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REPORTING AND SHARING theoretically gathered and analyzed

data with the capacity of leading you
to a valid conclusion are explained in
 It adheres a certain standard and this section.
format or structure. Made up of  Recommendation – to broaden the
various components reflecting readers’ knowledge and
exhaustive acquisition of understanding of the area covered
declarative and procedural by the research, recommend or let
knowledge. the readers positively consider some
activities they can possible extend,
Structure or Format of
modify, replicate, or validate
the Research Report
findings of your research work.
 Title – gives information and  References – follow a standard
description of the subject matter of documentary style. Alphabetize,
the research. identify, and list down in this
 Abstract – concisely discusses the section all sources of knowledge you
essential aspects of your paper such used in carrying out your study.
as the background of the problem,
 Appendix – this contains copies of
objectives, significance, research
table, questionnaires, interview
design, data collection, technique,
rates, observation, checklist, and
data analysis method, discussion of other materials that are
the findings of the salient parts of indispensable or necessary in
the research. completing your research study.
 Introduction – explains the
background of the research
problem, states a set of specific
Referencing Your
research questions, and optional
hypothesis or assumptions. Research
 Method – explains the types and • Means directing your readers to the
sources of data as well as the
exact sources of data or information
method you used in collecting and stated in your report, particularly
analyzing the data you have those stated in the review of related
gathered. literature.
 Findings – present as findings of
your study those that you have • There are several types of
analyzed and commented on. referencing your research, namely,
 Discussion and conclusion – finding Harvardian, Vancouver, Turibian,
results from thematically or APA, and MLA.

Educational System. Manila: Abaya

Publishing Co. 2017, pp 78-90)
MLA Style
Example of End Notes
• Stands for Modern Language
Association and it has this other • P. 20 3.89 Fredo Gomez, Language
name. Humanities style. and Culture, in “On Intercultural
Competence,” p.68
• Often used in literature, history, and

• It provides bibliographic citation in Example of MLA

notes that correspond to reference Referencing Style
number in the body of the paper.
• Citation or In-text Citation
• In using footnotes or notes, you
number the notes consecutively • (Lizardo 257)
from number 1 throughout each
• Documentary Notes – the same as
chapter or article.
the entries in a bibliography or
• Notes to charts, tables, and graphs references, except that, here, the
make use of symbols, letters, and first name precedes the family name
sometimes numbers. of the author

• Notes consisting of explanations or • Josie Cruz, G Mt.Pinatubo Quezon

elaborations of the discussions in City: GB Press. 2016.
the text are called substantive or
• Bibliography/ References – One
discursive notes.

• Cruz, Josie A. Mt. Pinatubo Lahar

Example of Discursive (Quezon City: GB Press. 2016.)
• The CAS of U.P Diliman has a
different version of K-12 Curriculum,
(Jaime Tamayo. Globalization vs K-
12 Curriculum. Quezon City: U.P
Press, 2016, pp. 56-65) Find an
expanded discussion of this in (Luis
Hizon. Changes in the Philippine