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IIM Kozhikode

Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

The Pre-Venture Feasibility Analysis: The Andrea

Kaneb Case:

Submitted by: Group 15

Ankur Tomar PGP/22/181

Ashwin Mathew PGP/22/326

Sibi Krishna PGP/22/264

1. Based on the feasibility analysis work Kaneb had completed as of
December 2015, was her new venture idea an attractive
Yes, her venture looks attractive since she has identified a real problem
with a good potential and a huge market size. The solution proposed
is also simple and realistic. But there are many uncertainty and risk
involved in the project. If the risk are mitigated, then it is a lucrative
opportunity waiting for acquisition by the big 6.

2. What evidence indicated that it was feasible for Kaneb to pursue this
potential opportunity, what evidence suggested the opposite?
Evidences Favouring:
There is a strong consumer interest for the product because it solves a problem
faced by majority of the hearing loss community. Hence the interest and the
market opportunities are available.
Evidences Against:
There is a scepticism about the materialisation of the idea from concept to the
final stage. Since there is a lot of technicalities involved, there is a huge uncertainty
surrounding the idea.

3. What were the most critical issues that remained to be addressed as

a pre-cursor to developing a business plan that could be presented to
sophisticated investors?
Some of the critical issue that needs to be sorted before presenting to
an investors are:
 Regulatory Requirements: Since this product involves the use of
smartphones mic to send the signals to the hearing aid, it might cause a
concern of privacy issue wherin snooping to the personal conversation
might be under the scanner of the regulators
 Uncertainty of the project: Since the idea is a concept which is not
prototyped, the investors might not feel confident enough to fund the idea
 Timeline: The timeline of the project seems too stretched and not realistic
 Founders: Since the project is a mix of hardware plus software, this needs
an expertise team to handle the development and integration. And the lack
of this expert manpower and competent founders in the relevant field
might be a cause of concern
 Uncertainty regarding the competition who have expertise in the field and
may have been aware of the problems faced by the customers.
4. What alternative approaches could Kaneb have deployed for dealing
with each of the most critical issues?
 She needs to have an expert team comprised of all the technical personnel
from different fields involved in the project
 Seek the advice of the consultants for the areas of tech
 Seek the help of lawyers for the regulatory issues
 Find a co-partner who has interest in the project and have a strong cause
of serving the society

5. If you had been in Kaneb’s position and you had decided to continue
pursuing your new venture, which of the alternative approaches for
addressing each of the most critical issues would you have
Firstly, I would address the gap in the feasibility study. Then I would
find a suitable founder who can be a valuable asset in the development
and management of the ventures. Then I would form a team of experts
who can lead various parts of product development and management.
Then I would build a network of mentors and leaders in the tech field
to help with the product development. Consequently, look for new
venture capitalist and sources of funds. Also set up a team for dealing
with regulators or hiring consultants to help with the regulation part
of the product development. Then look for various exit strategies and
involve in increasing the value of the firm.

6. As you reflect on the dramatic career transition Kaneb was

considering, what factors might have inspired her to decide to launch
Parlay, and what concerns might have given her pause? How does
Kaneb’s situation inform your own thinking about a potential career
transition post-MBA?

Source of inspiration:
She has been involved with various community and NGOs for serving the society.
This sense of serving might have motivated her to take this drastic shift from home
maker to the entrepreneur. Also her husband is a great support in all her activities.
This might have also pushed her to do something tangible for the society.
Sources of Concern:

 Her lack of experience on the technology part of the project

 Her lack of networks
 Lack of helping hands (other Founders/Partners)

This situation must be faced by many aspiring entrepreneurs as to jump into the
entrepreneurial journey or be safe in a corporate job. This situation will probably help me in
evaluating the methodologies to undertake before switching to the venture. Proper analysis
of the opportunities and the potential payoffs and risk has to be done.