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B A L D U R ' S G A T ·em


Story Creators: Adam Lee (lead), James lntrocaso, Ari Levitch, Producers: Dan Tovar, Bill Benham
Mike Mearls, Lysa Penrose, Christopher Perkins, Ben Petrisor, Product Engineer: Cynda Callaway
Matthew Sernett, Kate Welch, Richard Whitters, Shawn Wood Imaging Technicians: Sven Bolen, Carmen Cheung, Kevin Yee
Story Consultants: Joe Manganiello, Jim Zub Art Administrator: David Gershman
Writers: Bill Benham, M.T. Black, Dan Dillon, Justin Donie, Prepress Specialist: Jefferson Dunlap
James J. Haeck, James lntrocaso, Adam Lee, Chris Lindsay, Fra nchise & Global Brand Strategy: Nathan Stewart
Liane Mersiel, Shawn Merwin, Lysa Penrose, Christopher Perkins, Director of Licensing & Publishing: Liz Schuh
F. Wes ley Schneider, Amber Scott, James Sutter Licensing Manager: Hilary Ross
Developers: Jeremy Crawford, Dan Dillon, Ben Petrisor, Kate Welch Marketing and Communications: Bart Carroll, Pelham Greene,
Editors: Michele Carter, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Hannah Rose, Greg Tito, Anna Vo
F. Wesley Schneider Brand Manager: Shelly Mazzanoble
Managing Editor: Christopher Perkins Playtest Coordinator: Bill Benham
Art Director: Kate Irwin
Graphic Designers: Emi Tanji, Trish Yochum The following D&D books provided material and inspiration:
Concept Art Director: Richard Whitters Greenwood, Ed, Matt Sernett, Alexander Winter, and Steve Winter.
Creative Art Director: Shauna Narciso Murder in Baldur's Gate. 2013.
Cover Illustrators: Tyler Jacobson, Hydro74 Greenwood, Ed, and others. Lords of Darkness. 1988.
Interior Illustrators: Victor Adame Minguez, Even Amundsen, Kenson, Steve, and others. Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide. 201 S.
Alexey Aparin, Mark Behm, Michael Berube, Zoltan Boros, Aleksi Mearls, Mike, Jeremy Crawford, and others. Mordenkainen's Tome
Briclot, Christopher Burdett, Sam Burley, Wesley Burt, Clint of Foes. 2018.
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Nils Hamm, Leesha Hannigan, Ralph Horsley, La ke Hu rwitz, Perkins, Christopher, Wil l Doyle, and Steve Winter. Tomb of
Tyler Jacobson, Sam Keiser, Julian Kok, Daniel Landerman, Larian Annihilation. 2017.
Studios, Titus Lunter, Brynn Metheney, Scott Murphy, Claudio
Pozas, Vincent Proce, Chris Rallis, Mike Schley, llya Shkipin, Vanthampur Villa was inspired by a building design by Dean Turner.
David Sladek, Zack Stella, Matt Stewart, Cory Trego-Erdner, Beth
Trott, Unit Image, Richard Whitters, Shawn Wood, Ben Wootten
Concept Illustrators: Aleksi Briclot, Daarken, Max Dunbar, Titus D1ulo1mtr; This adventure i.s o work offies ion aimed at provfd•rig 1ou and your friends with
Lunter, Vince Proce, Richard Whitters, Shawn Wood mony hours offon1osiic enurtoinmen1. Alrltou11t dt•ils ond rite Nine Hells ploy promintnl
roles 1n this story. the evil shey ttpresent ;s m1oni to "4 foughe offd ove"omt. Vlizo1ds of
Infernal Font Designer: Daniel Reeve 1h1 CooSI fully endorses <he kicking ofe•il's bun. Lii darkness foll and logh1prevail! Wt
Interior Cartographers: Dyson Logos, Mike Schley srron1ly od•iu 1ho1 you no1play1his odvtnrure bockword. lest Asmodtus appear in a puff
Poster Map Cartographer: Jared Blando ofsmoke to tolk politics. as archfiends ore wont to do.


The symbol of Bhaal fills the sky over Avernus as the River Styx The flame-ringed skull of Bhaal, bound on either side by Zariel's
seethes below. Illustrator Tyler Jacobson shows the archdevil Zari el angelic sword, adorns the front cover. On the back cover, the
reaching for her sword- a reminder of her angelic origins-as her archdevil of Avernus herself graces us with her fiendish presence.
evil henchman Haruman follows her into damnation. Both covers were created by Hydro74.

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ISB N: 978-0-7869-6687-5
First Printing: September 2019

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. D&D. Wizards of tho Coast, Forcotton R.. lms, tho dragon ampersand, Player's Handbook. Mon.ltr Manual. Oun11on Mouer·s Gv•dt. •II other Wizards of
the Coast product n•mes, •nd their rtspectove locos art trademarks ofWizards of the Coast in the USA and other countrios. The characters of Arkhan the Cruel. To<ogar Sreelfist, and
Krull tht Tor-tit. and their distinctive likenesses. art ptoptrty of Joe- Manganiello and art used 1n this product w11h permission. All other characters and their d1stinct1Yt likenesses are
ptopetty of Wizards of the Coast. This mater•al •s protected under the copyright Jaws o( the United Statts of America. Any reproduction or unauthortzed use of the material or artwork
cont11ntd herein is prohibited without the tic press written permission of Wizards of the Coasc .

P1inted 1n tht USA. ()2019 Wizards of th• Coast LLC, PO Box 707. Ronton. WA 98051·0101, USA Manufactured by Hasbro SA. Ru• Emlle·Bo<!chat 31, 2800 Del~mont, CH.
Represented hr Hubro De Entrcc 240 1101 EE Amsterdam N I
Pronunciation Gulde ................................ 4 Uldrak's Grave ...................................... 109 App. C: Maalc Items ..............................223
About the Adventure ................................. 5 Arkhan's Tower .................................... 110 App. D: Creatures ..:............................... 228
Adventure Overview ................................... 5 Monument to Tiamai... ........................ 112 Amnizu ....................................................... 228
Adventure Background .............................. 7 Bel's Forge ............................................. 113 Baphomet .................................................. 229
Roleplaying Devils ...................................... 8 Sibriex .................................................... 116 Bulezau ......................................................230
Life in the Nine Hells .................................. 9 Wrecked Flying Fortress ................... ll8 Crokek'toeck .............................................230
Other Locations ....................................... 122 Cultists of the Dead Three .................... 231
Cb. 1: A Tale of Two Cities ..................... 10 Styg·1an Dock 123
· ......................................... Fiendish Flesh Golem ............................236
Fall ofElturel. ............................................. l 0 Sty Watchtowers 124
x ································ Hellwasp ....................................................237
Evil in BaJdur's Gate ................................. 11 Sundered Chai"ns ................................. 126 Holl phant 237
Running This Chapter.............................. 11 T w d · E 126 y ............................................... ..
The Basilisk Gate ...................................... 12 he l'anFle:ing"' mporium ................ 130 Merregon ...................................................238
Zarie s ying rortress...................... Na go 238
Elfsong Tavern ........................................... l6 Roaming Encounter: Smiler rzu n ................................................. ..
Dungeon of the Dead Three.................... 20 D fit Nupperibo..................................................238
the e er.............................................. 133 Redcap 240
Low Lantern ............................................... 28 ·······················································
Van th ampur V1.11a ...................................... 32 Ch. 4: Sword ofZarlel. .......................... 134 Tressym .....................................................240
Under the Villa ........................................... 37 Approaching the Citadel ........................ 134 White Abishai ...........................................241
Final Encounters in Baldur's Gate ........ 42 The Scab.................................................... 134 Yeenoghu ...................................................242
journey to Candlekeep ............................. 43 Entering the Citadel ................................ 139 Zariel ..........................................................243
Candlekeep ................................................. 45 ldyllglen ..................................................... 140 App. E: Infernal Rapture Menus ....... 244
Getting to Avernus .................................... 50 Claiming the Sword ................................ 145
App. F: Story Concept Art ...................246
Ch. 2: Elturel Has Fallen........................ 52 Ch. S: Escape from Avernus ............... 146
Who Should Rule Avernus? .................. 146 App. G: lnfernal Script ......................... 256
Running This Chapter .............................. 52
Arrival in E lturel.. ...................................... 52 Will Elturel Be Saved? ........................... 150 Maps
High Hall ..................................................... 58 Endgame in Elturel ................................. 154 1.1: Baldur's Gate. ...................................... 13
Grand Cemetery ........................................ 64 Baldur's Gate Gazetteer....................... 158 1.2: Elfsong Tavern ................................... 17
Escaping the Siege.................................... 71 History of Baldur's Gate......................... 158 1.3: Dungeon of the Dead Three............ 21
1.4: Low Lantern........................................ 29
Ch. 3: Avernus ........................................... 74 Baldur's Gate Today ................................159
· g Th'1s Ch apter.............................. 74 Government .............................................. 161 1.5: Vanthampur Villa............................... 33
Runnm 1.6: Under the Villa ................................... 37
What Is Avernus? ....................................... 75 Citizenry .................................................... 164
2.1: Elturel ................................................... 56
Features of Avernus .................................. 76 Economy and Trade ................................ 165
· g th e p os ter J\i'1ap ............................... 79 Religion ...................................................... 166 2.2: High Hall Cathedral.......................... 61
Usin 2.3: Hall High Cathedral,
Fort Knucklebone...................................... 80 Dangers in Baldur's Gate ...................... 170
City Landmarks ....................................... 174 Choir Level .............................................. 62
R agga d ragga Attack· s 1...............................87 2.4: High Hall Catacombs ....................... 63
Warlords of the Avernian Upper City ................................................. 176
2.5: Grand Cemetery Chapel .................. 67
Wastelands .............................................. 90 Lower City ................................................. 184
Outer City .................................................. 194 2.6: Grand Cemetery,
Q ues t L1or th e S word ................................. . 92 Ossuary Level ......................................... 69
Haruman's Hill ....................................... 92 Beyond Baldur's Gate ............................. 201
Baldur's Gate Character 3.1: Avernus................................................. 79
Hell wasp Nest......................................... 94 3.2: Hellwasp Nest .................................... 95
Path of Demons.......................................... 96 Backgrounds .........................................202
Dark Secrets ............................................ 208 3.3: Crypt of the Hell r iders ................... 101
Spawning Trees ..................................... 96 3.4: Bone Brambles ................................. 108
Tower of Urm .......................................... 97 App. A: Diabolical Deals...................... 212 3.5: Bel's Forge......................................... 114
Obelisk ...................................................... 98 Infernal Contracts ................................... 214 3.6: Wrecked Flying Fortress ............... 120
Mirror of Mephistar............................... 99 Archdevil Charms ................................... 215 3.7: Stygian Watchtower ........................ 125
Pit of Shummrath ................................ 100 App. B: Infernal War Macblnes ......... 216 4.1: Side View of the Scab ..................... 137
Crypt of the Hellriders ........................ 101 Stat Blocks ................................................ 216 4.2: ldyllgleo ............................................. 141
Arches of Ulloch ................................... 103 Rules ........................................................... 216 The Sword Coast ..................................... 160
Kostchtchie's Maw ............................... 104 Fiendish Variations ................................. 221 Baidu r's Gate ............................................ 172
Path of Devils ........................................... 106 Chases on Avernus ..................................222 Players' Map of Elturel............ Poster Map
Demon Zapper ...................................... 106 Players' Map of Avernus ......... Poster Map
Bone Brambles ..................................... 107


Trisha Arozqueta, Cory Bennett, Khrys Bennett, Cody Bowen, jean-Luc Caron, Trevor Clare, Drake Delgado, Mikayla "Irish" Ebel, Christian
"Shiny" Eckert, Zach "Static" Eckert, Andrew Evans, Nathan Fisher, Jesse Foltz, Thomas Freed, David Hanson, Maris Hanson, Brenna Holkins,
jerry Holkins, Danny Hyun, Joshua Kiper, Shayne Li, Jonathan Christopher Marquiss, Zack Merritt, Emmanuel john Mitsinikos, Blake Morrison,
David Park, Nancy Rexford, Leonardo Rivera, Luke Sargent, Brandon Smith, Rob Spieldenner, Rebecca Stein, Nevin Vorfeld, Andrew White
This guide shows how to pronounce many of the non-English names that appear in this adventure.

Name Pronunciation Description

Abishai AB-ish-eye Devil loyal to Tiamat that exists outside the Infernal Hierarchy
Amnizu am- N EET-zoo Greater devil that guards gateways to the Nine Hells
Amrik Vantham pur AM-rik VAN-tham-per Second son of Duke Thalamra Vanthampur of Baldur's Gate
Arkhan the Cruel AR-kawn Evil dragonborn champion ofTiamat
Asmodeus az-moh-DAY-us, or Archdevil, greater god, and Lord of the Nine Hells
Baphomet BAF-oh-met Demon lord worshiped by minotaurs
Balarystul bah-tar-RISS-tut Ancient copper dragon that has infiltrated the Wandering Emporium
Bazelsteen BAY-zel-steen Horned devil that oversees flying fortress repairs at the Stygian Dock
Belynne Stelmane beh-UN STEL-mane One of four dukes on the Council of Four that governs Baldur's Gate
Bhaal BAWL Mortal god of murder, and one of the Dead Three
Bulezau BOO-leh-zow Horned demon with rotting flesh
Crokek'toeck CROW-kek-toe-ick Gargantuan demon that carries other demons inside it
Dillard Portyr DILL-erd por-TEER One of four dukes on the Council of Four that governs Baidu r's Gate
Falaster Fisk FAL-ass-ter Helpful spy imprisoned in the dungeon under Vanthampur Villa
Fhet'Ahla fett-AH-lah Amnizu that runs From Here to Avernus in the Wandering Emporium
Gabourey D'Vaelan gah-BUR-ee duh-VAY-Ian Cook who works at Vanthampur Villa in Baldur's Gate
Gargauth GAR-gawth Pit fiend imprisoned in the Shield of the Hidden Lord
Haruman HAIR-oo·man Fallen paladin of Elturel, now a narzugon devil loyal to Zariel
jhessa Brightstar JESS-ah Priest of Lathander in ldyllglen
Kaejil OrOnmar KAY-jil oh-ROON -mar Tax collector imprisoned in Vanthampur Villa
Klim Jhasso JAH-soh Member of the Jhasso patriar (noble) family of Baldur's Gate
Kostchtchie koss-CH EE-chee Demon lord worshiped by some frost giants
Laraelra Thundreth lah-RAIL-rah THUN·dreth Proprietor of the Low Lantern, a tavern in Baldur's Gate
Liara Portyr lee-AR-ah por-TEER Commander of the Flaming Fist recalled to Baldur's Gate
Lulu LOO-loo Hollyphant suffering from memory loss
Matalotok mah-tah-LOH-tok Magical hammer stolen from Kostchtchie by Zariel
Mordenkainen mor-den-KAY·nen, or Famous archmage who inhabits the Tower of Urm in Avernus
Mortlock Vanthampur MORT-lock VAN-tham-per Third son of Duke Thalamra Vanthampur of Baidu r's Gate
Myrkul MER-kul M ortal god of death and necromancy, and one of the Dead Three
Nariangela nar-ee-AWN -jeh-lah Erinyes bridge officer aboard Zariel's flying fortress
Nupperibo nuh·pur-REE-boh Least devil common throughout the Nine Hells
Olanthius oh-LAN-thee-us Fallen paladin ofElturel, now a death knight sworn to obey Zariel
Pherria Jynks FAIR-ee-ah JINX Acolyte of Torm in Elturel's High Hall cathedral
Reya Mantlemorn RAY-ah MAN-tul-morn Hellrider sworn to protect and defend Elturel
Satiir Thione-Hhune sah-TEER thee-AWN-hewn Member of the Hhune patriar (noble) family of Baldur's Gate
Shaleen Zoraz shaw·LEEN zor-AHZ Sewer maintenance supervisor imprisoned in Vanthampur Villa
Sibriex SIB-ree·ex Demon that looks like a bloated sack of pustulent flesh
Sylvira Savikas sil-VEER-ah sah-VEE-kas Tiefling archmage and expert on the Nine Hells
Thalamra Vantham pur thah-LAM -rah VAN -tham-per One of four dukes on the Co uncil of Four that governs Baldur's Gate
Thavius Kreeg THAY-vee-us KREEG Former cleric of Torm and High Overseer of Elturel
Thurstwell Vanthampur THURST·well VAN -tham-per First son of Duke Thalamra Vanthampur of Baidu r's Gate
Tiamat TEE-ah -mat Five-headed queen of evil dragons trapped in the Nine Hells
Trantolox TRAN-toe-lox Nalfeshnee encountered outside the Bleeding Citadel
Traxigor TRAX-eh-gor Archmage transformed into an otter
Ulder Ravengard UL-der RAY-ven-gard Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate and leader of the Flaming Fist
Yael YAY-el Deceased defender of Elturel, now a ghost in the Nine Hells
Yeenoghu yee-NO-goo Demon lord worshiped by gnolls
Zari el ZAR-ee-el, or ZAIR·ee-el Archdevil and ruler of Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells

PROJETADO PARA UMA FESTA DE Com o grão-duque Ulder Ravengard fora do caminho,
AVENTURA De personagens de quatro a seis Thalamra está pagando aos Três Mortos para destruir a confiança
níveis, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus é uma no Punho Flamejante, para que todos os pagamentos à
aventura DUNGE0NS & DRAG0NS que começa organização decapitada possam ser cortados. Thalamra, uma
na cidade de Baldur's Gate e termina em Avernus,
discípula devota do arqui-demônio Zariel, intermediou um acordo
a primeira camada dos Nove Infernos. No final da
aventura, os personagens devem estar no 13º nível que lhe permitirá reivindicar o papel de grão-duque assim que o
ou superior. Para executar esta aventura, você Punho Flamejante se dissolver, abrindo caminho para
precisa do manual do jogador da quinta edição,
descida da cidade em Avernus. Para atingir esse último
Livro do Mestre e Manual dos Monstros. objetivo, Thalamra precisa de um artefato chamado Escudo do
Senhor Oculto, preso no qual é um demônio chamado Gargauth.
Use a primeira sessão do jogo para ajudar seus jogadores a Até recentemente, o escudo era selado em uma tumba sob a
criar seus personagens de primeiro nível. Como parte desse cidade, mas os filhos de Thalamra recentemente o roubaram e o
processo, os jogadores podem escolher o segredo sombrio de transportaram para a masmorra abaixo de sua vila. O escudo é tão
seu grupo (na página 208). corrupto que sua mera presença no Portão de Baldur contribuiu
para a decadência moral da cidade por décadas.
Para impedir que o Portão de Baldur caia nas garras de Zariel,
A cidade sagrada de Elturel desapareceu dos Reinos
os personagens devem levar o escudo para longe da cidade. Reya
Esquecidos e desceu a Avernus, a primeira camada dos Nove Mantlemorn, um jovem cavaleiro de Elturel, suspeita que os
Infernos. Esse evento surgiu como resultado de uma barganha Vanthampurs estejam abrigando Thavius Kreeg em sua
infernal entre o arqui-demônio Zariel, que governa Avernus, e propriedade e oferecendo ajuda. Personagens que atacam a vila de
o traiçoeiro superintendente de Elturel, Thavius Kreeg. Zariel Duke Vanthampur encontram Thavius escondido na masmorra
está capturando cidades e usando seus cidadãos como abaixo dela. Thavius está ajudando Thalamra Vanthampur a usar
forragem no conflito em curso entre demônios e demônios o Escudo do Senhor Oculto para provocar a queda do Portão de
conhecido como Guerra do Sangue. O próximo na lista de Baldur, da mesma maneira que ele usou o Companheiro (veja a
cidades de Zariel é o vizinho de Elturel, o Portão de Baldur. Os página 7) para condenar Elturel.Se os personagens matam
personagens podem ser os heróis que descem para Avernus, Thavius, sua alma cai aos Nove Infernos e se reforma como um
salvam Elturel de certa destruição e evitam que um destino diabo Amnizu emAvernus (na página 132).
semelhante aconteça no Portão de Baldur

No curso de lidar com Thavius Kreeg e a família Vanthampur, é
provável que os personagens adquiram o Escudo do Senhor
O capítulo 1 começa na cidade independente de Baldur's Oculto, bem como uma caixa de quebra-cabeça infernal que eles
Gate, onde os personagens se veem presos atrás dos muros da não podem abrir. Eles também podem libertar um espião preso na
cidade depois que os portões são fechados para impedir a masmorra de Duke Vanthampur, que trabalha para Sylvira
entrada de centenas de refugiados nas terras vizinhas de Savikas, uma especialista em ladrões dos Nove Hells. Determinada
Elturgard. No entanto, os portões não podem conter notícias a frustrar os adoradores do diabo em posições de poder em todo o
de que a capital de Elturgard caiu, e que o Grão-Duque Ulder coração ocidental, Sylvira opera fora da biblioteca de Candlekeep e
Ravengard, de Baldur's Gate, está desaparecido em uma missão passou anos monitorando o diabo em atividade em Baldur's Gate,
diplomática em Elturel. O fato de o infortúnio de Elturel Elturel e região. Seus espiões estão atrás da caixa de quebra-
coincidir com a visita de Ravengard deixou os Baldurians se cabeças, que se acredita conter uma cópia do contrato demoníaco
perguntando se o Portão de Baldur sofreria o destino de Elturel. que Thavius assinou para selar a destruição de Elturel.
Os personagens são elaborados pelo Punho Flamejante, o Se os personagens quiserem ajudar o Portão de Baldur ainda
exército de mercenários encarregado de proteger a Cate de mais, eles devem viajar para os Nove Infernos e resgatar Ulder
Baldur. Sem o Grão-Duque Ulder Ravengard para liderá-los, os Ravengard do que resta de Elturel. Os personagens são convidados
mercenários do Punho Flamejante são pouco mais que a procurar Sylvira Savikas em Candlekeep. Sylvira conhece o
bandidos glorificados. As ordens dos jogadores são ajudar a segredo para desbloquear a caixa de quebra-cabeças de Thavius.
manter a paz, enraizando e destruindo seguidores dos deuses Ela também pode facilitar a descida dos personagens em Avernus e
do mal de Bane, Bhaal e Myrkul, conhecidos coletivamente fornecer a eles um mapa (embora não seja confiável). Sylvira
como os Três Mortos. Esses padres, assassinos e necromantes aconselha os personagens a deixarem o Escudo do Senhor Oculto
vil estão assassinando pessoas da cidade aleatoriamente, e o sob sua custódia. No entanto, há benefícios em levar o escudo com
Punho Flamejante está muito distraído e desorganizado eles, pois Gargauth pode guiá-los através dos Nove Infernos de
para caçá-los e encontrar seu covil. No curso de sua maneiras que outros não podem. Com ou sem o escudo, os
investigação, os personagens dizem que os cultistas dos Três personagens partem de Candlekeep e visitam o amigo de Sylvira,
Mortos estão sendo financiados secretamente por Thalamra Traxigor, um mago que pode usar o feitiço de mudança de avião
Vanthampur, um dos três duques remanescentes que presidem para levá-los a Elturel. Na torre deste mago, eles encontram um
o governo de Baldur's Gate, usando dinheiro roubado do hollyphant (na página 237) chamado Lulu.
tesouro de Tiamat, a rainha má de dragões presos nos Nove
Aos nove infernos!
For characters of leveis 1-4 O capítulo 2 começa com a chegada dos personagens em
Elturel, que é ancorado por enormes correntes e preso sob a
Pressionados a serviço pelo Punho Flamejante, os
luz maligna do Companheiro. Se os personagens não fizerem
personagens procuram e destroem os cultistas dos Três
nada, a cidade será puxada para o rio Styx e ligada aos Nove
Mortos que estão atacando o Portão de Baldur. À medida
Infernos para sempre. Lulu tenta o seu melhor para servir
que as maquinações da família Vanthampur vêm à luz, os
como guia do partido em Avernus, mas as memórias do
personagens têm a chance de enfrentar Thavius Kreeg, o
hollyphant são fragmentadas. Torna-se claro, no entanto, que
arquiteto da queda de Elturel, antes de viajar para
Lulu tem uma conexão pessoal com Zariel, que remonta à
Candlekeep para desbloquear uma caixa de quebra-cabeças
antiga existência angélica do arquiduque.
misteriosa e obter uma passagem segura para os Nine Hells.
Depois de vasculhar Elturel em busca de sobreviventes e
confrontos com as dezenas de Avernus, os personagens
encontrariam o valente Ulder Ravengard, que foi colocado na
situação mais incomum de defender um cidade em que ele se
opôs há muito; O sitiado Ravengard pede aos personagens
Para personagens dos níveis 5-6
que façam o possível para libertar Elturel e devolver o que
l resta a Faerun. Para fazer isso, eles devem vasculhar Avernus
Depois de fazer amizade com um hollyphant chamado em busca de meios para destruir o Companheiro ou quebrar
Lulu, os personagens ajudam os sobreviventes em Elturel, as enormes correntes que prendem a cidade, conforme
uma cidade que descrito no capítulo 3.
acompanhado por correntes acima do rio Styx, na Avernus tem sido um campo de batalha na interminável
primeira camada dos Nove Infernos, e procure pelo Grão- Guerra do Sangue. À parte os demônios e demônios em choque,
Duque Ulder Ravengard, de Baldur's Gate. os senhores da guerra mesquinhos vasculham as terras desertas

l da Averniana em busca de tesouros, salvamentos e combustível

para suas máquinas de guerra infernais. Personagens que forjam
uma aliança com um senhor da guerra correm o risco de alienar
CAPÍTULO 3: AVERNUS os outros. Ao adquirir uma máquina de guerra infernal, os
Caracteres dos níveis 7-10
personagens podem atravessar rapidamente Avernus - um
Os personagens se aventuram pelas terras desertas de domínio repleto de almas torturadas, vendedores ambulantes e
Avernus em busca de aliados, enfrentam senhores da demônios ansiosos por tentar aspirar a heróis em acordos que
guerra e demônios e procuram uma maneira de destruir corrompe uma alma.

o Companheiro ou quebrar as correntes de Elturel. Quanto mais tempo ela passa com os personagens, mais Lulu
começa a se lembrar de memórias há muito perdidas da Espada
de Zariel, uma arma angelical com o poder de destruir o
Companheiro. Após a queda da graça de Zariel, a espada foi
escondida em uma fortaleza chamada Cidadela do Sangramento
CAPÍTULO 4: ESPADA DE ZARIEL - um santuário celestial preso em Avernus. A busca pela espada
forma o ponto crucial do capítulo 4, levando à revelação de que
For characters of/eve/s 11-12
Zariel pode ser redimido.
A Espada de Zariel pode ser a chave para a salvação de Elturel, O sucesso dos personagens não depende de adquirir a Espada
mas para obtê-la, os personagens devem encontrar a Cidadela de Zariel ou ajudar Zariel a encontrar redenção, como Gargauth
do Sangramento - uma pequena fatia do céu presa no inferno. é rápido em apontar se os personagens consultarem ele. Existem
Depois de desbloquear as memórias de Lulu e reivindicar outras maneiras de libertar Elturel, mas apenas se os
Lâmina de espada, essa poderosa arma de personagens deve personagens estiverem dispostos a atacar os mais malignos
decidir o bem quem vai empunha-la. habitantes de Avernus. Os caracteres podem intermediar um
acordo com o arqui-demônio deposto Bel, que anseia por

suplantar Zariel e recuperar seu título de governante de
Avernus. Eles podem alimentar a raiva de um demônio horrível
chamado Crokek'toeck e enganá-lo a roer as correntes de
CAPÍTULO 5: FUGIR DE AVERNUS Elturel. Eles podem chegar a um acordo com um paladino
Para caracteres de nível 13 e superior maligno nascido de dragão chamado Arkhan, o Cruel, usando-o
Os personagens usam os tesouros que adquiriram e os leais para negociar um acordo com Tiamat. Ao devolver seu tesouro
que fizeram para se libertar e Elturel de Avernus. Eles vão roubado, os personagens podem convencer Tiamat a quebrar as
usar a espada de Zariel ou fazer uma barganha infernal para correntes de Elturel.
libertar o planetário preso no companheiro? Eles Por mais tentadoras que sejam essas atividades, os
convencerão um demônio a quebrar as correntes de personagens devem ter cuidado, pois os negócios do diabo, os
Elturel? Ou eles fizeram um acordo com o arqui-demônio senhores dos demônios e o número de fúria de Tiamat estão
Zariel? entre os maiores do multiverso.
ameaças. Além disso, a própria Zariel pode se irritar com os
personagens por ousar se intrometer em seus assuntos
diabólicos. O modo como a aventura termina depende das
escolhas que os personagens fazem, do caos que perdem e da
queda que forjam, conforme discutido no capítulo 5.
Lulu. Os outros dois generais de Zariel, Olanthius e
ANTECEDENTES DA Haruman, recusaram-se a deixar o lado de Zariel. Ali três
AVENTURA foram capturados e enviados para Nessus, o mais baixo dos
No plano do Monte Celestia, o anjo Zariel castigou seus Nove Infernos. Lá, Zariel foi levado diante de Asmodeus, que
colegas por não se envolverem na Guerra do Sangue. Ela achava a recebeu de braços abertos. O Senhor dos Nove elogiou
que era responsabilidade do exército angélico destruir o mal no Zariel por suas proezas de batalha e pela força de suas
multiverso, em vez de recuar e assistir demônios e demônios se convicções. Ele ofereceu seu governo de Avernus, para grande
aniquilarem, destruindo vastas faixas do multiverso no processo. desgosto de Bel. Jurando lealdade a Asmodeus e os Nove
Desafiando seus superiores, Zariel deixou o Monte Celestia e foi Infernos, Zariel poderia levar sua raiva a suportar os
para Elturel, onde reuniu um exército de guerreiros e os treinou demônios e continuar a lutar na Guerra do Sangue, com
para lutar na Guerra do Sangue. Ela prometeu a eles que, legiões de demônios sob seu comando. Zariel aceitou os
quando estivessem prontos, os levaria à batalha em Avernus. termos de Asmodeus, completando seu fali da graça.
Haruman transformou seu mestre em condenação por
Zariel liderou seu exército para fora de Elturel em meio a uma vontade própria e foi transformado em um narzugon devi),
multidão de simpatizantes e cidadãos orgulhosos em 1354 DR. enquanto Olanthius, que tirou a própria vida ao invés de se
Em uma investida épica conhecida como Ride, o exército de curvar diante de Asmodeus, foi trazido de volta para servir
Zariel entrou em Avernus e levou a luta para o arqui-demônio como cavaleiro da morte sob o olhar ardente de Zariel.
Bel e suas legiões infernais. Muitos dos guerreiros de Zariel
lutaram bravamente, mas para outros, os horrores dos Nove COMPANHEIRO VERDADEIRO
Infernos se mostraram grandes demais. Eles fugiram de volta
através do portal, selando-o atrás deles e nunca revelando sua Zariel nunca se esqueceu de seus traidores - aqueles que
vergonhosa retirada e traição. Os Cavaleiros do Inferno, como fugiam do campo de batalha. Ela ficou de olho em Elturel,
eram chamados. usaria esse distintivo de vergonha no túmulo. esperando o dia em que pudesse realizar sua vingança.
Aquele dia chegou em 1444 DC, quando Elturel foi
A QUEDA DE ZARIEL conquistado por um senhor dos vampiros. Um padre de
Tempestade chamado Thavius Kreeg apelou a qualquer
Zariel perdeu mais do que seu exército em Avernus. Ela poder para ajudá-lo a salvar sua cidade santa. Naquele
também perdeu uma mão, que foi cortada em batalha. Quando instante, Zariel emergiu de uma coluna de fogo e ofereceu a
sua espada caiu no chão, Zariel ordenou a Yael, seu general ele um acordo, que Thavius aceitou prontamente.
mais devoto, que pegasse a arma e a escondesse, para que os No céu sobre Elturel, uma esfera radiante chamada
demônios não a destruíssem ou a corrompessem. Yael pegou a Companheira apareceu, brilhando como um segundo sol.
espada e fugiu, junto com o fiel companheiro hollyphant de Alimentado por um planetário preso dentro dele, o
Zariel, Companheiro banhou Elturel e a paisagem circundante em
luz que enviou o lorde vampiro lutando pelas sombras e Um demonio que corrompe com sucesso um mortal obtém o
destruiu seu exército de mortos-vivos. Thavius ​Kreeg, que equivalente infernal de uma estrela dourada e pode esperar
assumiu o cargo por convocar o Companheiro, foi aclamado ansiosamente que um superior preste atenção e promova a promoção
como o salvador da cidade e ressuscitou para se tornar seu que tanto merece. Enquanto isso, quando esse mortal morre, sua alma
superintendente. Sob o regime de décadas de Kreeg, Elturel se vê condenada aos Nove Infernos, onde se torce na forma de um
embarcou no caminho de se tornar não apenas uma cidade lêmure (a menos que seja usado para algum outro propósito mórbido).
santa, mas a nação santa de Elturgard. O diabo não se importa com o que acontece com as almas que
corrompe; só quer ser promovido a uma forma superior de demônio. É
TuAvrus's BETRAYAL assim que, ao longo dos tempos, um lemure pode se tornar um pit
Foi dito a Thavius ​a hora exata em que o Companheiro fiend.
deixaria de proteger Elturel. Nas semanas que antecederam Mas os demônios são mais corruptos. Eles também lutam na Guerra do
esta fatídica hora, Thavius ​instou o Grão-Duque Ulder Sangue. Asmodeus atesta que servir em sua legião infernal é uma honra
Ravengard, do Portão de Baldur, a visitar Elturel, para ajudar a sagrada, pois, ao fazer isso, um diabo ajuda a proteger o multiverso da
resolver algumas disputas pendentes entre as duas cidades. destruição demoníaca. Embora isso pareça impressionante, a maioria
Enfrentando pressões políticas, Ravengard concordou com dos demônios participa da Guerra do Sangue apenas para se distinguir
relutância. Depois de cumprimentar a delegação de Ravengard, entre seus pares e subir a cadeia de comando. Lutar sem parar com
Thavius ​Kreeg fugiu de Elturel em segredo e assistiu de uma demônios não é o que muitos demônios se inscreveram.
distancia segura enquanto o Companheiro se transformava de Se um diabo morre em outro lugar que não seja o Nine Hells, ele se
um sol radiante em uma esfera negra inundada de energia forma novamente nos Nine Hells e, portanto, não é realmente morto.
crepitante. Arrancou Elturel do Plano Material, transportando- No entanto, um demônio que é morto nos Nove Infernos está morto
o e todos os seus habitantes para Avernus. Algumas outras para sempre; não surpreendentemente, é por isso que os demônios
pessoas da cidade conseguiram escapar antes que Elturel tendem a ser mais cautelosos em suas relações em casa do que no
desaparecesse. Onde ficava , apenas uma cratera permanece. exterior.

Disfarçado de refugiado, Thavius ​Kreeg foi um dos TRAÇOS DE DIABO

primeiros de seu povo a chegar ao Baldur's Gate com notícias Traços comuns entre demônios incluem o seguinte:
da "destruição" de Elturel. Ele passou pelos portões da cidade
com a ajuda de seu influente amigo, Duke Vanthampur, e se Charme. Demônios são encantadores consumados. Gostar
humanos, alguns são melhores nisso do que outros. Os bons
refugiou em sua casa.
apreciam a troca de prazeres, falando em sentenças medidas
JOGANDO COM DIABO ou percebendo detalhes agradáveis s​ obre o ambiente ou as
Como mestre, você pode interpretar demônios de maneira bem- roupas de um personagem.
humorada, distante, bombástica, conivente ou dispersa, mas Paciência. Os demônios raramente têm pressa em fazer um acordo
uma regra geral a seguir é a seguinte: os demônios não desejam ou assine um contrato. Como mestres do longo frio. os
fazer o bem. Ao lidar com moral, demônios estão demônios fazem leis genuinamente boas com moral para
constantemente imaginando como explorá-los e corrompê-los, comprar apreço e confiança que podem ser alavancadas
geralmente por trás de sorrisos finos de preocupação fingida e durante negociações mais importantes mais tarde.
charme falso. Civilidade. Os diabos gostam de fingir que correm da mesma
regras e obedecer às convenções sociais carne como mortais.
Os diabos não têm problemas para aparecer de qualquer
Esta aventura apresenta os Nove Infernos, descritos no capítulo 2 maneira que eles precisem para alcançar seu objetivo final -
do Cuide do Mestre. Os demônios, sendo os habitantes principais
geralmente um contrato de serviços ou uma alma. Eles
dos Nove Infernos, desempenham papéis importantes nesta história.
Antes de iniciar a aventura, vale a pena se familiarizar com a entrada aprenderam que é possível ganhar mais se comportar de
"Devils" no Manual do Monstro, que não apenas descreve maneira civilizada do que reagir com raiva ou violência.
os tipos mais comuns de demônios, mas também explica sua Desonestidade. Demônios não envelhecem, então raramente há um entido
hierarquia, como eles se comportam de acordo com seu de urgência com o diabo, enquanto ele conspira sua cooesta ou
alinhamento maligno legal, o que os agrada e os enfurece, e por que corrupção de uma alma. Isso permite esquemas de
eles têm medo de morrer em seu plano de casa. enrolamento que raramente são o que parecem na superfície.
Stat 8 / oclcs. O Manual do Monstro contém blocos de estatísticas Para demônios menores, basta uma simples aceitação de um
para a maioria dos monstros e personagens não-jogadores (N PCs) presente evi1, enquanto demônios maiores gostam de envolver
encontrados nesta aventura. Sempre que essa aventura apresentar os personagens em escolhas que comprometam seus valores.
um novo monstro ou N PC, você encontrará seu bloco de estatísticas
Sem escrúpulos. Sendo mau e sem alma, um diabo não pode ter vergonha
próximo ao encontro em que aparece ou no apêndice D. Quando o
nome de uma criatura aparece em negrito, é uma dica visual que ou vergonha, não sente culpa ou remorso e está preparado para fazer os
indica o status da criatura. bloco no Manual do Monstro. Se o bloco atos mais hediondos para conseguir o que quer.
de estatísticas aparecer em outro lugar, o texto da aventura indica
onde encontrá-lo. Medo de emoção. Um diabo que decepciona um superior
Spe / 1s e itens mágicos. Magias e equipamentos não mágicos pode ser rebaixado e, instantaneamente, transformado em
mencionados na aventura são descritos no Livro do Jogador. Os uma forma menor de demônio. Quanto maior o diabo, mais
itens mágicos são descritos no Dungeon Master's Guidt :, a menos teme o rebaixamento e a perda de seu poder. Assim, um
que o texto da aventura o direcione para a descrição de um item no demônio esforça-se ao máximo para esconder seus fracassos
apêndice C. ou fazer com que eles fiquem em outra pessoa.

VIDA NOS NOVE INFERNOS do céu de Avernus como meteoros em chamas, e a terra é
pontilhada pelas ruínas de palácios e jardins idílicos que eram
Grande parte da aventura ocorre na primeira camada dos obscenamente bonitos no passado de eras.
Nove Infernos. Isto não é, para dizer o mínimo, sua corrida Lembretes fugazes deste paraíso antigo podem chegar aos
configuração de D&D of-the-miil. As dicas e truques a seguir personagens das seguintes maneiras:
podem ajudá-lo a tornar a estadia dos personagens em Enquanto viajavam por Avernus, os personagens
Avernus notável. vislumbrar uma miragem fantástica: um grande palácio ou jardim
oásis que desaparece quando chega a 100 pés dele. , Um
TODOS INFELIZES personagem aleatório ouve músicas bonitas ou risadas, capta o
Os nove infernos são um lugar de miséria abjeta, onde perfume de flores ou perfume, ou experimenta uma carícia suave.
ninguém é feliz. Demônios mais fracos são explorados e A sensação não tem fonte discernível e desaparece após alguns
atormentados por seus superiores. Diabos mais fortes têm instantes.
medo constante de serem deixados de lado para promoção ou Os personagens encontram uma relíquia que sobreviveu aos fali do
rebaixamento. Mesmo quando algo parece dar certo, a alegria paraíso, como um belo vaso ou estátua tombada. O primeiro
é passageira e apenas alimenta a suspeita de que as coisas personagem a tocar a relíquia experimenta um momento fugaz de
estão prestes a piorar. Esse pessimismo inevitável leva muitas pura alegria.
criaturas a se tornarem apáticas e maldosas. Eles têm um
prazer perverso em espalhar sua infelicidade como um EM QUALQUER LUGAR ESTÁ EM TODA PARTE
A geografia distorce aos caprichos dos Nove Infernos. Um
Você pode lembrar aos jogadores que o Nine Hells é um
dos aspectos libertadores desse recurso planar é que você não
lugar de miséria e sofrimento das seguintes maneiras:
precisa ser meticuloso em controlar onde os locais estão em
Nas conversas com os personagens, os nativos dos Nove
relação um ao outro.
Infernos gostam de lamentar seu infortúnio e censurar os
Branca, a distorção espacial pode ser perturbadora para os
outros por suas horríveis brigas.
visitantes, pois oferece os seguintes benefícios como DM:
Quando um personagem realiza alguma coisa, você pode
minar esse sucesso de alguma maneira. Por exemplo, o cinto Você pode decidir quanto tempo leva para os personagens
do personagem pode quebrar, ou um inseto infernal pode irem de um lugar para o outro. Por exemplo, os
picar o personagem no pescoço e deixar um vergão. Se um personagens podem precisar percorrer 6 milhas para ir de
personagem fizer um 1 natural em um teste de ataque feito Fort Knucklebone até Haruman's Hill, e 100 km para ir de
com uma arma não-mágica, você poderá decidir que a arma Haruman's Hill de volta a Fort Knucklebone. Se os
será quebrada. personagens estiverem com pressa de chegar a algum lugar,
TUDO É INCRÍVEL um imp poderia aparecer do nada e, pelo preço de uma
Avernus é insidioso na maneira como promove a ganância e moeda /ou outro item valioso, mostre a eles um atalho que
faz com que os visitantes paguem ou negociem as coisas que reduz pela metade a distância que os personagens devem
precisam para sobreviver. A maioria da vida selvagem em percorrer para chegar ao seu destino.
Avernus não é comestível para mortais, e a maioria das fontes de O Empório Errante (na página 126) pode aparecer em
água é venenosa ou contaminada. A raridade de alimentos quase qualquer lugar dos Nove Infernos, a qualquer
momento. Se os jogadores não souberem para onde ir ou o
comestíveis e água potável incentiva o comportamento de
que fazer a seguir, ou se você quiser surpreendê-los com
oportunidades divertidas de role-playing, peça ao Empório
Você pode lembrar os jogadores sobre a horribilidade de
Errante que chegue ao local da festa, independentemente de
Avernus das seguintes maneiras:
Qualquer comida ou bebida que os personagens trazem com onde eles o viram pela última vez.
eles ou conjurar por magia mantém seu valor nutricional, QUE TOQUE PESSOAL
mas tem um gosto horrível quando comido ou absorvido em
Avernus. A comida tem gosto de cinzas, a água tem gosto de Existem maneiras simples pelas quais você pode personalizar a
bílis e o vinho tem gosto de leite estragado. aventura para tornar Avernus um lugar ainda mais infernal
Se os personagens querem algo de bom gosto, devem para seu grupo particular de aventureiros. Considere usar os
comprá-lo de vendedores licenciados como Mahadi the seguintes métodos para personalizar a experiência da sua parte:
rakshasa, que administra um restaurante chamado • Aprenda o que assusta os personagens. No início da aventura,
Arrebatamento Infernal (veja a página 129). O preço de uma peça a cada jogador que lhe forneça uma nota de três coisas que
refeição saborosa é sempre um pouco alto demais. Se um seu personagem teme. Salve-os quando a festa chegar aos Nove
personagem comete um ato egoísta, você pode recompensar Infernos, depois use-os para personalizar os terrores que surgem
esse egoísmo, concedendo inspiração a esse personagem em Avernus.
(como descrito no capítulo 4 do Livro do Jogador). Diferente • Mantenha uma lista das falhas que os jogadores selecionaram
da inspiração regular, o benefício não pode ser transferido quando criaram seus personagens pela primeira vez, para que
para outra criatura. você possa lembrar os jogadores dessas falhas quando surgirem
PARAÍSO PERDIDO situações para testá-los. Por exemplo, um personagem com o
background do Folk Hero pode ter a falha: "Eu sou rápido em
Antes da Guerra do Sangue reduzi-la a um terreno baldio, assumir que alguém está tentando me enganar". Deixe o jogador
Avernus era uma armadilha de mel criada por Asmodeus, um lutar com essa falha durante as negociações com demônios e
paraíso de infinitas delícias destinadas a atrair e extorquir outros habitantes de Avernus.
mortais. Fragmentos deste paraíso perdido ainda mergulham


onde comerciantes se encontravam com "isqueiros fantasmas" - QUEDA DE ELTUREL
pessoas ao longo da costa da espada, que usavam luzes para atrair Há alguns dias, o grão-duque Ulder Ravengard deixou o
navios encalhados para a costa. Quando esses navios encalharam,
os isqueiros fantasmas vasculharam os destroços e transportaram Portão de Baldur com uma companhia de soldados do
seus bens pilhados para o Portão de Baldur, situado na margem Punho Flamejante em uma missão diplomática para Elturel,
norte de uma curva no rio Chionthar, e vender seu espólio. Nos
anos seguintes, o Baldur's Gate tornou-se uma cidade murada. aceitando um convite formal do superintendente de Elturel,
Para Thavius Kreeg. Ravengard não foi avidamente, no
entanto. Foram necessários meses de persuasão por parte de
seus companheiros duques - os outros três membros do
Conselho dos Quatro de Baldur's Gate - para convencê-lo a
dia, suas ruas enevoadas ficam vermelhas com o sangue de
aceitar o convite de Elturel e deixar a cidade em suas mãos
infelizes que atacam oportunistas maus, muitos dos quais se
capazes. O duque Thalamra Vanthampur foi especialmente
consideram nobres, comerciantes, piratas e assassinos. Um
convincente, tendo reunido petições da nobreza e de líderes
exército de soldados mercenários chamado Punho Flamejante
da multidão comum.
mantém a ordem na cidade, e esses soldados respondem ao
Pouco depois de Ravengard chegar a Elturel, a cidade foi
Grão-Duque Ulder Ravengard. Os membros do Punho
arrastada para os Nove Infernos - varrida do mapa. Dada a
Flamejante não se importam com a justiça; eles desejam
distância entre as duas cidades, não é surpresa que os
poder e moeda, nada mais. Mas, apesar da reputação de
moradores de Baldur's Gate não tenham ouvido falar do
crueldade do Punho, o Grão-Duque é amplamente
destino de Elturel até os refugiados de Elturgard começarem.
considerado um homem honrado e razoável.
chegando em massa. Os boatos sobre o desaparecimento
A cidade de Elturel, capital de Elturgard, está localizada
muito mais no interior, ao longo do rio Chionthar. Enquanto de Elturel se espalharam como fogo, provocando temores de
o Portão de Baldur tem uma reputação merecida de ser um que o Portão de Baldur possa ser o próximo. Na época sarne,
ninho de víboras, Elturel é visto como um farol de fé, arder e o pânico varreu as fileiras do Punho Flamejante, que de
alta cultura. As duas cidades enfrentaram uma longa e amarga repente se viu sem um líder forte.
rivalidade que se originou quando o Portão de Baldur Na ausência do grão-duque, o governo de Baldur's Gate
começou a roubar carga e moedas de navios que iam para continua a funcionar sob os três duques restantes - Belynne
Elturel, estagnando o comércio marítimo da cidade. Embora Stelmane, Dillard Portyr e Thalamra Vanthampur. Duke
os conflitos entre o Portão de Baldur e Elturel sempre ficavam Portyr foi tão longe a ponto de receber! sua sobrinha, Liara
aquém da guerra aberta, as relações entre as cidades ficam Portyr, de seu posto como comandante do Punho Flarning
tensas há muito tempo - muito tempo, diriam alguns. em Fort Beluarian em Chult, na esperança de que ela possa
controlar o Punho Flamejante. No entanto, levará tempo
para o navio dela chegar.

Enquanto isso, refugiados de Elturgard continuam chegando
com reivindicações terríveis de que nada resta de Elturel,
exceto uma cratera no chão.
Entre os que fogem de Elturgard estão vários! Hellriders-
Para personagens do nível 1
Logo após sua chegada ao Portão do Basilisco, os
aventureiros são convocados por um capitão do Punho
palad.ins que juraram defender Elturel. Aqueles guerreiros
Flamejante e instruídos a procurar e destruir os seguidores
escaparam do destino da cidade apenas porque não estavam
dos Três Mortos responsáveis por uma onda de
em Elturel quando caiu, e o Punho Flamejante os prendeu à
vista, para que não tentassem causar problemas no Portão de assassinatos.
Baldur. Os Hellriders não estão indo silenciosamente, no
entanto, levando à violência e ao sangue.
MESMO NA PORTA DE BALDUR Para personagens do nível 1
Sem Ulder Ravengard ficar em suas mãos, os capitães do Os aventureiros questionam um espião chamado Tarina. Em
Punho Flamejante exercitam brutalmente sua autonomia sob o troca de sua ajuda, ela diz a eles onde os três mortos estão
verniz de manter a ordem. Eles fecharam os portões externos escondidos.

para manter o Portão de Baldur a salvo da "ameaça" dos

refugiados, prendendo efetivamente os Baldurianos atrás de
seus muros. Com o Punho Flamejante distraído pela crise dos
refugiados, as pessoas da cidade são caçadas e assassinadas nas DUNGEON DOS TRÊS MORTOS
ruas por cultistas dos Três Mortos - os deuses do mal Bane, Para personagens do nível 2
Bhaal e Myrkul. Sem o punho flamejante para reduzi-los, esses Os aventureiros os aventureiros encontram os Três
cultistas se tornaram ousados e agora se movem livremente Mortos seguidores e um dos filhos de Duke Vanthampur
dentro da cidade, suas atividades financiadas e apoiadas em em uma masmorra antes de um encontro casual com os
segredo pelo duque Tbalamra Vanthampur. cultistas de Tiamat.

Entre os primeiros refugiados a chegar ao Portão de Baldur
não havia outro senão Thavius Kreeg, o arquiteto da destruição
de Elturel. Duke Vanthampur está abrigando Kreeg na O LANTERNA BAIXA
masmorra debaixo de sua casa até que O Portão de Baldur Para personagens do nível 3
sofre o mesmo destino que Elturel. Gostar Kreeg, a família
Os personagens enfrentam outro filho de Duke
Vanthampur, está endividada com Zariel, o arqui-demônio de
Vanthampur em uma taberna do lado do cais chamada Low
Avernus. Usando o dinheiro roubado do tesouro de Tiamat Lantern. Lá, eles encontram um fugitivo chamado Reya
pelos servos de Zariel em Avernus, o duque Vanthampur Mantlemorn.
contratou cultistas do Dead Three para causar problemas, "L

enquanto filhos roubavam o Shiefd do Senhor Oculto de uma
tumba que ficava na cidade. Usando o poder desse escudo
mágico, Duke Vanthampur e Thavius Kreeg acreditam que VANTHAMPUR VTLLA
podem causar a queda do Portão de Baldur da mesma maneira
que o Companheiro foi usado contra Elturel. O escudo liga a Para personagens do nível 3
essência de um poderoso devi (chamado Gargauth, cuja Munidos de evidências de que Duke Vanthampur é um
presença no Portão de Baldur fomentou parte do mal que perigo claro e presente para Baldur's Gate, os aventureiros

espreita no barreiras dos moradores da cidade. atacam sua casa e adquirem uma caixa de quebra-cabeça
Para salvar o Portão de Baldur, os aventureiros devem derrotar infernal do último de seus três filhos.
os Cultistas dos Três Mortos, rastrear seus financiadores do
mal, arrancar o Duke Van do Escudo do Senhor Oculto
Thampur, e perseguir Grão-Duque Ulder Ravengard para os
nove infernos. UNDER THE VILLA
Para personagens do nível 4
EXECUTAR ESTE CAPÍTULO na masmorra e nos esgotos sob Vanthampur Villa, os aventureiros
O diagrama 1.1 é um fluxograma que apresenta os principais encontram Thavius Kreeg e encontram o Escudo do Senhor Oculto.
eventos deste capítulo em sequência. Os aventureiros

começam como personagens de primeiro nível, avançando
para o segundo nível nv eles sobrevivem ao encontro na
Elfsong Tavern (página 16) e terceiro nível após conquistar a CANDLEKEEP
For characters of levei 4
masmorra dos Três Mortos (página 20). Os desafios que
devem ser superados no Low Lantern (página 28) de Os aventureiros levam a caixa infernal de quebra-cabeça
de Thavius Kreeg a um sábio de luto em Candlekeep. Para

Vanthampur Villa (página 32) são ótimos o suficiente para
avançar para a quarto level. Depois de conquistar o salvar Elturel, ela lhes dá um mapa de Avernus, uma
complexo de esgoto abaixo da vila (página 37) e obter maneira de alcançar os Nove Infernos e um guia
informações valiosas em Candlekeep (página 45), os hollyphant.
personagens avançam para o 5º nível antes de entrar nos
Nove Infernos no capítulo 2. 01AGRIIM 1.1'. (t<APTER 1 FLOWCHAIU


Leia ou parafraseie o seguinte texto em caixa para seus
jogadores para começar a aventura:

Bem-vindo ao Baldur's Cate, um verdadeiro ninho de ratos e

víboras agarrados às encostas rochosas com vista para o rio
Chionthar. De seus altos postos na Cidade Alta, os nobres locais
- conhecidos como patriarcas - olham com desprezo velado
para a multidão comum na Cidade Baixa suja, que abraça o
porto enevoado. Todo o Cate de Baldur cheira a sangue, crime e
oportunidade. Pode-se facilmente entender por que piratas e
comerciantes são atraídos para este lugar como moscas para
uma carcaça.
Seguir o rio mais ao leste acabaria por levá-lo a Elturel,
capital da terra santa de Elturgard - ou pelo menos esse era o
caso até alguns dias atrás. O clima de refugiados de Elturel
piorou desde que chegaram as notícias de que a cidade caiu.
Todo mundo está dizendo que a Cate de Baldur é a próxima,
mas ninguém realmente sabe quem ou o que reivindicou
Os patriarcas pagam um exército de mercenários chamado PUNHO FLAMEJANTE
Punho Flamejante para proteger seus interesses no Cate de BRAZÃO
Baldur e, por extensão, na própria cidade. O Punho Flamejante
ganhou ainda mais poder desde que seu líder carismático, Ulder
Ravengard, conquistou o título de Crand Duke há alguns anos. Beluarian em Chult, foi convocada para Baldur's Gate por
Aparentemente, Ravengard está faltando. Na sua ausência, o seu tio, Duke Dillard Portyr. Zodge espera impressionar o
Punho Flamejante selou os vendavais da cidade para estancar a comandante Portyr com sua capacidade de manter a paz no
quantidade de refugiados. Ninguém é permitido entrar ou sair. portão de Baldur até sua chegada.
Tudo isso foi trazido à sua atenção logo após você ter sido Embora Zodge não tenha decência comum, cuide do bem-
convocado pelo Punho Flamejante para ajudar a defender a estar dos soldados que servem sob seu comando. Multidões
cidade. Suas ordens são falar com o capitão Zodge no portão de raivosas podem ser perigosas, e Zodge é rápido em eliminar
Basilisco, que atravessa a muralha leste da cidade e leva o nome
os instigadores, de modo que a raiva da multidão se
transforma em medo rapidamente. Ninguém é preso durante
das várias estátuas que repousam em seus nichos e empoleiram- as brigas que os personagens observam, mas severa! os
se no topo de suas ameias. Invisível além do Portão de Basilisco plebeus são espancados e roubados de suas bolsas de
fechado, uma estrada de terra se estende pelas favelas da Cidade dinheiro após um breve conflito com Zodge e seus soldados.
Exterior até a ponte conhecida como Travessia da Wyrm, e Expresse aos jogadores que seus personagens não ficariam
depois para reinos distantes além. surpresos com o manejo da situação por Zodge. Os captaios
do Flamiog Fist têm uma latitude tremenda quando se trata
Dezenas de soldados do Punho Flamejante estão tentando
de manter a paz em Baldur's Gate, especialmente na Cidade
controlar uma multidão enfurecida de plebeus ansiosos para Baixa.
deixar a cidade. Armado apenas com uma descrição vaga do
É sabido que a melhor maneira de esconder soldados do
capitão Zodge, um homem alto, com longos cabelos negros e
Flaming Fist é suborná-los. Aqueles que podem pagar um
um tapa-olho de couro, leva um tempo para encontrá-lo. Uma suborno de 10 po ou mais (em vez da taxa habitual de 2 cp
briga começa entre soldados e plebeus, e você finalmente vê o no portão) têm permissão para passar por um portão após
capitão de olhos amarelos quando ele entra na briga e começa a um pouco de discussões.
dar socos. Apenas mais um dia na cidade de sangue.
Capitão Zodge está esperando os personagens. Se eles
Um afluxo de refugiados elturgardianos, associado à escolherem não falar com ele, ele os localizará
incerteza sobre o destino do Grão-Duque Ulder Ravengard,
eventualmente. O Punho Flamejante tem contatos por toda
convenceu o capitão Darmin Zodge, um veterano humano
a cidade, então se esconder de Zodge é difícil, a menos que
maligno, a provar-se digno de liderar o Punho Flamejante,
os personagens conheçam alguém que possa protegê-los.
para que nenhum rival aproveite a oportunidade nos
Zodge mantém seis soldados Flame Fist (veteranos
próximos dias. Zodge também sabe que Liara Portyr, que
humanos) perto dele em todos os momentos. Seus nomes
comanda a fortaleza do Forte Flamejante
são Issio, Minaqua, Nelestree, Oliver, Soltus e Thalkara.
Quando ele não está flexionando seus músculos militares ou
CHAPTER l J A TALE OF TWO CITIES recebendo subornos, o capitão Zodge se apresenta como
, \.



homem equilibrado que trata os outros com o respeito que

exige; Quando os personagens estiverem prontos para ouvir o
"O Portão de Baldur tem sido atormentado por seguidores
que ele tem a dizer, leia o seguinte texto em caixa em voz alta
para os jogadores: de os Três Mortos - os deuses Bane, Bhaal e Myrkul. Eu pensei
que tínhamos acabado com eles, mas aparentemente não.
Esses fornecedores de medo e morte estão se aproveitando
"A crise dos refugiados", diz o capitão Zodge, "alimentou da crise atual para cometer crimes de assassinato em toda a
teme que o Portão de Baldur possa sofrer o destino cruel cidade. Como meus representantes nomeados neste assunto,
como Elturel, do qual nada resta senão um buraco no você terá licença para matar esses desgraçados à vista.
chão, aparentemente. Nosso grão-duque, Ulder Ravengard, Encontre seus covil e limpe-o. Elimine qualquer um que
estava visitando Elturel em uma missão diplomática quando a estiver no seu caminho e não se preocupe com danos
cidade foi destruída. Coincidência? Eu acho que não. colaterais.
"Os cavaleiros de Elturgard se chamam Cavaleiros do "Se você faz o que eu digo, vejo que cada um recebe
Inferno. Alguns deles escaparam da destruição e acham que duzentas moedas de ouro, além da minha gratidão, que vale
devemos de alguma forma favorecer a queda de Elturel. Que consideravelmente mais.
bando de provocadores de justiça auto-justos! Estamos - A alguns quarteirões do Basilisk Gate fica a Elfsong
prendendo-os à vista, mas isso resta nós abreviados para lidar Tavern. Uma espiã chamada Tarina fica lá, coletando rumores
com outro problema. Para isso, preciso de sua ajuda. " para a Guilda. Ela me deve um favor, então diga a ela que você
trabalha para mim. Pergunte a ela o que ela sabe sobre os Três
Mortos. E, pelo amor de Balduran, seja gentil. Tarina tem
O capitão Zodge não aceitará nenhuma recusa de sua oferta.
amigos perigosos. "
O Punho Flamejante tem o poder de convocar aventureiros
em tempos de emergência. Ele pode executá-los no local por se Quando um tenista passa sem nenhum relato de ataques de
recusar a ajudar, embora ele preferisse que aceitassem. Ele dá a seguidores dos Três mortos, Zodge garante os fundos para
cada personagem um distintivo de cobre com o brasão do pagar os personagens, mantendo o fim do contrato. Ele
Punho Flamejante. Esses emblemas dão aos personagens coleciona seus crachás antes de pagá-los.
licença para agir em nome de Zodge.
Leia o texto em caixa a seguir em voz alta quando os
caracteres estiverem prontos para ouvir mais:


TAVERNA CANÇÃO DO ELFO Alan Alyth, atual proprietário e proprietário da taberna, é um
plebeu neutro de meio elfo com visão sombria a uma distância de
Os personagens podem visitar a Elfsong Tavern de acordo com 15 metros. Alan completou recentemente 75 anos e administra o
os desejos do Capitão Zodge ou fazer o que quiserem. Seus estabelecimento há décadas. Seu sangue élfico através de sua mãe
objetivos na taberna são fazer contato com uma espiã chamada meio-elfa o mantém vivo por tanto tempo, e o mantém parecendo
Tarina e descobrir o que ela sabe sobre os Três Mortos. melhor do que a maioria dos humanos de sangue puro na idade. Ele
administra um negócio de empréstimos a parte, oferecendo
Zodge tem espiões que o mantêm informado sobre o progresso
empréstimos a clientes nos quais confia. Ele raramente dá
dos personagens. Se os personagens não visitarem a Elfsong
empréstimos a aventureiros, sabendo o quão volúvel pode ser, mas
Tavern dentro de quarenta e oito horas após o recebimento de suas
ele oferece a eles uma taça de vinho de elverquisst, se achar que isso
ordens, Zodge envia um esquadrão de seis veteranos do Punho
manterá suas espadas embainhadas (veja a barra lateral "Taverns in
Flamejante e uma caveira flamejante para escoltar os personagens
Baldur's Gate").
até a taberna, matar qualquer um que se recusa a ir e voltar para
ele. Se os personagens destruirem ou escaparem desse esquadrão, PATRONOS DA TAVERNA
Zodge mobiliza mais dois esquadrões para caçá-los.
Se os personagens vierem à Elfsong Tavern em busca do contato
SOBRE A TAVERNA do Capitão Zodge, Tarina, eles a encontrarão jogando cartas no
andar de cima na área E7. Entre as dezenas de outros usuários,
A localização da Elfsong Tavern está marcada no mapa 1.1
eles notam alguns ratos correndo, além dos seguintes NPCs
(consulte a página 13), enquanto o mapa 1.2 mostra seu interior.
notáveis, que não fazem parte
De tempos em tempos, a voz desencarnada de uma elfa enche a
na aventura, mas pode ser trazido para a história como achar
taverna com um canto melancólico, dando nome ao
estabelecimento. A balada não é alta o suficiente para atrapalhar a
conversação, mas a maioria dos usuários pára de falar quando a Skrawldar Fane (plebeu humano neutro), um construtor de navios
canção dos elfos começa e só é retomada depois que termina. perfurado sem sobrancelhas
Muitos clientes freqüentam a taberna na esperança de ouvi-la. Laia Stout (espião halfling malvado neutro), um ladrão de cachecol
Quem fala élfico pode entender a letra, que lamenta um amante sem que lança uma moeda
nome perdido no mar. Ninguém sabe ao certo como o espírito veio . Oloric Witmirth (neutro bom cidadão comum), um
assombrar a taberna, assim como ninguém pode prever quando dramaturgo empobrecido que rabisca seus pensamentos e
cantará novamente. observações particulares em um pequeno livro
. Whaul Nightley (bandido meio-orc neutro com visão sombria
um alcance de 60 pés), um caçador de ratos jovial e de queixo
TAVERNS NA PORTA DE BALDUR forte com uma gargalhada
Nenhuma pessoa sábia anda pelas ruas de Baldu's Gale ou Rahima Sajiressa (acólito humano neutro de Savras, deus da
entra em uma de suas tabernas sem arma ou escolta armada.
adivinhação e do destino), um astrólogo gregário que adora
Quem vive na cidade há mais de um dia sabe disso por
experiência própria. As tabernas podem parecer seguras à jogar
primeira vista, mas estão entre os lugares mais perigosos de Willow Brownbug (druida neutro de bom coração forte), um
Baldur's Gate - cheios de álcool, moedas tentadoras e pessoas boticário esnobe usando uma capa colorida
sem escrúpulos. Volothamp Geddarm, um notório contador Se os personagens precisarem de ajuda para encontrar Tarina,
de histórias conhecido por suas críticas a tabernas, resume um regular da taberna, eles serão direcionados para o segundo
sua experiência no Baldur's Gate como "dura no estômago,
andar (consulte "Lidando com Tarina", página 18).
especialmente quando alguém enfia uma faca lá". Os clientes
devem cuidar de si mesmos quando as brigas começarem, e LOCAIS TAVERNOS
não se deve esperar nenhuma ajuda ou simpatia do Punho
Flamejante. Os assassinatos em tabernas são comuns e As seguintes descrições de área são codificadas para o map 1.2.
geralmente terminam com a pobre vítima sendo arrastada El. TAPROOM
para longe e deixada em um beco (para ser limpo por ouriços Alan Alyth cuida de um bar enquanto dois jovens (plebeus
e depois comido por ratos) ou jogado no jardim.
humanos) chamados Falten e Yimiur recebem pedidos, entregam
Ossos de Baldur. Ossos de Baldur é um popular jogo de
dados nas tabernas de Baldur's Gate. Cada jogador requer bebidas e comida nas mesas e brincam com a clientela.
vários dados de seis lados. As regras são as seguintes: Flanqueando a entrada há dois seguranças: uma armadura
Cada jogador coloca a aposta acordada no pote. animada chamada Klank e uma meio-ogro feminina rude
, Cada jogador lança três dados. O jogo prossegue no chamada Skoona. Ambos estão aqui para proteger os outros
sentido horário ao redor da mesa, com o anfitrião do jogo por membros da equipe, não os usuários, e não terminarão uma briga a
último. Por sua vez, um jogador pode optar por "ficar em pé" menos que um membro da equipe esteja envolvido.
ou "rolar". Se o jogador se levantar, o próximo jogador pode Clientes bem armados (plebeus e bandidos principalmente) se
dar uma volta. Um jogador que rola leva um dado adicional e amontoam em volta das mesas na sala principal e em cabines
rola É isso. Se o total de dados exceder 21, eles "rebentam" e particulares. Três cadeiras acolchoadas estão inclinadas em direção
ficam fora do jogo. Caso contrário, eles podem continuar a uma lareira na parede leste, embaixo da escada de madeira
rolando dados adicionais até ficarem de pé ou quebrarem.
rangente que sobe para o segundo andar. Um pouco de bêbado é
, Depois que todos tiveram uma virada, o total mais alto de
pontos (excluindo jogadores que eliminaram) vence o jogo e geralmente desmaiado no sofá contra a parede norte. Ao lado do
leva o pote. sofá, está um baú de madeira que contém uma variedade de jogos
(tabuleiros de Dragonchess, baralhos bem usados de cartas de
três dragões e assim por diante).


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- - - --• E8


. ..
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T,qua<e • 5 feet

MAi' 1.2: [1.FSONG T,wERN

Embora seja permitido fumar em qualquer lugar da Elfsong
Tavern, esse lounge é o ponto de encontro favorito dos
membros de um clube de fumantes local chamado Puffer
Fishers. O máximo de os membros do clube são pescadores E7 SALA DE JANTAR
locais e coletores de caranguejo. Lanternas acesas penduram nas vigas io nesta janela
E3 JANTAR PRIVADO: esta sala é chamada Sala do Dragão quarto. Os tapetes cobrem o chão de madeira e ajudam a atenuar
Verde para o cabeça montada de um jovem dragão verde o barulho dos clientes bêbados reunidos em torno de duas
pendurado na a parede sul. grandes mesas, comendo e brincando com os ossos de Baldur
E4 ARMAZENAMENTO ALCOVE: (veja a barra lateral "Tabernas no portão de Baldur").
faixas de frutas, barris de água doce e barris de xarope e óleo Um dos indivíduos sentados à mesa mais próxima da escada é
são mantidos aqui. Tarina, o NPC a quem os personagens buscam (consulte
E5. STOREROOM: "Lidando com Tarina", página 18).
Esta sala contém caixotes de alimentos e especiarias, além de E8 JANTAR PRIVADO
panos, vassouras, cadeiras quebradas e panos de limpeza. Este quarto é chamado Sala Umber Hulk após
ferramentas para reparar móveis. a cabeça montada de uma massa úmida pendurada no
E6 COZINHA: parede leste.
Alan Alyth emprega três cozinheiros (plebeus) para preparar
Atualmente, esta sala está desocupada e sua porta está fechada.
refeições: um executivo alegre e alegre de halfling O chef
trancado. Além de uma chave que ele entrega aos convidados,
elogiou Chenna Fatrabbit, uma chef sous humana chata
Alan tem uma chave mestra que abre a porta. Escolhendo a
chamada Azar Valsheem, e um chef de pastelaria humano cego
chamado Klav Martilmur. Eles trabalham de highsun para
requer toeis dos ladrões e um CD 10 Dex bem sucedido
meia noite. Suas especialidades são tortas de peixe, tortas de verificação de temperatura.
caranguejo, uma sopa grossa de queijo e batata e pudim de pão O quarto ricamente decorado contém cortinas de veludo,
embebido em calda e decorado com amêndoas levemente pinturas emolduradas de navios, uma cama com dossel, uma
salgadas. mesa de cabeceira, um baú e um guarda-roupa. A porta para o
oeste se abre para uma sala de jantar privada.
A cabeça montada de uma besta deslocadora fica pendurada no
parede leste perto de um pequeno armário para inspirar
nome: a sala das feras dos deslocadores.


antes que eles pudessem detê-la. A maior parte dessa
E11 GRANDE QUARTO DE VISITAS pilhagem foi descrita nos últimos anos, embora Tarina tenha
Esse roorn contém um hóspede incomum: uma sacerdotisa se esquivado o suficiente para garantir que ela nunca fique
sahuagin chamada Oshalla. Ela veste uma manta de redes de com fome. Ela também está em boa posição com Nine-
pesca e fala Cornmon e Sahuagin. Ela foi exilada nas Fingers, mestre da guilda dos ladrões locais, que faz trabalhos
profundezas por planejar um golpe contra o rei. ocasionais.
Tarina ouviu recentemente um boato de que seus ex-
Oshalla guarda para si mesma e leva suas refeições três vezes
companheiros de navio a haviam seguido até Baldur's Gate.
por dia. A porta do quarto dela está trancada e ela usa a chave
Ela concorda em ajudar os personagens se eles ficarem na
em uma corda em volta do pescoço. Alan tem uma chave
Elfsong Tavern para ver se os piratas aparecerão e depois
mestra que também abre a porta. Escolher a fechadura exige
toais dos ladrões e uma verificação bem sucedida de Destreza TEMPO DE MATANÇA NA TAVERNA
CD 10. Exatamente quando os antigos associados de Tarina chegam é
Além de uma cama, mesa de cabeceira e baú, este quarto para você, mas os personagens devem ter um pouco de tempo
contém uma mesa, uma cadeira, várias! pinturas de cenas livre antes de aparecerem (como descrito em "Com amigos
costeiras e subaquáticas, uma banheira portátil e uma estante de como esses", página 19). Personagens que perambulam na
três metros e meio de altura que contém a coleção de taberna podem ouvir os clientes falando sobre os
bugigangas de Oshalla coletada do oceano (conchas, crânios acontecimentos atuais em Baldur's Gate e os rumores de
cobertos de cracas, etc.). Oshalla não permite que a equipe da Elturel:
taverna limpe seu quarto ou refresque a água na banheira, então • Aposto minha última peça de cobre que os chamados
ambos estão imundos. refugiados são batedores avançados de um exército que está se
preparando para atacar o portão de Baldur! "
Tesouro. Os personagens que vasculham a gaveta da mesa • "O Punho Flamejante é decapitado. Os capitães já
encontram uma bolsa de pele de tubarão contendo 66 po e 49 começaram a brigar sobre quem deveria estar no comando da
sp, que Oshalla usa para pagar por comida e abrigo. morte de Ulder Ravengard."
Descansando contra a parede sul, há um pequeno baú de - Com Ravengard fora do caminho, quem será o próximo
madeira que contém um santuário para Sekolah, o deus dos grão-duque, eu me pergunto? Meu dinheiro está em Thalamra
tubarões adorado por sahuagin. O interior do peito é forrado Vanthampur. Praticamente nascida nos esgotos, ela era e mais
com dentes de tubarão e contém uma escultura de Sekolah em cruel do que um enxame de ratos.
coral de 5 libras com pérolas vermelhas para os olhos (valendo CANÇÃO ELF
250 PO como um objeto de arte).
No ponto certo antes da chegada dos associados de Tarina, a taberna está
El2. QUARTOS DE HÓSPEDES cheia da lamentação fantasmagórica do espírito elfo conhecido por
As portas desses dois quartos estão trancadas. Além das chaves assombrar o lugar. No entanto, nessa única ocasião, o espírito canta não de
que empresta aos convidados, Alan tem uma chave mestra que um amante há muito perdido, mas de Elturel. Isso surpreende a todos,
incluindo Alan Alyth, que nunca ouviu o espírito mudar de tom.
abre as duas portas. Escolher uma das fechaduras requer toais
Personagens que entendem élfico podem traduzir a letra:
dos ladrões e um teste de Destreza CD 10 bem sucedido.
O quarto de Bach contém uma cama aconchegante, um baú de O cante uma canção de Elturel
madeira maciço e cortinas na janela. De água, bosques e colinas
E13 QUARTO DE ALAN O sol nasce em seus penhascos avermelhados
Alan carrega uma chave mestra que abre a porta do seu E campos verdes e imóveis. Esta terra de alegria duradoura
quarto particular. Escolher a fechadura requer toais dos ladrões Lar dos fortes e corajosos Reconhecido por todos, através dos reinos,
e uma verificação bem sucedida de Destreza CD 15. E nunca uma vez escravo.
O quarto de Alan contém uma cama com uma estrutura de O cante uma canção de Elturel
Quando os inimigos estão à sua porta
ferro ornamentada, um baú com pés de garra, uma mesa de
Seus campos são tomos por pés fendidos
cabeceira e um guarda-roupa. Estendido no chão, em frente ao De alguma costa infernal. Surgem os poderosos Cavaleiros do Inferno
guarda-roupa, está um tapete de mãe que ataca qualquer um Pegue suas espadas afiadas e velozes Então carregue na briga infernal
que não seja Alan que pisa nele ou abre o baú. E espalhe devi / hordas.
O cante uma canção de Elturel
Tesouro. O interior do tórax é dividido em três pares de E quando a noite fali Durma em segurança sob a luz do companheiro
milho de tamanho igual, contendo 91 gp, 176 sp e 288 cp, Até o amanhecer chegar.
respectivamente. Alan usa esse dinheiro para pagar sua equipe Foram obrigados pela aliança mortal
e manter a taberna. Isso só termina com a morte E então cantamos sobre Elturel
Até o nosso último suspiro.


Tarina é um bandido humano caótico e mal-intencionado. Ela joga regularmente os
Banes de Baldur (consulte a barra lateral "Taverns in Baldur's Gate", página 16) com
um círculo de idiotas locais em uma mesa na área E7. Seus colegas jogadores não
percebem que ela trapaceia.
"Tarina" não é um nome real, é claro. Antes de se retirar para Baldur's Gate, Tarina era
uma pirata conhecida como Rhonda Thunderbell (também não é seu nome verdadeiro).
Depois de servir o capitão Murosko Sessprin da Serpente Uncivif por meses, ela roubou
saques de seus colegas companheiros de pi e
Qualquer personagem que tenha ido a Elturel ou que tenha Cheque de carisma (persuasão) - ou um cheque de carisma
sucesso em um teste de Inteligência (História) CD 15 sabe que (decepção) se a oferta não for genuína - o NPC aceita o
"o Companheiro" mencionado na música é o nome dado ao sol suborno, lança iniciativa e se junta à briga em seu próximo
artificial que queima sobre Elturel, protegendo a cidade e suas tum, juntando-se aos personagens até o fim da luta. A
terras vizinhas. contra mortos-vivos. verificação é feita com vantagem se o pagamento prometido
Os personagens que falam com Alan depois de ouvir a música vale 10 po ou mais. Olho-Morto pode usar a tática sarne,
podem perguntar sobre ele, já que ele fala élfico, além de balançando os clientes da taberna ao seu lado com moedas.
comum. No entanto, ele ficou tão surpreso com a mudança nas
letras que se lembra de apenas partes dela. O espírito cantará a Os personagens podem tentar subornar Dead-Eye para
música uma segunda vez, mas somente se um elfo ou meio-elfo deixar a Taverna Elfsong sem que sua vingança seja satisfeita,
implorar para fazê-lo e for bem-sucedido em um teste de CD 10 mas ele exige 5.000 po em moedas ou bens por seu problema.
em Carisma (Persuasão). Se os personagens afirmam ter dinheiro ou mercadorias em
Uma palavra da música fica na memória de Alan: outro lugar, ele ri e diz que não coloca ações em suas palavras.
"Cavaleiros do Inferno". Os personagens devem lembrar o Ele é muito suspeito para ser enganado por um engano tão
Capitão Zodge usando o termo para descrever os cavaleiros de óbvio, e não consegue acreditar que alguém valorizaria a vida
Elturel. Alan e a maioria dos outros moradores de Baldur's Gate de Tarina tão bem.
usam a palavra da mesma forma. Qualquer personagem que
tenha ido a Elturel ou que tenha sucesso em um teste de TESOURO
Inteligência CD 20 (História) lembra que os Hellriders foram Escondida no colete do Olho-morto está uma bolsa
assim chamados há muito tempo quando desceram aos Nove contendo 32 po e 15 sp. Ele também usa dois colares de ouro
Infernos a cavalo para lutar contra demônios. A maioria deles (25 po cada) e um anel de ouro enegrecido com uma pérola
nunca retornou. É possível que um dos outros clientes de Alan branca inserida (125 po). Cada um dos outros piratas carrega
conheça esse pedaço de história. uma bolsa contendo LD6 sp.
O navio do olho morto, a serpente incivil, está ancorado no
COM AMIGOS COMO O TESE final de uma doca no lado leste do porto. Onze baodits o
guardam, e nenhum tesouro é guardado a bordo. Se os
Os personagens que esperam pelos amigos de Tarina têm a personagens dispõem de todos os piratas, o navio é deles para
paciência recompensada no devido tempo. Leia o seguinte para a captura, embora exija uma tripulação de vinte para velejar, e
os jogadores quando chegar a hora dos piratas chegarem: metade ou mais da tripulação deve ter proficiência em
veículos aquáticos.
Oito humanos heterogêneos passeiam pela taverna. O líder é
A Serpente não civil tem as estatísticas de um navio à vela
um homem musculoso, com um olho nublado no olho direito, um
(consulte o capítulo 5 do Guia do Mestre). Se você precisar de
desdém cruel e uma arrogância de pirata. Os outros são um grupo um plano de convés, use o mapa do navio no apêndice C do
desagradável e desordeiro que age como se fosse dono do lugar. Guia do Mestre. Embora o navio valha 10.000 po intacto,
"Estamos à procura de um velho amigo nosso", diz o homem de ninguém na Baldur's Gale quer comprá-lo por causa de sua
olhos mortos. Ele fareja o ar. "Vai pelo nome reputação iofamous.
"Tarina", pelo menos me disseram. Adora trapacear nos Ossos O QUE TARINA SABE
de Baldur. " Depois que seus amigos piratas são tratados, Tarina
compartilha as seguintes informações com os personagens:
O capitão Murosko Sessprin foi morto durante um motim
seis meses atrás, deixando seu navio - a Serpente Uncivil sob o "A vários quarteirões a noroeste daqui há um balneário
comando do traiçoeiro primeiro companheiro de Sessprin, um público com um jardim murado e ninfas brincando nos
canalha chamado Lekard "Olho Morto" Cadavrus. Dead-Eye é portões da frente. Seguidores dos Mortos Três foram vistos
um capitão bandido neutro e maligno, cujo olho direito
entrando e saindo do balneário, e disseram-me que havia
coberto de catarata inspira seu apelido. Ele não toma banho, e
sua respiração cheira a peixe podre. Ele se junta a uma gangue uma porta secreta dentro daquela leva a uma masmorra. É aí
de sete bandidos que compartilham sua disposição maligna. que os assassinos estão se escondendo. "
Dead-Eye oferece um copo alto de cerveja para qualquer
pessoa com informações sobre a localização de Tarina, e
severa! os clientes da taberna aceitam rapidamente a oferta. Os Se Tarina for morta, os personagens podem entregar seu
personagens podem enfrentar as taxas de pi, se assim o corpo ao capitão Zodge, que faz acordos com um padre para
desejarem, mas Dead-Eye não deixará que isso ocorra entre ele falar com os mortos no cadáver. Uma vez que o cadáver
e sua vingança. Dois piratas observam a saída para garantir que revela o que sabe, Zodge dá essa informação aos personagens.
Tarina não possa escapar, enquanto os outros atacam quem Com o conhecimento fornecido por Tarina ou seu cadáver,
fica no caminho do Olho Morto. os personagens podem ir até a casa de banhos e procurar a
Olho Morto tenta matar Tarina à vista. Nem Alan nem os masmorra escondida abaixo dela. Certifique-se de que os
seguranças intervêm na luta, a menos que um ou mais personagens avancem para o 2º nível antes de continuar a
membros da equipe se envolvam nela. Outros usuários ficam aventura. Quando os personagens chegarem à casa de banho,
fora da luta o máximo possível, embora um personagem possa prossiga com a seção "Calabouço dos Três Mortos".
tentar subornar um amigo, ou um NPC indiferente, para se
juntar a ele como uma ação. Com um CD 15 bem-sucedido


DUNGEON DOS Da meia-noite ao amanhecer, três lâminas humanas
femininas (veja o bloco de estatísticas na página 233) vigiam
TRÊS MORTOS perto das piscinas e atacam os invasores à vista. Se uma luta
começar aqui, o necromante de Myrkul na área D4 se junta à
Antes de executar esta parte da aventura, leia as
briga na segunda rodada de combate.
informações sobre os Três Mortos no apêndice D. Os blocos
de estatísticas para os seguidores dos Três Mortos também
podem ser encontrados lá.
O Calabouço dos Três Mortos está escondido embaixo de Descreva esse local para os jogadores da seguinte
uma casa de banho que pertence e é operada secretamente maneira:
pela família Vanthampur. Um membro da família, Mortlock As paredes desta câmara com pilares de seis metros de altura são
Vanthampur, está na masmorra ajudando a coordenar os adornadas com afrescos da realeza dos banhos. A luz natural flui
ataques dos três cultistas mortos na cidade. Esses ataques através dos vitrais, criando padrões coloridos nos azulejos de
mármore azul polido que cobrem o chão. Três piscinas rasas e
pretendem demonstrar aos cidadãos do Portão de Baldur que submersas contêm água com perfume cintilante. Bancos de
o Punho Flamejante não pode protegê-los. mármore branco com pilhas de toalhas secas estão situados perto
CHEGADA NA CASA DE BANHO das piscinas, cada uma delas equipada com um par de torneiras de
Quando os personagens chegarem à casa de banho, leia o latão.
seguinte texto em caixa em voz alta para os jogadores:

As torneiras puxam água quente e fria de canos que correm

A casa de banhos é um prédio de estuque de um andar, com por baixo do chão. Um bujão de pedra no fundo de cada
vitrais e telhas de barro. Paredes de um metro e meio de altura piscina evita que a água escorra. Inúmeros pequenos orifícios
envolvem um grande pátio do lado de fora do canto sudeste do de drenagem perto do topo das piscinas submersas os
edifício. As portas de madeira fechadas para o pátio estão
impedem de transbordar.
gravadas com imagens de ninfas sorridentes dançando e D3 MASSAGEM DO SUL
brincando na água. Este quarto contém uma mesa de massagem envolto em
toalhas limpas. Garrafas de perfume armazenadas sob a mesa
são usadas para perfumar as piscinas na área D2. A luz natural
Não há nada que desconfie externamente na casa de banho, entra através de um vitral situado na parede sul.
que apresenta um dos sistemas de encanamento mais Durante o horário em que a casa de banho está aberta,
sofisticados da cidade. As portas que dão para o pátio (área
D1) estão destrancadas e desprotegidas. A casa de banho Um massagista humano andrógino (bom cidadão neutro)
fecha à meia-noite e reabre ao amanhecer, e os moradores da chamado Jabaz trabalha aqui. Jabaz sabe que a casa de banhos
cidade vêm e vão aqui durante todo o dia e à noite. é de propriedade de Duke Thalamra Vanthampur e
administrada por seu filho brutal, Mortlock.
Mortlock deu a Jabaz ordens estritas para não ficar na casa
As seguintes descrições de área são digitadas no mapa 1.3. de banho depois de horas. Jabaz suspeita que Mortlock esteja
Dl. PÁTIO administrando algum tipo de negócio obscuro e que ele esteja
Descreva esse local para os jogadores da seguinte maneira: usando o estabelecimento como fachada para ocultar seus
negócios obscuros sem o conhecimento do duque. Jabaz sabe a
localização da porta secreta na área D4, mas não oferece essa
informação, temendo a retaliação de Mortlock. Jabaz não sabe
o que está além da porta secreta.
Este pátio em forma de L apresenta um gramado aparado e
arbustos bem cuidados. O quintal é decorado com bancos de
Da meia-noite ao amanhecer, um necromante humano
mármore branco e fontes de pedra, cada um na forma de uma
masculino de Myrkul (veja a página 234 para seu bloco de
ninfa sorridente, derrubando um jarro que derrama água em
estatísticas) guarda esta sala, a menos que ele seja atraído
uma bacia circular de pedra. para a área D2 por sons de batalha ali. Durante as horas em
que a casa de banho está aberta, uma massagista humana
feminina (neutra bom plebeu) chamada Qurmilah trabalha
Um diabrete invisível está empoleirado na fonte sudeste. Se
aqui. Ela conhece as informações sarne como Jabaz na área
os personagens parecem ter a intenção de causar
D3 e se comporta de maneira semelhante.
problemas, o diabrete os observa silenciosamente até que
Este quarto está mobilado da mesma maneira que a área
entrem na casa de banho, depois voa para Vanthampur
D3, com o recurso adicional de uma porta secreta na parede
Villa, na Cidade Alta, para alertar Thurstwell Vanthampur,
norte. Um personagem que procura na parede norte e
o mais velho dos filhos de Duke Thalamra Vanthampur.
consegue um teste de Sabedoria (Percepção) CD 10 encontra
Thurstwell instrui o diabrete a retornar ao seu posto, mas
a porta secreta, que se move para dentro quando pressionada.
não toma nenhuma ação, esperando que os personagens
Um fedor sujo e parecido com esgoto cumprimenta qualquer
descartem seu irmão, Mortlock.
um que abre a porta secreta. Atrás da porta, uma escada
D2 BANHOS desce 20 pés até a área D5, com degraus de pedra e paredes
Do amanhecer à meia-noite, os personagens podem esperar de tijolos. Duas tochas crepitantes em arandelas iluminam a
encontrar 1d6 plebeus humanos tomando banho aqui a escada, mas a masmorra abaixo está escura.
qualquer momento.


MAP 1.3: DuNGEON º" T><E OeAo T><REE

D5 BEM-VINDO AO DUNGEON (percepção) marque para localizar. Uma vez localizada,

Duke Vanthampur tomou conhecimento desta masmorra uma porta secreta se abre facilmente.
antiga enquanto ela administrava os serviços de água e esgoto Certas áreas da masmorra (como mostrado no mapa 1.3)
da cidade. Ela construiu a casa de banhos para escondê-la. são inundadas com água escura a uma profundidade de 2
A câmara na parte inferior da escada está vazia, apagada e pés para dificultar o terreno. A água penetra na masmorra
inundada com água fétida a uma profundidade de 2 pés dos esgotos próximos através de rachaduras no calcário.
(consulte "Recursos do calabouço" abaixo para obter mais Ele tem um mau cheiro e não pode ser bebido.
informações). D6 Cadáver Bloqueado
Recursos do Dungeon. O Calabouço dos Três Mortos tem os Flutuando de bruços no meio desta sala inundada está o
seguintes recursos recorrentes: cadáver inchado de um homem sem camisa, com ferimentos
As salas, os corredores e as escadarias das masmorras são de faca nas costas. O cadáver já foi um adorador de Bhaal
talhados em pedra calcária e apagados sem efeito. (Seguidores chamado Hiskaal, que foi morto por seus colegas cuístas por
dos Três Mortos carregam toras ou dependem da visão permitir que um alvo escapasse durante um ataque recente na
sombria para ver na masmorra.) cidade. Qualquer personagem que perceba o cadáver e
Os corredores de 1,5 m de largura em toda a masmorra têm consegue um teste de Sabedoria CD 10 em Medicina conclui
tetos de 1,5 m de altura. Os quartos têm tetos de 3 metros de que o homem está morto há dois dias.
altura, muitas vezes apoiados em vigas de madeira. Cada feixe
é um objeto grande com CA 15, 10 pontos de vida e D7 ALTAR DE BHAALL
imunidade a venenos e danos psíquicos. Destruir todas as Descreva este local para os jogadores da seguinte forma:
vigas em uma área tem 25% de chance de provocar um
colapso do telhado. Cada uoder de criatura que o telhado em
colapso deve ter sucesso em um teste de resistência de Três vigas de madeira apoiam o teto dessa câmara
Destreza CD 15, recebendo 22 (4dl0) de dano de inundada, que apresenta um altar de pedra coberto de
espancamento em um teste de falha, ou metade do dano em entranhas no canto nordeste. Pendurada na parede acima
um teste de sucesso. A área permanece aberta, mas é um do altar, está uma máscara de aço de um metro e meio de
terreno difícil a partir de então. altura, na forma de um crânio humano carrancudo.
• • As portas regulares são feitas de madeira macia e
apodrecida. Cada porta é um objeto Médio com CA 15, 5
pontos de vida e imunidade a venenos e danos psíquicos. As A máscara de caveira de aço representa o rosto de Bhaal e
portas secretas são esculpidas para se parecerem com as não possui propriedades mágicas.
paredes de calcário circundantes e requerem uma Sabedoria
CD 10 bem sucedida CHAPTER 1 1 A TALE OF TWO ClTIES
As entranhas humanoides foram deixadas no altar como uma Tesouro. Os necromantes na área D1O esconderam três livros de
oferenda ao deus do assassinato. Derramar um frasco de água feitiços sob a poeira e os ossos humanoides no sarcófago, tendo roubado os
de cápsula nas entranhas faz com que derretam e também faz livros das vítimas de assassinato.
com que o altar fume. O Livro de Magias 1 está encadernado em couro vermelho e contém os
seguintes feitiços: mãos ardentes, detecta magia, disfarça-se, nuvem de
8. D8. FITA MOLDADA neblina, raio de doença, imagem silenciosa.
A parede dos fundos desta alcova seca é pendurada com uma
tapeçaria de 1,5 m de largura e 1,5 m de altura. Ele descreve O Livro de Feitiços 2 tem a runa pessoal de seu dono anterior
uma cena horripilante de quatro figuras sem rosto rasgando queimada na capa de número. Este livro contém os seguintes feitiços:
encantar pessoa, encontrar familiar, identificar, míssil mágico, sono.
uma quinta figura, que está gritando. Os personagens que
inspecionam a tapeçaria sem tocá-la notam um bolor amarelo O Livro de Magias 3 está encadernado em pele escamosa de réptil preto
crescendo nas bordas. Na verdade, um pedaço de mofo e contém os seguintes feitiços: nuvem de punhais, visão sombria, detectar
amarelo de 1,5 metro quadrado (veja o capítulo 5 do Cuide do mágica, pena fali, mago armar, míssil mágico, riso histérico de Tasha.
mestre das masmorras) se apega à parte de trás da tapeçaria e
libera seus esporos mortais se a tapeçaria for perturbada. 012. ALTAR DO BANE
A menos que os personagens tomem cuidado especial para se
9. AS TRÊS PORTAS MORTAS aproximarem silenciosamente e sem fontes de luz, eles alertam
Esta câmara está vazia, mas não desprovida de decoração. os ocupantes da sala. Descreva esta área para os jogadores da
Esculpida em cada uma de suas três portas, há uma seguinte maneira:
representação completa
de um dos três mortos. Um personagem reconhece todas as A parte oriental desta sala está apagada, inundada e apoiada
figuras com um teste bem-sucedido de Inteligência CD 10 em vigas de madeira do chão ao teto. Degraus ásperos sobem da
água turva para a parte oeste da sala, que é seca e iluminada por
Porta do leste. O rosto desta porta exibe uma escultura de
Bane, o deus maligno da tirania, que é retratado como um duas tochas em arandelas que ladeavam um altar de pedra.
homem alto e blindado, usando um elmo de balde. Sua luva Algemado à parede atrás do altar, está um homem doente, de
direita é pintada de preto e segura um conjunto de manilhas. tanga, com um saco de estopa na cabeça. Uma alcova na parede
Porta norte. Essa porta exibe uma escultura de Bhaal, o deus norte contém uma armadura autônoma que não possui seu
caótico e maligno do assassinato. Ele é retratado como um
homem poderoso, de cabeça de caveira, com lâminas longas e
curvas onde suas mãos deveriam estar. De pé diante do altar estão duas figuras sombrias: uma mulher
Porta sul. Esta porta tem uma escultura de Myrkul, o neutro de constituição poderosa segurando uma maça e um homem
e maligno Senhor dos Ossos. Ele é retratado como uma figura ainda maior usando um elmo de balde. O homem com capacete
encapuzada, cujo rosto está escondido sob um capuz. Em suas está espetando o prisioneiro com uma lança, fazendo-o tremer.
mãos esqueléticas, ele segura um crânio humano que grita. Ambas as figuras estão vestidas com cota de malha e a mulher
D10. Quarto de Necromantes carrega um escudo de madeira com uma caveira pintada de
As criaturas aqui observam a área D9 através de uma fresta na leproso.
porta, e qualquer sinal dos personagens se aproximando lhes
permite montar uma emboscada. Leia o texto em caixa a seguir As duas figuras blindadas são Kazzira, um punho humano
para descrever o itinerário para os jogadores: feminino de Bane (veja seu bloco de estatísticas na página
232) e Yignath, um cônsul humano de ferro masculino (veja
Deitados no chão desse vagão vazio, estão os corpos pálidos na página 232 seu bloco de estatísticas). Yignath está
de três humanos em roupas negras imundas, dispostas em torturando o prisioneiro por diversão enquanto Kazzira
uma formação triangular. Uma tocha acesa está entre eles. assiste. Ambos atacam os invasores, mas preferem
Uma escada áspera, à esquerda, leva a outra câmara permanecer em solo seco. O crânio no escudo de Kazzira foi
iluminada por tochas. pintado com sangue fresco. Pendurado no cinto de Yignath,
há um chaveiro de ferro com sete chaves - uma para as
algemas acima do altar, duas para as algemas na área D22 e
Esses três necromitos de Myrkul (veja a página 234 para quatro que destrancam os baús na área D30.
estatistificas) estão jogando mortos. Eles escondem a O prisioneiro pendurado na parede oeste é Klim Jhasso, um
cabeça do crânio mangueiras debaixo de suas vestes. homem nobre humano capturado na Cidade Baixa há dois dias
Qualquer personagem que observe os corpos depois de seu guarda-costas ter sido morto. Klim é um nobre
cuidadosamente podem determinar que estão vivos com maligno neutro com 1 ponto de vida restante. Ele está
um CD 10 Sabedoria bem sucedida Cheque.
Os necromitos saltam de pé e atacam quando qualquer desarmado (CA 10) e sem armas. Ele fala comum e élfico, mas
personagem entra no vaguear, ou se eles são atacados não tem informações úteis para compartilhar. Klim garante que
primeiro. Eles lutar até a morte para guardar o tesouro na sua família pagará uma recompensa generosa por seu retorno
área D11. seguro aos seus bens na Cidade Alta - mas o nobre está
mentindo. Sua mãe está morta, seu pai patriarca está doente e
Esta câmara desabou parcialmente em torno de um sarcófago seus três irmãos mais novos anseiam por sua herança, que eles
de pedra que foi aberto e saqueado há muito tempo. preferem dividir de três maneiras a quatro. O código comercial
CHAPTER 1 ) A TALE OF TWO CITIES que a família possui possui dificuldades e não pode pagar
grandes recompensas ou resgates.
As algemas de Klim têm CA 19, 10 pontos de vida e localização das portas secretas, por isso não tem conhecimento
imunidade a venenos e danos psíquicos. das áreas D27 a D33, que estão escondidas atrás da porta secreta
A armadura é soldada e é inofensiva, mas suas manoplas são na área D23.
destacáveis. Ambas as manoplas são objetos animados DL5. Quarto inundado
estatisticamente idênticos a espadas de cinquenta, exceto que Os tuneis inundados de entulho e escombros que levam a essa
causam dano de espancamento em vez de dano cortante. As sala estreitam-se a uma largura de dois metros e meio em
manoplas se desprendem da armadura e atacam qualquer um alguns lugares. Quatro vigas de madeira podres se erguem da
que as perturbe ou liberte o prisioneiro de suas algemas. água turva para apoiar o ceiliog aqui. Os escombros empilhados
DL3. NECROTÉRIO no canto noroeste contêm algo de interesse.
A menos que os personagens se aproximem desta sala D16. Criptografia inundada
silenciosamente e sem fontes de luz, eles alertam os ocupantes
Água escura e fétida envolve um sarcófago de pedra aberto
aqui. Descreva a área para os jogadores da seguinte forma:
repousando no meio dessa cripta, com a tampa de pedra
quebrada em três pedaços sob a água ao norte dela. Um discurso
de detecção de magia revela uma aura de magia de evocação ao
Esta sala parcialmente desmoronada tem três vigas de redor do sarcófago. Os personagens que puxam os fragmentos
madeira apoiadas no teto. Situada entre as vigas, há uma da tampa para fora da água vêem que a tampa foi esculpida à
semelhança de um bárbaro que gritava e empunhava um
mesa de madeira chamuscada com um cadáver humano
repousando sobre ela. Uma mulher assustadoramente A exposição à umidade apodreceu os ossos do sarcófago,
magra, de túnica preta, estuda o cadáver, o rosto em reduzindo-os a lodo preto.
grande parte escondido sob um capuz. Em torno de seus Armadilha. Se o conteúdo do sarcófago é perturbado, um
pés rasteja um enxame de ratos esqueléticos. machado de batalha fantasmagórico aparece acima do sarcófago.
O machado de batalha é criado por magia semelhante a um
O necromante que paira sobre o cadáver é Flennis, um mestre feitiço de arma espiritual e é tratado como um efeito de feitiço de
humano das almas (veja a página 234 para seu bloco de segundo nível com o objetivo de dissipá-lo. O machado de
estatísticas) e o seguidor de mais alto escalão de Myrkul na batalha fantasmagórico não pode ser ferido, não pode sair da sala
masmorra. Use o bloco de estatísticas enxame de ratos no e tem como alvo apenas criaturas, agindo por iniciativa número
Manual dos Monstros para representar os ratos esqueléticos de 20. Em cada um dos turnos, ele se move até 10 pés e faz um
Flennis, que são mortos-vivos em vez de bestas. O enxame pode ataque corpo a corpo(+5 para acertar) contra um alvo disponível,
ser transformado por qualquer personagem com o recurso de causando 6 (ld8 + 2) de dano de força ao acertar. O efeito termina
morto-vivo da urna, mas feitiços que visam bestas não têm quando não há mais criaturas na sala, e a armadilha é redefinida
efeito sobre ele. após 24 horas.
Flennis está se preparando para fazer um zumbi do cadáver em
cima da mesa, mas o feitiço morto leva
1 minuto para lançar, o que significa que ela deve lidar com os Leia ou parafraseie o seguinte texto em caixa para os jogadores
personagens primeiro. Seus ratos esqueléticos atacam o inimigo quando seus personagens entrarem pela sala:
mais próximo, e ela lança feitiços enquanto usa a mesa para se
esconder. Esta sala seca e parcialmente desmoronada contém um
Tesouro. Além de seu manto e seu mangual, Flennis carrega altar de pedra com crânios humanóides e ossos
um livro de feitiços empoeirado que contém todos os feitiços empilhados ao redor. A parte superior do altar é coberta
que ela preparou. O livro tem capas de couro preto e possui
com dezenas de velas meio derretidas feitas de cera preta,
um pequeno mecanismo de travamento em forma de crânio.
Flennis tem a chave da fechadura presa no cabelo. Um todas atualmente apagadas.
personagem também pode escolher o Jock com um teste de Se uma ou mais velas pretas no altar estiverem acesas, elas
Destreza DC 10 bem-sucedido feito com ferramentas de emitem uma luz verde que revela uma escrita preta nas
ladrões. paredes. A escrita, que não é visível de outra maneira, diz em
Na primeira vez em que uma criatura que não seja Flennis abre Comum: "Levante-se e seja contado" Se essas palavras forem
o livro, uma nuvem de fumaça preta sobe de suas páginas e se ditas em voz alta a menos de um metro e meio do altar, as
forma em um esqueleto que ri loucamente por alguns segundos palavras desaparecerão como ossos escondidos sob os
antes de se dissipar. A criatura que segura o livro quando a escombros no extremo norte da sala, erguendo-se e se
fumaça aparece deve ter sucesso em um teste de resistência à unindo, formando três esqueletos humanos animados. Os
Constituição CD 14 ou ser amaldiçoada por 24 horas, período esqueletos são maus mortos-vivos, mas obedecem às ordens
durante o qual a criatura tem vulnerabilidade a danos necróticos. de quem falou as palavras que os levantaram, servindo a esse
Um feitiço remover maldição ou efeito semelhante encerra a indivíduo até que sejam destruídos ou que seu mestre seja
maldição na criatura. morto.
Um rato comum corre em volta desta sala, procurando restos O teto desta sala inundada é suportado por inúmeras vigas de
de comida. Se os personagens usam um feitiço falar com animais madeira. O ar aqui cheira a ovos podres, um fedor podre que
ou magia semelhante para se comunicar com o rato, ele pode transporta além da sala. Qualquer personagem que se aproxime
compartilhar seu conhecimento da masmorra com eles. Aquece desta área que tenha sucesso em um teste de Sabedoria CD 10
aos personagens que lhe oferecem comida. (Sobrevivência) percebe que o fedor é
O conhecimento do rato é limitado aos locais que visitou
especificamente as áreas D5 a D26. Não conhece o CHAPTER 1 1 A TALE OF TWO CJTIES
um indicador de gás inflamável na sala. Esse gás se dispersa D22. CÂMARA DE TORTURA
antes de chegar a outras áreas da masmorra, e os cultistas dos Seguidores de Bane torturados e interrogados aqui.
Três Mortos apagam suas tochas antes de passar por essa área. Descreva esta sala para os jogadores da seguinte
Trazer uma tocha acesa ou outra chama aberta para a sala
As paredes e o piso desta sala estão cobertos de estrias
gasta desencadeia uma explosão que atinge a câmara. As
criaturas totalmente imersas na água não sofrem dano, mas e salpicos de sangue seco. Dois corpos pendurados são
todas as outras devem ter sucesso em um teste de Destreza CD algemado às paredes leste e sul. Um é um idoso homem
15, sofrendo 14 (4d6) de dano de pneu em um teste fracassado humano; o outro, uma jovem mulher que luta. Ambos são
ou metade do dano em um teste de sucesso. Todas as vigas de coberto de cortes sangrentos, e nenhum deles está se
madeira que sustentam o teto são destruídas pela explosão, o movendo. No no meio da sala há uma cadeira de madeira
que pode causar um colapso do telhado (consulte "Recursos do
calabouço" na área D5). A explosão também queima o gás, que resistente com um um chicote ensanguentado o envolveu. Um
se acumula lentamente e se torna perigoso novamente após 24 balde meio cheio de sal senta no chão próximo.

D19. Criptografia parcialmente colapsada Os seguidores de Bane esfregam sal nas feridas dos
Grande parte dessa sala caiu, com o campo de destroços prisioneiros que torturam aqui. Yignath, o cônsul de ferro (veja a
enterrando principalmente um sarcófago de pedra que foi área D12) carrega as chaves de ambos os conjuntos de manilhas,
saqueado anos atrás. Nada de interessante permanece. que possuem CA 19, 10 pontos de vida e imunidade a venenos e
danos psíquicos. Um personagem com ferramentas de ladrão
D20. CRIANÇA DE MEIO AMBIENTE pode desbloquear um conjunto de manilhas com um teste de
Um sarcófago aberto fica no fundo dessa cripta empoeirada, com Destreza CD 15 bem-sucedido.
sua pesada tampa de pedra deitada entre o sarcófago e a parede
sul. O norte lado do sarcófago tem afrescos afrescos de O homem humano está morto. Ele era Effinax Zalbor, um
guerreiros empunhando lança pelas planícies douradas a cavalo. coordenador de caravanas empregado pela família de patrões
Tesouro. Uma busca casual no sarcófago não gera nada Jhasso, que é co-proprietário de um coster comercial que opera
além de poeira e alguns ossos humanóides espalhados. em todo o Western Heartlands (consulte a área D12).
Qualquer personagem que realiza uma pesquisa completa
percebe que o sarcófago tem um fundo falso feito de gesso O ladrão feminino tem 0 pontos de vida e é inconsciente, mas
com uma polegada de espessura. Quebrar essa camada de estável. Ela é Vingança Kress, uma plebéia neutra que fala
gesso revela uma cavidade abaixo que contém uma múmia Comum e Infernal. Ela tem resistência a danos nos pneus e visão
humana flutuando em uma poça rasa de salmoura vermelha. escura a um alcance de 15 metros. A vingança distribui vinho e
A múmia tem duas pedras da lua (50 po cada) embutidas nas bebidas espirituosas para a família patriarca de Oathoon, em
órbitas oculares e um saco de feijão onde normalmente Baldur's Gate, e foi atacada na Cidade Baixa, bateu incoerente e
estaria o coração. Os personagens devem rasgar trouxe aqui para ser torturada. Sob interrogatório, ela deu a seus
intencionalmente o peito da múmia para abrir a bolsa captores informações sobre os Oathoons e seus arranjos de
escondida. A múmia é inanimada e não protesta contra o segurança. Ela também testemunhou o interrogatório e a morte
roubo. de Effinax, que foi questionada longamente sobre a família
D21. Cripta Zumbi
Os personagens que ouvem à porta da sala ouvem gemidos Se libertada, a Vingança fica com os personagens até que uma
humanóides fracos na sala além. Descreva a área para os oportunidade de escapar se apresente. Antes disso, porém, ela
jogadores da seguinte forma: compartilha a seguinte informação com seus libertadores.
Durante seu encarceramento, ela ouviu o que parecia uma
pesada porta de pedra se abrindo e fechando de tempos em
tempos, acompanhada pelo som
Six moaning humans with rotting flesh shamble about
this dusty crypt, which reeks of death. An open stone de salpicos de passos. O barulho veio do norte. Essas
sarcophagus rests against the back wall, its shattered lid informações podem levar os personagens a procurar uma porta
lying in pieces on the floor around it. secreta nessa direção (consulte a área D23).

Se a Vingança sobrevive ao seu calvário na masmorra, ela

The shambling corpses are six zombies created by Flennis (see espalha histórias de sua fuga angustiante através de sua rede de
area D13) from the remains of the Dead Three cultists' murder contatos em Baldur's Gate, que inclui quase todos os
victims. The zombies obey only their creator and attack ali proprietários de tabernas da cidade.
others, including other mem­bers of the Dead Three cuJt.
Carved into the north-facing side of the sarcophagus are D23. PORTA SECRETA E SENTINELA
ghastly images of human cannibalism. The sarcoph­agus was Este túnel inundado tem uma porta secreta na parede norte que
plundered long ago, and a search of its interior yields up only se abre para a área D27. De pé na água ao sul da porta secreta,
ajawless hurnan skull and a few bone fragments. segurando uma tocha acesa e observando a escada oeste, está um
punho masculino de Bane (veja na página 232 o seu bloco de
estatísticas). No primeiro turno, depois de ver os personagens,
ele se retira para a área D25 e bate na porta para acordar seus
colegas coJtistas, gritando "Intrusos!" no topo de seus pulmões
para alertar o ocupante da área D26.
Os seguidores de Myrkul usam essa cripta saqueada como um Essa sala inundada já foi um porão, com a passagem leste
lugar para descansar. Descreva-o para os jogadores da seguinte desmoronada marcando uma escada que antes levava a uma
maneira: residência na cidade. Escondidos sob a água turva, há quatro
esqueletos humanos animados que se levantam e atacam quem
Quatro tochas oscilantes em arandelas iluminam essa cripta, atravessa a sala.
no meio da qual é ocupado por um sarcófago de pedra
aberto. O sarcófago não possui entalhes ou outras
ornamentações, mas está cheio de caveiras e ossos
Os sons do combate se intensificam à medida que os
humanóides. Seis leitos de cama empoeirados jazem no personagens se aproximam dessa área. Descreva a cena para os
chão ao redor. jogadores do seguinte modo:
Os mirkulitas encheram o sarcófago com caveiras e ossos Do outro lado do corredor, uma câmara inundada se abre
encontrados ao longo da masmorra, criando um tipo de altar
com degraus que sobem ao sul, norte e nordeste. O chão se
para o Senhor dos Malditos.
curva acima da linha de água no meio da sala, formando
uma pequena ilha. Cadáveres e tochas apagadas flutuam na
Caídos contra as paredes dessa cripta pilhada e parcialmente
desmoronada, há quatro punhos adormecidos de Bane (na água ao redor da ilha, no topo da qual dois homens se
página 232, para ver seu bloco de estatísticas). Ali estão circundam com armas à mostra. Um dos homens - um
totalmente blindados e têm suas armas por perto. Se despertados bruto alto, sem armadura, com um grande clube e um
por barulhos altos ou pelo guarda na área D23, eles agarram suas rosto cheio de cicatrizes - se ergue acima do oponente, mas
armas e rapidamente se mobilizam para repelir qualquer invasão.
está gravemente ferido. A figura menor é musculosa e sem
A sala é iluminada por duas tochas crepitantes em arandelas nas
paredes norte e oeste. Um sarcófago de pedra no meio da sala barreiras. Ele segura uma adaga sangrenta em uma mão e
está vazio, com a tampa meio enterrada sob os escombros no uma tocha na outra, e não tem carne cobrindo seu crânio.
chão atrás dela.
Leia ou parafraseie o seguinte texto em caixa quando os
O homem do clube é o Mortlock Vanthampur, de 29 anos.
caracteres entrarem nesta área pela primeira vez:
bloco), que tem 30 pontos de vida restantes. Seu oponente é o
chefe de uma morte não ferida de Bhaal (veja a página 233 para
seu bloco de estatísticas) chamado Vaaz. Quatro outros mortos
Quatro tochas oscilantes em arandelas iluminam essa Três cultistas estão mortos na água, seus crânios cravados por
cripta parcialmente colapsada. Um sarcófago aberto no
Mortlock é tolerado por sua mãe, duque Thalamra
meio da área é preenchido com sangue pela borda, com Vanthampur, e desprezado por seus irmãos mais velhos,
derramamentos que riscam as laterais do sarcófago e se Thurstwell e Amrik, que o vêem como um simplório e uma
acumulam em torno de sua base. A tampa do sarcófago abominação. Metade do rosto de Mortlock estava marcado pelo
está meio enterrada sob os escombros atrás dela. fogo quando ele era criança, e sua desfiguração lhe dá um
semblante temível. Ele foi enviado para a masmorra da casa de
banhos por sua mãe para ajudar os seguidores dos Três Mortos a
Os adoradores de Bbaal gostam de se banhar no sangue humano coordenar ataques contra a cidade. Quando ficou claro que os
que enche o sarcófago. Uma ceifeira de Bhaal (veja na página 233 cultistas dos Três Mortos podiam funcionar sem o apoio de
o bloqueio estatístico) espreita por trás do sarcófago, ensopada Mortlock, Thurstwell e Amrik conspiravam com severa!
de sangue da cabeça aos pés. Ao primeiro sinal eu de intrusos, ela Cultistas de Bhaal para assassinar Mortlock sem o conhecimento
usa um feitiço de disfarce para aparecer como uma velha frágil de sua mãe.
chamada Nebra. Nesse disfarce, ela afirma ser uma florista que Mortlock e Vaaz param de lutar quando os personagens
foi capturada pelos Três Mortos e levada para a masmorra como chegam. Acreditando que eles são associados de Mortlock, Vaaz
um refúgio. Se os personagens falham no ato e trazem Nebra sai da luta no seu próximo turno e se retira para a área D33, onde
com eles, ela afirma conhecer a localização de uma porta secreta
ele faz sua última posição. Vaaz leva sua lanterna com ele. Em vez
(área D23) e tenta levá-los até a área D29, onde espera encontrar
reforços. Se ela liderar o partido para uma Jocação ocupada por de perseguir, Mortlock tenta forjar uma aliança com os
outros cultistas, ela abandona o disfarce e ataca. Ela também personagens. Se eles concordam com Mortlock, ele fornece as
ataca se seu feitiço termina antes disso. seguintes informações em troca de uma promessa de anistia:
D27 ECOS DE BATALHA "Fui traído. Esses assassinos conspiraram com meus irmãos
para me matar. Se você não tivesse aparecido, eu estaria
Esta passagem inundada de três metros de largura é apoiada em morto. Devo minha vida a você."
intervalos regulares por vigas de madeira. Os tocos de tocha • • "Minha família está pagando aos mortos três cultistas para
velhos flutuam na água escura. No ponto em que o túnel se assassinarem pessoas na cidade. Nosso objetivo é provar que
curva para o oeste em direção à área D29, os personagens o Punho Flamejante não pode fazer seu trabalho. Quando a
ouvem ecos de uma batalha se desenrolando naquele local. cidade parar de pagá-los, o Punho Flamejante terá menos
motivos para ficar no portão de Baldur, sem eles, ninguém
pode ficar no caminho de minha mãe se tornar a cidade


próximo grão-duque. Se ela conseguir, o Portão de Baldur
compartilhará o destino de Elturel e será arrastado para
baixo dos Nove Infernos.,
"Minha mãe é um dos três membros restantesdo Conselho
de Quatro, que governa o Portão de Baldur. Ela foi
fundamental para convencer Ulder Ravengard a viajar
para Elturel e conhecer o seu superintendente, Thavius ​
Kreeg. Com Ravengard Gane, o Punho Flamejante é sem
liderança e vulnerável. "
"Os mortos Três cultistas recebem pagamentos regulares
de meu irmão, Amrik, que administra seus próprios
negócios de empréstimos de uma taverna chamada
Lanterna Baixa. Minha mãe não espera muito de mim,
mas pensa no mundo de Amrik. Ele sempre esteve sua
• "Meu irmão mais velho, Thurstwell, usa diabinhos como espiões
na cidade. Ele tem o quartel sob vigilância e provavelmente sabe
que você está aqui. Ele está muito doente e raramente deixa a
propriedade de nossa mãe."
• "Se você chegou até aqui, matou a maioria dos líderes do culto
dos Três Mortos. Sem eles, o culto terminará. Os cultistas
mantêm seu tesouro por perto." (O deadlock aponta para a área
• Se os personagens o deixaram ir, Mortlock se esconde na cidade
até que ele possa reservar passagem em um navio e deixar
o Portão de Baldur. Ele não tem nenhuma intenção de
voltar. Mortlock tem medo de confrontar sua mãe ou seus
irmãos. Dito isto, um teste de Carisma (Persuasão) CD 14
bem-sucedido pode convencê-lo a ajudar os personagens a
capturar ou matar Amrik na Lanterna Baixa (veja a página
28). Depois de fazer isso, Mortlock deixa a cidade o mais
rápido possível para escapar da ira de sua mãe.

D30. Tesouro roubado de Tiamat

MORTLOCK VANTHAMPUR Um pequeno lance de escada sobe para uma câmara

circular com quatro baús de madeira com cadeado
Medium humanoid (human), lawfu/ evil
empilhados no meio. Os baús estão trancados, mas os
Armor Class 12 personagens podem ter arrancado as chaves do cônsul de
Hit Points 90 (12d8 + 36) ferro na área D12. Um personagem também pode usar as
Speed 30 ft. ferramentas dos ladrões para escolher um cadeado com um
teste bem sucedido de Destreza CD 15.
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA Tesouro. Cada baú pesa 25 quilos vazios e todos os quatro
18 (+4) 14 (+2) 17 (+3) 10 (+O) 12 (+l) 13 (+l) contêm itens roubados do tesouro de Tiamat em Avernus.
Este tesouro foi trazido para o Portão de Baldur por
Skills Athletics +6, lntimidation +5 demônios em aliança com Zariel e foi entregue aos cultistas
Senses passive Perception 11 dos Três Mortos por Amrik Vanthampur em nome de sua
Languages Common
mãe, o duque Thalamra Vanthampur. O conteúdo de cada
Challenge 3 (700 XP)
peito é descrito abaixo.
O baú 1 possui 4.500 cp e dois frascos de cristal vermelho
ndomável (2 / dia). Mortlock pode rolar novamente um teste de com rolhas de ouro (25 po cada). Cada via! contém uma
resistência que ele falha. Ele deve usar o novo rolo. poção de ar! Com as moedas e via Is dentro, o baú pesa 70
ACTIONS O tórax 2 contém dez ágatas oculares (10 po cada)
Multiattack. Mortlock faz dois ataques com seu grande clube. espalhadas em 1.250 sp. Com as moedas e pedras preciosas
dentro, o baú pesa 37 libras.
Porrete. Ataque por arma corpo a corpo: +6 para atingir, alcance 5
pés, um alvo. Acerto: 9 (2d4 + 4) de dano por espancamento, mais Peito 3 contém uma máscara de dragão de porcelana
5 (2d4) de dano por espancamento se Mortlock sofrer algum dano delícate
desde seu último turno. (25 po) descansando em um leito de 2.400 cp e 500 sp.
Com as moedas dentro, o baú pesa 55 libras. A máscara pesa
Besta pesada.Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, range 1 libra.
100/400 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (ldlO + 2) piercing damage. O baú 4 contém uma coroa de bronze com cinco pináculos
(250 PO). A torre de Bach é modelada e pintada para se
parecer com um dos seis tipos de dragões cromáticos (preto,
azul, verde, vermelho e branco). A coroa pesa 2 ½ libras.
Uma caixa de madeira é armazenada nesta alcova vazia. O
engradado pode conter sessenta tochas, mas precisa ser
reabastecido. Apenas cinco tochas permanecem.

D32. Bens roubados

Nove caixas de madeira estão espalhadas por toda a sala. Entre
eles estão seis ratos inofensivos, como o encontrado na área
Tesouro. Seis das caixas estão vazias, exceto para a palha da
embalagem. Os outros três contêm bens roubados que os
cultistas ainda não desembolsaram, incluindo dez dias de
rações, uma sacola de vinte ropas calvas, três frascos de fogo
de alquimista, seis conjuntos de algemas, quatro caixas de
isqueiro, nove punhais e quatro poções de cura em frascos de


Se Vaaz fugiu da área D29, ele está de pé em frente às estátuas na
seção oeste da sala, com sua tocha crepitante no chão perto de
seus pés. Descreva a sala para os jogadores da seguinte maneira:

Os tocos de tocha queimados estão espalhados pelo chão deste

salão, cuja extremidade oeste é ocupada por três estátuas de
madeira pintada de um metro e oitenta de altura. Cada estátua fica
no topo de um bloco de pedra vermelha com um metro e meio de
altura, fazendo com que pareça mais triste e agourenta.
A estátua central se assemelha a um homem fortemente
blindado, cujo rosto está escondido atrás do temível visor de seu
capacete. Ele está pintado de vermelho, exceto pela manopla
direita, que é preta. Agarrada nesta manopla está uma lança
vermelho-sangue, apontada para cima. A estátua ao norte mostra
um nobre de traje roxo vestindo uma máscara de arlequim e
segurando uma adaga nas costas. A estátua para o sul retrata um
esqueleto de manto preto com a mandíbula aberta e as mãos
ossudas estendidas.

Banites, Bhaalites e Myrkulites se reúnem nesta sala para UL.TISS., CULTIST OF TIAMAT

planejar ataques contra a cidade acima. Essas reuniões são

muitas vezes controversas, embora os seguidores de Bhaal e
Myrkul usualmente se curvem aos caprichos dos adoradores de
Bane com uma mente mais estratégica. SURPRESA! CULTISTA DO DRAGÃO!
Cada estátua é de madeira maciça e pesa 150 libras. Uma Se os personagens livrarem a masmorra dos
estátua pode ser arrancada do pedestal com um teste bem- adoradores de Bane, Bhaal e Myrkul, qualquer seguidor
sucedido de Força CD 10 (Atletismo). restante dos Três Mortos evita a masmorra e o ooce da
Estátua de Bane. A estátua do homem de armadura casa de banhos, eles percebem que esses locais não são
representa Bane. Sua lança é real, mas não mágica. A primeira mais seguros.
vez que um humanóide chega a 5 pés desta estátua, ele deve ter Quando os personagens saem da masmorra e saem
sucesso em um teste de resistência de Carisma CD 12 ou ser da casa de banhos, eles têm um encontro final no pátio
obrigado a se ajoelhar. Enquanto ajoelhada diante da estátua, a (área D1). Leia ou parafraseie o seguinte texto em
criatura não pode se mover ou realizar ações ou reações. A caixa para definir a cena:
criatura pode repetir o teste de resistência no final de cada um
dos turnos, encerrando o efeito sobre si mesma em um Quando você sai da casa de banho, cinco figuras saltam
sucesso. do topo da parede do pátio para confrontá-lo. Além da
Estátua de Bhaal. A máscara de arlequim desta estátua é armadura de couro preto, eles usam máscaras e mantos
uma peça separada que pode ser desequilibrada e removida,
estranhos que dão a cada um deles uma aparência
revelando o rosto medonho e assustador de Bhaal por baixo.
vagamente de dragão. Ali cinco espadas de aço curvado
Estátua de Myrkul. Qualquer um que profanar esta estátua é de brandy lembram garras de dragão
amaldiçoado pelo Senhor dos Banes. Quando a maldição
termina com um feitiço de remoção de maldição ou magia
semelhante, o ofensor não se beneficia da cura mágica.
As figuras são quatro cultistas humanos de Tiamat LANTERNA BAIXA
liderados por um fanático de cultos masculinos chamado
Ultiss. Esses adoradores caóticos do mal de Tiamat foram O Low Lantern é um navio mercante de três mastros, ancorado
enviados por Arkhan, o Cruel (veja o capítulo 3), para permanentemente no lado leste do porto. Muito além do ponto
recuperar o tesouro roubado do tesouro da rainha do dragão de navegabilidade, o navio foi convertido em uma taberna e
em Avernus por agentes do tesouro de Zariel dado ao duque casa de jogos que é
Vanthampur e seus filhos para comprar a lealdade dos aberto todo o dia e noite. O jogo de dados Baldur's Bones é tão
seguidores dos mortos. Guiados por visões enviadas a eles por popular quanto em outras tabernas em todo Baldur's Gate.
Tiamat, os cultistas sabem que estão a 300 metros de seu (consulte a barra lateral "Taverns in Baldur's Gate", página 16).
saque roubado. Se os personagens pegaram algum tesouro da
área D30, os cultistas os atacam para recuperá-lo. Caso SOBRE A TAVERNA
contrário, os cultistas exigem que os personagens se afastem e
não se intrometam em seus negócios. Uma vez que eles A localização da lanterna baixa está marcada no mapa 1.1
garantem o tesouro perdido da rainha do dragão, os cultistas (página 13), enquanto o mapa 1.4 mostra seu interior.
planejam caçar e matar os Vanthampurs e qualquer outra Descreva a taberna para os jogadores da seguinte forma:
pessoa em Baldur's Gate considerada um agente de Zariel.
Cultistas que sobrevivem a esse encontro podem aparecer
mais tarde para ajudar ou atrapalhar os personagens, a seu O nevoeiro obscurece a lanterna baixa até você chegar a trinta
critério. Se estiver presente quando os cultistas de Tiamat metros dela, e então seus mastros altos e volume amassado
confrontarem os personagens, o diabrete invisível na área Dl aparecem. O navio convertido tem aparelhamento, mas não
observa discretamente a interação antes de retornar a sai, e é ancorado ao cais por correntes grossas. Uma escada de
Thurstwell Vanthampur na casa de sua família. madeira sobe da beira do cais até o convés principal. Uma
ONDE SEGUINTE? lanterna no arco lança uma estranha luz verde para indicar que
a taberna está aberta para negócios.
Co-convencido de que seus dois irmãos mais velhos
conspiraram para matá-lo, Mortlock Vanthampur pede aos
personagens que capturem ou matem Amrik em uma taberna O Low Lantern fica quieto durante o dia, com apenas alguns
chamada Low Lantern. A aventura assume que os personagens clientes bebendo e jogando abaixo do convés. O local ganha
visitam este local. Se os personagens precisam de um incentivo vida à noite e é um local popular para a realização de
adicional para ir atrás de Amrik, Mortlock garante que sua mãe reuniões clandestinas com alguns dos escribulosos
valoriza o bem-estar de Amrik o suficiente para negociar sua iobabitantes da cidade, incluindo piratas e mercenários de
libertação se os personagens o capturarem. Ele sugere que seria folga do Flaming Fist.
imprudente se opor a um duque de Baldur's Gate sem O proprietário e proprietário é Laraelra Thundreth. uma
influência. Se os personagens decidirem atacar Vanthampur maga humana de meia-idade, conhecida como "o Captaín",
Villa, pule para a seção "Vanthampur Villa" (página 32). por seus funcionários e clientes regulares. Laraelra é neutra e
não se preocupa com os assuntos particulares de seu cliente /
Tendo conquistado o Calabouço dos Três Mortos, os e, nem se importa quando os visitantes ficam turbulentos ou
personagens devem avançar para o 3º nível antes de ficam violentos - desde que estejam dispostos a pagar pelos
partirem para a Baixa Lanterna ou Vanthampur Villa. danos posteriores. Em público, Laraelra é frequentemente
vista com seu familiar caranguejo empoleirado em um
MAIS TRÊS ENCONTROS MORTOS ombro. Do amanhecer ao meio-dia, ela se retira para sua
Personagens que limpam o Calabouço dos Três Mortos podem cabine (área L4) para comer, descansar e ler seu livro de
encontrar mais servos de Bane, Bhaal ou Myrkul em outras feitiços.O Low Lantern serve bebidas e lanches, mas não
partes do Portão de Baldur. Esses vilões (ver apêndice D) refeições. A qualquer momento, a equipe inclui dois kenku
geralmente operam como grupos mistos de banites, bhaalitas e barmen e seis seguranças (bandidos humanos). A equipe
mirquulitas. Aqui estão alguns encontros apropriados para um opera em três turnos de oito horas, com um grupo saindo no
grupo de quatro ou cinco personagens do 3º ao 5º nível: próximo turno.
Esquadrão de Raptos (para personagens do 3º nível). Quatro
punhos de Bane, três preconceitos noturnos e dois necromantes de TAVERN PATRONS
Myrkul tentam capturar um ou mais moradores da cidade, na The Low Lantern attracts the city's least affluent resi­dents, as
esperança de torturá-los ou resgatá-los. well as foreign merchants and sailors with coin to lose.
Esquadrão de Assassinatos (para personagens do 4º nível). Patrons who are present during the characters' initial visit
Um cônsul de ferro com dois punhos de Bane como guarda- include the following:
costas, usa três biades noturnos como batedores e assassinos
para apanhar transeuntes aleatórios. Um laser de crânio de Grimboot (legítimo duergar do mal), uma perna áspera e
Mirkul fornece suporte mágico, lançando feitiços das trevas vesgo que arrecada dívidas para a guilda de ladrões locais,
para confundir os inimigos e facilitar a fuga. Hitoshi Jade (plebeu humano neutro), um bêbado
Esquadrão de Vingança (para personagens de nível S). Uma marinheiro de um navio mercante, liderou a Golden Gull, de
luva negra de Bane vem após os personagens com dois ceifeiros propriedade da família de patriarcas Irlentree
de Bhaal e um mestre de almas, que comanda uma força morta- Jorunn Nighbury (plebeu humano neutro), um tímido
viva de seis esqueletos ou quatro zumbis. criador de cavalos empregado pela família patriarca Belt, mas
exonerado por dívidas de jogo


1 square = 5 feet

• •

Down to L5 Up to L1
- =-
1 · = e: I o º
�O º •

Crow's Nest• L1
1 '--,
oº ílI[loownt

Wharf o



Top Side Tavern Deck Lounge Deck Guest Quarters


• Skadric Salakar (veterano humano neutro e maligno), um Os corvos são dois diabinhos na forma de mudança de
soldado preguiçoso do Punho Flamejante que foi suspenso forma. Thurstwell Vanthampur (veja a página 34) usa os
por um dia sem pagar pelo abandono do dever diabinhos para vigiar seu irmão, Arnrik. Os diabinhos têm um
• Prynn Derringwhistle (legítimo neutro de coração forte, prazer malévolo em matar as gaivotas que acontecem, e a
halfling commoner), um raspador de cracas que usa óculos e equipe da taverna não consegue entender por que os conveses
gosta de usar os velhos barracos do mar estão sempre cheios de carcaças de gaivota. Um personagem
• Aerith e Beldan (caótico bom drow), gêmeos estranhos e que examina uma gaivota morta e consegue um teste de
inseparáveis que deixaram o Subterrâneo em busca de Sabedoria CD 13 (Medicina) verifica que o pássaro foi picado
aventura na superfície até a morte.
• Amrik Vanthampur administra seu próprio
negócioLanterna baixa com o consentimento de Laraelra. Os Se os diabinhos vêem Amrik deixar o navio, eles trai! ele
personagens que o procuram são direcionados para a área L6. para se certificar de que não está sendo seguido. Se eles
percebem que Amrik está em perigo, eles atacam quem quer
LOCAIS DA TAVERNA que o esteja ameaçando. Os diabinhos evitam o combate e
ficam invisíveis para evitar a captura ou a morte.
As seguintes descrições de área são digitadas no mapa 1.4.
Ll. PLATAFORMA PRINCIPAL Esse deck está cheio de cadáveres de gaivotas mortas LD4 (consulte a
Descreva esta área para os jogadores da seguinte maneira: área L1 para obter mais informações). Pendurada na extremidade do
arco do navio está a lanterna de vidro verde que indica que a taberna
está aberta para negócios. Um membro da equipe rasteja até o final do
O convés principal do navio antigo apresenta degraus de
arco para apagar o Jantem, reabastecê-lo com oi! E reacendê-lo todos
madeira que sobem ao castelo de previsão e à popa, e outro os dias.
conjunto de escadas que desce para o navio. Uma escotilha de Em noites quentes e claras, o Lateral move mesas, cadeiras e
madeira com cadeado, equipada com janelas, funciona como lanternas para esse convés, para que os clientes possam beber e
uma clarabóia para o convés abaixo - a taberna propriamente jogar sob as estrelas.
dita, visível através dos painéis de vidro da escotilha. Quatro
� gaivotas mortas jazem no convés e dois corvos gritam para A roda e o leme do capitão sumiram, deixando buracos e
você do ninho do corvo, uma subida de dez metros acima do acessórios vazios onde costumavam estar. Assim como na
z área L2, Laraelra às vezes move mesas, cadeiras e lanternas
cordame do navio.

o para esse convés, para que os clientes possam ficar ao ar
livre durante a noite quando o tempo está bom.
A fechadura na porta da cabine de Laraelra enferrujou a ponto
de ser inútil, e ela não se deu ao trabalho de substituí-la.
Consequentemente, sua cabine está destrancada. Um dos
seguranças da área LS fica de olho na porta e agride alguém
que não seja Laraelra que tenta abri-la.
Descreva os recursos da
cabine para os jogadores da seguinte maneira:

Esta cabine está cheia de móveis de madeira incompatíveis,

em incluindo uma cama com postes esculpidos para se
assemelhar a sereias, uma mesa de cabeceira, um guarda-
roupa, uma escrivaninha cadeira, e uma pequena mesa de
jantar cercada por quatro cadeiras. Perto do pé da cama
repousa uma escultura esculpida baú fechado com um

Laraelra esconde a chave do baú no poste adjacente, cujo

topo desaparafusa para revelar o compartimento oculto onde a
chave é seqüestrada. Caso contrário, o padJock do baú pode
ser colhido com um teste de destreza com sucessoJJ 20 DC
feito com as ferramentas dos ladrões.
Além dos itens descritos em "Tesouro" abaixo, o baú contém
quatro punhais voadores que atacam qualquer um que não
seja Laraelra que abra o baú. Usar o stat da espada voadora
bloqueia para representar os punhais, mas faça as seguintes
• Cada punhal voador é uma construção minúscula com 7 pontos
de vida (3d4) e uma classificação de desafio de 1/8 (25 XP).
• Cada punhal voador <lewis 3 (ld4 + 1) perfurante de dano em
um golpe
Treasure. O baú contém um belo par de botas, um garrafa de vinho fino (10
po), um monte de cartas de um admirador sem nome e livro de feitiços de
Laraelra, que contém todos os feitiços que ela preparou, além de identificar,
rajada de vento, arma mágica. envio, s / eep e tangues.
Medium humanoid (human), lawful evil L5 SALA DE JOGOS E SALA DE JOGOS
Armor Class 17 (leather armor, Charisma Esta é a parte mais movimentada e barulhenta do navio, e
modifier) Hlt Polnts 66 (l 2d8 + 12) cheira a suor, cerveja barata, madeiras podres e vômito antigo.
Speed 30 ft. Três seguranças (capangas) se posicionam para que possam ver
tudo o que acontece aqui. Se Laraelra não estiver em
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA Na cabine (área L4), ela está sentada na extremidade curta do
12 (+1) 18 (+4) 12 (+l) 14 (+2) 14 (+2) 15 (+2) bar, com o caranguejo familiar no ombro.
Laraelra cumprimenta os recém-chegados com um
, Skllls Acrobatics +6, Athletics +3, Deception +6, lnslght +6 discurso ensaiado:
Senses passive Perception 12
Languages Common,
• Challenge
Infernal 3 (700
XP) "Bem conhecido! Meu nome é Laraelra Thundreth, mas
Suave Defense. While Amrik is wearing light orno armar and as pessoas por aqui me chamam de capitão. Se você está
wielding no shield, his AC includes his Charisma modifier. sedento por uma bebida ou quer jogar, você veio ao
lugar certo, mas observe o seu passo. As coisas podem
ficar bonitas se bagunçar por aqui. "
Multiattack. Amrik makes three dagger attacks.
Dagger. Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft. ar range
20/60 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (ld4 + 4) piercing damage. Use a seção "Tavern Patron" anteriormente para detalhar os
ocupantes dessa área, conforme necessário. Há sempre alguém
Smoke Bomb (1/Day). Amrik hurls a smoke bomb up to 20 feet ansioso para interpretar Baldur's Bones aqui.
away. The bomb explodes on impact, creating a cloud ofblack A taberna é iluminada por lanternas a óleo penduradas e
smoke that fills a 10-foot-radius sphere. The area within the qualquer luz natural desliza pela escotilha de vidro e pelas vigias
cloud is heavily obscured. A strong wind disperses the cloud, sujas do navio. Essas vigias têm um metro e meio de diâmetro,
which otherwise remains until the end of Amrik's next turn.
com travas enferrujadas por dentro que as mantêm fechadas.


Este salão da taberna preenche um baralho inteiro e é
A menos que os personagens o atacem de uma só vez, Amrik
iluminado por oi! lanternas penduradas no teto de um metro e
assume que eles o procuraram por um empréstimo. Ele é mais
meio de altura por correntes de um metro de comprimento. O
do que bappy para fornecer um, até um limite de 150 PO (a
deck sem janelas contém um bar, sofás, mesas de café e mesas
quantidade atualmente transportada por seu guarda-costas
onde os clientes podem socializar e jogar. Três dos seguranças
Vhaltus). Os termos de Amrik são simples: ele espera o
de Laraelra (bandidos) ficam à vista do outro lado do convés.
reembolso em um dia e cobra juros de 25% sobre o empréstimo.
Amrik Vanthampur (veja o bloco de estatísticas que o
Como membro da família influeotial de Vanthampur, Amrik
acompanha) transformou um par de sofás e uma mesa de café
tem pleótia de músculos que ele pode suportar contra qualquer
perto da parede traseira em seu escritório pessoal. Ele administra
um que não cumprir um empréstimo, e a influência da sua
um negócio de empréstimos a partir desse local, e muitos de seus
família se estende para além do Portão de Baldur.
clientes regulares são apostadores que não conseguem pagar suas
dívidas. Em troca desse espaço, Amrik paga pelo vinho que é Os personagens podem tentar obter um empréstimo, com ou
entregue à Lanterna Baixa, tornando rentável o negócio de sem a intenção de pagá-lo. Os personagens que planejam roubar
Laraelra. Amrik devem ser bem-sucedidos em um teste de Carisma
Amrik, 33 anos, está sentado sozinho no sofá de estibordo, os (Decepção) contestado pelo teste Sabedoria (Insight) de Amrik,
pés em cima da mesa e os olhos na sala. Ele mantém o sofá do conforme descrito em "Concursos" no capítulo 7 do Manual do
porto aberto para os clientes e emprega dois guarda-costas. Jogador.
Kasharra, um demônio espinhoso, pousa-se nas costas do sofá
de Amrik. Vhaltus, um bandido humano maléfico, de olhos Os personagens podem tentar interrogar Amrik para obter
sonolentos e de cabelos ruivos em um rabo de cavalo, senta-se informações, mas ele é um mentiroso experiente que não
no extremo mais próximo do bar. Vhaltus carrega um pequeno incrimina a si mesmo ou a qualquer membro da família que ele
saco contendo 150 po, que Amrik empresta a clientes. Se ele teme, incluindo sua mãe e seu irmão mais velho. Se os
acha que sua vida está em perigo, Amrik detona uma bomba de personagens mencionam Mortlock, Amrik acusa esse "casco de
fumaça escondida antes de subir as escadas, deixando seus cara de cicatriz" de se associar com o mais baixo dos baixos no
guarda-costas para esconder sua fuga. Baldur's Gate para trazer ruína à sua família. O desprezo total de
Amrik adora trocar gentilezas por bebidas antes de realizar Amrik por seu irmão mais novo é palpável, embora ele não
negócios. Ele treinou a equipe de Laraelra para reconhecer uma admita sua participação em uma conspiração para assassinar
variedade de gestos inócuos que sinalize-os para entregar bebidas Mortlock. Se os personagens denunciam acusações, Amrik tenta
à mesa. Se ele quiser adicionar veneno às bebidas de seus clientes, mudar o biame para Mortlock. Na falta disso, ele invoca o nome
ele tem um sinal secreto. Por isso. Escondido atrás do balcão, e a reputação de sua mãe como escudo, esperando que os
encontra-se um frasco completo contendo quatro doses de personagens pensem duas vezes antes de ofender ou prejudicar
torpor (consulte "Venenos" no capítulo 8 do Dungeon Master's o filho favorito do duque Thalamra Vanthampur.
Guide), que o barman kenku pode usar para tomar bebidas Amrik nunca luta até a morte e se rende se não puder lutar,
quando Amrik dá o sinal. falar ou sair de uma situação perigosa. Se os personagens
derrotar os guarda-costas de Amrik e levá-lo prisioneiro, ele faz
L7 CABINE DO CONVIDADO o que ele disse até que uma oportunidade de escapar se
Esta cabine de hóspedes não está ocupada no momento. Seus apresente. O pessoal da lanterna baixa não intervém.
móveis incluem uma cama, um guarda-roupa, uma mesa vazia e
uma cadeira. Um oi! lanterna trava de um gancho enferrujado Se os personagens matarem Amrik a bordo do Lanterna
aparafusado para o mastro. Baixa, Laraelra os avisa que sua morte sofrerá o furor do duque
A trava da porta da cabine enferrujou a ponto de ser inútil, Thalamra Vanthampur. Ela sugere que eles fujam de Baldur's
mas a cadeira da mesa pode ser presa sob a maçaneta da porta Gate de uma só vez - antes que acabem como comida de peixe
para impedir que a porta seja aberta. Se a cadeira estiver sendo no fundo do porto.
usada, a abertura da porta exige uma verificação bem-sucedida
de força (atletismo) CD 13 e faz muito barulho.
Antes que os personagens saiam da lanterna baixa, uma nova
L8 QUARTOS DE DORMIR chegada os cumprimenta. Leia o seguinte para os jogadores:
Esta área é propensa a vazamentos, já que o casco do navio está Uma figura encapuzada se aproxima, armadura batendo
submerso na maior parte nesse nível. Poças de água se a cada passo. Uma mão enluvada repousa sobre o punho
acumulam em áreas onde o chão se curvou e todo o espaço de uma espada longa. O outro puxa um capuz para
cheira a vômito e urina.
Quatro alcovas aqui são montadas com berços baratos, onde os
revelar o rosto de um adolescente de pele morena e
bêbados podem dormir de ressaca. No arco há quatro redes que cabelos ruivos. e assombrando o olhar.
servem a um propósito semelhante. A qualquer momento,
podem ser encontrados plebeus inconscientes nesta área, A figura encapuzada é Reya Mantlemorn, uma boa
adormecidos com os efeitos de uma noite selvagem. Se os
personagens desejarem roubá-los, cada plebeu terá uma bolsa de humana legal, Hellrider (use o bloco de estatísticas
cinto contendo LD6 sp e 2d6 cp. veterano). Reya fala comum.
Bom, na terra de Turmish, Reya foi à cidade sagrada de
Elturel para treinar como Heljrider aos doze anos. Como
seguidora fiel de Torm, Reya está preparada e treinada para
se sacrificar pelo bem maior.


Reya estava treinando alguns quilômetros ao norte de
A Vanthampur Villa está localizada na Cidade Alta,
Elturel quando a cidade desapareceu. Ela assistiu incrédula
povoada pelos moradores mais ricos de Baldur's Gate e
quando a luz do Companheiro se apagou, ficando preta
fortemente patrulhada pela Patrulha. A localização da vila
quando a cidade parecia desmoronar e afundar no horizonte -
está marcada no mapa 1.1 (página 13), enquanto o mapa 1.5
uma imagem horrível que Reya não conseguiu tirar da cabeça.
mostra seu interior. A vila se conecta ao complexo de
Ela voltou a Elturel para encontrar uma cratera onde ficava a
masmorras e esgotos mostrado no mapa 1.6 (página 37). Os
cidade, e depois assumiu a responsabilidade de liderar um
personagens podem querer visitar Vanthampur Villa depois
grupo de refugiados temerosos a oeste de Baldur's Gate. Antes
de deixar o Dungeon of the Dead Three ou fazer uma visita
que o Punho Flamejante fechasse os portões da cidade, Reya e
a Amrik Vanthampur no Low Lantern. Se eles prenderem
alguns outros conseguiram entrar furtivamente, mas não
Amrik, poderão contar com Reya Maotlemorn para ficar de
chegaram muito longe antes que um grupo de soldados do
olho nele.
Punho Flamejante os confrontasse. Os refugiados se
dispersaram e Reya logo se viu encurralada por um bandido CHEGANDO À VILLA
do Punho Flamejante. Ela feriu o soldado com sua espada
longa, fugiu por um beco e roubou uma capa para esconder Vinte guardas da Patrulha estão vigilantes em todos os
melhor seu armar e armas. Ela é uma fugitiva procurada desde portões da Cidade Alta. Se os personagens apresentarem os
então. distintivos dados a eles pelo Capitão Zodge, os membros da
Patrulha os deixarão passar pelos portões, mesmo que
Reya não está no portão de Baldur há muito tempo, mas ela estejam acompanhados por um prisioneiro ou um fugitivo
rapidamente concluiu que a cidade é uma fossa de corrupção conhecido como Reya Mantlemorn. Qualquer personagem
com a morte espreitando em cada esquina nebulosa. Ela está sem distintivo é questionado e precisa pagar um pedágio de
investigando um boato de que Thavius K ​ reeg, o 2 cp.
superintendente de Eturel, está na cidade. Reya não Se os personagens tiverem Amrik como prisioneiro, ele
confirmou se o boato é verdadeiro, mas os relatórios dizem não fará nada para provocar um confronto com os guardas
que Kreeg foi visto na companhia de quatro guardas no portão, pois ele poderá se machucar.
empregados pela família Vanthampur. A propriedade de
Vanthampur está localizada na Cidade Alta, além de seu
alcance, mas ela aprendeu que Amrik Vanthampur administra O vampiro da família
um negócio com a Lanterna Baixa. Ela pretende questioná-lo Thalamra Vanthampur é uma fera astuta e adoradora do diabo
sobre a veracidade do boato. Reya não sabe nada da traição de de uma mulher no final dos anos sessenta que pode encarar
Thavius K​ reeg. um cão do inferno sem vacilar. Ela tem corpo de barril, mãos e
antebraços fortes que falam desde o começo como
Ela simplesmente quer respostas sobre o que aconteceu trabalhadora manual. Sua juventude foi passada nas adegas e
com Elturel. Se é possível salvar a cidade, o Hellrider é esgotos de Baldur's Gate, consertando canos e limpando a
preparado para fazer o que for preciso. Quanto ao Portão de sujeira da cidade. Thalamra surgiu de um trabalho tão humilde
Baldur, ela poderia se importar menos com o que acontece para se tornar o ministro dos esgotos e obras de água da
com ele. "Espero que os ratos comam", diz ela com desdém. cidade. Agora ela se veste como a elegância que combina com
sua posição como duque do Portão de Baldur.
Se os personagens parecem valentes e francos, Reya gosta
imediatamente deles. Depois que ela percebe que sua busca é Thalarnra orquestrou o desaparecimento do grão-duque
paralela à deles, ela pede para se juntar a eles enquanto se Ulder Ravengard para cumprir seu objetivo final de se tornar
preparam para visitar Vanthampur Villa. o novo grão-duque de Baldur's Gate. Quando não está
envolvida em questões políticas, ela conduz seus negócios
Se os personagens revelarem que estão trabalhando para o mais secretos no complexo de masmorras abaixo de sua vila.
Punho Flamejante, Reya desenha sua espada em pânico, Thalamra é uma viúva três vezes, e cada um de seus maridos
esperando ter que se defender. Os personagens podem aliviar mortos teve a gentileza de lhe dar um filho. Seu filho mais
seus medos dizendo que não têm intenção de prendê-la. No velho, Thurstwell, é um recluso pálido e sombrio nos seus
interesse da divulgação total, Reya admite que está sendo quarenta anos. Verdadeiramente fechado, ele usa diabretes
caçada pelo Punho Flamejante por uma "briga infeliz" que não para espionar seus irmãos, Amrik e Mortlock. Thurstwell se
foi inteiramente culpa dela. ressente de ambos - Amrik por ser o favorito de sua mãe e
Mortlock por ser um idiota monstruoso.
SE REY JUNTA-SE À FESTA O verdadeiro problema de Thurstwell é que sua mãe não
Reya está disposta a participar da festa de aventuras, se os vê-lo como seu sucessor e está preparando Amrik para
personagens permitirem. Ela não tem amigos em Baldur's desempenhar esse papel. Apesar de seu ciúme, Thurstwe
Gate e não pode chegar a Vanthampur Villa na cidade nunca causaria danos a Amrik por medo de provocar a ira de
altamente protegida sem ajuda. Ela faz o possível para ajudar seu irmão. Mortlock é uma questão diferente, pois ficou bem
a festa, desde que as ações e decisões dos personagens a claro que Thalamra o abandonaria se ela não tivesse
levem mais perto para descobrir a verdade do que aconteceu concordado com a morte de seu terceiro marido para cuidar
com Elturel. Uma vez que o destino da cidade se torna de Mortlock, apesar de suas inúmeras imperfeições.
conhecido por ela, Reya salta a qualquer chance de resgatar a O último membro da família Vanthampur é Slobberchops,
cidade dos NineHells. um tressym de aparência roean (gato alado) com um rabo de
Como um NPC, Reya cai sob o controle do Mestre. Mas se administrá- cavalo e inúmeras cicatrizes de batalha. Personagens que
la se torna um fardo demais para você, veja se um dos jogadores quer
encontrarem Slobberchops podem tentar fazer amizade com
administrar Reya como personagem secundário. Você pode fornecer ao
jogador que consentiu uma cópia do bloco de estatísticas veterao no ele (consulte a área VS).
32 Manual do Monstro.
1 square = 5 feet

Ground Floor
t!Down toV27 Vl

o DowntoV20
� oV9>

&; Dl

o V4
(i) D ..,.,.......,. 3 l
Second Floor



Nove guardas humanas legais e legais patrulham o quintal
Vanthampur Villa é um edilice imponente de pedra com uma
em três grupos de três. Quando os caracteres chegam, esses
casa estável. Ambos os edifícios têm telhados inclinados
grupos estão localizados nos pontos marcados com "Vl" no
cobertos com telhas de barro vermelho. Um muro de pedra
mapa 1.5 e circulam o quintal no sentido anti-horário.
de 12 pés de altura encerra a vila. As lanternas penduradas no
interior da parede são Jit ao entardecer e apagadas ao Os guardas atacam quem invadir a propriedade sem o
amanhecer para iluminar o quintal e a vila à noite. A parede consentimento ou notificação prévia de Duke Vanthampur
possui três portões de madeira - a entrada principal e um ou de um de seus filhos. Se os personagens tiverem Amrik ou
portão de ônibus para o sul e um portão postem para o norte. Mortlock, eles podem convencer qualquer um dos filhos do
As portas de madeira das vilas e as janelas emolduradas duque a convencê-los a passar pelos guardas. Caso contrário,
não estão trancadas, e os Vanthampurs empregam guardas os personagens precisam matar os guardas ou passar por eles.
para patrulhar o quintal (veja a área Vl). Os guardas moram Os guardas são muito bem pagos para aceitar subornos e não
em outro lugar e trocam de turno a cada seis horas. respeitam o Punho Flamejante. Para passar por um grupo de
guardas, cada personagem deve ter sucesso no teste de
Destreza 13 CD (Discrição). Esta verificação é feita com
Os Vanthampurs empregam quatro servos em tempo integral
(todos os plebeus humanos neutros):
vantagem no oight ou no nevoeiro.

Fendrick Gray, um mordomo decrépito de setenta anos de V2. ESTÁBULOS

idade, Sarvinder Peck, um jardineiro salgado de 52 anos e um Este edifício de pedra contém estábulos para quatro cavalos de
mestre estável Gabourey D'Vaelan, uma cozinheira exigente tração, além de uma ferraria totalmente equipada com uma
de 35 anos. bigorna e uma lareira. Sarvinder Peck (consulte "Servos"
• Ambra Fallwater, dezenove anos empregada; Ambra é uma acima) pode aqui, fabricando e ajustando sapatos novos para
contratada recente para substituir a empregada anterior, que os cavalos.
Duke Vanthampur jogou escada abaixo por quebrar um vaso. Alçapão. Uma laje de 3 pés quadrados no canto sudoeste do
estábulo funciona como um alçapão escondido no chão.
LOCAIS DA VILLA Qualquer personagem que procurar na área encontra o
As seguintes descrições de área são digitadas no mapa 1.5. alçapão com um teste bem-sucedido de CD 15 de Sabedoria
(Percepção). A pedra cobre um poço com paredes de tijolos e
uma escada de madeira que desce 15 pés até a área V27 da
masmorra. Se os Vanthampurs precisarem fugir da masmorra,
eles podem usar o alçapão para alcançar seus cavalos
Se os personagens baterem nas portas da frente, o mordomo,
Fendrick Gray (consulte "Servos", página 33), fará sua
caminho aqui da área VlO para cumprimentá-los. Ele os
introduz se forem esperados, mas os afasta do contrário.

Descreva esta área para os jogadores da seguinte maneira:

Além da entrada principal, esta sala tem duas saídas. Uma

prateleira de piaster forrada com vasos ornamentados circunda
a sala a uma altura de nove pés. Espalhado pelo chão de laje, há
um tapete de dez pés de largura e quinze de comprimento, de
design requintado, representando uma coroação real. Duas
tapeçarias penduradas nas paredes mostram um dragão
sobrevoando um navio e peregrinos em camelos,

Quatro diabinhos invisíveis são exibidos entre os vasos no alto

da prateleira, uma em cada canto. Os diabéticos mergulham até
atacar qualquer um que eles percebem como intrusos, incluindo
personagens que têm Mortlock ou Amrik como prisioneiro.
Tesouro. Os vasos, o tapete e as fitas são objetos de arte
valiosos, embora não corram bem juntos. Cada um dos dezesseis
vasos pesa 2 libras e vale 25 po. O tapete pesa 50 libras e vale 250
po. Cada uma das duas fitas pesadas pesa 5 libras e vale 75 po.

Este quarto não decorado contém quatro camas de solteiro e
uma mesa de jantar para os empregados da mansão. Os criados
guardam uniformes de reposição e outros pertences pessoais
em gavetas debaixo de suas camas. Nada de valor é mantido
Medium humanoid (human), lawful evi/
Armor Class 9
Aromas agradáveis enchem esta área ao longo do dia,
Hit Points 5 (2d8 -4) cozinhe Gabourey D'Vaelan (consulte "Servos", página 33)
Speed 30 ft. prepara refeições para os Vanthampurs e seus funcionários.
Gabourey não gosta de outras pessoas na cozinha enquanto
7 (-2) 8 (-1) 6 (-2) 15 (+2) 17 (+3) 12 (+l) Panelas, frigideiras e utensílios de cozinha ficam sobre três
mesas de madeira no meio da sala, e as prateleiras são forradas
Skills Deception +3, lnsight +5, Perception +5, Religion +4 com tigelas, travessas, berbs, especiarias e produtos secos. Um
Senses passive Perception 15 haltere com um sistema de corda e polia operado manualmente
Languages Common, Elvish, Infernal
permite que as refeições sejam entregue no quarto de Duke
Challenge 1/8 (25 XP)
Vanthampur (área V17). Um pequeno sino perto do elevador toca
sempre que o duque quer que a comida lhe seja enviada.
Devoção Sombria. Thurswell tem vantagem em testes de Slobberchops o tressy (na página 241 para seu status bloco)
resistência contra ficar encantado ou assustado. ronda a cozinha, matando ratos e comendo o que Gabourey deixa
Spel/casting. Thurswell é um conjurador de segundo nível. Sua cair no chão. Slobberchops não tem lealdade à família
habilidade de lançar feitiços é a Sabedoria (CD 13). Ele tem os Vanthampur e detesta Thurstwell e seus espiões. O tressym faz
seguintes feitiços de clérigo preparados: amizade com qualquer personagem que o alimente, seguindo esse
personagem pela casa e usando o seu recurso Detect Invisibility
Cantrips (à vontade): orientação, sacredjlame (consulte "Ações" para alertar sobre diabinhos invisíveis nas proximidades.
abaixo), taumaturgia
l 1º nível (3 vagas): comando, detecte o mal e o bem, santuário V6 DESPENSA
Comida e bebida são armazenadas nas prateleiras nesta sala
ACTIONS enferrujada.
Chama Sagrada (Cantrip). O brilho flamejante desce sobre uma
criatura que Thurstwell pode ver a 60 pés dele. O alvo deve ter V7 ESCADAS PARA BAIXO
sucesso em um teste de resistência à Destreza CD 13 ou sofrer 4 Esta sala contém um barrei de água doce e uma escada de
(ld8) de dano radiante, sem obter benefício da cobertura. paredes de tijolos que desce 15 pés até a área V20.


Enquanto entretém os visitantes nesta sala, o duque gosta Lanternas estão penduradas nas vigas deste bali. Escada do
de sentar em uma austera cadeira de encosto alto, de frente dedo do pé ao norte desce 15 pés para a área VIO.
para um par de sofás acolchoados e uma mesa de café. Um
Cinco legítimos guardas humanos maus vigiam aqui - um
comparador oculto no braço esquerdo da cadeira do duque
por cada porta. Eles atacam qualquer pessoa que não esteja
contém uma adaga prateada. Um personagem que examina a
acompanhada por um membro da família Vanthampur. Se
cadeira pode localizar o compartimento oculto com um teste
eles ouvem problemas em outro lugar, os guardas não podem
bem-sucedido de CD 12 Sabedoria (Percepção).
se surpreender, mas ficam parados, a menos que sejam
Cortinas finas cobrem as janelas para difundir a luz natural,
ordenados a se mudar por um membro da família. O combate
e as paredes são forradas com pinturas emolduradas do
aqui alerta Thurstwell Vanthampur na área V13.
duque, seus três maridos mortos, seus três filhos e o gato
alado da família, Slobberchops. Vl2. SACADA
Tesouro. Uma tapeçaria pendurada na parede norte mostra Uma muralha de pedra com ameias encerra esta varanda com
anjos em chamas caindo do céu em uma fogueira. A tapeçaria vista para o jardim da frente. É uma queda de 15 pés da
pesa 5 libras e vale 150 PO. varanda até o chão.
Thalamra Vanthampur e seus filhos se reúnem aqui uma vez Cortinas monótonas cobrem as janelas deste quarto simples,
por dia para um jantar em família sempre tenso. Leia o que contém uma cama, um baú de ferro com cadeado, uma
seguinte quando os caracteres puderem ver esta área: banheira de ferro com garras e uma lareira. No meio da sala está
Thurstwell Vanthampur (veja o bloco de estatísticas que o
acompanha), um homem frágil e odioso de quarenta e dois anos,
Um lustre de ferro está pendurado sobre uma mesa de jantar de segurando uma caixa de quebra-cabeça infernal (veja "Tesouro"
carvalho preto, cercada por oito cadeiras de encosto alto abaixo). Se alertado por intrusos, Thurstwell trancou a caixa do
esculpidas para parecer demônios. Uma lareira domina uma quebra-cabeça no baú de ferro e enfiou a chave no bolso do
parede, ladeada por janelas com cortinas vermelhas. Um bonito roupão.
Thurstwell comanda severa espiões diabólicos que entram e
armário de vinho com porta de vidro fica contra uma parede.
saem de seu quarto pela chaminé, mas apenas uma dessas
criaturas está presente quando os personagens chegam. Esse
Empoleirados no candelabro, há três diabretes invisíveis diabrete é invisível, espreita na lareira e ataca quem ameaça
que se comportam como os dias na área V3. Um mecanismo Thurstwell.
de corda e polia permite que o chaodier seja abaixado e Thurstwell cumprimenta os intrusos da maneira mais incivil -
elevado. A corda está amarrada em torno de um gancho lançando uma chama sagrada à mais próxima. No turno sarne,
montado na parede leste, perto do armário do vinho. ele lança santuário em si mesmo como uma ação bônus e usa seu
movimento para se esconder atrás da cama enquanto o diabrete
Tesouro. O gabinete contém um conjunto de oito cálices de o defende. Se feito prisioneiro, ele lamenta o fracasso de seus
cristal vermelho (25 po cada) e dezesseis garrafas de vinho. guardas em protegê-lo e aguarda seu tempo, esperando que seus
Quinze das garrafas contêm vinho fino (10 po cada). A última captores entrem em suas cabeças e lhe dê uma chance de escapar.
garrafa está cheia de lágrimas da meia-noite, um veneno Se interrogado, ele oferece as seguintes informações em troca de
insípido (veja "Venenos" no capítulo 8 do Cuide do Dungeon sua libertação:
Master). Esta garrafa contaminada é reservada aos hóspedes • Sua mãe, o duque, está na masmorra abaixo da vila com
que o duque pretende eliminar. Thavius Kreeg. Ela e o ex-superintendente de Elturel estão
conspirando para assumir o controle do Portão de Baldur.
V10. galeria
• Ele e seus irmãos roubaram recentemente o Escudo do
Cortinas pretas são desenhadas sobre as janelas ao sul, Senhor Oculto de uma cripta embaixo da cidade. Um poderoso
mantendo esse salão escuro e fresco. A menos que ocupado de diabo Gargauth chamado está preso no escudo, e prometeu
outra maneira, Fendrick Gray, o venerável mordomo, passeia ajudar os Vanthampurs a conquistar o Portão de Baldur se
pelo salão com uma lanterna enquanto a empregada, Ambra liberado. Thavius Kreeg está confiante de que ele pode conceber
Fallwater, espana uma maneira de libertar Gargauth do escudo.
(consulte "Servos", página 33). Uma escada de madeira no • Thavius chegou à cidade alguns dias atrás com a caixa de
extremo norte do salão sobe 15 pés para a área Vll. quebra-cabeças. O duque insistiu que Thavius deixasse a família
Esta galeria contém uma coleção eclética de tapeçarias, proteger o item enquanto ele estudava o escudo.
pinturas e bustos de alabastro em pedestais destinados a
impressionar os hóspedes. O duque comprou as peças Tesouro. A caixa de quebra-cabeça infernal é um novo item
pensando que eram objetos de arte valiosos, mas todos são mágico descrito na página 224. Cada caixa de quebra-cabeça é
imitações adquiridas de fontes duvidosas. A coleção montada única em seu design. Esta caixa em particular pertence a Thavius
ao acaso é uma prova do mau gosto. Kreeg e foi confiada a Duke Vanthampur para guarda. Curioso
Estátua de cera. Uma estátua de cera de 1,80m de altura para saber o que há dentro da caixa, o duque entregou a
mostra um duque Thalamra Vanthampur segurando o Thurstwell - supostamente o filho mais inteligente - para ver se
animal de estimação da família, Slobberchops, nos braços. O ele poderia abri-la, mas ele não teve sorte até agora. Thurstwell
tressimo tem um rato de cera na boca. Os visitantes que pode ser ameaçado a abrir mão da caixa, ou pode ser facilmente
entram na galeria a partir do vestíbulo (área V3) costumam retirado dele. No entanto, abrir a caixa está além da capacidade
se surpreender com a estátua, devido à sua localização logo de qualquer um dos personagens.
ao lado da porta e à sua aparência realista.
O Falaster Fisk, um espião preso na masmorra (área V29), Thalamra Vanthampur leva a chave do cadeado (veja a área
pode aconselhar os personagens que levar a caixa para V28), que pode ser escolhida por um personagem com as
Candlekeep é sua melhor aposta para aprender o que ela contém ferramentas de ladrões que obtém sucesso no teste de
no Jearning (consulte a página 45). Destreza CD 17.
A caixa mostra uma cópia do contrato que Thavius a​ ssinou Tesouro. O peito pesa 65 libras e está preso (consulte "Armadilha"
com Zariel para condenar a cidade de Elturel. abaixo). Ele contém três tios livros de capa preta com entradas escritas
O cadeado no baú pode ser escolhido por um personagem em Infernal (registros das transações comerciais legítimas da Duke
com as ferramentas de ladrões que obtiverem sucesso em um Vanthampur), um conjunto de suprimentos de calígrafo (15 PO), um kit
de envenenador (50 PO), uma bolsa de moedas feita da bexiga de uma
teste de Destreza CD 15. O baú pesa 50 libras e contém um ovelha (contendo 22 pp, 85 PO e 113 SP) e canos dos esgotos.
amontoado de roupas amassadas, velas de cera vermelha, penas, Armadilha. O peito tem um fundo falso, subjacente a molas
folhas em branco de pergaminho e potes de tinta. Ele também de metal. O peso combinado dos itens no baú mantém o fundo
possui um cofre de madeira destrancado contendo 73 po, 120 sp falso, mas se três ou mais itens forem removidos, o fundo falso
e uma poção de cura, bem como um tomo coberto de preto se eleva e puxa a cortiça de um copo fino via! escondido
intitulado Apocalypto - uma propensão poética de um autor embaixo dele. O destravado libera uma nuvem de gás venenoso
desconhecido que vislumbra o fim do multiverso (vale 50 po). que preenche uma esfera de 10 pés de raio centralizada no peito.
Vl4. QUARTO DO MORTLOCK A nuvem está estacionária e dura 1 minuto ou até disperso por
Este quarto escuro contém uma cama, um baú de madeira com um vento forte. Qualquer criatura que começar seu turno na
pés com garras e uma mesa de cabeceira. O peito pesa 25 nuvem deve ter sucesso em um teste de resistência à
libras e contém algumas roupas monótonas feitas para um Constituição CD 13 ou receber 11 (2d10) de veneno de veneno.
homem do tamanho de Mortlock, alguns objetos pessoais
inúteis e um boneco de pelúcia da infância de Mortlock. Vl8. ESTUDO DE DUKE
Vl5. QUARTO DE AMRIK Uma escrivaninha de carvalho inclinada para enfrentar o
Este quarto decorado com bom gosto contém uma cama, um enigma da Roorn tem uma cadeira combinando atrás dela e
lado mesa, uma banheira de ferro com garras, uma lareira e uma duas pretas castiçais em cima. Outros móveis incluem três
baú de madeira com faixas de ferro. Um metro e meio de largura, estantes de livros e um terno independente de armadura de
seis pés espelho alto é montado na parede leste em frente à chapa preta, encimado por um balde helrn e equipado com
lareira. A moldura de madeira envernizada do espelho é uma longa espada e um escudo. Uma escada em espiral de
esculpida com imagens de ratos, corvos e aranhas. ferro forjado leva até a área V19.
Tesouro. O peito de Amrik contém cuidadosamente dobrado A armadura é um horror de capacete que foi criado em
e vestuário sob medida para um nobre esbelto e uma caixa de Avernus. A construção entende Infernal, mas não pode falar, e
jóias esculpida em osso (10 PO). Esta pequena caixa contém um é imune aos seguintes feitiços: raio de pneu, liame sagrado e
anel de sinete de ouro (5 PO) com o lema Vanthampur: alcance chocante. As únicas criaturas permitidas nessa área são
"Corações de pedra nunca sangram". Duke Vanthampur e seus filhos. Se qualquer outra criatura
entrar na sala sem escolta, uma luz laranja ardente preenche os
Vl6. QUARTO DE PÓ DE DUKE interior oco enquanto ataca. O horror dirigido persegue
Esta sala contém uma penteadeira coberta com um espelho oval intrusos além da sala, retornando aqui somente depois que os
emoldurado, frascos de perfume, pincéis, cosméticos, agulhas e invasores deixam a vila ou são cortados em pedaços.
carretéis de linha. Móveis Otber no quarto Estantes. Duke Vanthampur abomina a leitura, mas mantém
incluem uma divisória dobrável de madeira adornada com uma uma modesta biblioteca de boa literatura por causa das
ave de rapina processada em folha de ouro, um alto guarda-roupa aparências. Seu estudo contém duzentos livros. Um
preto cheio de espartilhos e roupas finas e um tapete decorativo personagem que passa 1 hora vasculhando a coleção pode
de ouro disposto em frente a três baús de madeira destrancados. encontrar vinte edições raras (25 po cada). Os livros restantes
Um baú está cheio de sapatos, outro contém três vestidos de valem 5 po cada para compradores interessados, exceto um
noiva e o terceiro contém chapéus sazonais. livro inútil intitulado Última Carga dos Cavaleiros do Inferno.
Treasure. A vaidade contém seis garrafas de multa por (20 gp Uma cavidade cortada em suas páginas segura um pequeno
cada), uma escova de cabelo prateada com lapis Lazuli (100 anel de ferro com duas chaves penduradas. Essas chaves são
PO) e uma caixa de jóias de madeira com filigrana de eletro (75 desbloqueadas as gaiolas na área V19.
PO) segurando um colar de pérolas (250 PO), uma camafeu de
platina em forma de gato alado (50 PO) e duas poções de cura Vl9. Pico da torre
em viaIs de cristal fino. Se os personagens subirem a escada em espiral de ferro forjado da
área V18, descreva esta sala da seguinte maneira:
Duke Vanthampur se aposenta para esta câmara quando ela
precisa descansar ou se livrar de amolações. Ela também leva
a maioria de suas refeições aqui. A comida é entregue através
de um elevador no canto sudoeste (consulte a área V5 para
obter detalhes), que possui um cordão que toca uma campainha A escada em espiral sobe quinze pés até uma sala quadrada
na cozinha. Outras características do quarto incluem uma cama com vigas cruzadas três metros acima e um telhado pontudo
de dossel com uma capa de proteção para manter os insetos acima disso. Uma estante de livros vazia domina a parede
afastados, uma área de privacidade de madeira independente: oeste e duas gaiolas com cadeados imundos estão no chão.
uma banheira de ferro fundido com pés com garras, uma lareira Cada gaiola mantém um prisioneiro humano e um penico.
e um baú de ferro com cadeado. O cadeado é moldado na
forma do rosto carrancudo de um diabo com chifres.
- End�

1 square = 5 feet

MAP 1.6: UNOER THE V1u11

As teclas para abrir os cadeados das gaiolas podem ser
encontradas na área V18. Um personagem com ferramentas
de ladrão também pode trancar com um teste de Destreza
CD 15 bem-sucedido. Não é possível abrir as fechaduras de
dentro das gaiolas. Como ministra responsável pelo sistema de esgotos da
No cimo das gaiolas estão dois diabinhos invisíveis. Quando cidade, Thalamra Vanthampur isolou os esgotos sob sua vila,
ninguém mais está por perto, os diabinhos atormentam os criando um complexo de masmorras privado onde ela podia
prisioneiros com ameaças e insultos ociosos, e os presos realizar cerimônias religiosas e abrigar convidados que
sabem que não devem falar ou gritar para que os diabos não compartilhassem sua devoção ao arcanjo Zariel.
os machuquem. Os diabinhos evitam o combate com
intrusos bem armados. Se alguém tentar libertar um
prisioneiro, o diabrete invisível mais próximo desliza através A masmorra é notavelmente limpa e mantida em excelentes
das grades da gaiola e pica o prisioneiro até a morte, condições. Suas características comuns são resumidas aqui.
tornando-se visível ao fazê-lo. No próximo tum, o diabrete Túneis acesos. Os túneis têm 9 pés de altura e têm curvas
fica invisível e se refugia acima das vigas. tetos. Lanternas a óleo equipadas com grossas vidraças de
vidro colorido verde penduram em intervalos regulares em
Prisoners. O prisioneiro na gaiola do norte é Sbaleen Zoraz correntes de ferro com um pé de comprimento. Cada
(plebeia humana neutra), uma supervisora de manutenção lanterna lança luz fraca em um raio de 10 pés.
de esgotos que estava apoiando um esforço para estender o Portas de ferro. As portas são feitas de chapas de ferro
sistema de esgotos da Cidade Baixa para o espaço subterrâneo rebitadas, comalças de ferro e dobradiças bem oleadas.
ocupado pela Masmorra dos Três Mortos (veja a página 20). Algumas portas têm trancas ou janelas gradeadas, como
Duke Vanthampur planeja manter Shaleen por alguns dias observado no texto. Um personagem pode usar as
antes de deixá-la ir. Os diabinhos aterrorizaram tanto Shaleen ferramentas dos ladrões para abrir a fechadura de uma
que, se libertada, ela pretende abandonar seus planos de porta com um teste de Destreza CD 15 bem-sucedido ou
expansão e nunca dizer uma palavra cruel sobre os forçar a abrir uma porta trancada com um teste de Força
Vanthampurs pelo resto de sua vida. CD 24 (Atletismo) bem-sucedido.

O prisioneiro na gaiola do sul é Kaejil Orunmar (plebeu Superfícies e portas secretas. A masmorra tem tijolo
humano neutro e maligno), um cobrador de impostos que está paredes e pisos de pedra. Os quartos possuem tetos de gesso
dando dificuldades aos Vantharopurs. Quando Duke de 10 pés de altura. As portas secretas se misturam às
Vanthampur está convencido de que ninguém importante paredes ao redor, mas um personagem com visão sombria
sentirá sua falta, ela planeja matar Kaejil e alimentar seus restos ou luz suficiente pode encontrar uma porta secreta com um
mortais aos ratos nos esgotos da cidade. Se libertado, Kaejil teste bem-sucedido de sabedoria (percepção) CD 10.
planeja deixar o Portão de Baldur e nunca mais voltar.
Cheiro de incenso. Pares de cultistas humanos vestidos de preto
marcham pelos corredores com incensários, constantemente
perfumando os esgotos com incenso para combater o que de outra
forma seria um fedor levemente nauseante.
Antes que os personagens desçam na masmorra, permita que
eles avancem para o 4º nível. A seguir, são apresentadas
descrições para o mapa 1.6 (página 37).
Os personagens podem entrar neste porão descendo as escadas da
área V7 ou podem entrar pela porta leste. Leia o texto em caixa a
seguir para estabelecer o que eles vêem em qualquer direção:

Quatro pilares de pedra apoiam o teto abobadado de três

metros de altura desta adega seca, cujas paredes são
revestidas por uma dúzia de barras em suspensões de
madeira. Metade dos barreis tem torneiras de latão. A sala
também contém duas pilhas de caixas de madeira - uma no
meio da sala e outra na parede sul.

DUKE THALAMRA VANTHAMPUR O engradado mais alto no meio da sala contém três demônios com
Medium humanoid (human), /awful evil espinhos que espionam essa área através de buracos nas laterais do
engradado. Esses demônios irromperam e atacaram iotruders à vista.
Armor Class l O Os outros caixotes no meio da adega contêm carne seca, pães, rodelas
Hit Points 78 (12d8 + 24) de queijo e outros alimentos variados - o suficiente para sustentar os
Speed 30 ft.
Vanthampurs e os cultistas na masmorra por um tempo. As caixas na
DEX CON INT WIS CHA parede sul contêm velas, oi! frascos, incenso e armadilhas para ratos.
17 (+3) 10 (+O) 15 (+2) 13 (+1) 16 (+3) 18 (+4) Seis dos barreis contêm água potável e seis contêm cerveja.

Skills Deception +6, lnsight +5, lntimídation +6, Religíon +3 V21. ADEGA
Senses passive Perception 13; see also "Devil 's Sight" below Mais de duzentas garrafas de vinho arrolhadas são exibidas em
Languages Common, Infernal prateleiras de madeira de dois metros e meio de altura que se estendem
Challenge 4 (1,100 XP) pelas paredes oeste e sul. Caixas de madeira vazias são empilhadas no
meio da sala.
Devoção Sombria. Thalamra tem vantagem em poupar Tesouro. Dezessete das garrafas contêm vinho fino (10 po por garrafa).
jogadas contra ficar encantado ou assustado. Os restantes vinhos em exibição são safras comuns (1 sp por garrafa).

Vista do Diabo. Thalamra pode ver normalmente na escuridão, V22. MAIS CANAIS
mágica e não-mágica, a uma distância de 120 pés. Os habitantes da masmorra fazem uso frequente desses túneis
iluminados. O cheiro espesso de incenso paira no ar (consulte
ACTIONS "Recursos das masmorras" acima).
Multiatack. Thalamra usa o eldritch blast duas vezes ou faz dois Trincheiras de pedra lisa cortadas nos pisos canalizam a água e
ataques desarmados. desperdiçam em direção à área V30. Essas trincheiras têm 4 pés de
Eldritch 8 /cast (Cantrip). Intervalo de Intervalo Espacial / 1: +6 para largura e 3 pés de profundidade, com pontes em pedra que se
atingir, alcance 120 pés, uma criatura. Acerto: 9 (ldlO + 4) de dano de estendem por intervalos irregulares. A borda de cada lado de uma
força. vala tem 3 pés de largura.
Ataque desarmado. Ataque por arma corpo a corpo: +5 para atingir, Monstros errantes. Ratos comuns ocasionalmente entram na
alcance 5 pés, um alvo. Acerto: 4 de dano por espancamento. masmorra através dos canos abertos nas paredes. Os cultistas criam
armadilhas para capturar e matar esses ratos enquanto perfumam a
masmorra com incenso. À medida que os personagens percorrem
Repreensão infernal (Spell do 1º nível; 2 / dia). Quando Thalamra é os túneis, eles podem encontrar esses cultistas.
danificada por uma criatura a até 60 pés dela que ela pode ver, a
criatura que a danificou é envolvida por chamas infernais e deve fazer
um teste de resistência à Destreza CD 14, causando 16 (3dl0) de dano
de fogo em uma falha em falha, ou metade do dano em um bem


Um encontro típico consiste em dois cultistas humanos ouça os cânticos e entenda que a linguagem pode discernir
legais e maus, vestidos com túnicas pretas, cada um carregando elogios ao arqui-demônio Zariel por seu incansável esforço
um incensário e usando uma fina máscara dourada em forma para vencer a Guerra do Sangue.
de rosto de diabo (e valendo 25 PO a um comprador Quando os caracteres entrarem na sala, defina a cena
interessado). Os censores contêm incenso ardente. Uma lendo em voz alta o seguinte texto em caixa:
máscara do diabo cobre todo o rosto do usuário, exceto os
olhos, narinas e boca. Não existem duas máscaras exatamente
iguais. Duas fileiras de castiçais altos de ferro forjado acendem esta
Se esse encontro ocorrer em um túnel que tem uma vala de câmara abobadada, cada uma com nove velas tremeluzentes.
esgoto no meio, os dois cultistas estão andando em lados A estátua de um anjo de um metro e oitenta de altura, com
opostos da vala, movendo-se na direção sarne enquanto olhos brancos brilhantes e uma espada longa está no topo de
balançam suavemente seus incensários. Você pode dificultar um estrado ao sul. Um demônio de um metro e oitenta de
o encontro substituindo os cultistas por fanáticos do culto ou
altura, cheio de espinhos, fica a oeste da estátua, olhando para
adicionando um ou mais diabinhos invisíveis como
acompanhantes. quatro cultistas de túnica preta que se ajoelham e cantam no
Se qualquer cultista errante for derrotado, reduza o número meio da sala, com o rosto escondido atrás das máscaras
de cultistas encontrados na área V33 de acordo. Se os douradas do diabo. Nove tapeçarias representando as
personagens não fazem nenhum esforço para esconder os camadas dos Nove Infernos adornam as paredes.
corpos dos cultistas que derrotam, alguém tropeça neles e avisa
o diabo farpado na área V26. Supondo que ainda não tenha O demônio espinhoso é um diabo farpado chamado Odious.
sido derrotado, o diabo vasculha a masmorra em busca de Enviado por Zariel para servir o duque Vanthampur, o deviJ
invasores, uma vez notificados de sua presença. responde apenas aos dois. As figuras cantadas são quatro
cultistas humanos maus e legais, vestindo vestes negras e devi
V23. ARMAZENAMENTO COLO dourado! máscaras semelhantes àquelas dos cultistas na área
Os Vantbampurs armazenam carcaças de animais e outras V22. O diabo e os cultistas atacam os intrusos à vista, mas
carnes frescas nesta sala. Pendurados no meio da sala, no teto podem ser enganados por personagens usando disfarces
de três metros de altura, há seis correntes de três metros de (consulte a barra lateral "Personagens disfarçados").
comprimento, cada uma terminada em um gancho. As carcaças Estátua. A estátua representa Zariel em sua forma angelical.
de javali esfoladas penduram em quatro dos ganchos, enquanto É um objeto grande com CA 17, 33 pontos de vida e
os dois restantes estão nus. imunidade a fogo, veneno e dano psíquico. Derrubar a estátua
V24. SALA DE JANTAR com um teste bem-sucedido de Força CD 20 (Atletismo) faz
Os cultistas jantam aqui, embora nenhum esteja presente com que ela se quebre no chão.
quando os personagens chegarem pela primeira vez. Duas Tesouro. A cabeça e o pescoço da estátua são ocos. Alojada
mesas de cavalete de madeira com bancos estão no meio da nesta cavidade está uma maça +1 que pode ser removida
sala, iluminada por seis castiçais altos de ferro forjado, somente se a estátua for destruída. A cabeça da maça lança luz
espaçados ao longo das paredes. Cada castiçal tem um metro e brilhante em um raio de 5 pés e luz fraca por mais 5 pés. O
oitenta de altura e nove velas acesas no topo. portador da maça pode extinguir ou acender sua luz como
uma ação. (Essa luz é o que faz os olhos da estátua brilharem.)
Os cultistas preparam suas refeições aqui, embora nenhum V27. ESCAPE DO TÚNEL
cultista esteja presente quando os personagens chegarem pela Escondido atrás de uma porta secreta, este túnel tem uma
primeira vez. A cozinha é desconfortavelmente quente e escada de madeira na extremidade norte. A escada sobe um
contém um par de fogões de ferro fundido com pilhas de poço de 15 pés de altura até um alçapão que se abre para a área
madeira ao lado. Outros móveis incluem uma mesa de V2.
cavalete de madeira onde a comida é preparada, além de V28. SANTUÁRIO SECRETO
prateleiras forradas com pratos, canecas, panelas, utensílios e Esta sala está escondida atrás de portas secretas (consulte
potes de ingredientes e especiarias. "Recursos do Dungeon", página 37). O ruído de raspagem que
V26. TEMPLO DE ZARIEL qualquer porta faz quando é aberto é alto o suficiente para
A porta dupla de ferro que leva a esta sala tem runas alertar o ocupante da sala. Leia o seguinte quando os caracteres
infernais esculpidas em sua moldura em arco. Um digitarem:
personagem que entende Infernal pode traduzir essas runas
da seguinte maneira: "Aquilo que os falis podem ressuscitar". Esta sala é iluminada por um par de castiçais altos de ferro
Um personagem que ouve na porta dupla ou em uma das forjado nos cantos nordeste e sudeste. Nove velas acendem em
portas secretas que levam a essa sala ouve meia dúzia de
cima de cada uma, lançando luz bruxuleante sobre um altar
vozes humanóides cantando em Infernal. Personagens que
com pés de garras esculpido em um único bloco de obsidiana, e
PERSONAGENS DESGASTADOS que tem uma pequena chama em forma de anjo saindo do topo.
Os personagens podem se disfarçar usando máscaras e roupas Uma mulher de cabelos grisalhos se ajoelha diante do altar.
tiradas de cultistas derrotados. Embora disfarçados dessa
maneira, os personagens têm vantagem nos testes de Carisma
(Deception) feitos para enganar demônios e membros do culto O duque Thalamra Vanthampur (veja o bloco de estatísticas
na masmorra sob Vanthampur Villa. que o acompanha) se ajoelha diante do altar. Ela veste bem


roupas adequadas para um nobre de sua estatura e não atrás, Falaster não demorou muito tempo para ouvir
carregam armas. No entanto, ela possui poderes mágicos rumores de que os Vanthampurs o estavam protegendo.
concedidos a ela por Zariel, seu patrono infernal. Qualquer Falaster tentou descobrir o porquê e foi pego. Ele pode
invasão é recebida com hostilidade, e o duque não é fornecer a seus socorristas as seguintes informações úteis:
melindroso por esmagar inimigos com as próprias mãos, se ela "Sylvira Savikas é uma sábia que opera com Candlekeep. Uma boa
se encontrar no meio do tumulto. Não esqueça a reação da amiga minha! Ela está monitorando a atividade do diabo em Baldur's
Hellish Repreensão, que ela pode usar duas vezes por dia (mas Gate e Elturel há meses." "Sylvira está convencida de que Thavius
apenas uma vez antes do próximo turno). Kreeg fez uma pechincha com um diabo-morto e que uma cópia do
Se ela é reduzida a menos da metade dos seus pontos de contrato que ele assinou está escondida dentro de uma caixa mágica.
vida, Thalamra tenta escapar pela porta secreta mais próxima Ela me pediu para ajudá-la a obter provas dos crimes de Kreeg."
que não está bloqueada. Ela se move para a área V36 ou tenta • "Sylvira não é amiga de Thavius Kreeg. Ela acha que pode abrir sua
ver através da área V27. Orgulhoso de uma falha, ela antes, caixa de quebra-cabeças e está disposta a pagar por ela - em itens de
morra do que se render ou ser aprisionado - e ela observa ouro ou mágicos".
alegremente a morte de qualquer um de seus filhos antes de • Se lançado, Falaster ajuda os personagens da melhor maneira
consentir em exigir resgates. Quando a morte finalmente a possível.
leva, as palavras agonizantes de Thalamra para seus assassinos
são: "Até mais!" Thalamra guarda duas chaves no bolso do
pode ficar fora de perigo. Esperando que ele pudesse ser pego,
ele obteve e memorizou uma planta baixa da masmorra sob
Uma chave abre o baú em seu quarto (área V17); a outra
Vanthampur Villa. Assim, ele pode levar seus socorristas a
chave destranca a porta do cofre (área V36).
salas secretas (áreas V28 e V34) e ao cofre dos Vanthampurs
Altar de Obsidiana. O altar preto pesa 200 quilos e tem
(área V36).
pequenas runas infernais esculpidas em um anel ao redor da
Satiir Thione-Hhune. O segundo prisioneiro é uma mulher
chama de nove polegadas de altura em forma de anjo que
humana aristocrática em forma de setenta anos chamada
irrompe de seu topo. Esta figura tem apenas uma vaga
Lady Satiir Thione-Hhune. Nascido na rica e poderosa
semelhança com Zariel. Desfigurar qualquer runa do altar
família patriarca de Hhune, Satiir é um nobre maligno e
apaga a chama e faz com que o altar se quebre em dois.
neutro, sem armas ou armaduras (CA 11). Ela foi sequestrada
V29 PRISÃO pelos Vanthampurs para ser usada como alavanca no caso de
Leia o seguinte texto em caixa quando os caracteres abrirem a os Hhunes descobrirem quem roubou o Escudo do Senhor
porta desta sala: Oculto da cripta de sua família.
Desconhecido para os Vanthampurs, Satiir é membro de
uma ordem maligna secreta cujos membros se autodenominam
Uma figura de ombros largos, com pele púrpura e uma Cavaleiros do Escudo e que são os guardiões auto-designados
barba com tentáculos de serpente se contorcendo, fica no do Escudo do Senhor Oculto. Satiir não fala do escudo. Em vez
meio de uma sala forrada por portas de ferro, apertando disso, ela diz a seus socorristas que os Vanthampurs estavam
planejando usá-la para impedir que os Hhunes se opusessem à
ainda mais a glaive enquanto olha para você através da
tentativa do duque Vanthampur de se tornar o novo grão-
escuridão. Cada porta está posta com uma pequena janela duque. Se Satiir tem permissão para escapar, ela informa sua
gradeada e um anel de chaves paira no cinto da criatura. família e associados que os Vanthampurs roubaram o campo,
destruindo a política do duque Vanthampur! futuro em Baldur
· s Gate. Os personagens podem encontrar mais amigos de
O guarda da prisão é um demônio barbudo chamado Thoss,
Satíir a caminho de Candlekeep (consulte "Cavaleiros do
que ataca qualquer um que perceba como intruso ou ameaça.
Escudo", página 44).
Personagens disfarçados de cultistas podem tentar enganar
Thoss para permitir que eles interroguem ou liberem pris V30. BARREIRA DE BARRAS DE FERRO
(consulte a barra lateral "Caracteres disfarçados" na página Esse túnel de esgoto desce gradualmente em direção ao sul,
39). As chaves penduradas no cinto do diabo são canalizando água e esgoto no sistema de esgotos da cidade. O
desbloqueadas as portas da cela. túnel é bloqueado por uma barreira de 10 pés quadrados
Duas das celas (sua escolha) contêm prisioneiros. As outras composta por barras de ferro verticais com intervalos de 15
quatro células estão vazias, embora os caracteres capturados cm entre elas - espaço suficiente para um rato passear, mas
possam acabar aqui (consulte a barra lateral "Personagens muito estreito para caracteres de tamanho normal se
presos"). Se você precisar apresentar um novo membro do espremerem. As barras são embutidas profundamente na
grupo para substituir um que morreu, esse personagem pode pedra do chão e do teto.
começar a aventura trancada em uma das células vazias. IMPRISIONADO (PERSONAGENS)
Falaster Fisk. O primeiro prisioneiro é um homem baixo, Se os personagens forem derrotados em Vanthampur Villa ou
magro e erudito, na casa dos cinquenta, chamado FaJaster na masmorra abaixo, você poderá fazer com que os bandidos
Fisk. Originalmente de Calimshan, Falaster é um espião estabilizem os membros do grupo que estão morrendo, tire
neutro, sem armas. Ele fala Comum e Infernal, usa um caftan seus equipamentos (que estão armazenados na área V28) e
até o tornozelo e tem cabelo escuro. A barba de cavanhaque trancá-los na prisão (área V29). Essa alternativa a um cenário
bem aparada está tingida de vermelho. de "total matança de grupo" oferece a Duke Thalamra
Falaster trabalha para Sylvira Savikas, uma especialista em lutas Vanthampur e seus cultistas a oportunidade de interrogar os
no Nine Hells atualmente baseado em Candlekeep. Quando personagens e descobrir o que eles sabem. Também estabelece
Thavius Kreeg chegou ao portão de Baldur alguns dias a possibilidade de uma fuga da prisão.


Um personagem pode dobrar as barras com sucesso CD 25 - V35. ThAVIUS KREEG'S QUARTERS
Teste de Força (Atletismo), criando uma lacuna ampla o Describe tbís room to the players as follows:
suficiente para um humanóide médio ou pequeno se espremer.

V31. SACRISTIA Wrought-iron candlesticks topped with flickering candles

Quatro roupeiros de madeira estão encostados nas paredes light this room, which is heated by a cast-iron stove with
nesta área. Os cultistas guardam suas vestes e máscaras nesses clawed feet. Across from the crackling stove is a modest
guarda-roupas antes de deixar a masmorra e retornar à cidade desk with a matching chair. Other furnishings include
acima. Os guarda-roupas ao longo da parede oeste estão vazios.
a small table and chair for dining, a bed, an iron chest
Os personagens que vasculham o guarda-roupa na parede sul
incluem quatro seis vestes negras e quatro máscaras douradas resting at the foot of the bed, and two tapestries: one
de diabo, usadas pelos cultistas encontrados em outras partes showing spirits rising as lemure devils from the River
do calabouço. Styx, and another depicting a dead man dangling like a
marionette from hooked chains.
A luz tlim de duas das lanternas de vidro verde dos cultistas
não chega aos fins deste corredor, criando poças de escuridão Treasure.Thavius keeps a holy symbol ofTorm (a silver
por lá. Dois fanáticos legais e cultos por seres humanos pendant shaped like a right-handed gauntlet on the end of a
guardam o túnel, um em cada extremidade. Personagens com sílver chaín) in the chest.The holy symbol is worth 25 gp. The
visão sombria ou suas próprias fontes de luz identificam os chest contaíns nothing else.
fanáticos. Caso contrário, os fanáticos surpreenderão os
personagens. O fanático de Bach usa uma túnica preta e um V36. VANT HAMPUR VAULT
fino devi dourado máscara semelhante àquelas usadas por The door to this room is locked (see "Dungeon Fea­
cultistas em outras áreas. tures," page 37), and Duke Vanthampur has the only key. The
Sons de combate aqui alertam os cultistas da área V33, que se door can be unlocked from the inside with­out the key.
machucam, mas ficam onde estão. When the characters open the door to the vault, read or
paraphrase the following boxed text to sei the scene:
This room is lit by two tall wrought-iron candlesticks each
topped with nine flickering candles. Around the room's
perimeter are ten wooden bunk beds, next to wbich are This room contains four wooden tables with two small
unlocked footlockers containing ordinary clothes belonging wooden coffers atop each one. Hanging on the wall op­
to the cultists. posite the door is a beautiful golden shield. Standing in
Ten cultists gather here, minus any cultists defeated in area front of the shield is an old man in plain garments, carry•
V22.These cult members are lawful evil hu­mans wearing
ing a lit candlestick. As he turns to face the door, you see
black robes and thin gold devi! masks. Some have dozed off,
while others are sitting on their beds, sharing rumors regarding that his shadow on the far wall doesn't match his form, but
Thavius Kreeg's hand in the fali of Elturel and Duke appears to be the shadow of a pudgy, horned fiend with
Vanthampur's plans for Baldur's Gate.These cultists show small wings.
intruders no quarter.
Sounds of combat bere alert the cult fanatics in area V32,
who investigate immediately. The man is Tbavius Kreeg (see his stat block on page 42), the
former high overseer of Elturel. Formerly
V34. RITUAL CHAMBER a priest ofTorm (god of courage and self-sacrifice), he lost his
This room is bidden behind secret doors (see "Dungeon spellcasting ability when he abandoned his faith and now only
Features," page 37), and its features are as follows: pretends to worship that deity. The shield hanging on the wall
behind him is the Shield ofthe Hid­ den Lord, which is depicted and
described in appendix C. Thavius has been speaking to
This ten-foot-high vaulted chamber has a plaster ceiling Gargauth, the fiend im­prisoned in the shield, and has
painted with images of terrifying winged devils looking concluded that the shield is responsible for much of the rampant
down on a symbol embedded in the room's floor: a circu• avarice and mal­ice in Baldur's Gate. Given time, Thavius thinks
lar disk of black stone inscribed with a nine-pointed gold he can use the shield to drag Baldur's Gate down into Avernus.
star. Four wrought-iron candlesticks bristling with unlit, Thavius craves power and the appreciation of his hellisb
masters. However, he abhors violence and avoids combat
half-melted red candles surround the circle.
whenever possible. He sheds crocodile tears for Elturel,
claiming that he was visiting a parish a few miles outside the city
The cultists use this chamber to perform diabolical rituais that when it disappeared, and express­ing horror in response to the
duplicate the effect of a divination speJI, except that the spell's city's fall. Neither story holds up under scrutiny.
contact is a devi! that manifests as a pi!Jar of smoke above the Thavius also líes about his relationship with Duke
symbol on the floor.The images on the ceiling are pit fiends, Vanthampur. He claims the duke's guards captured him shortly
recognizable by any cbaracter who succeeds on a DC 15 after his arrival in Baldur's Gate, and that the
lntelligence (Reli­gion) check.


duke needs his help to ascertain the magical properties Treasure. The eight coffers are unlocked and contain
of the celestial shield, which her family "acquired" from money belonging to the Vanthampur family, as well as
a crypt under the city. Despite being a practiced liar, treasure stolen from Tiamat's hoard on Avernus. Duke
Thavius has no lie to explain his diabolical shadow. Vanthampur plans to use this combined treasure to
If she's with the party, Reya Mantlemorn is awestruck bribe the city's patriars and government officials into
in the presence of the high overseer, and won't allow supporting her bid to become the new grand duke.
the characters to harm Thavius as long as she believes Coffer 1 contains 30 electrum ingots (10 gp each)
he's innocent of wrongdoing. His altered shadow is belonging to the Vanthampur family.
not damning enough evidence. Convincing Reya that Coffers 2, 3, and 4 each contain 100 gp belonging to
Thavius is corrupt can be accomplished by forcing a the Vanthampur family.
confession out of him with a successful DC 15 Cha- Coffer 5 contains two pieces of a broken ceremonial
risma (Intimidation) check, or by proving that he has dagger stolen from Tiamat's hoard: a curved ivory blade
Jost his spellcasting abilities. If the characters kill bearing Dracooic runes that spell out "Fang," along with
Thavius, they can encounter him again in chapter 3, a bone hilt wrapped in leather strips and studded with
after his soul is turned into a devil. gemstones. A mending cantrip can make the nonmagi-
Shield ofthe Hidden Lord. The devil Gargauth is cal dagger whole again, restoring its value (250 gp).
bound into the Shield of the Hidden Lord and wants to Coffers 6 and 7 each contain 100 pp belonging to the
escape from it. The fi end believes it can break out once Vanthampur family.
the shield is taken to the Nine Hells- and it needs the Coffer 8 contains twenty azurite gemstones (10 gp
characters' help to get there. each) stolen from Tiamat's hoard.
Gargauth senses the presence of the characters when
they enter the room and telepathically contacts one of FINAL ENCOUNTERS IN
them at random. Referring to itself as the Hidden Lord,
the devil claims to be a celestial being and vows to help BALDUR'S GATE
the characters rescue Elturel, provided they take the If the characters fail to locate Thavius Kreeg's infernal
shield with them into the Nine Hells. The Hidden Lord puzzle box (see area V13) or the Shield of the Hidden
also warns that a secret society is after the shield, and Lord (see area V36), an NPC such as Reya Mantlemorn
that it's only a matter of time before its evil members or Falaster Fisk recommends a more thorough search
find it. Gargauth claims that this secret society doesn't of the Vanthampur estate. As a Hellrider, Reya might
want the shield's powers to be used for good, which is be able to sense the presence of the celestial s hield
the truth. and urge the characters to retrieve it, lest it fall into evil
Duke Vanthampur and Thavius Kreeg have promised hands. Similarly, Falaster loathes to leave the puzzle
to help Gargauth break out of the shield, provided the box behind for someone else to snatch up.
fiend spreads corruption throughout the city by uniting If S lobberchops the tressym (see area VS) is with the
the patriars behind the duke-and, by extension, behind party, it can lead characters to the puzzle box. Captured
the archdevil Zariel. Only then can Baldur's Gate suffer villains can also lead characters to the puzzle box or the
the same fate as Elturel. However, Gargauth is happy to shield, as needed. Once these items are found, Falaster
take advantage of a more expedient means of returning strongly urges the characters to deliver them to Sylvira
to the Nine Hells if the characters offer it one. The Hid- Savikas at Candlekeep.
den Lord has no loyalty to anyone but itself. lf invited to join the characters on their journey co
Candlekeep, Reya and Falaster readily accept. Falaster
TuAVIUS KREEG has a modest dwelling in Little CaUmshan, a walled
Medium humanoid (human) , lawful evil neighborhood in the Outer City, and suggests making a
brief stop there so he can equip himself with weapons
Armor Class 10 before continuing the journey to Candlekeep.
Hit Points 40 (9d8)
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA Once the characters wipe out the Vanthampur family
12 (+l) 10 (+O) 11 (+O) 15 (+2) 18 (+4) 16 (+3) and its devil-worshiping cult, they can return to Captain
Zodge to deliver their report, surrender their Flaming
Skills Deception +S, Medicine +6, Persuasion +S, Religion +4 Fist badges, and receive any payment owed to them.
Senses passive Perception 14 Zodge is gratified to learn that the Vanthampurs are
Languages Abyssal, Common, Infernal no longer his concern. If the characters report that one
Challenge 1/2 (100 XP) or more family members are still alive, Zodge promises
to hunt them down and punish them for their crimes.
Shadow ofGuilt. Thavius's shadow is that of a pudgy, horned
devil with small wings. COMMANDER PORTYR
As the characters conclude their business with Captain
A CTIO NS Zodge, the meeting is interrupted by the arrival of a
Mace. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. higher-ranking member of the Flaming Fist. Read or
Hit: 4 (ld6 + 1) bludgeoning damage. paraphrase the following text to the players:


Your meeting with Captain Zodge is interrupted by
the arrival of several Flaming Fist soldiers clad in plate
armor. From behind this wall of swords and steel steps
an armored woman with a white cloak and graying hair.
"Are these the maniacs who've stirred up every nest of
rats in this gods-forsaken city?"
"Commander Portyr!" says Zodge. "I was told you
wouldn't be in Baldur's Gate for at least another tenday."
"That's what the city's government wanted you to
think, captain," she replies. Turning to you, she says, "I
trust you've been adequately compensated?"

Until recently, Liara Portyr (see her accompanying stat

block) commanded a Flaming Fist outpost called Fort
Beluarian on the distant tropical peninsula of Chult. Her
uncle is Duke Dillard Portyr of Baldur's Gate, one of
the city's two remaining government leaders (assuming
Duke Vanthampur did not survive). Duke Portyr sum-
moned his niece to take command of the Flaming Fist in
Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard's absence. Her trip home
was expedited by magic.
Liara aims to assert herself as Ulder Ravengard's nat-
ural successor but clings to the hope that he's still alive.
If the characters think they have any chance to rescue
Elturel- and Ravengard along with it- Liara strongly
urges them to pursue that quest. Her experiences in
Chu.It have taught her to respect adventurers and their
ability to get things done.
If the characters didn't find Falaster Fisk in the dun-
geon under Vanthampur Villa, Liara Portyr can be the LIARA PORTYR
one who urges them to travel to Candlekeep and seek Medium humanoid (human), lawful evil
out Sylvira Savikas, a renowned expert on the Nine
Armor Class 15 (studded leather, shield)
Hells. Sylvira can help them unlock the infernal puzzle
Hit Points 84 (13d8 + 26)
box and the mysteries of the Shield of the Hidden Lord. Speed 30 ft.
After making sure the characters receive their prom-
ised reward, Liara thanks them for doing their part to STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA
help Baldur's Gate. Although she must focus her efforts 16 (+3) 12 (+1) 15 (+2) 14 (+2) 14 (+2) 16 (+3)
on various threats to the city's security, she makes it
possible for the characters to leave Baldur's Gate when Saving Throws Con +4, Wis +4
they're ready, going as far as to secure a riding horse or Skills Athletics +S, Deception +5, Insight +4, Intimidation +5
pony for each party member to expedite their journey Senses passive Perception 12
Languages Common, Draconic, Dwarvish
to Candlekeep. She can also provide a mule-drawn cart
Challenge 4 (1,100 XP)
laden with food, drink, and other supplies.

j OURNEY TO CANDLEKEEP Brave. Liara has advantage on saving throws against being
When the characters are ready to leave for Candlekeep,
read the following boxed text to the players: Flaming Fury. Once per turn, when Liara hits a creature with a
melee weapon, she can cause fire to magically erupt from her
wea pon and deal an extra 10 (3d6) fire damage to t he target.
As the Basilisk Gate opens, Flaming Fist soldiers hold
back the tide of Elturgardian refugees. You cut a path A CTION S
through these wretched souls, whose wails intensify as Multiattack. Liara makes three melee attacks.
the Basilisk Gate closes behind you. The dirt road cuts Battleaxe. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one tar·
through the slums of the Outer City, past the walled get. Hit: 7 (l d8 + 3) slashing damage, or 8 (ldlO + 3) slashing
neighborhood of Little Calimshan, to the great span of damage when used with two hands.
Wyrm's Crossing. Heavy Crossbow. Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, range
100/400 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (ldlO + 1) piercing damage.


lfFalaster Fisk is with the party, he leads them to his veterans who speak Common and Infernal. Their
residence in Little Calimshan. rn addition to grabbing names are Falar and Zaroud al'Ryshal, and Nulra Black-
weapons, he also brings along an old book of Calishite saddle. When the cambion gives the order in Infernal,
recipes to trade for admittance into the great library of the veterans leap out of the hay and attack. Meanwhile,
Candlekeep (see "Entering Candlekeep," page 46). the cambion assumes his true form, flies up into the air,
and targets creatures with his Fire Ray attack. The two
WYRM'S CROSSING draft horses are ordinary beasts but don't spook easily.
The characters must cross this landmark to reach the Kaddrus and the veterans are members of a secret so-
Coast Way, which heads south to Candlekeep. Read the ciety known as the Knights of the Shield (see area V29,
following to describe the scene: page 40). Their goals are to kill the characters and
take the Shield ofthe Hidden Lord back to the Hhune
patriar family in BaJdur's Gate. If the veterans are killed
Two great bridges meet at a tall, rocky island that rises or incapacitated, Kaddrus flies back to Baldur's Gate to
from the middle of the Chionthar River. Buildings and report to his superiors. If the cambion escapes, the char-
merchant stalls line the sides of both bridges, making it acters might encounter him again in Candlekeep, in the
guise of a monk. The next time he encounters the party,
impossible to see the river from the narrow, congested
Kaddrus fights to the death to claim the shield.
roadway that cuts between those structures.
Wooden drawbridges connect the two bridges to a TALE OF THE HELLRIDERS
keep situated atop the island. The Aags of Baidu r's Gate If Reya Mantlemorn is with the characters, she shares
and the Flaming Fist wave proudly above this fortress. the following tale over a campfire at some point during
the characters' five-day journey to Candlekeep:
Wyrm's Crossing is a cutpurse's paradise, and every
traveler here runs the risk of being pickpocketed. As "It was over a century past that the great trou bles began.
the characters make their way from one end of Wyrm's Fiends roamed the lands to the north and west of Elturel.
Crossing to the other, have each player roll a d20. (Don't Fields were despoiled, livestock slaughtered, homes
roll for NPCs traveling with the party.) The character
razed, and people dragged off to a terrible and unknow-
or characters with the lowest roll are targeted by a pick-
pocket (use the bandit stat block). able fate. Terror gripped the hearts of all.
Use a character's passive Wisdom (Perception) score "The city's cavalry rode across the land, striking down
to determine whether a theft made against that charac- fiends wherever they found them and suffering fearful
ter is successful. If the character's score is 11 or higher, losses. But it was never enough. For every fiend they
the theft is detected and thwarted. Otherwise, the thief
destroyed, it seemed as though two more appeared else-
makes off with one item weighing 1 pound or less (such
as a coin pouch or potion) and disappears into the crowd where. The ruler of Elturel, the High Rider, asked his peo-
before the theft is noticed. If a character is robbed, ask ple to pray to the gods for aid. To everyone's astonish-
the player what small ite ms the character is carrying, ment, a mighty angel entered the city the next day. Her
then decide which of those items was stolen. name was Zariel, which means Companion of Light. The
prayers of El tu rel had been heard, and help had come.
"Zariel located the gate through which the fiends were
The following encounter occurs only if the characters entering the natu ral world, on the Fields of the Dead
have the Shield of the Hidden Lord. Otherwise, skip
west of the city. Zariel declared that she would lead the
ahead to th.e "Tale of the Hellriders" section. Read the
following to set the scene: cavalry into Avernus, destroying the infernal host that
was amassing the re, and striking a great blow against the
forces of darkness.
As Wyrm's Crossing and Baldur's Gate disappear from
"The High Rider sent out the riders of Elturel, now
view, you find yourselves heading down the Coast Way, a
numbering many thousands, with Zariel at their head,
dirt road that leads to such distant lands as Tethyr, Arnn,
riding a golden mastodon. With a great cry, Zariel and
and Calimshan. Candlekeep lies some one hundred and
her army charged through the gate. The legions of
fifty miles south and west- a five-day journey.
Avernus trembled and buckled, but did not crumble.
Coming up the road toward you is a human farmer
Zari el was defeated, and the remnants of her army re-
riding on the front of a hay-filled wagon pulled by two
turned to Elturel, overcome with grief at the loss of their
draft horses. The fa rmer gives you a friendly wave as the
glorious general but confident that the lords of the Nine
wagon draws near.
Hells would think twice about threatening Elturel again.
"There were great celebrations to honor the valiant
The farmer is Kaddrus, a lawful evil cambion using the knights of the cavalry, who became known as Hellriders
alter self spell to conceal his true form. Hiding under
from that day on."
the hay are the cambion's evil accomplices: three human


Candlekeep is a fortress perched on a spur of rock Read the following boxed text to describe the charac-
overlooking the Sea of Swords. It is reached by a single ters' final day of travel to Candlekeep:
road, the Way of the Lion, which branches west off the
Coast Way. Over the past four days, the weather on the Coast Way
Candlekeep is always open to visitors and boasts one
has gradually worsened. Dark clouds release heavy rain
of the finest libraries in FaerOn. The monks of Candle-
keep also preserve the predictions of Alaundo the Seer, until the road runs thick with mud, yet you trudge on,
a singular sage whose prophecies have proved correct passing by friendly merchant caravans heading north.
over long years. Upon the seer's death, Candlekeep be- On the morning of the fifth day, the rain subsides but
came a haven for both the veneration of his prophecies the dark clouds remain. Ahead, you see a path branch
and the accumulation of all knowledge. If there's a se-
from the wider road, heading to the sea. A raven perches
cret to be learned, the clues to finding it can probably be
found in Candlekeep. solemnly on a leaning post bearing two signs that point
The encounters in Candlekeep focus on social interac- like arms toward the west. One says "The Way of the
tion and exploration. The following events unfold here:
• The characters arrive at Candlekeep, where the price
of admittance is a book- specifically one not already
l Lion." The other says "Candlekeep."

Characters who head west a long the Way of the Lion ar-
contained in the monks' library. rive at Candlekeep by mid-afternoon. You can show the
• The characters meet with Sylvira Savikas, a tiefling players the illustration of Candlekeep, and can describe
sage who knows the secret to unlocking Thavius the view to them by reading the following:
Kreeg's infernal puzzle box.
• Sylvira advises the characters to leave the Shield of
the Hidden Lord in her custody, but Gargauth makes a The afternoon sun shines through the clouds to illumi-
good case for taking the shield with them. nate the gray walls and pale spires of a timeworn fortress
Sylvira makes arrangements to send the characters to that stands majestically atop a rocky promontory over-
Elturel, and gives them an unreliable map of Avernus.
looking the sea. The trail leads straight to it.
Reya Mantlemorn offers to go with the characters,
:z while Falaster Fisk chooses to stay behind.


ENTERING CANDLEKEEP A few years ago, the ogre was like others of his kind-
brutish and cruel. He met a halfiing adventurer wearing
Although some visitors travel to Candlekeep by air, most the shiny gold headband and killed the puny runt for
arrive on foot or on horseback. When the characters it. When the ogre attuned to it. the headband grew in
arrive at the gatehouse, read the following boxed text to size, allowing him to don it. As a genius, the ogre felt
the players: compelled to learn the error of his ways and seek out a
better life. He adopted the name Little One, to honor the
At the gatehouse, you are greeted by three monks in pur- poor halfling whose life he cut short.
ple robes: a human, a shield dwarf, and a sun elf. Around Shunned by polite society, Little One came to Candle-
keep hoping to learn as much as he can. He's a quiet but
their necks hang holy symbols of Deneir, god of writing,
popular fixture in the fortress, and the monks are al-
whose symbol is a lit candle above an open eye. ways saying hello to him and recommending new books
"Welcome to Candlekeep," says the elf in Common. "A for him to read.
gift is required from those seeking admittance. You must
donate a book or scroll that isn't already in the library's SYLVIRA SAVI KAS
archives. Please present your gift for inspection." When the characters are ready, they can make their way
toward the main keep, a towering edifice housing bun·
dreds of monks and wizards, and thousands of books
All three monks are neutral good priests of Deneir. (Ap- and scrolls. As they meander through the keep, helpful
ply racial traits to their statistics as needed.) The monks monks stop to offer them directions. If Fa laster Fisk is
study any book or scroll that's handed to them, the holy with the party, he already knows the way to Sylvira's lab-
symbols around their necks glowing faintly as they do. oratory, located in one of Candlekeep's spires. When the
The monks are happy to accept either Apocalypto (the characters arrive there, read the following:
black-covered tome found in Vanthampur Villa; see area
V13, page 35), Falaster Fisk's book of Calishite reci-
pes, or a spellbook for admittance to Candlekeep. One The walls of this circular tower chamber are punctuated
such gift is enough for the whole party to be able to enter by arched windows that are currently shuttered. Book-
the library. If a character wants to offer up some other cases filled with eldritch volumes stand between the
book or scroll, you decide whether the monks accept it windows, while tables are crowded with specimen jars,
as a gift. alchemical equipment, and other clutter. Engraved into
If the characters try to sneak or force their way into
the floor of the chamber is a large, nine-pointed star.
Candlekeep, the fortress's defenses are brought to bear
as described in the "Candlekeep Defenses" sidebar. A middle-aged tiefling dressed in wizardly robes stands
Once allowed inside, the characters are free to go by one of the windows, caught in a fugue of intense con-
where they please and stay as Jong as they wish. The templation. Perched on the corner of a table nearby is a
outermost buildings include private dormitories for the spindly little demon with warty green skin, buggy eyes,
monks and public quarters for visitors, as well as ame-
thin black horns, and a whip-like tail.
nities one would expect to find in a self-sufficient settle-
ment (bathhouses, clothiers, granaries, gardens, and so "I can't tell you how pleased I am to see you," says the
forth). Candlekeep even has a pub called the Hearth. tiefling. "What have you brought me?"

In Candlekeep's pub, guests and monks can enjoy each Sylvira Savikas, a lawful neutral tiefling archmage, is
other's company and a good meal. Read the following one of Candlekeep's foremost sages, and specializes in
boxed text to describe the Hearth: knowledge pertaining to the Outer Planes. In addition to
her other skills, she has Investigation +13. She speaks
Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal, and
The pub has a low ceiling supported by massive wooden Primordial. Her quasit familiar, Jezebel, adds just the
crossbeams and narrow, shuttered windows. A large fi re right amount of mischief and chaos to her life. Jn the un-
pit in the middle of the room is surrounded by a half likely event that Sylvira becomes embroiled fo combat,
dozen tables and matching benches. remember that tieftings have resistance to fire damage
and darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.
If the characters don't have Thavius Kreeg's puzzle
Thirty people can dine here comfortably at any time. box with them, Sylvira is disappointed but tries not to
The Hearth is always open, and the fire is never permit·
ted to go out. A dozen patrons typically occupy the pub CANDLEKEEP DEFENSES
during the day, with more during lunch and supper. Attacking Candlekeep would be foolhardy. Although most
When the characters first show up, one patron stands of the monks are simple scholars, a few are powerful spell-
out among the rest: a chaotic good ogre wearing a head- casters. If any trouble occurs, an archmage and l d4 mages
band ofintellect. He sits by himself in a corner, reading investigate immediately. If they can't bring the situation
a book titled The Sum of Theology by Saint Vetheera, a under control in short order, an additional ld4 archmages
servant of Oghma (god of knowledge). arrive to lend assistance.


show it. If they present the box to her, she snatches it out If Reya Mantlemorn is with the party, she is so stung
of their hands and studies it closely. She takes similar by the revelation that she collapses onto the floor
interest in the Shield of the Hidden Lord (which she and weeps for Elturel. Bound to the city by the Creed
calls "the Shield of Gargauth"), but avoids touching it. Resolute, she feels the imperative to return to it. "If
Zariel wants my soul," says Reya, "she's welcome to try
THAvrns AND THE PuzzLE Box to take it."
Sylvira bas this to say about Thavius Kreeg and his in-
fernal puzzle box: GARGAUTH AND THE SHIELD
Sylvira has this to say about the Shield of the Hidden
Lord and the devil imprisoned within it:
"I've been suspicious of the High Overseer of Elturel for
a long time. But no one wanted to hear my concerns, be-
"This shield is a symbol of good's triumph over evil.
cause Thavius Kreeg was widely regarded as a hero who
Gazing at such beauty, one can easily overlook the terri·
saved his city from an undead scourge, giving rise to the
ble force bound within it. Gargauth is, I believe, its name,
holy nation of Elturgard.
though it calls itself the Hidden Lord. It was a pit fiend
"Hailed as a savior, Thavius made all citizens of Elturel
sent by Asmodeus to corrupt mortals on the Material
swear an oath called the Creed Resolute, which binds
Plane, and there it amassed such a following as to rival
them to defend the nation of Elturgard. I met him years
that of gods. In that way, Gargauth became a sort of
ago, and my instincts told me he was a charlatan. After-
demigod, and having worshipers increased its power
ward, I grew to suspect that he had cut a deal with one or
exponentially. My, how the mighty have fallen!
more powerful devils, using the Creed Resolute to bind
"This shield has the power to corrupt everything
all Elturel to his dark deal.
around it. The Hhune family of Baldur's Gate has kept
"I wish to prove my theory, and I believe the evidence
it for years now. Doubtless they'll want it back, but this
is locked inside the puzzle box."
shield should not be taken to any place where t housands
of mortals reside. It needs to be locked away in an ex-
Sylvira is an expert on magic puzzle boxes, having made tradimensional space, away from corruptible souls."
and sold a few herself. If the characters give her the in-
fernal puzzle box, she examines it, asks Jezebel to fetch
her a flask of dark liquid, and pours a small amount into If the characters consider leaving the shield with Syl-
the mazelike troughs carved into the box's surface. She vira, Gargauth telepathically contacts the character with
then tips the box so that the liquid flows in certain di- the most influence in the party and suggests an alterna-

rections through the mazelike patterns- until the box's tive course of action:
horn inlays pop loose and it breaks apart.

Inside the box is a stack of nine chain-linked plates,
each three inches on a side, cast of dark iron, and "Take me to the Nine Hells, and I'll swear to serve you
stamped with Infernal runes. Anyone who understands faithfully as both a guide and an advisor."
Infernal can translate the runes as follows:
Gargauth's offer is genuine, for the fiend desperately
Be it known to all that I, Thavius Kreeg, High Overseer of wants the shield taken to the Nine Hells. It believes (in-
Elturel, have sworn to my master, Zariel, lord of Avernus, correctly) that it will be able to escape the shield there.
to keep the agreements contained in this oath. Sylvira leaves it to the characters to decide what to do
with the shield. A small part of her is relieved if the char-
I hereby submit to Zariel in all matters and for all time.
acters decide to take it with them, as she knows the evil
I will place Her above all creatures, living and dead. I will Knights of the Shield will never stop looking for it.
obey Her all my days and beyond with fear and servility.
I recognize the dispensation of the device called the POSTER MAP OF AVERNUS
If the characters intend to save Elturel, Sylvira can pro-
Solar lnsidiator, hereafter called the Companion. In my
vide them with a map of Avernus- the only such map
capacity as High Overseer of Elturel and its vassal terri- known to exist in Candlekeep. Unfold the poster map of
tories, I acknowledge that all lands falling under the light Avernus at this time and let the players study it. Sylvira

of the Companion are forfeit to Zariel. All persons bound then gives the characters a word of caution:
by oath to defend Elturel are also considered forfeit. I fur·
ther recognize that this dispensation will last fifty years,
after which the Companion will return whence it came,
taking Elturel and its oath-bound defenders with it, if that
is Zariel's wish.
I "This map might not be entirely reliable," warns Sylvira.
"Its creator went mad making it."

All this is my everlasting pledge.

l More information about how to use the poster map can
be found in chapter 3.


Although Sylvira can prepare the plane shift spell, Once the griffons land, characters are free to dismount
there's no point, as magical wards placed on Candle- and descend the stairs into Traxigor's tower. After de-
keep prevent creatures from using such means to go to livering the party safely to the tower, the griffons take a
or from the library. Instead, she presents an alternative short rest before Hying back to Candlekeep.
plan for sending the characters to the Nine Hells: Read or paraphrase the following boxed text to the
players when the characters descend into the tower:
"A wizard named Traxigor lives in a tower twenty miles
from here. I've loaned him a spellbook or two, so he One level down, you see a cluttered chamber illuminated
owes me a favor. I can have you delivered safely to his by various objects upon which continual flame spells
tower, and he can use a plane shift spell to take you have been cast. Scurrying around the room is an otter
straight to Elturel. Even more importantly, Traxigor is dressed in a tiny red cassock. The otter mumbles to it-
looking after an old friend of mine-someone with a self in Common, mentioning something about a tuning
history of battling devils in the Nine Hells. I think you'll fork. Suddenly, it takes notice of you and stands upright.
enjoy her company very much. Her name is Lulu." "Lulu! Wake up! Our guests have arrived!"
At the sound of her name, a small elephant with
golden fur appears from under a pile of blankets near a
Characters need not leave for Traxigor's tower at once. table strewn with alchemical equipment. The elephant
lf they wish to remain in Candlekeep for a while, Sylvira
is happy to accommodate them. However, Reya Man- takes to the air on feathery wings and lets out a pleasing
tlemorn becomes more impatient the longer they stay. trumpet sound.
Falaster Fisk parts company with the characters at this
time, choosing to remain at Candlekeep for a few days
Traxigor was polymorphed into an otter years ago, and
before returning to Baldur's Gate.
Characters can use Candlekeep's library to learn more decided he preferred the new form to his original one
{that of a wizened old man). His otter form was made
about the Nine Hells. Chapter 2 of the Dungeon Master's
permanent by a wish spell. He uses the ar chmage
Guide contains lore on all nine layers, which the charac-
stat block, but is a Tiny beast with a Strength of 3. His
ters can learn once they've spent a day or two research-
alignment is chaotic good, and he speaks Common,
ing the plane. Characters can also research devils to
Draconic, Dwarvish, Gnomish, Halfiing, and Troglodyte.
learn everything that's said about them in the "Devils"
He has the plane shift spell prepared instead of teleport,
entry of the Monster Manual.
Once they're ready to leave for Traxigor's tower, read and is searching for the tuning fork he needs to cast
the spell. What little he knows about the characters has
or paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:
been communicated to him by sending spells, sent by
Sylvira Savikas in advance of their arrival.
Sylvira ushers you to a crescent-shaped landing platform Characters can help Traxigor search for his missing
with a stunning view of the sea. Waiting for you atop this tuning fork, which is keyed lo the Nine Hells. Whoever
platform are several griffons with saddles, their handlers rolls the highest on a Wisdom (Perception) check finds
the tuning fork. Whoever rolls the lowest finds a random
standing nearby to help you. "The griffons have instruc-
trinket, determined by rolling on the Trinkets table in
tions to Ay you to Traxigor's tower," says Sylvira. "Don't chapter 5 of the Player's Handbook. Traxigor doesn't
worry, it's safe!" care if the character keeps the trinket or not, and
doesn't remember how or when he acquired it.
The handlers standing ready can help the characters LULU THE HOLLYPHANT
mount the griffoos. Each griffon can carry one rider
plus gear. Once all the characters are mounted, read: Lulu is a hollyphant (see page 237 for her stat block)
who has lost most of her memories, as well as her
Innate Spellcasting trait. (This has no effect on her chal-
The griffons take Aight and head out to sea, Aying just be- lenge rating.) She regains her Innate Spellcasting trait
low the clouds. Candlekeep looks no less majestic from gradually over the course of the adventure, as follows:
the air but grows smaller as the griffons soar westward. • In chapter 2, Lulu regains the at-will ability to cast
Large, rocky islands pass below you, and beyond them light when she arrives in Elturel for the first time.
lies the open sea. After a long journey, you see a win- • In chapter 4, Lulu regains her 2/day spells (bless, cure
wounds, and protection from evil and good) when she
dowless, doorless stone tower-which somehow floats
arrives at the Bleeding Citadel.
in the sky ahead. The griffons pass through jagged holes • In chapter 5, Lulu regains her I/day spells (banish-
riddling the tower's conical peak to land on the top Aoor ment, heal, raise dead, shapechange. and teleport)
below, which has a spiral staircase leading down. once she helps reunite Zariel with her sword.


While studying a portal to the Nine Hells located in d6 Memory
the Fields of the Dead west of Elturel, Sylvira found "I used to be able to shapechange into a golden mam-
Lulu and befriended her. Lulu stayed with Sylvira at moth. In this form, I served as Zariel's war mount."
Candlekeep for a while but didn't get along with the
2 "Zariel's most loyal Hellrider, Yael, took the sword
tiefiing's quasit familiar, Jezebel. Sylvira decided Lulu
and plunged it into a rock. I called on every ounce of
would make a better companion for Traxigor, given
his eccentricity and good nature. Lulu is integral to goodness in my heart to raise a shield around it-a
the characters' future success, though they shouldn't fortress against evil."
know that yet. 3 "The demon lord Yeenoghu wants to destroy Zariel's
Lulu can speak Celestial but prefers to use telepathy, sword. He hates it as much as he hates her. We
which allows her to talk to one creature at a time. If a fought him once, but I don't remember where."
character asks Lulu about her history battling devils in 4 "I wandered Avernus for a while, then hid in a place
the Nine Hells, she shares the following information: called the Wandering Emporium. I made a friend
there. His name was Mahadi. Maybe he can help us."
"I was with the angel Zariel when she assembled her 5 "The Zariel I knew is gone, replaced by a devil with a
army of Hell riders to attack Avernus. Through the gate halo of fire and vengeance. 'This is who I am,' she told
me. 'When demons die, they cry out my name inter-
we went, tearing through devils like a song through air.
ror.' Those were Zariel's last words to me."
Victory was within our grasp until some of the Hellriders
6 "It was Zariel who sent me back here. I don't know
betrayed us. They retreated th rough the gate and sealed
why. Maybe-just maybe- there's a tiny little spark of
it behind t hem.
goodness deep down inside her still."
"Before she was captured, Zariel told me to hide her
sword so that it wouldn't fall into evil hands. Someone RESTORED MEMORIES
helped me hide the sword, bu t I don't remember who. Friendship is important to Lulu in ways both physical
We found a place to hide it, but I don't remember where. and spiritual. Her growing friendship with the char-
I escaped Avernus, but I don't remember how. Most of acters causes the hollyphant to remember things long
my memory is gone, and I don't remember why." forgotten. For the remainder of the adventure, Lulu can
regain lost memories whenever you wish. Ideally, these
memories come back to her one at a time at moments
Lulu's memory was badly damaged by events she can't when her friendship with the characters feels important.
remember, but a summary of those events is presented Any remaining memories return at once when Lulu re-
here for your benefit. gains all her spellcasting abilities.
Lulu was more than Zariel's traveling companion. She When the time comes for Lulu to recall a lost memory,
was the angel's friend and war mount, with the power to roll a d6 and consult the Lulu's Memories table to see
shapechange into a golden-furred mammoth with wings. which memory comes back to her, or just pick one. If you
Their friendship stretches back centuries. roll for a memory that has come up before, roll again or
When defeat on Avernus appeared inevitable, Zariel choose a different memory.
entrusted her sword to Yael, her most loyal general, and
ordered Lulu to help Yael find a way to hide the weapon. ROLEPLAYING LULU
Lulu and Yael blundered into a mob of demons led by Lu lu doesn't have a mean bone in her little body. She
the demon lord Yeenoghu, but narrowly escaped. Yeeno- believes in the power of friendship and looks forward to
ghu's pet- an enormous demon named Crokek'toeck- kicking evil's butt with the characters by her side.
chased Yael and Lulu across Avernus. Before it could If Lulu becomes too much of a burden for you to run
devour them, Yael plunged Zariel's holy blade into a as an NPC, see if one of the players wants to run the
stone as Lulu poured every ounce of her celestial being hollyphant as a secondary character. Provide the con-
into it. A fortress sprang up around the sword, hedging senting player with a copy of Lulu's stat block (page
out all evil. The effort so taxed Lulu that she became dis- 237), noting that Lulu has presently lost her Innate
oriented and flew away, leaving Yael behind. Spellcasting trait. As she regains memories and the use
Lulu wandered Avernus for months until she came of certain spells, notify the player of these changes to
upon a traveling market called the Wandering Em- her character.
porium. A rakshasa named Mahadi tricked her into
thinking he was her friend. only to splash her with a PLANE SHIFT
tiny bit of water from the River Styx, leaving her in a The characters should advance to 5th level before leav-
feeble mental state and stripping away her spellcasting ing Traxigor's tower. When they're ready to be sent to

powers. Mahadi then gave Lulu to a group of devils as a Avernus, read the following boxed text aloud:
gift for the archdevil Zariel. Zariel could not abide Lulu's

presence-but nor could she bring herself to harm her
former friend. Zariel had Lulu sent back to FaerOn with As you stand together in a circle, Traxigor taps the tuning
her mental faculties restored. Unfortunately, the damage fork on the Aoor and casts his plane shift spell.
to Lulu's memory was not so easy to repair.


Lathander, Torm, Helm, and Tyr. Elturel
is now a site of doom and despair tethered Diagram 2.1 is a flowchart that presents the key events
some five hundred feet above the River of this chapter in sequence.
Styx. Eight gre 1t chains bind the city to The adventurers should be 5th level when they arrive
jagged posts of infernal iron, which stick up in Elturel. They begin on the east side of the city, where
out of the ground like gargantuan spikes. the immediate danger is greatest. With or without Reya
(See "Climbing Down" at the end of this Mantlemorn to guide them, the characters make their
chapter for a full description of the infernal way toward the High Hall cathedral. Once they rid the
chains.) The bottoms of those spikes are cathedral and its catacombs of fiends, the adventurers
guarded by scores of devils, making escaping the city should be 6th level.
by climbing down an arduous task. The Companion, the NPC survivors cowering in the crypts under the High
second sun that provided so much solace and protection Hall cathedral urge the characters to locate Grand Duke
to the city for years, now glares down on Elturel like a Ulder Ravengard of Baldur's Gate, who has emerged as
baleful eye- a black void crackling with lightning. Elturel's unlikeliest savior. This quest leads the char-
One circumstance has saved the city from being over- acters to the chapel in Elturel's grand cemetery, where
run by devils: a massive surge of demons attacking the Ulder Ravengard has fallen into a psychic coma after
devils' positions on the ground. Forced to fend off these coming into telepathic contact with the demon lord
demonic hordes, the devils must bide their time until Baphornet. After seeing Ravengard safely back to the
they have the resources to send troops to subjugate the High Hall and ridding him of his malady, the characters
remaining citizens of Elturel. Even so, random demons, should be 7th level and ready to leave Elturel in search
devils, and other creatures have infiltrated the city. The of the means to free the city from its chains and return
characters have time to learn about Elturel's situation what's left of it to FaerOn.
and enact a way to save the city before it is lost.
Even as the characters get their bearings, they hear a ARRIVAL IN ELTUREL
cacophonous tumult taking place far beneath the city. A plane shift spell transports Traxigor the wizard and
An endless stream of demons crawls forth from the up to eight other creatures to Elturel, including Lulu the
murky waters of the River Styx, to be met by the ordered hollyphant and Reya Mantlemorn if she's still with the
forces of Avernus auempting lo drive them back. This party. When the group arrives in Elturel, read the fol-
battle continues for the entirety of the characters' stay lowing boxed text aloud to the players:
in Elturel.


A hot, stinging air assaults your senses. The city street
in which you stand is lined with buildings that are crum-
For characters oflevel 5
bling, if not already collapsed. The ground shudders be- The adventurers arrive in what's left of Elturel and
neath your feet. In the red, smoky sky, a 400-foot-diama- make their way toward the High Hall cathedral
ter sphere of darkness discharges strokes of bluish-white with the help of Lulu the hollyphant, and possibly
Reya Mantlemorn as well.
lightning that strike the city at irregular intervals. Perched
atop a distant bluff, overlooking the rest of the city, is a
crumbled fortress.
Traxigor gazes up at the black orb nervously, utters
a few arcane syllables, and disappears in the blink
r For characters oflevel 5
of an eye. The adventurers encounter fiendish invaders in the
High Hall cathedral and discover survivors hiding
in the crypts below the cathedral.
Traxigor casts time stop, giving him time to flee using
his fly spell. He's long gone before the time stop ends

and the characters can react. Any character who suc-
ceeds on a DC 19 Intelligence (Arcana) check deduces GR AND CEM ETERY
how Traxigor made his escape. The party doesn't en- For characters oflevel 6
counter Traxigor again unless you want him to reappear
The adventurers search for Grand Duke Ulder
Jater in the adventure. Traxigor has no interest in saving
Ravengard of Baldur's Gate in Elturel's cemetery,
Elturel or picking sides in the Blood War. After finishing
encountering undead and more fiends.
a long rest, he can cast plane shift again and return to
his tower on the Material Plane.
The characters and any remaining NPC companions
have a few minutes to acclimate to their new surround-
ings before facing their first threat in the city (see
"Unwelcome Party" below). See the "Elturel Hazards"
For characters oflevel 6
sidebar (page 55) for more information about the After bringing Ulder Ravengard back to the High
earthquakes and other dangers . Hall and restoring him to consciousness, the ad-
Upon her return to Avernus, Lulu the hollyphant venturers make plans to leave Elturel in search of
regains her at-will innate spellcasting ability: light. In the key to saving the city: the Sword ofZariel.
terms of her memories, she can at first only recognize
that the surroundings feel familiar, albeit in a terrible D111GRllM 2.1: Ct-11\PTER 2 FLOWCHllRT
way. The sounds and scents of Avernus trigger memo-
ries ofZariel's fall and the angel's earliest days as a den-
izen of the Lower Planes. Lulu's time spent in Avernus
abandon their refuge. Spotted by devils, these citizens
and key interactions with specific NPCs slowly trigger
are about to come under attack, and the characters are
the memories that help put the characters on a path to
their only hope of survival.
save the city.
Read the following boxed text to set the scene as the
Reya Mantlemorn is disheartened by what she sees
characters arrive in Elturel:
around her- Elturel in shambles-and is more deter-
mined than ever to try to save her city from destruction.
She offers to lead the characters to the High Hall cathe- Around the corner of a still-standing structure runs a
dral, where she hopes to find someone in charge. woman with two toddlers, one on each arm. In her wake
If the characters brought the Shield of the Hidden
amble three infernal monsters with glaives and snakelike
Lord with them, Gargauth the pit fiend tries to escape
from its prison and fails miserably. Although characters beards. The fiends are laughing darkly.
are unaware of Gargauth's escape attempt, the pit fiend
grows increasingly despondent and impatient as they ex- Three bearded devils named Blass, Nodd, and Thunn
plore Elturel. Gargauth urges the characters not to tarry have infiltrated the city and are looking to wreak havoc.
in the city, lest they get puJled down into the River Styx Harkina Hunt and her young twin boys, Ezo and Brask,
with it. Secretly, the pit fiend hopes that another means were out searching for provisions when the three devils
of escape will present itself once the characters leave spotted them. The chase has progressed into this street,
E lturel and explore Avernus. 30 feet from the location of the characters' arrival.
Unless the characters intervene, the bearded devils
reach the innocent humans within a few rounds, then
The characters' first encounter in EltureJ is a gruesome quickly capture them. Once captured, all three will be
one. A number of innocent residents of the city have sold into slavery at the Wandering Empor ium (see page
been in hiding to avoid the devils patrolling their streets, 126), in exchange for favors or goods that can help the
but a lack of food and water has forced one group to devils advance in power.


As the characters take in this scene, everyone rolls for • High Overseer Thavius Kreeg is the leader of the city,
initiative. On their turns, Lulu and Reya see the three and Harkina hopes that he is working on a plan to
humans about to be attacked by the devils and immedi- rescue survivors and drive away the devils. If he's still
ately move to defend them, regardless of what the char- alive, Grand Duke U!der Ravengard of Baldur's Gate
acters do. Lulu is hesitant to use her trumpet for fear of is probably at the High Hall as well.
hurting the family or attracting other fiends, but does so If the characters capture and interrogate a bearded
as a last resort. devil, or any other devil encountered in Elturel, it reveals
Members of the Hunt family reduced to 0 hit points by the following information in response to a successful
the devils are knocked unconscious rather than killed, DC 15 Charisma (Intimidation) check, assuming the
as the devils are hoping to take them prisoner. These characters agree to release it:
devils don't offer that same courtesy to the characters or
their NPC companions. • The demon attacks from the River Styx intensified
when the city appeared in the sky.
AFTERMATH • The demons are trying to climb the binding posts
If the characters save the Hunt family, Harkina ex- or fly to the city, but the devils constantly push them
presses her undying gratitude. Although a commoner, back. The devils are also trying to figure out how to
she carries a longbow with which she is proficient. She best use the city to their strategic advantage.
uses it to protect her family. In addition to her longbow, • Slowly and erratically, the spiked posts that bind
she carries a quiver with forty arrows, twenty of which Elturel are being drawn into the ground, pulling the
are silvered. city down toward the River Styx. (The devil doesn't
Harkina can relay the following information regarding know how long that process will take.)
the current situation in the city: • The only reason the city is not already under the con-
trol of devilish forces is the demon attacks. Stemming
• Many ofElturel's citizens died when the city was
that abyssal tide is taking all the devils' resources.
drawn to this terrible place. Still more have died in
• The devil assumes the city was brought here by Zade!,
the days since, from the attacks of terrible creatures, a
the ruler of Avernus.
lack of food and water, and the collapse of many of the
• Harkina and the boys have been hiding in the base-
ment of a tavern that had enough reserves of food After their initial encounter with the Hunt famjly and the
and water to keep them alive for a time. When those bearded devils, the characters are likely to want to get
provisions ran out, the family was forced to creep from to the High Hall as quickly as possible to locate Grand
safety to search for more. Duke Ravengard. If you haven't done so already, unfold
• The city has been split in two. Harkina has heard the poster map with the Elturel side facing up so players
from other survivors that this side of Elturel (formerly can get a sense of the city's layout and where they must
the eastern part of the city) is the worse off. The High go to reach the High Hall. Map 2.1 on page 56 is a
Hall- the great castle that is home to Elturel's lead- shrunk-down version of this side of the poster map.
ers- is where she was planning to take her boys to Whenever the party moves from one named location
find safety. to another, roll a d20. A roll of 11 or higher indicates an
encounter while the characters travel within the city.
HANDLING NON COM BATAN TS For example, as the characters travel to a bridge, make
The characters have the opportunity to rescue survivors in an encounter check. Then after crossing the bridge and
the eastern part of Elturel, with all those survivors desper- moving toward the High Hall, make another check. Also
ate to have the party escort them to relative safety in the make checks if the characters wander the streets or go
western part of the city. When new fights break out with off in search of other survivors.
vulnerable NPCs in tow, it's up to you how you want to If an encounter is indicated, roll on the Encounters
handle those NPCs in combat. in Elturel table or choose an encounter you like. Each
The easiest option is to have the NPCs stay back and encounter can occur only once. If you roll an encounter
out of the way, limiting their options to following the that has already occurred, reroll on the table or select a
characters or hiding from enemies. During fights, you can different encounter. These encounters are described in
effectively forget about those NPCs, assuming that the
the sections that follow the table.
most capable among them are dealing with minor threats
in the background while the adventurers handle the potent
foes. You can also have combat-worthy NPCs join the fight, ENCO UNTERS IN ELTUREL
if you're up for running them. Have all NPCs act on the dlO Encounter dlO Encounter
same initiative count, and focus their actions on assisting Collapsed building 6 Imp sales pitch
the characters in combat, rather than engaging in side
2 Cry for help 7 Narzugon cavalier
fights of their own.
If the characters bring NPCs along, it increases the 3 Ghastly meal 8 Spouts of hellfire
chances of having an encounter as the party moves from 4 Ghoul pack 9 Vrock philosophy
one location to another. Whenever you roll the d20 to 5 Hateful patrol 10 Zombie horde
determine random encounters {see "More Encounters in
Elturel"), an encounter takes place on a rol l of 9 or higher.



1 ·~
A quake rocks the city, and a building collapses in the Seven ghouls roam the streets of Elturel, looking for
distance. The characters hear cries for help emerging their next meal. Their leader, formerly an adventur-
from the rubble. ing rogue, wears magical studded leather armor that
To keep the trapped victims from suffocating or being increases its AC to 13 (see "Treasure" below). These
crushed, the characters must succeed on a total of six former citizens of the city died when Elturel was drawn
ability checks to rescue them before incurring three into Avernus. Their souls were corrupted by the terr ible
failures. The base DC for these checks is 10. Possible power of the plane, leaving them in these undead forms.
checks could include Strength (Athletics) checks to re- Treasure. The ghoul leader wears +l studded leather
move debris, Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks to squeeze armor, carries an explorer's pack, and sports a belt
into tight places, Intelligence (Investigation) checks to pouch holding a potion ofinvisibility.
determine the best place to dig or support the structure,
or Wisdom (Perception) checks to notice dangerous HATEFUL PATROL
areas threatening to collapse further. You might also A merregon (see page 238 for its stat block) leads
decide that magic or other abilities could result in auto- three spined devils through the streets, looking for
matic successes. mortal survivors or demons that have slipped past the
During the rescue, the commotion might attract devilish forces below the city. The spined devils grum-
devils (see "Hateful Patrol" below) or other unwelcome ble in Infernal, unhappy about being up here when they
attention. could be fighting demons in the battle below. The merre-
If the characters succeed in the rescue attempt, they gon takes their insolence in silence.
pull out three lawful good shield dwarves from beneath
the collapsed building: Strovin lronfist, Kartra Boulder- IMP SALES PITCH
stern, and Velkora Ashenwell. Strovin and Kartra are As the characters pass an alleyway, they notice an imp
laborers (use the commoner stat block), but Velkora is talking with a halfiing. The two are focused on each
a mason and an acolyte of the dwarven god Moradin. other, making it easy for characters to get close enough
Her healing powers would be a welcome resource at the to overhear the conversation in Common. The halfiing, a
High Hall. All three dwarves speak Common and Dwar- baker (commoner) named Pilster Pebblehuck, has been
vish, and have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. They hiding with his family in the basement of their bakery.
also have resistance to poison damage and advantage They are running out of food, so Pilster has braved the
on saving throws against being poisoned. streets to search for provisions. The imp, Perchillux, is
offering Pilster a month's worth of food for the low price
The characters hear a voice shouting for help. If they ElTUREL HAZARDS
follow the voice, they find a male human under attack by In addition to the threats they'll face from fiendish crea-
two bulezaus (see page 230 for their stat block) that tures and undead in Elturel, the characters quickly become
slipped past the devils and climbed the infernal binding aware of the threats presented by the city itself
posts to Elturel. Falling. Any creature that falls from Elturel's loca·
If the characters save the man, he introduces himself tion high above Avernus plummets 500 feet into the
as Orin Ragron, a blacksmith who had a shop in Elturel. soul-shattering waters of the River Styx, taking 70 (20d6)
Orin is actually an incubus in disguise named Faltrax. bludgeoning damage from the fall. The memory-wiping
effects of the river•are described on page 76. However,
The incubus is trying to gain information on the de-
characters who plunge into the Styx or the battle raging
fenses ofElturel, which it then plans to sell to the high- around the river are likely killed immediately, with their
est fiendish bidder. If the characters discover Faltrax's bodies beyond recovery.
true nature, the incubus flees. Lightning. lightning from the Companion strikes the
city every minute or so. The odds of the characters being
GHASTLY MEAL harmed by the lightning are slim, but you can use it to
The characters catch of glimpse of four cloaked figures reinforce a sense of urgency as the lightning damages
sneaking out of an alleyway and into a residence, as a rooftop, triggers a building collapse, or strikes the
if trying not to be seen. If the characters enter the res- ground nearby.
idence, they see four gbasts standing around a table Quakes. Every so often, the entire city lurches from
eating the remains of a human family that perished here side to side as the great posts binding it to Avernus sink
during the trip to Avernus. The ghasts reek of death farther into the ground. This results in the same kind of
damage that would be caused by an earthquake on the
and decay.
Material Plane: loose objects fall, buildings are damaged,
When the ghasts are dealt with, a successful DC 10 cracks form in the ground and the streets, and creatures
Wisdom (Perception) check discerns a faint crying fa ll prone.
coming from a cupboard. Inside is a young girl called When Elturel shifts, creatures standing on any surface in
Shorah Hevrun. A noncombatant, she immediately at- the city must succeed on a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw or
taches herself to the first character who is kind to her. fall prone. In addition, you can describe other damage and
Shorah insists on accompanying the characters until drama resulting from a shift. Perhaps a building collapses,
she feels safe. If they can get her to the High Hall, each forcing any creature close enough to be struck by fa lling
character gains inspiration, and the survivors there can debris to succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or
see to Shorah's care. take 7 (2d6) bludgeoning damage.


M/\ P 21 : ELTUREL

of his soul. Pilster is preparing to sign the contract as SPOUTS OF HELLFIRE

the characters come upon the pair. The characters see a charred humanoid corpse in the
The contract is written on parchment made of halfling middle of the street, clutching a silvered longsword in
skin. If any character interrupts the signing and asks to its band. When any creature moves within 5 feet of the
read the contract, the imp tells them this is none of their corpse, a gout of hellfire erupts from it. Any creature
business. Pilster welcomes the interruption, however, within 5 feet of the corpse must make a DC 12 Dexterity
since he is having second thoughts about the deal, and saving throw, taking 14 (4d6) fire damage on a failed
he bands the contract to the characters. A successful save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check penetrates the Treasure. If the corpse is examined further, an intact
dense and convoluted text of the contract-which will vial is found in its charred belt pouch. The vial contains
give the imp the souls of Pilster's entire family if Pil- a potion ofgiant strength (frost).
ster signs it.
If the characters attack the imp, it turns invisible and VROCK PHILOSOPHY
attempts to escape as quickly as possible. lf the char- A vrock fled the battle and flew up to the city to ponde r
acters save Pilster from selling his soul, he thanks the its role in all things. As long as the characters leave it
characters and begs them to get him and his family to a lone, it doesn't attack. If they approach, it speaks with
safety. His wife. Merrywile, and their three children them, using its telepathy to communicate with one char-
are nearby. acter at a time if none of the characters speaks Abyssal.
Treasure. In addition to the contract, the imp carries The vrock pontificates on the vagaries and possible
a soul coin (see page 225) from a previous interaction meanings of existence. If the characters treat it nicely,
that it plans to give to its master. indulge it in its ponderings, and s ucceed on a DC 13
Charisma (Persuasion) check, they can get it to do them
NA RZUGON CAVALIER one small favor. If they attack it, the vrock repays their
A narzugoo (see page 239 for its stat block) patrols the hostility in kind.
streets of Elturel on the back of a nightmare equipped Favors from the vrock might include providing infor-
with infernal tack (see page 224). The devil has orders mation about what's happening beneath the city, about
to hunt down and destroy any demons that might have what forces guard the bridges between the city's east
s lipped past the battle on the ground below and gained and west sections, or about the demons' plan to use a 8
access to the city.
When Lulu sees the creature, she tells the characters
portal to enter the city (see area Gl2 on page 69),
although it doesn't know where that portal is.

that it is very powerful and should not be confronted. :!


As the characters pass a building, they hear a pounding
coming from the front door. The door is stuck but not Although the forces of Avernus are occupied driving
locked, requiring a successful DC 15 Strength check to back the demonic attack from the River Styx, a few
force it open. If the characters do this, twelve zombies teams of devils have been ordered to infiltrate Elturel,
burst from the building as an avalanche of undead bod- sow chaos among the surviving citizenry, reap the souls
of any mortals they find, and test the city's defenses. The
ies, burying anyone standing near the door in the pile.
This leaves those characters and the zombies prone at members of some of those advance teams have noted
that the High Hall appears to be the center of the city's
the s tart of combat.
lf the characters deal with the zombies and search the
defenses and survival efforts. As such, they have decided
to mount a quick and decisive strike against it.
building, they discover that it was a school. Five casks
As the characters approach the High Hall. they see
each holding three gallons of fresh water ar e stored in
that a devilish assault on the fortress's cathedral is
the basement.
underway. The characters can enter the fray, defeat the
TORM'S BRID GES perpetrators, and help bring temporary stability to the
situation. After defeating the devils, the characters learn
Two bridges that once spanned a ravine in the city from the survivors that Grand Duke Ravengard was at
are now all that connect the east and west sections of the High Hall, but left recently. He took a contingent of
Elturel over the great rift that has fallen away beneath soldiers with him to the city's cemetery, hoping that an
them. The north bridge is called Torm's Reach, while ancient relic found there might help save the city.
the south bridge is named Torm's Blade. Unless the
characters can fly or teleport, they must use one of the HIGH H A LL O VERVIEW
bridges on their trek toward the High Hall.
The High Hall is a grand alabaster castle dedicated to
When the characters approach either bridge, they
Torm, the god of courage and self-sacrifice. It houses
can make out the initial details of the rift and can see
many of Elturel's religious and political leaders-or at
the guards blocking the path. Read the following to set
least it did when the city was in the mortal realm.
the scene:
Shortly after Elturel was pulled into Avernus, a meteor
hurled through the High Hall, collapsing the offices and
A rift in the earth divides Eltu rel into two sections. residences of those who could best organize a defense
The riotous din of the battle taking place far below the of the city. Most of the leaders of Elturel were killed by
city is louder here, echoing up and through the jagged
the meteor, but Grand Duke Ravengard ofBaldur's Gate
and his retinue were spared the devastation. Ravengard
open chasm. immediately took control of the situation, marshaled
A bridge twenty feet wide and more than a hundred Elturel's remaining forces, and set out a plan to protect
feet long spans the chasm. Holy runes etched into the the city. Ravengard's forces couldn't save the eastern
stonework of the bridge indicate that the structure has part of the city, and more frequent demonic and devilish
been consecrated in the name of Torm, god of courage incursions have worn away at their control of the west-
ern portion.
and self-sacrifice. Six infernal creatures stand guard at
The survivors here- including the last of the city's
the center of the bridge, scanning in all directions. leadership- have taken up residence in the cathedral
part of the High Hall, perhaps the most secure and
Each bridge is guarded by an infernal force tasked with sturdy edifice left in Elturel. Yet even the cathedral is
cutting off any assistance between the east and west under assault, and without the characters' assistance,
s ides of the city. Each group consists of two bearded its defenders are sure to fall.
devils and four spined devils. Unsubtle brutes, these
creatures have parked themselves in the middle of each
bridge to maintain a vigilant watch. Taking them on is When the characters approach the High Hall, read the
a tough fight, but the characters might have a trick up following boxed text to describe the scene:
their collective s leeves.

H OLY R UNES This clifftop castle was once the crowning architectural
Any character trained in Arcana, History, or Religion jewel of Elturel. Only three of its five watchtowers towers
recognizes that the runes etched into the stonework of still stand, though they appear abandoned. The wooden
each bridge can be activated to produce a radiant energy gates that once led into the castle grounds have been
harmful to fiends and undead. A character touching the shattered, leaving a gaping hole in the wall.
bridge who s ucceeds on a DC 15 Intelligence (Religion)
check as an action can speak the proper prayers to The west side of the castle has been reduced to a pile
Torm to activate the runes for 1 minute. While the runes of smashed brick and broken wood. The surviving build-
are active, any fiend or undead creature that starts its ings are blackened by soot. At the center of the castle
turn in contact with the bridge takes 22 (4dl0) radiant grounds, the High Hall cathedral stands defiant.
damage. When this effect ends. the runes cannot be acti-
vated again for 1 hour.


No threats reveaJ themselves to the characters as they If you want to keep these encounters simple and
enter the castle grounds. Once inside, they spot two hu- straightforward, you can have them take place in loca-
mans in plate armor lying dead on the ground near the tions with no strange effects or hazards. If you want to
shattered gate, blood still oozing from their bite wounds. make an encounter more interesting, have the combat
As the characters approach the center of the court- take place during a quake (see the "Elturel Hazards"
yard, they see two h ell hounds standing guard in sidebar, page 55). If you want a fight to go easier for
front of the cathedral doors. These fiends have been the characters, have some of the foes withdraw or have
instructed by their devil masters to prevent any mortal some NPC survivors assist the characters.
creatures from entering or leaving the cathedral. Most of the survivors currently in the cathedral are
The characters must defeat the hell hounds to gain preparing for a last stand in the main crypts (area H16),
access to the cathedral. Have them make a DC 15 so that area should be free of devils unless the charac-
group Dexterity (Stealth) check to find cover amid the ters arrive there just as the devils do.
rubble as they move. If half or more of the characters
succeed on their individual checks, the group check is GROUP 1: ABISHAI AND CULTISTS
successful, allowing the characters to reach the base This group is led by the mastermind behind the raid
of the cathedral steps without being noticed by the hell on the cathedral: Victuusa, a white abis hai (see page
hounds. This grants the characters surprise when the 241 for its stat block). Victuusa serves both Tiamat and
fight begins. Zariel in an attempt to gain the most favor, and is pres-
ently searching for the leaders of the Elturel resistance.
CATHEDRAL ASSAULT It wants nothing more than to deliver the heads of those
leaders to Zariel personally. Victuusa leads six lawful
Four groups of devils and their allies are moving
evil human cultists devoted to Zariel.
through the cathedral. These groups are spread out to
cause as much havoc as possible, and have orders to kill GROUP 2: CRAB ATTACK
everyone in their path. A barbed devil named Dreb marshals a pack of eight
As the DM, you can decide where the characters giant crabs through the cathedral. These crabs look
encounter each of these groups. These encounters and act like normal giant crabs, except for the spines
are meant to be run separately, although running two protruding from their shells and the vile brimstone
encounters back-to-back with no chance for the charac- smell they exude. The clacking of the crabs' claws on the
ters to rest or heal can be a good challenge for a pow- marble floors of the cathedral makes it impossible for
erful party. this group to sneak up on anyone.


G ROUP 3: D EVILISH BRIGANDS Most of these descriptions highlight what the areas
A spioed devil leads three human brigands (use the contain if a devil attack has not ta ken place there. Based
bandit captain stat block to represent them) on a ram- on the encounters provided in the "Cathed ra l Assault"
page. The brigands were drive n mad by the journey section above, you can adjust the text to describe what
to Avernus, and have now pledged themselves to their is happening in an area and what it looks like during or
spined devil master. Their madness causes them to after a devil attack.
bellow and gibber as they move through the cathedral.
The spined devil roars at them as it uses its telepa- Hl. HALL OF H EROE S
thy to order them to focus . This lack of caution and Read the following as the characters enter this area:
discipline makes ambushing or sneaking up on the
group easy, granting advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) At the top of the stairs leading up to the cathedral, an
checks to do so.
archway opens into a long hall containing eight columns.
G ROUP 4: HELLISH H UNT ERS Some of the columns have been carved to represent
A merregon (see page 238 for its stat block) oversees a Torm, but the infernal magic of Avernus has warped the
mangy pair of hell hounds. The devil uses the hounds to others to represent likenesses of a winged female devil
sniff out survivors who might be hiding. wielding a luminous sword.
Three levels make up the High Hall cathedral: the cathe- The devil represented in the magically altered columns
dral level (areas Hl through H6), the choir level (areas is Zariel.
H7 through H9), and the catacombs level (areas HlO T he wooden doors leading into the grand foyer have
through H17). These locations are keyed to map 2.2 been broken open by the invading devils (s ee "Cathe-
(page 61), map 2.3 (page 62), and map 2.4 (page dral Assault.'' page 59) and remain ajar. Four guards
63), respectively. lie dead in the doorways, eviscerated by one of those
devil-led groups.
Unless otherwise noted, the High Hall cathedral has the The foyer holds two circular sta irwells. each leading
following recurring featu res.
up to area H7 on the choir level. Decorated pillars here
Art. Once decorated with beautiful paintings, statues,
and other works that depicted the strength and valor of depict symbols and scenes representative of Torm. Cur-
Eltu rel's people, the cathedral was magically transformed ta ins, some of them shredded by weapons and claws,
when Elturel was pulled into Avernus. Now its artwork is a separate this area from the heart of the cathedral.
testament to the devils' superiority and strength, showing
scenes of mortals succumbing to temptation, dying at H3 . CENTRALALTAR
the hands of fiends, and suffering eternal torture. When Read the following as the characters enter this area:
viewed, those images shift and swirl unsettlingly. A detect
magic spell reveals that the frescoes, mosaics, paintings,
and tapestries of the cathedral radiate auras of illusion An altar rests on a raised dais in t his broad hall. Made
magic. These effects end if Elturel is freed from the chains of beautifully polished teakwood , it takes the shape of a
of Avernus. gauntleted hand clenched into a fist. A large lever stands
Dimensions. Each of the three levels of the cathedral
is set 20 feet higher than t he one below it. Rooms in the next to the alta r, suggesting that it has some sort of me-
cathedral are 15 feet high, and have 8-foot-high doorways chanical function.
connecting them.
Doors. The doors of the cathedral are made of iron. Each
door is a Large object with AC 19, 27 hit points, and immu- The lever can be pulled to open the hand, so that of-
nity to poison and psychic damage. If a door in the cathe- ferings to Torm or bodies undergoing rituals can be
dral is locked, it can be unlocked with a successful DC 17 placed upon it.
Dexterity check with thieves' tools, or forced open with a Activating the Altar. Even with all that has happened
successful DC 20 Strength (Athletics) check. in the city, this altar remains consecrated to Torm. A
Jllumination. Areas within the cathedral are brightly lit by
creature that touches the altar a nd s ucceeds on a DC
continual flame spells cast on wall sconces.
Walls. Clim bing the outside walls of the cathedral with- 15 Charisma (Religion) check rega ins all its hit points.
out equipment requires a successful DC 15 Strength (Ath- This check can be attempted only once for any creature.
letics) check. Though the power of the altar works for any creature, it
Windows. Most of the cathedral's wi ndows were shat- is specifically attuned to those dedicated to Torm. Cler-
tered du ring the descent into Avernus, but the windows ics a nd paladins of Torm have advantage on the check.
are covered by defensive shutters that are latched from Secret Door. Any character who searches the altar
within and swing outward on iron hinges. A successful while the hand is opened and succeeds on a DC 15 Wis-
DC 17 Strength (Athletics) check or DC 15 Dexterity check dom (P erception) check detects a large secret panel in
with thieves' tools opens a shutter from the outside. Each the palm of the hand. The panel opens easily, revealing
shutter is a Large object with AC 19, 27 hit points, and im-
a concealed staircase descending into the central por-
munity to poison and psychic damage.
tion of the catacombs level, just west of area HlS.





MllP 2 . 2: H tGM HllLL CllTMEORAl


These areas can be curtained off for small private cer- Read the following as the characters enter this area:
emonies. Each of these chapels contains the bodies of
dead guards, as well as the foul remains of infernal crea-
tures that died during the initial attack on the cathedral. This private chapel holds a desecrated altar with a de-
The columns at the north and south ends of each area cidedly fiendish air. Once dedicated to Torm, the alta r's
have stone altars set before them. features have been defaced with blood, ichor, and torn
Survivor. Seltern Obranch, a druid dedicated to Sil- strips of tlesh lashed together with sinew and intestines.
vanus, was here when the attack took place. After being
knocked down in the melee, he feigned his demise to
trick his attackers. If the characters search the bodies, This private chapel is similar to those of area H4. The
they notice Seltern open his eyes. devils currently rampaging through the cathedral de-
lf the characters treat him kindly, Seltern tells of how faced the holy altar to Torm. Any creature that doesn't
forces of devils assaulted the cathedral. He knows noth- actively worship or swear fealty to Zariel that starts its
ing of the current state of the place, but can tell the char- turn within 20 feet of the profane altar gains vulnera-
acters that all in the cathedral knew to flee to the main bility to all damage, accompanied by the sensation of
crypts (area Hl6) in case of an attack. their bones becoming brittle and their skin feeling dry
Seltern has been using the goodberry spell to help and cracked.
keep those in the cathedral alive. However, his con- The altar can be restored and its profane effect ended
nection to his beloved nature grows weaker by the day, in the following ways:
and he fears he may soon be unable to cast spells at all. A character who kneels before the altar, prays to Torm
Though he is not truly in danger of losing this ability for 1 minute, and succeeds on a DC 15 Intelligence
(his resolve is simply shaken), this can provide a role- (Religion) check at the end of the prayer causes Torm's
playing opportunity for the characters to boost his spir- power to wash over the altar and wipe clean the blood
its and strengthen his faith. and other desecrating elements.
• Splashing at least three flasks of holy water on the
altar destroys the desecrating elements and purifies
These circular stairs once led to residences and offices.
the altar.
They are now choked with rubble, as the sections that
housed those spaces were destroyed.


Two defensive turrets decorate the front of this area,
looking down over the courtyard. Arrow slits in the
1 square= 10 feet walls of each turret offer a view of the ground be-
, ,' low, but are too narrow for even Small creatures to
~ "~ squeeze through.
The north turret contains a traumatized male human
guard named Trevick Thantorme. The other guards
here ran downstairs when the attack started, only to
quickly fall. The panicked Trevick remained here, and
now sits curled up and whispering to himself that every-
thing's going to be okay.
A successful DC 10 Charisma (Persuasion) check re-
stores Trevick's courage, as does a calm emotions spell
or similar effect. If the characters allow it. Trevick vows
D to accompany them on their hunt for the devils. How-
ever, the first time he takes any damage, he curls up in a
ball again, requiring another check made as an action to
get him back in the fight.
The doors leading out onto this balcony are locked from
the inside. The balcony is 30 feet above the outside
courtyard below.


These areas are the final resting places of esteemed
priests, warriors, and other dedicated servants of
Elturel. For each of these areas the characters enter,
roll a d6. On a 1, the characters discover ld4 frightened
commoners in hiding (if the devils haven't found them)
or a number of mangled bodies (if the devils did).
MAP 2.3: HIGH HALL CATHED R Ai., C H O IR LEVEL As the DM, you determine the fates of these common-
ers. If the characters are dawdling because the players
don't appreciate the gravity of the threat to the survivors
H7. P I PE ORGAN in the cathedral, coming upon deceased commoners
The circular stairs from area H2 lead up to this area. can help underline that threat. Having the players un-
Read the following boxed text aloud to the players when derstand that these deaths might have been prevented if
their characters arrive here for the first time: they had acted more quickly is a good way to inspire the
characters to act with a little more urgency.
Situated atop this balcony is a magnificent pipe organ. Its Hll. VAULTS
ivory keys practically glow, even as its ebony keys seem These vaults are used for holding bodies waiting to
to absorb all light. be interred in some other part of the cathedral, or in
Elturel's cemetery. The only bodies presently here are
people who died as the city was drawn to Avernus.
The balcony looks out over area H3. Any character who
sits down at the pipe organ can feel that it is enchanted Hl2. TEMPLE OF THE H IGHEST
with powerful magic, and a detect magic spell reveals an This large temple was used for private ceremonies
aura of enchantment magic around it. involving the most powerful and respected figures in El-
A character who plays the organ and succeeds on a turel. Each of the semicircular alcoves here contains an
DC 15 Charisma (Performance) check can play a pow- elaborate, upright sarcophagus holding the body of a for-
erful song that resonates throughout the cathedral. This mer high priest of Torm. A sarcophagus can be opened
song grants a bonus die, a d8, to every other player char- with a successful DC 20 Dexterity check by a character
acter who can hear it. A character can only receive this proficient with thieves' tools. Eleven of the sarcophagi
benefit only once, and the d8 can be added to one attack contain partially decomposed bodies. The twelfth sar-
roll, ability check, or saving throw made by the charac- cophagus holds a mummy, which attacks as soon as its
ter in the next 24 hours. coffin is opened.
If the Charisma (Performance) check fails by 5 or Treasure. Each sarcophagus contains personal
more, a screeching, hellish tune erupts from the organ effects, but the sarcophagus with the mummy also con-
instead. Inspired by this cacophony, each devil the char- tains bracers ofdefense and a yellow diamond elemental
acters face in the next combat encounter in the cathe- gem. (The mummy does not use these items in combat.)
dral has advantage on attack rolls during its first turn.


1 square = 10 feet


Hl3. H A LL OF SCHOLARS woman wielding a greatsword marched up to the dragon

This crypt holds the bones of those who served Torm and hacked at the beast with mighty swings. Before the
and Elturel through their knowledge instead of magic or stunned creature could fly away, she slew it. A startled
skill at arms: teachers, engineers, sages, and other pub- and overwhelmed populace rushed toward the woman
lic servants. Plain stone shelves in the eleven alcoves to thank and reward her for her bravery. As they ap-
each bold one set of remains. proached, however, she fell dead. The unknown woman
Treasure. A rogue who worked in the cathedral used was laid to rest in this special place in the cathedral,
this room to hide her stolen goods. Behind the bones on and her body has never decomposed. Her nonmagical
one shelf are nine red amethysts (50 gp each) and a po- greatsword was placed at her side. Rumors suggest that
tion ofgreater healing. she was an incarnation of Torm, or that Torm's essence
filled the woman and inspired her to defeat the threat.
H l4 . C HAMBER OF T ORM'S COUNCIL Any devil that enters the stairs or the alcove leading to
A large oval table made of fine red oak fills the center this area is struck with intense pain, imposing disadvan-
of this room, and is surrounded by forty comfortable tage on its attack rolls while it remains in this area.
chairs. This chamber was used for meetings with indi-
viduals chosen to provide counsel to the high priests. Hl6 . MAIN C RYPTS
Read the following as the characters enter this area:
Read the following as the characters enter this area:
This large crypt area is presently home to over a hundred
frightened people. They cower behind sarcophagi and
This small, isolated tomb opens up at the end of a flight in alcoves, their eyes red and their cheeks stained with
of broad stairs off the open central area of this level.
tears. Standing before a large font is a haggard woman,
The body of a young woman lies on the bier, a gleaming her gray hair matted with sweat. With one arm, she
greatsword at her side.
clutches a leather-bound tome to her breast. In the other
hand, she wields a ceremonial mace that would probably
Years before the Companion appeared in the sky, a shatter if it struck anything harder than a pillow.
young red dragon made life miserable for the residents
of Elturel. It ate livestock, burned crops, and demanded
tribute. Then one day, a scruffy-looking, unarmored


Pherria and the others expected Ravengard back
hours ago. Pherria is now worried that some terrible
fate bas befallen the duke. If the characters are in rough
shape from their trials so far, Pherria suggests that they
get a good rest, then go as quickly as possible to the
cemetery to search for Ravengard and his retinue.


This tunnel, accessible from beneath one of the holy
water fonts in area Hl6, leads from under the cathedral
catacombs and away from the High Hall. The tunnel
now ends at a gaping hole in the floating earthmote to
which Elturel clings, some five hundred feet above the
River Styx.

Before the characters search for Grand Duke Ravengard
in Elturel's cemetery, they should advance to 6th level.
As the characters approach the cemetery, read the
boxed text below to describe its current state:

The ten-foot-high brass fence that once surrounded

These crypts house the remains of numerous worship· Elturel's cemetery has fallen in numerous places, and a
ers and servants of Torm interred over the past century. wide gate allowing access to the grounds has been torn
Currently, more than one hundred frightened survivors from its hinges. Severed humanoid body parts adorn the
of the attack on the High Hall are in hiding here, waiting spikes atop the fence posts. Some of the body parts wrig-
for their doom. Standing between them and death is
gle and writhe as if undead, twitching in concert with the
a lone a colyte, Pherriajynks. With alJ the cathedral's
priests dead and no one of higher authority to help her, lightning flashes of the Companion.
she does her best to keep people calm and quiet. A sim- Cracked gravestones and crumbling monuments are
ple sage and an expert on possession and exorcism, she scattered across the cemetery grounds, whose center
is only just starting her career as a servant of Torm. is occupied by a chapel dedicated to Lathander, Torm,
Tome ofthe Cr eed R esolute. The book in Pherria's Helm, and Tyr. That once-holy structure now glows with
possession is titled Tome of the Creed Resolute. Written
a fetid purple radiance.
on the first page of this book is the oath that all citizens
of Elturgard take when they're old enough to read,
swearing to defend Elturel body and soul. The rest of Elturel's grand cemetery was once a beautiful memorial
book is filled with signatures, all of which look like they to those who had passed into the realms beyond. Pic-
were written by the same hand. When a citizen of Eltur- turesque flowers and grass framed the graves, statues,
gard places a hand on the book and recites the oath, its and mausoleums that were once respectful reminders
name magically appears in the book as a signature. The of the dead.
book can magically gain new pages as needed to accom- When Elturel was pulled into Avernus, the cemetery's
modate new signatures. flowers wilted and its stone monuments cracked. Then
Pherria took the Tome of the Creed Resolute from the Gideon Lightward, a priest loyal to Zariel, used the dark
cathedral to safeguard it. The book is merely a record energy of the Companion to raise the city's dead as his
of everyone who has taken the Creed Resolute oath. Its minions. At the same time, a magical effect in the OS·
destruction doesn't break the agreements that bind the suary level beneath the cemetery's chapel gave demons
souls of Elturel's people to Avernus. access to an intermittently operational portal they could
Holy Water Fonts. The two wide fonts here contain use to enter the city. So far, only a few demons have ar-
water that has been blessed by priests, enough to fill rived, but more will come if it's not closed soon.
fifty flasks with holy water. Grand Duke Ravengard is one of many people who
A successful DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check know of a relic of Torm kept beneath the cemetery
notices odd details in the stonework around one of the chapel. The Helm of Torm's Sight is said to give a wor-
fonts, which covers a secret tunnel (area H17). thy soul the ability to commune directly with that noble
Development. Pherria tells the characters that Grand god. The duke and his guards came to the cemetery
Duke Ravengard took a group of guards to the city's to assess the threat of its undead and to search for
grand cemetery to investigate the proliferation of uodead the relic, but were waylaid by both demons and devils.
in that area. As well, Ravengard was hoping that a holy When the characters find him, Ravengard is locked in a
relic in the cemetery chapel called the Helm ofTorm's life-and-death struggle with a demonic force in the vault
Sight might provide some awareness into Elturel's dire of ascendance (area Gl2).
circumstances and possible salvation.


Gideon Lightward was a priest of Lathaoder who served
Elturel and his deity proudly. Zariel saw that his fervor
could be an asset to her, so she sent devils to corrupt
him in the months leading up to the fall ofElturel. The
devils posed as angels, offering Gideon increased power
if he would dedicate himself to fighting the ever-present
threat of demons.
Gideon slowly gave up his sanity and free will to the
devils, leaving him corrupted by Zariel and fully serving
her in the months leading up to Elturel's fall. He died
during the destruction wrought as the city was drawn
to Avernus, but the priest rose as an undead creature.
Even as an undead, Gideon remains his mistress's most
loyal servant in Elturel. He sees his cause as a noble
one-fighting the demons whose chaos marks the end of
all things. But his mind is broken and filled with hatred
for those who refuse to follow his commands.
Because of his obsession with destroying demons, the
characters might be able to temporarily ally with Gideon
to deal with the threat posed by the demon portal.
Unfortunately, unless they can trick him completely, the
undead priest won't let the characters leave the ceme-
tery without a fight.

Years ago, a wise and humble acolyte of Torm named

Opallita the Devout wanted to speak directly to her
god. Through decades of constant prayer in the crypts
beneath the chapel, she created a direct link between
the ossuary and the celestial essence of Torm, as her
prayers made the chamber that she prayed in sen-
sitive to psychic connections between mortals and
higher powers.
When Elturel was drawn to Avernus, the link between
the chamber and Torm was corrupted. This corruption
was sensed by the demon lord Baphomet. Seizing upon
that link, Baphomet used it as an anchor point to slowly
and methodically send demons through to the city. Even
now, the demon lord and his minions work to widen and
strengthen the connection, hoping to eventually allow
entire armies of demons into Avernus by way ofElturel.

GIDEON LIGHTWARD l anguages Common

Medium undead, lawful evil
Challenge 6 (2,300 XP)

Armor Class 11 Regeneration. Gideon regains 10 hit points at the start of each
Hit Points 136 (16d8 + 64) of his turns. lfhe takes radiant damage, this trait doesn't func-
Speed 30 ft. tio n at the start of his next turn. Gideon is destroyed only if he
starts his turn with 0 hit points and doesn't regenerate.
18 (+4) 13 (+l) 18 (+4) 10 (+O) 18 (+4) 13 (+1) ACTIONS
Saving Throws Dex +4, Con +7, Wis +7 Mu/tiattack. Gideon attacks twice with his fists.
Skills Insight +7, Religion +6
Fist. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit:
Damage Vulnerabilities radiant
11 (2d6 + 4) bludgeoning damage.
Damage Resistances bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing
damage from nonmagical attacks Withering Gaze. Gideon targets one creature he can see within
Damage Immunities necrotic, poison 60 feet of him. The target must make a DC 15 Constitution sav-
Condition Immunities exhaustion, paralyzed, poisoned ing throw, taking 22 (4dl0) necrotic damage on a failed save, or
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 14 half as much damage on a successful one.


EXPLORING TH E CEMETERY Looren, Dopp Hoosser, Whrenk the Bloody, Laveil de-
Nue, and VanLancer Eagletalon.
The section describes locations in the city's ceme- A successful DC 10 Intelligence (Arcana or Religion)
tery- both the chapel and the areas around it (areas Gl check made to study the carved pillars reveals that a pil-
through G6), and a subterranean ossuary level beneath lar can be empowered with radiant energy if the name
the chapel (areas G7 through G12). The descriptions of the hero it represents is spoken aloud as an action.
of the areas in this section are keyed to map 2.5 (page Any undead creature that moves within 5 feet of an
67) and map 2.6 (page 69). empowe red statue for the first time on a tum or starts
Several graves have been dug up, leaving pits in the its turn there takes 5 (ldlO) radiant damage.
earth that are 6 feet deep, 2 feet wide, and 7 feet long. A Each pillar is hollow and houses an incorporeal un-
number of stone mausoleums stand vacant. their doors dead creature: four s hadows and four specters in total.
hanging open. The interior of a mausoleum is dimly lit Seven of the undead emerge from the pillars to attack
when its door is open and shrouded in darkness when any character who attempts to enter the chapel. The
the door is closed. specter closest to the priest quarters (area GS) instead
As the characters investigate the cemetery, they ob- attempts to move to that area and warn Gideon of the
serve dozens of skeletons and zombies moving about intruders. If warned, Gideon quickly moves to area G4
the grounds. These undead, wandering aimlessly and and prepares to defend the chapel, while the specter re-
without direction, pose no threat to the characters on turns to join the fray.
their way into the chapel. However, if the characters fail
to deal with Gideon before leaving Elturel, the priest G2. CHAPEL OF LIGHT
has time to coordinate the efforts of the undead, turning Read the fo llowing as the characters enter this area:
them into a pote nt threat against the city.

APPROACHING THE CHAPEL The once-beautiful main area of the chapel is littered
As the characters draw near the chapel, they are ac- with broken furnishings and splintered chairs. The
costed by three minotaur skeletons-slain servants of stained-glass windows have all been smashed, though
Baphomet stripped of flesh and animated by Gideon us- one remains mostly intact where it's fallen whole to the
ing the power of the Companion. These skeletons attack
floor. It depicts a representation of the god Torm placing
any intruders on the cemetery grounds.
When the minotaur skeletons are disposed of and the a golden helm on the head of a man kneeling before him.
characters get their first close look at the chapel, read Out of the shadows step four minotaur skeletons
the following to set the scene: clutching bloody greataxes.

The city's descent into Avernus has taken its toll on this A squad of Baphomet's minotaurs attempted to overrun
once beautiful chapel. Nearly all the stained glass win- the chapel, but Gideon and his servants slew them.
dows along the outside walls have been smashed, and Gideon then turned them into four minotaur skeletons
the main doors hang open. No sign of any other crea- that attack as soon as any character enters this area.
The minotaur skeletons attempt to charge characters,
tures in or around the building can be seen.
knocking them through the s mashed windows. A crea-
ture pushed through a smashed window takes an extra
Characters can easily force their way into the chapel 7 (2d6) slashing damage.
through any of its broken stained-glass windows, or can Stained-Glass Window. The window lying mostly
enter through the main entrance at area Gl or the un- whole on the floor is cracked and has been trodden on,
locked back door into area G3. but the scene it shows is still recognizable. A successful
DC 10 Intelligence (History or Religion) check allows
Gl. WALK OF BRAVERY a character to recognize the scene as showing Torm
Read the following as the characters approach this area: presenting the Helm of Torm's Sight to Lannish Fogel, a
revered hero of Elturel's past and a dedicated paladin of
Torm. The helm pictured in the stained glass is the relic
Carved pillars resembling heroes of Elturel's past deco- Grand Duke Ravengard came to the chapel in search of.
rate this white marble patio leading into the main chapel.
The dark mahogany doors are ajar, and the remains of G3. CHAPEL OF MOURNING
the patio's windows have spread shattered stained glass Read the following as the characters enter this area:
The smashed remnants of fine furniture and the remains
of stained-glass windows are strewn across this area.
With a s uccessful DC 10 Intelligence (History) check, a
character can remember the name of one of the heroes Sections of one huge stained-glass window remain in-
represented by the carved pillars, with another name tact, enough so that its subject can still be made out.
remembered for each point by which the check total ex- The window once portrayed Lathander standing amid
ceeds 10. The names of the heroes are Agnithar, Zokel fallen soldiers, holding his hands aloft as the spirits of
of Torm, Bertra Zornes, Yevina Druen, Ca'sar, Xivik the dead rise to stand at his side.


This area of the chapel was used for funeral services for
esteemed political and military leaders of Elturel. 1 square =5 feet
If a creature kneels before the damaged window and
says a prayer to Lathander. then succeeds on a DC
10 Charisma (Religion) check made to determine the
sincerity and strength of the prayer, a glowing weapon I I
appears before the supplicant. Devout followers of
Lathander succeed on the check automatically.
Treasure. The weapon that appears is a +2 weapon.
This item takes the form of whatever weapon the char-
acter is wielding or wearing at the time, and would be
most useful to the supplicant in battle. Only one such
weapon can be gained by the characters in this way.

Read the following as the characters enter this area:

Three curtained archways connect this chamber to the

other areas of the chapel. Shattered wardrobes and
dressing tables, as well as a number of smashed mir·
rors, suggest that this was once where priests prepared
for their daily services. Spiral stairs leading down are
guarded by two creatures with insectoid features. Each
one is armed with a wicked trident.

The stairs lead down into the workshop (area G7) on the
ossuary level. Two m ezzoloths guard the stairs. Gideon
Lightward (see page 65 for his stat block) is also
present here if one of his undead servants warned him
of the characters' intrusion. Otherwise, the characters
encounter Gideon in area GS.
Just as the characters are about to face off against the
fiends, a cacophony erupts from below, and six creatures if either of those creatures survived. Gideon doesn't
rush up the stairs: a fiendish giant scorpion trailed by accompany the characters, wanting to guard the chapel
five dretches. In response, the mezzoloths (and Gideon, against demon attacks.
if present) ignore the characters completely, focusing all
their attacks on the scorpion and the demons. If Gideon
is present and the characters refrain from attacking This small building was Gideon Lightward's living quar-
him after the first round or two, they have advantage on ters when he oversaw the chapel and the maintenance of
checks to parley with him after the battle. Otherwise, the cemetery. Read the following boxed text aloud when
they have disadvantage on those checks. the characters enter this area:
Parley. If Gideon is present, he lowers his weapon
after all the demonic creatures are dead. If he is not This simple building contains a bed, a desk, a dresser,
here at the start of the fight, he arrives from his quarters
a table, and chairs. Much of the furniture has been
during the battle or after the demons are defeated. He
speaks to the characters, thanking them for any assis- destroyed, with decorations and other items strewn
tance in defeating the demonic intruders. He makes it haphazardly around the room, including holy symbols of
clear that his singular focus is stopping the demonic Lathander, Torm, Helm, and Tyr. A large tome appears to
incursion of Elturel- at all costs. have survived the destruction. It sits open at the center
If the characters ask about Ravengard, Gideon tells of the partially collapsed desk.
them that an armed group of humans entered the os-
suary level earlier. Since they were not demons, he al-
lowed them to pass, but with demons now coming from See area G4 for information on roleplaying Gideon if the
that area, Gideon angrily assumes that the humans are characters first encounter him here.
in league with the demons. Gideon's Testament. The book is a testament written
A successful DC 12 Charisma (Deception or Per- by Gideon in the months leading up to Elturel's fall. It
suasion) check allows the characters to earn Gideon's pontificates about the evil of demons, instructing the
trust. If they can convince him that they are here only reader to be ever vigilant against their incursions, and
to slay demons, he allows them to enter the crypt- and expounding that the demonic threat must be defeated at
even provides them with the service of one mezzoloth all costs. It praises the devils that stoically stand against


the unending demonic tide, while chastising Helm, G7. WO RKSHOP
Torm, Tyr, Lathander, and their angelic servitors for not The stairs from area G4 curl down to an unlocked door
doing the same. Gideon has nothing but praise for Zari- and a workshop beyond. Read the following boxed text
el's efforts to end the demonic threat. Any character who when the characters enter this area:
spends 10 minutes poring over the tome can conclude,
with a successful DC 10 Intelligence (Investigation)
check, that it's the work of a madman. This workshop appears to be where priests and acolytes
Any character who continues to read the book beyond prepared dead bodies for final interment. The place has
that basic level of understanding must succeed on a been ransacked, with knives, saws, piping, and tubes
DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed check, the littering the floor. Acid and embalming fluid pool every-
character is cursed with a particularly intense hatred where, amid a fie ld of shattered flasks and jars.
of demons. A creature cursed in this way takes 5 (ld 10)
psychic damage if it can see any demon within 60 feet
of it and ends its turn not having attempted to attack a The double door to the north leads to stairs that descend
demon. This curse can be removed with a remove curse to areas G8, G9, and Gll.
spell or simiJar magic. At the end of each long rest, a Tracks. A successful DC 15 Wisdom (Survival) check
cursed creature can make a DC 15 Wisdom saving reveals the tracks of multiple demons in the detritus
throw, ending the effect on itself on a success. spread across the floor. Amid those tracks, signs can be
seen of a single group of booted humans moving down
G6. UNDEAD PIT the stairs. These bootprints, trailing embalming fluid,
Read the following as the characters enter this area: lead all the way to area Gll, then back toward area Gl2.


The path around the chapel has been sundered by a
Those who could not afford the expense of a cemetery
deep hole in the ground, filled with a putrid purple mist. plot above ground were respectfully laid to rest in this
The haze filling the hole blocks any sense of how deep it area and area G9. Read the following as the characters
might be, or of what might lie within. enter this area:

Gideon creates his undead servants in this 30-foot-deep The walls of this chamber are lined with funerary shelves,
pit, which was formed when a piece of the meteor that each set with dusty humanoid bones. Relics and holy
struck the High Hall splintered off. symbols of Lathander, Torm, Helm, and Tyr have been
Necromantic Mist. The mist is formed by necroman- set prominently on a number of shelves.
tic energy emitted from the corrupted Companion. A
successful DC 10 Intelligence (Investigation) check
made to study the mist reveals that it pulsates in sync The bones marked by holy symbols are the remains of
with the crackling energy of the corrupted Companion. honored priests and acolytes who worked in the chapel,
Any creature that enters the mist for the first time on and who requested to take their final rest alongside the
a turn or starts its turn there takes 5 (ldlO) necrotic poor they served.
damage. Climbing the sides of the pit without equipment The holy symbols in this area once channeled the
requires a successful DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check. blessings of their gods, but that trace magic has been
Whenever Gideon directs his minions to toss a dead corrupted by the passage of Elturel to Avernus, and by
body into the pit, an undead creature crawls forth one the presence of the abyssal portal in area Gl2. If any
hour later. Newly created undead patiently wander the holy symbol is touched, or if any creature not a fiend
cemetery grounds until Gideon gives them orders. or undead lingers in this area for more than 1 minute,
One undead creature appears during the time the all the holy symbols unleash a pulse of necrotic power.
characters investigate the pit, and more can appear if Each creature in the area must make a DC 15 Constitu-
they leave this area, then return again while Gideon is tion saving throw, taking 18 (4d8) necrotic damage on
still at large. Use the Undead Creation table to deter- a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful
mine what kind of undead creature is created. one. This hazard resets in 1 hour as long as the portal in
area Gl2 is active.
d20 Undead d20 Undead
Read the following as the characters enter this area:
1-4 Skeleton 13-15 Ghoul
5-7 Zombie 16- 17 Ghast
18-19 Wight This huge chamber is lined by funerary shelves along the

8- 10 Shadow
11 - 12 Specter 20 Wraith stone walls above six bare daises, creating a display of
dusty humanoid bones rising from floor to ceiling.


A quasit named Ophurkh was the first demon to come
through the portal in area Gl2, acting as a scout. A
steadfast servant of Baphomet, it remains in this area
to provide instructions for other demons as they arrive 1 square = 5 feet
through the portal and prepare to enter Elturel.
Ophurkh remains invisible and keeps quiet as the
characters pass through this area. If it is able to elude
notice, it follows the characters, waiting for a chance to
use its Scare ability to try to drive them from this level.
If unsuccessful, it goes invisible again, then waits and
attacks alongside the minotaurs that emerge from the
portal when the characters reach area Gl2.
If captured, the self-serving quasit can be coerced into
providing information about the portal and the plans of
its demonic masters (see "Demon Portal," page 65)
with a successful DC 10 Charisma (Intimidation) check.


Read the following as the characters enter this area:

This area is set with cushions and low stools of brown

oak. Above an empty dais, the wall is covered with a
mosaic shaped from colored chips of bone, artfully
arranged to depict scenes offunerals, the migration of
souls, and the celestial realms. Lettering along the bot-
tom of the mosaic reads: "Contemplate life. Death comes
soon enough."

Any character with proficiency in Religion recognizes

this area as one in which priests dedicated to dealing
with the dead would meditate to help them endure the
dark nature of their work. M11r> 2.C:.: GRAND CEMETERY, OssUllRV LEVEl


This vault once housed the Helm ofTorm's Sight, but no
longer. Read the following boxed text to the players as
the characters enter this area:
Read the following as the characters enter this area:

This rubb le-strewn vault contains five marble statues

A shallow meditation pool fills this room, set off from a
atop daises. Four of the statues are unrecognizable, as
broad landing edged by a low wrought-iron railing. Won·
their features have been badly marred by rock fal len from
drous frescoes along the walls depict souls gaining the
the cracked ceiling. The fifth is a finely carved statue of a
blessings of Lathander, Torm, Helm, and Tyr. The fres-
kneeling man.
coes on one wall have been twisted into abyssal forms
surrounding a shimmering portal.
The recognizable statue depicts Lannish Fogel, as seen The pool is littered with the mutilated bodies of hu-
in the stained-glass window in area G2. Any characters mans wearing the uniforms of Baidu r's Gate and Elturel.
who saw the window recognize that the two depictions
The swirling water of the pool roils with shadow, and is
are the same man. If none of the characters recognized
Lannish Fogel in area G2, a successful DC 10 Intelli- shot through with patches of black ichor where demons
gence (History or Religion) check allows a character to have fal len here. An armored man with a shield slung
recognize the statue. over his back crouches among the bodies, writhing in
Any inspection of the statue reveals that its head has pain. His eyes are closed, and his hands clutch at a gold
been sculpted as if it was meant to wear a separate
helm on his head as if trying in vain to claw it off. Unin-
helm, but no such helm is present.
Tracks. A successful DC 15 Wisdom (Survival) check telligible words spill from his lips, some sounding saintly
reveals more demonic tracks passing through this and solemn, while others resonate with a cruel hissing.
area, as well as the tracks of booted humans leading on
to area G12.


This chamber was a place for the most devout of Torm's
followers to touch the mind of their god in search of
answers and solace. The water in the pool is only 1 foot
deep. A benign magical effect within the pool causes the
water to flow slowly in a clockwise direction. Though
tainted with abyssal power, the water presents no haz-
ard to creatures that enter it, and is not difficult terrain.
The east wall of this area is a roiling field of abyssal
energy, marking the portal where Baphomet has used
this area's corrupted Link to Torm to connect the Abyss
to Avernus, by way of Elturel.
Ulder Ravengard (see the accompanying stat block)
found the Helm ofTorm's Sight in area Gll and donned
it. The helm is a nonmagical item through which Torm
can send visions. Ravengard was beginning to establish
a connection with Torm when a disturbance in this
room brought him and his guards into combat with de-
monic creatures sent through the portal by Baphomet.
Ravengard was subjected to a psychic attack that drew
his mind into a connection with Baphomet. Now the
helm can't be removed, and he is locked in a mental bat-
tle with the demon lord. Ravengard is stunned until the
helm is removed. The helm can't be removed from him
while he is alive-at least, not yet.
As the characters observe the struggle taking place
within Ravengard, three wild-eyed minotaurs come
through the portal. They charge into battle with the
characters but avoid Ravengard because of the demonic
presence they feel within him.
ULDER RAVENGARD Any character who understands Celestial or Abyssal
Medium humanoid (human) , neutral
can recognize some of the words escaping Ravengard's
Armor Class 20 (plate, shield) lips. He alternates between the two languages as both
Hit Points 112 (15d8 + 45) Torm and Baphomet speak through him. A successful
Speed 25 ft. DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana or Religion) check reveals
that the psychic struggle taking place within Raven-
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA gard's mind is between some divine higher power and a
17 (+3) 14 (+2) 16 (+3) 11 (+O) 10 (+O) 17 (+3) terrible, demonic entity. The power of the portal is now
tied into the helm, and to Ravengard. The same check
Saving Throws Con +6, Wis +3
also reveals that no simple spell can break this hold-
Skills Athletics +6, Intimidation +6, Perception +3
Senses passive Perception 13 but that a more involved ritual might free Ravengard
Languages Common and shut down the portal by allowing the power of Torm
Challenge 5 (l,800 XP) to sanctify this area once more.
Characters who spoke to Pherria back at the cathedral
remember that she was a sage who specialized in exor-
ACTIONS cism and possession. As such, she might be able to help.
Multiattack. Ulder makes th ree me lee attacks, only one of Treasure. Searching the bodies of the fallen guards
wh ich can be with his shield. turns up three wet but usable spell scrolls (mass healing
word, remove curse, and tongues).
+1 Longsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one
ln addition to the Helm ofTorm's Sight, Ravengard
target. Hit: 8 (1d8 + 4) slashing damage , or 9 (ldlO + 4) slash-
wears a bloodied suit of plate armor emblazoned with
ing damage when used with two hands.
the emblem of the F laming Fist. His shield, which also
Shield. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach S ft., one crea- bears this emblem, is slung over his back. The grand
ture. Hit: 6 (ld6 + 3) bludgeoning damage, and Ulder pushes duke's +1 longsword is sheathed at his side.
the target S feet away from him. Ulder then ente rs the space
vacated by the target. If the target is pushed to within S feet of LEAVING THE CHAPEL
a creature friendly to Ulder, the target provokes an opportunity Once the characters defeat the minotaurs, they can
attack from that c reature. carry Ravengard back to the High Hall. If Gideon has
not been destroyed, he might question the characters as
REACTIONS they leave the chapel or the cemetery. See area G4 for
Guardian Strike. If an enemy within 5 feet of Ulder attacks a information on roleplaying Gideon.
target other than him , Ulder can ma ke a melee attack against Hearing Ravengard mumbling in Abyssal, Gideon
that enemy. might need convincing that Ravengard is not some sort


of demon or demonic aUy. A good explanation- that be restored as described in area H6 (see page 61).
Ravengard is actually a great demon hunter, that he Pherria suggests that the characters splash the altar
has trapped a demon the characters plan to kill, and with holy water taken from the font in area H16.
so forth-alongside a successful DC 15 Charisma (De- • A creature standing within 5 feet of the restored altar
ception or Persuasion) check prompts Gideon to let must recite a special prayer to Torm. Only this prayer
them pass. can break evil's hold on Grand Duke Ulder Raven-
gard's mind.
ESCAPING THE SIEGE A powerful symbol of courage and self-sacrifice is
needed to empower the ritual. Pherria suggests the
When the characters arrive back at the High Hall ca-
greatsword of the Unknown Hero in area HIS. (The
thedral with Grand Duke Ravengard in tow, they can
characters can use a different object that symbolizes
consult with Pherria to find a way to remove the Helm courage and self-sacrifice, at your discretion.)
of Tor m's Sight without killing Ravengard. Doing so
involves a ritual that the characters can help carry out. PERFORMING THE PRAYER
If the ritual is successful, the stunned condition ends on Pherria warns the characters that she has never at-
Ravengard, and he recalls the visions he experienced tempted this particular ritual before, and that they
that hint at how to return Elturel to Faerun. These vi- should be ready to step in and help her-or to fight off
sions trigger some of Lulu's memories. She sees a path any evil forces that might try to disrupt the process.
forward, but it involves the characters leaving the city to The ritual prayer takes 30 seconds to recite. Pher-
brave the terrible landscape of Avernus. ria knows the prayer by heart, but another creature
Characters wishing to leave Elturel must find a way to can invoke a suitable prayer with a successful DC
avoid the River Styx and the host of devils and demons 10 Intelligence (Religion) check. While the prayer is
waging war below the city. Only then can the characters being spoken, one character must spend the next 5
make their way to the outpost known as Fort Knuckle- rounds gently resting the sword of the Unknown Hero
bone, where the next leg of their adventure starts (as on the Helm of Torm's Sight. While the prayer is being
described in chapter 3). spoken, the one holding the sword must succeed on a
DC 11 Constitution saving throw at the end of each of
RETURN TO THE CATHEDRAL their turns or take 10 (3d6) force damage.
The characters can make their way back to the relative Immediately after the character holding the sword
safety of the cathedral in the High Hall. If they helped makes their first saving throw, the potent magic of the
defeat the devils that attempted to take the cathedral ritual attracts demonic spirits loyal to Baphomet, which
earlier, the trip should be uneventful. Alternatively, emerge from the helm as two will-o'-wisps that attempt
to keep the tension high, you can roll for random en- to disrupt the ritual by attacking the individuals reciting
counters in the western portion of the city (see "More the prayer and holding the sword.
Encounters in Elturel," page 54). An encounter or When the character holding the sword makes the last
two while the characters protect Duke Ravengard could saving throw, the ritual is complete. The will-o'-wisps
make for memorable play. are banished, and Ravengard comes to his senses.


Upon returning to the High Hall cathedral with Ulder You can simplify the encounter with Ulder Ravengard by
Ravengard, the characters are greeted by PherriaJynks allowing the characters to remove the Helm ofTorm's
and the druid Seltern Obranch, who rush to aid them Sight from his head, whereupon Ravengard quickly regains
in getting the grand duke to a safe resting place. If the his senses. At that point, he can tell them about his vi·
characters faiJed to save the people in the cathedral, sions, which provide the information they need and trigger
Lulu's memories. He then lets them plot a path forward in
they must find a safe place to rest or forge ahead with-
their quest to save Elturel.
out assistance. They can search the rest of the city for Alternatively, Ravengard can fall unconscious when the
secure locations, or look for other survivors who might helm is removed, even as the character who removes it
have skills or information that can assist them. Lulu feels an almost overwhelming urge to don it. A charac·
might also regain memories that grant her insight into ter who dons the helm feels at peace and sees visions
where to go next. of troops in gleaming armor marching across a grassy
If the characters failed to ascertain the story behind plain with military precision. In the next breath, the
Ravengard's stunned state, Pherria can assist them in character sees massive groups of disfigured monsters
putting things together. Working with the acolyte, the loping across a blighted landscape, tearing at screaming
characters (especially those who have proficiency in Ar- enemies. The character wearing the helm can't remove it
until they receive a bless spell from a worshiper ofTorm.
cana and Religion) determine how to move forward. The
(Pherria fits this description.) In the meantime, as the
demonic essence intertwined with Torm's presence by adventuring party travels back to the cathedral with the
way of the helm can be cast out with the proper ritual. still-unconscious Ravengard, the character wearing the
helm experiences the same visions that Ravengard was
RITUAL PREPARATIONS having, as described in "The Path Forward" (page 72).
Pherria outlines what's needed for the ritual: Ravengard then awakens after l hour, no worse for wear.
• The altar of Torm in area H6 must be cleansed and
the ritual performed before it. The altar of Torm can


Ulder Ravengard insists on remaining in Elturel to help
With the forces of evil defeated, Grand Duke Ravengard organize survivors to fight off the devils, demons, and
regains his faculties and can relay the story of the spirit undead scouring the city. Though he's willing to die
journey he undertook while wearing the Helm ofTorm's fighting in Elturel's defense, it's up to the characters to
Sight. Torm has shown him a path forward, but the help Lulu find the Sword ofZariel.
visions were clouded and warped by the demonic es- If she's still alive, Reya Mantlemom decides to stay
sence channeled through the portal Ravengard shares
in Elturel and help Ravengard protect the city, fighting
the following information: back tears as s he bids farewelJ to the characters.
• In his spirit journey, Ravengard saw a bloodied
woman in armor- a soldier wearing the colors and LEAVING ELTUREL
crest of Elturel- grasping a longsword fit for an angel. Inventive characters have a number of different options
Fresh blood streamed from a nasty cut on the wom- to reach the s urface of Avernus from Elturel, but none of
an's cheek. those options is without risk.
• Flying next to the woman was a small, golden ele-
phant with rapidly fluttering wings. (If Lulu is still CLIMBING DOWN
with the party, Ravengard identifies her as the crea- The jagged posts and enormous chains of infernal iron
ture he saw in his vision.) that hold Elturel are the only physical connection be-
• As an enormous, loping demon threatened to devour tween the city and the ground. Each chain link is 30 feet
the woman, she plunged the sword into the ground long and 20 feet wide, and is formed of a welded loop of
while the winged elephant made a trumpet sound with infernal iron that is 5 feet thick. See chapter 5 for more
its trunk. The demon was hurled back as an alabaster information on breaking these infernal chains.
palace rose up around the sword. The winged ele- The chain links are covered in 1-foot-long iron barbs
phant fled and took to the red sky of Avernus, where it that make them relatively easy to move along. The posts
watched as a bloody scab grew up from the ground to of infernal iron that anchor Elturel to the ground like-
engulf the palace and the enormous demon. wise offer numerous handholds for climbing. If the char-
• The winged elephant fled and wandered in a delirium acters navigate the chains and the posts carefully. no
before corning upon two odd, birdlike humanoids ability checks are needed to prevent a fall while climb-
dressed in patchwork armor and standing next to ing across the chains or descending the posts at normal
a strange infernal vehicle. The bird creatures were speed. Any character who tries to move or climb more
equipped with odd weapons and tools. quickly during a turn must succeed on a DC 10 Strength
As Ravengard recounts the vision, Lulu remembers (Athletics) check or fall.
helping one of the Hell riders plant Zariel's sword in the Fiendish magic within the posts and chains makes
ground and raise an impenetrable fortress around it. prolonged contact with them unbearable. Once per min-
Lulu remembers the Hellrider's name if that memory ute, any creature in contact with the infernal iron must
has already been unlocked (see the Lulu's Memories make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw, taking 10
table on page 51). Both Ravengard and the hollyphant (3d6) necrotic damage on a failed save. or half as much
are convinced that the Sword of Zariel is the key to sav- damage on a successful one. A creature that fails this
ing Elturel. Any character who dons the Helm ofTorm's saving throw must then succeed on a DC 10 Dexterity
S ight and experiences Torrn's vision feels the same way. saving throw or s lip from the chain or post and fail.
Ravengard remembers nothing more of his vision, Any character within reach of a falling creature can,
but Lulu Raps her wings in excitement at the final part with a successful DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check, grab
of his story as she remembers meeting a pair of "bird the falling creature and swing it back onto the chain,
folk" named Chukka and Clonk. Based on descriptions provided the falling creature is light enough for the char-
furnished by Lulu and Ravengard, the characters can acter to carry.
conclude that Chukka and Clonk are kenku. Lulu re- Creatures that fall from Elturel or one of the chains
members that the kenku took her to a junkyard called take damage from the fall and land in the Styx (see page
Fort Knucklebone. where they built and repaired infer- 76 for the river's effects). Those that fall off one of
nal vehicles designed to move quickJy across the blasted the anchoring posts take damage from the fall and land
wastelands of Avernus. Lulu doesn't remember who ran amid clashing devils and demons. where they are bru-
the fort or what other creatures s he met there. tally killed if they survived the falJ.
Lulu quickly flies to the top of the cathedral and looks
out over the blasted landscape of Avernus below Elturel.
After trumpeting loudly, she returns to report that she Lulu has the ability to fly, and one or more characters
can see Fort Knucklebone, and estimates it to be no might also be able to do so. Whether they possess wings
or have access to magic such as a Ry spell or a potion of
more than ten miles away.
flying, characters who take to the air can easily get clear
of Elturel. However, flying creatures might attract the
attention of winged devils and demons in the area, at
your discretion.


IMPROVISED EQUIPMENT The demons and the devils are too focused on one an-
Enterprising and creative players might want their other to concern themselves with adventurers who keep
characters to find or create equipment to assist them in their distance. The devils are commanded by Lucille,
their descent. Parachutes, gliders, and hot-air balloons Zariel's most loyal pit fie nd. If the characters come to
are just a few of the off-the-wall ideas players might Lucille's attention, the pit fiend sends twelve spined
come up with. If they do, be prepared to improvise. Raw d evils to dispose of them.
materials for putting together such equipment can be Characters who hurl themselves into the fiendish
found in the shops and warehouses of Elturel. conflict are as good as dead, but circumstances might
Once the characters have collected the neces- necessitate one or more characters moving unseen
sary resources, you can decide which ability checks through the ranks of devils and hordes of demons. Such
might come into play as they create their improvised a plan might include causing a distraction that moves
equipment- and to determine how well that equipment the battle in a different direction, waiting for a demon
works. Use the following guidelines: surge (or creating one) to disturb the stalemate enough
to sneak through, or magical disguises that would allow
• A successful DC 10 Intelligence (Investigation) check characters to pass themselves off as fiends of a sort. Par-
allows a character to figure out the mechanical setup ticularly clever plans s hould be allowed to automatically
of a piece of equipment. succeed. Otherwise, you can call for ability checks to de-
A successful DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check spots termine how well a plan is executed; use the guidelines
any naws in construction. in the Dungeon Master 's Guide to set appropriate DCs
• A s uccessful DC 10 Dexterity check and an appropri- for these checks . In the event of total failure, or no plan
ate tool proficiency can guide the delicate construction at all, the characters might end up having to fight their
or adjustment of a piece of improvised gear. way through the fiendish battle, which is no small task.
Keep in mind any backgrounds or tool proficiencies Treasure. Lucille wears a helm ofdevil command and
the characters might have that could be useful in the carries a battle standard of infernal power (see appendix
creation of improvised equipment. C for descriptions of these magic items), neither of
Unless the characters completely botch their ability which the pit fiend gives up willingly.
checks to the point where creating the intended piece of Development. The characters encounter Lucille again
improvised equipment is clearly impossible, you should at the end of the adventure when they return to liberate
allow such equipment to work as intended, even if not Elturel (see "Endgame in Elturel,~ page 154).
perfectly. For added drama, allow the characters to get
most of the way to safety, then throw in a complication To FORT KNUCKLEBONE!
when they are within SO feet of the ground. Call for Once they escape from Elturel, the characters must
more ability checks like the ones above as the charac- begin the ten-mile trek to Fort Knucklebone. If the char-
ters attempt to quickly spot and fix problems-or call for acters move quickly and carefully, they can make the
Dexterity saving throws if their improvised equipment journey without running into any more trouble. Let them
fails and sends them hurtling toward the ground. advance to 7th level before beginning chapter 3.
Legions of devils camped on the shores of the River
Styx below Elturel are the biggest threats for characters
attempting to flee the city. Characters who fly, glide, or
balloon over the siege can avoid the main body of the
devils' army, but come under attack by forces to the rear.
Adjust the boxed text below accordingly as you read it to
the players to set the scene:

Armored legions of devils encircle the enormous posts

of infernal iron that anchor Elturel to the rocky ground.
Squads of demons fighting ten deep in some places hurl
themselves into the devils' ranks. Most of those abyssal
troops are lowly manes and dretches, who die quickly in
vain attempts to drag down devils so that stronger de-
mons behind them can strike killing blows.
A dark river cuts a path across the blasted landscape
and flows directly beneath the city. Floating on the river
are demonic barges being assailed by squadrons of
winged devils under the command of a terrifying pit fiend
wearing an eyeless helm and clutching a battle standard.

UIDED BY LULU THE HOLLYPHANT AND construction and repair of infernal war machines. If
discoveries made in Elturel, the characters the characters agree to make a deal with the night hag,
trek across Avernus, the first layer of the they can acquire one or more of these vehicles. Mad
Nine Hells, to recover the Sword ofZariel Maggie can also help Lulu unlock some of her forgot-
and free Elturel from its chains. Navigating ten memories.
the wastelands of Avernus might seem From Fort Knucklebone, Lulu guides the characters
like a difficult proposition, but thankfully to the place where s he thinks the Sword ofZariel is hid-
the characters have the map given to them den: Haruman's Hill. There, they meetjander Sunstar, a
by Sylvira Savikas in chapter l. For more vampire with some information. They also meetJander's
information on how to use the Avernus torturer, Haruma n- a fall en Hellrider and one ofZariel's
poster map, see "Using the Poster Map" (page 79). infernal generals. Lulu eventually realizes she's made
Elturel and Fort Knucklebone aren't marked on the a grave mistake and led the characters to the wrong
poster map, as Elturel was not present when the map place. She s uggests two possible paths going forward:
was drawn, and the cartographer who drew the map the Path of Demons and the Path of Devils. Each path
never encountered Fort Knucklebone. You can situ- features a number of locations across Avernus that the
ate Elturel anywhere along the River Styx, and Fort characters must visit in sequence to learn where Zariel's
Knucklebone anywhere within ten miles ofElturel. sword is hidden.
At any time during their exploration of Avernus, the
RUNNING THIS CHAPTER characters and Lulu might encounter the Wandering
Emporium, a marketplace that wanders Avernus on the
This chapter opens with information about Avernus that backs of giant infernal war machines. The Wandering
you need to run the e ncounters and adventure locations Emporium provides a good place for the characters to
that follow. rest and gather supplies that are otherwise hard to find
The story picks up where it left off in chapter 2, with
in Avernus.
the characters embarking on a quest to save Elturel At the conclusion of this chapter, the characters learn
while Ulder Ravengard and Reya Mantlemorn stay that the Sword ofZariel is hidden in a place called the
behind to organize survivors and defend the city. Lulu Bleeding Citadel. If she's still alive, Lulu helps them
guides the characters to Fort Knucklebone, home to get there. See chapter 4 for details about the Bleed-
a pair of kenku junk scavengers named Chukka and
ing Citadel.
Clonk, whom Lulu thinks can provide assistance. Mad
Maggie, the night hag who runs the fort , oversees the

the need to control, the craving for power, and uncon-
WHAT Is AVERNUS? trolled greed. Hell offers an eternity of fulfillment from
Avernus serves as tbe front line of the great clash be- the most insignificant desires to the seven deadly sins.
tween the evil forces of chaos and law known as the Every shred of evil is used in the Nine Hells, and each
Blood War. Demons from the Abyss use the River Styx layer specializes in some way to accommodate and ex-
to enter Avernus, where they hurl themselves against ploit the vices and weaknesses of mortals. The devils of
infernal legions of devils. Avernus seek to exploit pride and wrath, promising the
Avernus was not always the blasted, war-torn battle- aggrieved, enraged, and egotistical the power to fulfill
field it is today. Long ago, it was a plane of lush gardens their darkest obsessions. Such fulfillment, however,
and bucolic beauty created by Asmodeus to tempt mor- comes at a price.
tals. The intrusion of the River Styx followed by endless Anyone entering Avernus finds a battlefield unlike
waves of slavering demons destroyed this paradise. leav- anywhere else in existence. Evidence of past carnage,
ing layer upon layer of bones, ruins, and shattered war such as the ruins of enormous war machines and
machines. Pieces of cities stolen from other planes, tiny fields of bleached bones, stretches across the horizon.
remnants of Avernus's lost beauty, evidence of destroyed Through it all, the River Styx winds its way across the
celestial armies, and tombs of ancient travelers all dot plane as knots of demons and devils skirmish along its
the Avernian wasteland. fetid banks.
Avernus is not a place expressly for the punishment Most devils in Avernus serve Zariel, though other
of evil souls; instead, it represents a "next level" for evil Lords of the Nine send forces here to help repel de-
souls after the end of their wicked lives as mortals. The monic invaders. Devils who are not part of Zariel's
Nine Hells allows souls to exist in a concentrated form, legions serve as emissaries from the other layers or as
where they can work through their spiritual bondage to spies for archdevils seeking signs of weakness that they
express their dark desires such as cruelty, covetousness, can exploit to further their dreams of power.

For characters oflevel 7
The adventurers question Chukka and Clonk, a
pair of kenku junk scavengers. A night hag named
Mad Maggie runs this outpost, overseeing the con-
struction and repair of infernal war machines.

For characters oflevel 7
For characters oflevels 7 and higher
After Mad Maggie helps restore some of Lulu's This traveling market visits all corners of Avernus.
memories, the hollyphant leads the adventurers to Adventurers who happen upon the Wandering
where she thinks the Bleeding Citadel is, but ends Emporium can rest, trade goods, and dine at a
up at Haruman's Hill, a place of great evil. restaurant run by a rakshasa named Mahadi.

For characters oflevel 7 1
After a hellwasp attack atop Haruman's Hill, the
adventurers must rescue Lulu when she's abducted
and taken to a nearby hellwasp nest. _______.r

For characters oflevels 8-10
For characters oflevels 8- 10
If the adventurers choose this path to finding the If the adventurers choose this path to finding the
Sword ofZariel, a series of encounters leads them Sword of Zariel, a series of encounters leads them
to the demon lord Kostchtchie and a showdown to Bel, the pit fiend who ruled Avernus before
with Olanthius, a fallen Hell rider. Zariel unseated him. Bel helps them for a price.

OlllG RllM 3 .1: CHllPTER 3 F LOW C HllRT

VISITORS TO AVERNUS Because devils can't simply walk out of Avernus and
step onto the Material Plane, they must rely on minions
Extraplanar travelers come to Avernus from time to such as cultists and evil wizards, who can contact them
time. Such visitors include war profiteers looking to and do their bidding in exchange for wealth and power.
get rich trading weapons and armor, mad wizards who A select group of devils and mortal followers who seek
want to test their latest spells. clerics on missions from to cause strife and destabilize harmonious communi-
their gods, treasure hunters searching for lost artifacts, ties serve as Zariel's chief corruptors. By funding evil
grim-faced merchants who deal in slaves, smugglers of groups, making and distributing weapons, and causing
soul coins, and scholars seeking firsthand knowledge of random acts of violence in the name of some enemy to
the machinations of the diabolical realms. Adventurers ignite the spark of war, devils swell the capacity for mor-
come here to negotiate with powerful fiends, meddle tals to commit acts of evil, corrupting souls by the thou-
in the Blood War, and free poor souls trapped io the sands and thus ensuring the legions of devils are full of
Nine Hells. diabolic soldiers for the Blood War.
By bringing Elturel to Avernus and potentially gaining a Under constant pressure from both the Abyss and her
choke hold on Baldur's Gate, Zariel aims to capture as infernal peers, Zariel and her high-ranking vassals work
many evil mortals as she can, turn them into devils, and to keep her armies constantly in the fight. Zariel's wrach
swell the ranks of her battle-depleted legions. Through and pride have limits, however, and this offers her an
Thavius Kreeg, Zariel found a way to exploit the gullible opportunity for redemption. Zariel has, in a twisted way,
nature of mortals by appealing to their need to follow achieved her dream as an angel- to fight face-to-face
a leader who proclaims spiritual power. Because of against the demon hordes in the Blood War. But the bur-
Kreeg, the residents of Elturel are bound by the Creed den is a heavy one, and if given the chance, Zariel could
Resolute to fight and die for Zariel in her endless war. be convinced to set it aside, release Elturel, and return
to the light with a completely transformed perspective.
Io some ways, Zariel is a jewel in Asmodeus's crown- a FEATURES OF AVERNUS
former angel, now an archdevil, in his infernal service.
The hellscape of Avernus sits under hideous clouds
Given her origin, Zariel has more than the normal share
that obscure the vault of the sky, from which the occa-
of devils plotting to overthrow her, the first among them
sional meteor streaks before crashing into the ground.
being the pit fiend Bel. whom she displaced. By Asmode-
Ambient light continually swells up from just below the
us's decree, Bel now serves Zariel as an advisor, though
horizon as though lit by nine setting suns, yet no actual
the two can barely stand to be in each other's presence.
celestial bodies fill the sky- no sun, moons. or stars.
Despite the conflict within the diabolical ranks, Zariel
This constant twilight makes it difficult for the denizens
runs a tight ship and instills fear in her legions. Retri-
of Avernus to track the passage of time.
bution against those who attempt to betray her is swift
The atmosphere reeks of brimstone and burning tar,
and terrible.
and hot gusts of wind shriek across the hellscape to
WAR FOR SOULS scour the land below. Sometimes these winds swirl into
Souls are the most prized commodities in the Nine immense sandstorms, which can strip flesh from bone
Hells. The Blood War taxes Zariel's armies. so she must and plunge everything into darkness.
ensure a fresh supply of souls as replacements. To this Biting flies, hellwasps, and blood-sucking stirges
end, Zariel looks for evildoers in the mortal realms who patrol the air, hunting for any source of blood to feed on.
can deliver more souls to her. Swarms of them can grow so large that they blacken the
sky and deafen the ears with the sound of their wings.
On the ground, wandering bands of nupperibos-blind,
bloated castaways of the damned- move in the thou-
Whereas demons attack in disorganized mobs, relying on sands like living lakes of groaning flesh in their agoniz-
shock and overwhelming numbers to carry the day, devils
ing search for food. Bone fields, quicksand, bubbling tar
organize into a basic unit called a legion. Each legion con·
pits, lakes of lava, canyons of wailing souls, and salt Hats
tains one thousand devils organized as follows:
made from the tears of the damned all await those who
• 1 legion .. 10 cohorts, commanded by a legate wander the hellscape.
• 1 cohort • 10 lances, commanded by a signifier
• 1 lance • 10 devils, commanded by an optio R IV ER STYX
Ranks of miserable lemures and nupperibos compose the
The River Styx courses through the Lower Planes,
base of dreg legions, while bearded devils and merregons
make up the bulk of regular legions. Each legion sports a frustrating every attempt to map it or predict its course.
unique name, usually denoting its purpose and numerical Getting lost while sailing the Styx isn't the only danger
designation. Examples include the following: the river presents. Simply tasting or touching its waters
can shatter a creature's intellect and personality, as well
• 5th Infantry Legion, "Infernal Absolution"
as strip away its memories. Certain fiends are immune
• 13th Cavalry Legion, "Bel's Fury"
• 47th Dreg Legion, "Piteous Fodder" to the river's effects, but most creatures have no defense
against it.

Unless immune to the river's effects, a creature that Find Steed. The s teed is a nightmare.
drinks from the Styx or enters the river is targeted by a Find the Path. An imp appears and begrudgingly guides
feeblemind spell (save DC 20). A creature must repeat the caster to the desired location while compJajning
the saving throw whenever it starts its turn in the river, the whole time, disappearing when the destination is
until it fails the save. A feebleminded creature can drink reached or the spell ends.
from the Styx and swim in its waters without suffering Fog Cloud. Moaning faces appear and fade in the yellow
any additional deleterious effects. fog that smells like sulfur.
If a creature fails its saving throw and remains under H ellish Rebuke. The cackling of imps accompanies the
the spell's effect for 30 consecutive days, the effect be- fire unleashed by this spell.
comes permanent (no save) and the creature loses all its Mage Hand. The summoned hand is shaped like a claw.
memories, becoming a near-mindless shell of its former Rary's Telepathic Bond. Characters linked together by
self. At that point, nothing short of a wish spell or divine the spell can hear vague, infernal whispering in the
intervention can undo the effect. background, but can't make out what's being said.
Water take n from the River Styx loses its potency af-
ter 24 hours, becoming a ha rmless, foul-tasting liquid. TELEPATHIC COMMUNI CATIONS
However, arcanaloths, night hags, and other fell crea- Archdevils can eavesdrop on communication spells
tures might know rituals that can prolong the water's s uch as message and sending sent from or within the
pote ncy, at your discretion. Nine Hells . Because of this, those engaging in telepathic
communication a lways have the feeling that they are
ALTERATIONS TO MAGIC being listened in on or watched by some infernal pres-
ence, even if an archdevil isn't eavesdropping on their
Avernus is the entrance to the Nine Hells, a battlefield
drenched in eldritch energy. The magic of the Weave
Telepathic communications via magic items such as
works differently here, manifesting in unusual ways.
sending stones or a helm of telepathy can be overheard
COSMETIC SPELL MODIF ICATIONS by an a rchdevil as well. Communicating with a serpen-
At your discretion, a spell can be modified cosmetically tine owl, an orb of dragon kind, or a sentient weapon
to enhance the corrupting nature of Avernus. Here are also runs the risk of being overheard in Avernus. Rings
of mind shielding work the same in Avernus as they
some examples:
do on any other plane and are highly valuable items in
Bigby's Hand. T he conjured hand is a fiendish claw. the Nine Hells, coveted by all fiends to avoid the prying
Find Familiar. The familia r is an imp. minds of their masters.

Demon ichor is what remains behind after a demon dlOO Effect

dies. It's a reduction of demonic blood, viscera, and 01-05 The color of the target's hair, eyes, and skin be-
bodily fluids with the consistency and odor of bile. comes blue, red, yellow, or patterned.
Enough demons die in Avernus that their ichor forms 06-10 The target's eyes push out of its head on the end
pools and small lakes. Although the ichor is harmless of stal ks.
on most planes of exjstence, it can warp creatures on 11-15 The target's hands grow claws, which can be used
the Lower Planes. Devils and other creatures have as daggers.
found ways to use demon ichor in rituals and to improve 16-20 One of the target's legs grows longer than the
the performance of infernal war machines (as described
other, reducing its walking speed by 10 feet.
in appendix B).
21-25 The target's eyes become beacons, filling a 15-foot
When a creature comes in direct contact with demon
ichor in Avernus, it must make a DC 10 Constitution cone with dim light when they are open.
saving throw. Fiends, oozes, plants, and undead auto- 26-30 A pair of wings, either feathered or leathery, sprout
matically succeed on the saving throw. On a failed save, from the target's back, granting it a flying speed of
the creature is magically warped by the ichor, as deter- 30 feet.
mined by rolling on the Flesh Warping table. A spell that 31-35 The target's ears tear free from its head and scurry
removes a curse ends all ichor-related warping effects away; the target is deafened.
on a creature. 36-40 Two of the target's teeth turn into tusks.
41-45 The target's skin becomes scabby, granting it a +l
bonus to AC but reducing its Charisma by 2 (to a
Demon ichor is sticky enough to adhere to most weap-
ons. A creature in Avernus that takes damage from a minimum ofl).
weapon coated with demon ichor suffers a flesh-warping 46- 50 The target's arms and legs switch places, prevent-
transformation if it fails its saving throw (as described ing the target from moving unless it crawls.
above). After hitting its target, the weapon is no longer 51-55 The target's arms become tentacles with fingers on
coated with demon ichor. the ends, increasing its reach by 5 feet.
56-60 The target's legs grow incredibly long and springy,
Foon AND DRINK increasing its walking speed by 10 feet.
Wisdom (Survival) checks to forage in Avernus are 61- 65 The target grows a whiplike tail, which it can use
made at disadvantage. Water exists, but it tastes foul and as a whip.
is hard to find. Food can likewise be scrounged, but the 66-70 The target 's eyes turn black, and it gains darkvision
flora and fauna taste revolting no matter the manner of out to a range of120 feet.
preparation. Even rations brought to Avernus taste bitter 71-75 The target swells, tripling its weight.
and ashen. 76-80 The target becomes thin and skeletal, halving its
81 - 85 The target's head doubles in size.
There are no "days" or "nights" in Avernus, but time 86-90 The ta rget's ears become wings, giving it a flying
should still be tracked in hour increments. Thus,
speed of S feet.
the characters can take long and short rests as they
91-95 The target's body becomes unusua lly brittle, caus-
do normally.
ing the target to gain vulnerability to bludgeoning,
0 PTIONAL RULES piercing, and slashing damage.
96-00 The target grows another head, causing it to
Here are some optional rules that you can use to rein-
have advantage on saving throws against being
force the flavor of adventuring in Avernus.
charmed, frightened, or stunned.

When it comes to the souls of morta ls, the Nine Hells is
always open for business. In Avernus, the business is war,
Whenever a character fails a death save in the Nine
making sure the front lines of the Blood War are continu- Hells, an archdevil may contact that character telepath-
ously replenished with fresh troops, weapons, armor, and ically and offer its assistance. The character must agree
war machines. The main drivers behind this infernal com- to perform a task for the archdevil afterward. The na-
merce are treasure and soul coins. ture of the task is not revealed until the character agrees
Treasure is only valuable to devils because of its efficacy to these terms.
in tempting and twisting mortals (humans in particular) A character who agrees to the archdevil's terms au-
toward lives of corruption, ultimately leading them to for- tomatically rolls a 20 on their next death save. At the
feit their souls. Because gold has been used for mi llennia same time, the character falls under the effect of a geas
in the Nine Hells, adventurers can find gold coins from
spell (no saving throw allowed). lf this spell ends prema-
civilizations long lost to history.
Silver is harmful to devils. Nevertheless, devils trade
turely, the character immediately drops to 0 hit points
silver to those wishing to eliminate rivals in their path. and is dying. The task that the character must complete


is usually simple and straightforward, and always for USING THE PO STE R MAP
the benefit of the archdevil who struck the deal. Sample
tasks include delivering a soul coin to one of the arch- The poster map depicts a region of Avernus, a wasteland
devirs minions, refusing to help someone the character of dizzying proportions that has been warped by eons of
is fated to meet in the future, or destroying something demonic invasion. Travelers face a hellscape that disori-
the archdevil abhors (such as a holy symbol). ents the senses and defies attempts to map it accurately.
Standard cartographic methods are useless, since dis-
EXHAUSTION tances in Avernus are impossible to gauge and locations
Avernus's combination of oppressive heat and super- sometimes shift supernaturally. As such, the map shows
natural malevolence weighs on the bodies and souls of pictorial impressions of locations that only hint at their
those who are not evil. A non-evil creature treats normal distances from one another. It is by no means something
travel through Avernus as a forced march and muse that can, or should, be taken literally.
make a Constitution saving throw at the end of each No scale is marked on the map, and the placement of
hour of travel. The DC is 10 + 1 for each hour of travel. locations is based on the memories of an intrepid yet
On a failed saving throw, a creature suffers one level of
Celestials and demon lords alike wish for a working map of
Avernus, but attempts to map the layer have consistently
Evil pervades the Nine Hells, and visitors to this plane met with failure.
feel its influence. At the end of each long rest taken on If a character attempts to map Avernus, madness begins
this plane, a visitor that isn't evil must make a DC 10 to set in. After each mapping session, the character must
Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature's make a DC 1S Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save,
alignment changes to lawful evil. The change becomes the character contracts a random form of madness deter-
permanent if the creature doesn't leave the plane within mined by rolling on the Short-Term Madness table in chap-
ld4 days. Otherwise, the creature's alignment reverts ter 8 of the Dungeon Master's Guide. If the character fails
to normal after one day spent on a plane other than the this saving throw a second time, roll on the Long-Term
Madness table instead. If the character fails a third time,
Nine Hells. Casting the dispel evil and good spell on the
roll on the Indefinite Madness table.
creature also restores its original alignment.

insane cartographer. Distances and travel times be-
tween locations cannot be determined by s tudying the FORT KNUCKLEBONE
map and can change with each journey, at your discre- After leaving Elturel, the adventurers head to Fort
tion. Your players s hould never feel like they understand Knucklebone, a junkyard s tronghold on the edge of a
Avernus geographically, providing an unsettled and dis- desolate expanse of Avernus ravaged by rival gangs of
orienting feeling as they roam the hellscape. scavengers . Fort Knucklebone doesn't appear on the
The poste r map is riddled with strange imagery and poster map of Avernus, as the map's cartographer never
unique iconography. These are the cartographer's artis- found or visited this location.
cic impressions of Avernus, and their meanings, for the Fort Knucklebone provides s helter to a gang of waste-
most part, rema in a mys1ery. While exploring Avernus, land marauders called the Knucklebones, serving as
the characte rs d iscover a peculia r property of the map: a garage whe re they build and repa ir infernal war ma-
it talks! Whenever they arrive at one of the locations de- chines. The Knucklebones answer to Mad Maggie, a
scribed in this chapte r, the voice of the cartographer em- night hag wa rlord who has a n agreement with Zariel:
anates from the map to reveal a clue. The map speaks the a rchduke of Avernus leaves For t Knucklebone alone
only to utter its clues, so the characters can't query it as long as Mad Maggie keeps the other warlords in the
or engage it in conversation. The cartographer's mad a rea in check.
ramblings precede the description of each adventure Lulu believes that the kenku from the visions reside in
location marked on the map. If queried about a location the fort and may be able to help, which is partially true.
not drawn on the map, the cartographer mumbles inco- They can bring Lulu and the characters to Mad Maggie,
herently, screams madly, or whimpers in despair. who can in turn provide them with assistance.


Using the map to chart a course from one location to an- When the characters get within sight of Fort Knuckle-
other is unreliable at best. It helps if the characters have bone, describe the location as follows:
visited a destination before, but even that is no guaran-
tee they'll end up where they intended. A fortified compound sits atop a low plateau that rises
When charting a course through Avernus. ask the
out of a crater-pocked landscape. At the center of the
player whose character is overseeing navigation to
roll two dice: compound is a hill of rust-colored stone that resembles
a hand clawing out of the ground, with gaps between the
• Roll 2d4 if the characters a re traveling to an unvisited
destination marked on their map. fingers. A jagged wall made of rock, bones, and metal
• Roll 2d8 if the characters a re returning to a destina- debris surrounds this hand-sha ped hill. Other highlights
tion they've visited previously. visible from this distance include a gatehouse, atop
• Roll 2d10 if a native guide is leading che characce rs co which s tands a half-dozen small figures on watch.
their destination.
If the rolls of both d ice don't match, the characters
arrive at their destination as inte nded. If the dice match, Whe n the characters a re ready to approach the fortress,
they wind up s omewhere else: pick one of the other see "Entering the Fort" below. First, however, review
locations. the following summary of how to run this scene to max-
imum effect.


The main feature of the fort is the hand-shaped hill, be- In this part of the adventure, the characters must care-
tween the fingers of which are caves where Mad Maggie fully tread the social milieu of a night hag a nd her cadre
oversees repairs to several infernal war machines (see of crazed followers.
appendix 8 for infernal war machine rules and stat blocks). This scene resolves a round a factor essential in any
Around this hill is a ring of debris that serves as a crude negotiation: leverage. Mad Maggie possesses several
rampart. This barrier is 15 feet thick, and its height aver- things the characters could use, including infernal war
ages 20 feet.
Built into the rampart is a ramshackle gatehouse (see
machines, provisions, temporary shelter, and informa-
"Entering the Fort," page 81). One of the redcaps that tion. The characters have something Mad Maggie de-
guards the gatehouse stands next to an iron gong that s ires greatly: Lulu's memories.
can be struck to warn of impending attack. A 15-foot high, One way to run a complex socia l encounter like this
20-foot-wide, entryway passes through the gatehouse. A one is to imagine a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 repre-
wall of junk on rollers can be pushed in front of the entry· senting the worst possible ouccome and 10 the best.
way to seal it in case of attack. The cha racters start at 5, a nd as they progress through
Within the rampart, surrounding the hill, are hovels the scene, they may move up or down the scale. Posi-
made of junk and scrap metal. These quarters are mostly tive a nd helpful interactions move them up the scale,
empty except for a few cots, since only the kenku require and antagonistic or unfriendly exchanges lose them
food, drink, and sleep. They are used when members of
Mad Maggie's gang need privacy. Amid the hovels are the
points, as you determine. Where they end determines
plundered wrecks of several infernal war machines that the consequences of the encounter. For example, if the
have been picked clean for parts. characte rs end at a 10 on the scale, they get everything
they want from Mad Maggie: one or more vehicles to

expedite travel across Avernus, all the information they The redcaps on guard duty give the characters a dif-
need, monetary or magical gifts, and provisions. If they ficult time, asking them to do ridiculous things to gain
end at a 1 on the scale, they anger Mad Maggie and get entrance. After a few minutes, when the characters get
nothing. They might even have to fight their way out of fed up with the nonsense, the redcaps tell them to quit
Fort Knucklebone. As long as the characters still have a s tanding around like idiots and come inside.
path forward, a spectacular failure can be just as memo-
rable as success. SEEING THE KENKU
The following sections detail the important NPCs When the characters enter, they see the following scene
and creatures within Fort Knucklebone. Included in within the fortress:
these descriptions are the personalities and goals of
the NPCs, as well as what they have to offer the charac- The area enclosed by the rampart is littered with trash
ters. These descriptions also allow you, as the DM, to
and mechanical parts, some put together in a way that
determine how the characters can gain leverage in the
negotiations and get what they want or need. resembles a vehicle. Ramshackle structures, built from
Use the 1-to-10 scale as a barometer for rating the the same junk as the outer wall, provide shelter.
overall success of the characters in dealing with the A platoon of small fey creatures mills about, all looking
strange, intriguing, and dangerous world of Mad Maggie like feral gnomes. Several them sport tall red caps, some
and the Knucklebones. Let the characters' decisions,
of which drip with vile ichor.
insights, knowledge, roleplaying, successes, and failures
move the slider up or down the scale as you see fit. A pair of kenku examine one of the strange vehicles,
chattering to each other in high-pitched squawks. These
ENTERING THE FORT kenku carry an assortment of strange tools. When they
The gatehouse serves as the entrance to Fort Knuckle- see you, they turn and stare in wonder.
bone. Six r edcaps (see page 240 for their stat block)
stand guard atop it. One redcap yells down at the char-
acters as they approach, asking for the password. After The kenku Chukka and Clonk instantly recognize Lulu,
a few moments, a different redcap says, "We don't have a since they've met her previously. Before the characters
password!" All the redcaps fall over in peals of mirth. can act, Clonk squawks at them:

One of the kenku waves in your direction as if telling you
to remain where you are. "What a deal! Patience is a vir- While Zariel's attention is focused on the Blood War.
power-hungry warlords of the Avernian wastes cobble
tue! Can't keep the boss waiting!" He runs off into one of
together heavily armed gangs and lead packs of infernal
the trash structures.
war machines in brutal combat, carving out vicious fief-
Moments later he returns , leading a tall creature wear- doms for themselves. Mad Maggie is one such warlord.
ing a long, tattered shift covered in mud, blood, mold, Mad Maggie is a night hag with the demeanor of a
and worse. The hag's eyes seem to move independently kindly grandmother, but her warm smile masks a cruel
of each other as she approaches, her straggly brown hair cunning. In addition to her heartstone, the hag carries a
black soul bag (see the "'Night Hag" entry in the Monster
hanging in front of them. Resting on each shoulder are
Manual for more information on this magic items. The
red-eyed ravens that scrutinize your group. Behind her, a bag contains nine soul coins (see page 94), which
hulking creature built of disparate fiendish parts trudges, Mad Maggie uses to power her infernal war machines.
moaning and hopping as it walks. Years ago, a thirst to experience the ultimate misery
Then both of the hag's eyes focus keenly on your brought the night hag to the first layer of the Nine Hells.
Followed to Avernus by scores of bloodthirsty redcaps,
group, and on Lulu specifically. "My goodness!" the hag
Maggie found pieces of a beautiful tapestry that chron-
croaks, spittle dribbling from her mouth. "Where did you
icled the fa ll of Zariel. It recounted the angel's descent
fi nd such a treasure?" into Avernus, her betrayal at the hands of the Hell rid-
ers, and her submission to Asmodeus, which led to her
becoming an archdevil worthy to rule Avernus. Mad
The characters can explain their predicament, and Mad
Maggie is obsessed with Zariel's cataclysmic saga and
Maggie can offer to unlock Lulu's memories, joyfully
scours the wastelands of Avernus for more such relics.
telling the characters about Lulu's possible relationship
In the crucible of the Avernian wastelands, Mad Maggie
to Zariel. Before she does that, however, Mad Maggie
has risen to become a respected warlord.
tells the characters she needs to gather supplies for the
ritual of memory unlocking. This gives the characters a MAGG IE'S GOALS
chance to interact with the other members of Mad Mag- Driven by her lust for misery and her delight in the
gie's gang and maybe earn some good will with them as corruption of the valiant, Mad Maggie seeks to collect
mentioned under their individual descriptions below. more artifacts tied to Zariel's fall from grace. When
she becomes aware of Lulu's relationship to Zariel, the
night hag tries to dig up Lulu's lose memories, believing
they might hold the most exquisite emotional records
MAD MAGGIE of Zariel's descent. As the characters assist Maggie
ANO MtCKEV in this endeavor, they gain favor with- and leverage
over- the hag.


Maggie has the means to unlock the memories Lulu
struggles to remember. Once the memories are re-
trieved, the characters learn the destination of the next
step of their journey.
Maggie also can furnish the characters
with one or more infernal war machines,
which would make their trip across the
wastelands more manageable. Additionally,
if the characters have no means of creating
provisions, Maggie can supply them with
food and water as well. Maggie could also
offer information about the dangers the
characters might face in the wasteland, in-
cluding ocher gangs, if the characters gain
enough leverage and delight Maggie with
their offerings.


Maggie's band consists of Chukka, Clonk, a
fiendish flesh golem named Mickey, a pair of
conniving imps, a Aameskull, and a host of g
murderous fey creatures. g

CHUKKA AND CLONK Chukka and Clonk appreciate the help in identifying
These two kenku are loyal, longtime associates of Mad the problem. Characters can further assist by finding
Maggie's. She refers to them as the Magpies. Clonk, the a way to remove the demonic essence from the gear.
bigger of the two kenku, is the strong, silent type who Spells such as dispel magic or protection from evil or
sometimes drives Mad Maggie's infernal war machine. good, or other methods that the characters might imag-
Chukka is animated, irritable, and takes care of repairs ine, could make the part usable. If the characters help
around the fort. the pair get the infernal machine running, the kenku ex-
Chukka and Clonk lost their weapons and replaced press their pleasure to Mad Maggie, who becomes even
them with the following weapons salvaged from infernal more likely to help the characters in their quest.
• Chukka wields a silvered pike (+2 to hit) that has Shortly after arriving in Avernus, Mad Maggie created
a reach of 10 feet and deals 5 (ldlO) piercing dam- Mickey, a fiendish flesh golem (see page 236 for its
age on a hit. stat block) comprised of fiendish body parts scavenged
• Clonk wields a hellfire warhammer (+2 to hit) that from the battlefields of Avernus. Mickey is a sweet,
deals 4 {ld8) bludgeoning damage on a hit, or 5 (ldlO) dumb brute who follows Mad Maggie's orders.
bludgeoning damage when used with two hands. For Mickey's Goal. Unknown to anyone else at Fort
more information on hellfire weapons, see page 223. Knucklebone, Mickey has a large piece of a destroyed
Chukka and Clonk's Goal. The kenku live to build, bone devil lodged in his foot, which makes walking
fix, and drive infernal machines. At some point during difficult for the brute. Unable to speak, he moans as he
their visit, the characters see the kenku angrily ham- walks and does a bit of a hopping dance. The madcaps
mering on a nonfunctional Demon Grinder (see page and redcaps think this is wonderful, and they occasion-
219 for the vehicle's stat block). It isn't working, and a lly accompany him in a vile song and dance. Charac-
they can't figure out why. They would be very grateful to ters who witness this and succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom
anyone who could help them discern the problem. (Insight) check realize Mickey's plight. They can then at-
Helping the Kenku. One of the parts in the Demon tempt to remove the bone fragment without permanently
Grinder-a spiky gear-is disrupting the How of infer- inhibiting Mickey's stride. A successful DC 15 Wisdom
nal energy through the vehicle. The gear, comprised (Medicine) check allows for the successful removal of
of spikes from a hezrou demon, surges with demonic the bone. After that, Mickey can walk without moaning
energy to cause the malfunction. A successful DC 15 or hopping, making Mad Maggie more amenable to
Intelligence (Arcana or Investigation) by a character assisting the characters. The redcaps and madcaps,
who spends at least 10 minutes examining the vehicle however, become angry that they can no longer "do
reveals which part is to blame. the Mickey."

PINS AND NEEDLES He quietly asks the characters to help him find his
Mad Maggie cut a deal with a pit fiend to secure the missing tooth. He points out Grubba the redcap but ad-
services of two shrewd but lazy imps named Pins and mits that all the little sly creatures look similar to him.
Needles. Mad Maggie treats them with such kindness Helpins Barnabas. Characters can question the
that the imps can't imagine wanting to work for anyone redcaps, starting with Grubba, to find out who bas the
else. In Mad Maggie's presence, the imps usually as- tooth. Each time they question a redcap, there is a 50
sume the forms of ravens that nest in her hair or perch percent chance that the redcap gets angry and attacks
on her shoulders. the characters, backed up by ld4 additional redcaps.
When not loitering around Fort Knucklebone, Pins The redcaps believe the tooth is a lucky charm, so they
and Needles keep tabs on the Blood War and spy on frequently pass it from one to the next to keep Barnabas
Mad Maggie's rivals. Unlike most devils, Pins and Nee- from finding it. Because of this constant transfer of the
dles aren't gunning for promotions. They shun the infer- tooth, there's little hope of the characters finding it by
nal hierarchy and crinkle their noses in disgust when confronting one redcap at a time. However, a character
anyone tries to foist more responsibility onto them. who quietly observes the redcaps for 10 minutes can
The Imps' Goals. As much as they love their lives attempt a DC 11 Wisdom (Perception) check. On a suc-
at Fort Knucklebone, the imps have a problem. They cess, the character sees one redcap passing a bloody
foolishly played a prank on one of the madcaps, Wazzik. pouch to another redcap, who tucks it in a pocket. This
Now they fear that Wazzik and a small group of his irra- pouch contains Barnabas's tooth.
tional friends are plotting revenge. The imps don't want A character who moves within reach of the redcap can
to tell Maggie because she warned them not to pick on attempt to pick its pocket and obtain the pouch without
the madcaps, so they see the characters as a potential its knowledge, doing so with a successful DC 14 Dexter-
solution to their s ituation. ity (Sleight of Hand) check.
He/pins the Imps. As events play out in Fort Knuckle- No redcap relinquishes the pouch willingly, though
bone, the characters notice that Pins and Needles lurk it can be magically charmed into doing so. The redcap
about at a distance, whispering to each other and star- attacks any character who tries to take it by force, and
ing at the characters. If confronted. the imps make a big twelve other redcaps join the fight on the next round.
deal of revealing a secret. Of course they lie, telling the Mad Maggie won't break up such a fight unless the char-
characters that a madcap named Wazzik is planning to acters have done something nice for her, although if the
kill Lulu and urging them to take care of this threat first. dreamscape ritual has not taken place yet, she won't
A successful DC 14 Wisdom (Insight) check reveals allow the redcaps to kill a character.
that the imps are lying. If called on the lie, the imps
reveal the truth about why they want Wazzik dead.
They tell the characters exactly when and whe re to find Redcaps are murderous fey creatures that soak their
Wazzik alone, and they promise to put in a good word caps in fresh blood. Madcaps are redcaps that drench
with Maggie if the characters kill the madcap. their caps in demon ichor instead. Mad Maggie currently
The imps' information is sound, and the characters commands sixty redcaps and thirty madcaps, although
can take care of the problem quickly and quietly. How- a third of them operate outside the fort, patrolling the
ever, if anyone witnesses the murder, the characters areas of the wasteland controlled by Mad Maggie. As
might have to deal with consequences and complica- battles deplete this force, Mad Maggie has new redcaps
tions. Fortunately for the characters, Maggie cares little delivered to her from the Feywild, courtesy of powerful
for the madcaps and ignores the death, a lthough it might fey with whom s he has struck bargains. For this reason,
lower the characters in her esteem a bit when it comes the night hag has no concern for the well-being of her
time to reward them. redcap and madcap minions. See appendix D for more
information about redcaps and madcaps.
B A RNABAS T HE FLAMESKULL R edcap and Madcap Goals. These creatures don't
Barnabas, once a powerfuJ wizard, had his crypt defiled have many goals, being mad fey creatures that revel in
by an evil nemesis who stole his skull and turned it into chaos and s laughter. Their interactions with the char-
a OameskuJJ. Mad Maggie struck a bargain with this acters should reflect that. One might offer a character a
rival wizard and took Barnabas as payment. Now he's a severed finger as a token of friends hip, then accuse the
part of her gang. character of stea ling it afterward. Only thei r love a nd
Barnabas is forgetful and a bit pompous, but every fear of Mad Maggie keeps the creatures under a loose
now and then he has amazing ideas and remembers re- sort of control.
markably useful things from his arcane past. Mad Maggie understands the nature of these beings
Barnabas's Goal. The redcaps like to hurl things at and s he does not hold it against the characters if they
Barnabas, and after getting hit in the jaw with a loose kill them, especially when acting in self-defense.
gear, Barnabas lost one of his teeth. He saw a redcap,
Grubba, grab it and run off. Barnabas is too embar-
rassed to tell Mad Maggie about it, though she suspects Fort Knucklebone contains the hulks of infernal war
something is amiss because Barnabas has starting machines in varying states of disrepair and cannibaliza-
whistling when he speaks. tion. Of the lot, two appear relatively intact. The smaller
one is a Devil's Ride. the bigger one a Tormentor (see
page 94 for both vehicles' stat blocks}. The wheels of

After making some preparations, Mad Maggie creates
a fiendish circle on the ground, and arranges several
comfortable black cushions at the center. She orders
Lulu to rest on the cushions, which the hollyphant does
with a bit of trepidation. Maggie then places two skulls
on the circle, noting that she's sure her sisters won't
care if she picks their brains about this problem.
The hag instructs Lulu and the characters to take up
places within the circle. Mad Maggie tells the characters
to close their eyes and keep them closed, that the ritual
should last about ten minutes, and that during the ritual
all within the circle will be joined by a telepathic bond.
If anyone leaves the circle, the ritual is interrupted and
she'll be forced to start over. An incomplete ritual yields
no insight into Lulu's memories.
As the hag initiates the ritual, the characters sense
the telepathic bond forming between themselves, the
hag, and Lulu. Their eyes still closed, the characters
sense a brilliant flash of light, then darkness. A tingling
sensation sweeps over the characters' bodies as vibrant
rainbows appear within their minds and they see Lulu's
first dream unfold. Mad Maggie isn't in the dreamscape
with them, though characters can hear the hag's disem-
bodied voice whenever she speaks.
Within this conjured dreamscape, characters can
take psychic damage from hostile dream-creatures and
other effects. A character reduced to 0 hit points by this
psychic damage is unconscious but stable, and unable
the Devil's Ride are missing. The Tormentor is missing to proceed to the next dream in the sequence. If all the
its harpoon flinger, and its armor plating is corroded as characters fall unconscious, the dream quest ends. Mad
though eaten by acid, reducing the vehicle's AC to 15. Maggie can start over once the characters have regained
If the characters earn enough gratitude from Mad consciousness and recovered from the ordeal.
Maggie, one or both of these war machines might be
gifted to them. Chukka and Clonk can attach wheels DREAM 1: RAINBOW ANGELS
to the Devil's Ride and a weapon to the Tormentor, if Read the following boxed text when the characters first
Mad Maggie instructs them to. Replacing the armor enter Lulu's dreamscape:
on the Tormentor can be done as well, but only after
efforts are made to salvage scrap metal from the battle- As the rich, radiant light of a hundred dancing rainbows
fields of Avernus. Any such salvage operation is likely
slowly dissolves, warm sunlight fills the area. Within that
to attract unwanted attention from other warlords
(see page 90). space, Lulu flies lazily in a lush meadow at the shoul-
In addition to the war machines described above, Mad der of a beautiful, blindfolded angel. As the pair strolls
Maggie has several infernal war machines in drivable t hrough the tall green grass, the voice of the hag fills your
condition that are undergoing regular maintenance and mind, "Push through this vision. It only represents what
upgrades in her garage under the hill. These vehicles
Lulu wishes was true. We need to see more."
are not for sale or trade, though brazen adventurers
might try stealing them. These vehicles include two
Devil's Rides, three Tormentors, the aforementioned Each character must make a DC 10 Intelligence saving
Demon Grinder (which Chukka and Clonk have been throw. If one or more of the characters succeed, the
trying to repair), and a Scavenger that Mad Maggie uses sunny meadow fades to black as the dream sequence
for salvage operations. progresses toward the next dream.
lf all the characters fail the saving throw, each char-
....,...._u_E_S_T_ _ _ _ __ acter takes 11 (2d 10) psychic damage. and all of them
Before they can retrieve the Sword of Zariel, the char- must attempt the saving throw again. If at least one
acters must learn the location of the Bleeding Citadel, character succeeds the second time, this dream fades
which is trapped in Lulu's hidden memories. When and the next one begins. If everyone fails the save again,
Mad Maggie becomes aware of the characters' inter- all the characters take the psychic damage again. This
est in accessing these hidden memories, she offers to process continues until at least one character succeeds
perform a ritual that creates a dreamscape in which or everyone falls unconscious.
the hollyphant's memories can be perceived. For Mad
Maggie, the ritual is its own reward, as the hag longs to
know everything Lulu knows about the fall of Zariel.

DREAM 2: BETRAYAL! Have the characters roll initiative for their dream-selves.
Characters who are conscious when the first dream Each character is restrained by the black sludge. On its
ends proceed to the second dream: turn, a character must use its action to try to get free of
the sludge, doing so with a successful DC 15 Strength
(Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check. If at least
A Aame-encircled battlefield appears on a barren one character accepted the devils' terms in the previous
hell scape. At the center of the circle, Lulu and the angel dream, spined devils swoop down from the sky to help
lie unconscious and prone, horribly injured. You see your- the characters pull free, granting advantage on each
selves standing in defense of Lulu and the angel, facing character's ability check.
A character who gets free of the sludge rises up into
outward as six small, spine-covered devils creep closer.
the air and quickly shakes off the sense of horrible loss.
In the distance, a formation of battered and retreating For the rest of this dream, the freed character can do
huma n warriors disappears through a portal. nothing except use the Help action on each of its turns
"The devils!" hisses the hag's disembodied voice. "You to assist another character still trapped in the sludge.
must defeat those devils!" A character who fails the initial check to escape the
sludge must repeat the check at the start of each of its
turns. With each failed check after the first, the char-
The characters must defend Lulu and Zariel from the acter takes 22 (4dl0) psychic damage as the sense of
six spined d evils. At this point, the characters and the horrible Joss intensifies. If a character is reduced to 0 hit
devils should roll initiative. The dreamscape combat points by this psychic damage, its dream-self becomes
that follows pits the characters against the dream-devils. completely submerged in the sludge and is lost.
The characters begin combat at full hit points, minus The dreamscape can continue into the final dream
any psychic damage taken in the previous dream. All provided at least one character's dream-self escapes
damage dealt by the dream-devils converts to psychic from the sludge.
damage. The devils let out dying screams and fall dead
when reduced to 0 hit points. DREAM 5: REVELATION
This d ream ends when half of the spined devils are Characters who are conscious when the fourth dream
reduced to 0 hit points. When the dream ends, the bat- ends proceed to the fifth and final dream, which is
tlefield fades to black as the dream sequence proceeds as follows:
with the next dream.

DREAM 3: DEVIL DEAL Lulu rests on a black cushion at the center of an inky
Characters who are conscious when the second dream void. She is unconscious and alone, a beam of bril-
ends proceed to the third dream: liant white light shining down upon her. Next to Lulu,
a large gleaming brass spyglass rests atop an ornately
A landscape fil led with thick, black smoke and the smells carved tripod.
of death and decay expands to encompass everything. Lulu awakens and looks peacefully around her. Seeing
The small devils that survived the previous dream kneel the spyglass, she approaches it, pressing one eye against
before you and offer to serve you if you spare their lives. the eyepiece. Lulu then steps back suddenly, eyes wide,
mouth open, her face alight with excitement. She cries
out, "The sword, the sword! I know where it is!"
If the characters agree to accept the devils' terms, the
devils take the sky and fly away, returning to help the
characters in the next dream. Otherwise, the devils fade As the dream ends, the characters and Lulu wake up in
away into nothingness and don't reappear later on. the ritual space. Lulu can barely contain her joy at redis-
Once the characters make their choice, this dream covering what she believes is the location of the Bleed-
ends and fades to black as the dream sequence contin- ing Citadel, and she impatiently begs the characters to
ues with the next dream. start the next leg of their journey.
If none of the characters' dream-selves made it to the
DREAM 4: DESOLATION end of the dreamscape, Mad Maggie is eager to repeat
When the fourth dream begins, read: the ritual. Conversely, Lulu might regain enough of her
memory to lead characters on the next leg of the journey
You wande r a vast, barren landscape of utter devastation. without having to endure the ritual a second time. Mad
Maggie is unhappy if she doesn't get to see the whole
Black sludge rises rapidly out of the ground, enveloping
dream, and is less likely to help the characters get to
your feet and gripping you tightly, overwhelming you with where they need to go if they refuse to see the dream
a horrible sense of loss. sequence through to the very end.
"Don't let the sludge consume yo u!" says Mad If the characters made it to the end of the dreamscape,
Maggie's disembodied voice. "You must push through then Mad Maggie did as well. Experiencing the agonies
of such pure suffering, the hag oozes contentment. As
her defenses. She must look!"
Jong as the characters have done nothing to displease

her during their stay at Fort Knucklebone, Mad Maggie
provides them with one or more of the available infernal
war machines. U they have assisted her troops in other
ways, she can provide any or all of the following as well:
• As many as three soul coins (see page 94),
which the characters need to fuel their infernal
war machines
• A silvered weapon of the characters' choice, to assist
in battles with devils and lycanthropes
Two weeks of rations per character (the rations taste
awful but retain their nutritional value)
• Warnings about other warlords (see page 90),
plus the name of someone who might help them (see
"Roaming Encounter: Smiler the Defiler," page 133)

The manner in which the Knucklebones bid farewell
to the characters depends on how pleased Mad Mag-
gie is with the characters. This attitude ranges from a
near-tearful goodbye if they gave Maggie and her gang
everything they wanted, to being chased away by rabid
madcaps if everything went wrong.

Tf the characters take one or more infernal war
machines from Fort Knucklebone without Mad Maggie's
consent, the night hag organizes a posse to run them
down and get back what's hers, plus "interest." Mad
Maggie chases after them in her Scavenger, with Mickey
in the passenger seat behind her while she drives. Barn-
abas the fiameskull operates the Grappling Claw with
his mage hand spell, Chukka and Clonk operate the
Harpoon Flingers, and six madcaps cling to the outside
hull, ready to leap onto enemy vehicles. If Chukka and
Clonk got the broken Demon Grinder working, that ve-
hicle comes after the characters as well and is manned
entirely by redcaps and madcaps.

RAGGADRAGGA ATTACKS! The Demon Grinder is driven by the warlord Ragga-

As the characters reach a half-mile or so away from Fort dragga, a wereboar with 120 hit points. He leads the
Knucklebone, trouble comes looking for them in the Goreguts Gang, which consists of two other wereboars
form of an enemy warlord: namedJibbs and Oozywog (who operate the vehicle's
Chomper and Wrecking Ball stations) and two wererats
named Finnik and Yeegha (who operate the vehicle's
A plume of red dust billows in the distance, created by a
Harpoon Flingers). Avernus has no moons, so the Go-
large infernal war machine barreling in your direction. Its reguts Gang isn't beholden to lunar cycles. Its members
crew consists of boar-headed and rat-headed humanoids, prefer their hybrid forms.
all wearing goggles. If he defeats the characters, Raggadragga gets what-
ever information he can out of them before attempting
to ransom them back to Mad Maggie. The night hag may
The incoming infernal war machine is a gore-spattered or may not pay for them, depending on her disposition
Demon Grinder (see page 219 for its stat block) with toward the characters when they left Fort Knucklebone.
gnashing metal teeth at the front and a wrecking ball If the characters defeat the Goreguts Gang, they can
swinging behind it. As it moves to intercept the charac- take possession of the Demon Gri nder, which burns
ters, the vehicle is not trying to be stealthy. through its remaining fuel in 6 hours.
If the characters have one or more infernal war ma- Treasure. Raggadragga carries three soul coins (see
chines, they can try to outrun, outmaneuver, or destroy page 94) that he uses to fuel the Demon Grinder. He
the approaching enemy vehicle. If they are on foot, also carries a circlet ofblasting, which he can don and
they must find a way to disable the vehicle and defeat use to make ranged attacks. The other members of the
the creatures inside. If they do so, they can claim the Goreguts Gang have no treasure.
Demon Grinder for themselves.

As the characters cross the wastelands of Avernus,
they will likely run afoul of petty warlords scavenging
for soul coins and scrap metal to fuel and repair their
infernal war machines. Mad Maggie and Raggadragga
are two warlords whom the characters meet early on.
The following sections describe three other warlords
who prowl the Avernian wastes: a wingless horned devil
named Bitter Breath, a human necromancer named
Feonor, and a chain devil named Princeps Kovik. These
warlords are as cruel and merciless as the hell they in-
habit. All share a "survival of the fittest~ mentality.
In Avernus, a warlord's power is measured by the
strength and size of its gang, and the threat posed by its
infernal war machines. As one warlord bites the dust,
another inevitably rises to take its place. Bitter Breath,
Feonor, and Princeps Kovik are merely the latest in a
long series of warlords to plague the Avernian expanse.
If Zariel wasn't so busy fighting the Blood War, she
would rid Avernus of these roaming pests; as things
stand, she's content to let the warlords wipe each other
out instead.
If you need to add some excitement to the adventure,
have one of these warlords show up to challenge the
characters. One warlord might be after soul coins to fuel
its infernal war machines. while another might be eager
to forge an alliance with a capable band of adventurers
against a greater foe. With the exception of Mad Maggie,
these warlords have no lairs, so they can be encoun-
tered anywhere at any time.
Avernus has more warlords than the ones described B I TTER BREATH
here. You can create new ones, each with their own Bitter Breath is a resentful, vindictive warlord that fell
gangs and infernal war machines. Don't worry about prey to the cutthroat politics of Avernus. Formerly a
throwing too many infernal war machines at the charac- pit fiend named L'zeth, it strove to undermine Zariel
ters. You can curtail the characters' reliance on infernal while courting Bel. Shortly after claiming rulership of
war machines by restricting their access to soul coins, Avernus, Zariel demoted L'zeth to a homed devil.
which the vehicles burn as fuel. A typical warlord has For a while, L'zeth nursed its damaged pride. Even-
2d6 soul coins and 2d6 flasks of demon ichor (see page tually, the despondent devil reignited its ambitions and
78) at any given time. became involved in a plot to overthrow Zariel. The arch-
devil's spies learned of the plot. As further punishment,
INFER NAL WAR MACH I NE COMBAT Zariel removed L'zeth's wings and cursed the horned
All the warlords described in this adventure use infernal devil so that it could no longer enter into deals. Any
war machines to strike fear into their rivals, fend off document that L'zeth signs melts away, and any words
demons and other threats, and flee from Zariel's devil it utters turn to smoke in its mouth. Thus did L'zeth be-
patrols. The rules for infernal war machines in appendix come known as Bitter Breath.
B are meant to help you adjudicate situations that arise
during encounters, but combat involving infernal war
machines works best with "theater of the mind"-style Zariel has declared that no other devil may associate
play. where it's more important to capture the emotion with Bitter Breath. However, Zariel's decree hasn't
of a chase than know the exact location and orientation stopped the fiendish outcast from joining forces with
of every vehicle on the battlefield. a gang of marauding hobgoblins under the command
If a situation arises that the vehicle rules don"t cover, of a battle-hardened hobgoblin warlord named High
fall back on the core rules. For example, if a character Graj Karkajuk.
wants to leap from one moving vehicle to another, de- Bitter Breath drives a Tormentor that has an Infernal
termine whether the character succeeds or not with a Screamer (see page 221) instead of a Harpoon Flinger.
Strength (Athletics) check, setting the jump's DC based Hobgoblins round out the Tormentor's crew. High Graj
on the distance between the two vehicles (as well as Karkajuk drives a Devil's Ride and commands a pair of
other factors, as appropriate). Keep it fun and fast-paced, Scavengers driven by hobgoblin captains and crewed
and push the rules aside when they get in the way. by ordinary hobgoblins. See appendix B for the vehi-
cles' stat blocks.

Feonor is a willowy, neutral evil a r chmage with milky- This particularly cruel chain devil commanded the
white eyes and a parasol made of bones and human Nine Hells' 8th Infantry Legion, "Terror Incarnate,"
flesh. Her rivals know her as a powerful necromancer. which was crushed on the banks of the River Styx by
They suspect that she fled the Material Plane to escape the demon lord Kostchtchie. Blaming its superiors for
some horrible fate, but the truth is she was invited to the defeat, Princeps Kovik gathered the surviving mem-
Avernus by Mahadi, the rakshasa master of the Wan- bers of its legion and formed the Eighth Remnant, a ma-
dering Emporium (see page 126). During a visit to rauding gang of devils no longer beholden to the infernal
Feonor's world, Mahadi fell head-over-heels in love with hierarchy.
her zombie-like indifference. Not long after arriving in The devils that serve under Kovik do so willingly
Avernus, Feonor grew bored of Mahadi's attempts to im- because the chain devil has earned their trust. Newly
press her. Without so much as a farewell, she took to the disenfranchised devils regularly flock to Kovik's banner.
Avernian wastes on one of the rakshasa's infernal war The chain devil's emblem is the numeral 8 made out
machines and never looked back. Years later, Mahacli of iron chain on a crimson field. Kovik aims to gather
still refers to her as "the one the got away." enough strength and infernal war machines to do what
The scowl on Feonor's face hints at her constant an- no archdevil has been able to do: drive the demons back
noyance with the multiverse around her. She prefers not to the Abyss for good.
to speak, and when she does. it's typicaUy only in whis-
pers, her s hort sentences interspersed and punctuated THE EIGHTH REMNANT
with frustrated sighs. The Eighth Remnant chases down any potentiaJ source
of soul coins. Targets who give up their soul coins freely
GOLDEN DOOM are allowed to continue on their way without further
Feonor rides around in a Demon Grinder called Golden harassment, provided there are no demons lurking
Doom, so named because Mahadi fitted it with gilded among them.
death armor (see page 222). The vehicle is driven by Kovik has a Devil's Ride and travels with two bearded
a ghast, and its other stations are operated by ghouls. devils on similar vehicles. The rest of the gang consists
She also commands a force of ten crawling claws. A of four ba rbed devils on a Tormentor and eight bearded
pair of Tormentors crewed by mezzoloths provide es- devils on a Demon Grinder (see appendix B for vehicle
cort. See appendix B for the vehicles' stat blocks. stat blocks). Members of the Eighth Remnant never use
demon ichor in their vehicles.

Lulu's dreams lead the characters on a wild goose chase BEHOLD! ZARI EL'S DOG CRUCIFIED THOSE WHO
to Haruman's Hill in search of the Sword of Zariel. Re- betrayed his mistress in battle.
alizing that the Bleeding Citadel isn't where she remem-
bers it, the hollyphant offers the characters a choice - The Cartographer
of paths. Both paths eventually lead to the Bleeding
Citadel, but only through a combination of deal making, Haruman's Hill is marked on map 3.1 (page 79).
daring, and dumb luck. When the characters arrive at this location, read or
Diagram 3.2 (page 96) and diagram 3.3 (page paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:
106) are flowch arts that show the two paths characters
can take through Avernus to reach the Bleeding Citadel:
Wrought iron trees line a trail that leads to the summit of
the Path of Demons and the Path of Devils, respec-
tively. Neither is literally a "path," but rather a sequence a steep hill. Anguished knights are impaled on the trees'
of locations that the characters must visit in order. If metal branches, their bodies writhing in torment as
the characters wander off these paths, use optional bloated stirges feast on their blood.
encounters to pull them back (see "Other Locations,"
page 122, and ·'Roaming Encounter: Smiler the De-
filer," page 133). Haruman. a human paladin of Helm. was one of Zari-
Each encounter location tied to a path has a recom- el's most devoted Hellriders . He crucified deserters to
mended character level, as noted in diagram 3.2 or 3.3. Zariel's cause on "Coward's Way," a line of tortured
1f your group's average character level is lower than the souls leading to this desolate hill. Each soul is pinned
recommended level of their destination, introduce some to a barbed, metal tree. Inscriptions above their heads
random encounters or reroute them to another location attest that most of them were mortal knights who aban-
first to raise their level. doned Zariel during her assault into Avernus. Flocks of
Allow characters the opportunity to explore locations stirges buzz between the branches, feasting hungrily
on the poster map of Avernus in any order they please, on the screaming. crucified victims. The stirges attack
or let them jump back and forth between the paths as the characters only if they try to free the captives (see
they see fit. "Haruman's Arrival," below). Roll 2d4 to determine the
number of attacking sti rges.

Near the summit of the hill, the vampire Jander Sunstar
is impaled on one of the largest iron trees. This elf war-
rior, cursed to an eternity of undeath, tried to redeem
his corrupted soul by swearing to hunt down his own
kind. Later, he volunteered to join Zariel on her crusade
into the Nine Hells. Stirges now swarm back and forth
fromjander's body, preserving his existence by injecting
him with the blood of his traitorous companions.
Jander pleads for the characters to cut him down so
that his soul can move on from this accursed place. He
reveals the following information:
• Jander and Haruman were both part of a host of war-
riors who joined the angel Zariel in her assault on the
Nine Hells.
• After charging through the portal into Avernus,Jander
panicked and fled back to Elturel. He betrayed his
braver comrades by sealing the portal behind them .
• Jander and his fellow deserters never revealed their
shameful retreat and betrayal of Zariel. It was a badge
of shame that the HeJJriders, as they were came to be
known, would wear in secret until the grave.
• After years of anguish,Jander chose to face the sun
and throw himself on Lathander's mercy. The prayer
fell on deaf ears, and his soul was condemned to the
Nine Hells to suffer for his sins.
When she beholdsJander impaled on the iron tree,
Lulu's memories of him return. She remembers his
betrayal of Zariel and gives him a pitiful look. She then
admits to the characters that she's made a mistake lead-
ing them here and needs to ponder her dreams in more
detail to discern the Bleeding Citadel's whereabouts.
If the characters free Jander or any of his companions,
their bodies crumble to dust in grateful release. In
response, twenty stirges attack the group. When the
second round of combat begins. any crucified souls
remaining on the trees wail in terror as Haruman, a
na rzugon (see page 239 for his stat block), swoops
down from the sky on his nightmar e steed to punish the DEVELOPMENT
interlopers. He begins the encounter 300 feet away and If the hellwasp abducts Lulu, it takes the hollyphant to
orders the nightmare to close the distance between him its nest. If the characters wish to rescue Lulu, they must
and the adventurers as quickly as possible. As Haruman storm the nest (see "Hellwasp Nest," page 94).
attacks, a hellwasp (see page 236 for its stat block) ap- If the characters thwart the hellwasp's abduction of
pears from a nearby nest and tries to grab Lulu and fly Lulu, the hollyphant is grateful and apologizes for lead-
off with her (see "Development" below). ing them to the wrong place, admitting that her memory
If a character damages Haruman with an attack, a of the Bleeding Citadel is hazier than she initially re-
fresh tree bearing the character's name sprouts from alized. Having pondered her dreams further, she says
the ground nearby, listing the character's crime as "as- that two sites in Avernus seem important to finding the
saulting an officer." Any character who sees their name Citadel: a place where demons manifest (see "Spawning
on a tree for the first time must succeed on a DC 15 Wis· Trees," page 96), and another where demons are de-
dom saving throw or become frightened of Haruman for stroyed (see "Demon Zapper," page 106). Lulu has no
1 minute. A character who fails this saving throw can re- preference which to investigate first, so she points out
peat it at the end of each of their turns, ending the effect both locations on the characters' map and leaves the de-
on them on a success. cision to the characters. Each of these locations opens
a different branch of investigation that ultimately leads
Haruman uses infernal tack (see page 224) to ride his to the Bleeding Citadel. See diagram 3.2 (page 96)
nightmare. and diagram 3.3(page106) for overviews of the two
paths-the Path of Demons and the Path of Devils.

lestyou nourish theiryoung with your flesh.
-The Cartographer

Throughout Avernus, aggressive hellwasp colonies

shape enormous nests from the cocooned carcasses of
slain angels and other fallen celestials. Such structures
are magically buoyant and must be tethered by chains to
the surface of Avernus. The cocooned angels writhe un-
pleasantly from the motion of the larvae gorging on their
insides, creating the false impression that they still live.
Because of this, the mere sight of a hellwasp nest has
been known to drive mortals mad. This entry describes
a typical nest, such as the one Lulu is carried to from
Haruman's Hill.
When the characters encounter their first hellwasp
nest, read or paraphrase the following boxed text to
the players:

A gigantic sac of wet, papery material floats high above

the surface of hell. Angelic figures with feathery wings
stick to its surface like flies in amber, their bodies strug-
gling futilely underneath layers of gunk. Iron chains at the
bottom of the structure tether it to the hellish landscape.

A typical hellwasp nest contains eight bellwasps (see

page 236 for their stat block), although twice this
number are typically out hunting when the characters
arrive. If they paralyze every character in the party with
their stings, the hellwasps move them to their larder
at the top of the nest (area N4) to be used as food for
their larvae.


The following descriptions correspond to the areas
marked on map 3.2. A hellwasp nest has no stairs,
so the characters must fly or use climbing gear to tra-
verse between levels. Each level of the nest is basically
one large chamber. Map 3.2 includes a side view of
the nest that shows how the various levels stack atop
one another.
Map 3.2 shows where dead angels are entombed
in the hellwasp nest's translucent walls. The angels'
well-preserved corpses, which are visible to creatures
inside the nest, keep the nest aloft. Removing them from
the walls causes the nest to slowly sink to the ground.


The nest's entrance is on its underside, where one or
more heavy chains tether the nest 100 feet above the
surface of Avernus. The hellwasps keep this level mostly
clear to avoid blocking off the hatcheries above. Even so.
discarded gear accumulates here among the gory efflu-
via expelled from the wasps' devoured captives.
Treasure. Anyone searching through the junk finds
a backpack containing five healer's kits and a fully
charged wand of magic missiles.


Side View

1 square = 5 feet Level 1


Development. Too much noise here alerts the hell- N4. LARDER
wasps in area N2. Creatures rooting through the junk The hellwasps gum their victims to the walls of this
must succeed on a DC 12 Dexterity (Stealth) check or level using the same regurgitated bile that forms their
alert the wasps. Once the colony is placed on alert, call nest. Two hellwasps (see page 236 for their stat block)
for initiative rolls. All the hellwasps act on the same are stationed here at all hours.
initiative count. At the start of each of the hellwasps' If Lulu was abducted and brought to the nest, the char-
turns. one hellwasp (see page 236 for its stat block) acters find her here. stuck to a wall (see "Development"
arrives from area N2 to defend the nest until all three below). Any creature that ends up gummed to the walls
appear. The rest of the colony remains on high alert for can use an action to try to free itself, doing so with a
two hours. successful DC 20 Strength (Athletics) check. A charac-
ter can also make this check to pull free a companion
within its reach.
This level is honeycombed with octagonal cells crafted Treasure. Ruined gear belonging to previous abduct-
by the hellwasps from a regurgitated mulch of bone, ees is scattered across the floor. Characters who search
sand, and fat. Three bellwasps (see page 236 for their through the gear find three soul coins (see page 94)
stat block) are here unless they were drawn to area Nl a nd a helm of telepathy.
by the characters' intrusion. Development. If the characters free Lulu, she admits
N3. that her memory of the Bleeding Citadel is hazier than
she initially realized. Having pondered her dreams fur-
This level of the nest is always on high alert and
ther, she says that two sites in Avernus seem important
contains three bellwasps (see page 236 for their
to finding the Citadel: a place where demons manifest
stat block).
(see "Spawning Trees," page 96), and another where
Hellwasp larvae are incubating inside the angel car-
demons are destroyed (see ~Demon Zapper," page
casses on this level. If a character takes piercing or
106). Lulu has no preference which to investigate first,
slashing damage within 15 feet of an angel carcass or
so she points out both locations on the characters' map
moves within 5 feet of one, the carcass explodes a nd
and leaves the decision to them. Each of these locations
releases 2d6 hostile hellwasp grubs (use the giant centi-
opens a different branch of investigation that leads to
pede stat block to represent them).
the Bleeding Citadel. See diagram 3.2 (page 96) for
an overview of the Path of Demons and diagram 3.3
(page 106) for an overview of the Path of Devils.


SPAWNING TREES they spawn ever more corruption.

For characters of /eve/ 8 - The Cartographer
"Demons beget demons. Where their filth lands,
they spawn even more corruption." When the characters a rrive here, read or paraphrase the
following boxed text to the players:

Treelike growths cluster along the shoreline of a lake of

For characters of /eve/ 8 bubbling, black goo. Each growth is formed from the
same ichor as the lake and has writhing, me mbranous
"A tower tumbles between planes on the whims of
a mad mage. Where it goes next, nobody knows." sacs budding from its lim bs.
Five bearded fiends heap coals around the trunk of one
of the trees. As they hurl more coals onto the pyre, four
of their number cruelly poke and tease the fi fth member
of their group.
For characters oflevel 8
·'An unknown man with unknown purpose. Assist
him at your peril, lest he drag you into madness." Lakes of demonic ichor appear where demons are
slaughtered in great numbers. Malformed trees grow on
their shorelines, their branches laden with fleshy sacs.
These eventuaUy Bop to the ground and wetly break
MIRROR OF MEPHISTAR open, each one releasing a fully grown abyssal chicken
For characters oflevel 8 (see the accompanying stat block). Abyssal chickens are
carnivorous, temperamental. tasty bottom-feeders native
'·Mirror, mirror, made of ice- look within, but at to the Abyss. They beat their leathery wings to scare
what price?" predators and to help them run faster, and they taste like
fatty chicken.
With your permission, a character who casts the find

For characters oflevel 8 l familiar spell can henceforth choose to conjure an abys-
sal chicken instead of a raven.

"Here you find a sticky situation. Poor Shummrath DEVI LISH WORK C REW
isn't the fiend it used to be."
Zariel dispatched infernal cleanup crews to scour the
lake shores for the trees and destroy them before they
become thickets. When the characters arrive, they en-
For characters oflevel 9
counter a work crew of five bearded devils in the pro-
cess of raising a pyre around a tree to incinerate it. Pour
of the devils tease the fifth, whose name is Krikendolt. A
"Zariel's fallen companions cannot rest. No one vrock savaged Krikendolt's skull during one of the many
can in this nightmare hellscape." battles of the Blood War, leaving him with terrible scars
and a brain injury that has turned h is alignment to cha-
otic good. Krikendolt's comrades learned that he pities
the abyssal chickens, a nd they are now goading him into
For characters oflevel 9
slaughte ring the chickens on pain of death. Secretly,
Krikendolt keeps an abyssal chicken named Earwax
"Only fools step through UUoch's gates. They lead in his sack.
to nowhere a wise person wants to go." The devils are likely to attack on sight unless a char-
.____ acter can convince them to parley with a successful
DC 12 Charisma (Persuasion) check. The devils won't
forgive their comrade for his compassion, but the char-
For characters oflevel 10
acters could persuade them to release Krikendolt into
their care if they offer the right price. Krikendolt knows
Avernus well, so he makes a good traveling companion
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but does the
I same hold true for fiends?"
and guide. The characters can cure Krikendolt of his
disorder using a heal s pell or similar magic, which re-
stores his lawful evil alignment.


The devils don't know where the Bleeding Citadel is,
but they do know someone who could help. For the price
of a soul coin, the devils direct the group to a mysterious
outlander (see "Development" below). If the characters
are unable to pay, they must return later with the coin
and track down the fiends on the lake shore.

The fiends carry five soul coins (one each, see page
94) and three vials of demon ichor (see page 78).

T he fiends tell the characters about a powerful mage
who visits Avernus from other planes and often pays
yugoloths for their protection. If anyone knows where to
find this Bleeding Citadel, it's surely Mordenkainen! The
fiends mark the location of the wizard's tower on the
players' map of Avernus. Following this lead takes the
group to the Tower of Urm.

a mad mage. Where it goes next, nobody knows.
- The Cartographer

The Tower of Urm jaunts across the multiverse. It is

present in Avernus only if the characters arrive here
after speaking to the fiends in the cleanup crew (see
"Spawning Trees," above).
lf the characters arrive when the Tower of Urm is
present, read or paraphrase the following boxed text to
the players:
Tiny fiend (demon), chaotic evil
An iron tower rises atop an island on a lake of boiling
blood. No windows penetrate the tower's walls, and its Armor Class 13 (natural armor)
only visible door opens onto a high balcony. Red light- Hit Points 10 (3d4 + 3)
Speed 30 ft., fly 30 ft. (see Bad Flier below)
ning crackles constantly between two horns of metal on
the tower's roof. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA
6 (-2) 14 (+2) 13 (+1) 4 (-3) 9 (-1) 5 (-3)

Mordenkainen, a chaotic neutral human archmage, Damage Resistances cold, fire, lightning
often sojourns to Avernus to study how the Nine Hells Damage Immunities poison
affect the schools of magic. This archmage of Oerth Condition Immunities blinded, poisoned
leads a powerful group of adventurers called the Circle Senses blindsight 30 ft. (blind beyond this radius), passive
of E ight and has authored several planar tomes. He has Perception 9
also crafted many renowned spells. Languages understands Abyssal but can't speak
Challenge 1/4 (SO XP)
Mordenkainen takes the tower with him when he
leaves Avernus. Its empty iron foundations remain be-
hind to mark the site, and when tbe tower returns, it Bad Flier. The abyssal chicken falls at the end of a turn if it's
locks itself into place with a satisfying clunk. Mordenka- ai rborne and the only thing holding it aloft is its flying speed.
inen pays yugoloths to carry out his bidding in Avernus.
His wages are so attractive that these fiends have taken A CTIO N S
to gathering outside his tower. There are nine mezzo- Multiattack. The abyssal chicken makes two attacks: one with
loth s and three nycaloths present here at any time. its bite and one with its claws.
The fiends aren't looking for trouble, since they're more
Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one creature.
interested in landing a lucrative contract with the mage. Hit: 4 (1d4 + 2) piercing damage.
Two of the nycaloths-Torgrazk and Shraal- are
loyal to Zariel and have been sent here to assassinate Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Mordenkainen. If they overhear his discussions with Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) slashing damage.

the characters, the assassins decide to alter their plans. Ubbalux appears as a tall human wizard. The demon
Both fiends turn invisible and follow the party in hope stole this appearance from the last visitor to stray into
of an opportunity to kidnap one or more characters and his stones (after Ubbalux ate him). If the characters ap-
deliver them to Zariel. If they succeed, Zariel invites the proach, the "wizard" greets them eagerly and is keen to
rest of the group to her flying fortress to negotiate terms divulge details of his studies, but his conversation often
for their comrades' release (see "Zariel's Flying For- trails off on confusing tangents. The following informa-
tress," page 130). tion can be gleaned by speaking with the false wizard:
The wizard claims that he no longer recalls his name
TALKING TO MORDENKAIN EN or place of origin.
Mordenkainen is a stern, bald man with a neatly • If asked about the Bleeding Citadel, the wizard prom-
trimmed black goatee beard and a penetrating stare. ises to direct the characters to "someone who can
When his tower arrives in Avernus, Mordenkainen steps help," provided they help him solve the enigma of the
out onto the balcony to address the fiends gathered be- obelisk first.
low. Fights frequently break out between the yugoloths Ubbalux can truly help the characters find the path to
as they jostle for his attention. the Bleeding Citadel, but the demon hopes to manipu-
Zariel's assassins often lurk here, so Mordenkainen late the characters into releasing it from its prison first.
presents a simulacrum of his true self that disintegrates If they become aware of its ruse, the demon admits to
into a pile of snow if it is destroyed. The real archmage the deception and pleads for their help (see "Develop-
remains deep inside his tower and swiftly shunts the ment" below).
building to another plane in times of danger.
If the characters make themselves known to Mor- A WIZARD'S THEORY
denkainen's simulacrum. he demands to know their
reasons for visiting. The archmage doesn't know the The wizard claims that each standing stone is keyed to
location of the Bleeding Citadel, nor does he care to find one of the eight schools of magic (abjuration, conjura-
it. Even so, he claims that "balance will be maintained tion, divination, enchantment, evocation, illusion, necro-
in the universe" by giving the characters directions to mancy, and transmutation). His theory suggests that the
a lesser mage who also studies the workings of magic central obelisk grants a boost in arcane power to mages
in Avernus-specifically, a "mage of no renown" who across the cosmos, and he urges the characters to aid
haunts the site of an obelisk. The yugoloths recently told him in empowering it. Tn truth, Ubbalux has concocted
Mordenkainen about this stranger and his guidance has this theory to dupe the characters into testing his latest
an ulterior motive: if the characters end up slaying the escape plan. Characters who examine the standing
mysterious mage, Mordenkainen has one less rival to stones and succeed on a DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana)
contend with in Avernus. check discern that the arcane runes do indeed relate to
the eight schools of magic.
The wizard requests that each character places a
OBELISK hand upon a different stone, to "assist in channeling
AN UNKNOWN MAN WITH UNKNOWN PURPOSE. AsSIST the streams of magic."' When their hands are in place,
him at your peril. lest he dragyou into madness.
-The Cartographer
School Effect
Abjuration You gain a +2 bonus to AC for the next 24
When the characters arrive at this location, read or
paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:
Conjuration A monodrone appears in an unoccupied
space within S feet of you and follows you
A thirty-foot-tall obelisk ringed by seven smaller standing around until it's destroyed. It is indifferent
stones rises from the crest of this hill. A ta ll man wearing toward all creatures, including you.
tattered robes strides between the standing stones, ges- Divination You gain the benefits of a true seeing spell
ticulating wildly and screaming curses into the wind. for the next hour.
Enchantment The standing stone casts confusion on you
(save DC 15). The spell lasts for 1 minute.
The pit fiend Bel imprisoned the barlgura demon Ub-
Evocation The standing stone casts magic missile, tar-
balux inside this circle of standing stones. To torment
geting you with five missiles.
his adversary, Bel revealed that the secret to escaping
the prison was hidden in the arcane runes etched across Illusion An illusory swarm of harmless bats or
the standing stones. Ever since, the tormented demon pigeons (DM's choice) flutters over your
has tried futilely to solve the riddle and escape. The fig- head for the next hour. A dispel magic cast
ure pacing the standing stones is Ubbalux masquerad- on the swarm ends the effect.
ing in human form using a disguise se/fspell. The magic Necromancy You also take 30 necrotic damage from the
of the obelisk prevents the demon from leaving the circle standing stone.
and stops any form of divination magic from affecting Transmutation Your skin turns blue for the next 24 hours.
the stones or targeting a creature inside their perimeter. A remove curse spell ends the effect on you.

Ubbalux begins to chant. The air fills with ozone as Rigorath can perceive the characters though the mir-
lightning courses over the standing stones. Each char- ror but can't pass through its surface, nor can the char-
acter who participates in the experiment takes 22 (Sd8) acters pass through the mirror or target Rigorath with
lightning damage and suffers an additional effect based spells or attacks. Rigorath tries to broker an infernal
on the school of magic associated with the standing pact with the characters on behalf of his master Mephis-
stone that the character touched, as noted in the Stand- topheles, offering them knowledge and power in return
ing Stone Effects table. Ubbalux's latest attempt to es- for their assistance:
cape his prison has failed. • To fulfill their end of the bargain, the characters
must dam the flow of the River Styx where it spills
into a nearby slime-filled chasm (see "Pit of Shum-
Dropping its disguise, the barlgura demon implores the mrath," page 100).
characters to seek out Mephistopheles and return with • If the characters fulfill their side of the bargain, Rigo-
an answer to his puzzle. The barlgura then gives them rath grants them rare knowledge: a secret they desire
directions to a magic mirror (the Mirror of Mephistar) and a permanent +1 increase to each character's Intel-
that can be used to gaze into Cania and contact the ligence or Wisdom score.
archdevil. If the characters win over Mephistopheles, • Characters who came here from the Obelisk (see page
Ubbalux promises to guide them to someone who can 98) can bargain with Rigorath for the means to re-
help them find the Bleeding Citadel. lease Ubbalux from the standing stones. In this case,
his terms are the same.
MIRROR OF MEPHISTAR Rigorath refuses to explain why Mephistopheles
MIRROR, MIRROR, MADE OF ICE-LOOK WlTHIN, BUT AT wants the River Styx dammed. His master is wary of
angering Zariel and refuses to grant directions to the
what price?
Bleeding Citadel. If the characters agree to Mephistoph-
- The Cartographer eles's pact, Rigorath etches the terms onto the surface
of the mirror. The words form into chunks of ice on the
When the characters arrive at this location, read or group's side, which Rigorath instructs them to chisel off,
paraphrase the following boxed text to the players: melt, and then drink to seal the bargain.
To aid the characters with damming the River Styx,
the emissary crafts an imp out of snow, which hops

A giant slab of ice is wedged at the end of this craggy ra- through the mirror to join them. This imp has immunity
vine. Through its surface, you glimpse a glacial landscape to cold damage and carries a sling bag containing five
draped in snow. shattersticks (see the «Shattersticks" sidebar) that it can
use to demolish the riverbank. The imp is focused on
his task, dislikes procrastination, and spits shards of ice
Anyone who gazes into the surface of this 20-foot-tall when annoyed. The imp can guide the characters to the
mirror of ice sees their reflection as soulless, haggard, chasm of the Pit of Shummrath.
and encrusted with rime. This apparition stands in a fro-
zen tundra, desolate save for a tower of ice far in the dis- DEVELOPMENT
tance. Characters who succeed on a DC 25 Intelligence
If Mephistopheles learns of the Sword of Zariel, the
(Arcana) check recognize the tower as Mephistar, lair of
archdevil orders the imp to follow the group invisibly
the archdevil Mephistopheles.
after it completes its demolition work and report back
Any character who witnesses their reflection in the
when they've located the Bleeding Citadel. At that point,
mirror must succeed on a DC 20 Intelligence saving
Mephistopheles sends an ice devil into Avernus with or-
throw or become stunned for 1 minute. As they gaze
ders to murder the characters and steal the sword. If he
stunned into their reflection's eyes, Mephistopheles
gets the sword, Mephistopheles plans to use the artifact
gains access to all their thoughts, fears, and knowledge,
as leverage against Zariel in future dealings.
learning of their mission to retrieve Zariel's sword and
free Elturel (see "Development" below).
THE EMISSARY A shatterstick is a nonmagical, 12-inch-long, 4-pound
stake made of blue-tinged infernal Iron mined on Cania,
Shortly after arriving here. the characters see one of the eighth layer of the Nine Hells. When embedded in
Mephistopheles's emissaries in the mirror: a cambion earth or pounded into solid rock, the stake emits a seis-
named Rigorath. The emissary, only visible in the icy mic vibration in a 20-foot radius centered on itself for l
world beyond the mirror, swoops down from the di- minute, shaking the ground in that area for the duration.
rection of the tower. His skin is cadaver-blue, and his When the effects ends, the shatterstick breaks apart,
face is frozen in a scream. Rigorath holds a kettle of becoming useless, and all structures within 20 feet of it
steaming water in one hand. Before speaking, he pours take 35 (10d6) bludgeoning damage.
the boiling water over his face to thaw it out. After each
utterance, the ice spreads over his face again, freezing
into an expression of pained anguish.

doing so with a successful DC 20 Dexterity check. A
PIT OF SHUMMRATH knock spell or similar magic also unlocks the cage door.
isn't the.fiend it used to be. Characters can follow Baazit's instructions to scoop out
- The Cartographer a handful of the slime and spend an hour molding it into
a tiny humanoid shape. At the end ofthis time, the slime
When the characters arrive at this location, read or animates as a loyal, lawful evil homunculus made of
paraphrase the following boxed text to the players: dripping green jelly. Each character can only have one
of these servants active at a time. If a character makes
a second homunculus, the first one melts into a sticky
A deep rift slashes across the surface of Avernus for as puddle of inanimate goo.
far as the eye can see. The canyon is over a mile deep
and filled with a lake of green slime that undulates as TREASURE
though breathing. From a nearby cliff, a tributary of the
Characters who free or slay Baazit can claim the dimen-
sional shackles that restrain it.
River Styx cascades down into the slime.
Dangling from a bent iron crane that leans out over D A MMING THE STYX
the chasm is an iron cage containing a hairless, green·
If the characters are traveling with the ice imp (see "Mir-
skinned humanoid wearing shackles on its ankles. Th e ror of Meph istar," page 99), it leads them to the na r-
crane lowers the cage by a chain into t he slime, immers· rowest point of the Styx's tributary river and sets about
ing the creature in the goo for a minute before hoisting hammering its five shattersticks into the rocky ravine
it back out. This dunking continues again and again, and walls (see the "Shatterstick" sidebar on page 99). The
imp asks the characters to stand guard while it works.
the trapped creature seems helpless to stop it.
As the imp places the shattersticks, eight spined devils
swoop down and attack. One minute after the last shat-
Long ago. Bel imprisoned a rival pit fiend named terstick is activated, the combined seismic activity of all
Shummrath at the bottom of this deep chasm. Over the the shattersticks triggers a huge rockfall that fills the
years, Shummrath has been reduced to a fetid lake of gully, creating a dam.
slime. Ancient regenerative properties maintain some With the polluted River Styx cut off from the chasm.
semblance of life within the sludge. allowing visitors to Shummrath slowly starts to regenerate its mind and
communicate with Shummrath telepathically. However, reform its body. After 48 hours, Shummrath reforms as
a tributary stream from the River Styx has spilled into a pit fiend and flies off to wage war on his rival, Bel. If
his canyon and polluted the devil's mind. Shummrath the characters visit Bel's forge later in the adventure (see
now only retains thirty seconds of memory and conveys "Bel's Forge," page 113), they find it under siege from
a single thought repeatedly. Shummrath's hastily mustered forces. The attackers are
Those who establish communication with Shummrath quickly overwhelmed, forcing Shummrath to retreat to
discover that the devil repeats the same thought over some far corner of Avernus to escape Bel's wrath.
and again: it failed to show proper deference to Bel and
will have its revenge. Shummrath can talk to the charac- DEVELO PMENT
ters telepathically, but his mind unerringly loops back to 1f the characters successfully dam the River Styx, they
this same vengeful thought. can return to the Mirror of Mephistar to claim recom-
pense. Rigorath the cambion tells them that Ubbalux
IMPRISONED U LT RO LOT H must swear fealty to Mephistopheles to escape the
When the characters arrive here, they spot an ultroloth standing stones. If Ubbalux does as Rigorath suggests,
imprisoned in the iron cage suspended over the chasm. swearing its undying fealty to Mephistopheles, the arch-
T he iron crane has a magically powered winch mecha- devil makes it possible for the barlgura to escape.
nism that repeatedly dunks the cage into the goo, nearly If the characters return to the obelisk with the news,
drowning the prisoner with each submersion. The ul- Ubbalux begrudgingly accepts these terms and reveals
troloth, Baazit, is bound by dimensional shackles that the location of the Crypt of the Hellriders on the players·
prevent it from teleporting away. map. Ubbalux says that the death knight Olanthius,
Baazit contacts the characters telepathically as soon guardian of the tomb, knows the secret location of the
as they're in range. The ultrolotb was imprisoned by a Bleeding Citadel. The demon also reveals that "For
pit fiend for stealing soul coins. Baazit promises to show Glory" is the pass phrase to open to the catacombs.
the characters how to form magical servants from the where many of Zariel's fallen comrades are interned.
goo if they free it. Baazit can also direct the group to As the characters leave the obelisk, they witness Ub-
Bel's forge (see "Bel's Forge," page 113). balux swear fealty to Mephistopheles, whereupon black
A character can jam the crane's winch with a crowbar ice forms around the standing stones and causes them
or similar tool, preventing it from lowering or raising all to crack at once. UbbaluJC is able to leave the ring of
Baazit's cage. Once the cage stops moving, a character standing stones at that point, crying "Finally! I am free!"
can try to use thieves' tools to unlock the cage door, into the howling wind.

1 square =5 feet



The following descriptions correspond to areas marked
on map 3.3. The entire crypt is terribly cold and
can in this nightmare hellscape. wreathed in ankle-deep mist. All rooms and passages in
-The Cartographer the crypt are 10 feet tall and hewn from solid rock.

When the characters arrive at this location, read or Cl. SEALED GATES
paraphrase the following boxed text to the players: When the characters descend into the catacombs, read:

Acrid smog swirls around a barren hill, rising from which A pair of basalt doors block the passage ahead, their sur-
like giant tombstones are a pair of leaning mo noliths, faces engraved with a relief of a knight locked in combat
each soaring more than fifty feet into the smoky red sky. with a devil. Both wield burning swords.
Dozens of armored knights kneel in motionless rever·
ence before the monoliths, between which a set of onyx The doors do not have visible handles, locks, or bolts,
steps leads down under the hill. and they are magically locked, hardened, and enchanted
to resist magic. Any spell cast to unlock, damage, or re-
mold the doors automaticaJly fails. Characters can use
The onyx steps descend into catacombs containing the dimension door or similar magic to get past the doors.
remains of Hellriders who died fighting at Zariel's side. They can also slip through the cracks between the doors
Their restless spirits yearn for peace yet are doomed to if they have the magic to do so (such as the gaseous form
haunt this place until once more called to arms. spell). Otherwise, they'll need the speak the pass phrase
Dozens of dead knights kneel before the monoliths, "For Glory" to proceed any farther. Characters can learn
their foreheads resting on the pommels of their swords. the pass phrase from Ubbalux the barlgura (as dis-
The knights' armor serves as caskets for their bones, cussed in the "Pit of Shummrath" section, page 100).
yet their corpses stay upright as though in prayer. Each If a character speaks the pass phrase aloud within 10
knight wears the faded regalia of Elturel. feet of the doors, the doors slowly grind open. The doors
close on their own after 1 hour unless they are held or
wedged open.

There are several funerary chambers in the catacombs. When the characters peer into this room, read:
When the characters enter one of these rooms, read the
following boxed text to the players:
An iron urn heaped with human bones squats in an al-
cove at one end of this hall. On the wall nearby, a carved
Large iron burial urns are positioned reverently through- relief shows a column of mounted knights charging
out this hall, each engraved with a noble coats-of-arms through a portal into a fiery hellscape.
from the city of Elturel. Polished swords, lances, and
shields hang from racks on the walls.
Zariel's warlocks helped build the Crypt of the Hell-
riders to gain infernal power in their mortal world.
If a character says respectful words over the urns or When they died, their cursed bodies were dragged into
disturb them in any way, three ghosts of Zariel's knjghts Avernus to guard the tomb for eternity. Eight m ummies
arise from their remains. The ghosts solemnly reveal now lurk inside this chamber and guard the path to the
the following information: memorial steles. If the undead hear the characters else-
where in the catacombs, they hide inside the large urn
• The knights fought and died alongside the angel
to the west. When the characters enter, they try to creep
Zariel when she waged war in Avernus.
out silently and ambush them.
• Zariel's crusade ended in failure. Most of their gener- Treasure. One of the mummies carries a wand of
als, including the angel herself, fell to evil and trans-
secrets, and another wears a necklace of fireballs. If
formed into fiends.
the characters defeat the undead, they can claim these
• One of Zariel's generals, Olanthius, killed himself
items for themselves.
rather than embrace tyranny. Zariel raised him as a
death knight to ensure his loyalty. C5. MEMORIAL STELES
• The knights' souls are cursed to remain here. They When the characters enter this room, read:
yearn for the afterJjfe, but the oath they swore to
Zariel binds them to her service. They beg the charac-
ters to help them find rest. Four memorial steles stand in this hall, each engraved
If the characters promise to help the ghosts achieve with hundreds of names. A legend etched at the top of
their fina l rest, the ghosts provide the following addi- each stele reads, in Common: "Here lie the fa llen. May
tional information: their souls echo here until the end ohime."
• Olanthius despises Zariel but is s upernaturally Adorning the wall across from the steles is a carved re-
bound to her service. The ghosts s uggest there is still lief showing a solemn, blindfolded angel on the back of a
good in him. mammoth with feathered wings. The mammoth is reared
• Olanthius keeps quarters here in the catacombs. His up on its hind legs, and the angel holds her sword high.
rooms may contain evidence of his humanity that the
All around them are the broken bodies of fallen knights
characters can use to appeal to him.
and devils.
Once summoned, the ghosts remain by their urns
until the characters leave the catacombs or free their
souls. If a character defiles any remains, the ghosts use Characters who use detect magic or similar magic to
their Possession powers to drive the trespassers from examine the steles discern a strong aura of necromantic
the catacombs. magic emanating from the engraved names.
While the steles remain empowered, necrotic energy
C3. KNIGHTS ' CASKETS lashes out at anyone who touches them. A creature

When the characters approach one of these areas, read: touching a stele must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving
throw, taking 36 (8d8) necrotic damage on a failed save,

I Recesses in the walls hold iron burial caskets. Each cas-

or half as much damage on a s uccessful one. If the soul-
bound parchments in both ritual rooms (area C6) are
ket has a single, healthy red rose resting on its lid.
destroyed, the steles deactivate. The characters can then
free the warriors' souls by striking their names from the
Each of these corridors contains six caskets arranged in stone. As the names are removed, the knjghts' ghosts
stacked pairs. fade from view with gasps of relief. If all the names are
Being entombed in Avernus has corrupted the spirits struck from the stele, each character gains the benefit of
of these knights. Each casket contains a single wraith a bless spell that lasts for 24 hours.
magically held at bay by the rose laid on the casket. If
a character removes a rose from a casket, the flower
These two rooms are hidden behind secret doors. Char-
immewately withers and dies, and the wraith arises
acters with passive Wisdom (Perception) scores of 15
from the casket to attack any living creature or fiend
or higher spot a secret door within 5 feet of them. Oth-
that it sees. A wraith can't touch any of the roses on the
erwise, a secret door can be found by a character who
other caskets.

examines the surrounding wall and succeeds on a DC 0LANTHIUS RETURNS
lS Wisdom (Perception) check.
These rooms are magically shielded against undead If the characters desecrate any of the tombs or disturb
creatures, such that undead can't enter either room or the journals in area C7, Olanthius th_e death knight
even perceive its presence. Each ritual room appears to returns to the crypt on a chariot pulled by two gorgons.
contain nothing more than ankle-deep mist. However, Olanthius is bound to protect the crypt and can be sum-
any character who explores a ritual room disturbs the moned from anywhere in Avernus to fulfill his duties. He
mist enough to see features hidden underneath it: descends below ground to hunt down intruders and in-
terrogate them, leaving the gorgons and chariot outside.
As Olanthius moves through the catacombs, he com-
As you disturb the ankle-deep mist, it parts to reveal a pels any ghosts he encounters to fight at his side. Any
ritual circle daubed in blood on the floor. Hundreds of ghosts that the characters summoned from the urns
slivers of parchment are arranged within it, each tiny in the funerary chambers (area C2) transform into
specters under Olanthius's command and join him
st rip bearing a name written neatly in blood.
on his hunt.
Olanthius is an extraordinarily powerful foe for 9th-
The papers name every warrior interned in this place. level characters. Fortunately, the characters can avoid
Any character who has seen the steles in area CS can, combat with the death knight once they realize he's will-
with a successful DC 14 Intelligence (Arcana) check, ing to help them.
discern the papers' purpose: they bind the warriors'
souls to the steles and compel them to serve Zariel in DEVELOPMENT
undeath·by the terms of their original oath to her. By Characters who parley with Olanthius can gain a valu-
destroying the papers, the characters deactivate the able ally in the fight against Zariel. To stand any chance
memorial steles and can release the knights' souls from of swaying the death knight to their cause, the char-
ser vitude (see area CS for details). acters must have read his journals and learned of his
hatred for Zariel. Otherwise, he tries to annihilate them
C7. 0LANTHIU$'$ RETREAT for their impudence.
This room is hidden behind a secret door. Characters Olanthius is willing to reveal the Bleeding Citadel's
with passive Wisdom (Perception) scores of 15 or higher location only if the characters create a diversion to dis-
spot the secret door once they get within 5 feet of it. tract Zariel. The characters must seek out the demon
Otherwise, it can be found by a character who examines lord Kostchtchie, who is imprisoned in Avernus and
the surrounding wall and succeeds on a DC 15 Wisdom whose hammer Zariel stole. If freed, the demon lord is
(Perception) check. If the characters open the secret sure to want its weapon back, which should create the
door, read the following boxed text to the players: diversion that Olanthius needs.
The Arches of Ulloch can transport the characters to
A stack of eight leather-bound journals rests atop a large [ Kostchtchie's Maw, where the demon lord is being held,
provided the characters have a clear destination in mind
[ writing table in this cramped chamber. as they pass through the arches. Olanthius provides
directions to the Arches ofUlloch and can point to that
The journals belong to Olanthius the death knight location, as well as the location of Kostchtchie's Maw, on
and are written in Common. Characters who spend a the characters' map.
short rest poring over the journals learn the following Once Kostchtchie is released, the characters can
information: report back to Olanthius at the Crypt of the Hellriders,
whereupon he reveals the Bleeding Citadel's location.
• Olanthius never recovered from Zariel's capitulation
to Asmodeus and subsequent transformation into a
devil. He blames himself for not seeing warning signs ARCHES OF ULLOCH
of Zariel's fall from grace early on- her single-minded ONLY FOOLS STEP THROUGH ULLOCH"S GATES. THEY
determination to slay demons at all costs.
lead to nowhere a wise person wants to go.
• Olanthius took his life rather than face damnation, but
he was transformed into an undead monster by Zariel -The Cartographer
to serve her forevermore.
• Olanthius describes Haruman, his one-time comrade When the characters arrive at this location, read or
in arms, as a heartless man bereft of compassion- paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:
now a devil bent on punishing anyone who stands in
Zariel's way.
Two ornate, black arches dominate the scorched land-
• Olanthius mourns the deaths of his fallen warriors
and feels powerless to help them. scape for miles, each one rising two hu nd red feet into
• Olanthius speaks well of General Yael, whom he the stiflingly hot air. Every inch of stonework is engraved
clearly respects and secretly adores. In one journal, with images of devils waging war against demons.
Olanthius hints that he knows where Yael hid the
Sword of Zariel but fails to note the location.

In forgotten times, archdevils used these twin arches to On his most recent visit to the Nine Hells. Kostchtchie
transport entire regiments to other planes of existence. was defeated by the archdevil Zariel. who took his
The arches' magic has waned significantly, but there's hammer and chained him at the bottom of this chasm,
still enough magic left in each one to transport crea- knowing that killing him would simply cause him to re-
tures to another location in the Nine Hells. Characters form on his icy layer of the Abyss. Without Matalotok,
who use a detect magic spell or similar magic to exam- Kostchtchie's immunity to cold damage becomes resis-
ine the arches discern a powerful aura of conjuration tance to cold damage.
magic around each one. Shackled by ever-tightening magical chains that pre-
When a creature approaches within 100 feet of either vent him from casting spells, Kostchtchie squats in a
arch, the stonework emits a loud, resonant hum that 10-foot-deep, 80-foot-diameter pool of black tar in a cav-
grows louder and higher in pitch as the creature draws ern at the bottom of a chasm, his hands chained behind
closer. As a creature passes through an arch, a roaring him. His unholy screams and vile epithets can be heard
sheet of flame fills the archway, teleporting the creature for miles. Characters who attempt to communicate
to another location in the Nine Hells. Any creature or with the demon lord are met with guttural cries of an-
object that passes through the arch while the portal is guish and frustration. In sporadic moments of lucidity,
open is transported to the same destination. Each arch Kostchtchie glares at a character and bellows, "FREE
is wide enough to accommodate infernal war machines. ME!" or "BRING ME MY HAMMER!'' in Giant first and
To travel to a specific destination, a creature must Abyssal second. If that fails to garner the desired reac-
have visited it before or be able to point to its location on tion, Kostchtchie resorts to using telepathy to contact
a map. Characters who point to Kostchtchie's Maw on the nearest character, demanding its immediate release
their map as they pass through an arch are teleported to while offering nothing in return.
the top of the demon lord's prison-chasm.
If the characters fail to pick a destination, determine THE CHASM
it randomly. Ask a player to roll a d20 on the poster map The chasm descends to a depth of 500 feet. Although
of Avernus. The location closest to where the clie rests there are abundant handholds and footholds, the route
becomes the destination. If the die rolls off the map, the to the bottom is steep and treacherous. Characters who
DM chooses a destination. can't fty must make DC 15 Strength (Athletics) checks to
The portal remains open and fixed to the same desti- ascend or descend the chasm without climbing gear. If a
nation for 10 minutes, after which it deactivates as the check fails by 5 or less, the character makes no progress
arch that created it crumbles and falls to the ground. on their turn. If the check fails by more than 5, the char-
acter falls to the bottom of the chasm.
THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY JS MY FRIEND, BUT DOES THE A chain d evil named Mazer and four hell hounds guard
same hold true for fiends? the demon lord. If they detect intruders, the hounds
- The Cartographer pounce down from high caves as the devil emerges from
the tar pit.
Mazer keeps Kostchtchie's chains tight at all times.
When the characters arrive at this location, read or
Hidden in the tar pit are dozens more chains (each
paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:
100 feet long) that Mazer can use its Animate Chains
action to animate. Mazer uses these loose chains to
A dark chasm gapes between grumbling volcanoes that bind enemies or drag them into the tar pit, which is
spew lava and smoke into the hateful sky. The air trem- difficult terrain.
If the chain devil dies, Kostchtchie's chains loosen
bles with the bellowing of some monstrous creature in
enough for the demon lord to break free of them. Once
the dark depths of the chasm. free of its chains, the demon lord regains his spellcast-
ing abilities.
The demon lord Kostchtchie (see the accompanying
stat block) resembles a squat hill giant with short, bandy
legs and a grossly shaped head. If Kostchtchie is freed, the he cries out to Zariel (in
Frost giants who forsake the ir gods and turn to demon Giant) that he's coming for his hammer and swears to
worship can summon Kostchtchie with bloody offerings crush her with it. He then casts wind walk, which turns
left on altars of hewn ice. If the demon lord chooses to him into a cloudy form with an astonishingly fast flying
answer the giants' call, he hunts and fights alongside speed of 300 feet. In this form, he travels with great
them for a time, infecting the frost giants with savage haste across Avernus, determined to get his hammer
madness and bloodlust before disappearing back to back. Characters swift enough to follow in his wake are
the Abyss. Kostchtchie's favored weapon is Matalotok, led to Zariel (see chapter 5).
a warhammer forged by the frost giant god Thrym (see With Kostchtchie freed, the characters can return to
appendix C for more information about this legendary the Crypt of the Hell riders, where Olanthius dutifully
magic item). reveals the location of the Bleeding Citadel (see chapter
4). As the characters leave the catacombs, he asks them
to give his love to Yael when they see her.


At will: command, darkness
KosTCHTCHIE 1/day each: dispel evil and good, gate, harm, telekinesis, te/e.
Large fiend (demon), chaotic evil
port, wind walk
Armor Class 16 (natural armor)
Hit Points 243 (18dl0 + 144)
Speed 40 ft. Multiattack. Kostchtchie makes two melee attacks, only one of
which can be a bite attack.
Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +18 to hit, reach 5 ft., one creature.
30 (+10) 12 (+1) 27 (+8) 18 (+4) 22 (+6) 19 (+4)
Hit: 13 (ld6 + 10) piercing damage.
Saving Throws Dex +9, Con +16, Wis +14 Matalotok (Warhammer). Melee Weapon Attack: +18 to hit,
Skills Intimidation +12, Perception +14, Survival +14 reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 19 (2d8 + 10) bludgeon ing dam·
Damage Resistances fire, lightning age, or 21 (2dl0 + 10) bludgeoning damage when used with
Damage Immunities cold, poison; bludgeoning, piercing, and
two hands, and the weapon emits a burst of cold that deals 10
slashing damage that is nonmagical
(3d6) cold damage to each creature within 30 feet of it.
Condition Immunities charmed, frightened, poisoned
Senses truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 24
Languages Abyssal, Giant, telepathy 120 ft.
Challenge 25 (75,000 XP) Kostchtchie can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from
the options below. Only one legendary action option can
be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's
Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If Kostchtchie fails a saving turn. Kostchtchie regains spent legenda ry actions at the start
throw, he can choose to succeed instead. of his turn.
Magic Resistance. Kostchtchie has advantage on saving throws Attack. Kostchtchie makes one melee weapon attack.
against spells and other magical effects. Charge. Kostchtchie moves up to his speed.
Cu rse (Costs 2 Actions). Kostchtchie curses one creature he
Innate Spellcasting. Kostchtchie's innate spellcasting ability is
can see with in 60 feet of him. The cursed creature gains vul·
Charisma (spell save DC 20). He can innately cast the following
nerab ility to all damage dealt by Kostchtchie until the end of
spells, reguiring no material components: Kostchtchie's next turn.

D EMON ZAPPER trap. Zap! Zap!
For characters of /eve/ 8 -The Cartographer
"The purest of souls lures fiends into a hellish trap.
Zap! Zap!" When the characters approach this location, read or
paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:

For characters of /eve/ 8
"Your future is written in your blood. She'll open
your veins to paint the story hidden in your heart."
l Radiant light cascades from a rusted metal monument
shaped like the upraised mandibles of a giant beetle.

The light cascades from a unicorn named Mooncolor,


who is trapped inside a IO-foot-diameter sphere of mag-

I ical force that prevents any matter from passing into it

For characters of /eve/ 8
and blocks any spells cast into or out of it. The sphere is
suspended between the zapper's spines, 50 feet above
the ground. This light lures demons like moths to a
"A fallen titan or a wimp with delusions of gran- flame, annihilating them when they get close. While
deur? I'll leave that one for you to decide." trapped in the sphere, the unicorn can't use any of its
magical abilities.
The sphere targets the nearest fiend that moves within
100 feet of it, discharging a beam of radiance that forms
ARKHAN'S TOWER a line 5 feet wide and up to 100 feet long, extending
For characters oflevel 9 to the target. Any creature in the line that has 100 hit
points or fewer disintegrates into a pile of ash. Creatures
"He wears the band of evil, yet his goal remains
with more than 100 hit points in the line must make a
just beyond his fingertips."
DC 18 Dexterity saving throw, taking 260 (40dl2) radi-
ant damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on
a successful one. Once the demon zapper has fired, it

For characters ofleve/ 9
must recharge for 1 minute before it can fire again.
To free the unicorn, the characters must destroy the
rusted metal structure around it, which has AC 14, 250
"Draconic devils roosc in a giant skull, through hit points, and immunity to poison and psychic damage.
which the dragon queen speaks with five tongues." The structure crumbles when it drops to 0 hit points,
causi ng the sphere of force to slowly sink to the ground
and fade away. If the characters free the unicorn, it ac-

companies them if they are of mostly good alignment.
For characters of level 9 RALZALA T H E D A O
"An ousted archduke sulking in a volcano, eager to A dao named Ralzala defends the demon zapper. Ralz-
reclaim his stolen throne." ala swore loyalty to Zariel to gain revenge against a rival
dao who tried to ruin her. The dao regrets the arrange-
ment and wants to break her pact with the archdevil.
Ralzala hides under the ground at the base of the
SIBRI EX zapper. If the characters damage the zapper, Ralzala
For characters oflevel 10 emerges from the ground, casts tongues, and offers
"A breeder of horrors and a hoarder of secrets, a them a deal. She reveals that the deposed archdevil Bel
sibriex is said to be as old as the Abyss." would gladly aid the characters in overthrowing Zariel.
If the characters help Ralzala break her pact with Zariel,
the dao promises to direct them to Bel's Forge and write
them a letter of introduction.
WRECKED FLYING FORTRESS Ralzala knows an oracle named Red Ruth, who could
For characters oflevel 10 surely divine a solution to her problem. Being bound to
the demon zapper, Ralzala is unable to seek out this or-
"A weapon made for an archdevil, ravaged in battle
acle herself, but the characters could do so in her stead.
and ripe for plunder."
She tells them to speak with Red Ruth in the corrupted
forest nearby and follow her instructions to break the
0111GRAM 3.3: P ATH OF Oevics pact. This leads the players to the Bone Brambles.

The following descriptions correspond to areas marked
on map 3.4 (page 108).
your veins to paint the story hidden in your heart.
-The Cartographer Bl. ENTRANCES
Characters who circle the tangled stretch of woodland
When the characters arrive at this location, read or uncover five separate paths leading into its interior. Im-
paraphrase the following boxed text to the players: passable brambles choke the wood land outside these
trails and even grow overhead to blot out the s ky.
To avoid getting lost in the wood, the characters must
A maze of warped trees and bonelike vines stretches be- succeed on a DC 15 group Wisdom (Survival) check. On
fore you. Calcified corpses merge with the trees, covered a success, the characters locate Red Ruth's lair at the
in fungal pods that feed on the blood oozing through the heart of the woodland (area 83). If they fail, they blun-
der into one of the dead ends listed below (area B2) and
undergrowth. Here and there, narrow paths wend deeper
must make the check again when they move on. Once all
into the wood. four dead ends have been explored, the group automati-
cally locates Red Ruth's lair.
In a bygone age, the night hag Red Ruth corrupted B2. DEAD ENDS
a community of dryads by fouling the roots of their
If the characters get lost in the brambles, roll on the
trees with mind-bending poison. As the dryads fell to
Dead Ends table to determine where they end up, or
evil, their forest was wrenched from the Feywild into
choose a result that they haven't encountered yet.
Avernus. Those dryads who resisted the poison died
trying to merge back into their trees. The rest crumbled
to ash and became restless, tortured spirits akin to ban-
shees. Contented, Red Ruth made her home at the heart d4 Dead End
of the twisted wood. Dead traveler
The characters can venture into the wood out of curi- 2 Dryad spirits
osity or to find the oracle that Ralzala hopes can break 3 Shambling mounds
her pact with Zariel. 4 Thorn trap

1 square = 5 feet

Dead Traveler. The corpse of a drow rests at the end B3. RED R UTH'S LAIR
of the path, her flesh impaled by hungry vines and her When the characters arrive at this location, read or
face twisted in an expression of horror. The traveler paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:
wears a bag ofdevouring on a strap.
Dryad Spirits. Three cursed dryad spirits (use the
banshee stat block to represent them) approach the A cave-like hovel lies at the center of the maze. Hun-
characters and demand to be reminded of the "wonders dreds of bones and body parts hang by twine from the
of life." At your discretion, a character can mollify the entrance, and the ceiling is strung with garland made of
spirits with a sweet story, a kiss, a song, or anything bloody entrails. The air buzzes with Aies.
else that reminds the dryads of home. If the characters
fail to satisfy them, the three spirits attack.
Shambling Mounds . Three s hambling mounds arise Red Ruth, a night hag, makes her lair inside this gory
from the brambles and attack the characters. den. She wears a dress made from stitched-together
Thorn Trap. The characters spot a hawthorn staff en- bones. Strings of infants' skulls hang around her neck
tangled at the end of the path, buried behind a 15-foot- and chatter nursery rhymes incessantly (and in different
deep thicket of thorns. Each 5-foot-square section of languages) as she talks.
thorns counts as difficult terrain and has AC 11, 15 hit Evil visitors from all over the multiverse travel to
points, immunity to psychic damage, and vulnerability Avernus to hear Red Ruth's divinations and sample her
to fire damage. If damaged but not destroyed, the thorns mystical brews. If the characters talk to Red Ruth about
magically regrow to full health after 24 hours. The the dao's curse, she offers them a deal for her assistance
thorns restrain any creature that ends its turn within 5 (see "Hold the Fort" below).
feet of them. Any creature that starts its turn restrained Red Ruth sells potions brewed from blood, which she
by the thorns takes 22 (4dl0) s lashing damage from gladly trades for soul coins (see page 94) as listed
the writhing barbs. Once a creature is entangled, it can on the Red Ruth's Bargains table. Each potion imparts
break free only if all the thorn bushes within 5 feet of it an unpleasant but harmless side effect when imbibed:
are destroyed. flatulence, boils, hair loss, or any other ghastliness
The staff at the center of the maze is a decoy and you can conceive. Her divinations replicate the effects
cr umbles to ashes in the hands of whoever claims it. of a commune spell, although Red Ruth provides the
answers to the questions without needing to appeal to a
divine being.

Goods Price
Potion, common or uncommon l soul coin
Potion, rare 2 soul coins grandeur? 1'11 feave that for you to dectde.
Commune spell 3 soul coins -The Cartographer

HOLD THE FORT When the characters arrive at this location. read or
Red Ruth says she knows how to free Ralzala the dao paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:
from her pact, but she won't tell the characters until
they've performed a favor for her first. The hag explains The cracked helm and sword of a titan lies half buried in
that she's long overdue for her bath-ifs been a couple
the ash of Avernus. A spherical stone set into the sword's
of centuries at the very least since she last washed. She
asks the characters to arrange and pay for a pampering pommel still gleams with scarlet radiance.
session at Infernal Rapture in the Wandering Empo-
rium (page 126). She warns the characters of one The empyrean Uldrak quested into the Nine Hells to
other condition before they decide: they must watch over slay Tiamat and win glory for his deity, Surtur, but he
her grove while she's gone. If the characters attack or was beaten handily by the dragon queen. The empyrean
threaten Red Ruth during this negotiation, she simply wasn't slain; instead, Tiamat cursed him for his impu-
slips away into the Ethereal Plane and doesn't return dence by transforming him into a s pined devil. This
until they leave.
wretched creature now hides inside the helmet that he
The night hag can divine the location of the Wander- once wore. For millennia, Uldrak has dwelled in this
ing Emporium by spilling some of her own blood on the spot, forlornly plotting to restore bis true form.
ground and studying the pattern that the blood makes.
Red Ruth can then point to a location on the character's DEALING WITH ULDRAK
map of Avernus. (The location can be anywhere you
choose.) When the characters arrive at that location, Uldrak is a bitter creature who barely remembers his
they encounter the Wandering Emporium just as the past. Long ago, he learned how to remove his curse, but
night hag predicted. Although Red Ruth knows that the the solution was so beyond him that he consigned him-
owner of Infernal Rapture is a rakshasa, she doesn't self to failure. Now, he's more interested in scrabbling to
share this information with the characters. expecting survive than trying to escape the Nine Hells.
them to figure it out on their own. Uldrak's empyrean heritage still lingers in his voice.
Characters who return from the Wandering Empo- He understands all languages, and when he speaks, he
rium with confirmation of Red Ruth's appointment randomly switches language to Giant. Millennia of isola-
must watch over the grove for a few hours while the hag tion have unhinged his mind, so he argues with himself
leaves to take her bath. During this time, the cursed often, even in front of strangers.
spirits of the dryads arise to destroy Red Ruth's lair as Uldrak reveals his sorry tale to any who ask him about
punishment for her crimes. This force consists of two the empyrean's whereabouts. Characters who came
dryad spirits (use the bans hee stat block) and a walking, here to extract Uldrak's blood (see "Bone Brambles,"
undead tree (use the tre ant stat block, except the tree is above) can make a DC 12 lntelligeoce (Arcana) check
undead and has resistance to necrotic damage). when they learn that Uldrak is now a fiend. On a suc-
If the characters defeat the undead, Red Ruth fulfills cess, they hypothesize that the blood must be drawn
her end of the bargain when she returns. Otherwise, the from his titan form to break the dao's curse. Thankfully,
undead tree collapses the entrance to Red Ruth's hovel. Uldrak has a plan (see "Development" below).
The night hag is not pleased and uses her Etherealness Treasure. The sphere set into the pommel of Uldrak's
trait to walk through the collapsed entrance of her cave, sword is an orb of dragon kind. This item is vital to Ul-
disappearing into her lair without so much as a goodbye. drak's plan to free himself from his curse.

The dryad spirits have no treasure, but the undead tree To regain his true form. Uldrak must spill some ofTia-
has a dead gnome skeleton lodged in a hollow cavity in mat's blood on the ground of Avernus. Fighting Tiamat
its trunk. The skeleton wears a witch's bat (actually a hat in his present form would be madness, but Uldrak has
of disguise) and clutches a +1 wand of the war mage. learned that a dragonborn named Arl<han the Cruel
carries some of Tiamat's blood in a reliquary around his
DEVELOPME NT neck. Uldrak reveals that the "gem" glowing on the pom-
To honor her end of the deal, Red Ruth reveals that mel of his old sword is in fact an orb ofdragonkind-an
Ralzala must drink the blood of a titan to free herself item sure to be of interest to Arkhan. He urges the char-
from Zariel's pact. The night hag says that Uldrak might acters to trade the orb to Arkhan for the reliquary and
be able to help but warns "he's not what he used to be." then return here. If the characters agree, Uldrak gives
ff the characters show her their map, she identifies Ul- them directions to Arkhan's Tower.
drak's location. This sends the group to Uldrak's Grave.

just beyond his fingertips.
- The Cartographer

When the characters arrive at this location, read or

paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:

A dark tower looms on the horizon, its black spire rising

hundreds of feet , its ramparts bristling with charred
skulls mounted on iron spikes. The tower's apex splits
into five narrower spires that jab at the sky li ke clawed
fingers. Circling above the tower's peak is a great white
dragon stained with ash and soot.
As you get closer to the tower, you notice figures shuf-
fling atop its ramparts-undead guards in various states
of decay.

Arkhan the Cruel has claimed this tower as his base.

Here, with the help of a tortle death-priest ofTiamat
named Krull, the dragonborn warrior researches ways
to assert his will over the artifact known as the Hand of
Vecna, so he can use its secrets to free the evil dragon
queen Tiamat from the Nine Hells. Arkban has traveled
to a nearby monument to commune with his goddess,
leaving Krull behind.
Dragons tore the obsidian rocks of Arkhan's tower
from the fiery volcanoes of Avernus. Fifty skeletons and
thirty zombies stand ready to defend the tower, which is
also guarded by the adult white dragon Obatala. When
it detects intruders, the dragon roars to alert Krull (see

KRULL 1st level (4 slots): cure wounds, detect evil and good.false life,
Medium humanoid (tortle), lawful evil inflict wounds, ray ofsickness
2nd level (3 s lots): blindness/deafness, gentle repose, hold person,
Armor Class 17 (natural armor) ray of enfeeblement, spiritual weapon
Hit Points 117 (18d8 + 36) 3rd level (3 s lots): animate dead, magic circle, speak with dead,
Speed 30 ft. spirit guardians, vampiric touch
4th level {3 slots): banishment, blight, death ward, divination,
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA locate creature
20 {+5) 14 (+2) 15 (+2) 12 (+l ) 20 {+S) 12 {+1) 5th level (2 slots): antilife shell, cloudkill, contagion, greater
Saving Throws Wis +8. Cha +4 6th level (1 slot): create undead, true seeing
Skills Arcana +4, Medicine +8, Nature +4, Survival +8 7th level (1 slot): divine word, regenerate
Senses passive Perception 15
Languages Aquan, Common, Draconic
Challenge 6 (2,300 XP) Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Hit: 7 (1d4 + 5) piercing damage.
Hold Breath. Krull can hold his breath for 1 hour. +1 Maul. Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5 ft. , one
target. Hit: 13 (2d6 + 6) bludgeoning damage plus 9 (2d8)
Inescapable Dest ruction. Necrotic damage dealt by Krull's necrotic damage.
spells ignores resistance to necrotic damage.
Shell Defense. Krull withdraws into his shell. Until he emerges
Spel/casting. Krull is a 14th-level spellcaster. His spellcasting as a bonus action, he has a +4 bonus to AC and has advantage
ability is Wisdom (spell save DC 16, +8 to hit with spell at· on Strength and Constitution saving throws. While in his shell,
tacks). He has the fo llowing cleric spells prepared: Krull is prone, his speed is 0 and can't increase, he has disad-
Cantrips (at will): chill touch, mending, resistance, sacredflame, vantage on Dexterity saving throws, he can't take reactions,
spare the dying, thaumaturgy and the only action he can take is to emerge from his shell.

the accompanying stat block), who emerges from the DEVELOPMENT
tower to greet new arrivals. Krull. whose shell is carved
with Draconic runes that spell out prayers to Tiamat, is If the characters convince Krull to lead them to Arkhan,
joined by four ghouls that serve as his assistants. The the tortle guides them safely to the Monument to Tia-
ghouls gnaw on bones and eye the characters hungrily mat (page 112). The characters could also stake out
as Krull negotiates with them. Under no circumstances Arkhan's tower and await the dragonborn's return.
does Krull allow intruders to enter the nine-story tower Arkhan reacts here as he does at the Monument to Tia-
and disturb hjg experiments or Arkhan's chambers. mat, except that he can't summon Asojano the chimera.
Krull is willing to lead the characters to Arkhan if they
have something valuable in their possession, such as the
orb of dragonkind recovered from Uldrak's Grave or the
unicorn rescued from the demon zapper (page 106).
Otherwise, the tortle instructs the
characters to leave at once or die.
In addition to its undead defenses,
the tower has four smaller drag-
ons living inside it: a young black
dragon named Slarkas, a young
blue dragon named Vistalancer, a
young green dragon named Vermi-
lius, and a red dragon wyrmling
nicknamed Flash. These dragons
attack characters who invade the
tower and fight to the death to
defend it.
Treasure. Krull wields a +1 maul
and carries five potions of healing
and two soul coins (see page 94)
in a sling bag. The tower is filled
with laboratories, morgues, and
dragon hatcheries that might con-
tain other treasures protected by
magical wards, at your discretion.

number of charges (spell save DC 18):.fingerofdeath (5

AR.KHAN THE CRUEL charges), sleep (1 charge), slow (2 charges), and teleport
Medium humanoid (dragonborn), lawful evil
(3 charges).
Armor Class 23 (obsidian flint dragon plate, shield) Innate Spellcasting. Arkhan's spellcasting ability is Charisma
Hit Points 221 (26d8 + 104) (spe ll save DC 17). He can cast the following spells, requiring
Speed 40 ft. no material com ponents:

STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 3/day each: animate dead, branding smite {at 4th level), revivify
20 (+5) 12 (+1) 18 (+4) 10 (+O) 10 (+O) 18 (+4) 1/day each: geas, raise dead
Special Equipment. Arkhan wields Fane-Eater (see page 223)
Saving Throws Wis +5, Cha +9
and wears a suit of obsidian flint dragon plate (see page 224).
Skills Ath letics +10, Deception +9, Intimidation +9
The armor gives Arkhan advantage on ability checks and saving
Damage Resistances fi re, poison; bludgeoning, piercing, and
throws made to avoid or end the grappled condition on him.
slashing damage from nonmagical weapons
Condition Immunities frightened
Senses darkvision 60 ft. (can see invisible creatu res out to the
same range), passive Perception 10 Multiattack. Arkhan makes three weapon attacks.
Languages Common, Draconic
Challenge 16 (15,000 XP)
Fane-Eater (Battleaxe). Melee Weapon Attack: +1 3 to hit, reach
5 ft., one target. Hit: 16 (ld8 + 12) slashi ng dam age, or 17
(ldl O + 12) slashing damage when used with two hands, plus
Aura of Hate. While Arkhan isn't incapacitated, he and all 9 (2d8) cold damage. If the target is a creature and Arkhan
fiends and undead within 30 feet of him deal 4 extra damage rolls a 20 on the attack roll, the creature takes an extra 9 {2d8)
whenever they hit with a melee weapon attack (already factored necrotic damage, and Arkhan regains an amount of hit points
into Arkhan's attacks). This extra damage is of the same type as equal to the necrotic damage dealt.
the weapon's damage type.
j avelin. Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, reach 5 ft.
Hand ofVecna. The Hand of Vecna has 8 charges and regains or range 30/120 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (1d6 + 5) piercing dam·
ld4 + 4 expended charges daily at dawn. Arkhan can cast the age, plus 4 piercing damage and 9 (2d8) cold damage if the
following spells from the hand by expending the specified javelin was used to make a melee attack.

an army. Abishai of all colors nest in the sulfurous caves
MONUMENT TO UAMAT behind the skull, and scores of white abishai (see page
DRACONlC DEVILS ROOST lN A GIANT SKULL, THROUGH 241 for their stat block) pour forth to counter any as-
which the dragon queen speaks withfwe tongues. sault or invasion.
The infernal war machine parked next to the tent is a
-The Cartographer
Devil's Ride (see page 94) belonging to Arkhan the
Cruel's minotaur bodyguard, Torogar Steelfist.
When the characters arrive at this location, read or
paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:

A colossal dragon's skull leans against a mountains ide,

surrounded by bones the size of houses. Acrid smoke
rises from the skull's maw. A mi litary tent has been
pitched among the bones, and parked next to it is a two-
wheeled infernal war machine.
Gathered around this tent are a dozen chattering,
reptilian humanoids with gleaming swords, white scales,
and white, leathery wings.

A tunnel at the back of the skull leads to Tiamat's lair.

The devils nesting within the skull, the abishai, are be-
lieved to carry out her bidding- or perhaps guard over
her prison on orders of Asmodeus.
From the depths of her lair, Tiamat can
hear the prayers and pronouncements of
faithful servants who call out to her from
the maw of the colossal dragon skull. If
the dragon queen chooses to reply, her
five hissing voices issue from the dark-
ness, amplified by the skull as
they give commands and finish
each other's sentences.
It would be madness to
assault this location without

he hasn't attacked a hostile creature or taken damage since his

last turn. While raging, Torogar gains the following benefits:
Large monstrosity, lawful evil
• He has advantage on Strength checks and Strength sav-
Armor Class 17 (natural armor} ing throws.
Hit Points 168 (16dl0 + 80) • He deals an extra 3 damage when he hits a target with a
Speed 40 ft. melee weapon attack.
• He has resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slash-
ing damage.
25 (+7) 17 (+3) 20 (+5) 8 (-1) 9 (- 1} 16 (+3)
Special Equipment. Torogar wears gauntlets ofjlamingfury (see
Saving Throws Str +11, Con +9 page 223} and a belt offire giant strength. Without the belt, his
Skills Athletics +11, Deception +7, Intimidation +7, Survival +3 Strength is 21. He also carries a soul coin (see page 225).
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 9
Languages Abyssal, Common ACTIONS
Challenge 11 (7,200 XP)
Multiattack. Toroga r makes three attacks: two with his scimi-
tars and one with his horns.
Coring Rush. Immediately after using the Dash action, Torogar
Scimitar. Melee Weapon Attack: +11 to hit, reach 5 ft., one
can make one melee attack with his horns.
target. Hit: 14 (2d6 + 7) slashing damage, or 17 (2d6 + 10)
Labyrinthine Recall. Torogar can perfectly reca ll any path he slashing damage while raging, plus 3 (ld6) fire damage from
has traveled. the gauntlets offlamingfury.

Rage (Recharges after a Short or Long Rest). As a bonus action, Horns. Melee Weapon Attack: +11 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Torogar can enter a rage that lasts for 1 m inute. The rage ends Hit: 16 (2d8 + 7) piercing damage, or 19 (2d8 + 10) piercing
early ifTorogar is knocked unconscious or if his turn ends and damage while raging.

The dragooborn Arkhan the Cruel (see page 111 for AN OUSTED ARCHDUKE SULKING IN A VOLCANO, EAGER
his stat block) is in the tent along with his manticore
companion, Chango, and Torogar Steelfist, his savage to reclaim his stolen throne.
minotaur bodyguard (see the accompanying stat block). - The Cartographer
Arkhan visits the monument to commune with his
queen and report on his ongoing battle of wills to mas- When the characters arrive at this location, read or
ter the Hand ofVecna, which came into his possession paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:
during a brief excursion to the world ofExandria.
If the characters approach Arkhan's encampment, the
twelve white abisbai (see page 241 for their stat block) A gargantuan volcano dominates the horizon. Clouds of
at the camp rush forward to intercept them. Characters fire and ash spew from its caldera, and the air trembles
accompanied by Krull the tortle (see "Arkhan's Tower," with its angry grumblings. A vast, multilayered fortress
page 110) or who have something Arkhan might con- has been hewn into the volcano's rocky slopes.
sider valuable are permitted to approach his camp.
Arkhan beUeves he can use the Hand ofVecna to
unlock the means of freeing Tiamat from her prison Bel, one of the Nine Hells' greatest military minds,
in the Nine Hells, but only if the hand doesn't kill him dwells in this iron keep. From this bastion, Zariel's
first. The hand is slowly corrupting Arkhan's flesh and second-in-command and the former lord of Avernus
decomposing his body on one side. To stave off this oversees the forges that furnish weapons and armor for
decline, Arkhan needs to use the Hand of Vecna to snuff the Blood War.
the life out of good-aUgned creatures. If the characters An army of devils guards Bel's fortress, and h is dark
try to cut a deal with Arkban-for a vial ofTiamat's magic alerts him to intruders within its walls. Strangers
blood or help contacting the dragon queen berself- who venture too close are assaulted by a strike team of
Arkban demands the sacrifice of a good-aligned crea- two homed devils leading ten bearde d devils. If the
ture in exchange. Lulu is an ideal candidate, as is the intruders survive and linger in the area, a whole army of
unicorn Mooncolor (see "Demon Zapper," page 106). devils descends upon them.
Sacrificing such a creature to Arkhan is an evil act. Characters can gain an audience with Bel if they have
[n battle, Arkhan uses branding smite to channel the a letter of introduction (available from the dao Ralz-
radiant power of Tiamat into bis weapon attacks. If a ala), or if they're captured or killed by Bel's forces. Bel
fight turns against him, he uses the teleport power of the delights in raising his enemies from the dead to inter-
Hand ofVecna to return to his tower with as many allies rogate them, especially if they appear to be outlanders.
as possible. Should one or more of his comrades fall Infiltrating Bel's fortress is possible, but only if the char-
in battle, Arkban uses revivify and raise dead spells to acters have magical means of shielding themselves from
bring them back to life as soon as possible. his divinations. If they befriend Olanthius (see "Crypt
If Arkhan finds himself overwhelmed with opposition, of the Hell riders," page 101), cut a new deal with Red
he orders the abishai to attack. Arkhan can also use a Ruth (see "Bone Brambles," page 107), or perform a
bonus action to call forth Asojano, a chimera lairing quest for Mephistopheles (see "Mirror of Mephistar,"
in the depths of the colossal dragon skull. This evil page 99), they could feasibly infiltrate Bel's fortress
monster in the service ofTiamat considers Arkhan a by smuggling themselves in with any tribute their ally
friend and ally. brings before Bel. Whether the characters smuggle
themselves inside, arrive with a letter of introduction, or
D EVELOPMENT get taken into custody, they eventually arrive at the low-
The characters most likely come here to bargain with est level of Bel's fortress, where Bel lairs.
Arkhan for a vial ofTiamat's blood in his possession.
If they acquire this reliquary, they can return Tia mat's FORGE FEATURES
blood to Uldrak and use it to break his curse. Uldrak Bel's forge is carved out of volcanic rock and has soar-
excitedly splashes the vial's hissing contents onto the ing, 50-foot-high ceilings throughout. Other features of
ground at his feet. Moments later, he sheds his fiendish the forge are summarized below.
skin and grows back into his true form, that of a lawful
Heat. Bel's forge is unbearably hot, with an ambient
evil empyrean. Laughing gleefully, Uldrak yanks his
temperature of 130 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The
sword from the ground and gladly provides the char-
extreme heat has detrimental effects on creatures not
acters with a gallon of his blood so they can break the
acclimated to such environments (see "Extreme Heat"
curse on Ralzala. When this is done, he casts plane shift
in chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master's Guide).
to return to the realm of his deity, Surtur.
Lava. Open rivers of lava are channeled through the
Returning to the demon zapper, the characters find
forge to smelt ore and soften metal. Any creature that
that Ralzala also honors her word. After gulping down
enters the lava for the first time on its turn or starts
the empyrean's blood to free herself from her pact, she
its turn in it takes 33 (6d10) fire damage. Increase the
etches her letter of introduction to Bel onto a basalt
damage to 99 (18d10) fire damage if the creature is
tablet and directs the characters to his volcanic lair. The
fully immersed in the lava.
adventure continues in Bel's Forge.


F4 '-=~'\
~//!,, ~


1 square = 5 feet

ENCOUNTERS IN THE FORGE The fire giants' names are Drumra,Jalt, Rosska, and
Zrakorn. While chained, the giants have a walking
The following descriptions correspond to areas marked speed of 10 feet. The giants despise Bel but are bound
on map 3.5. by magic to do as he demands. The chains that bind
them can't be broken or unlocked except by Bel.
Read the following boxed text to the players when their F3. WEAPONS RACK
characters reach the lowest level of Bel's fortress: These racks contain weapons awaiting delivery to the
front lines of the Blood War. Most of them are too big for
A wrought iron spiral staircase descends into a cavern· Small or Medium characters to wield effectively.
Treasure. Among the larger weapons are three
ous forge. Channels of bubbling lava wind through the
magic weapons s ized for Small and Medium charac-
complex, casting fiery light over huge anvils. Chained ters: a pair of hellfire javelins and a hellfire greatsword
giants with coal-black skin and fiery orange hair hammer (see page 223).
out weapons under the malignant gaze of a pit fiend
seated in a flying throne. Throughout the forge, sparks
Inside this cavern, steel pylons and gantries keep a huge
fall like rain. and terrible new machine suspended above a pool of
magma. The machine is Bel's secret weapon in his cold
The pit fiend is Bel (see "Roleplaying Bel" below). Only war to overthrow Zariel. When the characters arrive
he can control his Large flying throne, which has a fly. here, the infernal machine is still under construction
ing speed of 15 feet and can hover. and far from complete.


Four fire gia nts in chains are using enormous ham· Bel (see the accompanying stat block) oversees the
mers and anvils to craft infernal weapons and armor manufacture of weapons and armor for the Blood War.
under Bel's watchful eye. A clutter of giant-sized objects Though Asmodeus has instructed Zariel to accept Bel
surround each giant's anvil: iron buckets containing as her advisor, Bel and Zariel loathe each other and
oily water, coils of greasy chain, mounds of iron fiJ. invent distractions to keep them apart. When Bel learns
ings, and more.

of the characters' intentions. he decides to use them as
pawns to tarnish and ultimately overthrow Zariel.
Bel outwardly plays the role of Zariel's loyal vassal.
Secretly, he uses telepathy to hatch a treasonous plot
with the characters. Bel's plan is as follows:
• Bel wants the characters to retrieve nine adamantine
rods that were stolen from his forge by Zariel's spies.
Once all nine rods are returned to him, Bel is willing
to divulge the location of the Bleeding Citadel.
• Bel suggests that the characters speak to a sibriex
that was recently captured by his spies. Sibriexes are
hoarders of forbidden lore, and this particular one has
been a good source of information for Bel. It might
know where Zariel's spies hid the adamantine rods .
• To help the characters reach the sibriex, Bel offers
to provide them with a barge they can use to ply the
River Styx.
Bel doesn't tell the characters that the Companion
(what he calls the Solar lnsidiator) was built in his forge,
nor does he reveal that it has a planetar trapped inside
it. Bel also fails to mention that the nine adamantine
rods are the keys to unlocking the device and freeing the
planetar. If the characters ask what the rods are for, Bel
says, "That's not really any of your business. This is the
best deal you'll get in Avernus. I suggest you take it."

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If Bel fa ils a saving throw, he can

BEL choose to succeed instead.
Large fiend (devil), lawful evil
Magic Resistance. Bel has advantage on saving throws against
Armor Class 19 (natural armor) spells and other magical effects.
Hit Points 364 (27dl0 + 216)
Speed 30 ft. , fly 60 ft. Magic Weapons. Bel's weapon attacks are magical.


28 (+9) 14 (+2} 26 (+8) 25 (+7) 19 (+4) 26 (+8) Multiattack. Bel makes three attacks: t wo with his greatsword
and one with his tail.
Saving Throws Dex +9, Con +15, Wis +11
Skills Arcana+14, Deception +15, Insight +11 , Persuasion +15 Greatsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +16 to hit, reach 10 ft., one
Damage Resistances cold; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing target. Hit: 23 (4d6 + 9) slashing damage plus 21 (6d6) fire
damage from nonmagical attacks not made with silvered damage. If the target is a flammable object that is not being
weapons held or worn, it catches fire.
Damage Immunities fire, poison
Condition Immunities poisoned Tail. Melee Weapon Attack:+16 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target.
Senses truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 14 Hit: 25 (3dl0 + 9) bludgeoning damage. If the target is a crea-
Languages Common, Infernal, telepathy 120 ft. ture, it must succeed on a DC 23 Constitution saving throw or
Challenge 25 (75,000 XP) be stunned until the end of its next turn.

Fear Aura. Any creature hostile to Bel that starts its turn within
Bel can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options
20 feet of him must make a DC 23 Wisdom saving throw,
below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time
unless Bel is incapacitated. Unless the save succeeds, the crea-
and only at the end of another creature's turn. Bel regains
ture is frightened until the start of its next turn. If a creature's
spent legendary actions at the start of his turn.
saving throw is successful, the creature is immune to Bel's Fear
Aura for the next 24 hours. Fireball. Bel casts fireball.
Tactical Edge (Costs 2 Actions). Roll a d6 for Bel. The number
Innate Spel/casting. Bel's spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell rolled on the die is subtracted from the next attack roll made
save DC 23). Bel can innately cast the following spells, requir· against Bel or an ally of his choice within the next minute.
ing no material components: Summon Ice Devil (Costs 3 Actions). Bel magically summons
At will: detect magic, fireball an ice devil with an ice spear (as described in the ice devil's
3/day each: dispel magic, hold monster, mirror image, mislead, entry in the Monster Manual). The ice devil appears in an
raise dead, teleport, wall offire unoccupied space within 60 feet of Bel, acts as Bel's ally, and
l /day each: imprisonment, meteor swarm can summon other devils ifit has such power. The ice devil
remains until Bel dies or until he dismisses itas an action.

If the characters become belligerent or demanding,
Bel sighs and snaps his fingers, causing the infernal SIBRIEX
chains to fall off the fire giants. He promises freedom to A BREEDER OF HORRORS AND A HOARDER OF SECRETS, A
any fire giant that kills an intruder, prompting the giants sibriex is said to be as old as the Abyss.
to attack the characters without mercy. Bel then steeples
ltis fingers and watches the battle unfold. In battle, the - The Cartographer
fire giants hurl buckets, tools, and heavy chains instead
of boulders. They also try to shove enemies into chan- When the characters arrive at this location, read or
nels of molten lava. paraphrase the following boxed text to the players:
If the characters defeat the fire giants, Bel commends
their victory and offers them the same deal as before.
Spiky chains lash a fifteen-foot-diameter, floating blob
If the characters refuse him a second time, Bel smiles
and says, "A pity. All those poor people in Elturel were of quivering flesh to a 20-foot-tall wrought-iron scaffold.
counting on you." He then offers to teleport them out of Two fiends wrapped in chains stand atop the scaffold,
his fortress, so they can be on their way. Gracious host torturing the bloated creature's flesh by tightening its
that Bel is, he won't attack the characters directly unless chains. Demon ichor oozes from its wounds, forming a
they attack him first, in which case he casts imprison- shallow pool around the scaffolding.
ment on a party member (LuJu being his first choice). If
A third, jackal-headed fiend uses a bronze horn to yell
the spell works, Bel vows to release his prisoner once
the nine adamantine rods are found and returned to loudly at the bloated prisoner in multiple languages. It
him, no questions asked. sits cross-legged about half-way up the scaffolding.

Bel's fiends captured a sibriex (see the accompanying
When the characters are ready to leave his forge, Bel stat block) and have been torturing and interrogating it
teleports them back to the surface. If the characters for quite a long time now. The sibriex is restrained by
agreed to Bel's terms, an imp named Balakros is wait- infernal chains from Bel's forge that also prevent it from
ing for them when they return to the surface. Bel in- using its spells or actions to escape.
structs the imp to help the characters reach the sibriex. The demon ichor that pools around the scaffolding
The imp has performed this task before and knows, smells terrible but can be easily avoided. For more infor-
without having to be told, that its orders include report- mation on demon ichor, see page 78.
ing back to Bel and whispering everything the sibriex
said into its master's ear.
If characters refuse to let Balakros accompany them,
the imp bids them farewell, turns invisible, and follows S18RIE1<

them at a respectful distance.

Balakros offers to lead the characters to an iron barge
moored on the shore of the River Styx. An iron road
leads from Bel's volcano to the barge, and it's patrolled
by bearded devils that won't attack the characters as
long as Balakros is leading them. Lashed to the sides of
the barge are demon skuJls and bones. Characters who
travel by barge must pass underneath the Stygian Dock
(see page 123) on their way to the sibriex.
The barge is 30 feet long, 15 feet wide, and sturdy
enough to transport up to two Huge infernal war ma-
chines. Twelve merregons (see page 238 for their
stat block) under the command of a bone devil named
Krinjak operate the barge's oars. Krinjak's instructions
are to take the characters where they need to go. AJ-
though it professes loyalty to Bel, Krinjak is secretly a
spy for Zariel. After taking the characters as close to
the sibriex as the River Styx allows, it flies off to warn
Zariel that the characters are working for Bel.

If the characters wouJd rather travel to the sibriex in 1·
some other fashion, Balakros the imp offers to serve
as their overland guide, since it knows where
the sibriex is. It can also point to the sibriex's
location on the characters' map of Avernus.

Two ch a in d evils named Shalok and Jank are tortur- I N TERROGATING T HE SIBRIEX
ing the sibriex under the guidance of Fetchtatter, a cruel
a rcanaloth who signed an infernal contract with Bel, Before it was captured by Bel's fiends, the sibriex wan-
guaranteeing the arcanaloth's loyalty to Bel in exchange dered throughout Avernus, amassing information from
for magic items and spellbooks. All three fiends are im- every location it visited. At your discretion, the sibriex
mune to the sibriex's Warp Creature power. could have knowledge of other locations shown on the
Fetchtatter uses its speaking horn to address the characters' map of Avernus. It gives up what it knows
sibriex, treating it like an idiot child. The arcanaloth's only if the characters use magical methods of interroga-
declarations typically begin with, "Tell me everything tion. lt doesn't know anything that can help the charac-
you know about ..." and e nd with a long pause as it ters find the Sword of Zariel , but it knows where Bel's
waits for the sibriex to answer. The sibriex has grown nine adarnantine rods are located.
increasingly obstinate, much to Fetchtatter's chagrin. The sibriex uses its telepathy to contact the first party
The arcanaloth offers three soul coins to the characters member who comes within 120 feet of it, offering infor-
if they can make the s ibriex talk, but it has no intention mation in exchange for its freedom. The character with
of honoring this agreement. whom the sibriex is speaking telepathically can detect
the insincerity of the sibriex's offer with a successful DC
TREASURE 17 Wisdom (Insight) check. Contrary to its claim, the
Fetchtatter wears a ring of x-ray vision on its right hand. s ibriex doesn't plan to help the characters.
In the pockets of its bile-stained robe are two potions A character can, with a s uccessful DC 17 Charisma
ofgreater healing and six soul coins (see page 94). (Deception or Persuasion) check, convince the sibriex
The arcanaloth also carries a grimy spellbook bound to s hare one bit of useful information as a show of good
in chasme flesh. Fetchtatter's s pellbook contains all the faith. If asked about the adamantine rods, the sibriex
spells the arcanaloth has prepared. claims to have seen all nine rods in the wreck of a
crashed flying fortress. The sibriex won't reveal the

Huge fiend (demon), chaotic evil Multiattack. The sibriex uses Squirt Bile once and m akes three
attacks using its chain, bite, or both.
Armor Class 19 (natural armor)
Hit Points 150 (12d12 + 72) Chain. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 15 ft., one target.
Speed 0 ft., fly 20 ft. (hover) Hit: 20 (2d12 + 7) piercing damage.


Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
10 (+0) 3 (-4) 23 (+6) 25 (+7) 24 (+7) 25 (+7) Hit: 9 (2d8) piercing damage plus 9 (2d8) acid damage.
Squirt Bile. The sibriex targets one creature it can see within
Saving Throws Int +13, Cha +13 120 feet ofit. The target must succeed on a DC 20 Dexterity
Skills Arcana +13, History +13, Perception +13
saving throw or take 35 (10d6) acid damage.
Damage Resistances cold, fire, lightning; bludgeoning,
piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical attacks Warp Creature. The sibriex targets up to three creatures it
Damage Immunities poison can see within 120 feet of it. Each target must make a DC 20
Condition Immunities poisoned Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, a creature
Senses truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 23 becomes immune to this sibriex's Warp Creature. On a failed
Languages all, telepathy 120 ft. save, the target is poisoned, which causes it to also gain 1 level
Challenge 18 (20,000 XP) of exhaustion. While poisoned in this way, the target must
repeat the saving throw at the start of each of its turns. Three
Contamination. This sibriex emits an aura of corruption 30 successful saves against the poison end it, and ending the poi·
feet in every direction. Plants that aren't creatures wither in the son removes any levels of exhaustion caused by it. Each failed
aura, and the ground in it is difficult terrain for other creatures. save causes the target to suffer another level of exhaustion.
Any creature that starts its turn in the aura must succeed on a Once the target reaches 6 levels of exhaustion, it dies and in·
DC 20 Constitution saving throw or take 14 (4d6) poison dam· stantly transforms into a living abyssal wretch (see page 118
age. A creature that succeeds on the save is immune to this for its stat block) under the sibriex's control. The transforma·
sibriex's Contamination for 24 hours. ti on of the body can be undone only by a wish spell.

Innate Spellcasting. The sibriex's innate spellcasting ability is LEGENDARY ACTIONS

Charisma (spell save DC 21). It can innately cast the following
The sibriex can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the op·
spells, requ iring no material components:
tions below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a
At will: charm person, command, dispel magic, hold monster time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The sibriex
3/day: feeblemind regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.
Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If the sibriex fails a saving throw, Cast a Spell. The sibriex casts a spell.
it can choose to succeed instead. Spray Bile. The sibriex uses Squirt Bile.
Warp (Costs 2 Actions). The sibriex uses Warp Creature.
Magic Resistance. The sibriex has advantage on saving throws
against spells and other magical effects.

and ripe for plunder.
wreck's location, but Balakros the imp knows where the -The Cartographer
wreck is and can lead the characters there if told about
it. Lulu might also suddenly remember the wreck's loca-
To reach the wrecked flying fortress, characters must
tion, at your discretion. cross a hot, windswept plain wracked by magical fire
storms. Flying characters and fast-moving infernal war
machines can easily avoid these fire storms.
Fetchtatter and the chain devils attack characters who Characters traveling on foot must succeed on a DC
try to free the sibriex. Breaking three of the six chains 20 group Wisdom (Survival) check as they cross the
that bind the sibriex allows it to slip free, whereupon fireswept plain. On a failed check, a fire storm filling a
it flies into the air and tries to get as far away from the 60-foot cube sweeps across the ground and engulfs as
iron scaffold as possible. Each chain has AC 19, 33 hit many party members as it can. The storm then attaches
points, a damage threshold of 10, and immunity to fire, itself to one randomly determined party member, stay-
poison, and psychic damage. ing centered on that creature for 1 minute. At the end of
the duration, the storm detaches from that creature and
F LESH W ARPING moves off in a random direction. The storm must remain
When a creature fails a saving throw against the si- in contact with the ground at all times. If it becomes sep-
briex's Warp Creature effect, you can roll percentile arated from the creature to which it has attached itself,
dice and consult the Flesh Warping table (page 78) the storm moves off in a random direction and ceases to
to determine an additional effect, which vanishes when endanger the party.
Warp Creature ends on the creature. If the creature Any character that enters a fire storm for the first time
transforms into an abyssal wretch (see the accompany- on a turn or starts its turn there must succeed on a DC
ing stat block), the effect becomes a permanent feature 20 Dexterity saving throw, taking 44 (8dl0) fire damage
of that body. on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful
A creature can willingly submit to flesh warping, an one. The fire storm ignites flammable objects that aren't
agonizing process that takes at least 1 hour while the being worn or held. A successful dispel magic (DC 18)
creature stays within 30 feet of the sibriex. At the end cast on the storm causes it to flame out and disappear.
of the process, roll once on the Flesh Warping table
(or choose one effect) to determine how the creature is ARRI VAL AT THE WRECK
transformed permanently. When the characters arrive at the wreck, read or para-
phrase the following boxed text to the players:
After tricking or magically compelling the sibriex to A towering wreck rises from the scorched hellscape. It
divulge the location of Bel's adamantine rods, the char-
looks li ke a giant swo rd blade, tilted to a twenty-degree
acters can set out to recover the rods from the wrecked
flying fortress. angle and partly buried underground. Much of its ex·
posed hull is rusted and torn asunder. Hot wind screams
as it tears through the ho llow structure, and six giant
Medium fiend (demon), chaotic evil vultures circle high above it.

Armor Class 11
Hit Poi nts 18 (4d8) After demons crippled this fortress in battle, Zariel
Speed 20 ft. abandoned it and left it to rust. The fortress is 150 feet
tall, but the lower third of it is buried underground.
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA All the lower decks have been picked clean, but the
9 (- 1) 12 (+1) 11 (+O) 5 (-3) 8 (-1) 5 (-3) command deck at the top still holds promise. Charac-
ters can scale the wreck's torn outer hull to reach this
Damage Resista nces cold, fire, lightn ing deck, which is 80 feet off the ground at its lowest point.
Damage Immunities poison Climbing the outside of the wreck without proper gear
Condition Immunities charmed, frightened, poisoned
requires a successful DC 15 Strength (Athletics) check.
Senses darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception 9
Languages understands Abyssal but can't speak
Characters who can fiy have no trouble reaching the
Challenge 1/4 (SO XP) command deck.
The "giant vultures" circling above the wreck are six
vrocks that attack anyone who gets within 50 feet of the
ACTIONS command deck. If three vrocks are killed, the remaining
Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. ones flee and don't return.
Hit: 5 (1d8 + 1) slashing damage.

The lower decks are riddled with holes, allowing easy
access to the fortress interior. Characters can ascend
to the command deck without needing to make ability
checks simply by moving up through the ruins of the
lower decks, but the wreckage inside the fortress makes
the ascent arduous.

Bone whelks are large mollusks that excrete
an adhesive to attach skulls, bones, and other
detritus to their bodies for protection. These
slugs scour the wreck for organic matter
to feed oo, clinging to torn sections of wall,
floor, and ceiling while taking shelter from
the searing winds and hungry vrocks. Char-
acters who try to make their way up through
the interior of the wreck are attacked by five
bone whelks (see the accompanying stat
block). Too slow to mount an effective escape,
the bone whelks fight to the death.
When a bone whelk dies, it emits a scream that has
a 50 percent chance of attracting the vrocks, which
attack other creatures (including bone whelks) indis-

Deep inside the wreck is a 5-foot-diameter, cylindrical
pipe made of iron that runs almost the full height of
the fortress. This pipe was designed to siphon tor-
mented souls from the River Styx, feeding them into a
IO-foot-diameter cistern below the command deck to
power the fortress. The pipe can be accessed by a hatch BONE WHELK
on every deck except the command deck. Nesting inside Large monstrosity, unaligned
the cistern at the top of the pipe is a monster resembling
a 30-foot-long centipede that exudes necrotic sludge. If Armor Class 12 (natural armor)
it hears one of the hatches open, it slinks down the pipe Hit Points 27 (5d10)
to devour any creatures it sees. This creature uses the Speed 15 ft., climb 15 ft.
remor haz stat block, with these changes:
• Whenever the monster would deal fire damage, it 10 (+O) 5 (- 3) 11 (+O) 6 (- 2) 9 (- 1) 3 (-4)
deals necrotic damage instead.
• It has immunity to necrotic damage instead of Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 9
cold damage. Languages -
Challenge 1/4 (50 XP)
The command deck, shown on map 3.6 (page 120). Adhesive. The bone whelk can cause Medium or smaller
has the following features: objects to adhere to it. A Medium o r smaller creature that
touches the bone whelk is grappled by it (escape DC 10).
Iron Surfaces . The floor, walls, ceilings, and doors are
made of iron that has been twisted, bent, and ruptured Death Scream. When the bone whelk dies, it emits a
in places. Ceilings throughout are 15 feet high. blood-curdling shriek than can be heard out to a range of 120
Light Sources. Areas that are exposed to the outdoors feet. This shriek causes nonmagical, organic material within 10
are dimly lit by the hellish red sky of Avernus. Beyond feet of the bone whelk to rot. Each creature within 10 feet of the
that, the onJy light sources are harmless showers of bone whelk when it dies takes 9 (2d8) necrotic damage.
sparks that periodically rain down from gashes in Spider Climb. The bone whelk can climb difficult surfaces,
the ceiling. including upside down on ceilings, without needing to make an
Sla nt. Like the rest of the fortress, the command deck ability check.
leans at a twenty-degree angle, with area W5 being
the lowest part of the deck and area W8 being the ACTION S
highest. The sloped metal floor is difficult terrain. Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +2 to hit, reach 5 ft. , one creature.
Hit: 4 (ld8) piercing damage.

+ ' 1 square = 5 feet


COMMAND DECK ENCOUNTERS Mad Maggie has sent this force to search the wreck
for machine parts and other valuables. The Tormentor
The following descriptions correspond to areas marked and the Devil's Rides have 12 hours of fuel remaining
on map 3.6. before they need more soul coins.
lf the characters left one or more infernal war
machines parked outside the wrecked fortress, Chukka
Unless they've been defeated elsewhere, the six vrocks
and Clonk search those vehicles while Barnabas leads
flying above the wreck swoop down to attack characters
the redcaps and madcaps into the lower decks of the
as they explore this area.
wreck in search of treasure. If the characters left Fort
Knucklebone on good terms with Mad Maggie, the
Sparks rain down from gashes in the ceiling of what used flameskull and the kenku won't give the party too much
to be the bridge, much of which is open to the sky. The trouble. However, the madcaps might try to steal one of
the characters' infernal war machines or inadvertently
room has been picked clean, though rows of stripped·
release the monster lurking in the soul intake pipe (see
down consoles and a few dangl ing chains remain. "Soul Intake," page 119).