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Fiona Lisette E.

Besañez December 7, 2018

MT 1-F Reading in the Philippine History

Module 1: Primary vs. Secondary Sources on the Tejeros Convention

Comparative Analysis of Primary and Secondary Sources

Background Primary source: Santiago Secondary source:

Alvarez’ Memoir of a Teodoro Agoncillo’s Revolt
General of the Masses
Author’s Background Santiago Virata Álvarez was Teodoro Andal Agoncillo was
a revolutionary general and a a prominent 20th-century
founder and honorary Filipino historian. He and his
president of the first contemporary Renato
directorate of the Constantino were among the
Nacionalista Party. first Filipino historians
renowned for promoting a
distinctly nationalist point of
view of Filipino history. He
was also an essayist and a
When was the account July 24, 1927 1929
Mentioned date(s) in the March 25, 1897 December 1896
text January 2, 1897
April 1897
March 22, 1897
Sept 28, 1947,
Mentioned Place(s) in the Tejeros, Cavite Cavite,Batangas, Talisay,
text Nasugbu, Tuwi, Look,
Noveleta, San Francisco de
malabon, Naik, Montalban,
Mariquina, San Juan,Imus,
Bakood, Kawit, Tejeros,
Sequence of events 1. Ariston Villanueva of 1. The Division of
Magdiwang Faction Katipunan of Cavite
receiving information into two factions:
at Daniel Tirona of Magdiwang and
Magdalo Faction Magdalo
acceded in enjoining 2. Attempt of both
any among the Factions to Wear the
magdiwang leaders to Same Uniform
ally with him (to 3. Dispute among
tirona) Magdalo and
2. The assembly at Magdiwang
Tejeros was finally 4. Magdiwang men
convened. invite Andres
3. Chairman Jacinto Bonifacio to visit
declared the Cavite
assembly open as the 5. A delegate was sent
leaders were seated to look for supremo in
at the presidential the Mountains of
table, as previously Montalban and
described and all the Mariquina
others were standing 6. Bonifacio refused to
in groups on both heed the request of
sides of those seated. the Magdiwang
4. Mr. Severino de las leaders
Alas rose to speak 7. Third invitation written
about the government by Artemio Ricarte
they should have. upon the instruction of
5. Chairman Lumbreras Mariano Alvarez,
replied that the Bonifacio acceded to
Katipunan now hold the request.
authority over the 8. Bonifacio left for
islands. It has a cavite about middle of
government of law December 1896
and a definite 9. Bonifacio was brought
program. by the rebel leaders to
6. The chair next the house of Juan
recognized the Casteñada
Supremo. He 10. Supremo ordered to
explained that the “K” arrest Fernandez
in the middle of the 11. Esteban San Juan
sun in the Katipunan invited Bonifacio to
flag used in the attend the
Revolution stood for demonstration of the
“Kalayaan”. Magidwang rebels in
7. Mr. Severino replied Noveleta.
countered the 12. Mutual suspicion and
Supremo’s words. jealousies resulted in
8. Supremo replied for military reverses in
his defense several sectors.
9. Mr. Antonio 13. Magdiwang and
Montenegro spoke in Magdalo decided to
defense of Mr. call a convention or
Severino assembly at Imus
10. General Apoy was 14. The assembly opened
hurt by his words and with Bonifacio as the
he angrily stood up Chairman
11. When the order was 15. Proposal of
restored, some Revolutionary
wanted the Government
convention adjourned 16. Suspicions and
but the Supremo jealousies continued
Bonifacio prevailed to plague the ranks of
upon the others to the rebels and even
continue. among the members
12. Mr. Lumreras’ speech of the same faction.
was well received and
his proposal was 17. The Magdiwang
unanimously planned to hold
accepted another convention,
13. Because of that, the this time in the estate-
chair proceeded to house of Tejeros
prepare for an 18. Jacinto Lumbreras,
election for some acting as president of
positions. the Magdiwang took
14. The Supremo spoke the chair and opened
again before the the convention.
election began. 19. The discussion was
15. Supremo appointed going nowhere and
Gen. Artemio Ricarte tempers ran high as
as Secretary the men insisted on
16. Mr. Daniel Tirona and their own points of
Gen. Ricarte view.
distributed pieces of 20. Pandemonium
paper to serve as reigned as the voice
ballots of Santiago Alvarez
17. Mr. Emilio Aguinaldo boomed inside the
won over Mr. Andres spacious sala.
Bonifacio for 21. The Republic of the
president Philippines was then
18. The election and there proclaimed
continued and ended amidst enthusiastic
19. Mr. Baldomero hurrahs.
Aguinaldo wanted the 22. Before the ballots
elections to be were cast for the
finished before it go Vice-Presidency,
too dark. Severino de las Alas
20. Tirona shouted for Mr. stood up and
Jose del Rosario to suggested that in as
be elected for the much as Bonifacio
position of Secretary had received the
of Interior second largest
21. Supremo quickly number of votes, he
stood up and declined should automatically
22. Supremo pulled out be allowed to occupy
his revolver and took the position.
aim 23. The election of
23. Mr. Tirona ignored Bonifacio gave rise to
Supremo’s remarks an incident that nearly
and disappeared from ended a bloody affair.
the crowd 24. The Seed of
24. The convention Discontent, resulting
secretary tried to from his failure to get
disarm the Supremo the presidency, and
25. The people began to which was watered by
disperse the unfortunate
26. The supremo attitude of Daniel
adjourned the tirono, who, by
meeting and left another sad
quickly and was coincidence,
followed by his aides belonged to the
and some others opposite faction,
present. found fertile ground in
Bonifacio’s heart and
Differences between the Memoir of a Filipino General Agoncillo wrote this with his
two accounts was written by Alvarez who own researches and
was in the scene of the said persepctive about the topic.
Strength and weaknesses It is a first-hand evidence Agoncillo’s lack of scientific
of the accounts written by the person rigor in using the Marxist lens
(Alvarez) who was in the said of class struggle, but have
scene. legit researches about the
Author’s bias None, the scenes and Agoncillo's own Ideas
accounts came from the
katipuneros themselves