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Research Proposal

“Domestic Violence on Married Woman (Age 20
to 35) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan ’’.

Uzma Akhtar
B.Sc. Nursing
Year 4, semester 7th

Sir Zubair

Date of Submission: December 25, 2019


1. Introduction

2. Aims & Objectives

3. Literature review

4. Methodology

5. Analysis of data

6. Ethical consideration

7. Time frame

8. Limitations

9. Anticipated result


11.Budgets & Expenses


Domestic violence is a global issue present worldwide. but it is mostly present in developing and
less developed countries. Pakistan also face this problem, specially Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This
study will be conducted to identify the causes of this increasing situations. My research will be
based on a survey and the students will be selected using random sampling from some selected
hospitals in Peshawar city. This study will help us to recognize different types of domestic
violence along with suggestions how to eliminate and decrease this violence.


A pattern of assaultive an coercive behaviors in which an individual establishes and maintain

power and control over another with whom he /she as an intimate, romantic, marital or family
relationship abuse often use threats, intimidation, isolation, violent acts and other behaviors to
establish and maintain power and control which is the root cause of domestic violence.

Our city Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) consist of different ethnic, cultural and multilanguage
societies people have their own cultural practice, value beliefs regarding state of women and
men. The status of women and men is unequal .women are considered dependent on men.
Men is considered the head of the family and females are treated as child producing machine
and labor.

From the state level also discrimination are done for woman like they were not given higher
posts men consider them less Intelligent and considered then not eligible for higher post.

Any danger act such as hitting, slapping, shoving, grabbing, pinching, biting, hair pulling, verbal
threats, name calling, humiliation and forbidding once attending are considered domestic
violence. Women who experience violence remain silent and not go to court for justice.


Domestic violence is present in our society from centuries. It has very bad effects on women
health and the chance of violence increase after marriage. Where violence is done by husband
and their other family members on female

Culturally, there is a norms which accepts fate, "To be born as a women is the result of your
bad deeds in the previous life" there is saying about women "One needs to forget oneself &
serve to others". So it is culturally accepted in the form of women's fate

The incident of domestic violence is high but is unreported. Women are trained to bear the
violence and not to act in response to husband violence so even after all these types of things
they protect their husband from any police inquiry. Domestic violence is unacceptable in all
cultures and religions.

The purpose of this research is to identify the victims of domestic violence

And the effects it creates on women which is largely ignored by public.


 Which types of domestic violence are found.

 Uneducated rural areas women are more experiencing domestic violence than Urban
and Educated, Why.
 What are the root cause of it.
 Why don't women just leave?
 Why are they silent to empower the domestic violence?


The significance of the research is that through research and through pointing out the issues
that are the main cause of domestic violence we can reduce and even eliminate the this
violence. It will not only eliminate the violence but also uplift the status of women in society.


Literature review shows that there are more than 80% cases where punishment is given to the
wife in fact the fault is of husband or anybody else. dowry, drug abuse, unemployment and not
giving birth to son etc. are the main reason of conflict which then lead to violence.

Very few cases were reported even less than 40%cases of the remaining were hidden and even
not reported to any bod and being practiced.



Different hospital of Peshawar is my study location including Khyber teaching hospital, lady
reading hospital and Hayatabad medical complex Peshawar

The study will be descriptive in nature so researcher followed qualitative research methodology
to conduct research. The research designed is planned and structured in order to obtain
answers for research questions. The research Will be done in remote as well as rural areas.
Questionnaire is use to get information from married women about domestic violence.

Married female of few wards of hospital, who were suffering from domestic violence will be
selected for the study. And at the same time domestic violence cases will be considered as a
unit of analysis.

Selection of interviewers 15 days
Designing of the questionnaire 15 days
Conduct of interview 1 month
Analysis of data 1 month
Writing of the final report 1 month
Total Time = 4 months


All participants will be informed about the purpose of the study and their verbal consent will be
obtained before the interview or information will be kept confidential.


Interview and Questionnaire will be used in the study: Key informant interview will be
conducted to identify and categorize the key persons at the research site. After identification
of victims experienced domestic violence, data will be collected by questionnaire and
interviewing at least 40 women through interview.


Data Will be analyze qualitatively. The researcher will go through data coding text, and talk to
find concepts , the relation between different concepts will be established and that information
will be specified under several headings and subheading. The data will be further elaborated
with the help of charts and diagrams if it required to do so.

The study will be confined to these specific wards in the hospital of that particular area due to
time limitations.


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violence, Asadh 14 Gorkhapatra Publication
 Gorkhapatra Daily (2064) 80% women are beated, Falgun 5, Kathmandu
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The expected cost will be 10000 rupees approximately.