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Unit Plan


Unit Content

Unit Title

Grade Level [ASSURE (Analyze Learners)]

5th Grade
12 lesson hours

Prerequisites [ASSURE (Analyze Learners)]

Students should know unit, proper, improper and mixed fractions.

Sequence of the Content

Unit Fractions
Improper and Mixed Fractions
Equivalent Fractions and Sorting

Operations with Fractions

Unit Plan

Activities Explanations

Week Learning Outcome Measurement & Evaluation

(If any)

 The students will show Activity 1: Kahoot A mini quiz from Kahoot and When planning this
unit fractions on number The purpose of this activity is to measure observation during activities will course, we assumed
line. Also, they will sort students’ prior knowledge about fractions. be used measurement & that the students had
them on number line. Activity 2: Powtoon evaluation tools. Kahoot is used to sufficient technological
 The students will The purpose of this activity is to introduce measure students’ prior tools and materials. We

interpret that the topics of this week to students. knowledge about fractions. assumed that they
1. Week

simplification and Activity 3: Plate Activity During Plate and Magnetic knew how to use the

expansion will not change The purpose of this activity is that the Number Line Activity, the teacher applications used in
the value of a fraction students will examine the size of the will make observations as a these activities, so we
and creates fractions that fractions represented by appropriate formative assessment. did not provide any
are equivalent to a models. information about it.
fraction. Activity 4: Magnetic Number Line Activity
The purpose of this activity is to show and
sort unit fractions on number line.
 The students will Activity 1: Prezi Presentation Infographics observations during When planning this
interpret that mixed The purpose of this activity is to introduce Finding Partners Activity and course, we assumed
fraction is the sum of a the topics which are the mixed and Plastic Glasses Activity will be used that the students had
natural number and a improper fractions, and conversion them to measurement & evaluation tools. sufficient technological
proper fraction and each other to the students. In finding partners and plastic tools and materials. We
converts the mixed Activity 2: Finding Partners Activity glasses activities, the teacher will assumed that they
fraction into improper The purpose of this activity is to make assess students by observation. knew how to use the
fraction and improper students understand better that mixed Also, the purpose of the applications used in
2. Week

fraction into mixed fraction is the sum of a natural number and infographics activity is to assess these activities, so we

fraction. a proper fraction. the students’ knowledge about the did not provide any
 The students will sort the Activity 3: Plastic Glasses Activity overall instruction of this week. information about it.
fractions with the same The activity is about converting mixed
numerators or fractions into improper fractions and vice
denominators. versa.
Activity 4: Infographics
These brochures include questions that
cover all the topics during this week.

 The students will Activity 1: Kahoot In mini quiz from Kahoot, the When planning this
compare an improper In this activity, the teacher makes a quiz teacher assesses students course, we assumed
fraction with a natural about all the topics of this unit which cover according to their answers for that the students had
number. the last three weeks. each question as a summative sufficient technological
Activity 2: Bubble.us assessment tool. tools and materials. We
In this activity, the teacher shows a mind assumed that they
3. Week

map about what we have learned until knew how to use the

now. applications used in

Activity 3: Google Form these activities, so we
The purpose of this activity is to see what did not provide any
students liked in fractions topic, what was information about it.
difficult for them and their thoughts or
recommendations for the overall weeks.
4. Week