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Optional course «Physics in English» Lesson 11

Topic of the lesson: Aktobe

World gravitation. Всемирное тяготение.
Date: 22.11.19 Teacher name: Nesmiyanova O.V.
CLASS: 9 Number present: Absent:
Learning To introduce the new term «the force of gravity» - To determine a connection between the
objectives(s) force of gravity, mass and distance between the pulling objects. - Practise to use new
that this knowledge and skills.
lesson is
Lesson By the end of the lesson, the learner will be able to:
objectives ALL Explain that any two bodies are attracted to each other by gravity;
Calculate the magnitude of the gravitational force in a particular case;/ рассчитывать
величину гравитационной силы в конкретном случае
Understand how the gravitational field is represented./ понимать что представляет собой
гравитационное поле
MOST Calculate the magnitude of the gravitational force in a particular case;/ рассчитывать
величину гравитационной силы в более сложных задачах
SOME students

Language Subject Learning:

objective  Learners can sketch and explain the meaning of evaporation and condensation.
Language Learning:
- Pronounce the words on the theme.
- To act out a dialogue.
- Understand some factual questions on the theme.
To ask and answer the questions on the theme in pairs.
Subject-Specific Vocabulary and Terminology:
Key words and phrases:

Previous Knowledge from the course of physics class 8.

Necessary information from the textbook.
and devices
Planned Planned activities Resources
Start I. Organization moment:
Warm up Good morning, students! I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please. How
are you? Are you fine? Are you OK?
Who is absent today? What´s the date today?
Open your exercise books write down the date.

Encouragin Создание проблемной ситуации: Беседа о любимом

g students времени года
to interest
Children, you know there are 4 seasons in a year. What is
in this topic
your favorite season?
involving What happens in the autumn? Что происходит осенью?
them in the (Падают листья. Спеют овощи, фрукты.) If you don´t pick
process apples from the tree in time, what can you see ?/ если яблоки
learning. вовремя не убрать с веток – что можно будет увидеть?
By the way, one English scientist saw the law of physics in
this. /А вот один английский ученый в этом увидел
великий закон физики.
This law controls the movement of planets and comets, the ebbs
and flows of the earth obey it./ Это закон, который: управляет
движением планет, спутников, комет, которому
подчиняются приливы и отливы морей;
- what is this law this? /какой закон?
– закон Всемирного тяготения. Law of Gravity
Именно о нем и пойдет речь сегодня на уроке.
What is the topic of our lesson?
The topic of our World gravitation.

Text Who was Isaac Newton? Text

revealing the
main theme Кто же он Исаак Ньютон? О великом
английском ученом лучше говорить на его родном языке.
- Now, children, read the information about Isaak
- Now, children, write I’ll read you an extract from an
English book and you must translate this extract into
Russian and then answer questions.
Where does the apple?
Какая же роль отведена яблоку в законе Всемирного
- Кто слышал об этой легендарной истории?
Друг И. Ньютона английский ученый Уильям Стекли
в книге «Воспоминания о жизни И.Ньютона»
описал интересный эпизод.

Middle Vocabulary
Reading, Why does Earth attract you? Ответ на этот вопрос
pronunciatio нам даст закон Всемирного тяготения.
n, writing
terminology Мы рассматриваем частный случай,
стр 70 когда взаимодействуют Земля и тела,
находящиеся на ее поверхности. Обозначим массу
Земли большой буквой М, а тела, находящегося на
Земле – малой буквой m. Так как тело находится на
поверхности, то расстояние между центрами тел равно
радиусу Земли. Мы получаем формулу.

G =6,67 *10 -11 M = 6*1024 кг R = 6,4*106 м

work in groups

Before we start our lesson, learn some new terms:

Match new words to expressions and write in a notebook
/ Сопоставьте понятия значениям и запишите в тетрадь
Attracted Притяжение
Force Сила
Gravitational force Гравитационная сила
Body Тело
Gravity Гравитация
To measure Измерять

Please, translate.
Solve the Task 1
problem Решите задачу: Яблоко, падая с ветки, притягивается к
Земле с силой 2Н. Определите массу яблока. .
Given/Дано: Solution/Решение:

F = 2H
F = m·g


Solve the Task 2
problem Стр 83(54)

Рractical Task 3
task. True/False questions
Activity - Gravity is the force of attraction between objects. (true)
Work in - The force of gravity is measured in kilograms. (false)
groups. - The bigger the mass of an object the bigger the force of
gravity. (true)
- The Sun has a very large mass, so it exerts a large pull of
gravity on everything in the solar system. (true)
- The force of gravity acts only on the Earth. (false)
- The Sun’s gravity holds the planets in an orbit around them.
- The planets do not fall towards the Sun because they are
moving sideway at high speed. (true)

Составить предложения с новыми выражениями
for fixing the

Homework Learn the terminology. Подготовить рассказ по буклету

Reflection Students summarize the lesson:

What did we do during the lesson?
What new information have we got?
What terminology was learned in the lesson?

Summary evaluation The teacher, together with the students, gives an overall assessment of the lesson.

You did a good job! Thank you very much for the lesson.
- Children, and my favorite season is autumn. I think it’s a nice season. I like autumn
because the new school year starts and I can meet and see you, my students. As for me
autumn is the most beautiful season in a year. The leaves are yellow, red and brown. They fall
down and the ground is covered with multicolor carpet of leaves. In autumn we usually go
to the forest and gather different mushrooms. Autumn is the season of the harvest; it is
the season of apples. In autumn I help my parents to gather apples because autumn is the season
of apples.
Isaac Newton is one of the greatest men in the history of science. He was born in a small
village of Woolsthorpe in England. His birthday is on the 25th of December, 1642.
Newton’s father was a poor farmer. But the boy didn’t like farming; he was fond of
poetry and mathematics. After Newton left school he studied at Cambridge University. In
the autumn of 1660, Cambridge University was closed and Newton went back to his village.
At the age of 23 Newton did the greatest discovery. He formulated the law of gravitation. In
1703 Newton was elected the President of the Royal Society. On the 20th of March, 1727
Isaac Newton died and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

«After dinner … we went to the garden and started to drink tea under the apple-trees.
Sir Isaac told me that it was the same situation when he first had got an idea about gravitation.
The idea of gravitation was connected with the falling of an apple. Why does an apple
always fall plumb? I think there must be a magnetic force in the middle of the Earth. This
force must be proportional to its quantity. That’s why this apple attracts the Earth the same
way as the Earth attracts this apple. As a result there must be the force similar to the force that
we call the gravity and this force spreads out the Universe».
- So, children, let’s try to translate this extract. So, K., start to translate.
- Now, let’s check.
«После обеда… мы перешли в сад, и пили чай под тенью нескольких яблок. Сэр Исаак
сказал мне, что точно в такой обстановке он находился, когда ему впервые пришла
мысль о тяготении. Она была вызвана падением яблока. Почему яблоко всегда падает
отвесно, подумал он про себя. Должна существовать притягательная сила материи,
сосредоточенная в центре Земли, пропорциональная еѐ количеству.
Поэтому яблоко притягивает Землю так же, как Земля яблоко. Должна,
следовательно, существовать сила, подобная той, которую мы называем тяжестью,
простирающаяся по всей Вселенной».