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2006 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 311/45

Summary information communicated by Member States regarding State aid granted under Commis-
sion Regulation (EC) No 1/2004 of 23 December 2003 on the application of Articles 87 and 88 of
the EC Treaty to State aid to small and medium-sized enterprises active in the production, proces-
sing and marketing of agricultural products

(Text with EEA relevance)

(2006/C 311/08)

Aid No: XA 72/06 Aid may not exceed 40 % of eligible expenditure.

Member State: Italy Date of implementation: October 2006. In any case, not until
notification is received of the identification number given by the
Commission, when it receives the summary information.
Region: Piedmont
Duration of the scheme: 30 November 2007
Title of aid scheme or name of company receiving indivi-
dual aid: Aid for tangible and intangible investments (Regional Objective of aid: To promote and develop cooperative enter-
Law No 23/2004) prise in Piedmont, to raise the quality of produce supplied by
cooperatives and to improve management
Legal basis: Deliberazione della Giunta regionale n. 56 — 3081
del 5.6.2006 (B.U.R.P. n. 24 del 15.6.2006) ‘Legge regionale The following articles of the Regulation are applicable: Article 7
23/2004, Interventi per lo sviluppo e la promozione della coop- and Article 13(a), (b), (c), (d) and (e).
erazione. Articolo 6, commi 1, 2. Approvazione del programma
degli interventi a favore delle società cooperative operanti nel Sectors concerned: The scheme applies to cooperatives classed
settore della trasformazione e commercializzazione dei prodotti as small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the proces-
agricoli e rientranti tra le piccole e medie imprese’. sing and marketing of agricultural products covered by Annex I
to the EC Treaty.
Commission Regulation (EC) No 1/2004 of 23 December 2003
concerning the application of Articles 87 and 88 of the EC Name and address of the granting authority:
Treaty to aid for small and medium-sized enterprises involved in
Regione Piemonte, Assessorato alle Attività Produttive, Bilancio
the production, processing and marketing of agricultural
e Cooperazione
products. Published in Official Journal No L 1 of 3 January
Direzione regionale Formazione Professionale-lavoro,
2004. Entry into force: 23 January 2004 (Article 14).
Via Magenta, 12
I-10128 Torino
Planned annual expenditure under the scheme: EUR 10 Tel. (39-011) 432 48 85,
million Fax (39-011) 432 48 78,
e-mail: direzione15@regione.piemonte.it.
Maximum aid intensity: Non-repayable grants to cover the
general costs, such as consultants' and planners' fees and feasi- Web address:
bility studies, up to a maximum of 12 % of the costs forecast
for tangible investments, to set up and develop systems to www.regione.piemonte.it/lavoro/index.htm
certify product quality and traceability, to cover vocational and
management training for members and to set up and consoli- Other information: Beneficiaries must:
date business accounting systems.
— not be bankrupt or in receivership, not have ceased or
suspended their activities, not be subject to a court case or
Grants are awarded for a minimum of EUR 5 000 up to a be involved in any similar proceedings;
maximum of EUR 50 000.
— prove they are profitable and financially sound;
Loans at a subsidised rate in cooperation with financial institu-
tions to build, purchase and restructure immovable property — prove they meet the minimum requirements on health,
(excluding the purchase of land) and to purchase machines, new environment and animal welfare.
equipment (including IT programmes), vehicles and containers
specifically for transporting semi-processed or end produce The following costs are not eligible:
from processing and marketing plants to distribution channels,
provided the vehicles and containers are directly and exclusively — products originating in third countries;
used to transport such produce.
— investments that do not contribute to improving the situa-
Loans cover up to 100 % of eligible costs for a five-year period tion of the agricultural production sectors concerned;
(for production investments) or ten years for immovable prop-
erty investments. — investments at retail level;

The amount of funding granted from the regional budget ranges — the purchase of transport engines;
from a minimum of EUR 7 500 to a maximum of
EUR 350 000. — non-depreciable investments
C 311/46 EN Official Journal of the European Union 19.12.2006

Likewise aid will not be granted for: The main focus of the scheme is on:
— investments in breach of limits or restrictions applicable — special aid for enterprises which place a strong emphasis on
under common market organisations; specifically, aid will growth
not be granted for investments that exceed EU limits in the — making companies in Burgenland more internationally-
various sectors; oriented
— investments concerning the manufacture and marketing of — encouraging small-scale projects by such companies that
products which imitate or replace milk and milk products; show good signs of growth or which are expected to add
value in the long term
— initiatives intended to support research or promotion
The only costs which are eligible are those which fall under the
campaigns for agricultural products
following articles:
— Article 7 — investment in processing and marketing
— Article 14 — provision of technical support in the agri-
cultural sec
XA Number: XA 91/06 Sector(s) concerned: This scheme covers all economic sectors
Member State: Austria except the tourism and leisure sector and primary agricultural
and forestry production
Region: Burgenland Name and address of granting authority:
Title of aid scheme: Guidelines concerning the granting of Land Burgenland
non-repayable premiums to small and medium-sized enterprises Europaplatz 1
active in the production, processing and marketing of agri- A-7001 Eisenstadt
cultural products under Landes-Wirtschaftsförderungsgesetz Internet address: www.wibag.at
1994 — WiföG
Legal basis: Gesetz vom 24. März 1994 über Maßnahmen zur
Gewährleistung der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung im Burgenland
(Landes-Wirtschaftsförderungsgesetz 1994 — WiföG), LGBl.
Nr. 33/1994, in der Fassung des Gesetzes LGBl. Nr. 64/1998. XA number: XA 99/06
Member State: Netherlands
Annual expenditure planned under the scheme: Planning for
2006 Region: Not applicable
Title of aid scheme or name of company receiving indivi-
Year 2006: Investment aid in EUR 1 500 000 dual aid: Investment scheme on saving energy
Maximum aid intensity: Nordburgenland: 30 % Legal basis: Voorziene jaarlijkse uitgaven krachtens de regeling
of totaalbedrag van de aan de onderneming verleende indivi-
Mittelburgenland: 35 % duele steun
Südburgenland: 35 % Annual expenditure planned under the scheme or overall
amount of individual aid granted to the company: 2007:
Premiums of +15 % can be awarded. EUR 6 million
The maximum amount is EUR 725 000 for investments in Maximum aid intensity: 25 %
processing and marketing and EUR 100 000 over a period of
Date of implementation: Applications can be submitted from
three years for providing technical support in the agricultural
15 to 29 November 2006.
Duration of scheme or individual aid award: The scheme is
The level of support is subject to the limit set by Regulation non-recurring. Payments will be made by 30 June 2007 at the
(EC) No 1/2004. latest
Date of implementation: The aid may be awarded following Objective of aid: Primary objective: to reduce production costs.
publication of the scheme in the Burgenland official gazette. Secondary objective: to preserve and improve the natural envir-
Such publication is planned at the earliest for 10 working days onment. The scheme is based on Article 4 of Regulation (EC)
after notification of this summary No 1/2004. Investment directed at saving energy is eligible
Duration of scheme: The scheme runs until 31 December Economic sector(s) concerned: agricultural holdings, in par-
2006 ticular glasshouse horticultural holdings
Name and address of the granting authority:
Objective of aid: To improve the regional economic infrastruc-
ture of SMEs active exclusively in the processing and marketing Minister van Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit
of agricultural products Website: www.minlnv.nl/loket