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BRIEF QUESTIONS (1 mark each)

1. What do you mean by business environments?

2. State the scope of business environment
3. List the elements of internal environment.
4. What is micro environment?
5. What is macro environment?
6. Explain Demographic environment
7. What is politico-legal environment?
8. Define environmental scanning.
9. What is ETOP Analysis
10. What was a need for New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1991.
11. Highlight the nature of liberalization.
12. Define privatization
13. State any two basic nature of Indian economy.
14. State the importance of Industrial Policy.
15. Introduce QUEST
16. Highlight new industrial policy of 1991.

SHORT TYPE QUSETIONS (5 marks) (wherever possible give examples)

1. Describe business environment and its major classification.

2. Describe internal business environment. What are its components? Discuss the impact on
business of any such two components.
3. Describe external business environment and its classification. Introduce two components
external micro environment and discuss how they impact business.
4. What is SWOT Analysis and what are its major components. Give examples of three factors in
support of each component.
5. What are the limitations of SWOT Analysis?
6. Environmental Analysis involves scanning which four aspects of environment.
7. What are the features and need of environmental scanning.
8. Critically evaluate India’s industrialization process through industrial policy system.
9. Introduce the LPG model of reform of Indian economy in 1991.
10. What is Privatization ? What are its key objectives?
11. What is Liberalisation ? What are its key objectives?
12. What is Globalisation ? What are its key objectives?

1. Describe external macro business environment. Explain the type of macro factors in business
2. Explain the importance and challenges of business environment.
3. What is environmental analysis? What are the features and scope? What is the need of
environmental scanning?
4. Discuss any two environmental scanning techniques in detail. Highlight the methodology and
advantages of each of the processes.
5. Write short note on
a. SWOT Analysis
b. LPG Model of economic reform 1991
6. Explain liberalization. State the benefits and limitation of liberalization
7. Discuss the nature of privatization along with its benefits.
8. What is globalization? Explain in detail the benefits and limitations of globalization.
9. Briefly discuss key features of Industrial policies of India before start of the
10. Enumerate the features and implications of new industrial policy 1991

Short Type Questions- ( answer in 3 or 4 sentences ( 1 mark each)

Two short type - 5 marks each (answer in 10-12 sentences)

1 Long question - 10 marks ( Essay type)