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Pain Management

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STUDENT ID: 10259248


Music therapy to minimalize pain suffered by palliative care patients.


Angelina (58 years old) were diagnosed Lung Adenocarcinoma using biopsy guided by

CT-Scan contrast on 28 September 2019. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) also

found that there was a metastasis on her spine, number 4 & 5 on thorax region. She is

now hospitalised to undergo the third series of chemotherapy. She suffers from her

continuous pain which she has felt for 3 months until now. As a nurse, I am going to

implement music therapy as an adjunctive method of pain management and a

complementary of pharmacological medications given to her.


This essay will briefly explain about a plan of my presentation to critically analyse a

research about an efficacy of a single music therapy session in lowering the pain of

palliative care patients, conducted by Gutgsell from 2009 to 2011, published in Journal of

Pain and Symptom Management in May 2013. Preparation is a crucial and fundamental

segment prior to presentation (Hughes, 2012).


There will be three (3) parts of the presentation, consisting of introduction, discussion and


In the introduction section, the presentation will mention Angelina’s case to be assessed.

In addition, the presentation will be enclosed by an article of Gutgsell et all (2013)

suggesting that a music therapy intervention including relaxation and live music was

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applicable for reducing pain in palliative care patients. Pain management theory will be


In the discussion part, the presentation will critically appraise the article using the guidance

of CASP for Randomised Controlled Trials checklist. Meanwhile, the presentation will

critically reflect this evidence to practice. To support this analysis, other evidence-based

resources will be included in the presentation.

In the summary part, whether a music therapy is effective or not will be showed in the



The efficacy of music therapy in lowering the chronic malignant pain is critically analysed

in the presentation.

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STUDENT ID: 10259248


Gutgsell, K.J., Schluchter, M., Margevicius, S., Degolia, P.A., McLaughlin, B., Harris, M.,

Mecklenburg, J. and Wiencek, C. 2013. Music therapy reduces pain in palliative care

patients: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

45(5), pp.822–831.

Hughes, J. 2012. Successful Presentations Trainer’s Guide. Oxford: Oxford University


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Understanding The Task

1. Is the presentation assessed?

2. Is there a specific question that needs to be and answered?

Yes. The efficacy of a single music therapy intervention in reducing the chronic malignant pain.
3. What is your deadline/ delivery date?

12 November 2019.
4. Do you need to allow time for questions?

5. What will you need to research?

Research for related resources.

Who are the audience?

1. How much do they know about your topic?

The audience are lecturers and postgraduate nursing students. They have a good knowledge of pain management.
2. How much you need to explain key concepts?

A brief-3-minute speech at the beginning of powerpoint presentation.

3. How will they be feeling?

4. What is their cultural background?

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Multi-cultural and multi-nationality background.

5. Why are they there?

Because they will assess and evaluate my presentation which is my summative assignment.
6. What do they want out of your presentation?

They want a critical analysis of the topic that I will present.

7. Are they there to learn from you, or to challenge your ideas?

They will challenge my ideas.

8. Do they already have strong ideas about your topic that you will be challenging?

Yes, they do.

Powerpoint Outline
1. What are your main points?

Music therapy and pain.

2. What order will your main points follow?

Introduction, discussion and conclusion.

3. What supporting information will you use?

4. What will your introduction be?

Case scenario.
5. What will be your conclusion?

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STUDENT ID: 10259248

Whether a single music therapy intervention in reducing the chronic malignant pain is effective or not.

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