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This chapter covers the brief explanation of the research plan. It deals with

background, research question, objectives, significances and scopes of the


A. Background

Writing is the least popular language skill and most students consider

writing is the least useful or necessary for them to be mastered. This is due to

their assumption that writing has very little advantages for them in real life.

However, they may miss that the skill of writing has special status in language

skill. It is via writing a person can communicate a variety of massages to a

close or distant, known or unknown reader (Breton, 1982).

Most EFL learners might agree when we say that writing is the most

difficult skills for them to be mastered. The difficulty lies not only in

generating and organizing ideas but also in translating these ideas into

readable text and understandable. The skills involved in writing are highly

complex. Latief (1990) and Nguyen (2016) see that EFL writers have to pay

attention to higher level skills of planning and organizing as well as lower

skills of spelling, punctuation, word choice, accuracy, i.e. using the correct

forms of language. Writing accurately involves spelling correctly, forming

letters correctly, writing legibly, punctuating correctly, using correct layouts,

choosing the right vocabulary, using grammar correctly, joining sentences

correctly and using paragraphs correctly. The difficulty then becomes more

pronounced if their language proficiency is weak.

In accordance with the view that writing is a difficult skill to be mastered,

the results of the preliminary observation were conducted to the students who

take writing for general communication class in Hamzanwadi University

showed that they had poor skills in writing recount text. Their problems

covered the following aspects: (1) creating completeness, (2) formulating the

claim/ proposition, (3) maintaining unity, (4) keeping coherence, (5) diction,

and (6) grammar and mechanics. Besides, the students were observed to have

poor habits of writing, as they were not used to writing regularly instead of

fulfilling the assignments given by the teacher. They were observed that they

did not consider seriously what to write and how to write the ideas as they

concerned most on finishing their papers. As an addition, they were also

observed to have poor participation and unconfident to their writing.

However, several solutions can be proposed in order to improve the

students’ skills in writing. One solution is by using an assessment. Assessment

is an important component in teaching writing skill. Here, to improve the

quality of students’ writing ability can be reached not only through improving

the quality of teaching but also through the quality of assessment. Assessment

in writing skills needs to be done professionally and appropriately, so that the

teacher is able to diagnoses the weaknesses and strengths of the students in

writing. So, the result of writing assessment can be used as a basis for making

decisions in the teaching writing process in order to achieve the teaching and

learning process more optimal. This is the idea to put forward by trait based

assessment that tries to analyze and diagnoses the students’ weaknesses and

strengths more detail about their writing. Thus, it is expected that they can

improve their writing skill after solve their weaknesses and develop their


The suitable method that researcher is going to apply is Oreo Cookies

Method. This is the simple procedure which will lead students to write a short

step of making something. It is expected to increase their writing ability. As

what has been explained, the researcher is highly motivate to conducted a

research about “The Use of Oreo Cookies Method in Increasing Students’

Writing Ability”

B. Research Question

Is oreo cookies method increasing students’ writing ability?

C. Objectives

“To measure whether oreo cookies method is increasing students’ writing


D. The Significance of the Study

Theoritically, this study will be worth for the other researchers in which

hopefully it can be used as reference and guidance in conducting the same study

of observing writing ability. Some information and theories provided in this study

can be taken to enrich the available reference. The other researchers are hoped can

take the strength and add the weakness. Furthermore, the procedures of

composing this research become a good guidance to be used to have a better result

of doing research in teaching writing ability.

Practically, this research is directed to be useful for the students and

teachers in the school where the present study is conducted. For the students, they

will have new experience and great improvement of writing ability when they join

writing class. As for teachers, the result of the study is greatly expected to be

useful when they conduct the lesson and manage the students in writing class. By

using this technique, teacher can conduct the lesson because this technique is easy

to be implemented in the teaching and learning process.

E. Scope of The Research

This research is limitted by two points. First, the aspects of writing used

and kind of text used.



This chapter portrays the ideas that the researcher refers to strengthen the

research. It discusses some important points namely previous studies, some

pertinent ideas, resume, conceptual frameworks and hypothesis.

A. Previous Related Studies

B. Some Partinents Ideas

I. The concept of writing ability

a. Definition of writing

b. Definition of writing ability

c. The Level of ability

d. Aspects of Writing

II. The Concept of Cookies Method

C. Resume

D. Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework underlying this research shown as the following


Teaching Writing

Oreo Cookies Method

Writing Achievement

E. Hypothesis

The hypothesis in this research is as follows:

(H0) : Oreo cookies method is not increasing students writing ability.

(H1) : Oreo cookies method is increasing students writing ability.



This chapter presents the way this research will be conducted. It consists of

research design, population and sample, operational definition of variables,

research instrument, procedure of collecting data, and technique of data analysis.

A. Method of The Reaseach

In this research, the researcher will apply pre experimental design that consist

of one experimental groups. The experimental group will receive Oreo Cookies

Method. The experimental group will be given a pretest and a posttest. The pre-

test is intended to find the prior knowledge of the students while the posttest is

intended to find out the effect of the treatment on the students’ writing ability. The

design is formulated as follows:

Pre-test Experiment Post-test

O1 X1 O2

(Adapted from Gay, et al., 2006)

B. Variable of Research and Operational Definition

a. Variable of Research

The variables of this research are as follows:

a. Independent variable: Oreo Cookies Method

b. Dependent variable: students’ achievement in writing ability

2. Operational Definition

a. Oreo Cookies Method

b. Writing ability

C. Population and Sample

a. Population

b. Sample

The researcher uses a cluster random sampling to get the sample. The

sample of this research uses lottery because all classes are homogeneous.

D. Instrument of The Reasech

In this research, the researcher collects the data through writing procedure

text. The improvement of the students’ writing ability using Oreo cookies method

can be measured by giving writing test namely pretest and posttest. The tests are

writing a short procedure text.

E. Treatment

Treatment will be conducted for 6 meetings. Here is the proses of

experimental group:

1. At the first meeting, the researcher will give a pretest for the students. And

the test is a previous university entrance test.

2. Count the score of students’ pre-test

3. The second meeting, researcher will explain about Oreo Cookies Method.

4. Let the students work individually.

5. The reseacher will check students’ work

6. The researcher will count the grammatical error of students’ work.

F. Procedure of Collecting Data

The procedures of collecting data consist of two steps: pre-test and post-


1. Pre-test

In this step, the students will be given pre-test. The test consists of a short

procedure text. The purpose of the test is to know the prior ability of the students

to write correctly.

2. Post-test

In this step, the students will be given the test with the same questions as

in the pre-test. The purpose of this test is to know the improvement of the

student’s writing ability after applying oreo cookies method.

G. Technique of Data Analysis

a. Analyzing the Students’ Writing Ability


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