourable weather conditions have slowed the spread of fire
There will be two community meetings today in the north- in East Gippsland, but many are still burning out of control.
east to provide updated advice about the fire risk — one at the The VicEmergency website said fires in the area had “joined
Tallangatta Memorial Hall at 11:00am, and another at Granya into one large fire” burning through more than 1 million hectares.
On Thursday, fire crews were attempting controlled burns
around the coastal communities of Bemm River, Furnell and
Tamboon in a bid to protect property ahead of a wind change
which is expected to cause problems across the fire grounds.
Residents from those towns, and nearby Cann River, were
isolated for a week after the New Year’s Eve blaze.
Those who were escorted out of the area on Tuesday to buy
Mat Kavanagh had been putting out unattended campfires on the day much-needed supplies in  Orbost described “a wall of flames”
he died. 
approaching the tiny towns and their shock and relief at surviving.
Residents stranded in isolated communities have been cutting Mallacoota maritime evacuation ends
their way out of bushfire zones to get through closed roads,
prompting serious safety warnings from authorities.
In a warning posted on the VicEmergency website yesterday,
authorities begged people to wait until firefighters and the
Farmers have tragically lost hundreds of cattle to the fire and others
Australian Defence Force could clear roads and mark them as have been forced to sell stock so the animals did not starve.
safe before attempting to drive out.
But with nearly 5,000 kilometres of roads to clear, authorities Hall at 2:00pm.
have warned it will take some time before roads are made safe.
“Residents must stop this immediately. It is not safe to drive S taff from Towong Shire Council and the Defence Force
will continue to help farmers remove dead animals from
farmland today in Burrowye, Mt Alfred, Walwa, Pine Mountain,
on these roads until they have been treated for hazardous trees
and other damage.” Corryong, Cudgewa, Nariel, Biggara and Tintaldra.
A State Control Centre spokesman said the official advice A hole was dug yesterday in Settlement Road, Tintaldra, for
was for residents who are leaving East Gippsland to monitor the deceased animals.
VicRoads updates, plan a route out of the area and leave when Communities remain isolated
This joey was rescued and treated for burns, after it was lost during
possible to do so safely. But he said no-one should be trying to uthorities are still trying to make contact with anyone in the Stirling Ranges bushfires 2019.
access closed roads. two other isolated communities — Maramingo Creek and
Fires growing in the Alpine Region
Erratic winds overnight on Wednesday led to a number of out-
Wingan River. Anyone in those communities, or who has been in
contact with someone in those communities, is urged to call the
T he last evacuees from the cut-off town of Mallacoota sailed
into Western Port Bay onboard the Navy vessel HMAS
Choules. The coastal town, near the NSW border, was hit by an
of-control spot fires from a fire front near Carboor, south-east of Orbost Incident Control Centre on 5161 1361.
out-of-control bushfire on New Year’s Day that forced thousands
Wangaratta. Forty additional ADF personnel arrived in East Gippsland on
to shelter on the foreshore. HMAS Choules docked near HMAS
Authorities said the northern tip of the fire was “extremely Wednesday, with their first priority to clear roads and gain access Cerberus this afternoon, marking the end of the maritime
active overnight” and warned people to leave the area before to the still isolated communities of Club Terrace and Combienbar. operation to get more than 1,000 people out of the community.
conditions became too dangerous. A group of 67 North American firefighters also arrived in More than 200 evacuees, along with 66 CFA volunteers, were
Fire activity has also increased south-east of Lake Buffalo in Melbourne yesterday morning and will start working with local be brought ashore on landing craft to be reunited with friends and
Mt Buffalo National Park. fire crews on Saturday. family. Mallacoota remains without power but many locals have
There are 140 firefighters in the Alpine Region constructing What makes a horror fire danger day? opted to stay in the town, which remains completely cut off, as

control lines and controlling spot fires ahead of the worsening ssential supplies continue to be dropped into Mallacoota work continues to clear fallen and damaged trees from the only
conditions. VicEmergency says no-one should travel to the area. road out of town.
and other isolated communities, including medication, food,
22 SPORTS Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender


stays on top, India have edge over Australia: Irfan Pathan
Labuschagne F ormer India all-rounder Irfan Pathan feels that the Men in Blue have the
edge over Australia in terms of talent and confidence ahead of the two

moves to No. teams' three-match ODI series starting January 14 in Mumbai.

"In the past that wasn't the case because they were doing really well. We
were trying to match that level. I feel that Indian cricket is a notch ahead in

3 in Tests terms of talent, in terms of cricket and in terms of confidence," Star Sports
expert Irfan Pathan said.

oung Australia batting sensation Marnus "The only thing that will make it equal is the kind of pitches we are
Labuschagne on Wednesday achieved a career- going to play in Australia because we do not have experience playing on
best third place in the ICC Test Rankings, topped those hard and bouncy pitches," said Pathan, who recently called time on
by India skipper Virat Kohli. Labuschagne moved up by his international career.
a spot after a match-winning double century against New Recounting his favourite memory of playing against Australia, Irfan said,
Zealand in Sydney recently. "It all started in Australia for me. The most memorable moment was getting
Labuschagne scored 215 and 59 in the third and final my first wicket and helping India win a Test match in Australia after 21
Test in Sydney and ended up amassing 549 runs from six years. Winning the Test in Perth and being named the Man of the Match is
innings against the Black Caps. also a favourite memory for me."
Kohli has remained static at the top spot with 928 points
and is followed by Australia's Steve Smith (911 points). Sindhu, Saina advance;
Apart from Kohli, Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Srikanth,
Rahane also feature in the top 10 of the list however, their Praneeth and Kashyap exit
rankings saw a drop of one and two places respectively. op Indian female shuttlers P.V.
While Pujara sits at the sixth place, Rahane is currently Sindhu and Saina Nehwal cruised
placed at the ninth spot.
into the second round of the women's
England all-rounder Ben Stokes has also made a jump
singles event after registering victories
of five places to enter the top 10 rankings for batsmen. picked up 12 wickets. in their first-round games while male
On the other hand, Australia's Pat Cummins and New The duo are followed by West Indies pacer and skipper shuttlers Sai Praneeth, Kidambi Srikanth
Zealand's Neil Wagner are placed at the first and second Jason Holder, who jumped a place to be at the third spot.
spot respectively in the bowlers' rankings. While Wagner and Parupalli Kashyap had a horrid start to their 2020 season as they
From India, pacer Jasprit Bumrah, ace off-spinner
had scalped 17 wickets in the three games against the crashed out in the opening round of the Malaysia Masters.
Ravichandran Ashwin and Mohammed Shami are placed
Aussies in the recently held Test series, Cummins had Rio Olympic silver medallist Sindhu, seeded sixth, didn't have to work
at the sixth, ninth and tenth spot respectively.
too hard in her contest as she defeated Evgeniya Andreevna Kosetskaya of

Looking forward to test myself Russia 21-15, 21-13 in just 35 minutes.

Saina also sailed into the next round after registering a convincing win

against 'tough' India: Labuschagne

over Belgium's Lianne Tan. Saina, the London Olympics bronze medallist,
beat Tan 21-15, 21-17 in 36 minutes in what was their maiden appearance

n-form Australia batsman Marnus tough opposition. They've got great batters against each other.
Labuschagne is looking forward and bowlers, so it's going to be a challenge. In the men's singles, Parupalli Kashyap suffered a 17-21, 16-21 loss to
to test his skills in one day cricket But as a player you always want to test Japan's Kento Momota in the contest lasting for 33 minutes.
against India, who he feels are the yourself against the best opposition in the Praneeth made a first round exit after suffering a 11-21, 15-21 defeat to
toughest proposition at home. toughest conditions, and there's nothing Denmark''s Rasmus Gemke in 46 minutes.
Australia will play three ODIs tougher than India in India." Federer, Serena, Nadal to raise funds for bushfire
in six days, starting January 14 Labuschagne smashed four hundreds in
in India and Labuschagne is five Tests through the Australian summer to
relief work
expected to slot somewhere
into the middle order as the
continue his rich form and is all set to make
his debut in ODIs. Asked about comparisons I n a bid to raise money for the
bushfire relief fund in Australia,
star tennis players like Roger Federer,
team undergoes a tweak being made between him and modern day
in personnel following greats, he said: "For people to speak like Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal
last year's World Cup that is amazing, but there's a lot more work will feature in an exhibition match on
campaign. to be done before anything like that can be January 15, five days before the start of
"If I get an opportuni- talked about. Kane Williamson, Virat Kohli, the Australian Open.
ty that'd be great," La- Steve Smith -- those guys have been doing it The contest will take place at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena.
buschagne said.. for five, six, seven years. To have one good Meanwhile, local Nick Kyrgios will also be playing along with Stefanos
"I played summer doesn't make you a great player. So Tsitsipas, Naomi Osaka and Caroline Wozniacki.
good preparation
some one- for me it's about trying to be consistent and "For a period of about two and a half hours we're going to be showcasing
coming from (playing on
day cricket f o r trying to get Australia to win games." the game, but also coming together as a community to play our part in the
the SCG) going to India
Queensland ear- "It's exciting, obviously, the summer I've relief effort," Tennis Australia (TA) chief Craig Tiley was quoted as saying
that's probably the closest
lier this (summer) had, and it's been really fun to enjoy it with by the BBC.
we have in Australia to
and I really enjoyed that. Steve (Smith). He's been a great help and Kyrgios will also be donating 200 Australian dollars for every ace he
I really enjoy the shorter for- the whole team. We're gelling so well hits in events held in Australia in January as part of the fundraising effort,
mats. It's about taking one step at together, and to win a summer five- while compatriot Ashleigh Barty will donate all of her prize money from
a time, luckily I have a wealth of nil, to not lose a game on home the Brisbane International.
experience there with Aaron Finch, soil, it's just amazing."
David Warner, Steve Smith, to con- "It's probably good preparation Djokovic leads Serbia in final eight of ATP Cup
tinue to learn from those guys is great.
"Whenever you play India it's a
tough series because they're a very
coming from (playing on the SCG) going to
India that's probably the closest we have in
Australia to spinning conditions," he added.
S erbia have become the second
team to enter the quarter-finals of
the ongoing ATP Cup after they edged
out France to top Group A.

Australia close gap with India An animated and emotional

Novak Djokovic carried Serbia to

in World Test Championship

the final eight as he alongside Viktor
Troicki clinched the 2-1 tie victory
in a deciding doubles match against

ustralia have grabbed a full 120 points from The Black Caps remain on 60 points after two series, France's Nicolas Mahut/Edouard Roger-Vasselin.
their series against New Zealand and are firmly having split points for a 1-1 series draw with Sri Lanka The 16-time Grand Slam winner first saved nine break points to get past
placed in second position on the ICC World Test earlier on. Sri Lanka and Pakistan are slightly ahead with Gael Monfils 6-3, 6-2, before stepping back on the court with Troicki to
Championship points table. 80 points each. defeat the French duo of Mahut and Roger-Vasselin 6-3, 6-7(5), 10-3.
On Monday, Australia defeated New Zealand by 279 England and South Africa, currently engaged in a four- "I really show my emotion because I really care about playing for Serbia,
runs in the third and final Test at the Sydney Cricket Test series which hosts South Africa lead 1-0, are on 56 but I also care about being on the team with my friends. These guys are
Ground (SCG), whitewashing the visitors 3-0 in the and 30 points, respectively, while the West Indies and some of my best friends in my life and I grew up with Viktor. We played
Test series. Australia are on 296 points and only behind Bangladesh have yet to earn a point after one series each, so many doubles matches together in junior days," Djokovic was quoted as
India, who are on 360 points from three series. Australia played against India. saying by the ATP Tour website after the match.
had earlier gained a full 120 points in a two-match home The top two teams at the end of the league will play the Australia booked its place on Sunday as the Group F winners, also in
series against Pakistan and earned 56 for a 2-2 draw with final in the UK in June 2021 with the winners crowned the Brisbane.
England in the Ashes. World Test Champions.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 FEATURES 23

Gujrati Recipes

collection of recipes from Gujarati cuisine that are not just easy but also delicious
to cook and eat. If you are a lover of Gujarati food but don't know how to cook the
cuisine, try out recipes from this amazing list. Gujarati recipes are known for its
hearty and flavourful breakfast recipes.
Saragva nu lot valu shaak
(Drumsticks cooked in curd curry)
B atata Nu Rasa Valu Shaak is a traditional Methi Ka Thepla
Gujarati style potato curry often paired with
ow Flour kneaded with methi, ginger, • 1 tsp Sugar
a Gujarati meal. It is a popular accompaniment
chilies, herbs and yogurt and made into • To knead Yogurt
to rice, roti and puris.
crisp paranthas. • As needed Water
Ingredients Method
• 2 Drumstick, cut into pieces and steamed
• 2 Cups Atta • Take all ingredients in a bowl. Mix well.
• 1 tablespoon oil
• 3 Curry leaves • 2 Tbsp Oil • Knead the ingredients well with yogurt and
• 1/2 teaspoon Sesame seeds / Til seeds • 1 Tbsp Dried Methi some water.
• 1/4 teaspoon Cumin seeds / jeera • 2 tsp Salt • Make thin paranthas out of the dough.
beat until thick lumpfree batter is prepared. • 2 tsp Ginger and Green Chillies (make paste) • Cook the paranthas from both sides, over
• 1/4 teaspoon Mustard seeds / rai
• Heat little oil and roast yogurt mixture. Stir • 1 tsp Garlic high flame till greenish brown.
• 1/2 teaspoon Red chilli powder
till mixture thickens. • 2 tsp Coriander Powder • Serve hot.
• 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder
• Add steamed drumsticks to mixture. Cover
• 1/4 teaspoon Asafoetida (hing)
and cook for few minutes. Adjust taste with
• 1/2 cup Curd Trevti Dal

• 1/2 cup besan / gram flour
• Stir. Add seasoning / tadka made of hot revti Dal is a delectable Gujarati recipe that can be a best wholesome dish if paired with roti,
• Salt to taste
oil and fried mustard seeds, cumin seeds, chapati, naan, paratha, steamed rice and pulao. This scrumptious recipe is prepared using
Method sesame seeds and curry leaves. moong dal, toor dal, chana dal and a melange of Indian spices which make this dish super
• Make yogurt paste by combining yogurt • Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve delicious and equally pleasing to your taste buds.
with gram flour, turmeric, asafoetida, red Saragva (Shing) Nu Lotvalu Shaak along
chili powder and salt. Add 1.5 cup water and with Phulka. Ingredients
• 1 cup chana dal
Khaman Dhokla • 1 cup toor daal

• salt as required
hokla is one of the specialities of Gujarati
• refined oil as required
cuisine and is enjoyed as a snack. This
• 1 cup finely chopped tomato
is an easy-to-make snack recipe that can
• 1/4 teaspoon garlic paste
be prepared anytime and is best enjoyed
• 1/2 teaspoon lime juice
with tempered or pan-fried green chillies. • 1 1/2 dry red chili
• 1 cup moong dal
• 1 cup gram flour (besan)
• 3 cup water
• 1 teaspoon sugar
• 1/2 teaspoon powdered
• 1 teaspoon salt
inside the dhokla. If the knife comes out turmeric
• 1 tablespoon refined oil
clean, remove it from the stove. Allow the • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
• 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
dish to cool and then cut into pieces. • 1/4 teaspoon ginger paste
• 11/2 cup water
• For the tempering, heat another pan with • 12 pinch asafoetida
• 1 3/4 teaspoon lemon juice
oil in it over moderate flame. Once the oil • 1 teaspoon red chilli powder
• 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
is sufficiently hot, add mustard seeds, curry • 1 tablespoon finely chopped
• 15 curry leaves
leaves and vertically sliced green chilli. Add coriander leaves
• 1 teaspoon coconut powder
• For Garnishing 1/2 cup of water in the pan and allow it to Method
boil. On 2-3 boils, squeeze 1/2 lemon, add for few seconds.
• 4 sliced green chilli • To make this recipe, take a bowl and add
sugar and green coriander leaves. If you • Next, add chopped tomatoes and stir the
• 1 handful coriander leaves chana dal, moong dal, toor dal. Wash them
are someone who likes it spicy you can mixture.
well and soak for one hour. Once done,
Method add some finely chopped green chilies to • Add red chili powder and saute again for
drain the water and transfer the lentils in a
• To prepare this delicious Khaman Dhokla the top coating. You can also make Dhokla another 3-4 minutes or until the tomatoes
pressure cooker.
recipe, take a glass bowl and add gram flour, sandwich by layer Dhokla and adding your becomes soft. Once done, transfer the
• Add turmeric powder and required amount
salt, water, lemon juice and baking soda favourite sauce to it. cooked lentils in the mixture along with
of water.
in it. Mix well all these ingredients. Allow • Turn off the heat and pour the tempering on water and salt. Mix them well and simmered
• Pressure cook the dal for 5-7 whistles or
the batter to ferment for 1-2 hours. In the the dhokla. Transfer the dish to a serving for 7 minutes.
until they becomes tender. Then, mash the
meantime, pour boiled water in a steamer bowl and serve it with green coriander • Add lime juice and chopped coriander
lentil. Now, take a pan over medium flame
and grease the utensil with oil. chutney. Khaman Dhokla is best enjoyed leaves. Stir for another few minutes and turn
and heat oil in it.
• Pour the dhokla batter in the utensil and when paired with Faafda and Jalebi. Try this off the flame.
• Once heated, add cumin seeds, when it
cook on low flame for 15-20 minutes. Check delicious snack recipe at home with your • Your Trevti Dal is ready.
starts crackling add dry red chilli, asafoetida
with knife after 15 minutes by inserting it family and friends. • Serve hot with pulao or chapati.
powder, ginger and garlic paste. Saute them

Rice flour khichu

raving for a lip-smacking recipe? • 2 1/4 cup rice flour soda and salt according to your taste
Try out Rice Flour Khichu, made • 1 teaspoon sesame seeds and boil the mixture for the next 10-12
with boiled rice flour, green chilies, • 2 teaspoon finely chopped green chillies minutes.
cumin seeds and sesame seeds to give • 1 ounce finely chopped spring onions • Now, add the rice flour and stir, as to
you a brilliant combination of amazing • salt as required prevent any lumps. Cover the mixture
flavors. This Gujarati dish is delectable • 1/7 teaspoon baking soda with a lid and let cook for another
and simultaneously very nutritious. If you • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds two minutes. Add peanut oil and keep
don't feel like cooking on a lazy monsoon • 3 1/3 cup water stirring occasionally.
afternoon and want to eat something • Transfer Rice Flour Khichu in a serving
How to make Rice Flour Khichu
healthy as well as nutritious then don't miss dish and enjoy. Normally, Khichu is
• To prepare this recipe, take a pan and
out on this recipe. prepared with these simple ingredient
place it on medium flame. Add enough
mentioned above but you can even add
Ingredients water along with sesame seeds, cumin
vegetables and cashews as per your
• 2 tablespoon peanut oil seeds, chopped green chilies, baking
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Brutally honest tips for zodiac

signs for a happy 2020
While there is no foolproof way of ensuring that you have a smooth-sailing 2020, we can always take help from our ruling planets and
astrology to bring out the best in us. Today, we tell you, the one thing every zodiac sign needs to do or practice to stay to make this most of the
new year. These tips will help you in sticking to your new year resolutions and achieve the goals you have set. You can thank us later.

Aries: Control your temper ​Leo: Express your emotions C

​ apricorn: Focus on
friendships, not followers

B eing the king sign of the horoscope, you are quite used to
suppressing your emotions in order to lead others. You are so

2 020 is the year of taking charge for the Aries and it is time used to being strong and available for others that expressing your
you put a pause on your mood swings. If you have the habit feelings doesn’t come naturally to you. This year, take a vow to

of reacting without analyzing the whole situation, you need to express yourself in a better manner. Remember, when emotions rom video-streaming services to social media platforms, we
change it. This year, make it a point to access the scenario in are held back, tension is created and it becomes a vicious circle. are living in the era of ‘digital high’. Sadly, in the middle
of ‘views of stories and status updates’ and likes on our posts,
Virgo: Start meditating
a calm manner before passing your judgment. When you will
learn to control your temper, it will certainly pave way for better we lose touch with reality. Capricorns, it is important to connect
opportunities and growth, both personally and professionally. with people in real life and social media is not the place for it.
Go the old school way and catch up with your long lost friends.
Taurus: A little empathy After all, the warmth of sharing laughter over a cup of coffee is
goes a long way
Sagittarius: Time to get
F or the stubborn
Taurus, 2020 is going
to be the year of learning moving
and transformation. It
is time to let go of your
B eing a Virgo usually goes hand-in-hand with getting Y ou may be naturally
blessed with a fit
physique, but it is important
bullheaded approach anxious and worried at the drop of the hat. To calm your
towards life if you wish every-racing mind, it is time to take up meditation. Practising that you start exercising
to achieve your goals. mindfulness breathing and yoga for ten minutes every day will to maintain it. Channelise
Remember, even if you help you feel calm and collected. It will also help you focus more your energy and work
strongly feel that you on the present, instead of drifting away to an uncertain future. towards better health and
are correct, it does not lifestyle. Find a way to
mean that someone else’s Libra: Let go of toxic include exercise in your

opinion is invalid or daily routine, no matter
wrong. When you begin to empathise with people, life will start how hectic your day is.
opening new doors for you.

Gemini: Concentrate on Aquarius: Judging others

your career does no good
T he fun loving nature
of Gemini certainly
Y ou have a tendency of
over-analyzing situations
and other’s statements. If you
makes them an amazing do so, you are not only robbing
company but it also your own mental peace but are
spells trouble for their also distancing others. After
professional life. Your
fickle and ‘I-get-bored-
easily’ attitude often
S ince you are forgiving and quite emotional by nature, toxic
people often find their way back into your life. This year
take a pledge to let go of anyone who makes you feel bad about
all, nobody wants to be around
anyone who seems to analyze
their every move and statement.
becomes a hindrance in your life or the way you are leading it. Toxic relationships come Remember, when you judge
the growth of your career. in many forms and it is your job to weed them out of your life. people, you have no time to love
Remember, work isn’t It may take a little courage at determination at first, but you will them.
always fun and games. There are times when it is difficult and certainly feel happier and at peace later on.
mundane, but you have to do it nevertheless. Try and put in extra
efforts to stay focused on your work in this year. Scorpio: Stop paying ​Pisces: Learn to speak up
Cancer: Learn to respect attention to naysayers
I f you tend to give
a lot of importance
to money, may it is
time to reevaluate your
approach towards life.
Not everything in life
is about finances and
earning money, you also
need to give enough time
to your relationships in
order for them to bloom. F or Scorpios, 2020 is all about self-love and filtering out any
negative comments and hate coming your way. Let go of
cold and selfish people, who have no better business than to
P isces, you have a tendency to agree with everyone, which
isn’t always a good idea. Hence, it is important to set
boundaries, instead of letting everyone walk all over you. Learn
So, spend time with your
loved ones this year and criticize you. Instead, pay attention to your hopes and aspirations to say what is on your mind, instead of staying silent and letting
respect their emotions. and try your best to achieve them. people have their way with you.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 FEATURES 25

Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and
fengshui consultant based in India with a global presence through the online channels. She is
available for consultations online as well. E-mail her at support@askmanisha.com or contact at
10 January – 16 January 2020 | By Manisha Koushik +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9716145644 • www.askmanisha.com
Someone in the family expects you to loosen Bidding adieu to a recurring health problem is You continue to perform well on the
your purse strings, so don’t disappoint. A social possible for some. Planning an outing together professional front and manage to take a
event may give you an opportunity to meet new with family is on the cards and will be step nearer to becoming indispensable
people. You may have to deal with a situation exciting. You will need to be on the forefront for the organisation. Financially, you may
that you have not encountered before. Keeping in whatever you undertake to get noticed. This get motivated to earn more. Don’t keep
your professional front in order will be an is an excellent time to showcase your talents something important pending, as you may get
ample proof of your efficiency at work. Encouraging signs on the professional front for furthering your hauled up for it. You will be able to initiate a
appear for the eligible on the marriage front. A journey you career. You will be able to raise money for something specific repair job to your residential building and get rid of the problem.
want to undertake is likely to materialise soon. Lucky Number: without any problems.Lucky Number : 9 / Lucky Colour An excellent family time is in store for you as you take time out
4 / Lucky Colour: Yellow. :Green from work.Lucky Number : 4 / Lucky Colour : Electric Blue
Financially, all your worries are likely to Those looking for a quick buck are likely to Plans to travel to someplace exotic will get to
disappear. You may remain surrounded by grab every opportunity they can lay their see the light of the week. If property is on your
relations and friends. Visiting new places to hands on. Family togetherness will prove mind, then chances of getting a good bargain
enjoy new experiences is on the cards, but immensely fulfilling and help create a happy cannot be ruled out. This is a good time to
don’t overdo it. Someone may be planning to home environment. Tremendous improvement hone your skills, as they may be required
take you out for a meal, so remain available! is foreseen for those suffering from an ailment. at a later date. You will be able to resurrect
On the work front, you are likely to reap rich dividends with On the professional front, you will have time your love life and keep the flames of passion
minimum efforts. News of someone homecoming may add to on your hands to complete what had been pending for long. You alive on the romantic front. Pace of work may get slowed due to
your excitement. Romantic front will remain warm and cosy, so may not have the confidence to do a task alone, so don’t shy distractions. Lucky Number :3 / Lucky Colour : Lime
rejoice!  Lucky Number: 1 / Lucky Colour: Pink away from taking help. Lucky Number:1 / Lucky Colour :
Dark Grey AQUARIUS (JAN 22-FEB 19)
GEMINI (MAY 21-JUN 21) Taking an off from working out will prevent
LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23) fatigue from setting in and will keep you
Financial worries become a thing of the past as
You may have to wait for some more time to get energetic. Those in love get to enjoy the
money comes from various sources. Going in
an additional source of income going. Someone week in a most romantic way! You will
for a lifestyle change at this juncture will find
may reluctant to approach you for a favour, so
you fitter and more energetic. Someone may remain focussed on whatever you have set
give whatever guidance you can and leave the
make you do something extra at work, but out to accomplish on the professional front.
options to him or her. Planning something with
take it in your stride. A social gathering may Incurring a heavy expenditure is not likely to
the family will be more work, than enjoyment.
find you in the spotlight. Fame and recognition deter you as you are confident of filling up your coffers once
Be adequately prepared before setting out on a journey. You will
comes to you from work on the professional front. Family will need to see the bigger picture and get rid of the pettiness that has again. Difficulties encountered on the academic front will be
be loving and supportive of your ideas. Lucky Number: 5 / besieged you. Lucky Number : 9 / Lucky Colour : Magenta overcome. Lucky Number : 2 / Lucky Colour : Yellow
Lucky Colour : Pink Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)
CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 20) A change of scene will prove most refreshing Something favorable may happen to you
A personal job may entail a lot of travelling, so and rejuvenating. You are likely to move ahead on the professional front. You may find it
be ready for it. You may have to hire someone on the professional front in leaps and bounds. difficult to break free from a manipulator
to share your workload, so start thinking on A relaxing time is foreseen at home in the trying to take advantage of you. An invitation
those lines. Freelancers and contract workers company of your near and dear ones. You will to some unique event is likely to warm the
will manage to make clients agree to their be able to spare money for something essential cockles of your heart. Looks and charm may
terms and conditions. You may get involved in and remain confident of earning it back! Self-discipline on the draw you towards someone on the romantic
arranging something on the family front. Falling in love is a dietary front will find you much fitter than before. Expect a front. A chance to travel may come your way. A tough situation
strong possibility as you get serious about someone from the positive response from someone you are interested in. Lucky on the family front may be faced and get you all worked up.
opposite camp. Lucky Number : 7 / Lucky Colour : Magenta. Number : 5 / Lucky Colour :Pink Lucky Number : 7 / Lucky Colour : Purple
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HITORI NO: 42 1. In the song “Frosty the Snowman,” what made Frosty department store? Macy’s
Hitori – a logic puzzle with very simple rules and challenging solutions. Can you eliminate come to life? An old silk hat 15. In the song “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,”
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column? Objective / Rules. Eliminate 2. What Christmas decoration was originally made from what “incriminating” evidence was found on
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column. Eliminate numbers strands of silver? Tinsel Grandma’s back? Claus marks
by marking them in Black. You are not allowed to have two Black squares touching
horizontally or vertically (diagonally is ok). Any White square can be reached from any 3. Who played George Bailey in the Christmas classic 16. How many reindeer are featured in the poem “Twas the
other (i.e. they are connected). “It’s a Wonderful Life?” Jimmy Stewart Night Before Christmas?” Eight (no Rudolph!)
4. Per a recent holiday fad, what “spy” hides around 17. What traditional Christmas decoration is actually a
the house, reporting back to Santa on who has been parasitic plant? Mistletoe
naughty and nice? The Elf on the Shelf 18. In “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” who played
5. What Christmas beverage is also known as “milk Scrooge? Hint: It wasn’t a muppet. Michael Caine
punch?” Eggnog 19. What beverage company has been using Santa Claus in
6. One of Santa’s reindeer shares a name with a famous its advertising since 1931? Coca-Cola
symbol of Valentine’s Day. Which reindeer is that? 20. According to legend, what holiday goodies were
Cupid shaped to resemble a shepherd’s staff, as a way to
7. What Christmas-themed ballet premiered in Saint remind children of the shepherds who visited baby
Petersburg, Russia in 1892? The Nutcracker Jesus? Candy canes
8. In 1981, Bob and Doug McKenzie released their own 21. In the movie “A Christmas Story,” what was the
version of a classic Christmas song. Which song is name of the next door neighbors whose dogs ate the
that? The Twelve Days of Christmas Christmas turkey? The Bumpuses
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE NO: 42 9. What animated 2004 film is about a train that carries 22. What figure from English folklore came to be
See how many differences you can find in the right or left photo. kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve? The Polar associated with Santa Claus? Father Christmas
Express 23. In the 1964 classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed
10. What much-reviled Christmas edible is known for its Reindeer,” what was the name of Rudolph’s faithful
long shelf life? Fruitcake elf companion? Hermey
11. In Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” what was 24. According to the folklore of Austria and other
Mr. Scrooge’s first name? Ebenezer countries, what horned figure punishes naughty
12. What Bing Crosby song is the best-selling single ever? children at Christmastime? Krampus
White Christmas 25. In the TV special “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,”
13. In the early 1800s, the first gingerbread houses were what three words best describe the Grinch? Stink,
reportedly inspired by what famous fairy tale? Hansel stank, stunk
and Gretel 26. What well-known Christmas carol became the first
14. “Miracle on 34th Street” centers on what real-life song ever broadcast from space in 1965? Jingle Bells

Send us stories, drawings, poems and other contributions by your little ones along with their
photographs for this page. E-mail us at reporter@indianweekender.co.nz
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 ENTERTAINMENT 27

1917 was the shock winner of the Best Motion Picture Award
- Drama Awards at the 77th Golden Globes. Inset: You did it!
The World War One film, directed by Sam Mendes, beat out
Phoebe Waller-
favorites The Irishman, Joker and Marriage Story to win the top
prize of the night, with Mendes, 54, also taking home the award for Bridge Waller-Bridge,

Best Director in a night of British triumphs 34, took home the Globes
for best actress in a TV
comedy as well as for best
TV comedy series for
Fleabag, which she
accepts the award for
best actress in a drama
for the film "Judy." It's her
fourth Globe, but her first

of the
in 17 years – her last win
was in 2003 for "Cold
Mountain." Michelle Williams won Best
Performance by an Actress
in a Limited Series or Motion
Picture Made for Television
for her role in Fosse/Verdon

'I had money on
this not happening,'
Olivia Colman told the
star-studded crowd at the
awards show after winning
best actress in a TV
drama series for
The Crown

becomes first
Asian woman to win
Golden Globe for best Brit triumph: Elton John and Bernie Taupin looked
actress in a musical or overwhelmed as they posed with the award for Best
comedy film Original Song - Motion Picture for I'm Gonna Love Me Handsome: Pitt led Once Upon A Time In Hollywood to three
Again from Rocketman wins throughout the night
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Upcoming Blockbusters 2
83 (APRIL)
T he month of April would start with Ranveer Singh’s sports
drama bringing back the memory of India’s first title triumph
of the Cricket World Cup under Kapil Dev in 1983. The movie
titled 83 would see Ranvir essaying the role of Kapil Dev.

T he year would begin
with a big clash on
Bollywood in the very first
month. Ajay Devgan’s
period drama Tanhaji:
The Unsung

Here are the big ticket Bollywood releases

in 2020 that you would not like to miss CHHA
f you are a movie-buff then some good content big-ticket releases would give you many reasons to hit the theaters. To fter a
ease things out for you here we bring the list of big-ticket Bollywood releases of 2020 that you shouldn’t miss. If 2019 actress
saw big hits like Gully Boy, Kabir Singh, Super 30, Mission Mangal, Uri: The Surgical Strike etc then 2020 promises life story of
to be even more exciting. The past few years have witnessed multiple firsts in the history of Bollywood, as content-driven
cinema started finding mainstream acceptance: From Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt-starrer Gully Boy (2019), a film that
follows the rags-to-riches tale of a rapper pursuing his dreams, to Ayushmann Khurrana beginning his film journey by playing
a sperm donor in his maiden movie, Vicky Donor (2012). The good news continues in 2020, as big-ticket directors and blue-
chip actors come together for another exciting year in cinematic history.

Laal Singh Chadda Gulabo Sitabo (APRIL)

(December) A mitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana
will soon be seen sharing the screen in
L aal Singh Chaddha is the Bollywood
remake of actor Tom Hank’s 1994
Hollywood film, Forrest Gump. The
their upcoming comedy film Gulabo Sitabo. It is
indeed one of the most awaited collaborations.
Amitabh Bachchan has been a Bollywood
movie will see actor Aamir Khan and
megastar, while Ayushmann Khurrana has created
actress Kareena Kapoor Khan come
together on the silver screen after 3 Idiots a niche for himself with his incredible acting and
unconventional roles. RADH
(2009). In the original film, Tom Hanks
The first look of Amitabh Bachchan and adhe:
plays the role of a man with a learning
Ayushmann Khurrana has stirred up a storm in the action
disability, who witnessed the historical
events that took place in the 20th century internet. Big B looks unrecognisable as an old man Khan, Dish
in the United States. while Ayushmann sheds the glam to play a local. announced

M ulan is an upcoming American war drama film directed
by Niki Caro, with the screenplay by Rick Jaffa, Amanda
Silver, Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin, and produced
by Walt Disney Pictures. The film is based on the Chinese
he Grudge is a 2020 American supernatural
folklore “The Ballad of Mulan” and is a live action adaptation
horror film written and directed by Nicolas
of Disney's 1998 animated film of the same name. The film stars Liu Yifei
Pesce, and produced by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and
as the eponymous character, alongside Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson
Taka Ichise.
An, Gong Li, and Jet Li in supporting roles.
A detective investigates a murder scene that has a
connection to a case that her new partner handled in
the past. The killings occurred in a haunted house that The Conjuring 3:
passes on a ghostly curse to those who dare enter it. The Devil Made Me
Soon, the curse spreads to a terminally ill woman and Do It (September)
her husband, and another unsuspecting couple who aranormal investigators
were in the wrong place at the wrong time. FAST AND FURIOUS 9 (MAY) Ed and Lorraine

F ast & Furious 9 is an upcoming American action film

directed by Justin Lin and written by Daniel Casey. A
sequel to 2017's The Fate of the Furious, it will be the ninth
Warren try to uncover the
truth behind a murderer's
claim of demonic
installment in the Fast & Furious franchise. possession.
Over the years, Vin Diesel has made clear one thing he The film will serve as
and his Fast & Furious 9 character, Dom Toretto, have in a sequel to 2013's The
common. They don’t have friends, they have family. After Conjuring and 2016's The
Paul Walker’s untimely demise, his two brothers, Caleb and Conjuring 2, and as the
Cody, stepped in to help Furious 7 to finish filming. Now, a eighth installment overall in
recent visit by Cody to the set of the upcoming movie has the Conjuring Universe.
fans wondering if Brian O’Connor could make his return to
the franchise next year.
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 ENTERTAINMENT 29

Also don't miss: Irrfan Khan's Return with Angrezi
Medium: Shahid Kapoor's Jersey: Akshay Kumar's
action thriller Sooryavanshi: Farhan Akhtar's Toofan.
D espite multiple reshuffling
of the release date,
filmmaker Ayan Mukerji’s
Brahmastra is slated to release in
the last quarter of 2020. The first
instalment of the mythological
trilogy will witness the onscreen
union of real-life couple, actor
Ranbir Kapoor and actress Alia
Bhatt, alongside actors Amitabh
Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan,
who is dropping in for a special

brief hiatus post the release of Padmaavat (2018),
s Deepika Padukone returns to the big screen for the real-
f acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal.


HE (MAY) K angana Ranaut's first look from the much anticipated film 'Thalaivi' has been
unveiled by the makers on social media. The film is scheduled to release on
Your Most Wanted Bhai is an upcoming 2020 Indian
film directed by Prabhu Deva. The film, starring Salman
ha Patani, Randeep Hooda and Jackie Shroff was officially
June 26, 2020. Kangana has once again gotten completely into the skin of the
character, and is almost unrecognisable. Not only are her dance moves as the younger T he first-look poster of Vidya Balan's upcoming film,
Shakuntala Devi, has been released. The makers
have also released the teaser of the film. The poster
Jayalalithaa on point, she has nailed the aura and commanding
on 18 October 2019 with its motion poster released shows Vidya Balan as Shakuntala Devi, the human
personality as the legendary politician.
computer, donning short hair and in a red saree.


B lack Widow is an upcoming American superhero
film based on the Marvel Comics character of the
same name. Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed
A fter more than thirty
years of service as one
by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, it is intended to of the Navy's top aviators,
be the twenty-fourth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Pete Mitchell is where he
belongs, pushing the envelope
as a courageous test pilot and
dodging the advancement in
rank that would ground him.


N o Time to Die is an upcoming spy film
and the twenty-fifth instalment in the
James Bond film franchise to be produced by
Eon Productions. It features Daniel Craig in
his fifth outing as fictional MI6 agent James
MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU Bond. It is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, who
also co-wrote the screenplay with Neal
(JULY) Purvis, Robert Wade, and Phoebe
M inions: The Rise of Gru is an
upcoming American 3D computer-
animated comedy film produced by
Waller-Bridge.[4] Ralph Fiennes,
Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw,
Rory Kinnear, Jeffrey Wright,
Illumination. A sequel to the film of 2015,
Léa Seydoux, and Christoph Waltz
Minions, and spin off/prequel to the main
reprise their roles from previous
Despicable Me film series, it will be directed
films, with Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch,
again by Kyle Balda, with co direction by
and Ana de Armas joining the cast.
Brad Ableson.
30 FEATURES Friday, January 10, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Indian Kite Festival Rd. Mt Albert, Auckland

Co-hosted day by Albert-Eden
2020 Local Board & Brazilian Festivals
Date: Sunday, January 12 (Rain & Events in NZ. The Festival is an
date, January 19) opportunity to share the Brazilian
Time: 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. culture, our passion, joy and warmth
Venue: Eastdale Reserve, Avondale with New Zealanders. The Festival
Hosted by Vaishnav parivar NZ Inc runs for eight hours in a fun summer
and Global Financial Services, The day in a family friendly and vibrant
Indian Kite Festival is back to host atmosphere surrounded by the
the community for a full day of family Brazilian culture, food, music and

The most visited Indian news

day out, picnic and kite flying. Great dance! Come and join us!
Food, kites, threads, entertainment at
the venue. No entry fee, huge parking Auckland
available on site.

website in New Zealand

70th Anniversary Buskers Festival
of Republic Day of 2020
India Date: Friday, 24 January to Monday,
27 January
Date: Sunday, January 26 Time: 12 p.m. onwards

For online advertising

Time: 9:30 a.m. onwards Venue: Auckland CBD and
Venue: India House, 128 Knights Waterfront
Roads, Lower Hutt Witness the incredible at the 20th
The High Commission of India in Annual Auckland International

options, email at
Wellington invites all Indian Nationals, Buskers Festival. An unmissable
persons of Indian origin and friends line-up of international and local
of India to celebrate the 70th performers will hit the streets over
Anniversary of India’s Repuiblic Day. Auckland Anniversary Weekend with

energetic displays of breakdancing,
19th Japan Day music, hula-hoops, fire stunts,
Date: Sunday, February 9 acrobatics and more!
Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Festival returns to Auckland’s
Venue: 217 Green Ln West, Epsom, CBD and Waterfront for another
Auckland year, with four full days of crowd-
JAPAN Day is New Zealand’s biggest pleasing delights from January 24
annual Japanese festival that aims – 27, 2020. Day shows start every
for further mutual understandings day at 12 noon. Night shows run
between Japan and New Zealand by on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at
sharing traditional and contemporary 7.30pm. The map and full schedule
Japanese cultures. With its history of will be released in December 2019.
19 years, there are a lot of Japanese For more information visit www.
food stalls as well as some other aucklandbuskersfestival.co.nz. Art
interesting things. Let’s have fun!!! and Child-friendly event.

Hare Krishna Food Auckland

Festival & Holi Anniversary
Date: Food Fest- Sunday, January Weekend Market
Time: 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. & Holi: 12 2020 Queens Wharf
p.m. to 4 p.m. Date: Saturday, 25 January to
Venue: 1229 Coatesville-Riverhead Monday, 27 January
Hwy, Kumeu, Auckland Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The Hare Krishna community has Venue: Queens Wharf, 89 Quay
long been coined as ‘the kitchen Street, Auckland CBD
religion’. If you have ever experienced Come join us in celebrating Tamaki
Hare Krishna cuisine, then you will Makaurau with a 3 day Market
certainly know why! The aim of this providing everything from Art,
Festival is to provide that special food Jewellery, clothing, skincare and a
experience to the wider public in a HUGE selection of indoor/outdoor
food festival format on our beautiful plants and garden art! Fun for the
property in Kumeu, Auckland. For whole Whanau with coffee, food
those of you who attend our Holi trucks, workshops, kid zone, and live
Festival of Colours - this festival is at music!
the same location. Email: cloudmarketjan@gmail.com &
* Entry/parking is free - all welcome! @aucklandmarket2020
* All food will be Vegetarian / Vegan
* Family Friendly with activities for
kids Mission Bay Art
& Craft Market
SeePort Festival - Auckland
2020 Anniversary Day
Date: Saturday, 25 to Monday, 27
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Date: Monday, January 27
Venue: Captain Cook Wharf,
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Mission Bat Reserve,
Hosted by Ports of Auckland. Ports
Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay,
of Auckland’s SeePort Festival is a
Come along to Mission Bay this
three-day celebration of Auckland
Auckland Anniversary Day Monday
City’s beautiful waterfront and
for one of Auckland’s largest Art &
rich maritime heritage. Carnival
Craft markets. Around 200 stalls will
rides, boat sailings, helicopter
fill Selwyn Reserve with a variety of
rides, delicious food, virtual-reality
arts, crafts and designer fashion, as
experiences, simulators, port tours,
well as some tasty food options.
music and entertainment on and off
There is something for everyone at
the water – little and big kids will be
the Mission Bay Art & Craft Market,
spoilt for choice! Sun and sea are
the perfect mix for a long weekend,
- Designer fashion for all ages
and best of all it’s mostly free! Check
- Baby, toddler, and children’s clothes
out seeport.co.nz to see what’s on.
- Huge selection of jewellery
- Dog snacks and doggie clothes
- Paintings and photography from
Brazilian Day local artists
- Kiwiana, candles, and gifts
Festival - Honey, jams, pickles and more
Date: Saturday, January 25 delicious edibles
Time: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. - Furniture, wood-work and much
Venue: Rocket Park, 773 New North more!
The Indian Weekender Friday, January 10, 2020 FEATURES 31

Study finds ‘helper’ cells that

can kill cancerous tumours
n a major breakthrough, researchers have identified how a (white blood cells), which play a key role in the body’s immune
subset of immune cells are activated to kill cancerous cells, response. In immunotherapy T cells are modified and used to
which could hold the key to new powerful therapies against attack cancer.
cancer. These cells move around our bodies, looking for infected cells
This new study built on previous research which found that and killing them.
following immunotherapy some CD4+ T cells, traditionally However, T cells do not recognise most cancers, since cancers
thought to be ‘helper’ and ‘regulator’ immune cells, become develop from our own tissues and appear normal to most T cells,
cytotoxic and directly engage with and kill cancer cells. the research said.
Published in the journal Immunity, the research team from The main challenge with T cell immunotherapy approaches is
University College London, examined the molecular and cellular to find ways to direct T cells to attack cancer cells.
mechanisms underpinning this activity, as part of an experimental “Cellular therapies have only recently entered the mainstream
study of immunotherapy in mice. in terms of clinical application. Our findings broaden our
Researchers found that IL-2, a ‘growth factor’ for T cells and “Our discovery provides the evidence and rationale for understanding of the regulators of T cell differentiation,
the ‘transcription factor’ Blimp-1 are responsible for initiating utilising Blimp-1 to maximise the anti-tumour activity of CD4+ illuminating new elements that might be targeted to enhance
potent killer activity in CD4+ T cells within cancerous tumours. T cells,” Quezada added. therapeutic efficacy,” said study researcher Karl Peggs from the
“We knew these immune cells had the ability to proactively Work is now underway in our lab to develop new personalised University College London in UK. According to the researchers,
kill cancer cells with incredible potency, but to maximise cell therapies where the activity of Blimp-1 can be maxed up to the study like this helps scientists understand better the intricacies
their potential, we needed to know how this mechanism was drive potent tumour control, the researchers said. of our immune system and how it can be utilised to kill cancer
activated,” said study co-lead author Sergio Quezada. According to the study, T cells are a subset of lymphocytes cells.

Aspirin may curb

colorectal cancer
recurrence, tumour
he benefits of a daily aspirin may extend beyond heart
health to colorectal cancer treatment, say researchers,
adding that they have found that aspirin appears to reduce
tumour growth and inhibit recurrence of the disease.
The trick now is to determine the right dosage of aspirin that can
be used as a daily prophylactic without triggering dangerous side
effects such as stomach and brain bleeds, the research said.
"Some might say aspirin is a 'miracle drug' because of its potential
to prevent diseases that result from chronic inflammation, such as
cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and arthritis," said Indian-origin
study researhcher Ajay Goel from the City of Hope clinic in the US.
The reason aspirin isn't currently being used to prevent these
diseases is because taking too much of any anti-inflammatory eats
at the stomach's mucus lining and causes gastrointestinal and other

"We are getting closer to discovering the right amount of daily

aspirin needed to treat and prevent colorectal cancer without
causing scary side effects," Goel added.
The study, published in the journal Carcinogenesis, used mouse
models and mathematical modeling to parallel the amount of daily
aspirin people in the US and Europe are taking in clinical trials.
The research team tested three varying daily doses of aspirin
in four colorectal cancer cell lines, including tumours with
microsatellite instability and mutations in the PIK3CA gene, which
has been tied to increased risk of endometrial, colon and aggressive
breast cancers.
Then the researchers divided 432 mice into four groups: control,
low-dose aspirin (15mg/kg), medium-dose aspirin (50mg/kg) and
high-dose aspirin (100mg/kg) -- the mouse equivalent of 100mg,
300mg and 600mg for humans.
The tumours from three mice in each treatment group were
analysed on days three, five, seven, nine and 11.
Researchers inspected "cellular apoptosis" (programmed cell
death) and found that the percentage of cells programmed to die
increased in all cell lines. Exactly how much, however, depended
on the amount of aspirin that was consumed, suggesting that aspirin
triggers a domino effect of cell death in all colorectal cell lines
regardless of genetic background.
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