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TASK 1 Complete the following table with Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives or Adverbs.

No Verb Nouns Adjectives Adverbs

1 - anger
2 compose - -
3 - nerve -
4 worried
5 - correction
6 - - neat
7 - famous -
8 manager -
9 endanger
10 - quit

TASK 2 Complete the sentences using suitable paired conjunction

1. I have both respect ___________ admiration for them.

2. He could not decide ___________ to tell the truth or to keep silent.
3. It was __________ beautiful day, but also the first day of spring.
4. The crowd was both large __________ enthusiastic.
5. I know _________ he saw the movie nor he slept last night.

TASK 3 Choose the correct verb/be in brackets.

1. Either the briber or the receivers (is, are) guilty.

2. Both goats and sheep (is, are) domestic animal.
3. Either Mr. Mardi or Mr. Ali (is, are) going to go abroad.
4. Neither father nor mother (like, likes) horror film.
5. Both the players and the spectators (was, were) in good order.
6. Either Mrs. Rini or her children (has, have) moved to another town.
7. Both of us (suffer, suffers) from heat every time the air conditioner doesn’t works.
8. Not only this program (offer, offers) job opportunity but it also (give, gives) special discount.
9. Not only the passengers (get, gets) snack and drink but also (enjoy, enjoys) the free mobile
hot spot on the bus.
10. Neither the wall nor the ceiling (is, are) painted white.

TASK 4 Write a sentence for each number using suitable paired conjunction.

1. Tomato is vegetables. Aubergine is a vegetable.

2. You can have coffee or ice tea, not both.
3. They cannot bring home dictionaries. They cannot bring home encyclopedias.
4. The guests won’t arrive too early. They won’t arrive too late.
5. When you cram for exam, you will get tired. You will get sleepy too.

TASK 5 Jack and Jane are having a job interview. Here are the answers. Based on their answers, write

No Questionns Jack Jane

1. Did you graduate from university? Yes Yes
2. Are you interested in mechanics? yes No
3. Do you smoke? No No
4. Where do you live? Surabaya Jakarta
5. What’s your present job? A bank teller A bank teller
6. How old are you? 23 21
7. Are you married? No No
8. Can you play a musical instrument? Yes No
9. Do you have your own home? No No
10. Are you ready to work overtime? Yes Yes