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counrer ‘Fennonise PoLIcING Who should read this document? Those in regular, direct contact with young people or members of the public. Its also relevant to managers, senior officers and safeguarding leads at all levels of local authorities, How to use this document ‘This document is designed to help you recognise when young people or adults may be vulnerable to extreme or violent ideologies. Identification of any one of the signs presented here, in isolation, may not be indicative of vulnerability or radicalisation. However, in combination or in circumstances where they do not ‘fit, they may indicate an individual at risk. In such cases, consider whether the individual is vulnerable to extremism and sould be referred to the UK government's Prevent programme. Further information about the ideologies described can be sought from your local safeguarding lead or Prevent board representative. National Action Who are they? A proscribed neo Nei terrorist group thet beieves Inwhite supremacy and coming re wor. Why are they a threat? The group advocates racily ‘motvoted violence ad the ‘murder ofthese it deems ‘sbshuman’ in onderto guarantee the future ofthe white roce. propaganda is Doriculary eimed at recruiting young people, Including rivers students What you might see and hea © @ Bio Fe oi Group logo, posters or stickers. ‘The group produces high-quality posters, stickers and other propaganda, You may see them, oF the {up's logo (pictured left), among personal possessions or electronic devices, or on nearby street furniture. Group sympathisers may weara ‘skeleton’ mask (pictured left) covering the lower half ofthe fae, Veneration of Nazism. Neo-Nazis ldlise Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. You may encounter people with an unusual interest in Nazi memorabilia, military clothing, German history for the ku Klux lon. This maybe reflected in their choice of dress or acessories, their online betaviour for ther leisure interests Language ond must. ‘You may hear someone speak of a coming ‘rac: war’ in which ‘sub-humans, ‘kkes’ and ‘ace traitor’ wall be eradicated, or ofa global ‘Jewish conspiracy. You ‘might ako become avare of individuals streaming oF ‘owning music by ‘white power’ bands hike Blini1488, ‘SkrewDriver and Blackout. Aggressive racism. The group i vrulently racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic ‘and homophobic. You may hear people citcisng mmixed-race relationship, speaking offensivelyabout ‘those of diverse origin or expressing admiration for “Thomas Mair who murdered MIP Jo Cox Use of feinge social media sits. ‘Much af the most concerning right-wing extremist discussion occurs on lesser-known platforms ike Gab, 8chan (pictured left), Patreon and Discor You may deal with individuals who use these sites on personal devices or on school or public compu Reference to National Action spin-off groups. ‘You may see or hear expressions of interest inthe spin-off groups Scottish Dawn, NS133 (both proscribed) or System Resistance Network Sonnenkrieg wae What you might see and hear: Division Group logo, posters and propaganda, ‘The group produces high-quality posters and online ‘propaganda, You may se them, or the group's logo ‘the ‘black sun’ (pictured let), among an indivdua’s personal possessions, on electronic devices or in private residences, dormitories o barracks, Propaganda may feature the same ‘skeleton’ mask ‘employed by National Action; Russian or Norwegian language text; or Nazi symbology. 9 ® Who are they? Aneo-Noo group, ofiloted wieh US based group Veneration of Nazism. ‘Atomvaffen sion, that Neo-Nazis idolse Adolf Hitler and National Sccalsm, believes in white supremacy ‘You may encounter people with an unusual interest in ced cca rarer Nazi memorabilia, military clothing, German tistory ‘or the Ku Klux Kan. This maybe reflected in their choice of cress or acessories, ther online behaviour 5) Why ore they a threat? fr thet leisure interests, The group advocates rocioly rmatvated violence ond murder inorder to quarantee Aggressive racism, (he future of the white race. ‘The group is vrulently racist, anti-Semitic, xerophobic Is qpacoiyptic mitant ‘and homophobic. You may hear criticism of mxed-race Imogery's aimed at and con ‘relationships, offensive comments about those of appeal to young pete. ‘You may encounter people viewing or sharing memes on agi topes ace, at tutor What you might see and hear: ism, misogynism, anti-Semitism are conspiracy theories. "Pepe the frog common ir right-wing extremist imagery, isa recurrent feature ‘of uch memes, as ae Trash Dove" and ‘Moon Man’ {all pictured lef), Pepe may also be represented as 2 ‘rag’ emaji, Much alight discourse involves exchanging and commenting on imagery featuring invjokes and indirect references to ideological views. Esoteric languege. aces, Yor ney neorne aeons often esoteric or tongue-in-cheek terminology including white Bias, 208 opr tet due Mlle ‘ucksorvative’(a combination of ‘cuckold’ and ‘conservative’ ‘normies’ (a derogatory terms for ‘mainstream conservatives) and culture’ (used instead of the word ‘ace’ to maskracist connotations), ‘You may also hear the term ‘red piling, which is Used in both atight and right-wing extremist discourse asa metaphor for what they see as the revelatory power oftheir ideologies. The term refers tothe red pill that enables Keanu Reeves to see realty in the science-fiction film The Matrix. A-right ‘commentators routinely employ ‘dog whistles code ‘words or phrases designed tobe understood by only those in the know. Use of message boards, blogs and forums. Much at-right discussion occurs on message boards, blog: and forums and in chatrooms including Fede AAChan (logo pictured eft), 8Chan, Tumblr, The Daily Stormer (a neo-Nazlsite) and The Right Stufé. These sources act as ‘echo chambers’ reinforcing altriht narratives, You may encounter these sites on media ‘downloads, personal computers or mobile devices, Al Muhajiroun What you might see and hear: The belief thot Muslims are oppressed. ‘Al Muhajroun (aka ‘ALM') promotes the view that ‘Muslims are persecuted in the UK by the government and the media. You may hear sorreone state ths view or voice concern for ‘oppressed Muslims in other countries. Opposition to fundamental British values. ‘The group belies thatthe only legitimate aurhorty ‘on earths God. ts supporters speak critically af the democratic process, citise UK military invohement in ‘Muslin affais overseas and advocate the Implementation of Shariah law inthe UK Who are they? A prosribed terrorist grove ‘seeking the estabshment of ‘an slam tote an Sharioh law inthe UK, Derogatory language. You may hear ALM supporters use derogatoryterms to describe non-Muslims, such as ‘ffir (or ksffar ‘or ky). You may aso hear them invoke the cencept of fihad and the ‘Caliphate’ er Khilafoh inthe context of violent confit, Why ore heya threot? The group hes pledged oiegiance to theso-aled "tome tte’ and promotes nestreme version flan that legitimiss terrorist attacks ageinst non-Musins active ecuits men and ‘women inthe tens ond ‘ary 205 in pubic ond eae spaces. Dawah (the ‘cll to Islam). [ALM exploits the sincere Muslim duty to perferm ‘dawah, in order to recruit followers. You may become aware of ineviduals wha have been invited ‘to private religious ‘study groups’ having attended Islamic stalls ostensibly offering only religious juidance and literature Some Islamist extremists choose to home-school ‘their children. You may heat parents or children voicing highly conservative views about the mixing fof the sexes or the content of school lessons. Interest in terrorist ottacks linked tothe grow. “Terrorist attacks have been committed by people linked to ALM (e.g, the murder of Lee Rigby (ictured left) and the London Bridge attack). You may Fear ‘eople sympathising with the attackers’ motivations, showing an unhealthy interest inthe incidents or ‘repeatedly viewing footage ofthe attacks online Q @ 6 === & Extinction Rebellion What you might see and hear: rovp ogo and propagands moteros ‘The eroup produces fey downloadable eats, posters placards banners and steels You may see them, the groups logo (pictured Ie), or the pases “ellthe tnt nse up oe ebet among ndiuas personal possessions on electron devices oron bjt ike bung, amp posts and schoo lees. “ou may also encounter these symbols and phases 2 eff on was or drawn by puplson bags oF owe ther? ‘nerds boos. ee a topressure govermments to ee ‘You may see or hear of young people taking part in tote ton ancnae 'NVDA'Inonolent dec ction) sch a a-coun nae prs protests, ‘es (demeonstrationsin which cxncion Brotestors feign death) lock ons (ockng or sing Bneself to property, banner drops, blockading roads or wing ersronmentaly- themed ration vads or buildings. They may neglect to atend schol in ordertod 9, orpatlpateln panned schol Why ore they a threat? ‘An ant establahment Dhlosophy thot seks system “alco Youmoy aso become avare of sides Sone nds eines towing tended WDA rng sess at whieh ne theyare tough the teoryond preci of nor Dastaeen wl selon (ware ofthis. While no wolent against persons, the Desire tobe arrested for acts of cvl disobedience. ‘ampoign encourages other You may hear people express admiration for those Iow-breoking actes arrested for protest activity or verbaisea dese to attrac, divertor otherwise accupy police resources. ‘You may encounter individuale who adopt the ‘pasively limp’ posture recommended by Extinction Rebelion upon arest (designed to require theetforts of more police officers thereby diverting recousces from other protest activity) Discusion of essocited groups ondissues. You may hea expressions of support for asodated aetistroups ke Compassionate Revolationand foo serpane soho Rising Up! (logo pictured left), or see use of Extinction Eales sae Rebelion’s acronym Xi You may also hear people Vee foie peaking in stong or emotive tes about Sebo eee ttvronmentalsses ke climate change, ecobey. pepaileyen ter species extinction, fracking, airport expansionor, a pollution, Animal rights extremism What sie? Oppostion tothe status of ‘animale property, oiming by violent means tend ther Use in eentife eserch ond ‘sod, clothing and ‘entertainment. Why site threat? Anima right acts ore Increasingly targeting younger, more heath ‘conscious ounce for recruitment. Grophicimoges of animeisin distress can be emotional persuasive What you might see and hea Students viewing online media. ‘You may become aware of individuals using puslicor school computers or personal devices to view video footage of ‘animal iberations’from farms and other facilities, websites of activist groups or social media posts relating to animal weltare. Participation in ‘direct action’. You may see or hear of individuals taking part in activist ‘actions such as protests at farms, research facilities, supermarkets or retailers selling aniral products, fastfood outlets, or against fox hunting. {Interest in onimal rights activist groups. ‘You may hear expressions of suppor for activist sr0ups like the ‘Save’ movernent, the Animal LUeration Front (ALF) or other activist organisations, ‘or become aware of someone repeatedly viewing, ‘these groups’ websites or social media accounts ‘More health-conscious Westyles. e A growing numberof young people are adopting health-conscious and environmentally sustainable Ifestyles. These lifestyles are not themselves ‘extreme but activists may target this cohort to ‘expose them to more radical views on animal welfare ‘Outspoken attitudes to animal welfare. You may witness strong opposition to animal testing, fox hunting, 200s and the use of animalsin circuses, ‘or wearing fur. You may observe changes in ‘weft mst? ‘encourage minerae beope to prorat of bbehaviour such as no longer eating meat and ctiticising those who do, or questioning other: choice of products {itested on animals) Stickers ond other propaganda. ‘You may see stickers on an individuals personal possessions, in oF on schoo! buildings, or on nearby lamp posts and other street furniture. Supporers ‘may wear animal welfae-themed t-shirts or ‘embroidered patches on clothes or bags. Internet use What you might see and hear: Use of fringe social media, forums and websites. ‘encounter these sources on individuals electrenic ‘Much of the most concerning extremist materi shared through lesser-known platforms lke Gab, '8Chan, Patreon (pictured lft) and Discord, and encrypted apps like Telegram and WhatsApp. You may What does thi cover? ‘Acesing the word wide web ‘hough browsers, encrypted ‘299, Social medio and espa softwore. This 0 crosscutting theme relevant to allehe ideology types presented inthis document. Why sta concern? Theintenetis a lorgey lungoverned space in which Uses cn shore or be exposed toestremist materoin the form of websites, videos, Imagery, documents, posts, ‘ond dcusions on subject. spec forums. devices or ininternet search histories. Use ofthe ‘dark web. ‘You might encounter the ‘TOR’ browser (used to access parts ofthe internet not accessible thraveh ‘mainstream search engines; logo pictured left). oF references tothe dark web, Ideological discussions with strangers. fo You may become aware of individuals discussing ideological subjects with strangers on socal media oF the internet. These strangers may be espousing extreme Ideas, encouraging people to act on grievances or advising travel to confit zones, Downloading of violent or ideological materi. You may encounter people downloading orn possession of ideologically-related images, documents or videos from internet sources. These media may be violent in content, encourage ‘extremism or terrorism or even be illegal tO download, own and share Excessive time spent online. ® You may be told about individuals spending a disproportionate amount of time online at the ‘expense of real-world relationships. Such behaviour may indicate or heighten social isolation and ther integration issues contrinutingto vulnerability Obtaining information from unevaluated sources. Sige You may speak to people who unquestioning cite “facts or opinions that they have read or heard on the internet or social media, including fake new, oF find them using dubious sources to justify thelr belies or ideas If you have concerns about an individual, consider making a referral to Prevent Py case eee a ico eet ar Poem tuP aurea ener se Contact your local safeguarding lead or Prevent board representative for furthe information about the Prevent programme. Information about proscribed terrorist groups can be found at https://www.gowuk/. ‘Visit Counter Terrorism Policing viathe ‘Action Counters Terrorism’ website: htps://act.ampaign. ov

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