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Commercial HP 49G+ / 50G emulator for android.

Portrait mode for small screen (< 5"). Go49g has a better
display on small screen and got more free ram (port 1 is 256K
vs 128K).
Landscape mode for tablet.
Full memory, port 0, 1 and 2.
Rom 2.15 compatible only.
Automatic save and load of state (ram and flash).
HP49G+ skin or HP50G skin.
Multi touch keyboard support, permits 'shift' down while
pressing another key (ON+C, even ON&UP ... are ok).
Load/save to/from stack level 1 support (only object in IRAM).
Speed from x1 upto x10 (max depend on your android device).
HP82240 compatable printer as serial printer (touch right part of calc lcd) (in PRTPAR, set
length of line as 23 or 24 characters, default is 80 producing bad formatting).
Flags help, full commands help (I hope so) (touch left part of calc lcd).
Clock synced with android time (Timers emulated, clock and ticks are ok).
Smooth hardware scrolling emulated.
Sound supported (BEEP command is ok, but 'key click' isn't well supported, use haptic feedback
from your android device).

NEW 1.3 release : 2018/10

3 zones on the LCD to get HELP MENU and PRINTER

Better look with a 18/9 phone :

To load the rom:

1. Download a rom upgrade (i.e : HpCalc.org, entry named ROM2.15, use Google with
"hp4950v215.zip", the official HP name for the file upgrade).
2. Extract the file named 2MB_215f.bin (from 2MB_FIX.zip) if want to have the full installation
(with eqlib and all).
3. Extract the file named 4950_215.bin if you want only the rom (flash port 2 empty).
4. Put this file in the 'download' directory of your device (to be sure, you can send the file to
yourself by mail and download the .bin from your mail app on your android device).
5. Start the app, the "permission to access photos, media and files" can be demanded, allow it.

6. The screen can stay black. Leave the app and kill it with the app manager.
7. Re launch the app. Do as a real calc first start ... "no" to recover memory ... with the F6 key.

8. Otherwise a black lcd screen means that the rom was not found, use 'about' in 'menu' to see if
you got a rom or not.
9. Don't try other roms as the rom is patched at the first load.

To load a file:

1. The first time, do "menu", "tool", "load on stack", and abort, this will create the right directories
2. Then download (from http://www.hpcalc.org/ for example) the raw file you want to load and put
it in 'sdcard/go49gp/files' with a file manager (i.e. Linda manager or Ghost commander)
3. on kitkat device, import/export directory is now /Android/data/o2s.emul.hp49gp/files/... instead
of /go49gp/... on the sdcard.
4. Next do "menu", "tool", "load on stack" your file should appear, choose it
5. As told by the pop up, now press 'ON' key to refresh stack display
6. Et voilà, your file is loaded on the stack, now do what you want with it
7. If you don't know what to do with it, get and read an HP49G+ or HP50G manual !

First release:

NO arm code support (ie ON + D does nothing, as the diagnosis part of the rom is in ARM code
Not all saturn+ opcodes supported (ie 0x80Bxx and 0x81Bx) so avoid them. It could be the
reason why a working HP50G program doesn't work on the emulator. If so, report it to me to
see if I can correct that fault.
Sd card not supported (and never will, you have enough flash ram I think)
No grayscale support.
Serial only as printer.
Should work with at least 800x480 screen.
See www.hpcalc.org/ for programs. Be carefull between 49G and 49G+ and 50G only programs.

If you need to reset the content of the calc (even flash), use 'remove data' from your android app
manager, next start will give you a clean, fresh state (if you keep the rom (2MB_215f.bin or
4950_215.bin) file in download directory).

If the keyboard response is not good, use '->KEYTIME' function (as on the real calculator).

If you got a freeze or lock, try in order:

1. 'ON+C'.
2. 'force kill' from app manager and restart.
3. Soft reset from 'Actions' menu (you loose only stack).
4. Hard reset from 'Actions' menu (you may have a memory lost).
5. 'force kill' and 'remove data' from app manager (full memory lost).

Then try to reproduce it: on the emulator and if possible also on the real calc ... before reporting a
bug: some programs are for HP48xx or HP49G only !

So, export your data !!

Icon by Michael Vogel


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