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I am applying to Ulster University for admission to the Master program in “Marketing”

starting in May 2020. Here is a brief intro about my ambitions and achievements so
I have been passionate about business and management since my childhood. This
passion led me to pursue a BBA degree from NUML university Islamabad. To get
exposed with the way a market works I did internship from Anex Electronics as well
as, I worked in several part-time jobs time during university. Coordinating events and
studies trips in university helped me in developing marketing and business skills. I am
keen to see the world, meet new people, and discover new ways of thinking, and I
have thus decided to pursue my master’s degree in the UK in order to enrich myself
with professional expertise in a multicultural environment.
For my Masters degree in Marketing, UK is the most suited location. Being one of the
most progressive nations of the world, it is laden with best opportunities and the best
companies. Since, the Ulster University has an excellent faculty, flexible course
structure, world class amenities and most importantly a friendly atmosphere for
foreign students, hence, it is the perfect destination for pursuing higher education.
The degree acquired from Ulster University will be recognized across the globe.
In Pakistan, however, the field of marketing remains relatively underdeveloped and
neglected, however, and the educational opportunities are likewise insufficient for my
goals. In contrast, UK businesses place great emphasis on advertising and marketing,
and the marketing techniques are accordingly advanced and well-established in the
UK. I would like to work on Mobile (SMS) marketing during my master research and
analyzing different perspective of customers and service providers. And how it is
varying from my country.
My father runs a business of electronic goods, which he himself established. And
because of his personal interest in education, he is bearing all of my expenses. Right
after completing my master’s degree, acquiring relevant and updated skills it would
be my first priority to supersede and accelerate to epitome my family business.
Moreover, I do have interest in teaching. I would like to assist my country’s students,
if I get teaching opportunity at university level. My professor had the same remarks
during my university time about my skills related to teaching.
Having decided that I will engage in the pursuit of a career in research, I am fully
aware of the implications. I believe that I am adequately prepared, both in having the
technical qualifications and in having the right mind-set for master level Research
work. I am looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Ulster