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Deco Blast 1200

Wet Blasting
Decontamination Box

The Wet Blasting Process

Wet Blasting can be described as the propulsion of a mixture of water and abrasive
(a slurry) via a blast nozzle, which on impact cleans, degreases and removes debris.
The slurry is contained within the cabinet sump, delivery of the slurry to the
manual blast nozzle is via a glandless polyurethane pump which is submerged and
externally driven using an electric motor. When the slurry is pumped to the blast
gun it is accelerated using compressed air to provide the cleaning effect.
After contact/impact with the components
the slurry then drains back into the
sump, creating a recirculating system.
Fine broken down media and other
contaminants are fed via an overflow to
a sedimentation filter unit positioned
at the rear of the machine.

• The cabinet is made of

​​ 2 and 3 mm stainless steel 316
• Washable demister for ventialtion air
• Interior lighting
• Large viewing window with easy replacement inner window
• Windshield wiper with washer
• Special deco rubber gloves
• Foot switch for start / stop of pump

Submersile polyurethane-stainless steel pump


Washable demister for ventialtion air Large viewing window with easy
replacement inner window FAGERSTRÖM
Fagerström Deco-Systems
has developed the most effective cleaning machines for decontamination
of cavities as reactor- and fuelpools.
RCC-10 (Reactor Cavity Cleaner) cleans the basin with two against each other rotating brushes.The
machine is easily manouvered along the walls and controlled by two joysticks.Transfer in height is do-
ne by emptying the basin.Two jetbeams provides necessary bearing pressure against the wall.
Decontaminates the basin at the same time it is emptied. Minimizes necessary time for cleaning.
Only the oxide layer is removed. Prevents airborne contamination by absorbation. Crane is not oc-
cupied. Reaches even curved walls.

RCC-1 can be delivered with air motors or electrical motors

The rotation of the brushes polishes the surface and removes the contamination without removing
any material off the wall. RCC-1 is manouvered with the polar crane which it is hanged up in.
A module system making it posssible in an easy way to elaborate its accessibility after Your needs.
RCC 1 minimizes time needed for cleaning, airborne contamination and also a considerable reduction
of personal radiation dose.

Fagerström Deco-systems has de- Fagerström Deco-systems has

veloped a Decon Wash for small developed a Sorting Box for
parts. waste with In-Drum 20 tons
Fagerström Deco-systems has deleloped High pressu- We build to your needs. Compactor.
re and Wet blasting booths. We build to your needs. We build to your needs..

SS EN ISO 9001 : 2008

SS EN ISO 14001 : 2004

Fagerström Deco-systems has also smaller alternative High pressure or Wet blas-
ting- and rinsing cabinets. We build to your needs.
Fagerström Deco-systems FAGERSTRÖM
has developed a Drum Trans- INDUSTRIKONSULT AB
port Trolley for easy handling La Cours gata 4,
of waste drums.
We build to your needs. SWEDEN
Tel Int. + 46 42 20 88 00
Fax Int. +46 42 14 93 05

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