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DP Eng ​The Crucible ​Act 1 Teacher: Dr.

Campbell Day 5
Learning Target
Know Key information about Act 1
And Understand How this play operates as an allegory
So that I Can Determine dramatic elements at all 3 layers

Due! 1 page summary of Act 1 to Mbac. Time

Do Now: ​Write your name on a small slip of paper and answer the following: 3 min.
What are the most important 2 events that occur in Act 1? Why?
Hold this up in the air when you are done.
Report Out: ​We will share responses from a few volunteers. 2 min.
Quiz: Act 1 8 min.

Lights, Camera ... 2 min

1. Literary--​the text and words from the novel
2. Stage--​the physical appearance of the setting, casting of characters, and props to indicate
location; lighting and changes in lighting, sounds, as in sound effects and music.
3. Performance--​the way the actors interpret and demonstrate the characters and their
motivations through blocking (where they are positioned on stage), movements, gestures,
body language, and facial and vocal expression.

Action! 25 min.
Today you will view one director’s interpretation of ​The Crucible​. Pay particular attention to how he
has taken the words on the page and crafted them to suit his interpretation.
● Take a piece of paper, hold it landscape style, and fold it into thirds. Write your name at the
top and label each column (Literary, Setting, Performance).
● As the movie plays, you are required to note at least 3 things under each column that you
find interesting, unusual, or noteworthy, in terms of how this film has translated the story
onto the screen.

Exit Slip: ​Respond to the following at the bottom of your Do Now: 3 min.
What do you understand better now that you viewed Act 1?

Due: Thurs., 11/21 Time to Complete: 30 Requirements: Complete 30 minutes of Khan